"The Day I Became A Teenage Jolteon" By Twilight The Umbreon

Prologue - 14 years ago

It was a bright night, as the jolteon ran down the street, its eyes glowing red. The look on its face suggested that it hungered desperately for something. Specks of sickly foam, hovering around it's mouth, suggested that it was not a pet or very friendly but in fact was rabid or at least very, very sick. It sniffed the air, catching a scent of a baby boy, being held by its mother in the vincinity. It sprinted out into the light of the full moon, eager for flesh.

A young lady sat out on the front porch of her house, breat-feeding her young newborn. As she breast-fed the baby, she looked out towards the full moon hanging in the sky, wondering about a life she could have. She thought about her hasband, a violent and demented person who was hardly ever sober. He had gone to jail about a month ago for assaulting her. When she had finished breast-feeding the baby, she started turning to go back inside when suddenly something hit her hard.

The jolteon studied the woman and her baby carefully. It's fever-ridden brain processed what it saw and came up with a decision. Hunt, kill, blood, flesh the jolteon's mind sang as it rushed in for the kill.

The woman's eyes widened in horror as she saw the jolteon bash into her, and started mualing her child. The jolteon's eyes, the gross looking foam fleaked around its mouth and the fact it attacked her made her realised that this jolteon wasn't your average jolteon, but a rabid one.

The jolteon sank its teeth in the tender flesh of the baby's arm. It cried out in pain, as the jolteon withdrew its teeth and prepared for the killing blow. The thrill of tasting the baby's blood made the jolteon so feverishly intoxicated, it didn't notice the woman lashing out in defense of her child. The jolteon was knocked head over heels by the desperate woman. Something in the jolteon's mind clicked. It now realised that it had been cheated, the timing was far too late and it would have to fight off the woman who, despite being afriad, would defend her offspring to the death. It retreated, growling at the woman and her child, its face a mask of nightmarish horror. It then ran swiftly away.

The woman woman sobbed as she picked up her baby and went to banage up the baby's wounded arm, but when she looked down at the injury, she gasped in surprise. The wounded arm no longer had a wound there. The area where the jolteon had bitten the baby was whole. It stood out from the surrounding skin almost luminous in the light. The mother called the ambulance. She knew that her child was now affected with rabies, and it would be lucky to survive the next 24 hours. But deeper in her mind, she sensed that her baby might of been affricted with something more dreadful and dangerous.

Ok, that's the prologue. Sorry about the violence, but its part of the prologue. It wouldn't help sugar-coating it. But it is much less horrorifing later. Ciao! Sayonara! Good-bye! Au revoir! Please review.