Daryl jolted awake, fingers reaching for his knife. He looked around and quickly remember where he was. He was on a run, with Maggie. He was in the passengers side of the car and Maggie was driving. They had swapped sometime during the night. Daryl yawned and looked out the window before clearing his throat, "Stop here. There's a town about half a mile from here. We can walk there and back."

"Mornin' sleepin' beauty," Maggie grinned, pulling into the side of the road.

"Least I don't drool. No idea how Glenn puts up with it." Daryl shot back, climbing out the car and retrieving his crossbow and bag. He could hear Maggie's chuckles.

"Wait here a minute, I need to do something." Daryl said and darted into the woods, looking for a good tree. He relieved himself against the tree and joined Maggie back at the car.

"Where did you go?"

"Had...to...I had to piss." He scowled. Maggie laughed again, "C'mon. Let's go shoppin'."

They reached the town quickly. Once again it seemed to be deserted but this time they weren't taking any chances. The scouted the place first, checking shops and bars before getting the stuff they needed. They ended up in a clothes shop. Maggie was looking through the dresses and Daryl was looking for something pink. For Rick.

He found a woolly pink sweater and allowed himself a small smile. He tucked it away in his bag before going to find Maggie. She was holding a cream dress against herself, looking at the sizes.

"It looks good." Daryl nodded, leaning against a clothing rack. It promptly collapsed and Daryl landed in a heap of dresses and shirts. He sat up quickly, a pink sweater, much like the one in his bag, draped across his chest.

"Looks good on you. But I picked out a flannel shirt for you, thought you might like it." Maggie chuckled, folding the dress up neatly and placed it in her bag, throwing the shirt to Daryl. He nodded and put it in his bag and stood up, shaking off clothes. He shoved the other pink sweater in his bag too. He saw a pale blue blouse and was reminded of Carol's eyes. He scooped it up and added it to his collection.

"C'mon, stop shovin' clothes in you're bag. If we leave now, we can make it back to prison in time for dinner." Maggie smiled and led the way back to the car. Daryl dumped his stuff in the back seat and quickly filled the driver's seat. Maggie joined him in the car and he turned around and started to drive back towards the prison.

Towards her.

"Why'd you get that blue blouse?" Maggie asked, "I mean I understand the pink sweater thing, Rick told us."

"It reminded me of somethin'." Daryl sped up, keeping his voice blank, not giving anything away. Maggie smirked knowingly and looked out the window.

"I miss Glenn."

"Me too." Daryl smirked, teasing Maggie. He chuckled lightly before drifting off into silence. Maggie must have fallen asleep because her snores filled the car a few minutes later. Occasionally she would mutter things like;

"Hmm Glenn."

"You first? No me first,"

"You know I love you."

"I'm a bad girl."

As they grew nearer the prison Daryl slowed down, thinking over the things he'd done. He'd got Carol a top but had ignored her. He had acted like a dick to her. She had hurt him by pointing out the truth.

No one was going to love him and he had accepted that but there was something about the way the words had come out of Carol. Like she had given up on him. Like she didn't care anymore. But she did care, she had made sandwiches and things. She had wanted to repair the damage she had done. Daryl scowled. Feelings were confusing. He didn't know what he wanted. He just knew that his heart hurt.

They arrived at the prison mid-afternoon. Daryl shook Maggie awake, "We're here." Carl opened the gate for them, nodding as they passed. Daryl stopped the car and rolled down the window, "Get in, we'll give you a ride up."

Carl shook his head and instead climbed up on the roof of the car, his hands gripping the top of the open window. Daryl sighed to himself but drove slowly up through the field and parked in the courtyard. Carl jumped down and Daryl got out. He grabbed his bag and crossbow and pulled a pallet of supplies out of the trunk. Maggie grabbed her bag before rushing in to find Glenn. Carl helped with the supplies.

They put the supplies in the storage area and made their way through to the common area. Maggie and Glenn were kissing passionately. Hershel, Beth and Rick were playing with Judith and everyone else was scattered. One person who Daryl couldn't find was Carol. He sighed inwardly and dug into his bag. He removed a pink sweater and tossed it to Rick.

He looked surprised as it landed on him but quickly realized what it was. He burst out laughing and blew a kiss to Daryl, mouthing the words, "Lover Boy" Daryl shuffled awkwardly and quickly ran up the stairs to his cell, dumping his stuff. He pulled the blouse from his bag and studied it for a moment before shoving it back in the bag. He cracked his knuckles before moving 4 cells along and leaning in the door way.

Carol was sitting on her bed, reading a book, her eyes puffy and red like she'd been crying. Daryl shifted uncomfortably for a moment before going back to his cell and retrieving the blouse. He paused in Carol's doorway again.

"You ok?" He asked, his voice gruff and raspy. Carol looked up, startled. She gave a weak smile before going back to her book. Daryl scratched the back of his neck and held the blouse out, "I...uh...Here. I got you this."

Carol looked up again, "Oh Daryl. It's...beautiful." Her voice was dry and croaky. She had definitely been crying. Daryl shuffled into her cell and dropped the blouse onto her bed.

"You've been cryin'." He stated.

Carol fidgeted, "I ain't. Just tired."

"We're...still friends, right?" Daryl asked, unsure of where he stood. Carol's eyes met his. She wasn't looking at the gruff man she knew, she was looking at the insecure child he had come from.

"Oh Daryl. Of course we are." Carol smiled reassuringly.

"Then why were you cryin'?"

"It's no trouble. Just some things were said about you and I got upset." Carol shrugged and wiped her eyes.

"I don't get it. Why were you cryin' over someone bitchin' bout me?"

"Oh Daryl." New tears leaked from Carol's eyes," It was awful. It wasn't true either." She launched herself into his arms. Daryl froze, his muscles instantly tensing. Sobs wracked Carol's body, her face buried in Daryl's shirt. He kind of liked the closeness but didn't relax an inch. He tentatively raised a hand and placed it on Carol's back. He let her just sob, making no effort to soothe her. Because if he soothed her, she would pull away and he didn't want that.

Carol's body eventually relaxed and then Daryl realized why. She'd fallen asleep. He frowned to himself. He was good at putting people to sleep. He gently laid her back on her pillow and pulled the blanket over her. He removed the boots from her feet and stood up. He went down to the common area and was given a bowl of stew by Karen who seemed to be avoiding his eyes. He took the bowl up to Carol's room and put it on the night table beside her bed. He put a napkin over it.

He went to his cell and dug into his bag, retrieving the pink sweaters before joining Rick in the common area. He wordlessly held out the sweater to Rick who started chuckling. He took a sweater and held it up to his chest, before pulling it over his head, "Ooooh it fits."

Daryl smiled lightly and twisted the other sweater in his hands, "Turns out, pink ain't my colour."

Rick looked up from his sweater and looked over Daryl, "Hmm, who'd a thought it,"

"Keep it, who knows, you could give it as a present." Daryl tossed Rick the other sweater and went up to his cell, yawning and desperate for sleep. He dumped his crossbow and kicked off his boots before slumping across his bed.

He had just dozed off when there was a knock at the entrance of his cell and a cautious, "Daryl?"

Daryl sat up quickly, managing to dodge hitting his head on the top bunk. Glenn stood in the doorway, wringing his hands together, "Can we talk?"

"Might as well," Daryl shrugged. Glenn lingered in the doorway a moment longer, unsure whether to cross the thresh hold into Daryl's inner sanctum. Daryl sensed Glenn's hesitation and muttered, "I don't bite. Well that's not strictly true...There was that time I bit a guy in a bar fight. Point is...I won't bite you." He paused, realizing he had warbled on. Glenn arched an eyebrow and tentatively stepped into the room.

"Maggie uh...she told me what happened and how you...uh...escaped the pharmacy. I guess I just wanted to say...Thanks...for keeping Maggie safe. I don't know what'd I do if...if she hadn't come back. Especially after everything lately. She told me you know...about the...baby." He said the word like he couldn't believe it, " And that you...you told her to get her shit together."

"Uh yeah...How is that thing? She y'know...did she take the other test?" Daryl asked, folding his arms across his chest and looking anywhere but Glenn. Glenn made a choked noise in his throat.

"Yeah...she took it." Glenn stopped there, the strain in his voice obvious.

"How did that work out?"

"Oh...uh positive." Glenn's voice cracked but he continued, "We used protection and everything. I just don't understand how...y'know...it happened."

"Well...they ain't always like...100% effective." Daryl felt himself blushing at the way this conversation was going, "You can do everything possible...and one just...slips through."

Glenn started to sob, his body trembling, "I just don't know...what to do. I don't want her...to end up...like Lori. I want her alive...not just the memory of her."

Daryl gently placed a hand on Glenn's shoulder, in a feeble attempt to calm him down, "Look...It ain't gonna be that way. This time the prison ain't gonna get overrun. She's gonna have Hershel...and she's gonna have you. You just need to get your shit together and be strong. Ladies have had babies for a long fuckin' time, before all this C-section and drugs crap. Maggie's a fighter. And she's gonna be just fine."

Glenn gulped and let out a small whine, "Ya think?"

"I know so. Now cut the crap, you're gettin' married or somethin' tomorrow." Daryl sighed, "I feel like a fuckin' agony aunt. Y'know from the problem pages in the newspapers." Glenn chuckled and wiped his eyes.

"Thanks Daryl...Uh I have one other question. Like y'know how I'm getting 'married', like its not legal but its as good as its gonna get. And I love Maggie so if this means I get to spend the rest of my life calling her my wife I'm in..."

"You're point?" Daryl cut in, disturbing Glenn's ramblings.

"Uh yeah...um I was like wonderin' if you want to be like one of my best men. I've already asked Rick and y'know, you guys are like my brothers. I would just mean a lot to me for you guys to be there. As my best men."

"I thought there was only meant to be one best man?" Daryl asked.

"Untraditional remember?" Glenn grinned, "I get it if you don't want to...Like I know we've had our problems but that's like any normal family."

"Glenn I'll do it. Y'know I'm honoured and stuff." Daryl trailed off. Glenn smiled and clapped his shoulder, "I'll let you get some sleep."

"Gee that'd be nice. Wonder what I did to deserve it?" Daryl rolled his eyes, his voice oozing sarcasm. Glenn just smiled and left, leaving Daryl to sleep. For the first time in a long time, Daryl got a good, undisturbed, peaceful night's sleep.

"Daryl wake up! You need to have a shower and get ready! You're covered in walker blood, get up!" Maggie's voice woke Daryl from his deep slumber. He groaned and rolled over, pulling the pillow over his head, just like a teenager. Maggie slapped his shoulder, "Get up, it's mid-morning. Everyone else is ready. The wedding starts at noon!" She slapped him again and this time he sat up, looking around groggily.

"What did I do to deserve this?" He grunted but swung himself out of bed.

"Go shower. Get ready." Maggie stated and left the cell, going to get herself ready. Daryl rummaged through his stuff and found his shampoo, shower gel and a fresh pair of boxers before slinging a towel over his shoulder. He picked up the pair of jeans and shirt that had been lying in his room for a while and headed down to the shower block. No steam was coming out the doorway. Daryl hung his stuff up near the door, leaving his boxers on and turning the water on. He washed quickly, scrubbing at the dirt that had become part of him.

The water turned red and brown as it swirled at his feet. He lathered the shower gel into wherever he could, hoping it could make him smell nice for at least an hour. A shadow fell across the doorway, and a whistle echoed throughout the room. Carol walked into the shower block, whistling. She gasped when she saw Daryl standing under the water.

Daryl gasped as Carol came in. He dropped his hands from his hair to cover his nipples, just like the woman Merle had brought home and Daryl had accidently walked in on her in the shower.

"Daryl you don't have breasts." Carol stated and diverted her eyes, "Do you mind if I use the shower over there, it's just I slept in and Maggie's goin' crazy and screamin' at me to get ready. I didn't think anyone was in here. I'm sorry."

"Go ahead, I'm almost done here, just need to shampoo again and then I'll be gone." Daryl sighed, feeling awkward. Carol nodded gratefully and hurried over the shower furthest away from Daryl. To his surprise, she stripped off completely apart from her bra and panties. Once she was behind the partition that separated the separate showers she removed her underwear and turned the shower on.

Daryl blushed and quickly shampooed his hair, not daring to look at Carol in case it caused another awkward situation. He gathered his things and went into a dry shower cubicle to get dressed, keeping his back aimed away from Carol. He towel dried and switched boxers in a matter of seconds before pulling the jeans up his legs and pulling the shirt over his arms.

The clothes were a little too tight, the jeans were like something Glenn would wear and were a faded grey. The shirt clung to his muscles and it felt weird wearing slaves but he could survive it for one day. It felt strange being clean. He rubbed his hair with the towel after he'd buttoned up the shirt and gathered up his things.

"You look nice," Carol called after him. He nodded but didn't look at her, "I'll see ya later I guess."

Daryl couldn't get what he'd seen out of his head for a long time after that shower.

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