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Like how they reproduce; in this story it doesn't matter they reproduce just like any other person, unlike in Elfen Lied. Of course, only those who've read the manga or watched the anime will realize the differences, and one doesn't have to know much about Elfen Lied to be able to read this.

Naruto (now Hotaru) will also be quite different from my other stories, as she wont only be ridiculed for Kyūbi, but for her bloodline as well.

She'll be a mix of the Naruto we all know and love, and Lucy from Elfen Lied in personality.

Lastly, this story is a Itachi/Fem!Naru pairing. But that's later in the story.





Chapter 1: Diclonius.

Minato gently laid his wife on the bed, along with their newborn daughter. What was supposed to be a time of happiness for them had become a time of panic. He wasn't sure who had leaked information about Kushina and his marriage, much less the fact she was pregnant.

Of course it wasn't a secret Kushina was pregnant, but the fact she was his wife and he was the babies father wasn't common knowledge. The war had only been over for a year, and though most of their enemies were dead there were still those who would love to avenger a fallen lover or family member.

He trusted Kushina to protect herself, but until the child was a little older he hadn't wanted to come right out and let it be known he had a wife and baby on the way. Iwa would have been the first to come after them, followed by any other enemy they'd made in the Third War.

That was the least of his worries now. Someone had attacked them after Kushina had given birth to their daughter, and released the Kyūbi from his wife.

"Minato...Hotaru..." Kushina trailed off as she laid on her side, one arm curled protectively around their daughter.

He looked at them in both love and sadness. Even now Hotaru looked so much like Kushina, though he could also see himself in her. She had his blue eyes, but her hair was a beautiful red just like her mother's. The same hair color which had drawn him to Kushina years ago. The one thing that set her apart, besides the whisker birthmarks inherited from being so close to Kyūbi's chakra for nine months, were the two protrusions from her skull, almost like cat ears – Horns.

Kushina had laughed when she'd seen them, muttering about long dormant bloodlines and her luck it would be her daughter that it awakened in. Diclonius was the name of the race the bloodline had come from. It was before the Elemental Nations had been formed, before chakra, that they existed.

The last Diclonii had a child with the leader of Kushina's clan and the species became a bloodline over time. It awakened every few generations in a random number of children born into the main family. The last had been Kushina's grandmother, and unlike many bloodlines it was something they were born with, marked by the horns his daughter sported. Oddly, it only occurred in female Uzumaki. In the last five generations there had never been a male with the bloodline.

It was something of a legend as to how the bloodline formed to outsiders, as only Uzumaki's knew the true origins. If it was even real or if it was something the Uzumaki had spread to be even more feared before they'd perfected their fūinjutsu. He only knew the true origins because Kushina had told him after their marriage.

"She's going to have a hard life, Minato," Kushina breathed, her eyes tearing up. "I never thought she'd be born with the bloodline... it's so rare."

"It doesn't matter Kushina," Minato said, placing a hand on her shoulder. "She's strong, she'll endure through it. You'll be there for her every step of the way."

Kushina's breath halted as her eyes widened and she sat up.

"Minato, what are you talking about! You'll be there too!" she exclaimed, and Minato's eyes dulled as he looked at her.

"I'm sorry, Kushina, but I don't think I will be," he said. "I have to stop Kyūbi."

Kushina looked at Hotaru, a small ray of confusion in her violet eyes before realization hit her.

Closing her eyes, tears began to fall at the future before her daughter that she couldn't prevent.




Four Years Later:

"Demon girl."

"Fox brat."

"It's obvious the girl isn't human, have you seen those things on her head?"

"I heard it was a bloodline?"

"Hmph, a demonic bloodline maybe!"

Hotaru stared sadly at the ground as she stayed on the swing she had always frequented. Even at four the little redhead was intelligent, able to read and write very well for her age group.

It was only through a select few who took the time to teach her – the ANBU who guarded her and the Hokage when he had time – that she'd learned to appreciate books. The staff at the Orphanage she once stayed in didn't try very hard to teach the demon child how to be smart, so for a while she hated anything to do with books.

Though she might not be the most emotional little girl, she could still be happy, and when she was taught how to read and write by her guards and the Hokage they were also teaching her how to feel the positive emotions she was rarely shown.

She'd started to gain an appreciation for pranks since they allowed her to get back at the more cruel villagers without physical harm. Even with the law the Sandaime had instated concerning Hotaru status, it didn't stop parents from keeping their children away from her.

There were a few exceptions, but most kids saw her as a freak with horns, and either became scared of her or taunting. There were those who would talk to her, but they were the exception not the rule. Shikamaru and Chōji didn't mind talking or playing with her if they had the time, but they were also clan heirs and didn't have much time anymore.

She didn't know much about what it was to be a clan heir, but from what they said they were the age that they began to really start training and learning their family secrets. In two or three years they'd begin the Academy. She herself wanted to go to the Academy as soon as possible, but she was too young according to Hokage-jiji. She didn't think so, but she didn't push the subject.

He promised when she turned five he'd send her to the Academy. Still younger than even most clan children, but he thought it best she get used to it by sending her younger then her age group. She supposed that meant he didn't think she'd pass the genin exams for a few years even if she did start at five. Hotaru didn't really care, she didn't really understand emotions well having never been exposed to many.

She got the theory and idea behind them, but the ones she thought she felt most were apathy. She just didn't care for much. She liked ramen, and the two who served it at Ichiraku's were always kind. She wondered if they'd arrived in Konoha after she was born, as those who had been in Konoha during the Kyūbi attack tended to hate her.

She didn't think it had much to do with her bloodline, she was sure it helped though. She was just learning to control her bloodline properly. She had read about the history from scrolls her mother had left her, the only one Hokage-jiji would tell her about.

Uzumaki Kushina, the Red-Hot Blooded Habanero. She was forbidden to tell her mothers first name to anyone. It was better she didn't even mention knowing about her mother, according to the old man Hokage; at least until she was a genin. It wasn't like she had many people to tell, none that truly cared.

She'd seen a picture of her mother, and at first she was confused why the woman with hair like her own didn't have whiskers or horns as well. The Hokage told her her whiskers were birthmarks uniquely her own, and her mother didn't have horns because she'd not been born with the Uzumaki bloodline.

It was called the Shinryoku by the Uzumaki when it first began appearing as a Bloodline. It originated from the last of a humanoid race called Diclonii (Diclonius), but not much was known about the race besides the fact they were very powerful. They lived longer, aged slower, and were faster healers.

Some Uzumaki wondered if that was where their vitality, longevity, and healing came from. But according to her family scrolls those had been traits of the Uzumaki for centuries before the clan head had married the alien woman that led to the bloodline.

The most noticeable traits among the Diclonius were their horns, reminiscent of cat ears on their head, and their vectors. Vectors were invisible arms, that came from their back, or at least they seemed to from the few who could see them – it was possible but rare for a vector to become visible for a few seconds.

There was no set number of how many vectors one had or how many meters they'd go. It was unique for each person that would have the bloodline. The vectors were able to do just about anything. Lift heavy objects, cut through flesh, metals, earth...etc.

Of course this all took practice, and this was especially true when it became a bloodline about two centuries before Konoha was created, and about two more after the Elemental Nations were founded, and the Rikudō Sennin brought them chakra and the tailed beast.

So there was about four centuries, going on five, that it had become and been named a bloodline. It had been around six centuries, since their Diclonius ancestor, a girl named Nyu, so there wasn't any chance of it being anything more than a rare bloodline kicking in. Some might argue it made her a Diclonius as well, though in the past the Uzumaki and those who had the fortune or misfortune of seeing it, didn't treat it as more than awakening a bloodline.

For reasons stated above, the human gene was much more than the Diclonius gene as there had been so many centuries between the last Diclonius having a child with the the clan head of that era and present day. The reason the bloodline was named, Shinryoku, was because it was assumed the vectors had something to do with the horns and a persons mind.

Shinryoku could be translated as 'Mind Power'.

Simple sounding. Hotaru thought the translation sounded kind of... weird, but it was such a strange bloodline she supposed the first to awaken it just didn't have much of an imagination. She currently had five vectors, but there were accounts in the scrolls of others gaining more with age, up until puberty.

The same could be said for the range of her vectors. Right now she could barely get her vectors to travel two meters away, but it was good enough for now. She'd been training them for about a year now, and they could be used to pick objects up, but right now they were only strong enough to pick up small and light weight objects.

She could also move them through objects, intangibility, but she didn't think that was of much use right now. She knew her horns were sensitive as well. There was an account an Uzumaki with the bloodline who lost both her horns in battle. She soon fell into a coma and never woke up.

There were other accounts of this happening, though some did wake up, but only if the horns were able to grow back. This was more common if they only lost one horn, but there was only a handful of cases of this happening in the scrolls. She made sure to never tell anyone this weakness, it was the last thing she needed to worry about. If those of the village found out... well, she shuddered to think what they might try to do given a chance. Thankfully, physical violence against her wasn't that common; not to say it didn't happen, just that those occasions were few.

"Hotaru-chan," a voice said from behind her. "It's getting late you know."

Hotaru blinked her blue eyes and turned, seeing the ANBU standing behind her with a dog mask. He was one of the few who actually talked to her. Though he was a man of few words (and weird hair).

"Dog-san," she said softly. "I didn't realize it had gotten so late."

It had gotten late. There were no longer any children playing in the park, and nighttime was falling quickly. Dog nodded, and looked at the child he knew was his sensei's daughter. She was small, even for a four year old, with shoulder length red hair exactly like her mothers.

Her bangs were messier than Kushina's, and they fell into her face at varying lengths. Dog thought that was probably intentional, the left side of her bangs being slightly longer than the right. He realized she must cut her own hair.

The cat-like horns on either side of her head were obvious, and looked as if they belonged there. Physically she looked quite a bit like Kushina, but also like Minato. Her more pointed features came from Minato, as did her eye color. The rest was clearly Kushina's influence, down to the whisker birthmarks she was born with.

Though she looked like her parents, she had a personality that was mostly her own. She was clam, like her father, yet she could be hyper and lively like her mother when she wanted. Though she had an innocent look about her, he feared that wouldn't last. She already showed signs of bitterness and resentment towards eighty percent of the village.

She'd be a good shinobi when she was older, he knew that. He just hoped she didn't learn to hate humanity as well.

"Come on, Hotaru, I'll follow you home from the roofs to make sure you get there safely," Dog said, and smiled behind his mask when the redhead looked up at him with wide sad eyes and smiled a little.




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