In the Talisman vault….

Drago and Jackie were having an intense showdown, circling around each other, staring each other down.

"Looks like it's you and me, Chan," Drago hissed.

"Looks like it's me versus a liar!" Jackie accused, pointing him out.

"Me? Since when do I lie?" Drago said mockingly, straightening up.

"You told Delya things about us that weren't true! Plus, you gave her that pill that turned her into a dragon!" Jackie accused further.

"Hey! I didn't know it would turn into a dragon. Besides, isn't it true!" Drago sinisterly said, smirking. Without warning, Jackie sent a flying kick to Drago's chest, making him fly out the door.

"I'm will destroy you all!" Drago angrily screamed breathing out fire at Jackie. He jumped out the way, making the fire hit the wall.

"JACKIE!" Uncle screamed at the top of his lungs.

"Uncle, I am very busy!"

"What is too busy to know that Aunti and Delya are gone!" Uncle said, walking into the room, hitting Jackie, then himself.

"WHAT?!" Jackie yelled to him hysterically.

"It's true! We saw Delya pick Aunti up and Bust a hole in the wall, and she's got away! And it's almost sunset!" Jade pointed to the hole in the wall.

"Oh no! We're doomed!" Jackie said, doing a face palm.

"No. Actually, you did me a favor. See ya, Chan!" Drago called behind him as he jumped out the hole and disappeared onto the streets.

"Did you find the antidote Uncle?" Jackie said, turning his attention away from Drago.

"It will too late. Delya will be a dragon and Aunti will be no more," Uncle said sadly. He kept hitting himself on his head to express his depression.

"Uncle, do not be so hard on yourself," Jackie removed Uncle's hand. He hated seeing his uncle like this.

"It is Uncle's fault. First time Uncle argues with Tohru, he gets kidnapped by Samurai Shadowkahn. First time Uncle argues with Aunti, she gets kidnapped by her own niece. Uncle wishes argument never started," Uncle complained further, "Where is Tohru?"

As if on cue, Tohru comes running up to the group with a book in his hand.

"Sensei! Sensei! I have found a cure!" Tohru happily exclaims, opening the same book Uncle had earlier.

"What did Uncle tell you? THERE IS NO CURE!" Uncle shrieked, hitting his head, then hitting himself again.

"But Sensei, I have found more information. It says here that the only cure that will work for such a curse is the Horse Talisman, since the pill and talisman was originally made in ancient China," Tohru read from out the book. Uncle adjusted his glasses sadly.

"See? What did I tell you? I knew the Horse Talisman would work!" Jade excitedly jumped around.

"Even if Horse Talisman is the cure, it'll be too late. All is lost."

"Maybe we can track her down," Tohru shrugged.

"Good idea."

In a secret office in Section 13….

"She's here," C.B. said, pointing to the small medicine shop.

"But why would she go there?" Jackie asked, scratched his head.

"Maybe she wants to help Aunti get better," Jade shrugged.

"Or maybe she wants to poison her," Jackie said as the target moved rapidly to the docks.

"Now the docks. What's her pattern?" C.B. said an image appeared on the screen.

"It's me again," the person said.

"What do you want with Aunti, Drago?" Uncle angrily said. Drago just laughed.

"Oh nothing. I was just going to say that I know you're tracking Delya down. And I'm guessing you have an antidote for her," Drago frowned slightly.

"Maybe we are, and maybe we aren't," Jackie replied questionably. Drago glared.

"I know you are. Well guess what? I call dibs on her. If I see you with Delya's antidote, her "Aunti" takes a swim with the sharks and fishes. Goodbye," Drago slyly smiled, ending the call.

"Great. Another problem. Just what we need," Jackie sarcastically said, rolling his eyes to the ceiling while Jade was thinking.

He said the antidote can't be seen, right? Well, he won't get to see it, Jade thought.

"Uncle Jackie, I have an idea."

"Not now, Jade," Jackie dismissed her.

"But Uncle Jackie! I have an idea to get the antidote to Delya before it's too late!"

"But I can't give her the antidote."

"He said he had to see you with the antidote." Jade said with a sneakily with a smile on her face.

"I think she may be on to something Jackie," C.B. said, leaning in closer to her uncle's ear and C.B.'s ear.

In the docks...

Delya paced around Aunti in circles, smiling sinisterly. She had been tied up to a chair that had been bolted down to the wooden floors. It was so close to sunset. Delya could almost taste being a demon dragon.

"Comfy enough, dear aunt?" Delya mocked to her struggling aunt.

"Aunti is not comfy, thanks to you!" Aunti shrieked.

"Oh! So, so sorry! Not!" Delya cackled, doubling over, "Once sunset is over, I will be a totally different person."

"Why do you want to be a different person?" Aunti said, looking at her sadly. Delya evil mood softened a little.

"Because….just because," Delya said.

"Well, I don't like it."

"She doesn't care if you like it" someone said behind them.

"Drago," Delya whispered.

"Nice to see you too."

"What do you want?" Delya hissed.

"I'm just telling you that you won't have to worry about the Chan Clan. They won't be giving you any trouble."

"How can you be so sure?" Delya raised an eyebrow.

"Let's just say, I gave them a call," Drago said, putting his hand on her shoulder. Delya's mood softened a little more. Drago was going to soothe Delya further when suddenly, Jackie appeared in front of them from a distance away.

"Drago!" Jackie said, taking his Kung Fu form.

"I thought I said not to bring the antidote!" Drago snarled.

"I don't have it with me. Check me," Jackie smiled, putting his hands up in the air. Drago stomped over to him.

"If I find anything that even looks like an antidote, I'll burn you alive," Drago muttered.

While Drago was patting down Jackie, Uncle, and Tohru untied Aunti.

"Aunti, Uncle misses you! Uncle is sorry!" Uncle pulls Aunti in a hug. She's at first shocked, but she gives Uncle a hug too. While Uncle and Aunti hug, Jade sneaks up on Delya from behind.

"Hey! Get off me!" she yelled out, trying to get Jade off but she had already activated the Horse Talisman.

"Now you'll turn back to normal!" Jade yelled, jumping off. Drago looked up at

"What did you do?!" Drago hollered, lifting up his collar," You said you didn't have to antidote!"

"I didn't. Jade did," Jackie said innocently, and then punches Drago in the face hard. He falls back onto the wooden floor, breaking it, and falls through it into the ocean. Jackie's attention goes to Delya, who is lifting Jade by the collar.

"I shall destroy you once and for all," She says, her mouth making fire, but she drops Jade to the floor.

"Yes! The antidote is working!" Jade says, peering at the sky. The sun had disappeared. Suddenly, a light appeared in the middle of her chest. It grows larger and larger, blinding everyone. When the light disappears, Delya is back to her normal, humanoid self.

"You guys saved me! I'm a demon sorceress again!" Delya says, making sure all the dragon features are gone.

"Yes. And we owe it all to Jade's loopholes," Jackie smiled at her," And Uncle and Aunti have made up."

"Uncle will never argue with Aunti again," Uncle said, beaming.

"And Aunti will never argue with Uncle again," Aunti beamed.

Just as Delya turned around to go to Section 13 with the Chan Clan, a massive ball of fire separates The Chan Clan from Delya.

"What was that?" Tohru wondered aloud. It was a very wet Drago, struggling to stand up.

"You may have won this time, Chan. But this isn't over," Drago whispered. He picked up Delya bridal-style and jumped off.

"Aw man! We were so close to getting Delya back!" Jade said.

"At least Delya is not causing a menace anymore," Jackie pointed out.

"Yeah, I guess so. Uncle Jackie, can we celebrate Uncle and Aunti getting back together and Delya turned back into a demon sorceress by getting pizza?"

Reluctantly, Jackie looked up at the Uncle for an answer.

"Sure. Why not?" Uncle happily shrugged.

"Yes!" Jade said aloud as she led everyone back to Uncle's shop.