Heya, another chapter fanfic for you! It is called 'Mended Hearts'. Idea came from Forestspirit of Thunderclan. Credit goes to her, especially about the first chapter.



I was walking through Town Square, when I heard shouting in rage and sadness. I looked around the wall of the alleyway I was in, and saw something I never thought I would see in my life. Meta Knight.

Now, you may be wondering why I never thought I would see him. Let me rephrase that. I saw Meta Knight.


I ran towards him, as I saw Fumu block my path.

"Why are you here Bun? well, now that you are, come help us! That-That thing decieved us!" She pointed towards Meta Knight, who was currently being pelted with stones.

"Whaddya mean, sis?" I asked her innocently; well, as innocent as I can sound.

"Look! Sword, You know the drill!" At her command, Sword Knight whipped off the Knight's mask, purposefully digging the edge hard into Meta's skin. As the mask was taken off, Meta Knight whimpered in pain and carressed his cheek, which was now bleeding heavily. His face was that of a demon's. He had large, blood covered fangs showing out from under his upper lip, and when Sword held his mask in front of him, you couldn't see his reflection.

"Why are you hurting him? He hasn't done ANYTHING AT ALL to you! Look what you have-" I was cut off as I heard a screech made of death itself, then wicked laughter. I turned again, and saw a pair of bat wings, the bones sticking out, and covered in blood, laying on the ground, next to Meta, who was now on him knees wincing in agony, his back bleeding heavily. I turned my gaze, and noticed Sword and Blade hoisting their swords up above their heads, about to crash down on Meta, and...

"IF YOU KILL HIM, KILL ME TOO!" I yelled, clutching the glove my 'parents' gave me, and ripping it off of my hand. My hand was covered in black and white fur, and had jagged claws sticking out of each finger. It was shaped in a shape like a canine's paw, so abnormal you couldn't even call it a hand. I saw Fumu gaping at me, as I ran towards Meta Knight.

"Here," I said, reaching my paw out for him. He hesitated, then took it, getting up. I ran towards Whispy Woods, the only safe place in all of Dreamland, with the weakened Meta hoisted over my shoulders.

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