The demon beasts surged through the forest in a treacherous wave, plowing down any living thing in their path. It was almost daytime, and they wanted a surprise attack against the defiant demons.

Too late for them.

Bun's eyes opened quickly, and he looked at his father.

"Dad? Wake up, I have something I want to give you." Meta Knight's eyes brightened and he got up. The movement of the two getting awake woke up Wolfenaat, and she looked at them. Bun reached behind his back and held out the golden Galaxia sword to Meta Knight. "Here."

Meta Knight took the sword from him, seeming not to notice that it wasn't shocking his son.

He was, though. He saw for the whole time that Bun was holding the sword, it didn't do a thing. It recognised the boy from the bloodline of the chosen one.

"Thank you, Bun. I was wondering what had happened to it." Bun nodded, smiling.

"I know you can use it better than I ever would!" Bun grinned happily.

"I think we should-" Wolfenaat was cut short as about 12 demons of which were sent into hurtling rage barreled into the area. Meta Knight reacted quickly, whipping out his sword and standing in a defensive position, as Wolfenaat dug her sharp claws into the ground and growled. Bun looked at his furry paws, standing somewhat like his father, ready to fight if needed. A black, dragonlike hydra blew an unreasonable amount of fire towards his father, who just barely sidestepped the singing flames. Meta Knight leapt up, barely piercing it's scales as Wolfenaat became locked in combat with another Wolfwrath. A tiny snake like demon slithered up to Bun. He looked down at the tiny serpent. It's small tongue flicked in and out as it stared at Bun helplessly.

"Hi there," Bun whispered to the small creature. He picked it up and it coiled into a tense ball. "I won't hurt you, don't worry." A sharp growl came from a bit further off from Bun. He looked over and saw Wolfenaat locked in a rolling tussle, of which was spewing blood from both sides of said battle. Bun whimpered and clutched the tiny snake to his chest. Its small, beady eyes looked into his, and it seemed almost like the snake was smiling at him. He smiled.

"Did you come with them?" He asked it, as his father and the black hydra seemed to pass by him in a blur. He looked at them, but then he seemed to smile. His parents could hold them off, he knew it. If he tried to help, he'd mess up. He would just stand back for a while. He looked down at the snake and it seemed to nod it's tiny, blue head. Bun smirked.

"I knew it." He sounded like he was angry with the tiny thing, but in truth he was just in awe at the fact that a demon like this could turn from it's comrades. The snake opened its mouth and hissed, not in an unfriendly way, in a way that you could truly see that it was not meant to help kill, no matter what it could grow into. Bun looked at it, noticing it's fangs lined with purple. As he was looking at this new friend, he bagan to wonder why it suddenly slithered into his pocket. Suddenly he could feel himself being whisked into the air by sharp claws.

"Bun!" He looked down to see Meta Knight, before the thing holding him landed.

"Make one more move, and say goodbye to this boy."