Okay, to start off this story I will now explain it. In Mockingjay, the last time we ever hear about Gale is when he is dragged off by the Peacekeepers, not even the epilogue. And I was doing the usual finding THG theories and I totally support this one. So, Gale is dead but no one told Katniss because she was so fragile after the Games. This story is Peeta and Johanna telling Katniss about what really happened to Gale.

"Katniss, we need to have a talk," Peeta says, placing his hand on my knee.

"Okay?" I say, not entirely sure what this could possibly be about. Johanna comes from around the corner, a glass of orange soda in her hand, which she takes a sip from before sitting on the futon across from the red chair I'm sitting in. Peeta crouches by my side. "You guys are really freaking me out. Just tell me already." The kids had just left for school.

"Remember Gale, from 12?" Johanna tells me. I sit up straighter.

"Yeah, of course. He's living in 2 right?" I ask, whipping my head from her to Peeta and back. Johanna passes me her drink, but I just pass it right back disgusted.

"Listen, Katniss. The last time you saw Gale was when he got taken away by the Peacekeepers right?" Johanna tells her.

"Yeah. I wanted to see him again, but everyone told me he was too busy," I tell them, moving forward in the seat. "What is going on?"

"Well, after he was taken, he was killed quickly by the peacekeepers. He doesn't live in 2," Peeta says smoothly.

"What?" I stammer out. I jump out of the red chair and run out the door of our little house and into the backyard, crashing down on the last step of the porch, which also is painted a red color before it washed off via rain. I let the tears run down my face, covering my eyes with my hands. He can't be dead, he was so full of life all the time. Gale was the last thing I had from my old life before the games, now that my mother died of old age. She went quietly in the night, nothing like the way Gale probably went or my sister. Our cat comes up and curls up by my feet. We bought her when we moved for Prim.

I hear the patio door shut and footsteps behind me.

"You okay?" Johanna asks, rubbing a hand on my back in circular motions in her awkward way.

"Why did you keep this from me? How long have you known?" I ask them.

"Katniss, we just wanted to help you, with your recovery. The doctor said it wouldn't be good to disrupt it with this kind of information. We've ourselves have known for a year or so," Peeta answers.

"Thank you both for telling me," I say, patting my hand against Johanna's, which is covered by her blue sweatshirt. She looks like a normal twenties girl should in her sweatshirt, skinny jeans, booties, hair cut in a terrible way. "Does he have a grave? Or anything?"

"No, he doesn't. They never found the body," Johanna answers. I sigh.

"Peeta, can we go to the city hall? We still have extra money. I want to add him in the park," I ask him. He nods. The park has statues of everyone that has ever been affected by the horrors of the previous Panem, Cato, Clove, Finnick, Prim. I want him added. He pushed me to do this. He always helped me, even before this was who I became. Gale has always been my very best friend.