I apologize for the fact that FFN decided to cut my story in- well lets just say there weren't even two lines in it. So I have reuploaded it. And no this is not an Ash worship fic... the only reason I use "Ash" is because that is the most well known name. All my stories are a mixture of the 2 Manga, the Anime, and the game. And I'd use "Red" or "Satoshi" but for some reason I like "Ash" better. Also I find that OC Pokemon fics read like bad SIs.

A Pokemon
FicBy Sheya
A Pokemon: The Prophecy sidestory

In a secluded forest there lived a Mew. This Mew was bored and so it went out into the world. It started to follow a Pokemon Trainer who seemed kind.

Mew soon found that this trainer was having trouble with a group of people called Team Rocket. The boy was being attacked by Team Rocket consistently first there were two bunglers named Jessie and James then two, slightly more competent, named Butch and Cassidy. Then more and more Rockets came to attack him. These Rockets were far more viscous, then the original Rockets that attacked him.

Mew one day saw the boy had been attacked and his Pokemon had been stolen. The boy was injured and unconscious at the side of the path, Mew floated above him and teleported to the nearest Pokemon center. Nurse Joy stared for a few seconds and then got down to business and started getting the boy medical attention.

When he woke up Nurse Joy Started asking him questions and she found out that many Rockets attacked him, they wanted his Pokemon, and they succeeded in stealing his Pokemon. Nurse Joy then asked about Mew. He told her that he did not know about Mew. She told him that the Mirage Pokemon, Number 151, teleported him to her.

After she told him about Mew, she asked him his name and how old he was. He told her that his name was Ash and he was almost 14. He said that he had to get his Pokemon back. She told him that he had to rest and she would not let him leave until she was sure he was rested.

The next day after he had rested he started on his journey to get his Pokemon back. He was stopped by Team Rocket they teased him that he had no Pokemon and did not stand a chance against them. Just then Mew came out of hiding and sent Team Rocket on their way via a Psychic attack.

Ash asked Mew if it would help him get his Pokemon back and Mew jumped into one of his spare pokeballs. Ash was surprised and asked the air if Mew wanted to BE one of his Pokemon? Then Ash smiled and released Mew and told Mew what his plan was. Ash and Mew went to the Rockets HQ and stormed the place.

They got into the building and took to the air vents. They found the place that Ash's Pokemon were being held and Mew took care of the guards. Ash jumped down and freed his Pokemon. Pikachu was very happy to see Ash. Together they all fought their way out of the Rockets HQ. When they got away from the building Ash turned his feet toward the wilderness and told Mew that he was going to the Pokemon League and he wondered if Mew wanted to come along? Mew said "MEW" /YES/