Review Response

Hi, sorry anyone who follows this, but it's not a new chapter.

Someone posted a review, stating that my story seemed like a 'good rewrite' of another story, 'Deadpan Love' ( s/3588436/1/Deadpan-Love). Unfortunately, I am unable to respond with a PM and I want to discuss it.

I'm not upset at the comparison to 'Deadpan Love', because it's an awesome story, one of my favourites in fact. The characterisations are spot-on, even as they allow for the personal growth necessary for the story, and the plot and dialogue are written with a rare wit, the value of which I cannot overstate. I won't deny this story partly inspired me to have a crack at writing my own.

I am mildly upset at the word 'rewrite'. Naturally, the stories have key plot points in common: Beast Boy, Raven and romance. Also, if I've done my job right, each features the occasional, frank discussion and a thoughtfulness behind each character's words and actions. But I wasn't trying to write the same story again. Time for some context (with which I hope I don't offend anyone).

Every BBRae fan will know that there are countless stories, usually one-shots, where the characters realise, all of a sudden, they're madly in love and have been ever since they met and they get married. Now, these stories have their place and their audience and I am certainly not above reading them. I wanted to write something as a counterpoint to that and perhaps D.L.'s author, Gwaihir10, wanted to do the same.

I won't go through each and every difference, big or small. Instead, I'll say that D.L. starts with Raven. BB, at first, is swept up and slightly hapless, and then it becomes a wonderfully balanced and equal effort between the pair. My favourite parts are the very business-like discussions on where things are going, though they quickly become more friendly.

In my story, I wanted to try and express a situation where they both just... fall toward each other. You may shout out "But Jack, Beast Boy has a crush on Raven at the start!". This is true. He has a crush, maybe something nameless and deeper... but he isn't in love. Not yet. It's imbalanced at the start but so many relationships are. And Raven, her experience will be familiar to many, I think: you know someone, have known them for years. You work with them or socialise with them. You are friends and maybe even colleagues. Then one day they sit next to you and you see something else. Something more. From these two positions, BB and Rae start, without a word being said, moving on from friendship into romance. There is no agreement, no 'asking out', no dating and that is deliberate.

So, once again, I am genuinely flattered at the comparison between the two stories... but aside from the one or two minor plot ideas I took from enthusiastic reviewers, this is my story. Mine. And even though it's pointless and ridiculously niche, I take a little pride in it. The views, favourites, follows and reviews that came after were beautiful and humbling, and they put smile on my face and in my heart. The word 'rewrite' kinda takes the edge off.

Apologies to the reviewer who, I'm sure, was trying to pay me a compliment. This is a tribute to the power of language. That word - that one word! - got me thinking about this all day. That one word can turn an innocent comment into an accusation.

So in conclusion: Reviewer, I thank you very, very much for the spirit of what you said but... please be careful how you phrase such things to self-righteous, smug and over-sensitive writer-wannabes like me :p