Warnings: I do not own Naruto. This is my first story. It is a non-mass story.

Chapter 1

Annoying, weak, useless…

That's all that I am.

We had our first test as a team, as ninja, and I did absolutely nothing. Didn't even get close to the damn bells!

This morning I was so excited. I was finally starting my ninja career. I could finally be with Sasuke-kun, show him how powerful and beautiful I was. He would finally notice me; we would fall in love, and live happily ever after.

But nothing like that happened, all I did was scream and faint. Even Sasuke-kun, rookie of the year, made a fool of himself. Ino would kill me for even thinking this, but Sasuke is selfish. I know he is stronger than me, heck everyone is stronger than me, and I knew my only chance of passing was to get his help. I was actually looking for him so we could work together. That was the whole point of the test! I mean why else would Kakashi-sensei pit us against each other like that, but obviously my teammates didn't see this.

Yeah! How dare that arrogant prick turn down our help. I know we're not the strongest and we don't have any real cool moves, but come on, look at us. Beautiful help is better than no help, right?

Inner, you are not helping. In fact, no one has been helpful all day; Ino was taunting my forehead, dad was still trying to get me to quit, Sasuke-kun refused my help, only Naruto was of any help today. During the bell test, Sasuke-kun thought he was better than everybody else, Kakashi-sensei was trying to fail us, and I was no better than a fangirl. Naruto is the only reason we passed.

Truthfully he was kind of incredible today.


I know. Back in the academy he was the failure that couldn't even do a normal clone. But today he was popping off solid clones with no problem. I mean I can only do about five normal clones before my chakra is gone. Yet he made, like, 50 shadow clones and didn't even use a quarter of his chakra.

And I could sense that he was putting way too much chakra into his clones.

I got that feeling too! We could have made three clones for every one he did using only the chakra he wasted.

It's so not fair, Naruto's a secret genius and Sasuke-kun has his entire clan to train him. I'm just a little girl from a civilian family, how am I supposed to keep up with such powerhouses. I'm at such a disadvantage it's not even funny, it's not fair, it's not…

No, no wait I got myself into this. I wanted to be a ninja; I joined the academy with this in mind. I knew it was going to be hard, knew it was going to hurt. I have no reason to complain.

I may be weak and useless now

No kidding.

Ignoring that. I may be weak, but starting right now I'm changing.


Um…Well… Dang this is harder than I thought. Oh, I'll stop caring about my looks so much.

Like that will happen.

It will! I'll stop getting up two hours early to do my hair. I can use that time to actually sleep, so I'm not tired all day long. And I'll stop wearing these ridiculously impractical dresses and actually put on the ninja gear mom bought me.

Alright a new look for a new outlook, good start. What else?

I'll focus on training my body, that's my weakest point.

So we can stop eating those nasty salads and actually eat some meat!

Yes, we need protein to help build some muscle, and maybe some weight lifting to help. If we can get our body on par with our mind we would be deadly.

Your right, only Shikamaru-san came close to us on the written exams. That is, when he bothered to do them, that lazy ass.

Exactly, we need to be strong to create a strong team worth being in.

And to do that I need get along with my teammates. So as part of my change, no more Sasuke fangirling, let Ino have him. I need him as a teammate only, just like Naruto, who I have to be nicer to.

Life's about to suck isn't it?

Okay so that's the first chapter. I'm trying to make Sakura a better person and help her give females a better name. I would love some feedback, tell me if it's terrible or if it's great.