Well now, I hope you're all still enjoying this anonymous request for a story between the lovely Astrid and our dark cuddle buddy of a dragon, Toothless. I wanted to update this story a little, see what people thought. It's still the same story, just rewritten and, hopefully, improved! Though, in trying to keep as closely to the original story as possible, some things aren't ideal, but better :P Now, if people don't like it, or preferred the older version for whatever reason just leave a review and I'll work around it. We'll think of a good solution, okay? Perfect. Now then, I hope you enjoy and, as always, and reviews favs or anything else are greatly appreciated~

Hiccup and I have been married for a few years now and he's become a leader Berk can be proud of. Nowadays he has his hands full, training new riders as well as repairing and improving the village. That also means it's been some time since we've last slept together, leaving me a little pent up. It frustrates me that training and the village are more important than me; I know it's his duty and his priority but I'm still here, I still need something to release my building frustrations.

Toothless had become the alpha male of the dragons, of course. He was the fastest and strongest, leaving the other males with no choice, not that it made a difference to him. Despite his position and popularity, what he wanted most wouldn't be the females he could swoon without a second thought, nore all the fields to play in. No, he wanted, and would alway want the most impressive female human, Astrid. It just so happened she had become his best friends wife, though that made him lust for her all the more. It excited him, imagining himself with the girl of his best friend's dreams, especially without Hiccup ever knowing it.

After a long morning of cleaning and training, with no sign of Hiccups return tonight, I made my way into the forest for a bath. The hot springs were remote enough, a place I could go to and relax for a few hours without worry. It was even a good opportunity to ease the frustrations I'd been feel lately. With a soft sigh I headed down the path, taking my time as I moved through the forest. Nearly half an hour later I found myself in front of the beautiful pools of crystal clear water, heated and steaming. Slowly I undid my belt, slipping my skirt down around my hips after kicking my boots off, my shirt following shortly after. Dipping my toe in the water, I gave a soft sigh. This was exactly what I needed right now.

Having seen Astrid disappear into the forest, the sleek curious dragon followed. His bulky body made it difficult to stay quiet, forcing him to nearly slither through the trees, his playfulness getting the better of him while over dramatizing the act. As she stepped up to the edge of the water, Toothless crawled into cover behind a large, craggy boulder several feet behind her. The dragon watched with wide, wondering eyes as the human slipped free of her clothing, showing off her elegant form without intent. Wading into the spring, he watched her milky body disappear from sight, leaving just her shoulders and head to bob in the waters. It was then he witnessed something he'd only imagined.

Once in the spring, water washing over my body I began working on those feelings I'd kept bottled up for so long. Resting in the shallower section, my bum in the soft, warm sand of the pool bed, I slipped my hand down my body, gliding along my belly before dipping between my spreading legs. Letting out a soft gasp, my fingers slid over my folds, grazing my sensitive clit. My fingers teased the edges of my lips before pressing to them, spreading my folds and sinking inside. Slowly, I pressed one finger in and out, my palm resting on my clit as I worked myself, sighing in delight. I needed this, a release, an out for all those emotions and frustrations wrapped within my marriage.

My fingers worked faster, curling along my insides to stimulate my walls as I picked up speed. Leaning back, my hair soaking in the warm waters another finger joined the first, teasing my insides as I bit my lip. Pressing deeper, grinding my palm on my clit until I was gasping, I could feel the heat building inside. The familiar pressure, the need for release grew as I spread my lips and pressed in deep, my thighs squeezing around my hand- and with a hot groan my release poured through me as juices hotter even than the water coated my it wasn't enough, not nearly enough for me. But what else could I do? Sighing softly I pulled my fingers free, washing my hand in the springs before slowly getting to my feet. I trudged up and out of the pool, spralling on the grassy beach that surrounded my favourite spring. I lay in the sun, amongst the long lush blades of grass, basking as I dry.

The dragon couldn't believe his eyes, having watched the scene unfold before him, he was speechless. Not only had she teased and pleasured herself so openly hinting at the frustrations she had been feeling, but now she was outstretched in the grass, naked as if begging for attention- for companionship. The dragon could feel a stirring in his stomach, realizing his hot, pink tip was poking from his sheath. The wasn't a doubt, not anymore, that he needed her; and now it seemed she needed him just as desperately. Slowly, curiously, he crept from his hiding place, padding toward the young viking.

While laying there with a hand on my forehead, wondering what I should do, I notice Toothless emerge from the brush. Sitting up, he seemed to be a little lost so I started to wave to him, catching his attention.

"Over here," I called, putting on a warm smile to hide my heavy thoughts. His head turned, eyes focusing on me as he padded over, sitting down with a soft warble.

"How's it going, boy?" I asked, gently stroking his muzzle. His eyes raised to me, pressing his nose against me for more rubs, making me laugh. Though, that was when I noticed something pink bobbing beneath him. Tilting my head, I let out a startled gasp in realization. It was his shaft, thick and long, gently twitching in the warm summer air. My cheeks flushed, gazing up at him.

"Toothless… what's going on?" I asked, though he seemed to not hear. Instead his nose dipped down, nudging my thigh before pushing forward, his muzzle pressing between my thighs and spreading my legs apart.

"What are you d-" I was cut off by my own, sharp gasp, feeling his long, hot tongue rolling over my folds. My body shook, my hands uselessly pressing on his head to stop. But the more eagerly he lapped at my lips, the less my body fought against him. Between heated licks he began pressing gently into me, deeper and deeper until his lapping stopped completely, only concerned about my insides. He pushed it in deeper, and my soft, embarrassed groans grew louder. His tongue alone was larger than Hiccup, and as it slither into my body, I soon found it was much longer too. Hot and wet, it curled inside me, writhing and teasing my folds as he let out another gleeful warble.

"Ohh... T-Toothless, that feels… so good," I panted quietly, slowly spreading my legs wider, giving him space to work and tease me. My body was getting the best of me, wanting this- needing it despite how my mind denied it. I gasped and shuddered, letting the big dragon do as he liked.

Toothless pushed his tongue deeper then, slowly, began sliding it in and sporadically. He was driving me crazy, his thick tongue plunging into me to gather the sweet juices pooling inside me before slurping them into his maw. But I new, without a doubt that this was so much better than having to pleasure myself. While his muzzle pushed against my folds, lolling his tongue into my body, his smooth nose rubbed and pressed on my clit, making me shudder in delight. The more enamoured he became, the more I loved what he was doing, my thighs squeezing around his muzzle as that familiar pressure mounted with in me. Finally with an excited moan, my hips jerked against him as my hot juices poured over his tongue and splashed against his lips, leaving me a gasping, shivering mess. Smiling, he pulled his head from between my thighs, pleased with himself and licking my cum from his lips, warbling.

Falling back, I collapse, panting and gasping for breath as my body slowly relaxes. It isn't until I feel something warm and stiff, pressing against my bum that I raise my head to find him standing over me. My eyes widen as I realized it was his cock pressing against me, wanting inside, rubbing along my tight ass.

"We shouldn't do this Toothless… Toothless?" Ignoring me, he stepped forward and pressed a paw on my shoulder to hold me in place. In moments my thoughts left me just as his thick tip pressed into my hole, stretching me around him without hesitation. His hips shoved forward, forcing his cock to sink deep inside me until I finally felt his hips press tight to my bum. He was in, and I could feel his hot shaft twitch and throb as if they were buried in my stomach, bulging inside me. Then he started to rock, pumping his thick shaft in and out. It felt so strange, I'd never had a males shaft deep in that hole before. He picked up speed, humping into my ass as I groaned and gasped, forced to wait and let him finish, to wait to see what he would do.

He had begun to growl softly, a sound I'd never imagined he would make with me. Those soft, heated noises only grew and grew until he lurched, slamming his hims hard against me. The dragon's thick shaft swelled inside me just before he started to dump his load, firing jet after jet of hot dragon spunk deep in my ass. It felt like his spunk was firing so deep inside me, pooling within my belly. Growling and panting softly, he slowly dragged his cock from it's place inside me and as his tip popped free of my hole, a small river of cum poured after it. It leaked from my tunnel, starting to pool in the grass beneath me while I took deep, gasping breaths.

Once again I was left on the ground panting, realizing what we'd just done and it… excited me, my chested tightening at the thought, I was married and despite that another male just layed me. My breasts heaved with my breath as I slowly raised my head, shaky and exhausted. It was only a moment he left me and soon enough, I watched his shaft thicken once again causing me to bite my lip.

"You still… want more, huh?" I sigh softly. He smiled, standing up and repositioned himself over me once again. Looming over me, I felt him lay his cum coated shaft on my belly, showing me just how deep he was about to be before slipping his tip to my lips. My mind wandered back to Hiccup, my husband, doubting what was about to happen. Though, the more I thought, the more my frustrations from before surfaced and grew, and I realized I wanted this. If Hiccup wouldn't do it, I'd find someone else who would, and the one I found was this dragon standing over me. Smiling now, I gestured for him to move closer with a wave of my hand, encouraging more.

Toothless' hind legs tensed as he pressed his tip into my folds, spreading me wide. I let out a startled gasp, feeling him work to stretch me around his thick shaft, pushing me to my limits. It hurt at first, feeling all too tight with his cock lodged inside me, and sinking deeper. He crept forward at a steady pace, forcing my body to relent. It wasn't until his shaft was finally engulfed by my tight body, and his hips began to pump, that it all melted into ecstatic pleasure. Letting out a needy moan, I begged him to go faster, to rut me like no other while the thought of this big, feral creature inside me buzzed in my mind. I couldn't describe how excited I felt.

He grew faster, more aggressive as he picked up the pace, his heavy balls slapping against my recently filled ass, reminding me what I would be getting In time. Soon I felt a jet of precum splash my inner walls, slickening my passage to ease his pounding, enticing him to go faster. I began lifting my hips, pushing myself into his every thrust as he took me. I could hear his pleasured grunting, excited and content while I gasped and moaned, fingers digging into the grass.

I could feel every twitch and throb of his thick shaft as he pounded me, making sure I took him deep. He grunted and growled over me, humping my tight folds for what felt like an eternity, rutting me like a mate. His pace would change, shifting from quick, hard jabs to deep, stroking thrusts that seemed to press against my womb. On and on he pounded, until I began to feel a heat rise from inside me, building like a damn within my stomach, ready to burst. In a few sudden moments my back arched as I moaned, my body shaking in ecstasy with my explosive climax.

"A-Ahhh!" I screamed as the intense climax racked my body, my tunnel clamping down around his cock and my juices drenching his shaft. It took only a moment for his hips to crash into mine, his thick shaft swelling as it had before in spite of my clenching, quivering folds just before his hot, thick cum erupted inside me. Rope after rope pumped up into my womb, splattering it's walls and pooling inside my belly. He throbbed with each strand of cum he fed my womb until finally he began to calm.

Waiting for Toothless to pull free, I sat in a pleasured daze, my belly lightly distended from the two heavy loads I carried. I had just had the best sex of my life behind my husbands back, and with my husbands best friend no less. And all of that had led to the most intense climax I'd ever had. Amazed by my own excitement, I couldn't believe the thrill I felt! I needed more. Over the next hour Toothless had unloaded in my womb another several times and my ass twice. It was stunning, his stamina. He could rut me so many times without tiring, let alone run out of spunk and I kept him working.

When he finally pull out of me for the last time, I gave a soft gasp.

"Hold still for a minute, Toothless," I panted, wrapping my hand around his shaft. It was drenched in cum and my own juices and I just couldn't leave it. Leaning over, I licked his tip, then pressed my lips over it as I started to suck and lick him clean. Gathering all the cum in my mouth, I flashed him a smile before tilting my head back and swallowing it all while he watched, surprised how good the mix of sweet and salty tasted. When we had finally finished, my hands slide to my belly which was now heavy and swollen, bulging out from all his thick, steaming spunk filling both my womb and stomach; it made me look so pregnant. Cradling my new belly, I stood on shaky legs, having to lean against Toothless to stay upright.

Moving to the springs, my hips swaying with the weight, I had to drain the cum from inside me and wash my legs and ass. Once I was finished I put my clothes back on, glad they had survived the mess we'd made, and Toothless and I had to hurry home before Hiccup returned from work. We couldn't have him finding out what we were doing, he'd be furious, I thought. Lucky I got back to the house just in time to see Hiccup coming up the path towards me.

"Hey Astrid" he greeted, setting his bag down to give me a hug with outstretched arms.

"Hi honey," I replied with a smile, feeling so much more relaxed now; so much so that even Hiccup complimented me on my refreshing welcome. After a nice dinner and a chat of how each of our days went we got into bed. But as I lay there, I couldn't help but think about what happened, what Toothless and I had done.

Before all of this, what I really loved was Hiccup, he was what mattered most, and I cherished whatever he did for me. But now... after what happend- what we did behind his back, my feelings changed. I started to love Toothless, his thick shaft and heavy balls that were always ready to pump me full of thick cum. And that excitement, knowing we were having sex without Hiccup ever knowing, right behind his back… I loved it, I craved it, and I couldn't believe we could get away with it like this.

Hiccup left early the next morning leaving toothless to watch over the sleeping Astrid.

"I'm counting on you to watch her and the house for me while I'm gone, ok bud?" Toothless noded playfully, making the small human laugh, patting his neck before saying good-bye. And once Hiccup had left, disappearing down the hill, Toothless went to go play with his new mate.

I awoke to the feeling of Toothless' nose shoved between my legs, his tongue pressing into my folds. I let out a soft moan, happily.

"Mmh, good morning boy," I smile, sitting up while Toothless pulled his tongue out of me. Crawling onto the bed, he sat on his haunches, his hard shaft standing tall in front of me.

"You're like this already? Mh, I just woke up…" He moved in closer, poking my leg with his cock. "Alright, alright," I laughed softly, pulling the sheets off and rolling over, getting onto my hands and knees to give him the perfect view of my soft bum and lips.

"Come on you big, sexy dragon. Come fuck your needy female~" As I spoke, I wiggled my hips, teasing the big beast.

He quickly climbed over me to pressed his needy cock into my folds, making me moan happily. It was then I was glad our house was a ways from the village, atop a hill and out of earshot, otherwise one of the other villagers might have heard me… and we couldn't have that.

Toothless' shaft was as long as ever and still made me work to take him deep until those heavy balls rested on my thighs. After yesterday, it seemed a little easier now, though I was still stretched tight. His hips started to rock, oh so slowly at first to tease me.

"Mh, Toothless- faster!" I gasped, not appreciating being teased first thing in the morning. Warbling playfully, he picked up the pace and started humping into me harder, his belly lightly pressing on my back as he found his rhythm. I had started to groan, gasping and moaning each time his tip pressed against my womb, feeling my tunnel stretching and relaxing around his pistoning cock.

"Fuck me! Fuck your slut!" I yelled between gasps, holding still, my fingers clutching the sheets. My big dragon replied with a loud slap on my ass. Feeling his large paw spank me was- exciting! I couldn't explain why, but I loved it and soon I had started to rock back against his every thrust wildly, forcing our hips together. I loved the feeling of his large shaft filling my tunnel, giving twice the pleasure Hiccup could provide, or more. Suddenly I felt his paws grabbing my hips to help him hammer my folds, making me gasp and moan in delight.

He was slamming our hips together now, his full, heavy balls slapped my thighs in that rhythmic way I couldn't get enough of. Just the thought of all his thick spunk churning in those balls made shiver, wanting so desperately to have it all pumped deep inside me. He rutted me like that for what felt like an hour, all the while feeding my building climax, burning hotter and hotter inside me. Suddenly, my release crashed over me like a wave, a tsunami of ecstatic pleasure that rocked me to my core and sent shocks to my quaking legs.

"I'm cumming!" I screamed, arching my back as I squeezed down on his cock like a clamp, coating it with hot, sticky juices as I sprayed and squirted against him. Toothless seemed to pay no mind, continuing to hump into me hard despite the restricting space. He overpowered my climaxing body, using my quaking folds to spur on his own pent up release.

Pounding, jerking and rutting hard into me, he bucked until with a sudden, unexpected force he slammed our hips together hard one last time. I could feel his shaft twitch and bulge inside me before he began to unload straight into my womb. Moaning loudly, sending me into my second, earth shattering climax, I felt ropes of hot sperm start to spray inside my belly. The large dragon pumped jet after jet of hot, sticky spunk inside me, slowly distending my belly with it's weight. Finally he pulled free of me, leaving me to collapse onto the bed, gasping and panting. Sitting down, I leaned against the headboard, chest heaving with each gasp as I tried to catch my breath.

Toothless still looked like he wanted more, cock twitching and stiff. I waved him over with a sigh, unable to hide my smile as I leaned over to wrap my lips around his shaft. Slowly I began bobbing my head, pushing down as deep as I could before sliding back up, dragging my tongue along his shaft, rolling it over his thick, salty tip. Reaching down, my fingers cupped his large balls, rolling them gently as I teased and massaged them. He groaned loudly, shuddering and growling softly as I worked both his member and his hefty balls in my hands and mouth. Picking up the speed, I sucked and teased more aggressively, trying hard to get the large creature off. Growing in concentration I failed to notice his paw on the back of my head.

With a sudden, dominant growl, he pressed my head down, thrusting up hard and forcing his fat cock down my throat. My eyes welled up as I struggled gagging softly before I felt his member bulge the way it always did before- I let out a startled, heated groan, shuddering as he started to blow his hot load down my throat. I gasped and moaned, trying desperately to swallow it all, my throat having to stretch a bit to make room for the flood of sperm flowing in. For a few moments, all that could be hear was the soft "glug, glug, glug," as Toothless force fed me his cum, warbling in delight and satisfaction. Each rope splattered into my stomach, heavy and warm. A few moments longer and he grinned, pulling free of my throat to pain ribbons of spunk onto my face and chest, splattering over my skin like a gooey shower.

There was only one hole left now, and already he looked rearing to go yet again. Gesturing to the large dragon, I pointed to the floor.

"Lay down boy, it's my turn," I softly cooed, needing it so badly. He laid down on the carpet,doing as he was told with a hot, quirky grin, his stiff shaft standing straight for me, almost begging me over. Hips swaying, I made my way to him, climbing up onto his chest to give him a little show. I stood over his cock, gently rubbing the tip on my folds before ever so slowly sitting down. Holding my breath, I let gravity do the work, sliding down his cock until my bum pressed to his hips. Biting my lip, I certain with how deep he felt, if my belly weren't already full of cum, I would have been able to see a small bulge where his cock sat inside me. once I had reached the base of his length, his warm balls against my ass, I stood slowly to drag his cock from inside me before falling again. Rhythmically I rode him, starting to bounce, feeling the hot sperm slosh inside me, making me moan as I held my swollen belly. Working faster, I could hear Toothless moaning, growling in pleasure.

"You like that, your girl's tight ass?", I purred before he reached up, squeezing my full breast with a paw as if to say, "Of course." While I bounced fast, forcing myself down with all my strength, I gasped loudly into a shuddered and startled moan. He had begun thrusting up into me hard, slamming his hips into my ass as I fell, jostling my insides and all the cum he'd poured into me, making me clutch my belly tighter.

"F-Fuck, Toothless!" I moaned loudly, our movements growing wild as he pounded me from below. He rutted me like a beast for minutes on end, only ever pausing to change the pace and catch me by surprise to force a moan or gasp. Finally, after many minutes more I felt him quake, grunting without warning. His hips bucked violently as he stated to pump yet another load up and into my stomach, filling me from below with more boiling dragon seed. I screamed and moaned, my hands holding my belly tight as I felt it distend further, swelling with his third load before I finally clambered off him, some of his cum splattering onto the floor.

"Ohhh, gods~"

He bred me all around the house, some quick, others lasting more than just a few minutes, and I loved every second of it all. As the end of the day approached he had dumped his load inside me more than a dozen times, leaving me to carry what looked like a gravid baby belly. He was a machine, a real beast, though near the end I was exhausted, in love, but exhausted. Finally I sat on the bed, finished for the day, not that my belly could take much more. One hand rested upon my smooth, round skin, slowly stroking my full, heavily pregnant looking tummy. It always gave me the most exciting pleasure, walking about the house, feeling Toothless' thick spunk sloshing heavily within my womb. As I gazed down at my belly, I could hardly believe I could spend the day being bred by a dragon like Toothless, have my belly utterly filled and swollen, and at the end of the day Hiccup would never know… It was so thrilling! Though, at the same time it made me angry that he could be so dense, so oblivious to what was going on around him.

With a sigh I went into the bathroom to empty myself, having to lightly press on my belly to let it all out. Quickly cleaning and dressing myself, I gave the house a quick clean with just enough time to start supper before Hiccup came home. As my husband arrived, he looked around, spying Toothless peacefully sleeping at the foot of the bed while I stirred a pot of stew.

"Hey honey," he greeted me as he always did with a warm smile and a hug.

"How was your day?" he asked, setting down his bag and taking off his coat.

"Good" I replied, without giving him much else, my stirring a little agitated.

"Well, I'm glad you kept yourself busy. I know the chores can be so boring boring!" He joked, acting overly dramatic with a wipe of the back of his hand.

"Wasn't that hard" I said simply, putting down the wooden spoon.

"What's wrong?" He asked, raising an eyebrow and giving me a confused look.

"Nothing. You know, you can be really stupid sometimes," I huffed, turning and storming to our bedroom, fuming and annoyed. Behind me, could hear him asking himself, "I wonder what's gotten into her… Toothless?" As if his friend would answer. Ugh. When I'm with Toothless it gives me a feeling of excitement knowing Hiccup would never find out about our time together, but when I'm with Hiccup I'm more angry about it than anything else. I guess he's just never going to know.