Author Note: Sorry for the long update time but I've been trying to figure out how to go about the sequel to get the same ending result or at least something that won't end up in a dead lock. So here is chapter three.

Chapter Three: Asking for Help/Unseen Disasters

"They didn't leave us with anything like that, why did they give you one?" Shazza asks in confusion and slight anger at the perceived slight.

"Maybe because we are the ones who were in danger or do you not understand that?" Harry shouted back angrily, fed up with this woman who seemingly decided they didn't matter once they had survived and were off the planet of monsters. Shazza it seemed could not decide if she were angry or chastised, she listened only with half an ear at the conversation around her. 'It wasn't that big a deal that we left' Shazza thought to herself angrily 'there wasn't as much danger as everyone talked about; everything was just blown out of proportion.' After all, one lucky merc wasn't proof that her and Zeke were the cause of this situation. Peeking over at her husband, she saw that he was also involved in whatever discussion the family was having and showing real concern for the killers. Narrowing her eyes, Shazza decided that as soon as they could they were leaving these people to their fate and ignored the little voice in her head that asked her what would have happened if they had left them to their fate seven years ago.

"Shazza? Shazza, are you listening?" Zeke asked, looking over at his wife in concern. He knew that she was probably angry that Harry was 'unreasonably' mad at her, but he knew that he needed to do something before the small family before him was hurt anymore by his mistakes. Talking to his wife was the first on his list of ways to help the small family; at least, after he got her attention. "Shazza?"

"What?" Shazza hissed angrily.

"Wanna go to another room? We need to talk," Zeke said quickly, knowing that he might lose his nerve if he stalled any. He watched as his wife narrowed her eyes at him in suspicion before giving a shaky nod. The duo quickly got up and left the room together, running into Harry in the doorway. In Harry's hands was a small device that Zeke recognized as a holo-phone. 'Hopefully Alex's uncle will be of some help' Zeke thought as he continued to lead his wife away from the kitchen.

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Harry entered the kitchen with a puzzled look on his face, wondering why Zeke was leading Shazza further into their home and why he was being allowed to lead Shazza further into their home. Deciding to ask his husband, Harry set the holo-phone down in front of his mother and walked over to Riddick. Quickly asking about the retreating couple, Riddick explained that Zeke was being allowed to deal with his wife before the woman did something that would require him or Logan to step in. The attention that Harry might have paid to the information was taken when he heard his mother's uncle's voice.

"There must be a problem if you're actually using this," Olask replied gruffly. The man was obviously woken from sleep, but he quickly became alert. Alex chuckled a bit, but did not deny his comment. "Well what is it?"

"A team of mercs came; we're trapped here," Alex told him, being careful not to show any fear so as not to worry his grandchildren. Regardless of his care, his uncle would be able to tell how dire the situation was even if there was nothing in his voice. "We need a way off-planet before something happens."

"How did this team of mercs find you?" Olask asked shrewdly, after all they had done a lot to make sure their tracks were covered. He wondered what could have happened to destroy all their hard work.

"We believe that the mercs discovered Zeke and Shazza, confronted them about their survival from the Hunter-Gratzner, and followed them when they came to warn us," Alex said, trying not to sound accusatory. The angry grumbles coming from Harry made his opinion regarding the matter clear enough for all of them. A string of curses came from Olask as he realized just how the mercs would have been able to discover Zeke and Shazza. It was easy to see on his face that he was beyond angry; after all he was only able to speak to his family a few times in the past seven years and only for minutes in order to protect them and to learn that the couple had not heeded their warning righteously made him angry.

"I'll talk to the captain but we are way off from your location; can you hold out till we get there?" Olask asked in concern. Alex looked over at Riddick, after all he knew this game better than any of them. Riddick considered the question. 'If they are able to pinpoint the direction of our location and approach on foot, then we'll have a fight on our hands; but, we have to get a way off the planet' Riddick thought. Giving a nod to Alex, Riddick left the room to check on Zeke and Shazza. He didn't want to hurt the couple, but he wouldn't let them put his family in danger either. Before he made it all the way to the location that he could smell the prospectors were, a bang sounded against the nearest wall. Instinctively falling into a crouch, Riddick cautiously approached the wall and placed his ear against it. Through the wall, he made out muffled voices.

"Keep working at it, my scanner shows that there are life sources in there!" a voice yelled out and another loud bang sounded against the wall. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Harry run into the room wide-eyed clutching Adam to his side.

"How'd they find us?" Harry whispered frantically. Riddick's eyes narrowed and he motioned for Harry to return to the kitchen. After Harry had returned to the kitchen, Riddick snuck towards the room the prospectors were in.

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"Listen Shazza, I can't say that I understand exactly where you are coming from; but we need to talk about this. This is our fault. These people saved our lives and now we have endangered theirs; we gotta make this right," Zeke said passionately as soon as they were ensconced in a room. From the look of the weights and mats lying on the ground and the targets on the walls, this was some kind of exercise room. Turning his attention back to his wife, Zeke nearly recoiled at her look of disgust.

"Help them! They tried to control our lives with their crap about cover stories and protection needs," Shazza yelled. Zeke was bewildered at this attitude and wondered how long his wife harbored this resentment. "What we should worry about is where we wanna settle down."

"Settle down? What money are we supposed to settle down with?" Zeke asked quietly, hoping fervently that she was not going to tell him what he feared.

"Don't worry about it, just know that we have it. Isn't it great! We can finally live our dream," Shazza said in excitement, moving to give Zeke a hug. Zeke held her out at arm's length and looked her in the eyes.

"Shazza, we could have lived our dream here. Everything we wanted we could have already had," Zeke said, giving her a shake as if to knock some sense into her. Shazza narrowed her eyes in response.

"You know what; you might have been sucked in by their bullshit, but not me. These people are cold-blooded killers who would turn on us in a heartbeat! We can't trust them," Shazza hissed back to her husband but did not try to get out of his grip. "And do you think I didn't notice how you acted around Harry."

"What the hell are you talking about? Is this about jealousy Shazza, really? You want to ruin these people's lives over that," Zeke asked incredulously, taking a step away from the woman in shock.

"I did what I had to for us!" Shazza said, stepping closer to Zeke who backed away from her.

"What did you do?" Zeke asked, before he got a response however a loud bang sounded and the house shook a bit. "Shazza, what did you do?!" Riddick entered the room behind his wife and although Zeke noticed him, he made no move to warn his wife. In truth he couldn't do much of anything as he was told how she found Toombs before they left. She made a deal with him, help capture Riddick and she would get 1/5 of the bounty on his head.

"He promised to leave anyone else alone," Shazza finished, as if that made it better. Zeke watched as if looking through a window as Riddick knocked his wife out. He wondered what would happen to his wife or himself for that matter before everything went black.

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Toombs grinned as his men kept hitting the tree with metal ram. It seemed the woman hadn't been lying about Riddick's whore after all, this house was a masterpiece. If he hadn't been warned, he never would have found them. The roof looked like a canopy with the branches coming out of it and leaves sprouting and the walls looked like bark. Truthfully the entire thing looked like a large tree, but the scanners showed life inside and that's all that mattered to Toombs. His prey was trapped and if the villagers were correct then there were children in there too. A nasty grin came on his face; Riddick's children could fetch him a pretty penny with the labs or slavers if they were pretty enough. Mentally he made a list of who should be in the house, their danger level, and possible price.

Riddick: Highly dangerous, most likely armed – 1,500,000 creds

Logan: Highly dangerous, self-healing factor and retractable claws – unknown

Alexander Olask: Dangerous, most likely armed – 100,000 creds

Harry: Possibly dangerous, self-helaing factor, plant control and life creation – unknown

Kid 1 (Jack): Not dangerous – slavers may take her

Kid 2 (Ali): Not dangerous – expendable

Kid 3 (Blake): Possibly dangerous, Riddick's kid – labs will take him

Kid 4 (Jasmine): Not dangerous – slavers may take her, labs will take her

Toombs also knew that Zeke and Shazza were in the house but he wrote them off, mainly because he doubted the duo was still alive. After all, his finding them is their fault. Growing impatient with the progress concerning the battering ram, Toombs ordered two of his men to start shooting at the area before they ran the ram. While they continued that avenue, Toombs walked around the area trying to find any indicators of where the doors were. He was on the far side from his team when he encountered a strange animal. It was blue with two curved extensions coming from its sides that looked like wings and two horns on its head. The thing was staring him down. Unsure of the animal's temperament, Toombs started backing away but kept the thing in his sights. Just as he got close to the edge of the building, the animal huffed and started to charge him. Toombs let out a burst of fire before he dived to the side only to narrowly miss another of the animals. Quickly he spun around and tried to keep on his feet. The animal that he shot at was bleeding purplish blood but was unfortunately still standing while the new one was staring him down. 'Shit, what are these things? The woman didn't say anything about strange creatures' Toombs thought as he readied himself again.

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Riddick returned to the kitchen to inform the family of what was happening only to run into them all in the hallway. He realized they were going further into the house and away from the doors; better to pick them off firmly in our territory then be caught just within it. Turning on his heel, he led the way further into the house until they came upon the master bedroom. It was the most central room, but it also had a tunnel that led to an area deep in the forest. Ensuring that everyone was present, Riddick closed the door and opened up a panel on the wall next to the door; entering his code, he heard the mechanics whirring that signaled that a false wall had lowered in front of the door. Facing his family, Riddick took a deep breath before he revealed how the mercs found them.

"Shazza set us up," Riddick said simply. He waited for the curses and threats to die down before he continued, "was gonna get a fifth of my bounty if she led them to us, probably had a tracking device on her."

"Now we're just sitting ducks, we have no way off world for at least a month and it's just a matter of time until they get in here," Alex said morosely. Harry held Adam to him tighter and looked to Riddick for some sort of plan; anything at this point.

"We take their ship," Riddick said gruffly and grinned. Logan had a matching grin on his face at the announcement. "This bastard came to our house with a four man crew at that; it's fuckin' insultin'; so we use his ship to get off world and take his crew out while we're at it. Adam tap into the animals around the house, set them on the mercs. Harry, Jasmine, tap into the plants and if you can kill a couple of the fuckers; and if they get in here, it will be the last thing they do."