Jade West hid up high in a tree as she watched a tan girl carry several grocery bags into a dark house. The tan girl's hair was pulled back into a ponytail, she wore glasses, and no make up.

'Yet she still won't leave my mind.' Jade thought. The tan girl dropped her keys, and slowly bent down to pick them up, causing the contents of the grocery bags to spill all over the porch. Jade chuckled softly, before jumping down from her hiding spot and making her way over to the girl within seconds.

"Need some help?" Jade offered bending down and picking up the dropped food. The tan girl jumped, clutching her chest.

"You scared me." The girl whispered.

"I tend to have that affect on people." Jade said smirking, revealing her teeth. Her canines longer than a normal human's. Once the tan girl finally got the door open she led Jade into the kitchen.

"Thanks, for the help. My name is Tori." Tori said offering her hand to Jade. Jade did a sort of curtsy as she took Tori's hand placing a soft kiss to it.

"Jadelyn West. And it's no problem." Jade said letting Tori's hand go. Tori stared at Jade for a little bit, slightly creeped out by the raven haired girl.

"Um yeah, did you want to stay for dinner?" Tori asked trying to ease out of her awkward situation.

"Inviting a girl, you barely know to stay for dinner? I admire that." Jade answered. Tori stared at her for a minute.

"So is that a yes or..." Tori said confused.

"Yes." Jade answered. Tori smiled.

"Cool, can you flip that light which on?" Tori asked pointing to the light switch behind Jade. Jade did as she was asked.

"It's not turning on." Jade said as she flipped the switch on and off a couple times. Tori groaned.

"Okay, you just uh, stay here and I'll be right back." Tori suggested grabbing a flashlight off the top of the fridge. Tori disappeared down into the basement. She reached the flat surface of the ground and shone her flashlight around looking for the power switches. A loud, eerie noise sounded from behind her, causing Tori to jump.

"Jade?" She called, the fear in her voice easily heard. She got no response. Tori turned back around and faced the power switch flipping it back on. Once she did that the lights in the house all turned on.

As Tori started to head back up the stairs to return to her 'guest', a skull like thing popped out of nowhere causing Tori shriek in fright. She hit the thing with her flashlight causing it to stumble backwards.

"What's your problem?!" A boy demanded taking off the skull mask and standing to his feet.

"Hunter! I told you not to do that!" Tori scolded. Hunter shrugged.

"Hey, whose that girl in the kitchen?" Hunter asked.

"She's a...friend." Tori explained, walking up the stairs with her brother.

"C'mon, we have to make dinner." Tori said, once they reached the kitchen again. Tori playfully glared at Jade.

"Why didn't you tell me, he was going to scare me?" Tori said lightly hitting Jade on her shoulder. Jade smirked.

"Because your terrified scream was music to my ears." Jade answered. Tori stared at the darkly dressed girl, uncomfortably.

"So, Jade is it? Can you get me a soda out of the fridge?" Hunter asked with puppy dog eyes.

"Do I look like your servant? Get it yourself." Jade said crossing her arms over her chest, and leaning against the kitchen's door frame. Tori stifled a giggle as Hunter's jaw almost hit the floor.

"Uh, never mind I'm not thirsty anymore." Hunter said nervously.

"Hunter, why don't you take Jade to the dinning room, while I make dinner?" Tori suggested. Hunter opened his mouth to protest but Jade cut him off.

"Actually, I wouldn't mind helping you." Jade said her blue/green eyes flashed red, before changing back to their normal color. Tori thought she was seeing things for a minute.

"Yeah sure!" Tori said excitedly. Jade smirked, showing off her teeth again. Hunter's eyes widened upon seeing the goth girl's teeth.

"How about I help you?" Hunter suggested.

"No, I think we can handle it." Tori said.

"But I-"

"Hunter, go." Tori said through gritted teeth.

"See you at the table Hunter." Jade said triumphantly, as Hunter past her. The boy glared at the ground, he sat at the dinning table with his laptop. Jade turned her attention back to Tori, who was currently stirring something in a pot on the stove. Once it started boiling Tori turned her back to it and faced Jade with a smile on her face. Before Tori could blink, Jade was in front of her just inches from her face.

"How did you..." Tori started but trailed off as Jade kissed her cheek. Tori froze, at the foreign contact.

"Jade, what are you-"

"Shhh, no talking." Jade whispered, her lips grazing Tori's ear, sending shivers up Tori's spine. Jade moved her lips from Tori's ear to her mouth in one swift motion. Tori tensed up, slightly before closing her eyes and relaxing into the kiss. She ran her hands through Jade's hair, as Jade slipped her tongue into Tori's mouth. Their tongue's fought for dominance, but Jade quickly won. It wasn't until she felt a sharp bite on her tongue, that Tori quickly realized the situation. She roughly pushed Jade back, though it didn't affect Jade as much as it should have Jade backed off.

"What the hell?!" Tori exclaimed. Jade cocked head to the side.

"What's wrong? Weren't you enjoying the kiss?" Jade asked.

"I-I, that's not the point! Why did you kiss me?" Tori demanded her voice lower than before, trying not to alert her brother.

"Because I like you, and by the way you kissed me back, I'd say you like me too." Jade said smirking.

"I don't even know you!" Tori said defending herself. Jade shrugged.

"So?" Jade said casually.

"So?! That's weird! You can't just kiss people you've just met." Tori scolded.

"I think you need to leave." Tori said. Jade chuckled.

"See you around, Vega." Jade said, placing one last kiss to Tori's lips, which Tori jerked away from. Jade laughed as she exited through the back door.

'That was so...weird!' Tori thought to herself. The pot was starting to boil over, and Tori cursed under her breath as she rushed over to it.

(Later that same night.)

Tori lay sound asleep in her room, on her bed. Jade snuck in through open window and watched the girl as she slept.

'Now that I've had a taste of you, I have to have more.' Jade thought to herself as she ran her hand lightly across Tori's cheek, careful not to wake the sleeping human. Jade ran her tongue along her fangs, with smirk on her face.

'You are my new prey, Tori Vega.' Jade thought


The Horror Of Our Love by Ludo
The Kill by 30 Seconds To Mars
Bring Me To Life by Evanessence
Going Under by Evanessence
Monster by Skillet
Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace
I Hate Everything About You By Three Days Grace
Vampire Kiss by Nightcore
The Night by Disturbed
Disengage by Suicide Silence
Sweet Dreams by Marilyn Manson
Echo by Jason Walker