"What's she doing here?" Tori asked nodding her head in Madame Varcolac's direction.

"It's okay, I'm cool." Madame Varcolac said walking up to Drgomir's gravestone.

"It's true, she is. Uncle Dragomir was the Wolfsberg beast!" Hunter said to Tori excitedly.

"Yeah, I kinda figured that." Tori said.

"Vhere is vriting?" Madame Varcolac asked.

"Right there." Tori said pointing to the top of the headstone.

"Vhere?" Madame Varcolac asked searching the headstone and finding nothing.

"Right there." Hunter said pointing to the same spot as Tori.

"You vill have to read, left glasses at castle.

"A Inversa Blestemul." Hunter began.

"To reverse the curse. Vhat are ingredients?" Madame Varcolac asked taking out pen and paper.

"Vampire herz," Tori said.

"Wampire heart..." Madame Varcolac repeated in English, writing it down on the paper.

"aconita." Tori said.

"Volfsbane." Madame Varcolac repeated in English, also writing that down. She suddenly got a chill and pulled her trench coat, tighter around her.

"What's wrong?" Tori asked. Madame Varcolac moved closer to Hunter and Tori.

"They are coming." Madame Varcolac whispered.

"They? Whose they?" Tori asked.

"Wampires." Madame Varcolac said.

"Wampires?" Hunter asked confused.

"Wampires." Madame Varcolac repeated.

"Wampires?" Tori asked.

Wampires!" Madame Varcolac said firmly.

"Vampires." Hunter said finally understanding.

"Is it Jade?!" Tori asked hopefully.

"I don't think so." Madame Varcolac said shaking her head. Tori let out a disappointed sigh, she missed her vampire.

"They are pure evil. There was time, when they rose to power. They were close to ruling the earth, it was darkest time in our history. Your uncle Dragomir and werewolves like him were called upon to deliver all beings from this darkness." Madame Varcolac said.

"Jade said that uncle Dragomir killed her parents, does that mean that they were bad?" Hunter asked.

"I thought I knew that girl from somewhere. Jade or Jadelyn West, the daughter of Walter and Nancy West. The Wests were the most powerful and destructive of the vampires. The Von Eckbergs came in second. Dragomir had trouble killing the West parents. He never found the West daughter, though." Madame Varcolac explained.

"Jade? I mean yeah sure she's pretty dark and a little scary, but she doesn't seem like she'd be all that destructive." Tori said defending her vampire 'lover'.

"She once wiped out half of a town. They're bodies didn't have any blood left in them. I'm surprised her eyes don't stay red." Madame Varcolac said. Tori gritted her teeth as she glared at Madame Varcolac.

"So werewolves are good?" Hunter asked.

"Of course they are. One thousand years ago fierce battle was fought, where area by lake in woods is. Vampires and werewolves fought to death, thousands on each side were lost. But werewolves prevailed. This become sacred land. The werewolves become great protectors. But now Dragomir is gone, and no bloodline werewolf, the vampires will try again to gain control." Madame Varcolac said.

"Do you think that's where Jade is? Planning to take control with the other vampires?" Hunter asked Tori. Tori shook her head.

"No, no. Jade wouldn't do that." Tori said.

"But I mean she could, we don't really know her that well-"

"Jade isn't evil!" Tori snapped her eyes turning blue. Hunter nodded quickly. Tori's eyes returned to normal.

"Let us go finish list." Madame Varcolac said leading them out of the cemetery.

"You and Jade did it on sacred ground." Hunter whispered to Tori elbowing her in the ribs lightly.

"Shut up!" Tori said blushing darkly.

(Later that night)

Tori and Hunter walked quickly through town looking for a taxi.

"Hunter we have to hurry the full moon is almost up!" Tori said.

"I know, I know!" Hunter said looking around frantically.

"Where are we gonna find a cab?" Tori asked sweating bullets.

"I don't know we just have to keep looking." Hunter said. They walked faster only to run into Paulina. She had a bright smile on her face.

"What have got to stop running into each other like this!" Paulina said chuckling.

"This is crazy! What are you kids doing?" Paulina asked with a bright smile on her face.

"We're trying to get to Wolfsberg manor." Tori answered quickly.

"How lucky are we? I'm actually on my way to pick up your father right now. You kids want a ride?" Paulina asked.

"Yeah!" Tori answered quickly. Paulina smiled as she lead them to her car.

(In Paulina's car)

"Wolfsberg, is just so beautiful when the sun goes down." Paulina said to Hunter and Tori as she drove down the dirt road. Lucky for Tori, the moon wasn't up yet.

"Can you please drive a little faster?" Tori asked gripping tightly onto the passengers seat.

"No can do sugar plumb! I've got to obey the traffic laws. Anyway I'm more of a night owl, guilty! How bout you all?" Paulina asked.

"I'm not but she is." Hunter said nodding in Tori's direction. Paulina glanced over at Tori, who was anxiously shaking her leg.

"You okay, over there, hun bun?" Paulina asked.

"I...I'm fine." Tori said nervously.

"You know Tori, I've noticed a change in you, since you got to our sleepy little town. I don't know it's like you've found some sort of inner strength or something. Which I think is so completely fabulous, gosh knows I'm all about that girl power." Paulina said her eyes on the road. Tori swallowed and looked out her window. Paulina pulled over.

"What's going on?" Hunter asked.

"Oh, sweetie. I don't know it just died." Paulina said pinching the bridge of her nose.

"It's okay, I'm just gonna jiggle the little doohickey and we'll be on our way!" Paulina said clapping her hands together, and getting out of the car. Paulina lifted the hood.

"I don't think we have that much longer." Tori said looking at Hunter worriedly.

"We'll be okay. See? It's still kind of light out." Hunter said. The sun was already setting, the was sort of pink. A shadow moved across the car.

"What was that?" Hunter asked looking around. Three more did the same. Hunter and Tori unbuckled their seat belts quickly and got out of the car. Three vampires stood behind Paulina. Paulina closed the hood of the car.

"Uh, Paulina not to freak you out or anything but there is like a bunch of vampires right behind you!" Hunter said. The blonde male vampire with the Mohawk appeared behind Tori and Hunter. Paulina giggled.

"Oh sweetie, of course there are!" Paulina hissed her eyes turning red and her fangs growing. The vampire with the Mohawk grabbed Hunter. Another vampire; the taxi driver, walked up to Paulina.

"You're late! I've got dinner plans!" Paulina snarled.

"Get these two, outta here! I'll deal with them once Wolfsberg manor is ours." Paulina said chuckling darkly.

"You're never gonna get the castle Paulina!" Hunter yelled.

"You're never gonna get the Castle Paulina!" Paulina mocked in a baby voice. She chuckled.

"Oh it's funny, your uncle Dragomir said the same thing right before I kill- well you know." Paulina said, the vampires behind her chuckled.

"Tootles!" Paulina said snapping her fingers before she got into her car. The other vampires closed in on Tori and Hunter.

(In the Taxi's trunk)

"What are we gonna do?" Hunter asked.

"When they open the trunk you've got to make a run for it." Tori said.

"What about you? I can't just leave you here." Hunter said.

"Don't worry about me I can handle myself! Just find dad and warn him." Tori said. Hunter looked uncertain.

"It'll be okay, little brother, I promise." Tori said. The trunk opened, and moonlight hit Tori. Her skin began to burn, and she shook violently. She quickly hoped out of the trunk.

"MY SKIN IS ON FIRE!" She screamed in agony, drawing all of the vampires's attention to her. While they were all distracted Hunter jumped out of the trunk and ran off towards the woods. Tori's back arched, the spine breaking with a loud crack. She dropped to the ground on her knees pulling her shirt off, revealing the new spine as it grew and curved more. Two vampires quickly picked her up taking her inside their little dungeon room. They chained Tori up on the wall next to Jade, by her neck leaving her arms free.

"...Jade?" Tori asked panting.

"Vega..." Came the vampire's weak and raspy response. She looked dead. Her skin was paler than usual, her lips were dry, chapped, and lacking color, she had dark circles under her eyes. Tori's eyes wandered Jade's body, widening as they landed on all the red scratches and wounds on her arms and torso. Tori shrieked as her ribs broke, and reconfigured. Her stomach tightened as it and her chest expanded breaking her bra, sending it in pieces to the ground. One of the vampires moved closer to Tori, earning as much of a growl as Jade's dry throat could muster.

"Hey look, she has vampire bite marks." The vampire said to the others. They all quickly crowded around Tori. One's eyes flickered to Jade, narrowing as they landed on Jade's wolf-like bite marks.

"Looks like we got, lovers." He said motioning to Jade. He pulled her head to the side exposing her bite marks. Another one shook his head.

"Consorting, with werewolves? That's a big vampire no-no." He said, smirking at Jade. Several vampires flew backwards as Tori kicked her legs out, screaming. The muscles on her legs thickened, and her legs bones broke. Her thighs shifting outwards as her shins shifted inwards. Her shoulders dislocated and expanded broadening with thick new muscle. Knife like claws ripped through her finger tips in a bloody mess as her fingers also grew longer. Tori's wales of agony never ceasing and her body drenched in sweat. She scraped her claws across her stomach tearing the still burning skin off, revealing the thick brown fur. Her clawed, padded, wolf-feet broke through her sandals as they lengthened. Her human ears shrinking into her skull as short, pointy wolf ears grew on top of her head. She began clawing at the rest of the skin on her muscular chest, removing it so that a thick layer of fur could take its place. The lower half of her face thrusted forward forming into a wolf muzzle connecting at her now wet, wolf nose. The razor sharp teeth returning. Her screaming cutting off, replaced by growls. Her throbbed as it broke and reconfigured into a large, wolf-like head. She opened her now blue, predatory, eyes. Tori shook the hanging, remaining skin off and out of her fur, it landing either on Jade; who was too weak to care, or the floor. With the painful transformation done, the vampires backed away from the hulking werewolf. Tori growled and snarled at them as they went. Her head snapped in Jade 's direction as Jade weakly attempted to get out of her restraints, it was to no avail. Tori growled slightly at the weak vampire. Her muzzle spilling saliva all over Jade's shoulder, as she snarled at the vampire. Jade merely turned her head from Tori, squeezing her eyes shut and waiting to be brutally mauled by the werewolf. Tori's blue eyes landed on Jade's wolf-like bite marks, memories flashing through her head of how the vampire got them. Tori whimpered, then ran her long, wet, tongue across Jade's wounds on her stomach and arms. Jade winced slightly at the contact, then opened her blue-green eyes. She examined her healed pale skin, then looked at the werewolf chained up beside. Tori licked Jade's cheek, then rested her hairy chin on Jade's shoulder, huffed, and stared at the vampire's still weak face. Tori looked at Jade with sad, blue eyes.

"It'll...be...okay...Vega..." Jade rasped, though she had a hard time believing her own words.

"No talking!" The blonde vampire with the Mohawk and the whip said as he lashed Jade. Jade screamed as the Vervain hit her pale skin, leaving a smoking red mark behind. Tori snarled at the male vampire, swiping at him with her 4 inch long claws. He just laughed.

"What's the matter, puppy? Don't like it when I hit your lover?" He taunted. Tori snarled.

"That's alright, I've got a special whip for you." Mohawk Vampire said; going away from the vampire and werewolf who were chained up, he set the Vervain whip on the table, and started to lace a different whip with Wolfsbane. He returned; standing in front of Tori's hulking werewolf form.

"Don't...touch...her!" Jade hissed weakly. Mohawk vampire rolled his eyes at Jade, before turning his attention back to Tori. He flashed an evil fanged smirk at her, she snarled and swiped at him in response, knocking the whip out of his now bloody hand. Mohawk Vampire hissed in pain at the large scratches on his hand. Tori through her head back and let out a triumphant howl. Paulina walked through the door on the other side of the room.

"Can't you idiots, do anything right?" She snapped at the vampires who were just staring at Jade and Tori.

"Well we found out were Jadelyn, got those bite marks from. They're from the werewolf." One of the vampires said, gesturing to Tori. Tori snarled in response. Paulina raised an eyebrow as she went examine the vampire and werewolf. She looked at Tori's shoulder and saw faint vampire teeth marks. She turned her attention to Jade.

"Tsk, tsk, Jadelyn. How are we going to trust your loyalty if you're running around gettin' busy with werewolves?" Paulina asked. Jade hissed at her.

"You...don't...have...to...trust..my...loyalty! I'm...never...going...to...join...your...dumb...cl an!" Jade rasped.

"It's cause' of the werewolf isn't it? Welp, she won't be around for much longer, then that should make your decision easier!" Paulina said whirling around and going to little gun station.

"Silver bullets aren't that hard to make!" She called as she set to work making one.

(With Hunter and David)

The two jumped when they heard, a loud, frightening howl echo through the dark basement they were currently walking through.

"What was that?!" David asked his son frightened.

"Tori!" Hunter said running in the direction of the howl. They stopped just behind a wall. They peered around the corner of it to see a large, brown, monstrous, creature chained to the stone wall with a shackle around its neck. It's head was on a pale shoulder. And a extremely pale girl who was chained up by her wrists, her feet dangling below her, she wasn't wearing much, just a sports bra (which her boobs fit very snugly in) and a pair of dirty quickly recognized the two as Tori and Jade.

"What's that?" David asked referring to the monster he was seeing.

"Your daughter." Hunter said.

"We have to get her back to the castle and we have to get a vampire heart or she's gonna be like that forever." Hunter whispered.

"Oh my..." David said.

"This just never gets old!" Paulina said blowing on the gun. Jade hit her head against the wall, tears streaming down her face.

"I'm...sorry...Tori." Jade whispered her voice raspy. Tori's ear pricked and her eyes fixed on Jade.

"I...I'm...not...strong...enough...to...get...you. ..out...of...here." Jade rasped. Tori looked at the pale vampire sadly for a minute. She took her claw and drug it across her furry hand, breaking the skin drawing blood.

"W-What...are...you...doing?! There's...vampires...everywhere! Your...blood...It's...too-" Jade was cut off as Tori held her bleeding hand over Jade's mouth, letting the blood drip onto the pale vampire's colorless lips. Jade's eyes widened and shook her head.

"Tori...no...I...could...kill...you." Jade's muffled voice said. Tori growled in response urging the vampire to drink from her. Jade hesitated, before opening her mouth and letting the warm blood fall into it. She moaned softly as the blood trickled down her dry throat. Jade's fangs sunk into Tori's hand; making Tori whimper slightly, Jade began to hungrily suck the blood from Tori, her red eyes now opening, her features started to restore, skin returning to its normal pale shade, her lips started to get back to their normal color, the dark circles under her eyes disappeared, regaining her strength she quickly pulled mouth away from Tori's hand, a small trail of blood, oozing out of the corner of Jade's mouth. The open wound on Tori's hand closed up. Jade looked at the werewolf beside her, giving her a thankful smile.

"Thank you." Jade whispered. Tori responded by pressing her wet nose on Jade's shoulder. Two vampires hit Hunter and David on the back of their heads with shovels, knocking the two humans unconscious. They drug the two into the dungeon like room and chained them up by their wrists; David on the opposite wall of Jade and Tori, and Hunter on the far wall where the moon light shine down on him if it weren't behind the clouds. Paulina blew a blow horn in David's face waking the man up immediately.

"Oh, cool! You're awake." Paulina said to David smiling. Tori growled and yanked against her restraints to no avail, these chains were stronger than the ones Jade had gotten her. David blinked his eyes a few times to focus his gaze. Tori growled and snarled ferociously at Paulina. Paulina turned around with a scowl on her face.

"Give it a rest, already!" Paulina said in a dark commanding tone. Jade hissed at Paulina; baring her fangs and jumping forward against her shackles. Tori swiped at Paulina; her long, razor sharp, claws leaving three long, nasty scratches on the vampire's face. The wounds healed quickly, and Paulina walked away from the werewolf.

"Sorry about your girlfriend, dad." Hunter said. David shook his head.

"That's okay, I'm the one who should be apologizing to both of you," David said nodding his head toward Tori too.

"Hunter I'm so sorry I didn't believe you. Tori," David said looking at his son then to Tori.

"This never should have happened to you, honey. Your mother would have handled this so much better, but I'm not your mother." He continued.

"No one is, but you're our dad." Hunter said shaking his head. David looked from Hunter, to Tori, then to Jade a little surprised to see her, there.

"Oh, hi uh Jade." He said. Jade gave him a small smile in acknowledgement.

"So, you're a vampire?" David asked. Jade grinned showing off her fangs.

"Yeah, but I'm one of the good ones." Jade said. David nodded.

"I'm guessing Paulina isn't your mother." He said Jade shook her head.

"Hello! Paging Dr. Phil!" Paulina said as she mocked gagging, putting a finger in her mouth. She walked over to Hunter.

"Paulina! Their just children, let them go!" David pleaded. Paulina laughed, as she whirled around and stood in front of David.

"Oh, you do know Jadelyn over there is about 2,000 years old, right? And yeah, unfortunately that's not gonna work. You see, I've been waiting three hundred years to get that castle and all the land that comes with it. And I'm not gonna let some teenaged, test tube werewolf ruin it for me." Paulina said. Hunter groaned as moonlight shone down on him. He opened his eyes; the moon reflecting in them. His eyes turned yellow, and predatory, as he rose up onto his toes, as his feet stretched. His legs thickened with muscle, ripping through his jeans. Everyone's attention snapped in Hunter's direction. Hunter's ribs broke and his organs started to shift. He screamed as his chest tightened and expanded three times their normal size, with sickening, bone crushing, sounds.

"Let me guess he just turned 14." Paulina said dryly. David nodded.

"Yeah, just a week ago." David as he stared in awe at his son; going through this painful transformation.

"Better put him outta his misery." Paulina said holding her gun up.

"Like hell, you are!" Jade hissed as she kicked the other vampire; sending her crashing against the opposite wall next David. Jade broke free of her restraints and grabbed Paulina by her throat, raising her up off the ground, baring her fangs at the other vampire. Hunter's shoulders dislocated and expanded growing thick muscles as did his arms. He used the claws on his toes to claw the itchy skin off his legs, revealing a thick layer of dark gray fur. The restrains on his wrists broke as his wrists grew twice their normal size. His fingers grew longer, growing 4 inch sharp claws, pushing his normal fingernails out, bleeding. He closed his eyes and let out another agonized wail as his lower face thrusted forward slowly, with a large sick grinding sound. His screams cutting off and turning into deep grunts and growls. He used his clawed hands to tear the skin off of his chest and stomach releasing the thick, gray fur. He then brought his claws up to his hair and pulling it out as his human ears shrunk into his skull and growing back at the top of his as wolf ears. His skull painfully morphed into a wolf's skull. he used his clawed hands to wipe the remaining skin off his arms. Hunter growled as two vampires grabbed Jade making her drop Paulina. Tori snarled and yanked desperately against her chains to try and help her lover, but to no avail. She whimpered in defeat.

"What do you want us to do with her?" One of the vampires asked Paulina.

"Hold her!" Paulina said irritation in her voice as turned back to Hunter who was now towering over her snarling, saliva dripped from his open muzzle showing off his sparkling, white, razor sharp, teeth.

"Back off!" Paulina hissed backing away from him. Tori lunged forward snapping her jaws at Paulina. Paulina quickly jumped out of the way and up into the other room.

"You know what? I'm gonna bounce." Paulina said as she jumped up through an opening in the roof. Hunter turned to the two vampires that held onto Jade; snarling at them.

"N-Nice doggy." One of them said as the two began to back up taking Jade with them.

"Stay." The other one said. Hunter growled and lunged for them. They quickly dropped Jade as they tried to run away. But Hunter was faster and tackled both of them to the ground, digging into their flesh and eating it, along with their hearts. (The only way for a werewolf to successfully kill a vampire, is by eating their heart. At least in this story anyway :3) Jade quickly got to her feet, rushed to Tori. She quickly tore off the werewolf's restraints, she then took the neck shackle off of Tori's neck. Hunter returned to them his muzzle stained with blood. Hunter tore off his father's shackles; growling.

"Hunter. Go kick some vampire butt. I'll get Tori home to Madame Varcolac." David said.

"What about me?" Jade asked, her red eyes shinning with anticipation.

"Go with Hunter and keep him safe." David said.

"Go,go,go,go,go!" David said as he led Tori to the exit. Jade smirked at Hunter; showing off her fangs.

"Ready, to kick some evil vampire ass?" She asked. He howled in response. Jade grinned.

"Thought you'd agree." She said, with that they took off running in Paulina's direction.

(In the cemetery)

Hunter sniffed around, trying to catch Paulina's scent while Jade followed him on high alert in case the other vampire tried to pop out of somewhere. Paulina flew down; silver stake in hand, aiming for Hunter.

"Hunter look out!" Jade said pushing the huge werewolf out of the way. The stake drove into Jade's abdomen right under her right breast; not quite piercing her heart, put wounding her severely. Jade lay on the ground, motionless and in pain, her red, dulling, eyes fluttering as they closed. Hunter snarled at Paulina, and charged at her, knocking her through several tombstones. Paulina hissed at the werewolf from down on the ground. Hunter growled at her. A male vampire, knocked Hunter to the ground away from Paulina. Soon he was surrounded by vampires.

"You've been a very bad dog." Paulina said with an evil smirk.

"Get Jadelyn, and the dog, then follow me." Paulina commanded turning on her heel and walking out of the cemetery. Mohawk Vampire went over and picked Jade's limp body up, carrying her back to the others. Hunter growled at him. Two vampires grabbed the huge werewolf, tightly, then as a group followed Paulina out of the cemetery, and into a bell tower. Mohawk Vampire set Jade's body down in front of Hunter as they chained him up; the stake still firmly placed in her abdomen. One of the Vampires reached down to pull it out.

"Don't! That's keeping her down!" Paulina hissed, before turning her attention back to Hunter.

"Hey, pumpkin. Mama's got a little treat for you." Paulina said with a twisted smile on her face. Hunter howled; calling Tori for back up.

(With David and Tori)

Tori's ears pricked as she heard Hunter's howl. She through her head back and howled back, running on all fours to the bell tower. She busted through the old doors, dust flying everywhere.

"Great, the whole litter's here!" Paulina grumbled sarcastically. She scowled at two of her vampire henchmen.

"Get her!" She commanded. They quickly jumped down blocking Tori's way and hissed at her, baring their fangs. Tori roared, and swiped her claws across their throats, they immediately fell to the floor. She quickly tore their hearts out then are them. Tori quickly climbed up to where Hunter, Paulina, and Jade were. Tori's eyes shifted from Hunter to Paulina, then finally landing on Jade's limp form. Her body seemed lifeless. Tori whimpered at the sight.

"What's the matter boo-bear? Sad that I killed your little girlfriend?" Paulina taunted cocking her head to the side. Tori turned head back to Paulina snarling. Paulina looked at Tori surprised, as if she hadn't been expecting the werewolf to react that way. Tori charged at Paulina; knocking the vampire to the ground. Tori thrashed and clawed at Paulina until only bloody shreds remained, she then finished the kill by eating the vampire's cold heart. Tori turned her attention to the remaining vampires; snarling and growling at them. The vampires retreated without a second thought. Hunter got out of his restraints and went to his sister's side. Tori whimpered as she slowly approached Jade's body. She nudged the vampire's face with her muzzle, then ran her tongue along Jade's pale, cold, cheek, in hopes to awaken the vampire. Tori looked at her brother sadly, and desperately. Hunter just fixed his yellow eyes on the floor. Tori picked up Jade's body, a sad howl echoed through the bell tower, dying down to Tori's sad sobbing. Her fur fell off of her, her transformation back to being a human again painless, as the sun started to come up. Tori held Jade's body close to her, but hissed as the silver stake touched her bare skin. Tori carried Jade; bridal style, out of the bell tower. Hunter quickly caught up to his sister.

"Uh, Tori? Where are we going? You do know we're still nude right?" Hunter asked. Tori ignored him, she had a blank look on her face as she continued to walk in the direction of the castle.

"We're bringing Jade to the castle? Oh! Are we going to use her heart to cure you?" Hunter asked. Tori stopped dead in her tracks. Hunter stopped with her and looked at his older sister confused.

"I'd rather die, than use Jade's heart just to cure myself!" Tori yelled, her eyes turning blue. Hunter shyly nodded.

(At Dragomir's castle)

Tori gently set Jade's body on the kitchen table.

"Vhat is this?" Madame Varcolac demanded gesturing to Jade's body on her kitchen table as she handed Tori some clothes. Tori got dressed; her eyes never leaving Jade's body.

"Sorry, I couldn't just leave her, there." Tori whispered. Madame Varcolac rolled her eyes and pulled the stake out of Jade. Jade took a huge breath, and cough, her body shook slightly from not moving for so long. The wound in her abdomen immediately closed.

"Hunter!" Jade said sitting up quickly.

"He's fine, you saved him." Tori whispered; regaining from her shock and wrapping her arms around Jade. Jade chuckled and returned Tori's embrace. Tori pulled back from Jade to look her in the eyes.

"I think I love you." Tori whispered. Jade groaned.

"It literally kills me that you're so cheesy." Jade said. Tori playfully hit Jade's shoulder; giggling. Jade chuckled.

"I love you too." Jade said, before captured Tori's lid in a passionate kiss. Madame Varcolac cleared her throat, making Tori jump away from Jade; blushing darkly. Jade just crossed her arms and smirked at Madame Varcolac.

"Vhy, are still here?" Madame Varcolac demanded.

"Because vhere Tori goes I go." Jade said mocking Madame Varcolac's accent.

"Wampires." Madame Varcolac muttered under her breath, as she rolled her eyes.

(Later in the meeting with the executive)

Jade leaned against the wall, one foot against it, and her arms crossed over her chest. She stared at the man intently.

"Vhy did you bring your wampire?" Madame Varcolac whispered to Tori.

"Jade is fine, she won't do anything." Tori assured her.

"I don't trust her she is a Vest." Madame Varcolac whispered sitting straight in her seat.

"My last name is West." Jade said dryly as she looked boredly at her black, painted nails.

"With your signature Wolfsberg manor with officially be passed to the Vega family. The will also states that it will be a home and a sanctuary for Madame Varcolac." The executive said putting the contract in front of David to sign. He did so quickly.

"What's this?" David asked as the executive handed him a check.

"That's the remainder of your uncle's estate." The executive answered.

"Holy shitballs, that's a lotta cash!" Jade said leaning over Tori's shoulder to look at the check in David's hand. She received a few glares from the people in the room.

"What? It is." Jade said shrugging and sitting in Tori's lap.

"I did not see this coming." David said breathlessly as he looked at the check.

"I told you, dad! We're rich!" Hunter said excitedly.

"So does this mean we get to keep the house?" Tori asked peeking over Jade's shoulder.

"This means we get to keep them both." David said.

"If there's nothing else, I'm closing early for Moonlight Mania. And I hope to see you there!" The executive said excitedly.

"Oh! Uh, just out of curiosity where did Dragomir get all this money?" David asked.

"He invented Karaoke." The executive answered leaving the room.

(With Tori and Hunter and also the town's people)

"Behold the great protector...er, protectors!" The announcer said pointing to where Tori and Hunter were on a cliff, with the full moon behind them. They let out fearsome howls, that made Jade; who was keeping an eye on them close by in a pine, cringe a little.

"My kids the great protectors, huh." David said to Madame Varcolac as they watched the two hulking werewolves howl from where they stood with the cheering town's people.

"Is their destiny." Madame Varcolac replied.

(With Tori and Jade at their school)

The bell rang, as Tori stepped into the cafeteria in a short, tight, blue dress, her arm locked with Jade's as the vampire and werewolf walked to Tori's lunch table.

"Dude! Is that your sister?" One of Hunter's friends asked. Hunter turned his head to look at the girl his friend was talking about. He smiled in response.

"Whose that hot girl, she's with?" The second one asked. Hunter turned his attention back to his friends.

"You don't remember her? That's Tori's girlfriend; Jadelyn West." Hunter said with a slight smirk on his face.

"Oh, she's that vampire that almost made me pee my pants on the video chat." The second one replied. Hunter just shook his head and laughed.

"I'll be right back with your food." Jade said to Tori as the werewolf sat down at their table. Jade headed for the cafeteria line.

"Hey Tori! What up with the goth chick?" One of her friends asked.

"She's my girlfriend." Tori beamed. Her friend nodded, happy for Tori.

Weird way to end a story I know. I fail at life! DX

The scene where Jade is dinking Tori's blood would have been a could part to start listening to Vampire Kiss by Nightcore.

And Hunter's transformation scene would also have been a good part to start listening to The Night by Disturbed.

Anywhore I hope you guys and girls enjoyed the story, and If you haven't read Just So You Know, it would be much appreciated if you read although you don't have to. I like reviews and I lurve you! :3 byeeee