Rough palms slid up sleek thighs, parting them easily. But she was the one in control, her mouth on his, teasing and nipping as her fingers speared through his hair and held him close.

"I'm about to lose it, Bones," he admitted with a panting breath. Unable to resist, he thrust against her, and she was so fucking hot and wet that he cursed, squeezing her legs tighter than normal.

Brennan gripped his wrists in her hands and then moved, shifting their weight easily until he was flat on his back, and she was above him. She leaned down, brushing the hard-sucked tips of her breasts against his chest as she lightly rode the underside of his cock in slow, tantalizing rotations.

Booth yanked his hands away and fisted the sheets beneath him, arching his back to increase the friction. "Please," he begged before reaching between them and fisting his dick in one hand. With the other hand, he caressed her, starting at her neck before lightly sweeping down her chest and belly. He slipped two fingers against her folds, groaning against her mouth. She was riding his knuckles now, and he thought he would die from just that sensation, let alone all of that pent up heat surrounding him.

"Now," she relented, and he nearly whimpered as he lifted her up high enough to center his cock at her opening.

"Now," he repeated and gripped her hips in his hands as she sank down onto him all the way. No teasing, no more light touches.

His eyes narrowed as he watched her from beneath her, all long, pale limbs and gorgeous, sexy curves that made his hands itch and mouth water.

Her hands ended up on his stomach, and he felt the sweet sting of her nails in his skin and it set him off. He barely had time to press a thumb against her clit before he started coming, completely unraveling inside of her as she continued to thrust up and down on him.

She gasped and then froze before giving him the sexiest little mewling sound and clenching all around his pulsing dick.

He grunted when she collapsed onto him, and he managed to roll them over again until she was on her back and he was staring down at her, his chest heaving as he tried to catch his breath. Her eyes were closed for a moment, but when she opened them, she met his eyes. A slight bewilderment crossed her features, but then she gave him the smuggest, most satisfied smile he'd ever seen, and damn if he didn't start getting aroused by her again.

"Bones, you're so much trouble, you know that?"

She closed her eyes again, but the smile remained as she lifted her arms above her head and stretched in happiness. "The good kind, right?"

He chuckled and began kissing her, soft little touches along her neck. "You betcha."