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Now that that is settled, shall we begin? I hope you do enjoy it as much as I loved writing it.

The Devil and the Abhor - Chapter one

-Inside a room that seemed more like a dingy basement. The year was 1887, season being late Fall-

The scene showed a cage that measured about two feet in length and nearly two and a half feet in height and width. Passed out on the floor of the cage was a girl that barely looked the age of an adult; in honesty, she was just barely over the age of eighteen.

"Look at that. I hope she's as pure in body as looks, just look at that those long raven locks and that pale skin of hers. She's perfect, absolutely perfect for tonight's festivities." The voice who spoke such dark remarks was shrouded in a cloak, like all the others, his face being hidden behind a mask of some sort. "I agree. She will be glowing tonight, for sure."

In less than a handful of seconds, the girl's fingertips flinched, dragging themselves over whatever material she'd found herself lying upon. She stopped suddenly, her eyes flashing open once she realized what she felt was cool metal bars near her. She knew what she was inside of and it created a panic from within her mind.

What's going on?! Why am I in a cage?!

The girl frantically shifted her eyes when she noticed something move, finding it to be one of the cloaked figures coming closer to her rather terrified form. The figure, who revealed himself to be male, spoke as he came closer, "You certainly are a fortunate one. We've taken a great deal of time trying to find such a subject as you. You truly are a picture of perfection."

The frightened girl had no idea what this creep was talking about but she knew one thing, a woman being locked into a cage in a dark room filled with men was never a good thing. How did she even end up here? She didn't have time to worry about that. What were these guys planning on doing? Were they going to rape her? Were they going to 'play' with her, only to kill her in the end? The more she thought about what could happen, it only left her feeling an even greater amount of fear.

"Come, release her. We've only a few more minutes before our window of opportunity passes us by! This is a chance that only comes but once a year! Is everyone ready?" Another male spoke, this one wearing a different mask than all the others, making the female ponder on if he was the leader. And what did he mean 'release her'? Were they going to let her go? She doubted it; it was too easy. All of the men in the room shouted a stern, and rather rehearsed, "While the hour is here, we will take hold of it!"

She definitely did not like the sound of that…

She heard a distinct 'CLACK' sound, signaling that the padlock had been unlocked, of which she heard the door to her cage swing open with a rather long creaking noise; were the hinges on this cage that rusted? She wondered some of the most insane things when she was in a less-than stellar situation but the sound of the door opening made that fear within her definitely increase. What was coming next? In all truth, she was afraid to find out.

"Bring her over here. She needs to bear the mark before the ceremony can begin."

Bear the mark…?

Oh God, please tell me that does not mean what I think it does. Please, please, please... She pleaded in her mind, her eyes finding the answer in seconds. What she saw literally made her blood go cold.

Somebody…get me out of here, now!

She felt the two men holding her by her upper arms stop, forcing her to stop, too. But why did they stop? "She can't bear the mark with that stuff on her. Strip her."

She didn't know how but she felt time creep past her, her mind slowing it down to a painfully slow degree. She felt her clothes get ripped from her, leaving her in nearly nothing except her undergarments, but even those had been horribly tattered by the men's roughness.

Now she laid upon a cold, rough slab of rock. What was this thing she was on? Its shape looked familiar to her, almost bearing an altar-shape of some sort, or at least that was the first thing that came to her. She froze in an instant, her mind trying to make sense of everything.

A woman my age is kidnapped, placed in a cage in a room surrounded by men in cloaks and masks, candles lighting everything, they strip me of nearly all my clothing, and an object appearing to have a strong resemblance of an alter is here…they're not—Oh, God, I know where this is going. Please, please, let me be wrong.

She felt her wrists be restrained with chains, as well as her ankles, one of the men leaving for a brief moment, returning with a long piece of metal with the end forming a weird symbol, and much to this girl's dismay, the symbol at the end was glowing a bright orange color. The closer the male got to her, the more she tried to back away from him. Of course, the restraints didn't allow her to get more than about an inch and a half away. She felt the fear within her rise, the male getting into position, holding the glowing end of the metal prod only a foot away from her exposed skin. This was it. She had nowhere to run. In a final attempted to maybe ignore the pain that was near, she tightly shut her eyes. She knew this wouldn't stop the pain or even make it feel less painful but…she didn't know what else to do, honestly.

All she heard was silence, the footsteps of the male holding the brander getting closer and closer. Time seemed to crawl by as slow as it could. It was unnerving.

Then, there was nothing. No sound of any kind. This was even worse, as it seemed to give an impression of a 'calm before the storm' type of situation. She felt her eyes open, though she wasn't sure why. She glanced at the candle flames that were near her, tears of fear beginning to well up, and then…


Her eyes went as wide as they possibly could, her breath caught in her throat, refusing to go anywhere. She wanted to scream, the pain being literally unbearable, but…no sound would come out. She could literally feel the skin below her left ribcage melting due to the extreme heat from the metal being pushing into it. This moment, this scene, was so surreal to the point she wondered if it was all some weird, horrifying dream. She hoped she would wake up from it any moment…any moment now…

She wasn't able to adjust to the pain, well, not that she actually could. Who could actually 'adjust' to the pain of a brand being shoved into a person's skin? She felt the pain immediately increase by at least five-fold, the male pressing the metal into her skin even further, his sadistic side coming forth. A cry of pure agony escaped her lips, which echoed throughout the entire building she'd been in. A faint sound of the scream could even be heard outside, if one would've been close enough, and quiet enough, to hear it.

"Yes! Her screams will please our master even further! Let it out! Cry all your tears, for they give us more and more power!"

The disgruntled female hated them, all of them. Why were they doing this? To please some being that didn't even freaking exist? These people were deranged on an extreme level. She felt the metal be pulled from her now-melted skin in a very abrupt manner, which added even more pain—though she was on the verge of feeling nearly nothing.

She felt her body go limp, exhausted from the torture. Hopefully that was the end of their "purifying".

"She has successfully taken on the mark and the sacrifice is finally ready. The moonlight is at its peak, the time is now. This is our time, gentlemen. We will please the gods and be granted the wisdom we have coveted for so long." The leader stepped forward, holding a rather long dagger in his hand. Her heart literally felt like it had skipped upon seeing the blade glimmer in the candlelight.

Oh God…

"With your blood, they will be pleased and we can finally move forward! Haec nox est (This is the night)!" He held the blade about six inches above the terrified girl's diaphragm, which no longer moved due to her breath being held, awaiting the pain she feared.

This was it. Everything was going to be over. She never imagined it would end like this.

Please…not like this…not now.

"It seems we have arrived just in time, My Lord. It does puzzle me why they insist on doing such actions in such poor lighting…"

Everyone in the room snapped their gazes at the new voice, all eyes settling on a duo; one being tall and the other rather short. Only one voice had been heard, though one couldn't tell if it was the tall one or the short one who had spoken. What were they doing here?

I don't care! I need their help! The girl cried out in her mind. Seeing the two figures had helped her snap back to this world. She saw a glimmer of hope return to the hopeless situation she'd found herself in.

"How did you two rats get in here?! You're ruining the ceremony we've waited all year for! You don't realize what you're doing by interfering!" The leader of the insane cult shouted at the two males, only irritating one even more. The girl, who stopped paying attention to any pain she'd been feeling, swore she could feel the irritation, and anger, radiating from the smaller one, though she couldn't be certain of that.

"I do not feel like playing with your kind. Your kind sickens me to an unimaginable degree. I had expected to find a drug scandal going on but when the scream we heard while making our way in here came to my ears, my stomach began to churn. You have found an innocent soul to act as a gift to your absurd spiritual being. I'll make sure to have him finish you off in the most painful of methods he can muster."

This voice was new and it sounded somewhat young. This was definitely not the voice of the taller male. Was the smaller one was a child, then? And what did he mean by 'have him finish them off'? Have who finish them off? How could one person possibly take on these people—there was at least fifteen of these cloaked freaks in this room!

"All I need is the order, as you know, Sire." The voice from before spoke once more, his voice being rather seductive in tone, but there was something about his voice that, in a way, sent chills down her exposed spine. This guy sounded like he was yearning for a blood-bath. And she believed such a thing was only seconds away from beginning.

"Yes, I know…" The girl couldn't see well, due to the poor lighting, but she had managed to see the child reach up, placing two fingers over his right eye, sliding what appeared to be an eye patch away from his eye lid. Why did he-?

The child opened his eye, the female's eyes going slightly wide at what she saw. The kid's eye, it wasn't normal in appearance. Something glowed from it, the light seeming to give a soft radiance in the dim room being an odd shade similar to a light violet. But that wasn't what truly got her attention but rather the shape the light was admitting from. In this boy's eye was a pentacle of some kind with a fancy-looking circle surrounding it. The pentacle was also inverted. She didn't know much about the paranormal-side of the universe but she knew that a symbol such as that was never good. So, why did this boy have it in his eye?

The child gave perhaps the most serious look of determination she'd ever seen from a person his size and age. She even noticed a hint of malice in the boy's eyes, too. This child was no ordinary human child—no, he was different, somehow.

"Sebastian, exterminate all of these vile creatures who dare to call themselves human beings! That is an order!"

In a flash, she could only hear three things; the screams of terror mixed with pure agony, the sound of liquid splattering on everything nearby, and her own pounding heart. This was too much. It was just too much. She felt her head smack off the rock she laid upon, passing out before her body could register the pain it had caused her skull.

What the hell's going on?!

"It is finished, Master. What shall we do with the girl? She seems to have passed out." The male spoke, giving a brief glance at the girl who slept upon the alter the cloaked males had prepared.

"We're taking her with us. Grab her and let's get out of here. This place is making me sick." The young one spoke, his voice still holding that formal and strict tone.

The taller male, who had been called 'Sebastian', gave a rather playful, yet dark, smirk, turning towards the, now-unconscious, girl, "As you wish, My Lord." With those final words, he broke the chains that held her in place, placing his coat around her nearly-naked form, noticing the 'purity mark' that had been branded into her upper stomach, as well as what appeared to be whip marks and other such proof that she'd endured quite A hellish experience from the males holding her captive, a smirk still playing on his lips, though it did seem to fade a bit upon seeing the wounds she'd been given, "Seems she was marked with the symbol of their 'almighty being', such foolish creatures."

The child, who had only been referred as the adult's 'Master', turned towards the girl's passed out form, his stare being rather dull and blank, although deep inside he was feeling sympathy for her. He knew exactly what she'd gone through, though he'd been much younger than she when he endured it, "She'll stay at the manor until I give other instructions. Treat her as a guest while she is there. She will no longer be the same girl she was before coming to this hellish place. Let's go. She will need medical attention, I'm certain of it."

Sebastian gave yet another dark grin, which seemed to be hiding amusement of some type, as he bowed his head slightly to the young male, "I will treat her as any young lady should be treated. You have my word as the Phantomhive family butler."

The young male didn't say another word but instead headed towards the exit. He usually refrained from involving himself with others in really every way he could but this girl was different. He wouldn't meet many who went through nearly the same torment he had once been forced to endure, not that he was truly wishing to meet such a person. To be put through that pain, that humiliation, it was beyond hellish. He knew this day had just begun to end, as the sun was near the point of disappearing beneath the horizon but for this girl, who looked to be about the age of an adult, things were just beginning. He had to admit…it was intriguing, to say the least.

Sebastian stared at the girl in his arms, which he tried his best to cover her greatly exposed, matured body, could not help but ponder on what would happen to her. He was amused, in a dark form, as this same type of situation brought him and his newest master together. The time that child was forced to experience forever changed him inside, the boy becoming a strict and stern individual, as well as rather cruel, if he wished to be. He wondered what would happen to this girl. Would she become bitter, bent on going after a revenge of some sort? Would she remain the same, though he wondered how someone who went through such an ordeal could possibly remain how they once were? Or would she perhaps hold the traits of both?

The thoughts and assumptions played on his mind, amusing him, even if it was just slightly. Things were taking a rather unexpected turn, much to his delight. Surprises might irritate humans but for this demon, he usually welcomed them with a smirk, seeing it as a challenge he'd gladly accept. Yes, this new turn of events seemed to amuse the demon greatly.

Once they were outside the Victorian-styled building, the male carrying the girl noticed her eyes slowly open, although they opened just barely, signaling she wasn't fully coherent. She didn't say anything, she just stared at the male's body she leaned against. In reality, she didn't even notice someone was carrying her. Sebastian decided to see if she was thinking at least clear enough to give him a name. If he was to treat her as a female guest at the manor, it was only courteous to know her name, "Can you hear me, Miss?"

She gave a very faint nod, not feeling up to even giving a verbal 'yes'. The butler figured a nod was better than nothing—at least she was well enough to give some sort of response. It told him she was definitely stronger than she appeared.

"Do you have a name, Miss?"

He wanted to see just how far he could push her before she either asked for silence or she passed out yet again. Most humans would find his curiosity rather revolting, considering she was clearly exhausted, but he was a demon. He naturally wasn't as sympathetic or benevolent as the humans he'd met during the ears he'd be alive.

He watched the girl lift her head, just barely, her eyes, which he'd finally noticed were a very light, perhaps even somewhat icy blue hue. The color was, actually, rather nice, in his opinion. They were dull, showing how exhausted, and void of life, she was, but she still answered him, giving a simple, one-word answer, "Kat..."

Kat? What an interesting name for a girl, though he felt she didn't have enough strength to say her full name, so she gave either part of it or perhaps even a nickname. Either way, he had figured out a nickname for her, though he doubted he'd use it anytime soon. He'd at least wait until she'd gotten a good deal of her strength back—maybe.

"When we arrive back, I'd like something sweet to eat, Sebastian. I don't care what, just something. Today's events were more than I was prepared for. She also needs washed up before you place her on any beds inside the manor. I do not wish to have the sheets stained with blood. Have Mei-Rin prepare the girl to be washed."

Sebastian gave a typical shit-eating grin, making one give the impression he definitely had something up his sleeve. Still, he spoke with a formal, proper tone, "I shall see to it once we arrive, My Lord."

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