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Well, let's get this started. Chapter start! [I'll give a 'previous' bit, since it's been awhile.]

[Previously on "The Devil"]

Ciel didn't know what to think, what to say—nothing. He felt only a mixture of irritation and an unsettling shock, "I leave it in your hands. Do not fail me, Sebastian. While I've chosen to end my life early, she hasn't. However, despite how things might look, I know Katherine. She'll find out about this plan of yours, wallow in self-pity for a brief time, and go back to her normal self. Ever since she arrived, I could tell she was quite the simpleton."

Sebastian could not disagree with his young master, the butler merely giving a grin of dark amusement, "Her safety, as well as everything from her soul to her sanity, will remain the 'simpleton' state, as they are in now, My Lord."

With a bow from Ciel's faithful butler, the child gave a simple nod, "Good..."

[Chapter begins now...]

Katherine ran, her heart beating in her throat, her beyond confused. That shatter from only a few minutes ago still echoed in her mind. What did she just witness? That 'example' of Sebastian's to Ciel—what was that an example of even?! Her mind was so distraught that she just ran, not even caring where she ended up.

What was that about?! And why did he say what he did?! Why!? I don't understand what's going on!

Her thoughts‑which only increased that panic, that fear inside her‑began to surface with every step she took. She replayed everything in her mind, all of it, naturally, coming from her perspective.


Katherine found herself walking around, the girl being rather bored. The manor was so large—you'd think there would be at least something to take up some of her free time. After storming out on Sebastian, the female wanted to clear her mind, wanting to replace a building guilt with something a little more pleasant.

In no time at all, Katherine noticed her 'Master' and his faithful butler standing outside. They looked to be actually up to something.

Sebastian was speaking to Ciel in a matter-of-fact manner, the young male listening intently, though, in all honesty, he looked to be growing bored rather quick. Ciel never did care about much‑which was what made him 'odd' to others.

Katherine decided to eavesdrop just long enough to see what was going on and then carry on with her boredom. Ciel and Sebastian always did things, usually all about business matters, all of which bored Katherine, so she usually kept herself from such matters.

When Katherine was close enough to hear what was being said, which luckily Sebastian's blood at enhanced her hearing ability so she didn't have to be right next to the pair, she heard Sebastian speak.

"This container will represent our dear Katherine and both the water and the element I have in my possession will represent the emotions and feelings carried by her angelic and demonic attributes. Watch and you will see a good example of what combining the two will do to my dear kitten's mind when both sides of her are re-awakened."

Katherine was a tad stunned‑they were discussing her? She wasn't sure why she found it odd...she just did. But the new-found information forced the girl to pay even closer attention.

Ciel spoke next, the young earl looking as if his boredom was already beginning to grow.

"I do have things to do, so do not waste my time, Sebastian."

Katherine noticed a smirk appear on the butler's lips‑that was never something she considered to be 'good' or 'comforting'. He only smirked when something would be seen as amusing in the demon's perspective. He spoke, that same smirk still plastered upon his face.

"I assure you that this little demonstration will not waste your time, My Lord."

Sebastian vanished after dropping something into the water near him. Katherine still often got amazed when witnessing the demon's inhuman speed. Needless to say, she was even more awestruck upon noticing what those two objects did when they met.


Katherine's eyes were huge. Those two things, when combined, exploded, leaving a large hole in the side of the glass container.

Katherine remembered what Sebastian said prior to dropping the element in his grasp into the water.

He said the container was me...and the two objects were the two different sides. But...the container was practically destroyed! Then that means that...no!

Katherine ran, fleeing from the scene. She would not deny it...she was terrified. She stopped not even a minute later, still able to hear the two males speaking.

Ciel was feeling the same shock that Katherine was, the child's voice coming to Katherine's ears, "Sebastian, explain!"

Katherine wanted to know Sebastian's explanation, even though she feared the next words would only cause that fear to increase in size. It did not matter.

She wanted to know. No...she had to know. Sebastian's voice came to the girl's ears seconds later.

"To put it simple, the two sides of her personality will clash. It could very well cause her to even have a severe mental breakdown if dealt with wrong. Due to this, I plan on eliminating her angelic side. Perhaps, now, you see why I previously stated it would be in her best interest, Young Master?"

Katherine's eyes grew, fear indeed increasing but it was a different type of fear. She began to piece things together, a clear picture beginning to form. But she stopped.

She didn't want to know. It was too much.

She continued running...

[End of Flashback]

She sat near the entrance to the nearby forest. She had to piece this together, even if she would not like what the outcome would bring to the surface.

So, she started at the only piece she had...Sebastian getting rid of her angelic "side".

Destroy my angelic side...? How would he...? And why would he settle on such a choice without my say?

Then it donned on her.

He had said, more than once, that he wished, and planned on, her becoming a full demon, even before he was certain she was a half-breed. But she never knew why he earned for such a goal. She figured it was simply because she was a human and he was a demon. By her staying a human, he, eventually, be tempted to consume her soul.

But now she knew there was more to the picture. Much more, actually.

She placed her head on her knees, which were pressed against her chest, her arms firmly hugging them. She felt tears forming in her eyes, this all becoming too much for her to handle at once.

How am I supposed to take this all in, and all at once? How can they expect that I'll just be okay with it all?

"I never expected you to be okay with my plans, Katherine."

Katherine didn't even look at the voice that butted its way in, her knowing it was Sebastian, "Go away..."

He gave a simple bow, "You shall know where to find me, my kitten."

She abruptly turned to his voice, "Seba‑"

She found him in front of her, his red irises gazing into her own blue. Katherine's eyes widened, moving away from the butler after a second or so passed by, "Must you always do that?!"

The butler gave a chuckle, amusement clear in his eyes, "I do enjoy your reactions, my kitten. Now..." He placed his hand upon Katherine's chin, his thumb gently touching her bottom lip, "Why does my kitten wish me to 'go away', especially when she has already declared her feelings for my person?"

Katherine's cheek began to flush a dark pink color, her words being too jumbled to even come out. Sebastian smirked even greater at this reaction, "As stated moments ago, I do enjoy your reactions. However, I am certain you have questions."

Katherine went from flustered to disgruntled in seconds, "Yeah, and I'm certain you're going to avoid answering them, or even say 'It is in your best interest to not know.' That gets old after a while, you know."

Sebastian knew she felt irritated with him, and who could blame her? He knew she disliked being treated as if she were a helpless child. In all honesty, the demon wasn't even sure why he treated her as such, for she was no child, like his young master.

He held out his hand, the butler now with a straight and proper 'servant' posture, "I shall answer your troubling mind's question, but on one condition."

Katherine never enjoyed such words. That 'condition' would either leave her highly flustered, irritated, or both, but all would amuse the demon butler. She looked at the male she'd deemed as her love interest, "Fine. What's this 'condition', Sebastian?"

He gave a smirk, "Come with me, and I'll tell you..."


Katherine stood in the dining room, polishing the last of the furniture, making that her final chore before bedtime.

"And, with that, I'm finished." Katherine wiped her head with a clean cloth, the girl slightly sweating from her work.

"It would seem so. Very well, Katherine." The girl turned towards the butler's voice, which suddenly appeared from (seemingly) nowhere. But she was used to this by now...

"Thank you, though you don't give compliments, Sebastian. What do you want?" Katherine was not even looking at Sebastian, her gathering the polishing supplies so they could be put away before bed.

The butler wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her towards him, "I only wished to spend time with my dear girl. Is it that you do not wish to spend time with me, your lover?"

Katherine blushed madly at the word "lover", immediately trying to tear away from Sebastian's grasp, her sudden shyness getting the best of her, "Last time I checked we did nothing to become true 'lovers', Sebastian! Don't throw that word out there so carelessly! I still have human emotions, you know!"

She was twisted around, now face to face with the handsome butler. The sudden gesture only forced her blush to begin to increase. Seeing this, Sebastian's grin grew, his lips nearing hers, the demon speaking in a low, raspy voice, "Then why don't we become 'true lovers' then, my kitten? I do wonder how long it would take for me to make you truly purr in absolute delight?"

That last sentence made Katherine blush so hard one would've believed she possessed a fever, her completely avoiding the butler's gaze afterwards.

He was so close—so close that she could feel his body heat radiating from his person. She began to feel her mind wander on her.

Don't! He's only doing it on purpose and you know it!

"And even if I am, how does that make it any less special, my dear Katherine? I know you desire me. I've felt it for quite some time. Yet, you pretend to not feel such things." He neared her lips, a single hand trailing down her waist in a very seductive manner.

Katherine now felt herself begin to tremble. He was greatly getting to her. She tried and tried to not give in to him, the one man she desired. She knew that giving in would give him great pleasure, that was a type of pleasure she wanted him to work for, not coax out of her.

Katherine continued to pull from Sebastian's grasp, the girl speaking in a still-firm intonation, "That's for a reason, you know! Why would I just give myself over to anyone?! Even you have not 'charmed' me over, yet you do always try."

Sebastian could not help but give a dark smirk at that, his mind completely agreeing with his dear Katherine, "But of course, Katherine. Why do you think I was so very attracted to you?"

Katherine knew this already, "I know, I know. You like that I never just caved in to you."

Upon hearing that answer, as well as Katherine's intonation, Sebastian increased his hold on Katherine's waist, his palms getting a little more personal than Katherine expected he would.

Katherine quickly spoke up, giving her love-interest a look saying she was at least somewhat riled, "H-Hey, don't you think you're going a little too far?"

Katherine felt Sebastian take a gentle, yet firm hold upon her cheek, his palm cupping the slightly-pink skin. Katherine's narrowed expression softened, her eyes widening in surprise. Sebastian merely had an even greater look of excitement, allure, and, of course, that mischievous look in those vermilion orbs Katherine had fallen for long ago.

This feeling inside...no, ignore it. You give in, and well...you know where this will go...

Sebastian gazed into Katherine's icy blue depths, his face nearing hers, the very slow pace making the girl's heart beat so loud and so great that she was sure Sebastian felt every beat. Sebastian smirked, his face stopping a mere centimeter from his kitten's lips, "Am I getting to you so well that your pulse has soared to such a high point?"

Katherine tried to make up an excuse, "Yeah, well, that's because I‑"

Sebastian cut off her words, placing an index finger over her lips, "Uh-uh, remember I said I do not like my girl lying to me."

Katherine felt her ears burn, the never-ceasing blush intensifying once more. This was a different way for the butler to get to Katherine, or at least not one used often. She felt his finger get removed, the girl being silent. Her mind began to wonder, the girl beginning to desire the demon's touch—luckily her mind stopped there, as she knew he did no doubt know every bit going through her mind.

"Now, Katherine," Sebastian spoke, his eyes glowing now, "You do not have to hold back. Let your mind wander. If you have a certain want, fantasy or desire, I'll give it to you. You know I am capable of many talents that humans are unable to do."

Katherine looked at him, her face still crimson, "I know that! I can't even begin to imagine the things you can do..."

Sebastian gave a smirk, the demon quickly finding his lips beginning to gently tease his girl's neck. Katherine's eyes closed, her jitters getting the best of her. This was exactly the reaction the male was yearning for from his kitten. Being satisfied, he took it a bit further.

Katherine felt her body be forced from moving away any further, Sebastian's arms completely wrapped around Katherine's waist. Soon she felt Sebastian's lips go from a gentle, subtle teasing to a near-biting sensation now being felt. Katherine felt her eyes widen, as this was something new from the demon. He'd teased her numerous times, yes, but nothing went this far.


The demon stopped sucking on Katherine's skin, as to not make any markings that the others could see later on, his lips parting from her flesh, "Katherine, I am finding it increasingly difficult to act like the proper family butler than I should be. This is your fault, I'm sure."

Katherine dead-panned, "How...?"

Sebastian, "You seduce me. Oh, how great a sin that must be—seducing a demon, and enjoying it, too. However..." Sebastian greedily licked Katherine's cheek, the girl's eyes going so wide she thought they were going to explode. Sebastian continued his thoughts, "I do not care to follow such rules."

He was so cruel. Katherine mustered every ounce of her lingering self-control, "Bath...may I take one?"

Sebastian, gave a smirk, a single hand's fingers slowly going through Katherine's long locks of dark hair, "I do not think that will work, my kitten. You are exhausted, after all."

Katherine felt sudden confusion, looking at the butler, "What are you talking ab—!?"

In that instant, the butler's lips connected with Katherine's, the female's eyes going wide. Why didn't she see that coming? She should have, considering it was Sebastian. She knew him well enough. But she felt something different—it was a different sensation.

Sebastian had taken their kiss a step further, and Katherine literally tasted the butler this time around. She felt herself become rather antsy. She didn't know why, as she loved the feeling of this new kiss. She tried to pull away, but stopped upon hearing a certain voice inside her mind.

Calm down. Let yourself go, my girl. You yearn for me, my touch, and all that you know I can bestow. No one can see us. They cannot hear us, either. We can take it as far as you wish, even "all the way", and I know you know what I am meaning. So, just let yourself enjoy this sensation, though I assure you that it will not be the last time you shall feel it.

Katherine would usually pull away, but, this time, it was different. She found much comfort in Sebastian's words. She thought she would hate that mental connection they shared, but she loved it. Sometimes it become bothersome, but, over-all, she was happy for it.

So, she did was the demon suggested—she drifted off, letting herself get lost in the kiss. She felt Sebastian's tongue effortlessly push beyond her lips, him giving his girl the type of kiss one only dreamed of. And he could tell she loved every bit of it. Every caress, every ounce of passion exchanged in this heated motion—everything.

Katherine wasn't sure when it happened, or even how, but, during that kiss, they had gone from the kitchen of the mansion to Sebastian's personal bedroom. Her mind told her to pull away—she was not ready to jump into "that" part of their relationship. It just was too fast, well for her, at least.

But, she didn't pull from Sebastian. She felt herself wrap her arms around his person, her body moving on its passion and want—something that only this male could deliver and fulfill. Sebastian was pleased. She was giving into him, something he wanted more than he truly cared to admit.

He was a demon, so he did not want to ever surrender himself to anyone—but he felt that he did not care about surrendering to this female, despite her being a human. She was human, meaning that she had no actual power over him. So, what happened? Why did he feel the want for her to, now-and-then, dominate him?

It was not something she did willingly, but rather he would gently push her into it—maybe that was the reason? He didn't know.

And then there was this building desire inside him. It was great. It was something similar to hunger, but still different. In all reality, he wanted to lock her and himself in this room, and pour out all the desire he felt.

He doubted she could take it all at once, though. The thought of Katherine's physical-self and what it'd be like after such a long period of intimacy truly amused the demon's mind. Demons were very different from humans. They could make love to another being for quite some time, and never get actually worn out, unlike mankind. Poor Katherine wouldn't stand a chance in her human state.

Due to this knowledge, Sebastian parted from Katherine, the girl breathing extremely hard. She was nearly out of breath—he'd never allowed her to breathe during that kiss. He did this on purpose, naturally.

"I do believe that you can never say that you do not desire my being in such a personal manner, Katherine." Sebastian mused, him looking down at Katherine. He wasn't even completely sure when their bodies came into contact with his bed. He knew he'd taken them to his room, but, last time he remembered, they were still at least upright. She truly had a hold on this being, enough so that he truly last track of his whereabouts, something that never happened before in his long life.

"You...are...a jerk...you...know...that?" Katherine could barely speak, she was so badly out of air. To further prevent her from speaking, Sebastian placed a single kiss upon her forehead, his voice coming to her ears seconds later, "Sleep, my dear. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. I shall be here, until you fall into a slumber. But, once that is happened, I must attend to preparing things for tomorrow."

Katherine wasn't even in her night clothes, but that kiss on her forehead made her nearly pass out. Her eyes could barely stay open. She cuddled into the butler's form, her head buried into his chest. His scent filled her senses, easing her into a blissful dream-state in no time at all.

Sebastian just laid there, arm around his girl's form, his eyes gazing at the ceiling, soon falling on Katherine yet once again. A smirk instantly plastered upon his features, "Things are moving along quite nice. This is promising indeed."

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