Lily Potter opened her eyes. She squinted in the bright light that surrounded them. She sat up, taking in her surroundings. Sh was in a vast room, empty, save for a few pillars and some seats she saw nearby. Standing up, she noticed she was naked, but no sooner had she wishe for clothes than they were next to her. She swiftly pulled them on.

She looked around again, trying to remember how she got there. She had been at home with James and Harry. They had decided to stay in for Halloween. The lock had clicked open and James had run to see what it was.

Lily gasped. It had been him! Voldemort! She kept trying to remember.

After James saw who it was, he tild her to take Harry and go. She had seen the greenlight reflect around her. James was dead.

A lone tear traced down her face as she thought of this. She didnt want to keep remembering the horror.

A hand touched her shoulder. "What's wrong?"

Lily gasped and whirled around. "James!" she cried, throwing her arns around his neck. He returnrd the hug, burying his face in her hair.

"What is it, Lils?" He asked, wiping the tear from he cheek.

Her voice shoo when she replied, "Y-you died. Voldemort k-k-killed you."

His eyebrows furrowed, then rose up. "Huh. I did didnt I." He looked at her. "Harry? Where's he?" Fear froze Lily's heart. Was her baby alright? Was he somewhere in this place, or had voldemort taken him for another purpose. She didnt know how to respond, but someone else cut in.

"Harry is fine. I spoke with him just moments ago."

Lily spun around again, this time coming face to face with Albus Dumbledore. "Albus?! You're dead too?!" Could nobody live? "An what do you mean you spoke with him?"

Dumbledore just smiled. In good time, Lily. For now, you both have a choice."

"Which is?" James pressed.

"Whether or not you are to return." They responded with blank looks, so he continued. "Lets call this place Kings Cross." He smiled like it was a private joke. "If you wish, you may board a train."

"Where will it take us?"

"On. Or, you may return. Your choice."

James looked confused. "But we're dead. How can we go back?"

"Well," Dumbledore said, "i am not sure how, but with the end of the war, some old magic was reawakened. Now, you may return."

"The war ended?" Lily asked. "But how?"

More smiling from Dumbledore. "In good time. Now, your decision?"

The couple looked lookedat each other and came to a silent agreement. Lily turned to her old headmaster. "We will return."