Lily stretched out, trying not to disturb James next to her. What an odd dream. She had dreamed she had died then come back, on her son's wedding day no less. Voldemort had fallen but so many friends had been lost.
She sighed, hearing a cry. That would be Harry waking up. She stretched again, sitting up and opening her eyes.
Her heart dropped. It hadn't been a dream. Her and James were in the guest room at Bill and Fleur's place. The cry was Victoire, not Harry. She dropped her head into her hands and let out a sob. She couldn't believe it. She had missed her son's life, and now there was no going back. Her sob woke James up.
"Lily?" he said cautiously, seeing her crying on the edge of the bed. He put on his glasses, looking at her with a worried expression. "Are you alright?"
"She wiped her tears away furiously. "I-I'm fine. It's just a lot to take in, you know?"
He nodded. He completely understood how she was feeling. He took her hand and pulled her up. "Come on. Let's go get some breakfast."

As they walked downstairs, Lily replayed the events of the previous day in her mind. After being introduced to everyone, they had decided to just continue into the reception as planned. Afterwards, Bill and Fleur had offered them a place to stay.

"They reached the kitchen, where Bill was sitting at the table already. He looked up as they entered and flashed a smile. Of everyone at the wedding, Bill seemed to be taking their return the best. While the others had been in a state of shock, Bill had come right up and made them feel welcome, like they belonged. James was beyond freaked out, unable to stop thinking about how Bill was now older than them, and their son was about their age. It made him want to cry and scream and break anything near him, but he kept his brave face, for Lily's sake.
Bill gestured to the other seats at the table. "Want to sit? Fleur was about to start breakfast, she just went upstairs to get Vicky." Lily nodded and sat down across from Bill, her husband next to her. It broke her heart whenever she looked at him and saw that little boy who was so excited to attend Hogwarts the following year. She recalled the last time she had visited the Burrow.

"Lily, dear, will you call the boys in for dinner?" Molly asked, looking up from the stove. Lily nodded and stepped outside to get the boys.

Bill and Charlie were playing some Quidditch with Arthur and James, Percy was trying to read, made difficult by the twins flinging some Dungbombs that they had gotten from God knows where at him, while Harry and Ron toddled around, occasionally watching in awe as the older boys zoomed around the yard on their brooms. Baby Ginny was inside with Molly. Lily couldn't help but smile, watching them all enjoying themselves. It astounded her that, even in war, moments like this were possible.
Suddenly, the moment was broken as James saw her standing there and flew down. "Dinner ready?" he asked.

"Yeah. Can you get the boys together while I help Molly set the table?" He nodded and kissed her cheek before racing off. Smiling once more, Lily turned back inside.

Dinner at the Weasleys' was always noisy and cramped. Six seats around the table, two of which held hyperactive four-year-olds, and then three high-chairs, two holding fussy toddlers. Despite the noise and arguing, however, it was always pleasant. To Lily it was her home-away-from-home. Something about the Burrow, and the Weasley family in general, was just so welcoming (unless you counted that Aunt Muriel. Lily would like to never encounter her again).

After dinner they sat around the fire in the living room, resting. Ginny was passed out, Harry and Ron close behind. In truth, the only ones not completely exhausted were the twins, who seemed never to run out of energy. Currently, however, they were under control by James, who knew that the best way to keep them out of everyone's hair was to teach them new tricks. Dangerous for the future, but peaceful for the moment.

Once again, Lily was struck by just how amazing this moment was. Peaceful and happy and content. Voldemort may have the wizarding world under his thumb, but the one thing he'd never be able to tear apart was the love and friendship shared by those who still allowed themselves to feel it. He could take away family and friends, but he could never rob them of the mark that those people left upon their loved ones.

Lily thought of all of this and more as she watched as even the twins began yawning and rubbing their eyes. Molly finally sighed, stood up, and began to rush them up to bed, telling Charlie and Bill they were going soon as well. Lily chuckled, watching them protest even as they fought not to yawn. Once they little ones were upstairs asleep, Lily turned to Molly and Arthur.

"I had a lovely time. I hope we can do this again soon," she said, hugging first Molly, then Arthur as James, taking his cue, scooped up baby Harry.

Molly squeezed her tightly. "I do too. Will you three be able to drop by Wednesday? You can invite Sirius, Remus, and Peter as well, so long as Sirius promises to behave."

Lily grinned. "That sounds perfect. I don't know about Peter though. He's been acting very odd, I'm not sure if he's ill or if there's something going on in his family or what," James replied for her, his tone hushed so as not to disturb the toddler in his arms.

"Of course," Molly said, nodding. "Well, if he can't come tell him we're all here for him. See you in a few days!" And they waved good-bye as they stepped into the fireplace.

Needless to say, they never returned in a few days.

"Lily?" She was snapped from her memory by James. His expression and tone implied that this was not the first time he had called her name. By now Fleur had entered the room, Victoire with her.

"You alright, Aunt Lily?" Bill asked.

She nodded. "Yes, I'm fine. Just remembering."

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