Arc One: The Daughter of Magic

Anonymous POV

Hmm... this may prove tricky.

How are my plans supposed to work when I'm up against a stubborn telepath, a demon who has no real control, a robot with a heart, a loud metallic techie, an uncivilized spirit of fire, and a very random witch, all of whom are apart of a team who fights evil, defend the good, and protect the innocent.

Everything which I do not plan to do in the near future.

Oh well, once I get the key variable, everything will become clear.

Just as soon as I find her.

The Daughter of Magic.

Once I have her in my clutches, well...

Even the Titans wouldn't be able to stop what I have planned.

Okay, so this is just a prequel of the first story arc.

Yes, I will be doing many arcs, just like a real cartoon or comic.

Now, it may take a while for the first chapter to be put up because of life, and also drafting the whole story.

I just wanted to upload a preview of what this arc will be like, and who the characters are, albeit I don't really tell you much.

See you guys next time, and for those who are America, happy 4th of July, enjoy freedom.