MidoTaka- Tsundere

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The sound of a click resounded throughout the bedroom. A boy looked up from the book he had been reading to set an annoyed gaze upon the other occupant.

"Takao," the man growled. "What on earth are you doing?"

A laugh emitted from the opposite side of the room as the boy- Takao, bounded his way over to the seat the other boy sat at, and to the latter's humiliation, hopped down upon his lap. With a wide grin Takao help up a camera in his hand. "I'm taking pictures of Shin-chan."

The boy dubbed Shin-chan huffed, grounding out, "How many times have I told you not to call me that?" he looked away for a moment. "Midorima would be fine." The man finished, with a huff.

Takao made to reply, but was cut off.

"Delete them."

"Huh?" Takao started eloquently.

Midorima pushed his glasses to the bridge of his nose, "The pictures. You should delete them. They serve no purpose."

At that, a laugh emitted from Takao. "I need them, though."

Midorima frowned. "What on earth for?"

A genuine smile split Takao's lips as he smiled up at the ace. "That's obvious, Shin-chan. They're my lucky items."

In response, Midorima's frown deepened. "Again, why do you need them?" the boy trailed off, turning his head to the side in embarrassment, "You have me don't you? So why do you need pictures?

The squeal Takao released caused Midorima to block his ears. "Shin-chan, your such a tsundere!" The boy grinned at Midorima. Leaning forward, he pressed his lips against the others'."Your my tsundere, though."