Vastra debated buying roses, as she walked past a florist. It was February 7th and she was determined to make this Day of St. Valentine wonderful for Jenny. She had ignored Christmas as it was just an ape ritual, but Jenny had gotten upset. She tried to hide it, but Vastra knew her maid. Vastra had to remind herself that she was in a relationship with a sentimental mammal, who probably held these rituals dear. So she had decided that she would try to make up for her oversight.

"I'm going out, Jenny." She had called.
"So late at night? Is there a case?" The human hurried down the stairs.
"No, I just need to go shopping."
"But, ma'am, I got groceries yesterday. An' you- did a few days before." She caught herself, still not completely comfortable discussing Vastra's meal of choice. She started to bundle up against the February cold.
"I know. I'm going alone."
"But then why are you going out? Why don't you want me along?" Jenny was getting suspicious. Vastra normally only went out alone to hunt, but there was no need for food, no killer stalking the streets.
"It's a secret. But I need you to stay here and keep the hearth warm, alright?"
"Yes, ma'am." Jenny sighed as Vastra kissed her cheek goodbye.

She knew that flowers and sweets were customary for this holiday, but she wanted to do something else, something more, something personal. She knew Jenny liked to do anything she could to help on cases, whether it was lock picking, hand to hand combat, or wielding a weapon...
That was it!

She bundled her coat tighter around herself against the cold wind that had picked up, threatening to lift her veil, and hurried to her favourite weapons shop. She ignored the guns and pocketknives in the window, she knew what she wanted.
"Pardon, sir." She nodded to the man behind the counter, he knew her, knew what kind of weapon she preferred, knew she was skilled, trustworthy, and dangerous.
"Madame." He tipped his hat and led her to a room in the back, where the more valuable weapons were. She ran her gloved fingers along a few scimitars appreciatively, before scrutinizing the selection of katanas, slightly difficult through her veil. After nearly an hour testing each blade, inspecting it centimetre by centimetre, hefting it, and checking the number of times it had been folded, she decided on a katana slightly smaller than her own. She was certain it would fit her maid perfectly, if she liked it.
She had it wrapped securely in brown paper, tucked it under her arm, and braced herself for the biting cold outside.

Though she had warmed in the weapons shop, the biting cold seemed to sweep right through her, taking precious energy with it. She was moving dreadfully slow and nearly too weary to stand by the time she arrived home, luckily Jenny had kept the fire stoked, and even had a heap of blankets warming by the hearth.
"Ma'am, you know you must be careful in this weather!" Jenny chided, hurriedly putting the parcel on the dining room table and helping her mistress out of her veil and coat and to the hearth. She tossed the coat aside to hang properly later.
"I know. I'm sorry my dear." Vastra wrapped the many blankets around herself. "I thought I had warmed myself adequately in the shop. I was mistaken. I didn't mean to worry you."
"What'd you get, anyways? What's so important that you had to go out in the cold alone?" Jenny walked over to the table and reached for the package.
"Don't!" Vastra's voice was commanding, Jenny froze and turned to her. She tried again in a more modulated tone of voice. "I told you, it's a secret. I promise I will tell you at some point, but not now."
"Well, what'm I supposed to do with it for now?" Jenny put a hand on her hip in frustration for a moment.
"Don't worry yourself about it, my dear, I'll take care of it later." Vastra knew Jenny was simply anxious and looking for something to do.
"Once you've warmed up, you mean." Jenny sat on the floor next to her employer and girlfriend, leaning a head on the blankets where the Silurian's shoulder was.
"Yes, once I've warmed up." Vastra rested her head on the brown silky hair of the woman next to her. They sat comfortably for a few minutes before Jenny rose and hung up Vastra's coat.
"Just leave it, I'll get it later." Vastra urged.
"I can get it now." She said, hanging the coat and returning.
"My apologies, my dear. You know I would hang my own coat if I could."
"I know, ma'am. Still cold?" Jenny asked, sitting on the floor again.
"I could help." Jenny ran a finger feather-light along Vastra's bony crest, knowing it would make the Silurian sexually aroused, what Jenny referred to as 'hot under the collar'.
"Mmm now is not the time, my love."
"No?" Jenny asked innocently, her finger still barely touching Vastra's sensitive ridge.
"No." In a millisecond Vastra pounced on her girlfriend, her body pushing Jenny's to the floor, an arm shooting out of the pile of blankets to catch the human's fragile head centimetres from the hard wood, their faces nearly touching. Vastra rubbed Jenny's nose with her own. Jenny gasped in shock at the sudden change. "Perhaps, tonight, if I'm still cold, you could help me stay warm then." Vastra returned them both to a seated position, smiling.
"Y-yes, ma'am." Jenny was a little shaken, but smiling as well.