Late on the evening of February 13th, Vastra slipped out of bed.
"Mmm?" Jenny mumbled, mostly asleep, hands searching for the Silurian.
"I'll be right back, my love." She whispered, stroking Jenny's hair.
She crept out of their bedroom and to her study, removing the katana from atop a bookshelf.

Earlier that evening she had gotten frustrated, since the best bow she could make did not live up to her standards, but she deemed it 'good enough'. Jenny would be unwrapping it, and this was the best Vastra could do.
She attached a small piece of paper to the package with string, simply signing 'Happy St. Valentine's Day To Jenny, Love Vastra'. She debated creeping downstairs to the dining or sitting room, but decided against it. She returned to the bedroom and quietly cleared off a small table, moving it to the foot of the bed and putting the katana on top, making sure the note was showing.
Pleased and eagerly awaiting the morning, she returned to bed, Jenny unconsciously cuddling into her.

Rarely did she get out of bed when her maid did, or even wake up, preferring to stay under the warm blankets until Jenny stoked the fire and made tea. This morning, however, she rose with the human, watching from the bed as Jenny discovered her present.
"Wha're ya doing up, mum?" Sleep made Jenny's accent thicker. "You'll freeze, go back t'sleep."
"Perhaps in a moment. It's rare I get to see you like this, waking up, still tired." She sat against her pillows.
"Stay warm, at least." Jenny leaned over and pulled the covers up to better protect Vastra. The Silurian thanked her with a quick peck on the lips. Jenny smiled and turned round to begin her day, spotting the package at the end of the bed. "Wha'd you do?" She moved toward the package, glancing back at a smiling Vastra. She read the note and grinned. "This secret package is a gift for me? Ma'am, you didn't 'ave to."
"Indeed I did. I wanted to make up for Christmas."
"Thank you."
"Open it before you thank me." Vastra urged with a tilt of her head. Jenny admired the bow for a second before undoing it and unwrapping the brown paper.
"Oh." She gasped softly, gently lifting the katana, hands on the paper beneath it. "It's just like yours." She whispered.
"I got one a little smaller to fit you better. I thought you might like to learn."
"Oh, yes, please, ma'am!" Her face lit up in a grin, she placed the katana back on the table and ran to hug her girlfriend.
"You like it?"
"Of course I do!" Jenny laughed. "I love it! An' I love you." She stroked Vastra's face and leaned down for a not-so-chaste kiss. Jenny smiled against Vastra's lips as she felt a chill go through the older woman. "That's enough of that, you get back under the covers and keep warm." She commanded, smiling. Vastra gladly obeyed. "I'll 'ave your tea in a bit." Jenny prodded the embers in the hearth and added a small log, returning to the bed for another kiss before slipping out the door to the kitchen. Vastra moved over to Jenny's side of the bed, seeking warmth, and very glad that her girlfriend liked the gift.

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