"Talk" = Normal speaking

"Talk" = Thoughts/Another Language (if it pops up)/Telepathic Communication/Speaking on Comms or Communicators/Narration

"Talk" - Attack Yells (cause there are Heroes who yell out their attacks)

"Talk" – Attack Yells by Heroes devices

Nothing but darkness is seen as suddenly, a female voice begins to speak…

"When we first came into contact with them…our race was already near extinct. We had just escaped our dying world. However, by doing so. We unleashed a great evil across the Multiverse. Where before only one universe felt the wrath of these…Reapers, now their might had been unleashed upon many more alternate universes, and with it. Death and destruction on a massive magnitude followed. We should have stopped once we had escaped our world, instead, we became greedy and looked to these alternative universes as a means of expanding our race, our power. We had been warned by an alien race known as The Time Lords, the consequences that could become of us messing with the barriers that separated time and space, the different universes from each other. And we chose to ignore it. This was our doing, and we knew we had to find some way to undo it, to correct the mistake we had unleashed upon the multiverse because of our greediness. It took long, too long. By the time we had been able to find a solution, only a few of our people were left, but it did not matter. With what we had, we managed to send all of the Reapers across the Multiverse back to the universe from which they came from! We would have done more, but with our strength at what it was, it was an impossible task. We had prevented the Reapers from causing Genocide across the Multiverse, but it was from a destroyed Reaper that we learned more about this Synthetic Race. How every 50,000 years they would emerge from this area known as Dark Space to cause genocide once again to the advanced races of the universe from which they came from. That is, until we learned something that was…new for the Reapers. In recent data we discovered, we had learned that, somehow when the Reapers came through the universal portals, it, changed them. The energy of the portals had tampered with them, somehow changing their directive of killing only advanced races to killing ALL races, no matter the technological level. We don't know how this happened, but we knew now, that when they returned 50,000 years from now, should they somehow unlock the ability to traverse across the multiverse once more, that no one, was going to be safe. If the Multiverse was going to survive 50,000 years from now, a contingency plan was needed. One that would see the end of these Reapers, once and for all…"

Location: The Planet Gallifrey, Home of the Time Lords…

The High Council Chamber…

"We warned you people! By building your machine, you have broken the barriers of time and space and because of that the entire Multiverse nearly suffered for it!" The Lord President of the Time Lords stated, full of anger.

Before him stood the three representatives of the people known as the First Civilization, Jupiter, Juno and Minerva.

"We had no choice! Our people were dying; you would've done the same thing if you and your people were in our position. The only thing on our mind was the continual survival of our race! We never thought to take into consideration the kinds of, horror that could be out there in other universes!" Jupiter replies back.

"No, we would never do such a thing. We would've gone down with our planet! There are barriers between the universes for many reasons. THIS is one of those reasons. So that dangerous races such as THEM can't bring harm to the other universes. And now, because of your meddling, when the Reapers return, not only will they be able to traverse throughout the Multiverse…but they will kill EVERY SINGLE RACE across the Multiverse, no matter whether they're advanced or not! And there's nothing we can do to stop them." The Lord President says.

"There must be something that can be done. Not now, but in the future, when the Reapers do return. Surely there can be someone who can not only oppose them, but defeat them!" Minerva says as she steps forward towards the Time Lord High Council.

"Not one being in the entire multiverse can defeat the Reapers. Entire civilizations have fallen to them, there is only one way to defeat the Reapers and that relies on the people of that universe alone doing it themselves." The Lord Chancellor says.

"We have seen this "way" and it requires sacrifice one way or the other. Surely there can be one where no death is needed to end these vile things!" Minerva says in objection.

"That is how it must be. Either this one person sacrifices their life or all synthetic races of that universe, that is how it is destined for the Reapers to end. The sacrifice of one, or the sacrifice of many. A sacrifice is necessary to make sure these Reapers are destroyed once and for all. Now, we are done talking to you fools, be gone!" The Lord President declares.

Being escorted from the room the three representatives were now walking down a hallway of the planet's Capital.

"These Time Lords are unreasonable." Minerva says in a state of anger.

"There is not much else we can do now Minerva. Let us return to what is left of our people." Jupiter says.

Minerva stops in her tracks and looks back at Jupiter "There's only us and five others Jupiter. There is no chance of us being able to rebuild our proud race or surviving for much longer." Minerva says.

"We will do what we can. But it seems that there is not much else we can do about the Reapers. What happens in the future happens." Jupiter says.

"So every living being in the future is too suffer all because these Time Lords won't help us." Minerva says.

"If they are going to suffer it's because of our doing Minerva. The Time Lords are right; we meddled with forces beyond our control and for that. We've payed the price, and unfortunately everyone else in the future will. And the only way for the Reapers to be stopped, is by the way the Time Lords have predicted it will happen." Jupiter replies as he and Juno then continue walking, bypassing Minerva who lowers her head in sadness.

"There has to be something we can do, something that the Time Lords haven't thought of or want to do but are restricted by their laws." Minerva says to herself.

"Perhaps I can be of some help to you." An elderly man's voice from her left calls out.

Minerva turns her head to the source of this voice, as she see an old man with shoulder length grayish-white hair wearing a frock coat and tartan trousers leaning against the wall.

"And who are you supposed to be?" Minerva asks the old man straightening herself with a curious look on her face.

"Just call me the Doctor." The elderly man know identified as the Doctor introduces as he gets off the wall and begins walking towards Minerva. "And like you, I want to defeat these Reapers without the need for someone, or an entire race to be sacrificed. I'm not one for having a very good-hearted person needing to sacrifice themselves even if it does save billions of lives, and definitely not one for causing genocide to a race that could very well prove to be helpful in the future of that universe. However the rest of the Time Lords are against my idea which in my view would not only save the Multiverse, but destroy the Reapers once and for all AND require no such sacrifice."

"Really? What is this plan of yours Doctor?" Minerva asks becoming immediately intrigued.

"Follow me." The Doctor says as he turns and begins walking in the opposite direction that Minerva just came from.

Minerva watches as the Doctor walks away and then turns to see Jupiter and Juno, the two having of not noticed the whole thing as they are far down the hall continuing down the original direction. She didn't know this Doctor since she had just met him obviously, but if he had a way to defeat the Reapers without sacrifices being made, she needed to see what he had. She would never forget the sights she saw during the fight against the Reapers, people, her very own people she had worked so hard to save eviscerated into nothing by the ships and destroyers. Torn apart by the claws of the Reapers' Husk troops. And those who were unlucky enough to be taken captive, turned into one of those mindless creatures and forced to kill former friends and family. These Reapers had to be destroyed, while it was most likely this sort of thing would continue when they returned, the least she could do to prevent anymore lives being lost was by making sure that when the Reapers finally were obliterated, it would be without the need of anymore sacrifices.

The Doctor leads Minerva to a door with a security panel to its right. From his pocket the Doctor takes out a strange device that Minerva, if she heard correctly, was called a Sonic Screwdriver and watches as the Doctor points the tip at the panel and activates it causing a strange humming sound to emit from the small handheld device. Suddenly the panel short circuits as sparks fly out from it and the door opens up "Looks like they haven't updated it since last time. That's good." The Doctor says placing his sonic tool back away into his pocket as he then walks into the room.

Minerva follows into the room which for now is pitch black as the Doctor continues walking forward. All of a sudden the lights turn on, revealing the large circular room with pillars all around in a circle close to the walls and in the very center of the room a large circle-shaped holographic table which the Doctor walks up too.

"Where are we Doctor?" Minerva asks walking to the Doctor's side as she looks around.

"Let's just say, this room is only used for…certain…situations." The Doctor replies as he looks down at the control panel for the table before him.

"What kind of situations?" Minerva asks.

"Ones where all of space and time, and especially the multiverse, are in danger." The Doctor replies as he clears the dust and cobwebs off the control panel.

"It looks like this room has not been used in a long time." Minerva says.

"Actually it's never been used." the Doctor says catching Minerva's attention as she looks at him in surprise. The Doctor looks up at her "You think a multiversal threat is a common thing my dear Minerva? Oh please. You would think one happens every year or something do you?" The Doctor replies looking back down as he begins pressing a few buttons bringing the control panel and table to life.

"There are many dangerous things out there. But not one we know has the ability to rip through the barriers that separate each and every individual alternate universe. The Reapers were dangerous we knew that, but on a multiversal level never. But now...things have obviously changed. And that means, how the Reapers are dealt with needs to be changed as well. Yes, the Time Lords were right, there is a weapon that can defeat the Reapers, the one that would require a single person sacrificing themselves or sacrificing all synthetic life in their universe. But...there is another way." the Doctor says.

"What is it?" Minerva questions.

"Through these people." The Doctor says as he pushes a button.

Suddenly a tornado-like collage of holo videos shoot upwards from the table and begin floating in the air while slowly rotating around the room. Minerva looks around in complete shock and awe as she looks at all the ever changing holo vids, all of them showing off either individuals or groups of various humans, aliens, humanoid creatures, and sometimes more as in all of them these individuals or groups all appear to be fighting against large groups of people, monsters, aliens, etc...some show these individuals or groups fighting alongside what appear to be soldiers while others are just in their groups, or by themselves. Some in locations hidden away from the public eye, while others are fighting right in the open protecting people. Nevertheless, they appeared to be winning against whoever it was they were fighting, even the ones who were clearly outnumbered

"Who...who are these people...Doctor?" Minerva asks as she turns and looks at him, the Doctor with his hands clenched to the flaps of his coat.

"The answer to our problem. When the Reapers return 50,000 years from now, these people from across the Multiverse will band together and combining their powers." The Doctor looks at Minerva "They will be the ones who will defeat the Reapers and save the multiverse, all without the need to sacrifice someone or an entire race." the Doctor finishes as he looks back up at the holo vids.

Hearing this, that all these people, whoever they were, were supposed to be the ones to defeat the Reapers perplexed Minerva astoundedly "Doctor...entire galaxies, universes, none of them even if they worked together couldn't stop the Reapers. If the Reapers couldn't lose, even when their forces were so spread out across the multiverse… What makes you think that these people, coming together will be able to do what an entire universe cannot?" Minerva asks.

"Because Minerva…these are no ordinary people…No...These people, have time and time again protected their worlds, their friends and family, they have put their lives on the line more times than anyone could count. Gone up against odds that would be suicide for others. But for them, even with the world stacked against them, these people would always prevail no matter what. These are no ordinary people Minerva." The Doctor looks back at her as a joyous grin forms on his face "These, are Heroes." The Doctor finishes as he and Minerva both turn and look back up, the Doctor's eyes training towards one particular video which shows one man with black military style shaven hair, and a dark blue military combat uniform.

50,000 Years Later…

Location: Earth…

"Welcome back Shepard." Ashley Williams says as she and another Alliance Marine keep their eyes out for anymore Reaper Husks.

"Thanks." the Spacer born, War Hero, N7 and first Human Spectre Commander John Shepard replies.

All around the Systems Alliance retrofitted SSV Normandy SR-2, the Reaper invasion of Earth was in full effect. Reaper Capital ships, Destroyers, and Troop Transports continued to descend from the skies as AA fire shot up into the air, Alliance and Reaper fighters soared through the skies as the Alliance fighters continued to fight in what was already a losing battle for control of the air, and firefights between Alliance and Reaper ground forces echoed throughout the city. Pillars of smoke were already reaching high into the air, fires were raging uncontrollably from the fighting and destruction, and buildings were being destroyed left and right as the Reaper Capital ships and Destroyers laid waste to anything and everything with their magnetohydrodynamic cannons.

Shepard turns around and looks back at his friend Admiral Anderson who has stopped in his tracks just at the foot of the Normandy's ramp "Shepard." Anderson says.

"Come on!" Shepard calls out ushering him to get onboard.

Just then a Kodiak Shuttle appears flying in from the right side of the Normandy as it begins hovering a few feet away from the Admiral with two Alliance Marines standing at the doorway before than flying onto its destination. "I'm not going." Anderson says to Shepard who becomes confused by this.

"You saw those men back there. There's a million more back there and they need a leader." Anderson continues.

"We're in this fight together Anderson!" Shepard states, there was no way he was going to leave Anderson behind to fight through this alone.

"It's a fight we can't win. Not without help. We need every species and all of their ships if we even have a chance at defeating the Reapers. Talk to the Council, convince them to help us." Anderson says.

"What if they won't listen?" Shepard asks. He knew all too well how stubborn the Council could be at times, and now at a time like this, when their own worlds were in danger too. How in the world would he convince the Council to rally together when they all had their own homeworlds and other colonies to look to protecting?!

"Then make them listen! Now go! That's an order!" Anderson yells.

"I don't take any orders from you now. Remember!" Shepard replies.

Anderson reaches into his uniform's pocket and pulls out Shepard's dog tags, "Consider yourself reinstated…Commander." Anderson says, tossing the dog tags at Shepard who catches and looks down at them for a moment before looking back at his friend.

"You know what you have to do." Anderson says.

And with this, Shepard finally relents. He didn't like it, but he knew that Anderson was right "I'll be back for you. And I'll bring every fleet I can." Shepard promises as he turns to leave, but then looks back one last time and says "Good luck."

"You too Shepard." Anderson replies.

Shepard turns around and walks over towards Ashley who holsters her assault rifle onto her back as the weapon folds up and the magnetic clamps attach the weapon to her armor. Shepard turns back around and the two watch as the Normandy begins to lift off, Anderson turns around and starts running away as then two more Kodiak ships fly by and head over to an open area where it seems civilians have gathered to be evacuated to safety. Another Kodiak arrives and hovers close to the ground as a woman is seen helping a man towards the opened doors of the shuttle as Alliance Marines who are arriving there or have already been there surround the area to protect it from the Reapers.

Something then catches Shepard's attention, a little boy, the same little boy that he tried to help not too long ago but when he turned away for a second and looked back, the boy was gone. The roaring sound and the sudden appearance of a Reaper Destroyer catches both Shepard and the boy's attention as the Destroyer is nearly on top of the Kodiak Shuttles and looks down at them while powering up its main weapon. The boy looks up at the Destroyer, his face shadowed by the red light of the Destroyer as he quickly turns and pulls himself onto one of the Kodiak Shuttles just as more Alliance Marines arrive on the scene and fire their weapons at approaching Reaper Husks.

Shepard continues to watch as the boy turns and looks up towards him just before the door to the Shuttle closes as a Marine standing beside it knocks on the door to signal the pilot to take off. The Kodiak along with another quickly take off and attempt to fly away. However, the Reaper Destroyer fires, hitting the second shuttle and sending it crashing to the ground before turning its cannon on the other shuttle the boy was on and hitting it directly as the shuttle explodes to pieces. Shepard is shocked and horrified by this, a little boy, probably just nine or ten years old with a whole life ahead of him...and in the matter of a second that whole life is no more. There was nothing he could've done, maybe had he saved him back then Anderson could've taken him or, maybe he could've been brought aboard the Normandy… Unable to bear it anymore Shepard closes his eyes and look away as the ramp of the Normandy closes up. The Normandy's engines power up and the starship takes off towards space as another Reaper Capital ship touches down in the city. The Normandy breaks through the clouds and flies out into space, passing by all that remained of the Alliance Defense Fleet which was nothing but pieces of debris floating around as more Reaper ships continued to arrive. The Normandy flies farther and farther away from Earth into the darkness of space as those aboard leave their homeworld to its fate...for now. But when they return, they will have the forces necessary to take it back. At least, that's what they hope for. If only they knew however, what fate was about to have in store for them.

Opening Credits: TBA...

Many Months Later…

Location: SSV Normandy SR-2…

Here he was once again. A dark forest, the wind blowing through the air silently as leaves flew in all directions, shadowy figures appeared and disappeared all around except in front of him, and the whispers of his many friends echoed throughout. Looking around, Commander Shepard soon found his eyes fixed upon the little boy that he had saw die as he left Earth. Drawn by an unknown force Shepard began running after the child who in turn ran away from him. Unlike the boy who was running at full speed, Shepard had found himself running as if his whole body was in some kind of slow motion sequence, everything around him at a steady normal speed, except for him. Unlike the past dreams where the boy would disappear and reappear somewhere nearby randomly, in this nightmare the boy just continued running straight through the dreary forest past all the shadow figures with Shepard in slow pursuit. Eventually, Shepard saw the boy run up to someone. Not a shadowy figure but a full bodied person, who it was he did not know. But he was just about to find out as he slowly drew closer and closer to the boy and the strange person to which he had ran up to and was now hugging. As he was about to see just who this person was, a door of light suddenly appeared from out of nowhere in front of the Commander as his body seemed to speed back up and he slid his feet to a complete stop while covering his face from the intense brightness of the light.

"This will not be your time...you will continue to live on!" a female voice boomed, a voice that Shepard did not recognize.

"Who...Who are you?" is what Shepard wanted to say but found himself unable to.

"Your work is not yet done Commander. You still have many allies to gather. You must seek them out." the voice says.

"Them? Who's them?" once again, his thoughts unable to be translated through his mouth. The bright light begins intensifying as the light begins seeping through Shepard's fingers and around his hands until in just a few seconds, Shepard is fully engulfed by the door of light and the dark forest around him disappears.

An explosion goes off and five strange armored men appear jump flipping forward through the fire, some of their armor reminiscent of insects while another resembled more of a bat motif. The scene shifts as six more people, four males, two females, wearing what look like spandex suits with helmets that resemble animals jump up into the air as well with their arms held outwards in a claw like manner like they were preparing to strike something in front of them. The dream shifts once again as Shepard then sees various groups of strangely dressed or armored up humans, creatures, and robots all getting into battle stances and all charging forward with a echoing battle cry towards a massive army consisting of more strange creatures and people he'd never seen before. Except for, what appeared to be Cerberus troops, and Reaper Husks that were among the ranks of the massive army. He then sees… himself? And his entire team along with his surviving former teammates and all of the other strange individuals clash with Cerberus, the Husks and all of the other unknown creatures and people. Various people begin flashing before Shepard's eyes as he appears to be witnessing a massive battle, one of which him and his team as well as Cerberus and the Reapers are a part of. A young boy with spiky caramel brown hair wearing a black and silver overcoat, a black, dark red, and dark blue jumpsuit complete with yellow straps, two red pouches on his hips, two massive black shoes, and black fingerless gloves wields a very strange looking weapon that resembles a massive key clashes blades with an unknown creature. Two more young boys, one with pink hair wearing a open-collared, one-sleeved long overcoat that was zipped up and covered his left arm with a faux leather brown armband, a white, scale-patterned scarf, knee length white trousers with black ribbon ties, black open-toed sandals, and a strange red tattoo below his right shoulder and the other with a bald head and blue tattooed arrow pointing downwards wearing a yellow long-sleeved shirt, orange shawl, an orange belt-like wrap, brown pants, and long red boots; both slide close to each other from opposite sides to a stop and blast forth flames. The boy with the pink hair spewing fire from his mouth while the boy with the blue arrow tattoo casts fire out from his hands. Then, a massive, green and black armored man, his face covered by a helmet with a golden visor who stood probably at least 7ft tall appeared with what looked like an assault rifle in hand as he took a step forward; followed by probably the most normal looking man compared to everyone else he had seen thus far with dark brown hair that was back-combed as this person slowly raised his head, and looked up straight at Shepard like he knew he was there.

"Shepard!" a male voice says, the way it happened almost as if it was coming from the final man.

Shepard's eyes open as he shoots up from his bed breathing heavily, sweat running down his face and his half-naked body "What in the world?" Shepard quietly says to himself as he began catching his breath. Just then a low moan from his left catches his attention as he looks over.

Lying on the bed next to him was the love of his life Ashley Williams, who was still fast asleep as Shepard's movements didn't seem to stir her. Seeing that Ash was still asleep even after his sudden awaking and had a calm, and caring smile on her face made Shepard smile a little bit himself as his mind began recollecting the events of a few hours ago. With the endgame in sight and the thought that any moment could potentially be their last during these last two battles, the two lovers "sealed the deal" and fell asleep in each other's embrace in Shepard's room. All to make sure that if this was going to be their last time together they were going to make their little "thing" official and spend what could be their one last happy time together. Neither of them liked the idea of one or the other dying, but this was war, and anything could happen unfortunately. The only thing they could hope for, was that by pure luck them, and their friends would be able to get through this just like old times and come out at the most beaten and torn up a bit, but alive.

He still couldn't believe how far him and his team came. They had managed to do the impossible and gathered together every single race in their galaxy, the Turians, Asari, Krogan, Salarian, Quarian, even the Batarians and Geth had joined together with Humanity and the other races. Every race was together, every fleet was ready at the moment's notice, and the Crucible was ready. All that remained now was taking out Cerberus and getting back the VI they had stolen, and learning how to activate the Crucible so that the Reapers could finally be destroyed! Shepard and his team had been through a lot in the past few months, and now things were coming to an end.

But...that nightmare...or dream or whatever it was… Every now and then, Shepard would have those strange nightmares where he saw the little boy he couldn't save on Earth, each one ended the same way no matter what. With the boy turning and looking at Shepard sadly as fire consumed him along with the red lighting of a Reaper's laser and the sound of a Reaper. This time though…it was something completely different. It started out the same, but then all of a sudden it changed. All of those people and creatures he saw, he had no idea what to make of it. It was almost as if that dream, or whatever it was, was deliberately shown as to stop that nightmare from showing him something. It sounds weird yes, but that's what it felt like. Normally he would've just put this whole thing aside and just thought nothing more of it. But seeing what he saw and how it happened…it wasn't exactly a thing to be easily forgotten or just pushed aside. He wondered if there was something behind it. Looking at the time, it was still late at 2 o'clock AM Earth time to really do anything since the assault on Cerberus HQ wasn't going to be until noon. Shepard would have to put that strange dream aside for now and go back to sleep if he was going to have the energy for the upcoming battle, and so he laid back down and closed his eyes. When he woke up, he would need to talk to Liara about what he saw, probably after the mission at the very least so that way there wouldn't be any distractions prepping up for it.

A Few Hours Later…

It was almost time. All over the Normandy the crew quickly prepared for the assault on the main Cerberus Headquarters as everyone hurried to their stations. Down in the hangar of the Normandy Shepard's team geared up as the Normandy was about to exit the Mass Relay that was located near the Cerberus base. Everyone was ready, Ashley, James, Liara, EDI, Garrus, Tali and Javik. Every single one of them had their weapons of choice, ammo, grenades, and any other gear they needed ready for combat as they checked their weapons one last time. The only one missing now was Shepard himself who went up to the bridge to talk to Joker.

"The main Cerberus HQ, never thought we'd be seeing this place." Garrus says as he looks down the scope of his sniper rifle the M-92 Mantis to make sure the scope was clean.

"Hey, better late than never. Once Cerberus is dealt with, all that remains are the Reapers." James says as he places his assault rifle the M-8 Avenger onto his back as the weapon folds up and magnetically clamps onto his armor.

"Do you think the Illusive Man is still onboard?" Liara says cleaning the side of her M-3 Predator heavy pistol while sitting on a crate.

"Where else could he of gone if he isn't there. Pretty sure all the other Cerberus bases have already been destroyed or discovered by the Alliance thanks to the info those Ex-Cerberus operatives brought to us. Not a lot of other places to run off too." Ashley says as she looks over her M-8 Avenger.

"If he's there, then his assassin will most likely be by his side protecting him. We will need to be cautious. This is their base after all. It may be possible they have ambush points already mapped out for a situation like this." Javik says as he leans against a stack of crates with his Particle Rifle already magnetically attached to the back of his armor.

"There's no way we're going to let him get the drop on us again or get away after the last two times. I have a feeling Shepard's going to make sure of that. He's got to pay for everything he's done." Tali says as she holsters her M-3 Predator pistol.

"Speaking of Shepard. When I first saw him this morning he appeared to be troubled by something." EDI informs through her synthetic body.

"Really?" Tali says.

"Good, so I'm not the only one who noticed the Skip being a bit weird." Ashley says.

"What are you talking about Ash?" James asks.

"When I saw him this morning, he didn't look like he was all there either." Ashley explains.

"Well, we are about to assault the Cerberus Main Base. And then once we find out how to activate the Crucible we're taking the fight right to Earth and the Reapers. So I could see why he would have a lot on his mind." Garrus points out.

"If Shepard has something on his mind and he needs our help with it he'll tell us. But until then perhaps we should as that saying goes "keep our head in the game"." Liara says standing up from the crate and holstering her pistol.

The sound of the elevator door opening brings everyone's attention over to it. From it Shepard emerges already decked out in his N7 Armor with all of his weapons attached to it making everyone stand at attention to show him that they were ready.

"Well then, I can tell you're all quite eager to get onto this mission already." Shepard says coming to a stop and looking at all of his friends.

"Cerberus has been a pain in our side ever since this entire war started. Now, it's time to take care of them once and for all." Garrus says.

"Agreed, we'll be exiting the Mass Relay soon. The mission is simple, we're here to recover the Prothean VI. But along the way, let's make sure Cerberus never has the chance to recover and harm any more innocent people in the future. That means taking out Kai Leng and most importantly, the Illusive Man." Shepard says.

"Since we're taking the fight to their main base guess we should be expecting a lot of resistance." Ashley speaks up.

"Exactly. This isn't going to be an easy mission. While Hackett and the rest of the Fifth fleet engage Cerberus's fleet, we're the only troops boarding the station. That means that every single Cerberus soldier is going to be moving on us as soon as we hit the ground. Expect resistance to be heavy, they're gonna hit us with everyone and everything they have aboard that station. Every corner we turn, expect some sort of contact whether light or heavy." Shepard says.

"How are we going to navigate through the place? We've never been there before. And I highly doubt they're gonna have any maps hanging on the walls to tell us where what is and where we are exactly." James says.

"Then it's a good thing we have an AI who was created by Cerberus with the floor plans to the entire HQ in her head." Shepard says as he and the others look over at EDI.

"Yes, that is true. I do still contain the knowledge to the entire Cerberus base. I know where every hallway leads and where there could be trap doors for an ambush or to separate us." EDI says.

"Commander, we're about to exit the Mass Relay." Joker announces over the speakers.

Shepard begins to walk towards the Kodiak Shuttle "Alright everyone let's—" A sudden surge of throbbing pain travels through Shepard's head making him close his eyes "Ahhh!" Shepard cries out placing his left hand to his forehead.

"Shepard?" Ashley says as she and everyone else's expressions change to worried looks. Ashley takes a step towards him while the others stiffen up, unsure of what just happened.

Shepard topples to the floor on his knees and right hand making Ashley and Liara both quickly rush over to either side and kneel down beside him putting their hands on his shoulders "Shepard?" Liara worriedly questions.

"Shepard what's wrong?!" Ashley says also in a worried tone.

Shepard continues to groan in pain through clenched teeth as in his head, segments from the "dream" he had last night flow through his head again, along with some...new faces. The armored man, what looked like an anthropomorphic panda and tiger who were using their bare hands and feet to combat some Husks. Two red spandex wearing men, one with white and gold parts on it as there was a small gold symbol of some kind embedded on the forehead of his helmet and then a large one on his chest that had a circle, and then what looked like wings spreading out from it, the other, his red almost like a popped up collared vest or coat of some kind over a black suit that had what looked like a silver colored pirate symbol on his chest; the one with the gold symbols engaged some Husks and Cerberus troops with a strange looking sword while the other fought with a gun and sabre combo, firing his gun to take out two charging Cerberus Phantoms and then using his sabre to block an attack from his side. An armored figure appeared next, this one wearing armor mixed up of white, black, and what looked like pink maybe as he took out a strange card with a gold symbol on it that looked just like his mask but in the form of lines like a barcode. Two more anthropomorphic animals appeared, a lion wielding a massive sword with a blue glowing line of energy going down the center of the blade, and a white feathered eagle wielding a double-sided axe as the two fought side by side against Husks and Cerberus troops with the eagle hovering a few feet off the ground. The pink haired boy that could breathe fire from his mouth appeared next as he stood ready for a fight as then from behind him, a girl with blonde hair tied into two side ponytails runs up to his side and pulls out two strange golden keys as she holds them forward and they begin to glow. The boy that wielded what looked like a giant key-blade like weapon was next, and finally, the man that appeared at the end of the dream appears looking up towards Shepard again.

Shepard lets out a gasp for air and opens his eyes. Sweat pours down his face as he catches his breath, eventually Shepard calms himself as he looks to his left to see Ashley's worried face and then to his right to see Liara, also looking back at him with a worried expression. Shepard begins to push himself back up prompting the two women to stand up and take a few feet back from him as he gets back onto his feet wiping all the sweat on his forehead away. Looking at the rest of his teammates, Shepard can see all of them with the exact same expressions as Ashley and Liara's as they all stare at him with concerned eyes.

"What?" Shepard asks, shrugging his shoulders and trying to casually play his little "episode" off as just nothing. Unfortunately, his friends weren't about to let what just happened before their eyes be casually tossed aside like it was nothing.

"What?! That's all you got to say? Loco, you alright man?!" James asks.

"Y-Yeah. I'm fine James. It was nothing just...Exhaustion, that's all." Shepard lies, not a very good one though.

"Really?" Garrus questions crossing his arms and tilting his head a bit in a not buying it manner "Because you did not look "fine" at all during that whole, whatever it was."

"Guys, it, was nothing. I'm telling you the truth. Lets just get this mission underway already. You can ask me about it later." Shepard persists.

"Skipper. We're all just worried for you. After all, if that happens during the battle you could get hurt, or worse." Ashley says.

Shepard, realizing that his team was going to persist until he explained to them what happened, finally relented as he sighed in defeat closing his eyes. "I...honestly have no idea myself." Shepard begins, the eyes of his teammates, his friends, glued right towards him.

"As you all know, I've been having some…nightmares, about that young boy back on Earth that I couldn't save during the invasion. Each one ending with him being engulfed in flames as I can't do a single thing to save his life. Well...last night I had another nightmare, but this time, there was another person that the boy ran up to. I don't know who it was, or what it was supposed to mean. All I know is, before I could reach them a door of light appeared in front of me. And a voice suddenly called out to me saying "This will not be your time...you will continue to live on!"" Shepard's teammates continued to listen intently to him.

"Next thing I know. I'm seeing, some kind of battle. A big one. Me, all of you, Miranda and the others, we were all there in the middle of it. But, not just us. There were…other people. People we've never seen before. Men and women in armor, spandex, capes, a whole lot of strange looking clothing, there was even some kids in the fight. I also saw aliens the likes I've never seen or even heard of, what looked like bipedal, trained in hand-to-hand combat or wielding weapons, animals. I think I even saw some gigantic looking robots and other creatures. We were all, fighting together in this battle, almost like we knew who they were. And our opponents, were the Reapers, Cerberus, and a whole plethora of, again, strange men, aliens, creatures, things and people we'd never seen or heard of before. I didn't see much of what I can guess was the enemy force, but I did see a few of the people that were supposedly fighting alongside. They were fighting with strange weapons, one boy had what looked like a giant key, and the strangest parts were definitely the people who were fighting with...I don't even know, it was almost like they had powers or something. Some people were moving so quickly all you could see was a blur, some people were flying, two boys who seemed to be able to summon fire from their hand, or spew it from their mouth. There was just...so much going on, so many things that just didn't make any sense. Things that just seemed like stuff out of a comic, or fantasy story, something. Before I could make any full sense on what I was seeing, it ended which is when I woke up with someone calling my name out. As for what happened now, I don't know. I saw more images, images that looked like they were straight out of that dream I had which is why I collapsed to the ground." Shepard finishes.

Shepard's teammates all remain silent, Garrus, and Tali share concerned looks at each other before looking back at Shepard "Whoa…freaky." James is all James can says as he literally finds himself just lost for words.

"Is there something wrong with the drinks I should know about?" Garrus says trying to lighten the mood a little bit.

"As strange sounding as this "dream" of yours sounds. I do not think a liquid, no matter if its been tampered with or not, could ever produce anything such as what the Commander has described." Javik says.

"Maybe not, maybe, a lot is going through your mind right now Shepard. And because you're so stressed maybe it's just, I don't know making you dream some really weird shit up. Could be nothing." Ashley says.

"I don't know, kind of have to agree with Javik on that one. Plus, the way the whole thing seemed to appear during his nightmare and a voice suddenly calls out saying "It's not your time" or whatever, that, sounds really ominous. And I don't like it." Tali says.

"Perhaps the Commander is going to lose his mind soon?" EDI says.

"Not helping EDI. Definitely, not helping." Ashley says slightly annoyed by her question.

"Or maybe, what if it wasn't a dream at all?" Liara says with her right hand cupping her chin as she too is in deep thought about it.

"What do you mean?" James asks.

"It sounds crazy, but, what if this strange occurrence is some sort of...vision?" Liara asks flipping her hand outward.

"Yeah, you're right. It does sound crazy." Ashley says.

"Not really when you think about it. Don't you remember those visions Shepard used to have back during our first mission. When we were hunting down Saren? When he touched those Prothean Beacons, they gave him visions." Tali says.

"But Shepard hasn't had anymore "visions" since that whole fiasco ended. And we haven't exactly touched, let alone seen, anymore Prothean Beacons. So how could this thing be a vision?" Ashley asks.

"Liara, couldn't you do that melding thing and see what's going on in Shepard's head? Maybe that might clear some things up." Garrus suggests.

"Yes, I could try. Shepard?" Liara asks.

"Alright fine, you can do it. Just hurry, before we exit the Mass Relay." Shepard says.

Liara walks over to Shepard and puts her hands on his shoulders while closing her eyes "Remember Commander. Embrace eternity!" Liara declares as she reopens her eyes which are now entirely pitch black.

A massive army consisting of people and creatures, or aliens, that she's never seen before seemingly led by Shepard and a human in large green bulky armor, charge forward towards an even larger force of which Cerberus and Reaper forces seem to be a part of. Both armies soon collide as the sounds of weapons clashing, and guns being fired are heard; and scenes of the various people, creatures, and aliens are seen fighting against Cerberus troops, Husks, or other strange forces or individuals. Blurs of various colors run, or jump through and around a group of Cerberus and other presumed enemy soldiers, delivering a multitude of strikes in under the course of a few seconds before the blurs, who turn out to be some strange individuals come to a stop. The enemy troops go down, as Liara sees the individuals strike some poses, from what she sees about these strange people are that some are, as she read about in Earth's history, ancient assassin's called Ninjas, very colorful ninjas to be more precise. An armored man with the armor resembling a beetle, a man in a red tight skin suit with a thunderbolt symbol on the chest as well as a small blue colored creature, a hedgehog if she remembered correctly. Liara sees the gigantic-green armored man again as he throws a punch at a Cerberus Centurion sending him flying, she then sees a man wearing strange red armor with flame markings all over it and long yellow hair as his fists appear to be engulfed by flames. She then sees another person that Shepard described, a young boy with what looks like a gigantic key-looking blade, the boy turns around blocking an attack from behind, and then turns back around and retaliates with a downward slash.

The feelings she gets from seeing all of this is intense, super intense. Sweat pours like crazy down both Liara and Shepard's faces as they are both shaking in place, the scene frightening their friends who just stood in place, not sure of what to do.

"Liara?!" James calls out.

"Shepard!" Ashley yells.

Unable to handle the intensity of the vision anymore, Liara forcefully breaks off her connection with Shepard, an act that throws both her and Shepard back away from each other. Shepard manages to recover before hitting anything or falling while Liara falls but is luckily caught by Javik and Tali who hold her up. Shepard groans from the feeling that surged through him with his hand on his head before shaking it off as he looks over at Liara who is holding her head as well. Tali asks the Asari if she is okay to which Liara replied she's fine, the two let go of Liara who stumbles for a second at first making Tali and Javik ready to catch her again, but she immediately regains her balance and nods her head at them saying she's fine.

"What, was THAT all about?!" Garrus asks.

"I—I don't know. I've never felt anything like that before. Even the visions that Shepard got from the Prothean Beacon weren't as intense as what I just saw and felt." Liara says.

"What was it? What did you see?" Javik asks.

Just then the voice of Joker comes over the speakers, "Exiting Mass Relay now Commander! Hackett's fleet has the Cerberus Fleet engaged! You guys ready down there?"

"We'll have to deal with this later. Everyone onto the Shuttle." Shepard orders.


The doors to the TARDIS fly open, as the Tenth Doctor runs through them and with haste closes them. Placing his body up against it out of breathe just as the sounds of something metallic impacts into the door.

"I really need to be careful when I come to Victorian Era England. I still don't understand what Queen Elizabeth is so mad about. I haven't done anything wrong. At least yet anyways according to her." The Doctor says to himself while catching his breath.

Not wanting to stick around any longer and risk her guards try ramming the doors down and damaging his TARDIS, the Doctor runs over to his control panel and begins flipping switches and pushing buttons. The famous whirling sound of the TARDIS comes to life, causing the time machine to rock a little bit signaling that it had just entered the Time Vortex.

With the TARDIS now safely traveling through the blue colored tunnel of the Time and Space Vortex, the Doctor began to contemplate once more on where he should travel to.

"Alright…where to go…where to go…where to gooooo…" The Doctor hums to himself while tapping his fingers on his console board.

It had been some time since he left behind his companion/friend Martha, and since then he had mostly done some traveling by himself. Being who he was, there was no limit on where and when he could go, but the main problem that always came to him was where and when to go too. Sporting his usual blue suit and pants, red tie and brown tennis shoes, the Doctor leaned against the console of his TARDIS.

"Hm~. Well, now that I think about it. Never did go to Barcelona now did I? And if I go at the right time it could be rather very enjoyable... Barcelona it is!" the Doctor declares with a clap of his hands. Just as he finally has a destination in mind and he is about to set the coordinates, a knock comes at his door. The Doctor raises his head, a rather confused look on his face as he looks at the door "Now that was odd." The Doctor says in his head.

He listens silently for a few seconds, just to make sure his head wasn't playing some kind of trick on him. Last he checked, he was in the Time Vortex, none of Elizabeth's guards had grabbed onto the TARDIS before he took off. Nothing. Nothing but the sounds of the TARDIS' engines are heard.

"Must've been my imagination." the Doctor says to himself. But before he can turn back around there is a louder knock at his doors, a second set of knocks following almost immediately after the first. "Okay… Not my imagination." the Doctor says, now leaning back against the console really confused on just who could be doing that.

"Uhm… Who is it?!" the Doctor calls out.

Just then, a bright golden light appeared from out of nowhere in the air before his eyes, blinding the Doctor for a moment as he raised his left arm to cover them. The brightness began to die down a little, allowing the Doctor to lower his arm but still squint his eyes as he could just barely make out a figure floating at the center of the light. Moving his head from side to side to try and get a better look at whoever was floating in the middle of that light, the light dimmed down some more until finally, the Doctor could see the person. And upon seeing who it was, his eyes widened at first, but then in a few seconds, the Doctor regained his calm and composed self and put his hands in his pockets "Really now, has it already been fifty-thousand years? I had almost forgotten about the whole thing. So, its time?" the Doctor says to the unknown person.

Back on the Normandy…

It was done, Cerberus had finally been defeated. But now was not the time for celebrations, the Reapers still remained, and, there was some good news and bad news. The good news, Kai Leng and Cerberus had been destroyed, and the Prothean VI had told Shepard and the others how to activate the Crucible; the bad news, the Illusive Man not only escaped, but warned the Reapers on what was needed to activate the Crucible…the Citadel which had now been taken by the Reapers and brought into orbit over the Earth. The time to act was now, if they waited any longer the Reapers would continue to dwindle down their numbers, and it was unknown how much longer Anderson and the rest of the Resistance would be able to hold out. At the moment, Shepard and the crew of the Normandy were awaiting for the arrival of Hackett, the plan was to meet up with him over a nearby planet in the system that the Cerberus HQ was in. Hackett and the rest of the Fifth fleet were mopping up the last of the Cerberus fleet and once that was done with Hackett would rendezvous with Shepard to send out a message to all of the allied fleets that the time to attack the Reapers at Earth was now.

"Anything from Hackett yet Joker?" Shepard asked as he stood at the bridge with his pilot at the controls.

"His ship is chasing down the last Cerberus cruiser right now Commander. He said they'd be here in a few minutes." Joker replies.

"Alright, good to know." Shepard says as he turns to walk away.

Just then a red screen flashes up in front of Joker "Commander!" Joker calls catching Shepard's attention "You may want to take a look at this!"

Shepard hurriedly walks back to his pilot "What is it?" he asks leaning over his right side with his hands on the seat.

"Okay, we've been over this planet for like, what a few minutes already? And EDI did a scan of the planet and didn't pick up anything right?" Joker says.

"Yeah?" Shepard replies not knowing what Joker was getting at.


"We've just picked up a strange, unknown signal originating from the planet. One that was not there a few minutes ago." EDI says for Joker.

"Really?" Shepard asks.

"Yeah, and this planet doesn't have a colony, the only living things down there are the local wildlife. The entire surface is just a bunch of rocky mountains, no flat areas to settle any kind of buildings down on. So no idea where this signal could've come from. In fact there's no records of this planet ever being inhabited, not even any recon or mining teams coming here, not yet anyways." Joker says.

"Think it could be Cerberus remnants? This is close to their HQ." Shepard says.

"I don't have any records of Cerberus ever having sent any teams, or build anything down there. So it's not Cerberus." EDI says.

"Like I said Commander, we're receiving an unknown signal, no idea what it is." Joker says.

Shepard hearing this begins thinking about what to do, it was something unknown and he knew that means it could either be something good, or something bad. If it was good, perhaps it could be something useful for the battle against the Reapers, if it was something bad, it would be a good idea to take care of whatever it was before something happened. Joker said Hackett was still dealing with a Cerberus Cruiser, so he and his team would have some time to go check it out before Hackett arrived, luckily his team hadn't received any major injuries during the battle on the Cerberus base. And he hadn't experienced anymore of that "vision" since the last time.

"Joker, tell the team to get ready again. We'll check this out before Hackett arrives." Shepard says as he turns and walks towards the elevator, EDI following after him.

Entering the atmosphere of the Planet…

"What's with the sudden suit up again Shepard? And why are we investigating this planet?" Ashley asks.

"Joker and EDI picked up an unknown signal coming from this planet, a signal that wasn't there when we first arrived. We don't know what it is, and that means we need to investigate to see if it's something that can help us, or something that could cause trouble. We have some time before Hackett arrives for the meeting, so this would be a good opportunity to check it out." Shepard says.

"Not seeing anywhere to land the shuttle Commander. I'll get you and the others as close to where the signal is coming from as possible. Going to have to leave immediately though, got a dust storm starting to kick up, going to make things hard for me to stick around." Cortez's voice said over the speaker.

"Alright Cortez. Just head back to the Normandy and wait for our signal to come pick us up." Shepard yells back.

The Kodiak Shuttle hovered towards the edge of a cliff as what Joker said about the terrain was true, it was all nothing but rocky, mountainous terrain. The wind was picking up sending dirt and small rocks flying in all directions. Getting as close as possible to the edge, the right side door opens up as Shepard and the others, wearing their helmets for protection jumped off. As soon as everyone was off the shuttle door shut and the transport was off, "EDI what do you have?" Shepard asks through the teams comms, the storm making it impossible for them to talk to one another normally.

"The signal appears to be coming from inside this mountain Shepard." EDI replies back.

Shepard and the others look around, but spot no cave openings."Hey Skip! Not seeing any openings around us. And Cortez said he didn't see any on approach." Ashley says.

"There's got to be one around here somewhere." Shepard says, the storm begins picking up growing more intense.

"Well if there is, at the rate this storm's picking up there's no way we're going to be able to find it." James says.

"Hey maybe if we say "Open Sesame" a secret door will open up for us." Garrus humorously says.

Just at that moment, a small section of the mountain behind the group slides open revealing a cave entrance, a hidden cave entrance that is. Everyone, who is completely stunned by the turn of events, look at Garrus who stares and looks back at every one of them before he shrugs his shoulders.

"Did that really just happen?" James questions.

"Hey, maybe I got the magic voice." Garrus says.

"Hehe gotta agree on that one." Tali says over a private channel to Garrus.

"Aww how nice." Garrus replies.

"Alright, we'll deal with what just happened later. Right now everyone inside." Shepard orders.

Moving into the now opened cave, due to the light from outside the first few feet of the cave are illuminated, but beyond that is pitch darkness. Shepard and the others with helmets activate their headlights while the others activate the flashlight attachment on their guns; with a nod to his teammates the group begins their trek. Shepard as always takes point, followed by the others who spread out as far as the width of the cave will allow them too.

Deeper and deeper the group walked into the cave; soon they couldn't even hear the dust storm that was raging outside.

"EDI how much further?" Shepard asks, no longer restricted by the storm as his voice echoes a little off the walls.

"Not much further Shepard. We are nearing the location the signal is originating from." EDI replies.

"Geez it feels like we've been walking for hours. How far does this cave go?" James says.

"Am I the only one concerned with why there was a hidden door that opened to those words the Turian spoke back outside?" Javik says.

"No you're not Javik. All of us are a bit on edge by that. But so far it doesn't look like there's anything here that points to Cerberus or the Reapers handiwork." Liara says.

"Could this be the work of your people Javik?" Shepard asks.

"No, I don't remember my people ever doing things such as this." Javik replies.

"Okay, so that begs the question. If the Reapers, Cerberus or the Protheans didn't do this. Then what did? Last I checked mountains just don't make their own hidden passageways that require a code to open them." Garrus says.

"Perhaps it was one of the other civilizations that existed long before ours. These caves look like they haven't been disturbed for many centuries." Liara says as she looks at the walls of the cave.

Just then Shepard hears a metallic 'clamp' come from right under his foot. Looking down Shepard sees that his right boot has now hit a metallic floor. Everyone else seeing this shine their lights forward, gone was the rocky cavern which had now been replaced with shiny, completely flat metallic floors, walls, and a ceiling.

"Definitely not any of ours." Shepard states.

Liara steps forward, amazed by the sight that was now before her, "Amazing, it's been who knows how long since this place was disturbed. Yet this hallway looks brand new." Liara says.

"Hey guys, there's something on the wall here!" Tali calls out as she leans closely to the left side wall.

Just then the wall lights up causing her to yelp in panic while stumbling back "I DIDN'T TOUCH ANYTHING!" she yells with her hands raised.

The entire entryway begins flashing in golden lines of light, which then surge forward down the hallway in a squiggly pattern, illuminating the way forward for some distance before disappearing further down the corridor. The lights reappear again and repeat the process, and then again, and again, it seemed like it was never ending, and for some reason, the sight of these lights going down the hallway made Shepard and the others get the feeling, that they needed to follow them. And so they did. As the team began to move out, "You have finally arrived…" Shepard heard a female voice say to him.

"What was that Ash?" Shepard asks stopping to look at her as the others continued past him.

"What?" Ashley asks, a confused look on her face as she stops and looks at Shepard.

"What'd you say?" Shepard asks again raising an eyebrow.

"Um...Shepard. I didn't say anything." Ashley replies before continuing on, walking past Shepard who stands in place. His eyes looking at where Ashley once stood before looking back at her and then eyeing around the hallway, really confused on what just happened. Deciding to ignore it Shepard follows after his team.

"Alright everyone, stay on alert. We don't know what could be down here." Shepard says.

Deeper and deeper the crew went into the strange cave system, the hallway seemingly never-ending as the lights continued to flash them in the direction they were heading.

"Again with the really long hallway. Seriously who dug this place out a Thresher Maw?" James says sarcastically.

"You can quit your complaining James. Looks like we've reached the end." Shepard says as sure enough the lights stop a few feet ahead of them and they exit the hallway into a large room.

As they enter torches along the sides of the walls automatically light themselves as the bright flames from them brighten up the room with enough light that Shepard and the others are able to see strange symbols carved into the walls of the cave, the likes of which they and not even Javik have never seen before.

"What in the world?" Garrus says.

Liara walks over to the left cave wall, and putting her left hand on one of the symbols wipes away some of the dust to get a better look at it "Liara any idea?" Shepard asks.

"No…I've never seen these kinds of symbols before." Liara says.

"Javik?" Tali asks as Javik also examines the symbols but to no avail as he looks back at her and shakes his head.

"Great, not even the 50,000 year old living Prothean knows anything." James says.

"EDI?" Shepard asks wondering if they were at the source of the signal they were receiving.

"It stops here Shepard, but I'm not seeing anything that could've given off the signal." EDI says.

"Well I highly doubt that some ancient old ruins from who knows what long lost civilization would just give off some kind of signal that only we would've picked up and not Cerberus or any other ships that have passed by the planet before. Something must've activated the signal." Garrus says.

"Keep looking around, there has to be something here that could've given off that signal." Shepard says as then he and the others spread out and start looking for something that could give them some kind of clue.

EDI walked towards the back wall of the room and cleared away some dust, she then saw a small part of some carving that looked really, really familiar as she began wiping away more dust. "Shepard!" EDI called out drawing everyone's attention.

"What is it EDI?" Shepard asks.

"It seems that this civilization also had an encounter with the Reapers." EDI says as upon clearing the dust away, she finds herself staring at the carving of a Reaper Capital ship.

"Well I have no doubt about that. Otherwise we'd know these people by now." Garrus says.

EDI continued walking alongside the wall, until she came across something quite peculiar.

"Shepard…you may want to take a look at this." EDI says.

Shepard walks over to EDI who moves aside, allowing Shepard to look at the wall as his eyes widened in a bit of shock at what he was seeing "What in the world?" he says.

"What is it Shepard?" Liara asks as the others are drawn over to find out what he discovered.

"It's...the insignia of the N7." Shepard says.

"What?" James questions, him and the others becoming slightly confused by what he just said.

"Look." Shepard says as he backs up, revealing to the others that true to what he said, there on the wall with no dust on it, was an exact carving of the symbol of the N7 vocational code of the Systems Alliance military. The design of it matching one hundred percent that of what was on Shepard's armor.

Shepard backs up until he's with the others while EDI still stands beside the wall, all of them taken back by seeing the N7 on the wall, a wall of a who knows how long dead civilization that couldn't possibly know about the N7s of the Systems Alliance "Ok…that's…a bit odd." Ashley says.

"Don't suppose this civilization would have had their own special force group called the N7s?" James questions.

"And the N7 was just carved into the wall perfectly for us to see and not in some kind of unknown alien language? I don't think so." Tali says.

"Hey, what's that number beside Shepard's?" Ashley points out.

EDI wipes away the dust to reveal "117. Sounds like a military serial number." Garrus says.

"Anyone happen to know a person with the serial number one-one-seven?" James asks.

"Not to my knowledge, even then most serial numbers I know have more then three numbers." Ashley says.

"Think there's any more stuff on the wall?" Tali asks.

As if answering Tali's question, from out of nowhere a strong gust of wind blows through the hallway and into the wall, blowing away the rest of the dust that covers it and revealing to the group a large number of different symbols on the wall, all of them behind the N7 and 117.

"Okay, there's your answer. Along with a, really, really strange gust of wind that blew in from out of nowhere like it was answering your question." Garrus says.

"Well at least it saved us time from having to wipe all that dust away. And, gave us the answer as well of course." Ashley says.

The group look at the various different symbols on the wall, one looking like the face of a bug or the front of a motorcycle with a red R drawn around it, six of them are coin shaped with the faces of a T-Rex, Triceratops, Mammoth, Sabertooth, Pterodactyl, and a three toed foot, and another six that when looked at, for some reason the word "fairy" came to mind on how it could be described.

"Anyone recognize any of these symbols?" Shepard asks.

"Nothing I've ever seen before." Liara says.

"I see a couple more N7's on there, but everything else is a mystery to me." Garrus says.

Suddenly the ground around EDI starts glowing bright gold, making her look around curiously "EDI!" Shepard yells not wanting to take any chances on if that light was dangerous or not.

However before he can do anything EDI's body starts glowing as well as her head shoots upwards and gold lights shines out from her mouth and eyes and her body levitates a few feet into the air. Shepard tries to rush over to help her, but finds himself unable to move as he looks down to see the same glowing light outlining his boots, the others also notice this around their feet and attempt to move but to no avail. The light was somehow magnetizing their boots to the floor making none of them able to move even an inch. Shepard and the others look at EDI as then she tilts her head forward and looks at them, the gold lights dying down in her eyes and mouth.

"You have finally arrived." EDI says, but the voice sounding nothing like her.

"That voice…" Shepard says in his head recognizing it, it was the voice from before.

"Who are you?!" Shepard questions in a demanding voice.

"You do not need to fear me Commander Shepard. I am a friend. My name is Minerva; I am just borrowing your friend's body as a means to communicate with you." The voice, now identified as belonging to a woman called Minerva says.

"How do you know me Minerva? Who are you? What are you?" Shepard asks.

"I have had my ways of keeping my eyes on you and the rest of your friends, Commander. As for who I am, I am just like you. A human." Minerva says.

"A human? Last I checked we've never built anything like this stuff, or done what you're doing." Shepard says not believing this Minerva.

"That is because I am not a Human, from your universe." Minerva says.

"Wait, what?" James says upon hearing that.

"What do you mean, not from your universe?" Garrus questions.

"It is as I have said, Garrus Vakarian. I am not from this universe; me and my people came from what is known as, an alternate universe." Minerva begins "As you know, your galaxy is only one of an entire Universe. Many other galaxies, and planets lie out there in the deep darkness of space. An Alternate Universe, is just that, a Universe completely different from your own. Different galaxies, different planets, many things are different when compared to your own. Though there seem to be some instances of there being a few, similarities between alternate universes, of course those range very far and few. Such as humans for that instance. But not even humans inhabit all alternate universes." Minerva says.

"I've heard about alternate universes, it's connected to the theory of the multiverse." Liara says speaking up.

"The multiverse?" Tali asks.

"Yes. The Multiverse Theory, it is the idea that our universe is but one in a never ending set of billions, and billions of other "alternate universes", and not just alternate, but "parallel universes", universes that are similar to one alternate universe but with either a few, or a lot of changes to those that inhabit it. There was more to this theory but, I never put a lot of thought and research into it. It sounded intriguing but, I thought such a thing would be scientifically impossible to even prove if it were true. Are you actually from another universe?" Liara asks Minerva now becoming very intrigued.

"Yes, I am. Back in my universe, my people were on the verge of extinction. We needed to escape our dying world, and our scientists were able to come up with that means. A machine that was able to break the barriers of space and time, and create a portal to another universe. And it was when we used it, that we discovered just how much more we could do, how further we could go, we had done the impossible and opened up the entire Multiverse for our people to create new lives and flourish in. Using these portals we managed to escape our dying world and fled to the safety of the other universes. These portals proved very helpful in keeping our people together, even when we were separated into the various universes. With this technology, we thought that we were safe at last, and that we could finally begin rebuilding everything we had lost. That is…until we found out what other horrors could await us out there in a different universe." Minerva says.

Shepard narrows his eyes "Are you talking about the Reapers?" he asks.

"Yes. It was an unfortunate fate that some of my people came to this universe, during the Reapers last genocide on this galaxy." Minerva says.

"You mean when my people and the other species of my time were being attacked by the Reapers?!" Javik says in surprise.

Minerva nods her head "As soon as my people came into contact with them, they discovered all too well just how dangerous these synthetical beings were, and tried to escape. But it was too late. When they did, the Reapers followed them. They killed many of my people, and gained access to the very technology that had saved us. The technology that was our savior, would now be the doom of the Multiverse." Minerva says.

Hearing this shocks Shepard and the others, if this Multiverse Theory really was true, and the Reapers did gain access to technology that allowed them to travel to these alternate universes. Then this meant that there were a lot, and they mean a lot more casualties then just the Protheans and the other past races of their universe. And if they still had access to this now, then that meant there were even more lives on the line then there was to begin with, and then there was the question that if there truly were other universes in danger, would using the Crucible save them? The Crucible was built to destroy the Reapers, but the group had a feeling that when it was being built or constructed, the thought of saving the entire multiverse wasn't exactly on anyone's mind meaning it was highly doubtful it was capable of such a thing.

"Because of their sudden appearance and numbers, the races that inhabited the other universes were caught completely off guard and decimated. Billions of lives across the multiverse were lost, and I don't even want to think of how many races were lost, or at least close to extinction. However, that wasn't the end of it. Something else, happened to them. I don't know what it was but, for some reason, they changed. Whatever it was that changed them, it made them not only target the highly advanced races like my people or the Protheans, but the mildly advanced races, and even those who had yet to achieve any kind of technological advancement, found themselves targeted by the Reapers." Minerva says.

"What?" Shepard says in disbelief.

"Wait so you're saying that, even like cavemen or other races equivalent to that were being targeted? Like ancient civilizations with nothing but swords, spears, that stuff?" James questions.

"Correct." Minerva answers.

"Perhaps the portals could've had some kind of strange side effect on them using it? And maybe the ones that changed either transferred it over to the others, or it just affected them all in some kind of way?" Liara says.

"We can barely fight these guys, I doubt people with wooden spears would stand any chance in hell against them." Ashley says.

"We knew something had to be done. Luckily, help came to us from some strange allies. They called themselves, the Time Lords. People who were the very first to create time travel technology, which also allowed them access to other universes as well. You could say that these Time Lords were also the protectors of time itself, as they worked very hard to make sure that all of time and space were protected from those who could endanger and damage it all. With their help, we were able to find the means to send all of the Reapers back to the universe they came from. Though, at a heavy cost. The Time Lords lost many of their people during the fight, but my people suffered the most. We had escaped extinction from our universe, only to face it another, much more painful means. We had a feeling however, that the Multiverse had not seen the last of the Reapers. We would not last much longer, and we knew everything there was to know about the Reapers from the Time Lords. We tried to convince them of finding some sort of way that when the Reapers returned, something could be done to destroy them, once and for all. But they wouldn't listen to our hearing, all cause we were the ones who brought the Reapers across the Multiverse." Minerva says.

"And we have that way Minerva. We were about to go deal with the Reapers when you sent out that signal." Shepard says.

"Yes you were. However, surely this thought has come to your mind by now. But even if you were to activate the Crucible, how would the Reapers in the other universes be destroyed?" Minerva says.

Shepard and his teammates exchange looks at one another since what she said was true "And not only that. But do you think the Reapers will take even the slightest chance of you getting through their forces and reaching the Citadel. The only reason they have yet to launch an attack on the multiverse, is because of you and the people of your galaxy. The Reapers wanted to put an end to you and your races before launching their mass genocide on the multiverse, as then no one would be able to activate the Crucible as none of the other universes would know about it. Now that you know what must be done, and you've gathered a large enough force, it will only be a matter of time until the Reapers begin attacking the alternate universes in an effort to increase their numbers, as well as create new Husks the likes of which you and your people have never seen before. With these numbers, if you were to attack the Earth, they would have deployed these new forces there and cut off your entire invading force. And with nowhere left for you to run, they would unleash their deadly new hordes of Husks onto your forces and annihilate you all, and with you, the only chance the multiverse has at surviving." Minerva says.

"Then what should we do? We've gathered what forces we could, there's no one else for us to turn to for help." Shepard asks.

"But there is…Commander, there is a multiverse out there, thousands, billions of alternate universes with armies of their own that will surely answer the call to fight beside you once they know that you possess the only weapon that can save their universes. And then...there are the heroes." Minerva says.

"The...heroes?" Shepard asks.

"Special Individuals, like yourselves. People who have survived and done things others would have deemed impossible. People who have defied all odds to overcome everything that stands in their path, to fight and protect all that they love, and care for. People who stand to fight and protect the weak, and the innocent from the forces that wish for nothing but death, destruction, chaos, and to rule over all with the iron fist of evil. These special people, who fight to protect all that is good, are deemed as Heroes, and are the chosen protectors of their respective universes whether they know this or not. And you Commander, and your friends, are a part of this great legacy that spans across the multiverse." Minerva says.

Some of Shepard's teammates exchange looks at one another "I think you got the wrong idea, Minerva. We're just a ragtag-"

"A ragtag group of normal people who fight to protect all they love. Yes, many of these people are just that. The title of a Hero is not chosen or earned. It is bestowed by the strange forces of the multiverse, sometimes unknowingly onto the individuals, because of everything that I have just said. Because they complete the impossible, they overcome all odds to defeat the forces of evil that threaten peace and justice, and sometimes. They even come close to death itself. But they do not waver. There are many heroes who know what it is they do, and the burden of which is placed upon them; and there are many more who do not know this. To them, the special things they did was because no one else could and so they stepped up to the challenge and in the end, overcame it." Minerva says cutting off Shepard.

"Those are the qualities of a Hero, Commander. You may not accept it, but in your heart you know this to be true because of everything you have done for the people of your universe. More then anyone else. Gather together the Heroes of the Multiverse and their armies. With their powers combined with your own, no matter what the Reapers do they will not be able to stop you. With their aid, you can activate the Crucible and use it to save not just your universe, but the entire Multiverse itself." Minerva says.

"Even if we were to do this, how exactly would we travel to these alternate universes? How do we tell who the heroes are? And if we do start gathering them, what's to keep the Reapers from attacking us first and annihilating our forces before we can even gather a large enough force?" Shepard asks.

"You will not be alone on this journey. He…will be there to guide you and help you travel across the universes. As for the Heroes, I have a feeling you will be able to tell yourself. I must go now Commander, what lies beyond this wall, will take you to the first universe that will begin it all. Go to this universe, gather the heroes and their allies, and do not worry. This device will also activate a countermeasure my people were able to complete before our fateful extinction, one that will keep the Reapers away from this planet, that way you can gather your new force in safety, until the time of which you are ready to fight." Minerva says as suddenly EDIs body begins slowly descending to the ground.

"This journey will not be an easy one Commander. Your skills will be put to the test, and once the Reapers discover what you are doing, they will do whatever it takes, to make sure you do not succeed in gathering an even bigger army of which even they will have trouble fully combating when you invade Earth. But I believe, that with the new allies, and friends you will make, you just might succeed, and finally rid not just your universe, but all of them of this terrible threat that my people so unforgivable brought upon them. Good luck, Commander Shepard." Minerva finishes, as then EDIs body touches the ground again and the golden light that encompassed her disappears.

It is also at that exact moment that Shepard and the others find themselves free from whatever was holding them in place. Their feet free to move again, the group quickly rushes over to EDI as she seems to be recovering from what she just experienced "EDI! You alright?" Shepard asks.

EDI shakes her head and looks forward "I am fine Shepard. In fact, I was actually aware of what was happening during that time I was taken over." EDI replies.

"Okay, anyone getting the feeling that we should get the hell out of here before anything else happens?" James asks.

"Wait a minute, what about what she said?" Liara asks.

"You mean the crazy ghost lady who possessed EDI and then held us in place. Come on now, alternate universes? Heroes? All sounds like a bunch of nonsense to me." James says.

"And what if it is real? Alternate universes? All these different heroes? It sounds far-fetched sure. But if what she said was true, then we got no other choice. Otherwise, we attack Earth, and suddenly, boom! Whole bunch of Reaper reinforcements from out of nowhere, and Husks, that we've never seen before. Right now, our current forces are only enough to attack maybe just England itself not the entire planet. And that's not even counting on how many of them make it to the ground alive. We throw everything we have, the Reapers are going to throw right back to make sure we don't reach the Citadel, which includes the Reaper forces all over the planet, and just maybe even these reinforcements Minerva just told us about. And if that happens, then it's just like she said, we're screwed, and so is the rest of the Multiverse." Ashley argues.

"Then let's just attack now! All the fleets are ready to go, we attack now before they have a chance of doing that, otherwise the longer we wait it gives them the chance to do just that. And worse, even raise their defensive numbers." James says.

"But that still leaves the problem of them in the other universes. She said it's only a matter of time before they start attacking the other universes, heck they could've already started for all we know. And if that is the case and we do recapture the Citadel to activate the Crucible, that still leaves all the Reapers in those other universes not affected by it. If we're gonna destroy the Reapers, we have to make sure all of them are hit by the weapon or else they'll just return sometime in the future and maybe even stronger then before." Tali says.

"Everyone calm down!" Garrus says stepping in between everyone with his hands up "Look, the way I see things. There's a fifty-fifty here. For all we know, like James said, this whole thing could be some kind of wild goose chase nonsense that will have us running around looking like idiots for nothing. On the other hand, there's also a chance that what just happened, and all the things that ghost lady said, are one hundred percent true. And if we don't gather these heroes and their armies with our own, then we're all screwed. Arguing isn't going to solve anything at this point that's for sure. So, let's just leave it to our leader who always makes the right decisions. Shepard, what do you think?" Garrus asks gesturing to him as Shepard seems to already be in deep thought about the whole thing.

On one hand James was right, all of this did seem a bit farfetched, almost like something out of a comic book with "heroes" and good vs evil and whatnot. But…on the other hand. If what this Minerva lady said was true, then unless they did seek out help from these alternate universes, their attack on Earth would be pointless and just put the entire Multiverse at risk of being wiped out by the Reapers. It was true, the gathered fleets were...sufficient. All Shepard and the Allied Armies had to do was retake the Citadel, attach the Crucible to it, and activate it, seemed simple in book. But in actual combat, when it's a given that the enemy force easily outnumbers you ten to one, and of the possibility of them deploying reinforcements and new Husks that they'd never encountered before which could be just as dangerous as the ones they already know...If gathering these heroes and their armies could really turn the tide of battle, and allow them to reach the Citadel more easily and activate the Crucible, even if the Reapers were to send reinforcements, it was a chance Shepard knew he had to take. Especially since now not just his universe, but billions of others were on the line, and if the Crucible was activated and only the Reapers in his universe were affected while the others that escaped to alternate universes survived, then it would be only a certain amount of time until they returned to finish the job and with even stronger forces then before.

"Right now, any kind of farfetched idea sounds good to at least try. Let's try to get these heroes and armies from these other Alternate Universes." Shepard says to his team.

Upon those words, the cave begins shaking catching everyone off guard, as all of a sudden the wall before Shepard and the others lights up. The wall then begins slowly sliding open revealing the room that Minerva mentioned to them.

Meanwhile in Another Universe…

Location: Coruscant, the Jedi Temple…

It had been a few weeks since Coruscant had been liberated by the forces of the New Republic. While the citizens along with the New Republic was rebuilding from the battle, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker had decided to pay a visit to the Jedi Temple of the planet, the one that both Obi-Wan Kenobi and his father had went to before the time of the Empire, before his father was corrupted by the likes of the Sith Lord Palpatine. Wearing the robe of a Jedi, he arrived to the entrance of the Temple.

"So, this is where it all began." Luke says to himself as he looks up at the massive building before his eyes.

Luke walks up the Temple steps and enters into the halls of the Jedi Temple. The signs of battle could still be seen, it looked like the place had not been touched since the Great Jedi Purge that nearly led to the extinction of the Jedi. Rubble, and pieces of pillars littered the grounds all over the place, along with blaster, explosion, and lightsaber cut marks. The air was still filled with the sense of anger, sadness, and death. "The Jedi were wronged and killed all those years ago. Now they will be rebuilt." Luke says as he walks further into the Temple.

Back in Shepard's Universe…

Shepard and the others walk into the chamber, not much is in there except the walkway they are on and then a platform in the middle of the room with water surrounding them. At the center of the platform the group spot a small, metallic, pyramid-looking device on top of a pedestal.

"Could that be what Minerva said would take us to the first alternate universe?" Liara questions.

"She did say that what lied behind the wall would take us to our first alternate universe." Javik says.

"Alright, here's a question. How do we activate it? She kind of neglected to mention that to us." James asks.

Shepard however doesn't hear James, all of a sudden everything becomes completely silent around him as then he seems to be drawn towards the device, like it had some kind of trance on him. Shepard begins walking towards it as his teammates talk amongst each other, until Garrus catches a glimpse of Shepard walking towards the device out of the corner of his eye "Shepard?" Garrus says, too quiet that the others do not hear him as he wonders what Shepard was doing.

Shepard then slowly begins raising his right hand towards the device "Shepard?!" Garrus says, this time more louder catching the rest of the team's attention as Garrus begins feeling concerned for what his friend was doing.

As Shepard's hand gets closer to the pyramid device, it begins to glow "Shepard!" Garrus yells as he and the others are about to rush Shepard to stop him from touching the device. However just the tip of his index finger touches the device, as then the whole room is engulfed in a bright golden light like before blinding and forcing everyone to stop in their tracks and cover their eyes. As the light dies down, everyone moves their arms to see no sign of Shepard.

"Shepard?" Ashley says.

Everyone begins looking around frantically, but with only one way into the room and no one having heard the sound of splashing water to signify him having fallen in by accident or something...

"Shepard?! Shepar~d!" Ashley yells.

Back at the Jedi Temple…

Luke arrives at the Jedi Council chamber and looks around. Windows broken, the chairs that once belonged to the Jedi Council members, some were now destroyed, others remain untouched, but they were tossed and turned all over the room nonetheless. Just then, a strong surge from the Force travels through Luke as he looks out into the hall and quickly walks out of the room.

"What is this strange feeling?" Luke says to himself, wondering what it was that he had just sensed with the Force.

Commander Shepard opens his eyes and gets up. Looking around he immediately notices that he is not only no longer in the cave anymore, but that Ashley and the others were no longer with him. Shepard activates his Omni-tool and tries to contact them "Ash do you read over? Joker? EDI?" but gets no response, only static.

Looking around again he notices that wherever he is, it looks like there had been a battle there. Not knowing if there were still people there from the battle, and not wanting to take chance on them being friendly or not, he took his M-8 Avenger out and held it at the ready.

Using the Force to guide him to the strange disturbance, Luke finds himself in the Great Hall as he looks down and takes notice of someone. Squinting his eyes to get a better look he sees a man wearing some armor, armed with even stranger looking weapons he's never seen before. Seeing the armed individual Luke gets his weapons including his Lightsaber ready. Trying to use the Force to discern whether this man is good or evil, Luke finds himself for some reason unable to sense it, forcing him to have to figure this out just by appearance alone unfortunately. Heavily armed with a whole bunch of weapons, wearing some strong looking armor, yep, must be some mercenary or bounty hunter sent by the Remnants of the Empire to kill him.

Luke decides to not engage the Bounty Hunter at close range as the Empire would have sent someone who could go toe to toe with a Jedi, and so grabs the DH-17 Blaster Rifle he had taken just as a precaution, and takes it out from his robe. Luke carefully takes aim at the bounty hunter and charges up his gun for a charged shot. Shepard continues walking slowly through the unknown environment, until suddenly he hears a strange sound from behind him as he turns around, to see something flying right towards him. His combat instincts kick in and the Commander quickly rolls out of the way as the charged shot impacts into the ground behind where he once stood.

Looking at where the strange thing impacted, the first thing that enters his mind was that whatever it was, it was definitely from a weapon firing it, which meant that he was not alone and under attack by whoever was a part of the battle in this place. Looking at where the shot came from he notices a figure in a brown robe with a strange weapon in his hands as he takes aim with his Avenger and opens fire.

The sounds of the shots cracking near him make Luke head to a different position for cover as Shepard continues to fire, following after him with his gun. Luke begins returning fire with his blaster rifle as Shepard begins to run and gun himself, following Luke from the ground floor as both of their shots impact and fly around the two. Luke sees a gap up ahead and dropping his DH-17 as well as his robe revealing his black Jedi garb, jumps over the ledge to the ground below using the force to safely land.

The distance of which he jumped and from how high up however, leaves the Commander beyond confused "How the hell did he do that?" Shepard quietly questions himself as he comes to a stop and continues firing at Luke.

Luke rolls forward behind the segment of a destroyed pillar for cover and brings out his DL-44, Shepard attempts to reload his gun but this allows Luke to pop out of cover and fire off his blaster pistol, forcing Shepard to quickly discard his gun and dive behind some rubble for cover, landing behind it and scrambling to his feet as he takes out his M-3 Predator pistol.

"You should head back to the Empire and tell them you failed Bounty Hunter, I'll let you live if you do so." Luke yells.

"Bounty Hunter? Empire? Sorry I don't know what you're talking about. I'm just trying to figure out where I am and how I got here is all." Shepard yells back.

"Where he is and how he got here? If he's trying to trick me that's definitely an odd way of doing it." Luke says in his head with a confused look on his face.

Luke doesn't know what to make of what the man said, but just like before he finds himself unable to sense if the man was telling the truth or not. Getting out of cover Luke uses the force to lift up the rubble that Shepard is using for cover, as he soon gets eyes on Shepard who still has his back turned. Shepard all of a sudden feels the rubble behind him disappear and quickly turns to find it no longer there, but a few feet in the air, catching him off guard as he looks at Luke and sees that he has his arm raised forward like he was the one lifting it.

"Biotics?" Shepard questions, however, if that was the case, then where was the usual blue aura that surrounded a person when they used it?

Thinking quickly, Shepard rushes over to a nearby pillar when Luke hurls the rubble at Shepard who turns around and casts a Biotic Sphere, protecting him from the rubble as the pieces of concrete break to smaller pieces or dust upon impact.

"Did he just use the Force?" Luke questions himself after seeing this "Impossible, if he was a Force User I would've sensed it."

Shepard lowers the sphere and raises his pistol, Luke sees this and quickly activates his Lightsaber as Shepard fires a shot which upon hitting the Lightsaber, passes through turning into molten ash which then gets into Luke's face. Making Luke twist back in pain as he blindly fires off a couple of shots from his pistol, hitting Shepard a few times as the Kinetic Barriers of his armor flash from the damage received, which was surprisingly a lot for the few shots that did hit him as the warning alarm that his barriers were heavily depleted goes off alerting Shepard to this. Shocked by this at first, Shepard quickly gets back to the battle and continues firing his pistol as Luke quickly deactivates his lightsaber and jumps to cover.

"Looks like he's using slug rounds and has his own personal shield on his armor." Luke says to himself as he applies Force Heal to his face, taking care of the pain from the molten ash.

Shepard slowly, and carefully walks towards Luke's position with his pistol raised. Finally, Luke is able to sense the man coming up on his position and so acting quickly, uses the Force Speed to quietly sneak around his cover to Shepard's rear. Once behind him, and with Shepard not knowing this, Luke fires at the back of the Commander with his DL-44, but once again the Kinetic Barriers on Shepard's armor protect and warn him of the attack from behind. Shepard quickly turns and fires at Luke who gets back into cover. Shepard powers up his Biotics and casts Shockwave which blasts Luke out of his cover. Luke manages to recover mid-air as he lands on his feet, just as Shepard takes aim with his Predator. Luke reacts quickly and casts Force Pull yanking Shepard's sidearm out of his hand as he pulls it towards him and cuts the gun with his Lightsaber. Shepard quickly uses Biotic Lift to lift up some rubble behind Luke as he pulls his arm back and sends it flying at him from behind. A small rock hitting Luke in the back of the head alerts him to the trouble from behind as he turns and uses the Lightsaber to destroy or cut some of the rubble protecting him.

Shepard charges up and uses Biotic Charge, Luke turns around to be met with the slamming hit from Shepard knocking him far back as he slides to a stop. Blood begins to run down Luke's nose as he just wipes it away and uses the Force to lift up a massive rock and toss it at Shepard; Shepard sees this and activates his Omni-Blade cutting it in half. Luke then uses the force to lift up a small piece of a pillar and launches it at Shepard. Shepard rolls out of the way, but unknown to him Luke uses the force to quickly send another small pillar at Shepard as the Commander is taken off guard and unable to react fast enough. The pillar hits Shepard with full force, sending him flying into a half destroyed but still standing pillar as the impact makes it fall over. Shepard climbs out of the rubble with a bunch of bruises and cuts on his face, and while he is tired out from that strike he manages to stand up just in time to see Luke charging him. Shepard casts Biotic Slam on Luke as he is blasted into the air, as he tries to get free of it Shepard slams Luke into the ground and then casts Biotic Throw sending Luke flying and hitting a wall at full force. Luke slides to the ground in pain as he begins to tire, but still manages to stand up.

Shepard and Luke stare at each other. Both warriors bloodied and bruised up; both are tired but still stand. Luke activates his Lightsaber and charges at Shepard who casts the Singularity Biotic, Luke however is able to resist the gravitational pull by planting his Lightsaber into the ground, keeping him grounded. Luke looks up to see Shepard raise his Avenger that he managed to retrieve using Biotic Pull as the Commander fires what was left of the clip at him; Luke however lifts his free hand up and uses the Force to direct the shots back at Shepard who uses Barrier to protect him from the shots. Shepard tosses his gun again now that it was out of ammo and waits for Luke who begins to charge at him again as soon as the Singularity dies away. Luke takes a swing at Shepard who ducks under the Lightsaber and punches him in the stomach making him to stumble back from the force of the punch. Shepard rushes Luke and throws a jumping kick into his chest, sending him flying to the ground in a daze. While Luke is dazed, Shepard walks and stands over him, activating his Omni-Blade as he prepares to go for the kill, when he gets a strange feeling in his heart that makes him stop himself from doing it.

This however gives Luke a chance and opening upon him regaining his senses, as he kicks Shepard off his feet making him fall onto his back and then get back up onto his feet, using the Force to call his Lightsaber into his hand as he activates it and holds it above Shepard. As he is about to finish off the Commander, just like Shepard, something comes over him. He begins to feel something coming from the strange man before him. Suddenly, whatever was clouding the man from being sensed by the Force before, was beginning to fully clear, allowing Luke to finally begin sensing the presence of goodness in the man's heart; Luke raises his Lightsaber and drives it downward.

Shepard opens his eyes and looks to his left to see the Lightsaber in the ground just a few inches away from his head.

"You…who are you?" Luke asks.

"Well…I'm not who you think I am." Shepard replies unsure of what to do now.

"Those weapons of yours, that armor. I don't recognize any of it. Where are you from?" Luke asks narrowing his eyes as he was still suspicious of the man.

"Don't suppose you would believe…another universe?" Shepard questions with a raised eyebrow since he didn't know if the man before him was going to fully believe him or not.

This however, seems to catch his attention "Another Universe?" Luke asks.

"Not buying it?" Shepard says.

"Are you…are you the person that Minerva mentioned?" Luke asks.

"Minerva? Wait, you met her?" Shepard asks shocked by this.

"Yes, last night in a vision." Luke answers.

The Previous Night…

"Who are you?" Luke asks as he finds himself in an unknown place that is completely dark, all saved for a strange shining woman who appeared before him.

"Do not be afraid Luke Skywalker. I am an ally, I am here to warn you that yours and every other universe out there is in danger. And that if you are to survive, you and the other heroes must unite together behind him." Minerva says.

Present Time…

Luke helps Shepard back to his feet while continue to explain everything to him "She then told me everything I needed to know. About the Reapers, the Multiverse, and how if we were to defeat the Reapers when they came, me, my friends and our army, the New Republic would need to gather and fight beside you to save not just our universe. But the Multiverse itself."

"Well, that about sums up what she told me." Shepard says.

"But, how did you get here?" Luke questions.

"Honestly I have no idea. The last thing I remember was me and my team coming up on this object that she told us would take us to our first alternate universe, and next thing I know…well I'm fighting you." Shepard says.

Just then a bright light to their side catches their attention as they look to see as Minerva materializes out of thin air "Minerva!" Shepard and Luke say at the same time surprised to see her.

"Not exactly how I envisioned your first meet up with a fellow hero, Commander. But nevertheless, do not worry, the device you touched, while it did activate that safety barrier that will prevent the Reapers from attacking within a large radius from the planet, also still has one more use for you." Minerva says slowly waving her left arm out as then the pyramid device appears in front of the two heroes.

"Once your business here is done. Twist the top and it will not only bring you and your new allies back to your universe, but it will also open up a portal above the planet which will connect this universe to yours, allowing Luke's army to the enter your universe. The portal will of course exit out above the planet which you first discovered me on Commander, and do not worry, because the portal leads to that planet, the "Anti-Reaper" barrier you could call it, will affect the portal as well. Thus keeping the Reapers far away from the portal allowing your new allies safe passage into it, as well as prevent them from entering it. I wish the both of you luck, however I must attend to some other…business." Minerva says as she disappears.

The two look at the device as Shepard grabs a hold of it, "My name is Luke. Luke Skywalker." Luke says to Shepard catching his attention.

Shepard looks back at him, and seeing that he has gained his trust, decides to introduces himself to the Jedi "Shepard, John Shepard. But a lot of people call me Commander Shepard. So just Commander or Shepard will do." Shepard says.

"Well then Shepard, I will bring you to the leaders of the New Republic so that you can ask for their aid in the fight against the Reapers." Luke says.

Back at the Ruins…

It's been only thirty minutes since the group lost sight and contact with Shepard. With the storm outside having cleared, EDI decided to head back to the ship to report the situation to the rest of the crew while Ash and the others stayed in the room just to make sure he doesn't reappear without them there.

"Come on Shepard. Where are you?" Ashley quietly asks.

Just then a bright golden portal appears before the group as they all immediately train their weapons at it, not knowing what might be coming through it as two figures cloaked by shadow appear "Halt! Identify yourselves!" Ashley orders.

"Easy there Ash." A familiar voice to the group says catching them by surprise.

Shepard then walks forward revealing himself to the group, "Shepard!" Ashley yells in happiness as everyone else is glad to see him okay…for the most part as they notice the bruises and blood on him.

"Shepard are you—"

"Don't worry Tali. Just a little mishap, but, everything's fine now." Shepard says as he turns around, as then Luke Skywalker, his sister Leia, their smuggler friend Han Solo, and his Wookie partner/best friend Chewbacca walk out revealing themselves.

Seeing them surprises the group as they don't know who they are and what to make of them, however, one question does come to mind, "Hey Loco…are they—"

"Yes James. Our new allies." Shepard says with a smile.

As he says that, just above the planet, a giant blue portal opens up surprising the crew of the Normandy who stare at it in awe and confusion. Just then, a group of ships belonging to the New Republic begin flying through it startling the crew even more.

"Uh~, anyone else seeing this?" Joker asks.

Just then "Hey Joker. Be easy on our new allies up there. Don't worry, they're with me."Shepard says over the comms.

"So~…I'm guessing what this Minerva lady said is…true." Joker says.

"It appears so." EDI replies.