Shepard limped his way up a ramp. The Commander had just crossed a chasm with electricity, and shifting panels on either side of the bridge he used to cross as Anderson had said he had crossed himself not too long ago. Shepard had just lost contact with Anderson, the Admiral's last transmission stating how he had spotted a control panel and was going ahead to check it out when they were suddenly cut off by some strange interference. Shepard held in his right hand his pistol, luckily he had not needed to use it so far as the hallway he landed in led straight out to the chasm and where he is now; the only problem encountered so far was his slow walking pace, pain still coursing through his heavily broken and injured body as the Commander just had to endure it, especially since it was now only him, and Anderson who had gotten this far and no one else. The fact Shepard had yet to run into any opposition was both a cause for relief, and of concern, especially since he had now lost contact with Anderson, meaning potential trouble could be up ahead and considering his current condition, he was definitely not fit for any more combat.

Shepard finally reached the top of the ramp as he then spotted ahead of him on a large, circular platform Anderson, standing at a control panel at the far end of the platform; not a bad guy in sight, and nowhere a bad guy could be hiding.

"Anderson?" Shepard calls out to him, only to strangely get no response from him.

Shepard furrowed his brow in a confused look, danger alarms going off in his head as he kept looking around, still seeing no one, not even the slightest shimmering outline of someone who could be cloaked. Shepard got closer, noticing the holograms floating above the control panel were definitely for the Citadel arms, meaning they had found it! However, strangely once again, Anderson was not doing anything, no attempt shown trying to open the arms from the console.

Shepard finally came to a stop, "Anderson?" he called to him again.

Anderson finally began to move, as then suddenly Shepard began hearing strange voices in his head making him look around, only to once again see no one in sight as he looked back at Anderson. Anderson slowly staggered around, his arms down and held out slightly to his sides as he then took a few small steps towards him.

"Shepard…" he began to speak, his voice sounding like he was in a struggle, "I can't…"

The voices began getting louder, and louder, a strange, and rather sick feeling suddenly traveling throughout Shepard's body almost making it feel like he was going entirely numb. Shepard suddenly sensed another presence behind him, one that appeared completely out of nowhere… and it was both familiar, and different.

"I underestimated you, Shepard." the voice of the Illusive Man spoke up as he walked up behind him to his right.

Shepard could feel these… dark tendrils almost, beginning to dig at his mind, "What have…" Shepard tries to speak, only to find himself suddenly getting weaker, and weaker by the second mentally.

The voices, there were so many, nothing more but whispers. The dark tendrils, still digging at his mind, sometimes a loud horn, almost like a Reapers blaring inside his head.

The Illusive Man walked by him, "I warned you. Control is the means to survival. Control of the Reapers…" the Illusive Man turns around to face Shepard, the Commander furrowing his brow with clenched teeth at what he sees, "And of you, if necessary."

The Illusive Man's entire neck, and parts of his face, now possessed Reaper modifications, making him almost look like a Husk.


Tower Bridge…

A V-19 Torrent, and F-61 Trident flew towards the Tower Bridge, a Reaper Oculus, and Imperial TIE fighter right behind them as they fired at the Coalition fighters.

"I can't shake them!" the Clone pilot shouts as he looks over his right shoulder for a second.

His cockpit then erupts into flames as he receives a hit, sending the V-19 spiraling out of control as it descends towards and crashes into the water.

501st Legion...

A Stryker M1126 ICV pulls up to a stop on the southern side of the bridge with a M35 Mako stopping to its left, both vehicles opening up their rear hatches as they begin to offload their troops, "Keep your heads down!"

"Pick your targets!"

The Stryker's rear hatch lowers to the ground as the Coalition troops inside begin to rush out, among them a US Army soldier as he rushes past the Systems Alliance officer ushering them out from the left side of the vehicle to the right, running across the street amidst a hail of enemy projectiles as a stray laser bolt hits him directly in his right leg sending him tumbling to the ground.

"Medic!" a male soldier could be heard yelling.

The US Army soldier immediately tries pushing himself back up until a human female New Republic soldiers rushes over to help him out, wrapping her right arm around his back as he wraps his left arm around her as a Gondor soldier runs over to provide cover for them with his shield while she carries the US Army soldier to safety.

Slightly further up ahead a Republic AT-TE fires its mass driver cannon across the bridge as Coalition troops push forward around it, an enemy explosive round impacting the top of the tower above it sending debris raining down around it. From behind a sideways turned skycar on the right side of the bridge Lennox peeks up as he fires his ACR for a few seconds before dropping back behind cover to reload, Epps peeking up next to Lennox's left as he fires his gun.

"Come on!" Fives shouts while waving his left arm forward as he then begins to charge, a few of the Coalition soldiers following behind him while several others continue to fire their weapons.

Rex continued to fire his dual DC-17 hand blasters while standing out in the open along with a few other soldiers around him, while others pushed forward towards the enemy at either a fast or slow pace; all the while enemy projectiles continued flying past all around them, a few coming very close to hitting the Clone Captain as he ducked and dodged from left to right when he needed to. Save for a few skycars and the damaged towers themselves, there was next to no cover to be utilized on the bridge leaving the soldiers on both sides very exposed to the hail of projectiles coming from the other. Nevertheless both the Coalition, and the Reaper Allies pressed their respective attacks to gain or keep control of the bridge. Just like the Coalition, several enemy soldiers were also advancing forward, some at a slow pace, others just running forward while firing their weapons, and several of them in various positions while staying in place.

A Cerberus Centurion along with a squad of various soldiers ran up to the front of the enemy forces as the Centurion and his men came to a stop, "Fire!" he shouts as he points forward with his left hand, gripping his Cerberus Harrier with both hands once more as he aims it forward and fires away while a few of his men around him begin charging towards the Coalition forces.

Soldiers from both sides were charging towards each other, those with firearms shooting away as the various projectiles continued flying back and forth through the air.

"Keep moving! Do not stop!" Éomer shouts with his sword raised forward sideways while looking back, as he then looks back forward and resumes running.

The AT-TE continues firing its guns as at the far back of the enemy troops an explosion erupts. The Cerberus Centurion drops onto his right knee and fires his rifle, taking out a Rohirrim as the Salarian to his left is shot and killed as well; Echo steps forward and fires his DC-15S, taking out a charging Foot Ninja. A Waterbender on the left side of the bridge bends a large amount of water out from the river and slams it into a group of enemy soldiers, sending them to the opposite side of the bridge and a few of them over the railing. An Earthbender levitates a large piece of concrete out from the ground in front of him and thrusts his left fist forward, sending the concrete flying into a B2 Super Battle Droid taking it out. A Hurlock Emissary casts a fireball which impacts in the middle of a group of Coalition soldiers, causing an explosion that sends them flying into different directions.

Éomer pushes away the sword of an Orc with his shield as he then punches it across the face with his sword hand sending it to the ground, turning around towards his left as he bashes an Alpha Hurlock across the face with his shield next. A Stormtrooper stops directly in front of him and fires his E-11 blaster rifle, only for Éomer to duck under the shots dodging them as he then comes up and drives his sword into the Stormtrooper's chest, killing him. Éomer pulls his sword out of the Stormtrooper's body as he resumes charging forward. The Centurion slams the butt of his rifle up the face of a Galactic Ranger knocking it to the ground, aiming his weapon down at it as the Galactic Ranger raises its hand forward as a gesture to stop but is shot multiple times by the Centurion without a second thought. An arrow then pierces the left shoulder of the Centurion knocking him back slightly in that direction as he lets out a grunt of pain, the Centurion grabbing the arrow and ripping it out from his shoulder as he tosses it to the ground and raises his rifle forward to resume firing it.

A Clone throws a punch across the face of a Cerberus Assault trooper followed by a punch to the midsection before kicking him there as well knocking him back; while to the left a Wolf soldier punches a Chima Wolf soldier across the face, picking him up by the neck as he turns and throws him onto the ground only for the Chima Wolf soldier to make a quick recovery as he pounces onto the Wolf soldier knocking him to the ground. A Krogan runs into and wraps both of his arms around a Covenant Storm Sangheili as he lifts him off the ground and then slams him into it, while an Arda Elf throws a strong right hook into the face of a helmetless Uruk.

Meanwhile, back at the Conduit the Heroes were still heavily engaged in combat with the forces of evil.

The Battle Fever team were fighting against monsters from the Secret Society Egos; as Battle Japan fought against Hedder Monster armed with his spear, while Miss American fought Death Mask Monster with her knives, Battle Kenya engaged the Icicle Monster with his whip, Battle France used his Fencing Sword to exchange blows with Blue Vein Monster, and Battle Cossack fought with his sais against Heart Monster. Close to them the Justice League member Ice was locked in combat with the villain Blizzard, both cold-themed hero, and villain, shooting beams of ice at each other as they seemed to be caught in a stalemate with neither of their attacks gaining much advantage over the other. Just then Fire flew up to Ice's left as she threw her hands forward, casting a torrent of emerald flames towards the villain blasting Blizzard back as he was sent flying to the ground and sliding for a couple of feet. As Blizzard got back on his feet, the group of monsters crashed to the ground in front of him with a few of them rolling sideways for a bit.

The Battle Fever team regrouped down in front of Fire, and Ice, "Penta Force!" the team shouts, as they combine their Command Bats into a cannon which they take aim at the group of villains with.

"Fever!" the Battle Fever team shouts as they fire the cannon, the group of villains crying out as an explosion erupts, taking them out.

"Sky Kick!" Skyrider shouts as he jumps into the air and extends his right foot forward, a tornado of green wind surrounding his leg as he descends towards and strikes The Eviscerator causing him to explode.

Superman, and Iron Man flew up and hovered in the air side by side as they stared towards Reactor, and Shellshock. Superman took a deep breath in and then blew, using his super breath to freeze both Exterminators as they could only raise their arms and cry out before being completely frozen solid. Iron Man then powered up his uni-beam and fired, as the repulsor beam slammed into the center of them and exploded, taking both Exterminators out in a massive ball of flames.

Sparks erupted from and around a group of enemy soldiers making them cry out in pain as a few of them stumbled around and a few dropped to the ground; several feet from them Black Widow, and Nemesis landing on the ground as they charged forward. Black Widow fired away with her Wrist Blasters while Nemesis fired his pistol taking more of the enemy troops down as a Nightcrawler managed to survive the volley and rushed forward, closing in on Black Widow as he took a swipe at her with his right claw, only for Natasha to jump into the air and kick him across the face with her right foot.

The Nightcrawler fell face down to the ground as nearby the Lost Galaxy Rangers, along with the Choujuu Sentai Liveman could be seen fighting against a group of villains consisting of members from both the Armed Brain Army Volt, and Space Pirates Balban.

Mike blocked a horizontal slash from Samurai General Budoh with his Magna Sword before throwing a side kick knocking him back, Tetsuya blocked a downwards strike from the Robo Brain using his Bison Rod allowing Kendrix to horizontal slash it with her Quasar Saber knocking it back. Jun'ichi slashed the Majin Barukibaruki outwards across his chest with both Sai Cutters at the same time as Damon dropped onto his left knee and fired his Trans Blaster into his stomach with both attacks sending him stumbling back. The Wolf, and Baboon Brains were already stumbling back as they came to a stop and looked back forward, both letting out grunts of shock as several feet from them Kai and Maya, and Megumi and Joh, got together side by side.

"Dolphin Arrow!"

"Lion Bazooka!"

Megumi, and Joh shouted simultaneously as they brought their respective weapons out and aimed forward, Megumi pulling back on her bow's string.

"Quasar Launchers!" Kai, and Maya also shouted at the same time, as they brought said weapons out and aimed them at the monsters.

The two Blues and Yellows then fired their weapons, Megumi unleashing a volley of blue energy arrows while Kai fired a single blue energy orb from his launcher, Joh, and Maya firing a single yellow energy orb from their respective weapons as the attacks impacted into the two monsters causing them to explode.

Destruction King Battobas receives two simultaneous sword strikes to his body sending him stumbling back a few feet, as he then recovers and looks back forward while letting out an angry growl.

"Quasar Saber, full power!" Leo shouts as he swings his red energized Quasar Saber downwards.

"Falcon Break!" Yusuke shouts as he swings his red energized Falcon Saber downwards at the same time.

Both Reds strike Battobas once again but this time with two straight downwards energy slashes, causing Battobas to drop his weapon as red electrical energy surges out from around his body and he groans in pain. Battobas then collapses backwards to the ground as he explodes.

Commander Steel punches Whiplash sending her stumbling back a few feet, Whiplash recovers and retaliates, swinging her whip at him as it wraps around his left arm which he raises to protect his face. Whiplash smiles at this until she finds herself suddenly yanked forward, now flying towards Commander Steel as he runs at her and then jumps, throwing a flying side kick into her midsection sending her back. Whiplash rolls sideways across the ground until coming to a stop face down, letting out a moan of pain as she was now unconscious; several feet to her right Bloodsport punches away at Captain America's shield as he takes a few steps back, his punches having absolutely no effect on the vibranium shield as he nevertheless continues with the attack while Cap comes to a halt. After taking a few more punches to his shield Steve moves it aside and delivers an uppercut to Bloodsport's chin, sending him stumbling back while turning around. Bloodsport turns back with gritted teeth only to be immediately smacked in the chest by Cap's shield sending him flying to the ground and knocking him out, the shield returns to Steve's hand just as Mandril leaps at him from behind with a roar. Cap turns his head upon noticing this and then the rest of his body as he raises his shield just in time to block Mandril from pouncing onto him, Mandril however grabs onto Steve's shield and begins taking swipes at his face with his right claw, Steve moving his head back and turning it to the right as the sharp nails just barely miss his face.

Atomic Skull leapt into the air towards Commander Steel as he threw his right fist downwards, green radiation flames emanating around it as Commander Steel jumped back to dodge with the fist slamming into the ground blowing radiation flames out in several directions. Commander Steel landed safely in a crouched position with his left hand planted on the ground as he slid to a stop, then looking behind him as he spotted the predicament Captain America was in as he looked back forward towards Skull. Commander Steel stood up and got into a fighting stance with his left fist held forward, giving Atomic Skull a smirk as he then gestured at him to 'bring it on'. This seemed to anger Skull as he furrowed his brow and let out an angry scream rearing his head back, then throwing it forward as he spewed radiated fire from his mouth towards Commander Steel; Steel throwing his body sideways to the right just barely dodging it as the flames traveled towards Cap and Mandril, more specifically Mandril who turned his head upon taking notice of it as his eyes went wide in complete shock and horror. The fire hit Mandril blasting him off of Captain America who was taken aback by this as Mandril's body hit the ground several feet to his left and the flames died down, smoke now emitting from Mandril's slightly burned body as Cap looked to his right confused by what had just happened. Commander Steel turned to look back at Atomic Skull as it appeared to have dawned on him what he had just done, "Whoops." is all he says.

Cap rushes forward past Steel as he tosses his shield at Atomic Skull, striking him in the chest which sends him stumbling back a little. The shield flies back but is instead caught by Commander Steel, who spins around and tosses it again into Atomic Skull sending him stumbling back once more; the shield rebounds at an angle as it flies back into Steve's hands this time who proceeds to once again toss the shield back into Skull's chest knocking him further back. The shield bounces off of him at an angle again and flies into Commander Steel's hands who again spins and tosses the shield into Skull once more. Cap this time runs towards Skull as the shield returns to his hand, placing it back on his arm as he leaps at Atomic Skull and pulls his shield arm back, Skull looks at this with a defeated expression on his face, "Oh no…" he says, as Cap slams the edge of the shield into his chest again sending him flying back, crashing to the ground and rolling a couple of times coming to a stop face down and knocked out as Atomic Skull lets out a groan of pain.

Commander Steel walks up to Captain America's left side as the two look at one another with a smile and nod their heads at a job well done.

Po, and the Furious Five fight close together against a group of enemy soldiers with Tigress behind Po to his right. Tigress throws an inside crescent kick with her left foot striking a Foot Ninja across the face, while Po knocks away a Talon's staff and then lunges forward belly first hitting the Cyclonian with it.

Decade, the Gokaigers, and the Megaforce Rangers minus Troy, fight close together elsewhere with Tsukasa also behind Marvelous to his right. Tsukasa swings his sword diagonally upwards to the right to strike an Armada Royal Guard sending sparks flying from him, while Marvelous horizontally slashes an Uruk Berserker; dropping it to the ground before raising his Gokai gun forward as he fires a shot into a Scout Trooper to his right, and then a B1 battle droid to his left.

Sora fought alongside Laval, who was behind to his left, and Natsu, who was behind to his right, while the rest of their friends fought around them in another location. Laval drove his sword into the chest of an Oni, killing it, while Natsu threw a jumping, flaming roundhouse kick across the face of a Hurlock Alpha, sending it twirling onto its back. Sora raised his Keyblade sideways to block a downwards strike from a Sangheili Warrior armed with an energy sword, the Sangheili pushing down hard against Sora until Sora managed to gather the strength to shove the Sangheili's energy sword away, allowing him to then quickly strike the Sangheili down with a single downwards diagonal slash.

The Sangheili Warrior collapsed to the ground as Sora thrusted his Keyblade forward, "Blizzaga!" he shouts, summoning and shooting a large number of sharp icicles, taking a group of enemy soldiers out.

Troy diagonally slashes Doctor Destiny down his body sending sparks flying from the villain as he stumbles back; Troy then looking to his left as he swings his sword upwards to strike Batroc the Leaper as he jumps at him, causing sparks to erupt from his body as he is sent flying back crashing and rolling a few times across the ground. Batroc pushes himself back up as both he, and Doctor Destiny struggle to remain on their feet, while Troy takes out his Megaforce Dynamic card and places it onto his Dragon Sword as it enlarges in size, "Dragon Dynamic!" Troy shouts as his blade becomes enveloped in red energy.

Troy swings his Dragon Sword horizontally and slightly upwards to his right, striking both villains with a red energy slash that flies out from the blade and impacts into them, causing an explosion that sends them flying back as they crash to the ground and roll to a stop.

Troy straightens his body and lowers his sword to his side as he then looks to his left and runs in that direction, slowing down to a stop as from the flat-topped mound he was on he could see the battle still raging. The rest of the Heroes still fighting on and giving it everything they had against the forces of evil as the enemy still seemed to have them outnumbered greatly.


Aang slams his fists together as the tattoos on his body begin to glow in a white light, the Avatar opening his eyes as they too are enveloped in a white light. Signifying his entrance into the Avatar State as he hovers a few feet off the ground and is surrounded by a sphere of air followed by a ring of fire around it, then a ring of water, and finally a ring of rocks circling diagonally around him inside the sphere.

Luffy lifts his Busoshoku Haki coated left arm in front of his face, "Was hoping to save this reveal for another time, but I guess I got no choice." he says in a slightly disappointed voice.

Luffy bites down on his arm and begins blowing into it as it begins inflating, a glowing red aura surrounding his arm as it happens, "Muscle Balloon!" Luffy shouts, as a massive amount of steam suddenly explodes out from his body obscuring him.

As the steam begins to dissipate Luffy's new look is slowly revealed, "Gear… Fourth! Boundman!" Luffy shouts, now transformed into his new Gear Fourth form, Boundman, as he constantly bounces in place with his right hand held forward sideways, and his left fist held back.

Kamen Rider Stronger touches his fingers together in front of him, "Charge…" and then throws them up into the air outwards to his sides, "Up!"

Shigeru spins around as in a flash of white electrical energy he changes into his Stronger Charge Up Form, throwing his right hand into the air as he strikes a pose.

"Chō Henshin!" Yusuke shouts while throwing his right arm forward to his left.

While at the same time Shoichi presses the Dragon's Eye buttons on the sides of his belt; both Kuuga, and Agito transform into their Final Forms of Ultimate, and Shining as they both strike a pose.



"Evolution King!"

Ryuki is covered in flames, Faiz red energy, and Blade gold energy as the three Riders change into their respective Final Forms of Kamen Rider Ryuki Survive, Kamen Rider Faiz Blaster, and Kamen Rider Blade King. The three let out grunts as they strike their poses.

"Hyper Cast Off!"

"Liner Form!"


Hibiki, Kabuto, Den-O, and Kiva change into their Final Forms next. As Hibiki becomes Armed Hibiki, Kabuto changes into his Hyper Form, Den-O his Liner Form, and Kiva his Emperor Form.


"Ptera! Tricera! Tyranno!"

"Cosmic On!"

"Infinity, Please!"

"Kiwami Arms!"

"Drive Type: Tridoron!"


"Hyper Muteki!"

One by one Double, OOO, Fourze, Wizard, Gaim, Drive, Ghost, and Ex-Aid insert and activate their respective transformation devices as they begin to transform into their Final Forms. Double becomes CycloneJokerXtreme, OOO becoming his Putotyra Combo, Fourze changing into his Cosmicstates, Wizard changing into his Infinity Style, Gaim transforming into Kiwami Arms, Drive transforming into Type Tridoron, Ghost changing into his Mugen Damashii, and Ex-Aid becoming Muteki Gamer.

The Fiveman become enveloped in lights of their respective color for a few seconds before dying down, as they then one by one begin turning to face their right and bringing their feet together.

"Five Tector!" the Fiveman simultaneously shout, now in their Five Tector armor as they turn their upper bodies to face forward while bringing their fists together up to their left.

"Powered Custom! It's Morphin' Time!"

"Powered Morphin'!" the three Go-Busters shout as they equip their Powered Custom armor.

"Oh! Matsurincho! Carnival!"

"Fire!" Daigo Kiryu shouts as he fires his Transformation Gun Gabutyra De Carnival up into the air.

"Hyper Ressha!" Right shouts as he throws his left arm forward pushing the lever down on his ToQ Changer.

"Chozetsu Henge!" Takaharu shouts as he spins the Chozetsu Shuriken.

The enlarged head of the energy constructed Minityra lands behind Daigo and chomps down on his body, transforming him into Kyoryu Red Carnival; while the energy construct of a golden ressha travels into Right enveloping him in a golden light completing his transformation into Hyper Mode. In a flash of flames, AkaNinger transforms into his power-up form, AkaNinger Chozetsu.

"Hyper ToQ 1gou, Hyper ToQ 1gou!"

"The Chozetsu! Chozetsu Ninja!"

"Strongest Ninja Sword Ninja Gekiatsuto!" Kinji Takigawa shouts, pulling said weapon out and spinning in place as in a flash of golden light he transforms into his Super StarNinger form.

"Honnoi Kakusei!" Yamato shouts, wielding the Whale Change Gun as he pulls back on the handle grip unfolding the golden cube portion.

"OHHHHHH~! OH~! Wha~le!"

In a flash of red light Yamato transforms into Zyuoh Whale.

"Yasei Kaihō!" Sela, Leo, Tusk, and Amu shout as they enter their Instinct Awakened Forms.

"Yasei Dai Kaihō!" Misao shouts as he activates all three of his animal powers.

"Red Battlized Ranger!"

"Red Armored Power Ranger!"

Andros, and Leo shout simultaneously, as Andros presses Button 03 on his Battlizer Gauntlet while Leo combines the two halves of the Galactic Key transforming them into their Battlizer forms of Red Battlized Armor, and Red Armored Ranger.

"Lights of Orion, Activate!"

The rest of the Galaxy Rangers shout as they equip their Lights of Orion armor and gauntlet, and upgrade their Quasar Sabers.

"Trans-Armor Cycle!" Carter shouts.

"Megabattle Mode!" Chad, and Joel shout at the same time.

A small explosion of smoke erupts and as it quickly dissipates Carter is revealed to be in his Trans Armor Cycle Battlizer, and Chad, and Joel their Megabattle Armors.

"Red Battle Warrior!"

"Megabattle, Activate!"

Wes, and Eric simultaneously shout as a similar smoke explosion goes off in front of them as well, quickly blowing away revealing Wes to be in his Red Battle Warrior Battlizer and Eric his Megabattle Armor.

"Animarium Armor!"

"Battlizer Mode!"

Cole, and Shane shout as they equip their Battlizers, Cole becoming the Red Savage Warrior in his Animarium Armor while Shane equips his Tri-Battlized Armor.

"Super Samurai Mode!" Cam Watanabe shouts as he throws his vest off and rotates the upper half of his helmet around, changing his visor.

"Battlizer, energize!" Connor McKnight shouts as he throws his arms out to his side, a flash of flames engulfing him for a few seconds before dying down revealing his transformation into his Triassic Battlizer.

"Super Dino Mode!" the rest of the Dino Thunder Rangers shout as they activate said ability, giving Ethan and Trent spiked armor with Trent gaining a pair of blades on his arms, while Kira is granted a pair of wings.

"S.P.D Battlizer!" Jack shouts as a small smoke explosion obscures him for several seconds, dying down and revealing his transformation into his Battlizer's first mode, "Cyber Mode Complete!"

"Red Dragon Fire Ranger!"

"Legendary Source, Mystic Force!"

"Ancient Mystic Mode!"

The Mystic Force Rangers transform as Nick becomes the Red Dragon Fire Ranger, while his teammates transform into their Legend Mode, and Daggeron transforms into his Ancient Mystic Mode form.

"Red Sentinel Ranger, Activate!" Mack shouts as he presses his Sentinel Morpher, combining with Sentinel Knight to become the Red Sentinel Ranger.

"Defender Vest!" Will shouts, equipping himself with the Defender Vest.

"Jungle Master Mode!" the three Jungle Fury Rangers shout as they transform into said mode.

"Shogun Mode! Power of the Ancestors!" Jayden shouts.

"Shark Attack Mode!" Kevin shouts.

"Super Samurai Mode!" Mike shouts.

The three Samurai Rangers transform into the respective Modes of Shogun, Shark Attack, and Super Samurai as they hold their weapons at the ready and let out battle grunts.

"Ultra Mode, Activate!" Noah, Jake, Gia, and Emma shout, having already inserted their Ultra Zords into the domes of their Ultra Swords as they spin around, in flashes of golden light transforming into their Ultra Modes as they face back forward.

"MARVELOUS-SA~N!" Gai cries out, catching Marvelous's attention as he, Tsukasa, and Troy stand side by side of each other.

The three turn to see Gai, along with Orion running up towards them as they come to a stop, "Here, use my power!" Gai says, holding his Gold Anchor Key out towards Marvelous.

Marvelous takes it, "Thanks Gai." he says.

"Here Troy, use mine as well." Orion says, holding his Gold Anchor Key out as Troy takes it.

"Thanks Orion. I'll make sure to put it to good use." Troy says.

"What are we waiting for then? Let's go, Marvelous, Troy." Tsukasa says, looking at Marvelous first and then Troy as both of them nod their heads in agreement.

The three take a few steps forward and come to a stop, "Super Mega Mode!" Troy shouts, first transforming into Super Megaforce Red.

Tsukasa then takes out his K-Touch and inserts the Decade Complete Card into it, beginning to press the symbols of the past Heisei Riders in the order that they came before him, "Kuuga, Agito, Ryuki, Faiz, Blade, Hibiki, Kabuto, Den-O, Kiva!" followed by his own, "Final Kamen Ride: Decade!"

This initiates his transformation into Kamen Rider Decade Complete Form Strongest, as he then slides the Decadriver over to his right hip and places the K-Touch in its spot.

"Gokai Change!" Marvelous shouts.

"Super Mega Gold!" Troy shouts at the same time.

Both Reds simultaneously insert their respective Gold Anchor Key into their transformation device and twist them.

"Go~kai Red: Gold Mode!"

Both Marvelous, and Troy are equipped with the armor that transforms them into Gokai Red Gold Mode, and Super Megaforce Red Gold Mode; the armor baring the faces of the past 6th Rangers for both Sentai, and Power Rangers as Troy's armor had the addition of the Titanium Ranger at the bottom row between the Lunar Wolf Wild Force Ranger, and SPD Omega Ranger.

"Let's power up ourselves to the next level!" MetalGreymon says to WereGarurumon.

"Agree!" WereGarurumon says, as both of them de-evolve back to Agumon, and Gabumon.



"Warp Digivolve To!" both Agumon, and Gabumon shout as they begin to digivolve once more.





"DNA Digivolve To! Paildramon!"



"DNA Digivolve To! Silphymon!"



"DNA Digivolve To! Shakkoumon!"

"Let us go to the next level as well." Taomon says while looking at WarGrowlmon, who nods his head in agreement.

Rapidmon fires a missile from his right arm cannon taking out a small group of enemy soldiers before turning to look back at the two, "You guys go on ahead. I'll save my Mega Form for later if we really need some extra firepower." he says.

Both WarGrowlmon, and Taomon de-evolve back to Guilmon, and Renamon.

"Guilmon Bio-Digivolve To! Gallantmon!"

"Renamon Bio-Digivolve To! Sakuyamon!"

BurningGreymon, and KendoGarurumon revert to their Human forms. Multiple Fracture Codes appear around Takuya, and Koji's left hand which they then scan against their Digivice, "Execute! Fusion Evolution!" they both shout simultaneously.



"Agumon Double Warp Digivolve To! ShineGreymon!"

"Gaomon Double Warp Digivolve To! MirageGaogamon!"

"Lalamon Double Warp Digivolve To! Rosemon!"

"Falcomon Double Warp Digivolve To! Falcomon!"

"Hey Rex, you thinking what I'm thinking?" Ben jokingly asks him.

"If you're thinking it's time for me to get an "Upgrade", then yes I am." Rex replies with a grin.

Rex turns to face Ben with his hands to his hips while he closes his eyes, "Oh, and by the way. I can do this now." he says as he opens his eyes, which are now glowing blue as Rex transforms into his Omega-EVO Form to the awe of Ben.

"Sweet! Now this is going to be epic!" Ben shouts as he chooses his alien and smacks his Omnitrix.

Transforming into the Galvanic Mechamorph, Upgrade, as he then walks over and merges with Rex's Omega-EVO body, covering it in a black suit with all the blue lights on the body becoming green including the eyes, as well as the flame on top. The omnitrix symbol, appearing on the chest piece as the Upgrade Omega-EVO stands ready for battle.

"It's Hero Time!" both Ben, and Rex shout simultaneously.

Laval takes out his CHI orb, "Time to CHI up guys!" he says, as he inserts it into his chest harness.

Eris, and the others doing the same around him as the CHI orbs power them up causing them to let out mighty roars, and screeches; humanoid energy manifestations of their animal species erupting from their bodies for several seconds before merging back into them.

"Wendy, Gajeel, let's go!" Natsu says.

"Right!" Wendy, and Gajeel both say in agreement.

Natsu's body becomes enveloped by intense, almost golden-like flames, while a powerful gust of wind surrounds Wendy's body, jet black iron begins to slowly cover Gajeel's body. Scale-like patterns appear throughout Gajeel's body wherever iron was already covering it, while Wendy's irises and hair become pink, with her hair growing slightly longer and curving and pointing upwards as she gains white scales that spring out from her back like wings, and smaller ones on her hands and feet, Natsu's canines become elongated, and sharper.

Natsu opens his eyes with an intense glare in them, "Dragon Force!" the three Dragon Slayers shout, all of them now with draconic-like features as at least all three of them had scale-like patterns throughout their bodies along with sharper, and elongated canines.

Wendy now hovered in the air, Gajeel's entire body covered in jet black iron, while Natsu's golden-like flames continued burning brightly around him.

"My turn." Gray says, activating his Ice Devil Slayer magic causing the right half of his body to become covered with a black marking with the marking traveling up the right side of his face and circling around his eye before continuing up the rest of it. There was also a white tattoo symbolizing the magic on his right arm.

"Requip!" Erza shouts as she is enveloped by a golden light once more which dies down after a few seconds, "Nakagami Armor!" she shouts, now in her Nakagami Armor as she wields a Halberd in her right hand.

"I'm going all out too!" Lucy says with a serious look on her face, raising her left fist up as suddenly the images of Loke, and Virgo's Keys materialize in a golden light on her fist in a cross pattern.

"Star Dress Combination!" Lucy shouts as her body becomes enveloped in golden light, changing her into an outfit that appears to be a combination of the Leo, and Virgo Form Star Dresses, "Leo x Virgo Form!" she shouts.

"Time to see what this Star Dress Combination is made of." Lucy says with a small, confident smile on her lips, this being the very first time she was about to use a Star Dress Combination in actual battle.

Tsukasa suddenly notices white light begin to emit from his Ride Booker as he opens it and pulls the card that is glowing out, "What is this?" he wonders.

After a few seconds the light dies down, allowing Tsukasa to see what the card was, "Huh? This is-!" he says, sounding shocked.

Sora blocked the scythe of the HYDRA agent Grim Reaper, as behind him to his left the Legion of Doom villain The Key fired his Key-shaped gun forcing Sora to jump back, Sora landing on his right knee and left hand as he slid to a stop.

"Hey pal, haven't you heard? Keys are my thing!" Sora says in a slightly annoyed voice as Grim Reaper, and The Key regroup.

"Need some help Sora?" Sora turns to see Tsukasa calmly walking over to him, stopping to his right.

"Nah, I'm good Tsukasa. I can handle these guys." Sora replies in a casual manner.

"I don't doubt it. I meant however in another way." Tsukasa says, as he turns towards Sora and raises the mysterious card up.

The card being that of a Final Form Ride Card… but with Sora on it instead in the upper left half while in the bottom right half it shows him in his Final Form.

This catches Sora's attention as he does a double-take, "Huh? Wh-What is that?" he asks, only for Tsukasa to suddenly walk behind him.

"This might tickle a bit." Tsukasa says, stopping directly behind Sora as he holds the card ready to insert into his Decadriver while holding his left hand near Sora's back.

"Huh?" Sora says, confused by what was going on as he turns slightly to his right to look at Tsukasa.

"Face forward!" Tsukasa says, shoving Sora lightly to make him face back forward as Sora, even though he was still confused by what was going on, listened to him.

Tsukasa inserts the card into his Decadriver, "Final Form Hero" and closes it, "S-S-S-Sora!"

Tsukasa lightly smacks Sora on his back, sending him stumbling forward a few steps. Upon coming to a stop Sora levitates a few feet off the ground, brings his arms, and legs inwards and then throws them out while swinging his head up as his clothes become engulfed in a bright white light. Upon it dying down Sora is revealed to now be in his Final Form, as he now hovers in the air while his two Keyblades, Oathkeeper, and Oblivion, levitate behind him in a cross pattern with them constantly, and slowly rotating around sideways. Two orbs of light were also constantly swirling around him, disappearing, and reappearing every few seconds.

Sora looks at his body in awe seeing this, "Whoa~." he says.

First the immense power of Master Form earlier with Natsu, and Laval, and now Tsukasa having forced him into Final Form without the need of anyone else.

"Man today is just full of surprises." Sora says, as Tsukasa walks up to his right again.

"So it would seem." Tsukasa says as he, and then Sora both look forward at Grim Reaper, and The Key.

Grim Reaper was slightly taken aback while The Key was visibly shocked and frightened by what he had just witnessed.

"Shall we?" Tsukasa asks Sora as he swipes his left hand up his Ride Booker sword.

"Oh yeah!" Sora says.

With battle cries Tsukasa, and Sora both begin charging forward with Sora flying towards the villains alongside Decade.

Zatanna rolls back sideways onto her left knee as she turns to her right and extends both of her hands forward, "Etaerc dleihs dnuora em!" she shouts, as she creates a protective shield dome around her blocking a bolt of green magic from hitting her.

Bellatrix Lestrange takes a few steps forward as she continues casting the Killing Curse at the magician, not letting up as she cackles with a maniacal look on her face.


Suddenly a burst of shiny, bright, sparkling white light speeds past behind Bellatrix as she is struck in the back causing sparks to fly from her, making her cry out in pain and stumble forward. Bellatrix recovers and immediately turns around, a crazed look in her eyes as she tries to locate the person who hit her, only for that streak of white light to stop directly behind her and die down revealing Kamen Rider Wizard in his Infinity Style form, his Axcalibur sword in his right hand. Bellatrix turns around upon sensing him only for Haruto to diagonally upwards slash her body, sending her stumbling back once more. As she stumbles back a couple of feet a plume of black smoke lands in front of her as Voldemort emerges from it, "Avada Kedavra!" he shouts, swinging his wand forward as he casts the Killing Curse towards Haruto.

The green magic bolt impacts into Wizard's chest, who calmly stands still with his arms down to his sides as then the bolt splits off into two halves and impacts the ground on either side of him causing small explosions to erupt. Haruto's diamond armor shining, and sparkling brightly all the while from the bolt's impact and for several seconds afterward. Voldemort is visibly taken aback by this as his eyes go wide in shock, while to his left Bellatrix runs up beside him.

Undeterred by what she just witnessed Bellatrix spins her wand around above her as she prepares to cast another spell when, "Dnib eseht owt rehtegot!"

Four metallic chains shoot out from the ground around the two and wrap around them bringing them together. Both Voldemort, and Bellatrix attempt to escape but to no avail as they find their apparition magic no longer working. Zatanna runs up to Haruto's right side, "The finale!" Haruto says as he turns his Axcalibur switching to Ax Mode.

"Turn On!"

Haruto then taps the Axcalibur's Hand Author with his left hand, "High Touch, Shining Strike!"

Haruto spins the Axcalibur around several times as it enlarges, the word "Kirakira!" repeating itself until finally he leaps high into the air and towards the two dark wizards, with a battle cry bringing the massive, magic infused weapon down on the two and striking them causing both Voldemort, and Bellatrix to explode as they both let out one last cry of pain.

Haruto stands up from the dissipating smoke while holding his Axcalibur's ax blade against the palm of his left hand letting out a, "Whew…"

Former Templar Knight-Commander Meredith Stannard, spins around while swinging her red lyrium greatsword creating a circular energy slash that forces the three Assassins, Altaïr, Ezio, and Connor back; as Altaïr jumps and lands in a crouched position on his right knee and hand sliding to a stop, while Ezio and Connor dove away into rolls as they recovered into crouched positions on one of their hands and knees as well. Ezio aimed his hidden gun at Meredith and fired, only for the crazed Templar to deflect it with her greatsword, while Connor readied an arrow and let it loose only for Meredith to slice it in half. Meredith turned further to her right as Altaïr jumped towards her with his sword held back above his head, swinging it down as Meredith raised her blade sideways to block Altaïr's. Altaïr bared his teeth at her in anger until Meredith shoved him back, sending Altaïr into a backflip as he safely landed on the ground a few feet away. Meredith spun her sword around until the blade was facing downwards, grasping the hilt with both hands as she drove the blade into the ground sending a trail of red lyrium explosions careening towards the Assassin.

Altaïr stood up and took a step back in shock as the small explosions rapidly got closer to him, until at the last second he was tackled aside by VulEagle as the two fell to the ground and rolled away from the explosions which finally came to a stop a few feet past where Altaïr once was. The two stood up as Altaïr nodded at Takayuki as thanks, which he replied back with his own nod, the two then faced back towards Meredith as Takayuki took a step forward, "Vulcan Ball!" he shouted, while throwing his arms upwards out to the sides.

Suddenly Meredith found both her arms grabbed from behind by Kin'ya on her left, and Asao on her right as she began struggling to break free of their hold. Ezio, and Connor both regrouped with Altaïr as Takayuki took the Vulcan Ball out in front of them and then turned to his right to look at them, "Let's go!" he says.

The three Assassins were confused at first as they exchanged looks with one another, before then looking back at Takayuki and nodding their heads in agreement. Ezio, and Connor rushed past Takayuki as he held the Vulcan Ball forward with both hands and then kicked it into the air while yelling, "One!"

Ezio holds his hands together and hits the ball back into the air while yelling, "Due!"

Connor leaps high into the air and hits the ball even further up with both of his hands, "Áhsen!" he shouts while doing this.

Connor lands back on the ground as Ezio runs up beside him to his right and stops, Connor standing back up as several feet behind the two Altaïr gets into a ready to run stance. Altaïr begins running towards them as he then jumps forward and lands on their shoulders, immediately launching himself off of them and high into the air as he turns sideways slightly to his left and throws a kick with his right foot, striking the Vulcan Ball sending it flying into Meredith's chest. The impact knocks her back as Asao and Kīn'ya release her and dive away; Meredith stumbles to a stop while holding her left hand to her chest seemingly in pain. Meredith lifts her head to look forward, her brow furrowed and her teeth clenched and bared in anger as she lifts it all the way and takes a single step forward. Suddenly her eyes go wide in complete shock and horror, as Meredith drops her greatsword and then throws her arms up into the air while letting out a cry of immense pain as she suddenly erupts into an explosion.

The three Assassins, and the Sun Vulcan stand together as they watch this happen, the Assassins looking absolutely dumbfounded by what they had just witnessed as they exchange looks with one another once more. They then look towards the Sun Vulcan members, "What exactly was that ball made out of?" Ezio asks them, speaking for all three Assassins.

"Gust Sword!" Nami shouts as she shoots a gust of pressurized air from one of the Clima-Tact segments.

The pressurized air travels towards Weather Wizard who remains calm as he raises his Weather Control Rod, gathering a massive amount of air around him before swinging it forward, sending the air blasting towards Nami as his air attack overpowers hers. Nami raises her arms in front of her face and looks away as she prepares for the impact, only for Zephyrmon to drop down in front of her and quite literally slice through the air with her right claw, which was enveloped in an orb of red energy along with her other hand and both feet. Weather Wizard was taken aback by this as he took a step back with widened eyes.

Zephyrmon launched herself forward, "Plasma Paws!" she shouts.

Closing in rapidly on Weather Wizard and punching him in the face with her right energy orb sending him flying back, as he soars past Weather Vane who watches this in shock and crashes to the ground several feet past her. Weather Vane looks back at the two Heroes with an angry expression on her face as she is enveloped by a small purple tornado which begins to grow, Weather Vane transforming into her storm dragon cloud form as she lets out a roar with both Zephyrmon, and Nami taken aback by this as they look up at her. Weather Vane shoots a large bolt of purple lightning from her mouth as then suddenly Wendy Marvell flies up between her, and Zephyrmon and Nami, "Roar of the Sky Dragon!" Wendy shouts.

Unleashing a more powerful version of her roar attack as the hurricane-like blast impacts into the bolt of lightning instantly breaking it apart into a few directions as it begins forcing it back. Wendy's attack rapidly reaches and hits Weather Vane directly causing her entire body to erupt into a massive explosion as she lets out a roar of pain which transitions into a cry of pain in her normal voice. Weather Vane's unconscious body falls from the sky as she crashes to the ground just a few feet from Weather Wizard, as across from the villains Wendy hovers down to the ground in front of Zephyrmon, and Nami.

Katara launches herself backwards just barely managing to dodge the Witch-King's flail as the spiked head slams onto the ground where she once stood, Katara then bending some water from a nearby puddle in an attempt to water whip the Witch-King only for him to slice through the water with his sword causing the rest of it to fall back to the ground. The Witch-King is then blasted from his left side by a geyser of water sending him sliding to his right, the water being generated from Nya's hands as she continues with the attack while taking several steps towards the Witch-King. The Witch-King eventually manages to plant his feet firmly in the ground keeping him from sliding anymore albeit barely due to the soaking wet ground, his left arm raised to the side of his head to protect his face from the water as then suddenly he finds his entire body become frozen solid. Courtesy of Katara who then runs over to Nya's left side as she stops her water blast and lowers her arms. Off to their right Erza dashes by towards the Witch-King catching both water girls' attention, "Nakagami Starlight!" Erza shouts, leaping forward and swinging her halberd, slicing through the Witch-King as she lands in a crouched position several feet past him.

The frozen Witch-King erupts into an explosion as the Lord of the Nazgûl lets out a blood-curdling screech, with Erza standing back up afterwards as she plants her halberd on the ground with a serious look on her face.

Both Leonardo, and Ace Bunny land into a roll and recover into crouched positions as they face back forward, Ace wielding his Guardian Strike sword in his right hand while Leonardo holds one of his katanas in his left. Approaching them were both Shredder, and Deuce as the latter held his laser pistol up in his right hand before aiming it at the two Heroes and firing multiple shots. Ace, and Leo readied their swords to deflect the laser bolts only for Carter Grayson, and Takaharu Igasaki to appear in front of them as both Reds tanked the shots for them, a few even deflecting off their Battlizers as both Carter, and Takaharu remained unharmed after the shots died down. Shredder, and Deuce came to an immediate stop, both of them taken aback by what they had witnessed as Shredder let out a roar and charged forward holding his claw at the ready to strike. Red flames erupted from and surrounded Takaharu as he dashed forward at super high speed, appearing in front of and delivering a powerful punch into Shredder's mid-section all in the blink of an eye sending the Utrom Shredder flying back for several meters past Deuce who jumped to his left to dodge him. As Deuce looked back forward he too was struck in his chest but by a pair of flying tires sending him flying as he crashed and rolled across the ground stopping beside the downed Shredder, the tires returning to Carter's Battlizer armor as he ran up to join Takaharu on his right.

Both Deuce, and the Shredder got back on their feet, "Let's finish this!" Carter says.

"Yeah!" Takaharu says in agreement as he nods his head.

Takaharu places the Shoubu Changer on his Ninja Ichiban-shoubu-tou sword, "The Shoubu!" and spins it, "N-I, N-I, Nin Ninin! N-I, N-I, Nin Ninin!" this causes his blade to become enveloped in intense flames.

Carter meanwhile aims both of his gauntlet blasters forward and begins powering them up as fiery energy gathers at their barrels.

"Chōzetsu Shuriken Zan!" Takaharu shouts as he spins his sword around him a few times before bringing it over his head and swinging it downward, causing the flaming blade to extend forward to great lengths to strike the Shredder down his body while Carter fires both of his blasters hitting Deuce.

Both villains let out cries of pain before a massive explosion erupts, engulfing both of them in it. Takaharu's sword returns to normal while Carter lowers his blasters, Takaharu then thrusting his sword into the air while yelling, "Wasshoi!"

Silver Banshee released her Death Wail, aiming towards the sky in front of her as Kira Ford flew through the air. Banshee followed after her with the wail to her left as the Yellow Dino Thunder Ranger managed to keep ahead of it, Kira eventually taking out and aiming her Thundermax Blaster at Silver Banshee as she fired a shot hitting her directly in her chest knocking her back a little. Banshee stumbled to a stop while looking down to her left, as she raised her head to look back forward only to be greeted by the sight of Kira now flying directly towards her as the Yellow Ranger flew past and slashed Silver Banshee across her midsection with her left Ptera Grip, sending Banshee flying backwards through the air before crashing and rolling across the ground a few times to a stop. Kira ascended back into the air when suddenly a small stream of darkness flew into her body from her right side and engulfed her entirely making her cry out in shock; the darkness having come from Shade who stood nearby on top of some rubble as he aimed his nightstick up at her continuing to fire the stream of darkness. Just then the Oathkeeper Keyblade sliced upwards through the tether of darkness, Sora floating right beside it as this caused the darkness surrounding Kira to evaporate freeing her, Kira turned her attention towards Sora and nodded at him as thanks before turning and flying away as Sora turned his attention towards Shade and then dashed towards him. Shade took a few steps back with a horrified expression on his face as he aimed his nightstick and fired another stream of darkness towards Sora, the Keyblade wielder extending his right hand forward sending Oathkeeper floating in front of him as it began spinning around sideways blocking the stream of darkness from hitting him as the darkness splitted off into a few directions safely around the Keyblade. Sora rapidly closed the distance on Shade as the villain soon found his nightstick getting knocked from his hand by the Oblivion Keyblade, with Sora then spinning around to his right and swinging both Keyblades simultaneously upwards horizontally striking Shade across his chest, and midsection sending him flying back. Shade turned and crashed face down to the ground as he slid to a stop, letting out a moan of pain as he no longer moved afterward.

John Stewart let out a battle cry as he swung his right arm forward and fired his Power Ring, Sinestro doing the same before firing his Power Ring as both green, and yellow energy beams collided in the air between the two. Both beams pushed back and forth against each other as both John, and Sinestro bared their teeth at the other while letting out quiet, low growls. Just then from behind John, Ms. Marvel flew in as she stopped beside the Green Lantern to his right and threw both of her fists forward firing a beam of photonic energy, adding the attack alongside Stewart's as the combined beams pushed Sinestro's back and soon impacted into him, blasting him back as he was sent descending towards the ground and crashing into it kicking up a large cloud of dust. As the dust cleared Sinestro stood back up hunched over, his eyes closed with his left hand on the back of his head as he eventually leaned up and opened his eyes to look forward. Calmly approaching him was the Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi who didn't even have his lightsaber activated; seeing this Sinestro wasted no time in aiming his Power Ring at the Jedi only for Obi-Wan to extend his left hand forward and use the Force to pull Sinestro's ring from his finger, much to his shock. The ring flew into Obi-Wan's hand as he closed it to keep it there, just then Sinestro heard footsteps rapidly approaching him from his right as he turned with a gasp to be greeted by a charging Jack Landors, the Red SPD Ranger bringing his feet together as he came to a stop and launched himself into the air. Jack did a forward somersault as he swung his energy sword downwards, striking Sinestro down his body sending him flying back with a cry of pain. Brook slashed an Uruk Berserker across its chest as the Uruk let out a roar of pain before collapsing backwards to the ground dead; unbeknownst to Brook however, was the villain Parasite quietly sneaking up behind him. Once close enough Parasite lunged at the Straw Hat pirate and went to wrap his arms around him, only for Brook to suddenly disappear in the blink of an eye causing Parasite to grab nothing but air.

Confused by what just happened, Parasite began frantically looking around trying to figure out where the undead musician had gone, "Ekakiuta: Hitoyogiri." Brook calmly says, now standing a few feet behind Parasite as he finishes sheathing his sword away.

Causing three horizontal freezing cuts to appear on Parasite's torso making him cry out in immense pain as he collapsed to the ground unconscious.

Killer Frost gathers an orb of freezing energy between her hands to her right side before throwing them forward, sending the freezing blast flying towards Gray as he covers his face with his right arm and turns to look away. The cold air flying around him, Gray slowly and eventually becomes frozen in a glacier of ice.

"Hope that'll teach you to wear a damn shirt, weirdo. Assuming of course you don't freeze to death." Killer Frost says as she straightens herself.

Just then her eyes go wide in shock and she lets out a gasp at what she sees, as the ice surrounding Gray suddenly converts into blue energy and begins getting sucked downwards, right into Gray's mouth. Once all of the energy converted ice was consumed Gray let out a sigh of satisfaction as he lowered his head to look at Killer Frost while wiping his left arm across his mouth, "You're gonna have to do better than that if you want to freeze an Ice wizard, lady." Gray says with a smirk.

"What the hell? Did you just eat my ice?!" Killer Frost questions him.

Meanwhile Gray moves his right fist over to his left side while placing his left palm over it, "Let me show you some real ice powers." he says, as light purple cold air begins to emit from his hands along with a glow, "Ice Devil's…"

Undeterred by this Killer Frost throws both of her hands forward again sending another blast of freezing cold air towards Gray, "Zeroth Long Sword!" Gray shouts as he dashes forward at high speed.

Creating an ethereal, light purple ice sword as he slides past Killer Frost and slashes her with it across her chest making her throw her arms out to her sides. Light purple icicles emerge from her chest where she had gotten slashed, her eyes now blank as she had gone unconscious, as she collapses backwards to the ground where the ice then proceeds to grow soon encasing her within it.

Tigrerra cuts a Decepticon Protoform across its chest causing the upper part of its body to fall to the ground while the rest of it collapses, while down to her right Giganta, at her normal size, runs towards her. Tigrerra turns her head upon taking notice of her as then Giganta enlarges herself and swings her left fist hitting Tigrerra across the face sending her stumbling away. Tigrerra comes to a stop and shakes her head while looking down and facing away, eventually raising her head and turning back around just in time to see Giganta coming at her again as the giantess villain throws another punch at her. This time Tigrerra manages to easily catch the punch in her right hand, much to Giganta's shock as her eyes slightly widen; Giganta attempts a punch with her right fist only for the same results as Tigrerra catches it with her left hand. Before Giganta can even think Tigrerra headbutts her directly in the face, releasing her hold on her and letting her stumble back a few feet as Giganta eventually comes to a stop albeit still dazed from the headbutt.

Tigrerra once again extends the blades on her arm gauntlets along with the rest of her armor, "Velocity Fang!" Tigrerra shouts, as she launches herself forward and slashes Giganta across her body while passing by, landing just a few feet behind her with her blades swung outwards.

Giganta lets out a groan of pain as she collapses on her knees, while beginning to regress back to her normal size, and then falls forward to the ground.

Both Wrex, and Grunt were on their knees with their hands to their heads and their eyes closed as they cried out in pain, the reason being because of Gorilla Grodd as the hyper-intelligent ape used his mental powers to cause the two Krogan great pain inside their heads. Grodd stood several feet from them with his hands behind his back as the psionic waves traveled out from his forehead, his eyes glowing a transparent yellow as he had a large grin on his face. Sweat running down his face, Wrex opened his eyes with an intense glare in them as he planted his hands on the ground and began pushing himself to his feet, eventually getting up as he turned his attention towards Grodd who was taken aback by this. Wrex powered up his biotics as he then cast himself into a Biotic charge slamming straight into Grodd sending him flying back as he crashed to the ground and slid back for a few extra feet. His psychic powers no longer affecting him, Grunt pushed himself back onto his feet as well as Wrex turned his head to look back at the young Krogan. Grodd groaned in pain as he got back on his feet, opening his eyes as he was immediately greeted by a right Krogan fist slamming into his face from Grunt knocking him back a little, Wrex following up with a biotic punch from his left fist knocking him back further, as then both Krogan threw another punch simultaneously into his chest knocking Grodd even further back. Dazed from the attacks Grodd slowly swung around, barely being able to keep on his feet as then both Wrex, and Grunt put a hand on both of his shoulders; the two Krogan looked at one another, a smile on their lips as they exchanged a nod and then looking back at Grodd, simultaneously headbutted the gorilla in the face, sending Grodd collapsing backwards to the ground completely knocked out as he let out a moan of pain.

Wrex and Grunt looked at each other with satisfied expressions on their faces as Grunt let out a laugh.

Master Cyclonis fired a beam of red energy from her staff while Dark Ace released a red energy slash from his crystal blade at Gallantmon, and Sakuyamon.

"Crystal Sphere!" Sakuyamon shouts while raising her staff into the air, creating a blue spherical barrier around herself and Gallantmon blocking the attacks as the two Cyclonians are taken aback by this.

Gallantmon raises his Gram Lance into the air as red energy envelopes it with the sphere then going down, "Lightning Joust!" he shouts, thrusting the lance forward shooting a beam of energy which impacts directly in front of the two Cyclonians engulfing them in a massive explosion that blasts them away as they cry out in pain.

Saphira soars over the four remaining Nazgûl breathing fire down onto them causing them to screech out in immense pain. As nearby, Aragorn rushes by Loghain Mac Tir and slashes him across his chest at the same time as Aedan runs behind him from the opposite direction and slashes him across the back as both attacks make him turn sideways. Also simultaneously was Hawke, and Maxwell both delivering downwards diagonal slashes onto The First down the front of his body. The Nazgûl, Loghain, and The First, all erupt into explosions as Aragorn, Aedan, Hawke, and Maxwell straighten themselves and lower their weapons.

Laser bolts impact into the side of a large pile of rubble, as from the other side Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Zaeed Massani pop up and return fire with their respective weapons. Firing back at the bounty hunters of Boba Fett, Eighteight, Sevenseven, and Sixsix who calmly walked towards the three Heroes while firing their respective weapons. The high volume of fire from the bounty hunters forced Han, Chewie, and Zaeed back behind cover as Zaeed quickly ejected the used thermal clip from his rifle. As the four bounty hunters got closer, they suddenly found themselves sucked downwards. Taking notice of the gunfire coming to a stop, Han, and Zaeed slowly peeked their heads out from cover followed by Chewbacca, noticing the four bounty hunters missing as they got further up and then noticed the heads of the bounty hunters quite literally sticking out from the ground, the rest of their bodies all seemingly buried beneath the earth.

The three stood all the way back up, confused by what had just happened as Han, and Zaeed exchange a quick look at one another before looking back; behind the four bounty hunters, who were struggling to break free of the ground, a pair of feet walk in and stop behind them, "After this is all over, I'm so taking the title of the greatest Earthbender in the entire multiverse." Toph says in a witting tone with her hands to her hips and a smile on her face.

Kouta Kazuraba clashes against General Grievous as his Daidaimaru sword becomes locked against the cyborg general's two lightsabers; Grievous lets out a maniacal laugh while moving his head slightly closer to Gaim's, as then he deploys his extra two arms and reaches for his other lightsabers. Kouta however takes notice of this and quickly launches himself backwards just as Grievous pulls out and activates them, swinging the lightsabers outwards in an attempt to strike the Kamen Rider. Kouta's left foot skids across the ground as he flies back, eventually coming to a stop several meters away and landing in a crouched position on his right knee as to his right, Kamen Rider Double joins him, along with Kamen Riders Blade, and Kiva on his left.

Kouta stands back up and shoulders his sword as he, and the other Riders stare towards the droid general, "Jedi, Heroes, it does not matter to me. You will all fall the same, by my hands!" Grievous states.

"We'll see about that." Kouta says as he points his sword at Grievous, "Let's get him!" he shouts as he pulls it back and holds it with both hands to the right of his head.

"Yeah!" the other Riders reply as they raise their weapons and hold them at the ready.

The four Riders charge towards Grievous with battle cries; Grievous readies his lightsabers to strike them as both Blade, and Kiva close in on him first.

"Royal Flush!"

"Wake Up!"

Grievous swings his lightsabers forward horizontally, only for both Blade, and Kiva to dodge them by ducking and spinning around in opposite directions to get around them as they swing their respective swords delivering gold, and red energy slashes to Grievous's sides, causing him to cry out in pain.

"Xtreme Maximum Drive!"

"Kiwami Squash!"

Double, and Gaim jump into the air to perform their Rider Kicks as Double extends both of his legs forward, with Gaim extending his right leg; both of them let out battle cries as their feet collide simultaneously into Grievous's chest blasting him back. Grievous stumbles to a stop as he drops all four of his lightsabers, with blue electricity surging across his body as he groans in pain. Sparks begin erupting from Grievous causing him to cry out in pain once more as the four Riders watch on, with Grievous finally collapsing to the ground as a large explosion engulfs him.

Count Dooku thrusts his left hand forward as he shoots force lightning from his fingertips, hitting and electrocuting the Mighty Morphin Rangers, Zeo Rangers, Gorengers, and J.A.K.Q. sending them flying back as they crash to the ground. Brief surges of electricity travel across different parts of their bodies as they lie on the ground groaning in pain; Dooku lowers his arm, as behind him both Tsuyoshi, and Jason leap into the air towards him with their respective weapon held at the ready.

"Spear Bute!"

"Power Sword!"

Dooku's eyes dart to his left, as the Sith Lord turns around just in time to deflect an attack from Akarenger's Spear Bute and lock blades with Mighty Morphin Red's Power Sword for a few seconds before both of them push away from each other. Dooku stumbles backwards to a stop as to his left Rocky charges towards him, "Power Tonfas!" Rocky shouts as he readies his weapons.

Rocky swings his right Power Tonfa only for Dooku to throw his upper body backwards to dodge it, Rocky coming to a stop and using the momentum to spin around and throw a roundhouse kick with his right foot as Dooku sidesteps to his left while turning sideways, causing it to miss. Dooku raises his lightsaber and brings it down on Rocky only for the Blue Zeo Ranger to block the saber with his left Power Tonfa as Dooku pushes down hard against Rocky in an attempt to overpower him, with Rocky pushing back. Sparks fly from between the two weapons as Rocky, and Dooku stare at one another, Dooku furrowing his brow in anger, as then to his right Goro jumps into the air, "Spade Arts!" Goro shouts as he releases an arrow from his power bow.

Dooku takes notice of this and quickly pushes himself back, just barely managing to dodge the arrow as it flies in between him, and Rocky and embeds into the ground to his left. The Count stumbles back a few steps to a stop as then suddenly a whip wraps itself around his left wrist, catching his attention as he looks down at it. Dooku turns his head to see the whip having come from Tsuyoshi who transformed the Spear Bute back into the Red Bute whip, Akarenger pulling on the whip with both hands yanking Dooku's left arm towards him as the Sith Lord raises his lightsaber to cut it. Only for another whip to wrap around his right wrist as Dooku turns back to see this one having come from Spade Ace, who pulls on his as well yanking Dooku's right arm towards him while also causing him to lose hold of his lightsaber as it falls to the ground.

"Now!" Goro shouts to Rocky.

"Let's finish this!" Jason shouts as he holds his Power Sword forward sideways.

"Right with yah!" Rocky shouts as he readies his Power Tonfas and charges forward, at the same time as Jason does.

Both Rangers let out battle cries as they charge towards Count Dooku; Jason raises his sword as its blade is enveloped by red energy and he brings it down diagonally to his left, while Rocky's right Power Tonfa's blade becomes energized in blue energy which he swings forward. Jason strikes Dooku down the front of his body while Rocky strikes his back, both of them running past him at the same time as red, and blue energy slashes connect into his body causing him to cry out in pain with his eyes closed. Jason, and Rocky slide to a stop beside both Tsuyoshi, and Goro, as behind them Dooku collapses onto his knees and then falls forward to the ground with an explosion engulfing him a second later.

Killow, and Atom-Smasher lock hands as the two hulking brutes attempt to overpower the other, with Killow managing to push Atom-Smasher back at first but only for a few seconds as Atom-Smasher manages to push back. Killow bares his teeth and groans as he struggles to overpower Atom-Smasher who just furrows his brow, Atom-Smasher then activates his power as he begins to grow larger, and larger, soon outgrowing Killow's size even more as the Sons of Garmadon general is visibly taken aback by this while also beginning to lose out to Atom-Smasher's increased strength as well. Eventually stopping at an even greater size than Killow, Atom-Smasher brings his right hand back into a fist and throws it downwards punching Killow right in the face, and upper chest, smashing him into the ground and leaving the unconscious biker in a semi-large crater.

Ulta Violet runs and leaps forward into the air while letting out a maniacal cackle as she suddenly finds herself surrounded by an aura of biotic energy and stopped midair, much to her confusion as she stops laughing and looks around. Jack holds her right hand forward while surrounded by a mass effect field, having cast a biotic lift, as to her right Merrill follows up with a Stonefist spell casting a large fist made of stone towards the SoG general, which slams directly into her blasting her backwards through the air for several meters before crashing to the ground. Lexington descends towards Mr. E who performs a backflip to kick Lexington in his midsection sending the gargoyle over him as he crashes to the ground and slides to a stop. Lexington moans in pain with his eyes closed as he puts his right hand to his head and turns around, opening his eyes only to find a red katana now being held at his throat making him gasp in shock. Mr. E raises the katana to strike him down only for a red tornado to slam into him from his left side, blasting him away, as Mr. E crashes into a large slab of concrete and falls to the ground. Lexington turns his head in shock to see who his savior was, as Red Tornado stands several meters away with his right arm extended forward.

Albedo, as Negative Brainstorm, and Van Kleiss shoot electricity at Ben, and Rex as Rex raises his arms forward generating a green, circular energy shield that blocks both bolts of electricity from hitting the two Heroes. Once the two villains cease their attacks Rex lowers the shield and lowers his arms to his sides as he powers up his chest piece and fires a green energy beam from it, the beam impacting directly in front of Albedo, and Van Kleiss causing an explosion that propels them away. Albedo reverts back to his human form as both he, and Van Kleiss hit the ground and roll to a stop getting knocked out.

"Puppet Pummel!" Puppetmon shouts as he leaps through the air with his hammer held over his head.

Jayden lets out a battle cry as he charges forward, flames engulfing his Mega Blade as he raises it to his right and swings it downwards diagonally to his left.

Jayden slashes Puppetmon who brings his hammer down with the Red Samurai Ranger running past him to his right, Jayden coming to a stop with his blade held low to the ground as Puppetmon stands hunched over behind him with his hammer slammed on the ground. Puppetmon then lets outs a moan of pain as he straightens himself and then collapses onto his knees and to his right, erupting into an explosion as Jayden straightens his body and holds his Mega Blade down to his right side.

"River of Power!" MetalSeadramon shouts as he fired a blue beam of energy from his snout cannon.

The shot flies towards Ingram, and Mirage, as the Ventus Bakugan dashes to his right to dodge it while flying through the air, while Mirage dives into a roll to his left and recovers onto his feet causing the energy shot to fly right between them impacting a few feet behind them.

"Moonlight Slash!" Ingram shouts as he readies his blades on his left forearm.

While Mirage lets out a battle cry while pulling his right arm back to strike with his right blade.

Both Heroes slash MetalSeadramon across his body causing him to roar out in pain as he disintegrates behind them.

Lance, STRIPE, Rocket Red, and War Machine fly towards Machinedramon, "Giga Cannon!" Machinedramon shouts as he takes aim at the armored Heroes and begins unleashing a volley of energy waves from his cannons.

The Heroes split off into various directions to avoid the incoming shots, as they then proceed to completely surround Machinedramon who stops firing to look at them, wondering what it was they were doing.

"Alright everyone, together!" Lance shouts as he aims, and readies his gatling cuffs, and missile pods to fire on Machinedramon.

STRIPE, War Machine, and Rocket Red all ready their respective arsenals as well to fire on the Machine Digimon; while behind Machinedramon several meters away, Franky walks into position, a toothy-grin on his face as he lets out a chuckle.

Franky throws his hands forward making a circle shaped gesture, "Franky Radical Beam!" he shouts as he fires a powerful laser beam.

At the same time Lance, Rocket Red, and STRIPE all fire a massive barrage of bullets and missiles, while War Machine does the same and then transitions to fire a red uni-beam. All of the attacks impact Machinedramon causing a massive explosion that makes him roar out in pain before he disintegrates.

Booster Gold fires beams of gold energy from his fists at the same time as Dorian launches a salvo of elemental blasts from his staff, both attacks impacting in front of Piedmon as he jumps backwards into the air to avoid them.

"Trump Sword!" Piedmon shouts as he throws his four swords at the two Heroes.

Before the swords can hit them however they are shot out of the air and destroyed by blue, green, yellow, and pink energy bolts. Piedmon turns his head to his right with gritted teeth in anger as he spots four of the Time Force Rangers, who have their Vector Weapons out as they aim away from where he had tossed his swords previously.

"You fools will pay for that!" Piedmon states as he goes to grab two of his swords.

"I don't think so!" the voice of Eric speaks up from behind Piedmon, making him turn around in shock with widened eyes as he gasps.

"Your time's up!" Eric shouts with his Mega Battle Blaster Blades held together as they produce a long, red-orange energy blade which he swings horizontally at Piedmon with.

Striking him across his body as he soars past him making Piedmon cry out in pain as he begins to fall towards the ground. Down below, Wes comes to a stop several feet away while staring up towards the falling Piedmon, "Battle Fire Saber!" he shouts as he pulls his large saber from his back.

Flames engulf the blade of the saber as Wes proceeds to create a circle of fire in front of him, before then delivering a downwards diagonal slash to his left releasing a fire slash projectile that hits Piedmon directly causing him to cry out in pain once more as he erupts into an explosion mid-air.

Mercurymon swings his left Irony no Tate mirror at Eiji who ducks beneath it and spins around as Mercurymon uses his momentum to do the same, upon both coming back around to face each other OOO swings his Medagabryu upwards striking Mercurymon across his chest. Eiji then lifts his right fist up, while holding his axe in his left hand, as he throws it forward, striking Mercurymon once more in the chest with a powerful punch sending him flying back. Mercurymon falls to the ground as behind him both Grumblemon, and Arbormon also crash to the ground with all three evil Legendary Warrior Digimon picking themselves back up onto their feet as they look in the direction they came from originally; Eiji, along with Daigo, and Conner run into position to surround the three Digimon.

Conner grips the handles of his shoulder cannons as they begin to power up, "Battle Blasters!" Conner shouts.

"Vamola Carnival!"

"Zyuden Carnival Finish!" Daigo shouts as he aims forward, and powers up his combined Minityra and Gaburivolverblaster.

"Putotyranno Hissatsu!" Eiji aims his Medagabryu, now in Bazooka Mode, as dark purple energy gathers at the barrel.

The three Heroes fire their weapons simultaneously as red, and purple energy beams slam into the Legendary Warrior Digimon causing them to explode as they let out one last cry of pain.

From close by Ranamon watches this happen, a shocked look on her face as behind her Lucy drops to the ground catching her attention. Lucy stands back up as Ranamon bares her teeth at her in anger, "Whipping Waves!" Ranamon shouts as she manipulates water from nearby puddles to send blasting towards Lucy.

Lucy raises her arms into the air while crossing them in the shape of an X, "O the Light of Regulus, O the Shine of Spica…" Lucy begins to chant as her body is enveloped in an intense aura of golden light, "Lion Maiden!" Lucy shouts while throwing her arms outwards to her sides as multiple pillars of light erupt from the ground around her, one erupting directly in front of her evaporating the water sent by Ranamon.

More pillars of light erupt from the ground traveling rapidly towards Ranamon who looks at this in horror, as then a pillar of light begins to erupt from directly beneath her soon exploding upwards and engulfing her before she can let out a scream. Ranamon lets out a cry of pain as within the light she can be seen disintegrating, several seconds later the pillar of light dying away as Ranamon is revealed to be no more. Lucy collapses onto her knees, her eyes closed while she lets out a sigh of relief as in a flash of light her clothes revert back to her normal ones, she opens her eyes, "Still can't hold those forms for too long." Lucy says, sounding exhausted.

Aquaman, and Hody Jones exchange a punch with one another, the impact of their fists sending out a shockwave between them that cuts through the ground below them and to their sides while also heavily damaging the ground around them. As Hody rears his left fist back behind his head to strike the King of Atlantis with, Cragger runs up and jumps at him from behind as he drives his weapon into the great white shark fish-man's back, causing Hody to roar out in pain. Hody continues to throw his punch downwards, only for Aquaman to leap away causing him to punch the ground instead; Hody then reaches for his back as he attempts to grab Cragger, the Crocodile Prince letting out a terrified yelp as he tries his best to avoid getting grabbed by Hody who then begins trying to reach for him with both hands. Aquaman gets back up as he sees Hody distracted trying to grab Cragger, twisting, and turning around; seeing this opportunity Aquaman begins to charge towards him. Hody reaches with his right hand and finally succeeds in grabbing a hold of Cragger as he pulls him to the front of his body in front of his face, Hody baring his teeth with intense anger in his eyes as he stares at the Crocodile Prince until he spots Aquaman coming towards him again. Hody tosses Cragger right towards Aquaman who is unable to react in time as the two collide, sending them both to the ground. Cragger moans in pain while face down as to his left Aquaman sits up, Hody charging right towards both of them as before he can get anywhere near them Takumi Inui flies past behind him slashing Hody across his back from right to left with his Faiz Blaster in Photon Breaker Mode.

Hody roars in pain once again as he spins around and takes a swing with his left arm only to hit nothing but the air; looking around trying to find who hit him Faiz flies directly towards him from behind delivering an upwards slash to Hody's back sending him collapsing onto his left hand and knee. Takumi floats back and then hovers to the ground landing in front of Aquaman, and Cragger who pushes himself up a bit and turns his head to see what is going on. Hody gets back on his feet and turns to face the Heroes once more, beginning to charge right at them again as he lets out a battle roar.

"Blaster Mode!" the Faiz Blaster announces as Takumi switches it to Photon Buster Mode.

Takumi then presses the ENTER button, "Exceed Charge!" powering up the blaster as Takumi takes aim at the charging Hody who gets closer and closer to them.

Once within close distance to Faiz, Hody throws his right fist down towards him only for Takumi to fire his Faiz Blaster with the fist just mere inches from his face. Shooting a powerful, and large blast of Photon Energy from his blaster which slams right into the midsection of Hody's body propelling him backwards; the energy orb continually pushing Hody back further and further as he cries out in pain eventually crashing into a large pile of rubble at which point the photon energy finally erupts into a large explosion which engulfs him. Hody's charred, and unconscious body collapses face down to the ground, his eyes completely blank with his mouth wide open as Takumi straightens himself and lowers his Faiz Blaster while Aquaman, and Cragger get on their feet behind him.

A large number of enemy soldiers and villains consisting of Brentwood, Zombozo and his Circus Freak Trio, Khyber and his Panuncian Pet, Bizarro, Electricutioner, Javelin, Sonar, Red Ghost and his Super Apes, The Omega, Emperor Tachyon, along with a number of monsters from Dai-Shocker, Zangyack, and The Armada, were gathered together. Several meters from them the Heroes, Natsu Dragneel, Zuko, Kai, Ryu Hayabusa, and Kamen Rider Ryuki got together side-by-side.

Kai moves his hands around in a circular motion while Zuko takes a step forward with his left foot while turning sideways, holding his left fist forward and his right hand back above his hand as flames envelope both of their hands.

Shinji places the Shoot Vent Advent Card into his Dragvisorzwei as he closes it, "Shoot Vent!"

Ryu meanwhile goes into his Ninpo stance, "Art of the True Inferno." he says.

Natsu takes a step forward, a serious look on his face as he then rears his head back, "Roar of the Fire Dragon!" Natsu shouts as he throws his head forward and spews a massive torrent of golden-like flames from his mouth.

At the same time Zuko takes a step forward with his right foot while thrusting his right fist, while Kai thrusts both of his hands forward with both of them creating large torrents of fire from them; Ryu thrusts his left hand forward creating a flaming dragon, and Shinji shoots a fireball from his Dragvisorzwei along with Dragranzer who hovers behind him. The multiple fire attacks combine together into a massive wave of flames which then impacts the large group of enemy villains, and soldiers causing a massive explosion to erupt as all of the enemies cry out in immense pain while being engulfed in the flames.

A B1 Battle Droid fires its blaster rifle a few times only to receive a lightsaber cut diagonally down its body from left to right causing it to fall apart. Luke Skywalker moves forward while deflecting another laser bolt fired at him, deflecting another shot as he approaches two more B1 battle droids as he slices the one closest to him first before raising his right hand forward and using the Force to raise the remaining droid a few feet off the ground and then Force Crush it into a ball of scrap. Luke then throwing his arm to the side while turning in that direction as he sends the crushed battle droid flying into the side of a Stormtrooper's head before he could shoot his father, Anakin, who cuts the Stormtrooper in front of him's blaster rifle and then spins around to his right to slash him across the chest. Anakin receives more blaster fire from in front to his left as he looks to see four more Stormtroopers shooting at him from several meters away. Anakin begins running towards them, blocking two laser bolts before deflecting a third one into the second Stormtrooper closest to him, as he then leaps forward into the air and comes down on the first Stormtrooper cutting him down his body as he continues forward. The remaining two Stormtroopers take several steps back as they continue firing at Anakin who blocks every shot that comes at him, once close enough to the third Stormtrooper, Anakin uses a Force Dash to speed past the Stormtrooper while also slicing him across the side of his body dropping him. Anakin then turns to his right and tosses his lightsaber straight towards the remaining Stormtrooper as it goes right through the trooper's stomach, Anakin using the Force to bring the lightsaber back towards his hand as the final Stormtrooper collapses to the ground dead.

Immediately upon the lightsaber returning to his hand Anakin turns around while grasping it with both hands as he raises it sideways just as a red lightsaber clashes down against it, Anakin now finding himself face to face with the revived Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader. Luke blocked several shots from a B2 Super Battle Droid as he closed in on it, thrusting his lightsaber directly into its face once close enough and leaving it in for a few seconds before pulling it out while using the momentum to turn around. As he looked over to where his father was, his eyes went wide in absolute horror, "Father!" he shouts as he begins to rush over.

Anakin pushed his lightsaber with gritted teeth as Vader pushed back. Luke ran towards the two and swung his lightsaber upwards, breaking the lock between them as Anakin used this to spin around to his right while taking a step back with Vader also retreating a few steps back. Luke got beside Anakin to his right, his lightsaber raised upwards while gripping it with both hands while Anakin held his lightsaber pointing forward beside his head.

"So. Who's tall, dark, and mysterious over there?" Anakin asks his son.

"He is the Sith Lord that I have told you about, Darth Vader." Luke explains.

Anakin's eyes go slightly wide in surprise as he turns his head to look at Luke, "Wait, you mean that's him? He's the one who wiped out the Jedi in your Universe?" he asks as he looks back towards Vader.

"Correct." Luke says.

Anakin stared at Vader, his deep, raspy breathing, along with the immense, dark power that he was sensing from him, sending a slight chill down his spine. A humored smirk came to Anakin's lips, "Good, I was hoping to run into him out here." Anakin says, garnering a look from Luke as he then twirls his lightsaber around a few times until he is holding it upright.

"Time to see what he's made of." Anakin says, a serious look on his face.

"So kid, what's the play here? How tough are we talking about this guy?" Anakin asks.

Luke looked back at Vader, "To put it simple, I barely survived my last encounter with him. It was only through some… fortunate circumstances that I was able to defeat him in the end. He is not a foe to be taken lightly." Luke warns him.

"Well, good thing there's one thing different you have going for you this time around." Anakin says.

Luke looks at his father again, wondering what he meant by that as Anakin looks back at him, a smirk on his lips once again, "You got your old man fighting beside you this time." Anakin says.

Luke stared at his father, a slightly shocked look on his face. If only he knew….

Knowing he had to keep the charade up Luke nodded his head in agreement with a forced smile on his lips as both he, and Anakin then looked back forward towards Vader with serious expressions. His breathing, seemingly echoing around them as he continued to stare towards the two Jedi.

Without a word both Skywalkers rushed forward towards the Sith Lord, closing the distance rapidly as Anakin was the first to reach Vader with him swinging his lightsaber forward. Vader blocked the lightsaber with ease and pushed Anakin back just as Luke came at him with an overhead swing with Vader managing to block his attack as well just in time. Vader pushed Luke's lightsaber away just as Anakin came in for another attack which he turned towards and managed to block again, as Luke quickly recovered and turned around as he swung his lightsaber horizontally from the right towards Vader. Vader saw this coming and spun around to his right while taking a step back to dodge this, as Anakin did the same but to his left, causing Luke's swing to miss completely. Vader took a couple more steps back as both Anakin, and Luke regrouped side by side. The two Skywalkers split off to either side of Vader with Anakin moving to his right, while Luke went to his left, Vader keeping his focus forward just waiting for one of them to make their move on him. Anakin went in for an attack as Vader turned toward him, only for it to be a feint as Luke rushed Vader from behind and thrusted his lightsaber forward, only for Vader to rapidly spin around while swinging his lightsaber to knock Luke's lightsaber away. Vader then raised his left hand forward into a fist using the Force to lift Luke into the air while also choking him at the same time, swinging his arm to the side to send Luke flying away as Luke crashed into the side of a destroyed M-080 APC before dropping to the ground.

Anakin charged Vader who turned towards him, Anakin jumping into the air and somersaulting over the Sith Lord as he landed behind in a crouched position while turning his lightsaber off as he then turned around while throwing both hands forward. Casting a Force Push that sent Vader soaring back for several meters as he managed to land on his feet however and slide to a stop. Vader stood up and deactivated his lightsaber as he lifted both hands to his sides, Force lifting a number of rocks around him of various sizes before sending them flying towards Anakin at high speeds. Anakin reactivated his lightsaber and began slicing through every rock that flew at him, unfortunately the high volume of rocks that came at him became too much as he began getting hit all over, from his legs to his shoulders, until finally a large sized chunk struck him directly in the right side of his face sending him to the ground. To Vader's left a recovered Luke jumped into the air with his lightsaber held back over his head as he dropped towards him, bringing his lightsaber forward as Vader turned and raised his lightsaber sideways to block the attack; Luke bared his teeth as he struggled to overpower Vader who showed no signs of struggling himself to hold Luke back. Luke launched himself into a backflip landing a few feet away from Vader in a crouched position on his right hand, and knee, immediately getting back up as he gripped his lightsaber with both hands while holding it upright with a serious look on his face. Vader lowered his lightsaber to his side. Both Luke, and Vader slowly began to walk in a circle opposite of each other, neither of them turning their gaze away from the other; after several more seconds Luke charged Vader once again as he swung his lightsaber downward diagonally from his right, only for Vader to block the attack. Luke spun to his right to try a horizontal slash from his left only for Vader to block him again with ease.

Anakin moaned in pain; a cut, and bruise on his cheek where he had gotten hit by the rock as blood seeped out from it. Sitting upright, Anakin opened his eyes and looked to see Luke engaging Vader once again; Luke, and Vader switching places as the two continued exchanging blows with their lightsabers with neither of them seeming to have a clear advantage over the other. Anakin furrowed his brow as he pushed himself back onto his feet.

Luke swung horizontally again from his left only for Vader to block it, retracting his lightsaber and attempting a downwards thrust to strike his left side as Vader deflected the attack away. Vader raised his lightsaber and swung it down forcing Luke to jump back to dodge it as he landed in a crouched position on his right knee, and hand; Luke threw his left arm out to the side while looking in that direction as he used the Force to pick up a large slab of concrete and toss it towards Vader. Vader turned and sliced the concrete in half and then turned back towards Luke who used this in an attempt to give himself an opening as he rushed towards the Sith Lord and attempted a Force Dash to slash him. Vader however sidestepped it causing Luke to miss as he slid to a stop past him; Luke turned and readied his lightsaber for another attack only for Vader to use his trick as he used the Force to pick up a nearby slab of concrete and launch it towards the young Jedi. This time however with Luke unable to react in time as the concrete slammed into his midsection propelling him backwards through the air, and sending him crashing into Anakin knocking both Skywalker's to the ground once again. Vader straightened his body and lowered both arms to his sides.

Anakin, and Luke began picking themselves up again, "Okay." Anakin begins to say as he lets out a grunt of pain, "So this guy is really as tough as you made him out to be." he finishes.

Both of them get on their feet, "Even together… he is a formidable opponent. I do not think we will be able to defeat him. Not through conventional means at least." Luke says, while trying to catch his breath.

Both Luke, and Anakin stare at each other, "I think I may have an idea." Luke says.

"If it's what I'm thinking, then I can say for sure that we really are related." Anakin says in a jesting tone.

Vader kept his eyes focused on the Skywalkers; as slowly both Luke, and Anakin approached him, stopping several feet from him at the same time as they raised their lightsabers forward and held them at the ready. Vader raised his lightsaber, serious looks on both Anakin, and Luke's faces as at the same time both Skywalkers lunged forward to attack Vader with battle cries. Vader blocked Anakin's attack first, followed by Luke. Both Anakin, and Luke went for a flurry of quick attacks in an attempt to overpower Vader, though surprisingly he was able to keep up just fine with the both of them. Luke went for a low attack only for Vader to knock it away, as he then deflected a high attack from Anakin making him stumble away to his right. Luke spun around and once again attempted a horizontal right slash, only for Vader to block the attack with both hands gripping his lightsaber as the two stared face to face at each other. Eventually Darth Vader pushed his lightsaber bringing Luke's lightsaber down with it towards the ground, allowing him to then backhand Luke across the face sending him flying back as he crashed to the ground landing on his back, his deactivated lightsaber landing on the ground a few feet away having lost hold of it. Anakin rushed towards Vader, the Sith Lord turning and swinging his lightsaber only for Anakin to duck beneath it and get behind to his rear, as Vader quickly turned back swinging his lightsaber again, only for Anakin to go around to his other side to get back behind him again. Anakin raised his lightsaber back to his right as he readied himself to strike the Sith Lord, only for Vader to throw his left hand upwards stopping Anakin in his tracks with the Force. Vader turned back to face him as he lifted Anakin a few feet off the ground, beginning to choke him which made Anakin drop his lightsaber as it deactivated and fell to the ground.

"Father!" Luke shouts in horror as he gets back on his feet and rushes to his aid.

Only for Vader to point his lightsaber towards Luke, while turning his head to face him, making him stop in his tracks. Much to the surprise of Vader as he seemed visibly confused by this with a slight tilt of his head. Luke remained in place; his teeth bared in a grit. It was then that Vader seemed to notice something as he looked down, to see that Luke had strangely yet to recall his lightsaber to his hand to try and save his father from him.

Meanwhile, behind Anakin's back in his left hand, he held Luke's lightsaber. Clenching his teeth tightly together Anakin moved his left arm out and activated Luke's lightsaber, catching Vader's attention as by then it was already too late, with Anakin swinging Luke's lightsaber to cut Vader's entire left arm off causing him to cry out in immense pain as he collapsed onto his knees. Anakin dropped to the ground, as he then recalled his lightsaber into his right hand and activated it; Anakin walked closer to Vader and raised both lightsabers up to his right before bringing them down diagonally onto Vader. The sight of which made Luke close his eyes momentarily while looking away. Vader's head rolled across the ground for several feet before coming to a stop face up, while his headless body collapsed to the ground. Luke stared at the ground before looking back at Vader's body out of the corner of his eyes, an uncomfortable look on his face as Anakin recovered from the attack and looked over at Luke with a satisfied expression on his face, until noticing the look Luke had on his face.

"Hey, Luke." Anakin called over to him, catching his attention, "Everything alright?" he asks.

Luke was silent for a moment, "Y-Yeah… Yeah I'm… I'm fine. Just getting a little exhausted is all." Luke finally manages to say.

Anakin nods his head, "Uh huh…" he says, he could sense, and easily tell that Luke now seemed troubled by something. Though what it was he could not tell… Was it because of what he just did? If so, why? Perhaps he would have a talk with his future son about this later on, after the battle was over of course.

Anakin tossed Luke's lightsaber back at him as Luke caught it, "Well, don't go giving up yet kid. We still have a long fight ahead." Anakin says as he begins to walk away, eventually turning and running to rejoin the rest of the battle.

Luke looked down at his lightsaber, and then over to the dead body of Darth Vader. Even if that wasn't the real one, his real father from his universe, to see a version of his father from the past unknowingly cut his future self-down like that… Not wanting to dwell on it anymore, Luke focused his attention back on the fighting as he raised his head to look forward, before then running off after his parallel universe father to also rejoin the battle.

Shepard could not believe what he was seeing. The Illusive Man now looked partially like a Husk!

"They're controlling you!" Anderson states, it was so clearly obvious what was going on.

The Illusive Man had been indoctrinated by the Reapers.

"I don't think so, Admiral." the Illusive Man says in a calm manner, apparently it was obvious to everyone but himself.

"Controlling me is a lot different than controlling a Reaper!" Shepard states.

The Illusive Man put his left hand to his chin and his right hand beneath his elbow, seeming to be thinking about it, at least for a few seconds before lowering his arms, "Have a little faith." he says.

"When humanity discovered the mass relays, when we learned there was more to the galaxy than we imagined, there were some who though the relays should be destroyed." The Illusive Man says as he begins walking around the platform while keeping, and switching his focus between Anderson, and Shepard.

"They were scared of what we'd find. Terrified of what we might let in. But look at what humanity has achieved. Since that discovery, we've advanced more than the past 10,00 years combined! And the Reapers will do the same for us again. A thousand fold! But…"

Pain suddenly surged through Shepard's head again making him groan while putting his left hand to the side of his head; the whispers coming back, the tendrils digging at his mind, as he found himself suddenly being forced to raise his pistol forward… towards Anderson.

The Illusive Man walked up beside him to his left, "... Only if we can harness their ability to control." he says, as Shepard lowers his left arm and raises his head to look towards Anderson who raises his right hand forward.

"Bullshit. We destroy them, or they destroy us." Anderson says.

"And waste this opportunity? Never!" The Illusive Man states as he begins to walk away from Shepard.

Lower the gun, just lower it! Shepard was trying with all his might to lower his pistol, terrified of what was potentially about to happen. He couldn't… no… Anderson was his friend!

"You're playing with things you don't understand. With power you shouldn't be able to use!" Shepard says.

The Illusive Man stopped at the edge, "I… don't believe that. If we can control it, why shouldn't it be ours?" he questions, seeming to have hesitated there at the beginning, as he turns around to face them again.

"Because we're not ready. Look at the Isu, they weren't ready for the dangers of traveling to other universes. Look what happened to them when they messed with powers they didn't understand that they weren't ready for. They nearly brought an end to the entire multiverse!" Shepard states.

"No… We're different from them. They were fools. This is the way humanity must evolve!" The Illusive Man argues.

"There's always another way. Look at the Humans from the other universes. The UNSC, both Republic's. Their Humanities have technologies that far surpass anything we have, and they were able to achieve those accomplishments just fine without the need to control a genocidal race of machines!" Anderson says.

"I've dedicated my life to understanding the Reapers, and I know with certainty: the Crucible will allow me to control them!" the Illusive Man says, completely ignoring what Anderson had said.

"And then what?" Shepard questions him.

The Illusive Man looked at Shepard, "Look at the power they wield." he says as he looks back forward, "Look at what they can do!" he shouts as he raises his right hand up into a fist as what looked like a mass effect field appeared around his arm.

A shot rang out, Anderson let out a grunt of pain. Blood began rapidly seeping out from the hole that was now in his stomach. Shepard… he couldn't stop himself. The Illusive Man had forced him to fire a slug into Anderson. His mind screamed in absolute horror at what he had just been forced to do, but nothing came from his mouth; the exhaustion, the pain, preventing him from screaming out. All he could do was close his eyes and shake his head in sadness, in anger, as he opened them again and glared at the Illusive Man.

"I see what they did to you…" Shepard says, his voice seething with absolute rage.

"I took what I wanted from them! Made it my own!" The Illusive Man states as he looks back at Shepard.

"This isn't about me, or you. It's about things so much bigger than all of us!" The Illusive Man says while throwing his arms out to the sides for emphasis at the end for a few seconds before lowering them back down.

"He's wrong… Don't listen to him." Anderson says, his voice, already beginning to grow weak as he continued to lose blood, unable to do anything to slow it down as the Illusive Man wouldn't let him.

"And who will you listen to, Shepard?" the Illusive Man asks as he walks up to Anderson's side, "An old soldier, stuck in his ways, only able to see the world down the barrel of a gun? And what if he's wrong? What if controlling the Reapers is the answer?"

"If we destroy the Reapers, this ends today! But if you can't control them…" Shepard says.

"BUT I CAN!" The Illusive Man shouts in a crazed rage.

"Are you willing to bet Humanity's existence on it?!" Shepard angrily questions him.

"I… know it will work!" The Illusive Man says, his head lowered, facing towards the ground as he shakes it, almost as if he was struggling with what to say.

"You can't, can you? They won't let you do it." Shepard says.

The Illusive Man was indoctrinated, he, and Anderson knew it. The Illusive Man however, seemed to be either completely unaware, or was being made to think that he wasn't, and that he was still in control himself. If Shepard could maybe just get through to him, just like he did to Saren all those years ago…

"No! I'm in control! No one is telling me what to do!" the Illusive Man shouts.

"Listen to yourself. You're… indoctrinated." Anderson says, shaking his head to try and remain awake from the large amount of blood he had most likely lost at this point; his body struggling to remain on its feet.

"No… No! The two of you, so self-righteous! Do you think power like this comes easy? There are sacrifices!" The Illusive Man states.

"You've sacrificed too much. Even your own ideals. You made Cerberus to be entirely for Humanity, yet you ally yourself with people, and monsters who seek to destroy it entirely!" Shepard states.

"Shepard, I… I…" the Illusive Man struggles once again to speak as he turns around and takes a few steps away, before turning back to face the Commander and walking back a few steps towards him, "I only wanted to protect Humanity! The Crucible can control them. I know it can! And with them, I can protect Humanity from those people, and monsters who want to destroy them, I just…"

"It's not too late… Let us go. We'll do the rest!" Shepard says.

"I…" The Illusive Man says as he lowers his head and puts his right hand to his forehead, "I can't do that, Commander." he finishes, lowering his hand and looking back at Shepard.

"Of course you can't… they own you now!" Anderson says.

The Illusive Man walks behind Anderson, and then grabs his pistol, "You… you'd undo everything I've accomplished. I won't let that happen." he says, walking out back to Anderson's left side.

"Because of you, Humanity is already undone." Shepard says.

"That's not true!" The Illusive Man shouts.

"They have the Citadel. They've got us fighting each other instead of fighting them." Shepard says.

"I just need to-!" The Illusive Man tries to speak, his movement, and gestures looking more, and more crazed.

"You've done exactly what the Reapers wanted! You're still doing it because they control you!" Shepard states.

The blaring horns of the Reapers, the dark tendrils, the Illusive Man could hear them, feel them in his head, digging at his mind. He raised his hands to the sides of his head while turning around and hunching over slightly, "I… They're too strong, Shepard!"

"You're stronger. Don't let them win! Break their hold. Don't let them control you! If you truly are fighting for Humanity, then fight for them here and now, by not letting the Reapers win!" Shepard states.

The Illusive Man seemed to be struggling more, and more, as he moaned in pain. This went on for several more seconds until finally, everything went quiet. The Illusive Man uprighted himself, and turned around to face Shepard, the Commander stared back.

"I tried… Shepard." The Illusive Man says.

As he then aims Anderson's pistol at Shepard, and begins to pull the trigger. Shepard slowly shakes his head, a horrified look on it. A shot rings out.

An M-3 Predator Pistol drops to the ground, as the Illusive Man, with a shocked expression on his face, looks down at his chest where a single bullet hole now is. Blood began to pour out from it staining his white collared shirt. Shepard looked at this in shock as well, his eyes slightly wide. The Illusive Man raised his head to look back forward, as then another shot rang out, with him receiving a hit to his right shoulder knocking it back; another bullet a second later, hitting him in his left shoulder this time making him take a step back with his left foot. One by one, more shots rang out knocking the Illusive Man back further, and further, one step at a time as the bullets struck him in different parts of his body.

The Master Chief calmly walked forward across the bridge, behind to the right of Shepard while aiming his M6H2 Magnum as he slowly continued to fire it. Finally Shepard's arms dropped down as he could feel whatever hold the Illusive Man had over him dissipate, while Anderson collapsed to the ground completely. Chief fired two more shots as he passed Shepard, firing another, and another as both bullets went through the Illusive Man's kneecaps, causing him to drop to the ground on his knees as Chief ceased his firing and walked up to him, stopping directly in front of him. The pistol, just a few inches from his forehead.

"Ch-Chief…" Shepard weakly says, both shocked, and very glad to see him as always.

Chief stared down at the Illusive Man keeping his pistol trained on him. The Illusive Man coughed a few times, as he then managed to raise his head to look up at the towering Spartan, blood trickling down the sides of his lips, bullet holes all over his body with blood pouring out from them. It was a damn miracle that he was still alive somehow.

"You… you are… the Spartan." the Illusive Man manages to say, albeit in a very weak voice.

"I… I have been looking forward to… to meeting you." the Illusive Man says.

Chief says nothing. As he pulls the trigger of his magnum putting a bullet right through the Illusive Man's skull, dropping him.

"The feeling's not mutual." Chief says.

Chief lowers his weapon and begins to walk away, leaving behind the body of the Illusive Man.

"Chief." Shepard says as he begins to slowly walk towards him, "As always, am I glad to see you…" he says, as he begins to collapse forward.

Chief quickly rushes over and manages to catch Shepard before he can hit the ground, "Commander. You look like shit." Chief comments.

Shepard lets out a small chuckle, "I'm on Death's doorstep, and you choose now as one of the few times you decide to make a joke?" he jests.

"If Death wants you, he'll have to go through me first." Chief says, as he carefully lays Shepard down into a sitting position.

Shepard groans in pain, closing his eyes for a few seconds and then reopening them, "I'm… I'm fine. Anderson though, he's been shot. He's… been bleeding out for a few minutes now." he says in a worried tone.

Chief turns his head and spots the Admiral face down on the platform. Quickly he gets on his feet and hurries over to him, dropping down beside him as he carefully rolls him over onto his back; miraculously he was still breathing, albeit barely. There was a large pool of blood where he had been lying, he had lost so much of it. Chief reached for his lower back and pulled out a can of biofoam he managed to find on a dead UNSC medic's body on his way to the Conduit, "This'll sting for a bit Admiral, but it'll stop the bleeding." Chief says as he begins applying the biofoam to Anderson's wound.

The Admiral clenches his teeth tightly, resisting the urge to scream in pain, if he even could with how weak he was feeling.

"How is he?" Shepard asks.

Chief tosses the now empty biofoam canister away as he turns to look at Shepard, "He's lost a lot of blood. I've sealed his wound up with biofoam so that'll stop him from losing anymore. But we need to get him medical attention as soon as possible if we're going to save him." Chief says.

Shepard closed his eyes and clenched his teeth tightly again as another surge of pain coursed through his body. He opened his eyes to look back at Chief, "Get the Citadel arms open." he tells him, after everything that has happened, he was not about to lose Anderson, he was not going to lose another of his friends!

Chief followed this without question as he got back on his feet and rushed over towards the control panel. Once reaching it, and studying it for a few seconds, Chief got to work on opening the arms.

Down the River Thames at all the intact bridges, Coalition forces engaged the Reapers and their Allies' troops; the same thing still happening at the Tower Bridge where the fighting on it has turned into an all out brawl between both sides. The AT-TE had been knocked out of commission by enemy anti-tank fire directly beneath the first arch, leaving the road blocked up for anymore Coalition armor to try and move up to support the infantry, and with the Republic walker being in a difficult spot to remove it from. Not wanting to give the bridge back to the enemy nor give them any breathing room to increase the strength of their defenses, the Coalition infantry continued their push forward with the Reaper troops and their allies doing the same, leading to the up close, and personal clash on the bridge.

Fighting at the very center of the bridge, Lennox fired his rifle into a charging Easterling to his right, before aiming to his front at a charging Gormin who stopped and cowered at this only for the infamous clicking to be heard from his gun signaling to Lennox that his magazine had run out. This also alerted the Gormin who took this opportunity to resume its attack as it raised it weapon to strike him, only for Lennox to quickly kick it in the midsection sending it stumbling back; then swinging the butt of his rifle to the left to strike a charging Husk across the face clotheslining it. Lennox then took out his Para 1911 G.I. Expert pistol and put two rounds into the downed Husk, before aiming back forward and putting four bullets into the Gormin, taking it out as well. Behind Lennox, Epps unknowingly backed up into him causing both of them to spin around and aim their pistols at each other, before realizing who the other was making them quickly lower their weapons, "Epps!" Lennox says with a raised voice, glad to see that it was him.

"You out of ammo too?" Lennox asks.

"I'm on my last mag for my secondary. This isn't looking good man!" Epps says, a slight panic in his voice due to the situation they were in and the fact that he was just about out of ammo for all his weapons.

A roar from behind Lennox makes him turn around and drop onto his left knee as he, and Epps fire their pistols into a charging Orc bringing it down. Lennox stands back up, "Bastards just keep coming." he says.

A Cerberus Phantom comes at them from their right making them turn towards her as they aim their guns, only for Rex to shoulder ram into her side knocking her to the ground as he quickly unloads a couple plasma bolts into her.

"They ain't giving up without a fight. Which means neither can we." Rex says, as Fives, and Echo run up behind him to his sides.

Éomer appears stopping to Lennox, and Epps's left, "As much as I agree with that statement of yours, captain. I question how much longer we can keep this stalemate going for. If we are to continue making any progress, most especially linking up with our comrades to the north, we must push the enemy from this bridge." Éomer says.

"Yeah well unfortunately I think that's exactly why these guys are deciding to give it their all here compared to all the fighting we've been doing up to this point. The minute they lose hold of these bridges, and assuming that the Commander and the rest of the Heroes can deal with the Reapers, it'll be the final nail in the coffin for Cerberus and the rest of their allies' defeat." Lennox says.

"Assuming that we have any people left to link up with after we've secured these bridges." Fives says.

A loud roar brings the attention of the soldiers, and king, back forward as they raise their weapons in preparation for whatever had made it, knowing it had not been any one of their men. A Krogan soldier raises his Graal Spike Thrower shotgun sideways to block a downwards swing from a Red Templar's sword, pushing it aside and headbutting the Templar directly in the face knocking him to the ground; the Krogan than raising his shotgun with the barrel facing downwards as he drives his bayonet into the Templar's midsection. The Krogan retracts back up as he begins catching his breath, the ground suddenly shaking around him with large footsteps heard approaching him making the Krogan look forward, and then up as the footsteps come to a stop. An armored Olog-hai troll stares down at the Krogan as it lets out a roar, swinging its large sword up to its left before bringing it down diagonally slicing the Krogan completely in two, as his now two body halves slide apart from each other and drop to the ground.

Lennox, and the others watch this in absolute horror, as then the Olog-hai raises its head and looks directly towards them, letting out another roar.

"Oh shit…" Lennox says, not liking the look of this one bit.

The Olog-hai begins rushing towards them, "Fu~ck!" Lennox shouts as he, and the others begin unloading their weapons into the troll while backing up rapidly.

The bullets, and plasma bolts do nothing to slow the Olog-hai down as it just shrugs them off or is protected by its armor. As it closes in on them the troll swings its sword again up to its left as it prepares to slash all of them when suddenly, "TIME MAZINE!"

A large, flying vehicle rams into the troll from its left side, sending the troll breaking through the railing and off the bridge as it falls into the river below.

Lennox and the others come to a stop, wondering what just happened with surprised looks on their faces. A strange ship, the likes of which did not match any known friendly, or enemy vehicles, hovered in front of them sideways between them and their troops, and the enemy troops. All the fighting on the bridge had come to a stop due to the sudden arrival of the strange vehicle, as Coalition troops backed up onto their side of the bridge, while the enemy troops remained on their side.

"What the hell is that, and whose side is it on?" Epps speaks up.

"Well considering it just took out that troll and saved our asses, hopefully ours." Echo says.

"Still doesn't explain who or what's piloting that thing." Echo says, him and everyone else remaining on edge due to this fact.

Suddenly the vehicle's thrusters kicked back to full power, kicking up a cloud of dust around it; making Lennox, Epps, Éomer, and a few other soldiers cover their faces and or look away from it while the Clones and others who had their faces covered continued to look on. The vehicle flew away as inside the cloud of dust, two human-shaped figures could be seen. Slowly the dust dissipated, revealing different parts of the people within as the first thing that was noticed was that they seemed to be wearing some kinds of different armor.

The one to the right appeared to have a mixture of blue, and red armor parts covering their upper body and shoulders, much of their arms, their hips, and parts of their legs, with what appeared to be a black bodysuit underneath. Their blue, right armored foot almost resembled that of a tank tread, while above the red left armored foot, spiraling around the lower half of the leg beneath the knee was what looked like a white-colored spring. Their helmet was also half blue and half red with some black around it. The eye pieces of their helmet sported rather strange looks, as the blue, right eye piece almost looked like that of the top view of a tank turret, with even a barrel sticking up diagonally to the right, while their left, red eye piece resembled that of a side view of a rabbit with its ear extending upwards to the left diagonally.

"Hagane no moonsault! RabbitTank! Yeah!"

As for the left armored figure. Their armor consisted mostly of black, with some pink, and silver strewn throughout parts of their body; they had what looked like silver dials on their kneecaps, and the sides of their shoulders. They had four metallic-looking straps, two per arm below the elbow, on and near their wrists with what appeared to be pocketwatch-like devices attached to them. The faceplate of their helmet strangely resembled that of an analog clock face with even two hands and tick marks for the 11, 12, 1, 5, 6, and 7 positions. The smaller hand was set at 10 o'clock, while the long hand was at the 2. On their forehead the word "Kamen" was spelled out in Japanese in small, silver lettering, while their black visor consisted of the word "Rider" in large, pink Japanese lettering.

"Kamen Rider Zi-O!"

Both armored figures had strange looking belts on them; the half red-blue one with a red hand crank on the right side with two strange looking bottles on top of the center, and left side, the one in the middle red, and the one on the left blue. While the clock-looking one, their belt almost looked like a digital clock with two slots on either side of it, another pocketwatch-like device already occupying the right slot.

Lennox, and Rex looked at each other, confused by who, or what they were looking at.

"Who are you people?!" Éomer questioned in a demanding tone, not wanting to take any chances on if these were indeed enemy troops as he kept the grip on his sword tight, some of the soldiers behind him with their weapons already slightly raised if this turned out to be the case as well.

The two armored figures turned to face the Coalition soldiers, "The name is Build. Kamen Rider Build."

The half red and half blue armored figure identified as Kamen Rider Build, put his left hand to his hip while raising his right index finger upward, ""Build" as in "to create" or "to form"." he adds in.

Éomer raised a brow at this, slightly confused.

"And you can call me Zi-O. Kamen Rider Zi-O!" Kamen Rider Zi-O raised his left index finger, "The demon king who wields the powers of every Rider!"

"Demon King?"

"Did they just say they were Kamen Riders?"

"I don't remember seeing them aboard the Infinity."

The rest of the Coalition soldiers were equally as confused as many of them murmured amongst each other with some exchanging looks with one another for a few seconds.

"Kamen Riders?" Rex questions as he, and Lennox share another look with one another for a few seconds before looking back forward.

"If you two are Kamen Riders, then how come I don't remember ever seeing or hearing about you aboard the Infinity?" Lennox asks them.

"And why aren't you with the rest of the Heroes at the Conduit fighting there?" Echo asks.

"There is a simple explanation for that really. You see, my current self at this point in time exists in a Parallel Universe separate from the rest of the Riders." Build says.

"While I haven't even become a Rider yet." Zi-O says.

Lennox, and Rex share another look with each other, this one of mass confusion wondering just what it was these two "Riders" were talking about. After thinking about it for several seconds however, Fives seemed to understand it, "Hold on." he says, catching the others' attention.

"Are you two implying… that you're not from this time?" Fives asks.

"That is right. You could say that we…" Build begins to say.

"Are Hero reinforcements from the future!" Zi-O finishes in an exciting exclamation.

This seems to take all of the Coalition soldiers aback as they begin talking amongst each other, and exchanging looks with each other once more.

Meanwhile, the enemy soldiers just continued to watch the scene unfold; many of them exchanging looks with one another upon hearing what they heard as some appeared to have frightened expressions on their faces. An Uruk looked around in anger, "What are we all standing around for?! There's only two of them. Kill them!" the Uruk shouts while swinging his sword forward as this causes all the enemy troops to let out unified battle cries, and roars as they charge forward once again.

Build, and Zi-O turn back to face them, "You ready to go, Build?" Zi-O asks as he taps him on the left shoulder.

"Yeah." Build replies with a slight nod of his head.

"The laws of victory have been set." Build says, running his right index finger up the tank turret's barrel of his right eye piece before making a flicking motion beside it.

"I've got a feeling this will work out!" Zi-O says while pumping his body up and down excitedly before he, and Build finally charge forward to engage the enemy troops.

Build, and Zi-O collide against the enemy as they immediately begin punching and kicking at the enemy troops. Build throws a front kick with his right foot into a Drophyd trooper before turning partially to his left and ducking beneath the swing of a Cyclonian's staff, coming back up and throwing his left foot into the Talon as he turned back to face him. Zi-O threw a back kick with his right foot into the midsection of a Foot Ninja, following up with a front kick to a Wolf soldier and then swinging his right arm to his left to punch a Loogie in the chest.

Epps turned around to look at the troops, "What we all standing around for?! Let's get back in there!" he shouts with a wave of his left arm.




Many of the Coalition soldiers yell out in agreement, before all of them let out battle cries, and roars and charge back in to re-engage the enemy troops; Lennox, Rex, and Éomer eventually joining in as well. As the enemy, who was focusing mostly on the two Riders, are unprepared when the Coalition troops clash into them again causing them to lose many of their troops at the front before they are able to recover and get back to fighting the Coalition troops as well.

Epps fired his Glock 17 to the right before looking to his left and firing two more shots. Rex fired both of his blaster pistols in various directions, being careful of course to not shoot one of his own as a Sangheili Warrior appeared behind him with his energy sword raised only for Rex to throw a back kick into him, knocking him to the ground as he turned around and unloaded both blasters into him. Echo fired his DC-15S while behind him Fives tossed a B1 Battle Droid to the ground before firing his DC-15A into it, Echo turned to his right and melee's a Stormtrooper across the face with the butt of his blaster carbine.

"Lennox!" Éomer calls to him before underhand tossing an Uruk sword in his direction.

Lennox catches the scimitar in his right hand and turns back forward just in time to block a low swing from a Hurlock's sword, then a high one as he fires his 1911 taking the Darkspawn out.

Build catches a Commando Droid's wrist as it attempts to slice him with a vibrosword, as he then fires into it with his Drill Crusher in gun mode. Zi-O slashes a Death Eater down his body with his Zikan Girade in ken mode before turning around and swinging it upwards to knock an Alvarez soldier's spear away, quickly bringing it back down and slashing the Alvarez soldier down his body causing him to drop.

The battle on Tower Bridge continues, now with the Coalition having the aid of two Kamen Riders, two Heroes, from the future.

Manhattan, New York…

Back in Manhattan the Coalition's 7th Sky Corps continued their fight against the enemy forces in the city. The fighting in the city has been very intense and fierce, with enemy troops putting up heavy resistance around every corner, on every street; holding out and hitting the Coalition forces from within every building that still stood. Overhead fighters from both sides roared over the city as an equally intense air battle raged, gunships from both sides patrolling the city skyline assisting their respective ground troops all over or engaging each other as well. On the ground Coalition troops have been forced into moving at a snail's pace to clear the city out inch by inch, being forced to clear out the streets first before moving onto the buildings themselves so as to not risk the enemy hitting them from behind or cutting their reinforcements off later on before continuing forward.

The fighting has finally reached Times Square, where Coalition forces find themselves pinned down in the Father Duffy Square section of the area with enemy fire practically coming from all over.

"They're everywhere!" Waxer yells out from beside an M3A3 Bradley as he wildly fires his DC-15S in every direction upwards.

Everywhere he looked he could see enemy tracers, and other kinds of projectiles flying towards them from what seemed like every window and opening from the several buildings that still stood in the area. Coalition troops, and vehicles returning fire at every single one of them. Cody rushed forward as the men and women around him fired their weapons up at the buildings, behind him a female Inquisition soldier manning the Fifty Cal of a Humvee as she too focused fire on the buildings wherever she saw enemy fire coming from.

Cody moved past a male Turian carrying a wounded Gondor soldier away from the front, "We've got to keep moving! Don't stop!" Cody shouts.

A Storm Kig-Yar was shot dead to the right of Boil as he, and a Providence agent returned fire at the enemy troops directly front of them from behind a sideways turned destroyed skycar. Cody dropped to a crouched position on his right knee to the left of Boil as he, and the Providence agent dropped back down behind cover while turning around, "We've got to keep moving! If we stay here any longer the enemy will pin us down!" Cody urgently says to Boil.

"I hate to say it sir, but I think it's a little too late for that. The enemy has us well pinned and there's just too many places we're getting shot from! We try moving forward through all of this and we'll get slaughtered!" Boil says.

Near the front of the enemy lines on the ground a Cerberus Atlas Mech fires its mass accelerator cannon; to the Clones' right a US Army soldier runs up with an AT4 as he comes to a stop and fires it, the shot hitting the canopy directly causing it to explode and taking the mech out. From one of the high up windows of a building a Scout Trooper fires their sniper taking the US Army soldier out.

"Sniper!" a female soldier shouted.

Having deduced where the shot came from Cody, Boil, and the Providence agent aim their weapons up and fire away, the Scout Trooper taking multiple hits while other projectiles hit around the window as the enemy sniper falls backwards most likely dead.

Cody, and Boil drop back behind cover, "Where the hell's air support?!" Cody questions.

"Unavailable sir! All either too busy, shot down, or grounded rearming and refueling!" Boil says.

"Are you telling me that out of all the ships we have flying in the air not a single one of them can break off to at least try to come and help us?!" Cody questions this in complete disbelief.

"Seems that way unfortunately sir!" Boil says.

"Great, just our luck." Cody says with a shake of his head, annoyed by this.

"We could really use the general about now!" Boil says.

"Even if General Kenobi and those Heroes were here they wouldn't be able to make much of a difference in this situation. We'd probably need at least fifty Heroes or Jedi to get out of this mess!" Cody says.

"IMPERIAL WALKER!" a male human New Republic soldier shouts full of terror.

A large, metallic foot slams onto the ground several meters down the road. Catching the attention of Cody, and Boil as they peek over the skycar to see an Imperial AT-AT now coming towards them; the head of the All Terrain Armored Transport, slowly moving to look slightly to its right as it fires its heavy laser cannons followed by its medium blasters. The AT-AT's head swivels to look to its left as it fires its laser cannons again, destroying a Swords of Sanghelios Wraith.

Cody, and Boil duck back down, "Great, just what we needed!" Cody shouts full of anger.

An Abrams, and Scorpion Tank rolled forward to a stop as both MBTs fired their cannons at the Imperial Walker. One of the shots impacted the walker's front right leg at the knee, causing no significant damage to it, while the other shot ricocheted off the right side of its main body's armor. The walker's head turned towards the tanks as its heavy laser cannons fired again, hitting the UNSC Scorpion Tank directly causing it to explode as its turret flew off from its body. The Abrams fired again, this time scoring a direct hit on the head of the AT-AT, this however still did no damage to the heavily armored walker as it fired its laser cannons again, destroying the Abrams with ease.

"We don't have the firepower to bring that walker down! And there's no way we're going to be able to get close enough to get a shot on its weak point. We've got no choice. Fall back! Everyone, fall back!" Cody starts yelling as loud as he can.


A male voice suddenly echoes from out of nowhere catching the Clone Commander's attention, "What the? Did you hear that?" Cody asks as he looks at the Providence agent who nods his head at the question.

Waxer, who was looking at the sky for some reason, points up, "Look!" he shouts.

Cody, Boil, and the Providence agent look to the sky, wondering what it was Waxer was pointing at and if it had anything to do with the yell they just heard. Suddenly there is a flash of red in the sky, as what looks to be a red energy orb travels down from it followed by a red fiery trail as it begins spiraling around during its descent. Eventually crashing through the left side of the AT-AT's neck causing multiple explosions to begin erupting from inside throughout its body, the orb then spiraling into an ascent before dropping straight down to the ground between both sides kicking up a cloud of dust, and debris. The walker collapses forward to the ground destroyed, while soldiers on both sides cease their fire in reaction to the sudden appearance of the strange orb as they look towards where it had crashed. Cody, Boil, and the Providence agent slowly lift their heads up after having thrown them down out of reaction to the crash landing of the strange energy orb, one of their arms held up in front of them as they lower them down to look towards the center of the cloud waiting for it to dissipate to see what, or who, that was that just crashed in front of them and took out that enemy walker.

"Seiza Change!"

The cloud of dust begins dispersing, slowly revealing a lone figure crouched inside a small crater on their left knee with their left fist thrown up to their right side. Rapidly the figure jumps back on their feet and hops towards the enemy revealing themselves, "Ah~! Another perfect landing! Yossha, lucky!" the figure, a man in a red, spandex-like suit, shouts joyously as he claps his hands and swings his left fist up to his right again.

On his left arm was a strange device with a black handle that he held in his left hand and a red sphere-like object on top towards the front. His suit consisted of silver that covered his shoulders and below around his neck which was white, and black for his armpits and parts of his chest, with a star shape being formed in between the silver and black on the center-left of his chest. There was a silver circle above his left peck that held what looked like a red crystal inside. He had a silver belt with a silver, and black buckle. His black visor, which almost seemed to resemble that of the vastness of space when looked closer upon, had the outline of a lion head above it also in the same space black while the rest of his helmet was red with a "lip" below the visor where the actual mouth of the person would be.

Soldiers on both sides were taken aback by the sudden appearance of this stranger who seemingly came from the meteor-like object, "Do you think he's friendly sir?" Boil asks, considering the fact that the person did destroy the AT-AT for them.

"We're about to find out." Cody says in a hopeful voice.

"You there, identify yourself!" Cody shouts.

This catches the red suited person's attention as he turns his head slightly to the left, before turning all the way around to face the Coalition troops, "I'm glad you asked. I'm the luckiest man in the multiverse, Lucky!" the man, now identified as Lucky, excitedly explains.

"And we…!" Lucky shouts as he throws his arms out to the sides, as then suddenly eleven more energy orbs of different colors, orange, blue, gold, black, silver, green, pink, yellow, violet, skyblue, and slightly dark red, appear landing on either side of him. In flashes of their respective colors while "exploding" into the outlines of stars, eleven more figures appear from them facing towards the Coalition soldiers, "Are the 41st Super Sentai team!"

Hearing this takes the Coalition soldiers aback again as many of them gasp in shock and begin exchanging looks with one another or murmuring amongst each other.

"Super Sentai?!" Cody questions, shocked to be hearing that these color suited folks were related to the other color coded teams of Heroes that were aboard the Infinity… which makes sense given how they looked now that he had gotten a better look at all of them, it was more the question on if they were Sentai or Power Rangers at that point which had now been answered as well.

At the same time, if these people were Super Sentai… then that also meant that they were Heroes!

Each of the Sentai members' suits were relatively close to the same design save for their different colors and with some slight alterations between each other, some of them with something extra added onto their power suits, while each and every one of their helmet visors had different looks to them.

"Super Star!" Lucky shouted as he bent down a little and threw his right arm back up to his side at an angle with his left arm held in front of him, "Shishi Red!" he finishes, as he uprights himself and puts his left hand to his hip while throwing his right hand to his left with a thumbs up.

"Poison Star! Sasori Orange!" Sasori Orange shouted, going through the movements to strike his pose. He had what looked like a small, orange scorpion tail on his rear while his visor resembled that of a scorpion.

"Beast Star! Ookami Blue!" Ookami Blue shouted, his suit looked more fur-like while his feet resembled more the feet of a wolf instead of a human's, even coming with its own claws. His visor resembled that of a side view of a wolf with the eye even being yellow like the moon.

"Trick Star! Tenbin Gold!" Tenbin Gold shouted, his suit almost looked more robotic-like while his visor resembled a double-pan balance scale.

"Ring Star! Oushi Black!" Oushi Black shouted, he definitely seemed like the heavy hitter of the team with how large he was, he also seemed a bit more robotic in the suit while his visor resembled that of the head of a bull with the horns even extending out to the sides off the helmet.

"Silent Star! Hebitsukai Silver!" Hebitsukai Silver shouted, his visor resembled that of a snake, more precisely a cobra snake almost.

"Shinobi Star! Chameleon Green!" Chameleon Green shouted, like other female Sentai her suit had a skirt, while her visor resembled that of a chameleon's face and open mouth with a tongue-like outline on the forehead while the "eyes" were bulging out from the corners of her helmet.

"Speed Star! Washi Pink!" Washi Pink shouted, she had pink wings on her back while her visor resembled that of an eagle.

"Food Mei-Star! Kajiki Yellow!" Kajiki Yellow shouted, his visor looked like a swordfish with the pointed bill part sticking out like an extended, sharp nose.

"Dragon Ma-Star! Ryu Commander!" Ryu Commander shouted, his suit was more like a coat with the inside of if being silver, while his undershirt was white with silver at the top below the neck; his violet star had a gold outline and covered his entire chest and over his black vest with the violet crystal at the center, his belt was gold instead and his visor resembled a dragon.

"Big Star! Koguma Skyblue!" Koguma Skyblue shouted, he looked and sounded more like a young boy rather than an adult. He had a scarf around his neck with one end hanging over the right side of his chest with a small silver ball at the end, his visor resembling that of the face of a roaring bear.

"Space Bu-Star! Houou Soldier!" Houou Soldier shouted. He was also red but had his colors inverted, with most of his suit being space black with some blue, while the silver and black that formed the star was now red instead; he had attached a half headset microphone on the right side of his helmet, while his visor resembled that of a phoenix.

"The ultimate saviors!" the Sentai group shouts simultaneously as they throw their arms out to their sides.

"Uchu Sentai…!" Lucky shouts as he makes a downward angled swirling motion with his left finger in front of him.

"Kyuranger!" the Kyurangers shout simultaneously as they strike their group pose.

Cody takes a step forward with his left foot, "Kyuranger?" he says.

"Hehe." Lucky chuckles as he, and his team relax from their pose while turning to face the enemy now.

The enemy troops stand unfazed by the appearance, and knowledge that they were now facing a twelver-member Super Sentai team, looking ready to fight them.

A Cerberus Centurion begins stepping towards them, "Just because there's twelve of you heroes, doesn't change anything one bit. You're still highly outnumbered!" the Centurion states while coming to a stop.

Suddenly there is a whirring sound as something rapidly flies into and embeds itself into the face of a Stormtrooper's helmet to the left of the Centurion taking him, and those around him aback; as the Stormtrooper, slightly dazed by whatever hit him, reaches for and pries the object from his face to look at it. It was a red and black designed card with a strange symbol on it, on the front of it, a note in Japanese that read the time, and location of where they currently were.

"Here's an advance notice!" another male voice suddenly echoes from out of nowhere, catching the attention and making the enemy soldiers start looking around in confusion.

The Coalition soldiers do the same, "We're taking your treasure!"

"Who's there? Show yourself!" the Centurion yells out in anger, and annoyance.

A nearby searchlight on the sidewalk suddenly turns on as it rotates to its right to illuminate a rooftop across the street to the left of the enemy troops, who turn to look at this along with the Coalition soldiers. Standing on the ledge of the rooftop were four figures clad in colored suits; a red, a blue, a yellow, and a silver.

The red, blue, and yellow suited figures had their respective color mixed with black which ran down the center of their bodies and legs, a silver badge on the left of their chest which looked like a V but with a pointed line at the bottom giving it almost the slight resemblance of a top hat. They wore a black belt around their waists with a large silver buckle at the middle, black boots, vambraces and greaves which consisted of black and their respective color, with the vambraces being mostly their color save for the top and bottom which were black, and the opposite for the greaves with them being mostly black save for the top and bottom which were their color. The colored figures wore capes which were also in their own color save for the inside which was silver, and the shoulders and collar which were black. Their necks were white, the lower half of their masks were of their color save for their mouthpiece which was silver, while the upper half was black; their visor was of their own color as well with it almost resembling a top hat though with some minor differences in the shapes between the three.

The silver suited figure had no cape, and appeared a bit more armored instead. He was a mixture of mostly silver, a bit of black, and a bit of gold strewn throughout. The black line ran down his body and legs, two thin lines of gold separating it from the silver of his suit, with his belt being gold with the same silver buckle. His boots were black, his greaves were mostly silver save for the top and bottom which were gold, and his vambraces were entirely gold. His upper body was protected in silver, black, and gold armor, with his neck being silver, while his helmet was part silver for the bottom with the mouthpiece being gold, and black for the upper half. His visor was a giant black X outlined in half silver at the top, and gold for the bottom, and a silver "top hat" above it.


The Centurion takes a step towards them, "Who the hell are you?!" he shouts.

The red figure snapped his left fingers, "Lupin Red!" the figure, Lupin Red says as he swings the strange-looking gun in his right hand up in front to his left while turning slightly, throwing his left arm behind him.

The blue figure snapped their fingers, "Lupin Blue!" he says, pushing the sides of his cape outwards before holding his gun down to his right while moving his left hand down in front of his face holding it in front of his chest.

The yellow one snapped her fingers, "Lupin Yellow!" she says, swinging her right leg outwards from left to right while turning slightly as she plants her foot down and bends her left knee slightly outwards, while putting her left hand to her hip while holding her gun up to the right of her face.

The silver figure taps their left thumb against their chest below the badge, "Lupin X!" he says, spinning around and putting his left hand to his hip while holding his gun downwards at an angle.

The three figures with capes grab them in their left hands and hold them up in front of them, "Kaitou Sentai…!" Lupin Red shouts.

The three throw them back, "Lupinranger!" the Lupinrangers shout as they strike their group pose.

Cody takes a step towards them, "Another Super Sentai team?" he says, shocked by this.

Not one, but two Super Sentai teams that they didn't know about had now appeared before them from seemingly out of nowhere!

"Halt, evildoers!" another male voice suddenly shouts, the voice coming from the next building over to the right of the Lupinrangers as the soldiers on both sides turn to look over.

Suddenly three more figures appear, running up to the edge of the building's rooftop. Another Super Sentai team!


This team seemed to consist of a red, green, and pink Sentai. Their suits were half their respective color, while the other half was white. Their suits almost resembled those of the Lupinrangers but with major differences, for one their colors were inverted, so where the colors were for the Lupinrangers, these Sentai's suits were white in those areas. As such, the stripe that went down the middle of their bodies, and their legs, were of their respective color instead, albeit the top portion for the chest was replaced with three stripes that seemed to resemble almost the collar of a suit and a tie going down the middle below their necks, stopping just a few inches from the big line. Their belts were in their own respective color with silver buckles, they wore shoulder pauldrons also of their own color; the vambraces and greaves were the same like the Lupinrangers but with the white replacing the black and the opposite for both, with the vambraces being mostly white with their color circling the top and bottom, and opposite for the greaves. Their helmets consisted entirely of their color save for the mouthpiece which was silver. Their black visors resembled those of a police officer's hat with a gold badge at the top with a giant S on it, with the same badge being on the left side of their chest's as well.

"By the power vested in us by the Global Police, we'll deal with you by force!" the Red Sentai member stated in a serious tone.

"And who are you supposed to be?!" the Centurion questions.

"Patren 1gou!" Patren 1gou shouts as he swings his gun up across his face and down to his side, then throwing his left hand up and holding it facing backwards in a fist as he holds his index finger up to gesture the number 1.

"Patren 2gou!" Patren 2gou shouts, doing the same thing but instead holding up two of his fingers to gesture the number 2.

"Patren 3gou!" Patren 3gou shouts, repeating the same movements as she holds up three of her fingers for the number 3.

The three Sentai stand at attention and salute, "Keisatsu Sentai…!" Patren 1gou shouts.

"Patranger!" the Patrangers shout as they strike their group pose.

"Are there anymore of you I need to be annoyed by?!" the Centurion questions in a highly annoyed tone.

"As a matter of fact, there are!" another male voice shouts, with this one coming from a rooftop on the other side of the street making the soldiers on both sides turn again to see what newest Sentai team this was.

Six Sentai run up to the edge of the building's rooftop coming to a stop, this team consisting of a red, blue, pink, green, black, and gold member. The red, blue, pink, green, and black had a black zig-zag line reminiscent of a lightning bolt go down the middle of their bodies to just a few inches above where their legs split, a white outline around this as most of their suit was their respective color save for the left half of their upper body and arm which was silver. Their vambraces were mostly of their color, and silver for the left arm, with gold circling around the top and bottom of them, same for the greaves with both being of their respective color. They had silver belts with a gold buckle that almost looked like a sideways egg with even a crack going horizontally across it along with a holder of some kind on the right side of their belt, and a sheath on their left side where a strange-looking sword was sheathed away at the moment. They had some kind of wrist-device on their left wrist. As for their helmets, each of them were of different shape and design with one thing being clear about them, their visors were very reminiscent of a medieval knight's visor, while above their visors appeared to be eyes of different colors between each of the Sentai. Their helmets were made up mostly of their respective color, had silver mouthpieces and around the visors and eyes which were also silver.

The gold Sentai's suit was mostly the same, save for his left side being navy blue instead, his belt also navy blue with a silver buckle and item holders on both sides, the gold of his vambraces and greaves being replaced with silver instead, and his greaves being navy blue instead of gold as well. For his helmet his visor and mouthpiece area were gold, with navy blue for the rest of his helmet and red eyes above his visor.

"Ryu So Cool!"

"Behold, a knight's chivalry!"the Red Sentai shouts as he, and the others unsheathe their swords while the Gold Sentai brings out a gun.

"The Brave Knight!" the Red Sentai shouts as he throws his left hand behind his back and holds his sword up in front to his right at an angle, "Ryusoul Red!" he finishes, dropping down as he bends his knees with his left back and right leg forward, holding his left arm up forward close to his head facing outward with his right arm and sword forward.

"The Wise Knight! Ryusoul Blue!" the Blue Sentai shouts as he strikes his pose.

"The Vigorous Knight! Ryusoul Pink!" Ryusoul Pink shouts.

"The Gale Knight! Ryusoul Green!" Ryusoul Green shouts.

"The Regal Knight! Ryusoul Black!" Ryusoul Black shouts.

"The Glorious Knight! Ryusoul Gold!" Ryusoul Gold shouts.

"These proud souls will be used for justice!" the six Sentai simultaneously shout as they hold their weapons upwards to the left in their right hands.

"Kishiryu Sentai…!" Ryusoul Red shouts as he throws his left hand up in front of him and holds the blade of his sword horizontally behind it.

"Ryusoulger!" the Ryusoulgers shout simultaneously as they strike their team pose.

The Coalition soldiers are taken aback in awe at the sight before them, "Sir, I think our odds just improved a little bit." Boil says.

"Maybe more than that." Cody says in a hopeful tone as the two Clones look at one another.

"Yossha, lucky!" Lucky yells in excitement as he throws his right fist up, dropping it down as he looks back forward, "Let's show these guys what the Super Sentai of the future are made of!"

"Kill the Heroes!" the Centurion yells as the soldiers around him let out battle cries and roars and begin charging the Kyurangers.

The Kyurangers charge back with their own battle cries while beginning to fire their Seiza Blasters, Ryu Commander his Biting Transformation Gun Ryutsueder in Rifle Mode, while Houou Soldier just holds his Transformation Rotating Sword Houou Blade & Houou Shield at the ready with most enemy shots just flying around him luckily.

The Lupinrangers grab the buckle from their belt which turns out to be detachable as they turn them sideways and aim them forward firing a piece of wire from it which they use to swing down, while the Patrangers just jump down. The Lupinrangers fire their VS Changers, Lupin X his X Changer, taking down a number of enemy soldiers that charge towards them below; while the Patrangers land in crouched positions and quickly get back up as they rush towards the enemy firing their VS Changers taking more of them down.

The Ryusoulgers land on the ground and charge towards the enemy as Ryusoul Gold fires his Transformation Gun Mosa Changer; the knight & dinosaur-themed Sentai colliding into the enemy troops as the main five Ryusoulgers immediately begin swinging their Ryusoul Ken around taking several of them out.

Cody and the Coalition soldiers watch as the four teams of Super Sentai engage the enemy soldiers, apparently with extreme ease as even though outnumbered they appear to be well holding their own.

Cody's head then perks up, "Quickly, while the enemy's still distracted! Gunners, focus fire on the buildings! Melee fighters, get up there and help out those Heroes! Let's turn this battle around people!" he yells while turning his head from left to right to relay this information to everyone.

The soldiers all let out battle cries of agreement as those with guns, along with the vehicles, immediately begin firing on the buildings where the enemy troops are, while those with melee weapons rush forward to join the future Sentai teams in engaging the enemy up close. Several enemy soldiers turn upon taking notice of the incoming Coalition troops, as they move forward to engage them; both sides coming to a clash as all the while the Kyurangers, Lupinrangers, Patrangers, and Ryusoulgers continue to fight the majority of enemy troops, still managing to hold their own while giving aid to the Coalition soldiers when needed.

Somewhere in Amazonas, Brazil…

Visible projectiles from both sides continued traveling back and forth through the air as Coalition forces pushed forward. A Reaper Husk ran forward only to be cut down by Faramir, who hurried past it as he then drove his sword into the stomach of a charging Red Templar before shoving him aside.

"Keep moving, do not stop!" Faramir shouts while looking to his right for a few seconds.

Faramir raises his sword sideways to block an attack from a Wolf soldier, as the Wolf soldier swings his weapon around to attempt a low strike at his left leg which is blocked by Faramir as well. Faramir quickly brings his sword back and swings it, slashing the Wolf soldier across the chest as he turns and drops to the ground dead, with Faramir continuing forward.

LCpl. Kakihara along with Pfc. Haberkorn, and Clone trooper Inferno fire their weapons forward from inside a captured enemy foxhole, Kakihara with a replaced M240G with its bipod deployed as he shifts fire slightly to his right. Cutting down a Techno soldier as behind it a large wave of enemy soldiers comes roaring towards them.

Haberkorn lowers his rifle slightly with a shocked look on his face, "Holy shit it's the whole fucking enemy army!" he nearly shouts in a panic.

Inferno stops firing his DC-15S as he looks over at him, "You're overexaggerating by a lot! And even if it was the entire enemy army coming to kill us, that doesn't mean stop firing your gun! Cause the more of them you take out, the less we have to deal with and potentially even save our asses!" he shouts as he looks back forward and resumes firing, with Haberkorn doing the same as he understands this and overcomes his shock.

Faramir jumps back into a foxhole where Lt. Hirano was as she continues firing her gun while enemy projectiles fly and impact around her. Faramir gets back up and looks to the front to see the large enemy force getting closer, and closer to their position.

"This doesn't look good, sir!" Lt. Hirano says.

"No, it doesn't." Faramir says with wide eyes, as he grips his sword tightly with both hands once again and prepares himself for the worst, "Get ready~!" he yells as loud as he can.

Suddenly a shot rings out and sparks erupt from the Oni at the front bringing him down, much to the shock, and confusion of Faramir and Lt. Hirano. As then multiple more shots echo through the air with many enemy soldiers dropping left and right as sparks erupt from each and every one of them. Before the rest of the enemy soldiers can even think about what has happened, six colored blurs speed in from out of nowhere and begin bouncing around all over the battlefield in front of and amongst the remaining enemy troops seemingly slashing each and every one of them; the sight of this making the Coalition soldiers cease their firing as they wonder what the hell was going on. Eventually the speeding blurs jump away as the struck enemy troops drop to the ground and erupt into a large explosion, which forces Faramir and his men to cover their faces and or look away. As the intense flames begin dying down, Faramir, and Lt. Hirano turn their heads slightly to look back forward; twelve human-shaped figures can partially be seen through the fire that still remains. Faramir and the Lieutenant lower their arms and completely turn their bodies forward, as the flames completely die down allowing them to get a good look at their saviors. The twelve human figures were wearing what seemed like… different colored costumes? They also seemed rather familiar.

"Who are you?!" Faramir calls to them.

The twelve figures turn around, and much to the shock of Faramir, Lt. Hirano, and the Coalition soldiers, these figures were two of the Super Sentai teams! The Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, and the Shuriken Sentai Ninninger.

"Y-You're two of those Super Sentai teams. What are you doing here?" Lt. Hirano asks, having heard that all the Heroes had been called to the Conduit to assist the Commander and his team there.

Faramir was wondering the exact same thing. All Heroes had been called to the Conduit to help the Commander and his team out there as something big had happened over there. If they were here now, then what happened over there? The Crucible couldn't have been activated; they would have heard something about it.

Kyoryu Red takes a few steps forward and comes to a stop, as he then raises his left index finger up to his side, "Close, but not quite actually."

It was a different voice! That was not Kyoryu Red!

This takes the Coalition troops aback as they wonder just who it was then standing before them

The most likely not AkaNinger steps up to the left of the not Kyoryu Red, "No need to worry. We're not the Heroes you think we are, but we are Heroes nonetheless and are here to help you." the not AkaNinger says in a casual manner.

Faramir, and Lt. Hirano exchange a confused look with one another.

More enemy troops run up behind the not Super Sentai teams as they come to a stop several feet away, a B1 Battle Droid walks forward, "Hey, who are you supposed to be?" the droid asks.

Both teams turn back to face the enemy soldiers as both Reds walk back to rejoin in between them in the middle.

The not Kyoryu Red puts both hands to his hips, "Well, as my counterpart would begin in this situation…" he throws his right hand forward, "You'll be surprised when you hear!"

"Tyrannosaurus Rex!" the not Kyoryu Red shouts as he goes through the same motions as Kyoryu Red for his roll call, "Dino Charge Red!"

"Parasaur!" the not Kyoryu Black shouts, he too going through the same motions as his Sentai counterpart for his roll call, "Dino Charge Black!"

"Stegosaurus! Dino Charge Blue!" Dino Charge Blue shouts, repeating the same motions as his Sentai counterpart Kyoryu Blue.

"Velociraptor! Dino Charge Green!" Dino Charge Green shouts.

"Triceratops! Dino Charge Pink!"

"Pterodactyl! Dino Charge Gold!"

The six Dino Charge Power Rangers slam their right hands on the ground and come back up, then throwing them up into the air while pointing as they then drop them and swing their left arms in front of them, "Dinosaur might, ready to fight!" they shout simultaneously.

"Power Rangers…!" Dino Charge Red shouts as he throws his left arm forward to his right while placing his right hand on his left arm.

The others have also done this as they move to strike their team pose, "Dino Charge!"

"And as for us!" the not AkaNinger says as he points at himself with his right thumb.

"Power of the Ninja! Ninja Steel Red!" Ninja Steel Red shouts, as he too repeats the movement process of his Sentai counterpart.

"Stealth of the Ninja! Ninja Steel Blue!" Ninja Steel Blue shouts, doing the same thing as his Sentai counterpart.

"Strength of the Ninja! Ninja Steel Yellow!" Ninja Steel Yellow shouts.

"Spirit of the Ninja! Ninja Steel White!"

"Speed of the Ninja! Ninja Steel Pink!"

"Rhythm of the Ninja! Ninja Steel Gold!"

"Ninja Rangers, Fear No Danger!" the Ninja Steel Rangers shout as they begin to spin in a direction one by one.

"Power Rangers…!" Ninja Steel Red shouts, before he too spins around.

"Ninja Steel!" the Ninja Steel Rangers shout as they strike their group pose, once again completely similar to the Ninningers themselves.

The enemy soldiers are taken aback by this in shock as many of them gasp, the Coalition soldiers shocked as well, "They are Power Rangers." Faramir says.

"So both groups really do have teams that look like each other." Lt. Hirano says, understanding now what was going on.

The two Ranger teams ready themselves for battle, "It's about to get wild!" Dino Charge Red says, doing the exact same movement as Kyoryu Red does for his pre-battle catchphrase as well.

"Let's do this!" Ninja Steel Red shouts as he, and the other Ninja Steel Rangers draw their Ninja Star Blades, Ninja Star Gold his Rockstorm Guitar; while the Dino Charge Rangers bring out their individual weapons with both teams charging forward and engaging the enemy soldiers.

Faramir looks to Lt. Hirano, "Let us aid them!" he says with a gesture of his head towards them, as he gets out of the foxhole and rushes forward to assist them.

"Come on people!" Lt. Hirano shouts as she waves her right arm forward.

Many of the Coalition soldiers let out battle cries as from their foxhole, Kakihara resumes firing his MG while Inferno, and Haberkorn climb out from it to join several others in charging the enemy. The Dino Charge Rangers, and Ninja Steel Rangers continue fighting the enemy soldiers.

Planet X…

What looked to be close to fifty portals had been opened around Planet X; another energy orb travels through space before exploding and forming another Universal Portal. Onboard the TARDIS, the ship's alarms blared like crazy; smoke emitted from the control console as the Doctor ran around it, throwing various switches left and right, and pressing buttons.

"Come on girl, come o~n! Just a little bit longer now, we're halfway there." the Doctor says as he comes to a stop at one of his control panels.

His Universal Portal Generator was beginning to overheat from its continuous use. He couldn't stop now however, as there were still other Universes out there that the Reapers had travelled to that he had to get portals opened for, so that when Shepard activated the Crucible it would affect them in those Universes as well. After all, he could not risk letting a single Reaper escape, as if he did then all of this could end up being for nothing.

"Don't go failing me now. Not with what's at stake!" the Doctor continues speaking to his TARDIS, as he then pulls the lever firing the Universal Portal Generator again, opening up another portal to another universe.

"Dark Roar!" BioDarkdramon shouts as he fires dark matter energy orbs from his mouth.

The shots impact the ground causing multiple explosions to erupt, as Aldamon comes soaring through the flames along with BeoWolfmon jumping through beside him to his left.

"Atomic Inferno!" Aldamon shouts as he unleashes a volley of thousands of fireball missiles from the cannons on his arms.

"Frozen Hunter!" BeoWolfmon shouts as he swings his saber forward, sending forth a giant wolf made up of light energy.

Both attacks slam into BioDarkdramon blowing him away, as he crashes to the ground and slides to a stop before disintegrating away; while behind him the same thing happens to BioRotosmon, and BioSupinomon as they are dealt with by the other Legendary Warrior Digidestined. Aldamon, and BeoWolfmon land back on the ground and stand up as they stare forward.

Baron Zemo raises his head and takes a few steps back with a shocked expression on his face as Kamen Riders Ichigo, Nigo, and V3 jump into the air with a somersault, "TOH!" the three Riders shout simultaneously.

"Rider Triple Kick!" the three Riders shout simultaneously once again as they throw their right legs forward.

The three Riders descend towards Zemo and strike him in his chest propelling him back, Zemo crashes to the ground several meters away as he instantly erupts into an explosion as the Riders land back on the ground and stand up, turning around as they strike their respective poses.

Saphira soars over a group of enemy foot soldiers, and several monsters as she breathes fire onto them; followed by Fírnen, and finally Thorn as the group of enemies are finally engulfed in a large explosion that erupts. The three Dragon Riders of Alagaësia ascend several meters into the air while beginning to turn to their left, all the while down on the ground the Shade Durza rushes forward and comes to a stop whilst staring up towards them, as the Dragon Riders descend close to the ground again and breathe fire once more onto another group of enemies lighting them aflame and causing them to explode.

Durza bares his teeth at this in anger with a growl, "Anori!" Durza begins to chant his spell to summon his Sundavrblaka.

Until suddenly a dagger pierces his chest from behind right where his heart is causing him to stop and gasp in complete shock with widened eyes. Behind him, Cole uncloaks himself as the spirit quickly leaps away as Durza spins and swings his sword at him; Cole lands several feet away and watches as flames begin to slowly envelope Durza's entire body, eventually Durza throws his head up and cries out in pain as his entire body is engulfed in fire and he explodes.

Goliath and Thailog grapple hands as they begin wrestling in an attempt to overpower the other, both stare each other down while baring their teeth, growling, and furrowing their brows, until eventually Goliath pushes Thailog's hands outwards and headbutts him directly in the face. Thailog is forced to release his hold on Goliath as he stumbles back with his right hand over his nose and his eyes closed, eventually coming to a stop as he opens his eyes and lowers his hand while raising his head to look back forward only to see Batman now running towards him, as the Dark Knight leaps forward and tosses several batarangs towards him, with all of them impacting the ground directly at Thailog's feet.

Thailog looks back at Batman as he lands back on the ground in a crouched position, "You missed." Thailog says with a smirk.

Batman stands up, "Did I?" he says while furrowing his brow.

Thailog looks back down, only to now notice the batarangs beeping rapidly with red lights on each of them which are also beginning to flash rapidly. Thailog's mouth drops open in shock as the explosive batarangs go off, causing a large explosion that propels the gargoyle clone through the air for several meters before crashing back to the ground and sliding to a stop, now completely unconscious as he lets out a moan of pain.

Goliath walks up to Batman's right side as the two exchange a look at each other and nod their heads.

"Metal Wolf Claw!" MetalGarurumon shouts as he rears his head up and throws it forward, spewing a cold wave of absolute zero towards the Decepticons Blackout, Bonecrusher, and Brawl, who are unable to do anything as they are rapidly frozen completely solid.

"Great Tornado!" WarGreymon shouts as he brings his arms together above his head and his legs, and begins spinning around at tremendous speed practically turning into a tornado as he propels himself towards the three Decepticons.

WarGreymon tears through all three of their chests' with extreme ease as he comes to a stop several meters past them; all three Decepticons exploding to pieces a few seconds later.

Ultimate Aggregor throws both hands forward as he shoots highly pressurized water from his palms, before the water can hit the group of Heroes that is Ms. Marvel, Paildramon, Shakkoumon, and Silphymon, Avatar Aang lands in between them and bends the water safely away off to his sides. Annoyed by this, Aggregor attempts to quite literally blow Aang away using his aerokinesis abilities as he shoots a powerful wind blast towards the Avatar from his Geochelone Aerio torso. Once again with extreme ease Aang uses his bending abilities to direct the air blast away from him, this time however redirecting it back towards Aggregor as he spins around and sends the air blasting back towards him, striking Aggregor directly and sending him flying back for several meters as he lands back on his feet and slides to a stop. Before Aggregor can fully recover he finds the earth around him encasing him up to his neck while raising him several meters in the air; Ms. Marvel, along with Paildramon, and Silphymon float up to his level while Shakkoumon gets into position behind them.

"Hit him with everything you got!" Carol shouts as she throws her arms forward and fires a beam of photon energy from her fists.

"Desperado Blaster!" Paildramon shouts as he fires blue energy bullets from the two cannons on his hips like a machine gun.

"Static Force!" Silphymon shouts as they fire a red energy ball from their hands.

"Justice Beam!" Shakkoumon shouts as he fires red laser beams from his eyes.

Aggregor fires nuclear energy beams from his eyes as they slam against Ms. Marvel's photon energy, only for it to be joined by the three DNA Digimons' attacks pushing it back and eventually breaking through it as the combined attacks slam into Aggregor causing him to cry out in pain as he erupts into a massive explosion.

Skalamander shoots a volley of crystals from his right arm forward into the air as the gargoyle Broadway descends towards him, all of the crystals either missing, or being dodged by Broadway as he rears his right fist back and with a battle cry throws it forward, punching Skalamander right in his face sending him flying to the ground. Close by to his rear, Biowulf fights against five of the Wild Force Rangers minus Cole. Taylor, and Danny bring their respective weapon down, landing a simultaneous strike onto Biowulf, sending him stumbling back; as then Max, and Alyssa jump into the air and swing, or thrust, their weapon forward striking Biowulf again, sending him to the ground. Biowulf quickly gets back on his feet only to find a massive green energy wave suddenly sticking him in place as all he can move is his upper body, with him struggling to break free.

"Laser Pool!" Merrick shouts as he places his Animal Crystals onto his green energy "pool table".

Lining up the shot with his Lunar Cue as he thrusts it forward, shooting the Animal Crystals towards Biowulf as they bounce from side to side and into each other several times while charging up with energy before heading straight towards him, slamming into the EVO causing an explosion that propels Biowulf through the air as he crashes to the ground, smoke emitting from his body.

Breach watches all of this from nearby with an angry look on her face, as she turns around and opens a wormhole with her right arm as she is just about to enter it, when suddenly a golden ankh with a glowing purple aura appears right in front of her blocking her way while making her take several steps back in shock. From the ankh, Doctor Fate hovers out from it as he stares at the humanoid EVO. Regaining her composure, Breach launches a volley of small wormholes towards the sorcerer who simply raises his left hand forward to put up a barrier that absorbs the wormholes into it before disappearing. Breach is shocked by this as before she can do anything else Doctor Fate hits her with a magic energy blast that sends her flying back, landing right next to both Biowulf, and Skalamander. The three EVOs get on their feet when a larger ankh appears right beneath them, the ankh seemingly keeping them in place as they find themselves unable to move their feet. The three then look up to see Cole hovering in the air several feet away.

"Falcon Blast!" Cole shouts, as he fires a blast of red energy from the orb on his chest hitting the ground right between all three EVOs causing a massive explosion to erupt that engulfs them, three more smaller explosions going off within it.

"Darkus Riot!" Naga shouts as he spews a torrent of dark purple flames from his mouth towards Drago, who dashes to his left to dodge it; the two battling in the air as they circle each other.

"Dragon Tornado!" Drago shouts as he fires back with his fiery tornado attack which Naga is barely able to dodge as he swings his body to the side.

Both Bakugan continue their exchange as normal, and dark purple fire flies back and forth through the air. Naga shoots another torrent of flames at Drago again who dashes upwards to avoid it, "Hold still!" Naga shouts in anger and annoyance.

"You want me Naga? You're gonna work for it." Drago retorts in a joking manner, as he then dashes towards Naga and flies right past him making Naga turn.

Naga lets out a growl at this as he then starts flying after him, letting off another fire attack as he does so as Drago once again dodges with ease. Down on the ground, Kamen Rider Hibiki runs forward to a stop as he looks up towards Drago, Hitoshi then presses the button on the bottom of his Armed Saber powering it up as the blade becomes enveloped in fire. Drago seems to spot this as he smirks with a grunting, "Hmph."

Closer, and closer Drago gets to the ground with Naga right behind him, once close enough Drago pulls up and flies straight forward, revealing Hibiki right below him with his Armed Saber swung back above his head as the flaming blade has extended to great lengths. Naga sees this as his eyes widen in complete shock, "NO!" he yells out.

Hibiki lets out a battle cry as he swings his saber forward, Naga attempting to pull up but is too late as it slashes him down his body causing him to crash into the ground behind Hitoshi as he slides for several meters to a stop. An explosion then engulfs him as Naga lets out a cry of pain; Drago lands beside Hibiki as the latter turns around with both staring towards the explosion that has consumed Naga.

Megatron swings his Cybertronian Mace down as Optimus spins around and steps to his right to dodge this, using his right arm sword to then cut the chain severing the mace from Megatron's body. The two leaders of the Autobots, and Decepticons continue to fight each other as close to them Bumblebee fights against Starscream, while Ironhide engages Barricade. Megatron transforms his right arm into his claw sword as he chases after Optimus and leaps towards him, thrusting his weapon down at him as Optimus crosses both of his energon swords to block the attack. Optimus throws his arms apart, forcing Megatron back, as before the leader of the Decepticons can recover, ShineGreymon shoulder rams into him from his left side sending him to the ground rolling to a stop. Optimus jogs up to ShineGreymon's left side as to their right MirageGaogamon, along with Bumblebee, and Ironhide regroup with them; several feet to their front Starscream, and Barricade rush over to Megatron's aid.

"Lord Megatron, are you alright?" Starscream asks as he begins helping him back onto his feet.

"Get off me you fool!" Megatron shouts as he shoves Starscream away.

"Together now!" Optimus says, as he, Bumblebee, and Ironhide take aim with their weapons at the three Decepticons.

"Glorious Burst!" ShineGreymon shouts as his body is enveloped in light energy with him summoning a large fireball between his hands in front of his body.

"Full Moon Blaster!" MirageGaogamon shouts as he gathers all the energy in his body to his chest.

The Autobots fire their weapons while the Digimon release their attacks, the combined attacks impact the Decepticons causing a massive explosion to erupt, engulfing them.

The Autobots, and Digimon lower their arms as they look on, "Decepticon punks." Ironhide says.

Elsewhere amongst the battlefield the Dragon Warrior, along with the Furious Five, Kamen Rider Decade, the Gokaigers, the Megaforce Rangers, the Legends of Chima, the Fairy Tail mages, and the Keyblade wielder, fight together against their assorted foes; consisting of Tai Lung, Shen, Doktor G/Inhumanoid Kani Laser, Ackdos, Warz, and Bacchus Gill, Emperor Mavro, Princes Vekar & Vrak, Admiral Malkor, Creepox, Bigs & Bluefur, Metal Alice, Scorm, Spinlyn, Braptor, Azuma, Bluenote Stinger, Zancrow, Kyôka, Ezel, Torafuzar, Tempester, Invel, Bloodman, Jackal, Wall Eehto, Larcade, and God Serena.

God Serena leaps through the air with his left fist engulfed in flames as he comes down towards Po throwing his flaming punch at him, Po ducking to his right to dodge it as upon landing God Serena attempts a flaming right punch with Po ducking and swerving to his left to dodge this one. Po rebounds forward headbutting God Serena in the face, sending the Spriggan mage stumbling back a few feet with both hands covering his face in pain. Po rushes towards and then jumps feet first at him, spinning around mid-air and then stopping slightly sideways as he begins delivering a flurry of rapid kicks to his body, sending God Serena stepping back more, and more with each kick; the final one to his chest, sending Po into a backflip as God Serena is sent flying back several feet to the ground sliding to a stop. Po lands on the ground on his right hand and knee, as he raises his head and looks forward while beginning to catch his breath.

Bluefur swings his double-ended club upwards at Tigress who backflips away to dodge it, Bluefur then swings down horizontally at an angle to his left in another attempt to hit the Kung Fu Master as Tigress ducks to her left causing it to miss. Tigress follows up with a shin kick to Bluefur's stomach, and then his face causing him to stumble back a little bit; as upon recovering, and angered by this, Bluefur raises his club into the air and slams it onto the ground, sending out a powerful shockwave around him as Tigress, upon seeing this, launches herself into a backflip through the air just barely managing to dodge it. Tigress lands on the ground in a crouched position sliding to a stop, before propelling herself forward at high speed towards the Toxic Mutant. Bluefur raises his head slightly at seeing this, as he lifts his club from the ground and swings the bottom end upwards to strike Tigress; Tigress however hits the ground with her hands just mere inches from Bluefur, sending her feet first into a leap over him, his club right behind her back almost touching her. As she lands on the ground directly behind him and spins around, wrapping her arms around his waist as Tigress manages to lift Bluefur off the ground and bends her upper body backwards, slamming him head first into the earth sending out a powerful shockwave around them.

Tempester, in his Etherious Form, throws his left hand forward with an open palm, "Impact." he calmly says.

Hitting a large rock causing it to explode into dust and debris; his original target, Tsukasa, having jumped into the air to avoid this with his Ride Booker sword raised back above his head. With a battle cry Tsukasa swings his sword as he drops down, slashing Tempester down his body causing sparks to fly from him as he is sent stumbling back a few feet. Tsukasa uprights himself as he then reaches for and grabs his K-Touch from his belt, touching the Kuuga symbol on it, "Kuuga!" followed by the F in the upper right corner above his symbol, "Kamen Ride: Ultimate!"

Tsukasa places the K-Touch back on his belt as to his right a copy of Kamen Rider Kuuga Ultimate form materializes, all the cards on his chest piece flipping around to match Kamen Rider Kuuga's Ultimate form Final Kamen Ride card.

Tempester holds his left hand to his chest as he lifts his head to look forward at Decade, still recovering from the previous attack as he uprights himself and lowers his arm. Tsukasa takes out the Final Attack Ride card for Kuuga, the Kuuga copy, copying his exact movement as he does so, as Tsukasa places the card into his Driver and hits it, "Final Attack Ride: K-K-K-Kuuga!"

Both Decade, and the Kuuga Ultimate copy launch themselves into the air, "Inferno!" Tempester says, as he breathes a torrent of flames from his mouth up towards them.

Both Tsukasa, and the Kuuga copy throw their right legs forward, copy Kuuga's foot becoming engulfed in intense flames while Tsukasa's is covered by magenta holographic barcode-like energy. As Tsukasa lets out a battle cry with the two descending rapidly towards Tempester breaking through his flames as they deliver a double Rider Kick to his chest sending him flying back.

Vrak stumbles backwards to a stop, planting his sword into the ground to support himself as he barely manages to keep up while smoke emits from his body. Several feet to his front, Marvelous lands on the ground before uprighting himself, "At least try to put up more of a fight than your counterpart did." Marvelous comments as he shoulders his Gokai Spear Anchor Mode.

Vrak catches his breath; angered by this he pulls his sword from the ground and swings it outwards to his side, charging towards Marvelous with a roar. Vrak closes the distance and swings his sword down only to be blocked by Marvelous's Gokai Spear in Anchor Mode, Vrak spins around to his right to attempt a horizontal slash from the left only to be blocked once again. Marvelous then begins forcing Vrak back as he runs forward, making Vrak run backwards.

Nearby, Troy runs away while being chased by Tai Lung; Troy coming to a stop as he turns to face the snow leopard as he thrusts his Super Gold Spear forward only for it to be kicked away by Tai Lung, using the momentum to spin around to his left as he attempts to strike Tai Lung from the right only for Tai Lung to catch the spear under his right armpit.

Tai Lung growls at Troy, as Troy pulls on the spear, managing to pull it out from under Tai Lung's armpit which slashes him at the same time, causing sparks to fly from his body making him roar out in pain. Using the momentum once again Troy spins around to his right but this time overhead swings his Super Gold Spear downwards, slashing Tai Lung down his body sending him stumbling back several feet. Tai Lung drops onto his left hand and knee, as to his right Vrak comes crashing down to the ground beside him; Marvelous jogs over to Troy's left side stopping beside him, "Follow my lead kid." he says.

"You got it!" Troy replies.

Both Tai Lung, and Vrak push themselves back up onto their feet, as both Marvelous, and Troy kick the bottom of their respective weapon upwards, "FI~NAL WA~VE!"

Both the Gokai Spear Anchor Mode, and the Super Gold Spear, spin around in Marvelous, and Troy's hands before they lift them forward and release their hold on them; the weapons hovering several inches away from their hands as they hold them telekinetically above their heads while they continue spinning around, both Marvelous, and Troy now armed with their respective Gokai Saber, and Super Mega Saber in their right hand. Both Marvelous, and Troy let out battle cries as they then send their spears out a few feet in front of them and swing their sabers at them, striking them with red energy slashes that send both spears blasting towards the villains while also engulfing them in flames. The two flaming spears impact the villains causing them to cry out in pain as they repeatedly slash them for several seconds, before two explosions erupt blasting them away.

Bacchus Gill swings his sword down, forcing Laval to roll away, Bacchus chasing after him as Laval turns around and swings his sword upwards only for Bacchus to knock it away with a swing of his sword. Before Bacchus can land a blow on the Lion Prince, Eris drops down behind him from the air slashing him down his back with her axe, allowing Laval to land his own strike on the nephew of Ackdos Gill.

"Iron Fist of the Fire Dragon!" Natsu shouts as he jumps forward through the air while throwing his fire engulfed right fist forward.

"Lucy Punch!" Lucy shouts, in her Taurus Form Star Dress, as she jumps forward through the air beside him while throwing her left fist forward.

Both Fairy Tail mages land their punches on their respective target simultaneously, as Natsu punches Ackdos Gill in his chest, while Lucy lands a blow to Mavro's chest sending both Emperor's flying back.

Zancrow, Jackal, and Wall Eehto land on the ground one by one as they rush forward to quickly surround Sora, who now hovers between the two mages and one demon rather calmly as he darts his eyes between each of them.

"Time to die, Hero." Zancrow says with his arms out to his side.

"Fire God's Bellow!" Zancrow shouts as he breathes a massive torrent of black flames from his mouth.

"Explosive!" Jackal shouts at the same time, as he generates a powerful explosion from his right hand which he sends blasting towards Sora.

"Anti-Material Laser!" Wall shouts at the same time as well, now in his Assault Mode as he fires a powerful laser beam from the cannon compartment on his disassembled wrist.

"Reflega!" Sora shouts as he turns upside down while the reflect barrier appears around him, his keyblades circling around him inside the barrier as the three attacks slam into and get absorbed into it, much to the shock of the three villains. A few seconds later, those same attacks then expelling out from the barrier as they return to their owners impacting into them causing massive explosions to engulf all three villains while they let out cries of pain.

Po, and Tigress launch themselves into the air as Po extends his left foot forward while Tigress extends her right; Po landing a kick into Shen while Tigress strikes Tai Lung sending both villains flying back. Tsukasa, Marvelous, and Troy jump into the air simultaneously next as they bring their respective weapons down, striking Doktor G, Ackdos Gill, and Emperor Mavro sending them back. Laval swings his sword to his right, hitting Scorm while Eris swings her axe upwards to her left to strike Spinlyn, sending them both flying back. Natsu unleashes his Wing Attack of the Fire Dragon while Lucy releases a volley of her Star Shot attack in her Sagittarius Star Dress with both attacks slamming into Azuma, and Kyôka blasting them away. Sora dashes forward at high speed and strikes Invel across his body with both Keyblades sending him flying.

All the villains crash and roll across the ground a few times before coming to a stop, as several meters from them the Heroes regroup side by side. The villains push themselves back onto their feet but struggle to remain up.

"Time to finish them!" Troy states.

"Yeah!" Marvelous says in agreement.

Tsukasa suddenly steps in front of the two, "Allow me to start us off." he says, holding up what appears to be another new card, this one a Final Attack Ride Card showing what appears to be a dragon reminiscent of the one seen in the Jade Palace's Hall of Warriors, Decade's symbol, the Gokaigers symbol, the Megaforce Rangers symbol, a CHI orb, the Fairy Tail Guild symbol, and the Hidden Mickey token, all golden and in a circle.

Tsukasa places the card into his Driver and presses it, "Final Attack Hero: Sp-Sp-Sp-Special!"

Suddenly both Marvelous, and Troy's armor detach themselves from their bodies as they levitate over to and drop down onto Gai, and Orion attaching to them, much to the confusion of the four; while Troy is forced back into his Megaforce suit along with the rest of his team. As then there is a flash of golden light above the Heroes making them look up to see four large weapons, engulfed in the golden lights, descend towards them. The weapons hover in front of them as the lights die down, revealing the Megaforce Rangers Megaforce Blaster in front of Po and the Five, the Super Sentai Bazooka in front of the Gokaigers and Megaforce Rangers, and the Super Mega Cannon and Gokai Galleon Buster in front of the Chima and Fairy Tail Heroes. Several small orbs of golden light then materialize out of thin air in front of Po and the Five, the Chima Heroes, and the Fairy Tail mages, one each; save for Viper, Worriz, Razar, Bladvic, Gajeel, and the Exceeds. The orbs in front of Po and his team shapeshift into cards and levitate towards them making them reach out and grab them out of instinct, the same happening for the Chima Heroes, and Fairy Tail mages though with their orbs taking the shape of something else.

The lights on the cards die down, revealing what are most certainly Power Cards of the Megaforce Rangers, but with these ones showing the Jade Palace Dragon symbol instead with the words Kung Fu Dynamic written at the bottom. As for the Chima and Fairy Tail Heroes, the lights on their items die down, revealing them to be Ranger Keys but in their own likenesses. The three groups are confused by this as they each examine the item they now hold, "What is this?" Tigress asks.

"Those look like our Power Cards." Emma says.

"And you guys are holding Ranger Keys!" Don nearly shouts in shock as he points at the Keys the Chima and Fairy Tail Heroes now hold.

"Though I think the more technical term for theirs would be Hero Keys since they're not Rangers or Sentai, but still!" Noah says, equally as shocked as well as amazed by what he was seeing.

Troy, and Marvelous look at Tsukasa, "Where did that card come from?" Troy asks.

Tsukasa just shrugs his shoulders, "Today is just full of surprises it seems." he says as he begins walking over to the right.

"Whoa! Awesome!" Natsu excitedly shouts as he looks at the "Hero Key" of himself, along with Lucy, Gray, Erza, and Wendy examining their respective Hero Keys of themselves as well in awe.

"This looks cool!" Laval also shouts excitedly as he, Eris, Cragger, Gorzan, and Rogon look at their Hero Keys.

"Aw~, why do we get stuck with cards? I mean these are pretty awesome looking, not gonna lie, but I want a Hero Key of myself!" Po slightly complains.

"At least you guys got something. I have nothing over here, what's that all about?!" Sora's questions, slightly annoyed.

"And how did we get left out as well?!" Gajeel shouts, greatly annoyed by this.

"Yeah, what's that all about we're part of the teams too!" Worriz says, also annoyed.

"If the items you all got and the weapons in front of us are anything to go by, I have a pretty good idea as to why some of us got the short end of the stick." Carla says, understanding what was going on as to her left, tears streamed down Happy's face as his eyes were closed with a saddened expression.

"Exactly." Viper says, also understanding.

Troy and Marvelous look at each other and nod their heads, "Alright guys, you've all seen us use our weapons before, so you know what to do. Let's finish this!" Troy says.

Po and the Five run up to the Megaforce Blaster as they take their positions on it; Po taking Troy's spot, Tigress taking Emma's, Crane taking Noah's, Viper taking Gia's with Mantis on the Blaster as he had the Power Card, and Monkey taking Jake's.

"Alright guys, just like how Troy and the others do it!" Po says.

Po, Tigress, Crane, Monkey, and Mantis hold up their Power Cards, "Kung Fu Power, energize!" they shout as they place the cards onto the Megaforce Blaster which then enlarges, Mantis then hopping off it.

The Megaforce Rangers, and Gokaigers run up to and take their spots on the Super Sentai Bazooka; much like how the Gokaigers did with the Goseigers several years ago, with the Megaforce Rangers on the left side, and the Gokaigers on the right, as both teams grab hold of the handles with Marvelous and Troy grabbing onto the grips.

"Sentai Ranger Bazooka!" both teams shouted, as the Megaforce Rangers threw their left hands up outwards to their side, while the Gokaigers threw their right hands up outwards to their side.

Both Laval, and Natsu grabbed hold of the Gokai Galleon Buster, or Super Mega Cannon, raising it up and aiming it back forward as both of their teams gathered in front on either side of the cannons.

Laval held up his Hero Key in his right hand, "Chima Hero Keys…"

"Activate!" the others shouted simultaneously as the bottom halves flipped up to reveal the key.

Eris, and Gorzan inserted their Keys into the cylinders on the left, while Cragger, and Rogon placed theirs into the right key cylinders. Laval inserted his Key into the main cylinder and twisted it, bringing all four Hero Keys up.

"Fairy Tail Hero Keys!" Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Erza, and Wendy shouted as they held up their respective Hero Key, "Set!" Wendy, and Erza placed theirs into the left side cylinders, while Lucy, and Gray inserted their keys into the right cylinders.

Natsu inserted his Hero Key into the main cylinder and twisted it, as this brought the others up in front, "Fire Drago~n Charge!"

Back with Laval, Eris and Cragger got behind him and placed their hands on his back to support him, with Gorzan and Rogon doing the same behind them; Lucy and Erza doing the same to support Natsu, followed by Gray and Wendy behind them.

"The rest of you, you're with me!" Tsukasa says, walking over to the others on the far right as he got in the middle of them with Sora, and Gajeel to his right, and Gai, Orion, and Robo Knight to his left; the Exceeds and other Chima Heroes behind them.

Tsukasa aimed his sword forward, holding it like a gun.

"You got it!" Orion says.

"Right!" Gai shouts at the same time, as the two silvers prepare to throw their respective weapon while Robo Knight aims his Robo Blaster having already readied his Knight Dynamic attack.

"Let's do it!" Sora shouts, sending his Keyblades aiming forward in front of him as they rotate around in a circle.

"Gihi!" Gajeel chuckles at the same time, standing ready to unleash his own attack.

The sight before them takes the villains aback as many of them gasp in shock with their eyes widening.

Everyone's weapons begin charging up, "Everyone…!" Troy shouts.

"FIRE!" Troy, Marvelous, Tsukasa, Po, Laval, Natsu, and Sora shout at the same time.

"Kung Fu Dynamic Victory Charge!" Po, and the Five shout as they fire the Megaforce Blaster; a golden energy dragon with jade eyes bursting forth from it as it travels forward at high speed letting out a mighty roar.

The Gokaigers and Megaforce Rangers let out a battle cry as they fire the Sentai Ranger Bazooka, sending forth a large golden energy beam with the symbols of all the current Super Sentai and Power Ranger teams infused within it.

"Legends of Chima Blast!" Laval and his friends shout as they fire the Super Mega Cannon, firing two beams of CHI colored energy that spiral around each other until coming together into one large orb resembling a CHI orb.

Natsu fires the Gokai Galleon Buster, "Fai~ry~ Stri~ke!" two fiery red energy beams also come out from the cannon as they spiral around each other several times before converging together taking the shape of the Fairy tail Guild symbol.

Tsukasa fires a magenta colored energy beam from his sword, at the same time as Sora's Keyblades begin rapidly rotating around before firing two separate beams of white light that come together to form a larger beam. Gajeel unleashes his Roar attack, while Gai, and Orion throw their Gokai Spear Anchor and Super Gold Spear forward as both weapons are engulfed in silver energy; Robo Knight firing his Robo Blaster's Knight Dynamic Attack.

The various attacks slam into the large group of villains causing them to cry out in immense pain as a large explosion goes off behind them.

"This battle's over for all of you!" Troy states.

Multiple sparks erupt from each and every one of the villains as they continue crying out in pain and thrashing about. Finally, they all collapse forward to the ground as the Heroes continue to look on, before another, more massive explosion engulfs them entirely seconds after.

"Oh yeah. Today is definitely going to go down as one of the most awesome days of my entire life." Po says as he looks over at everyone else.

Several more Reaper Capital ships, along with a few Destroyers, drop out from the Relay jump. Opening up with their weapons almost immediately as they join the hundreds of other Reapers already around the Charon Relay, with even more continuing to pour through behind them. To the left of a heavily damaged Galactic Republic Venator, a New Republic MC80 Star Cruiser explodes into pieces; debris from destroyed Reapers, and Coalition ships floating all around, as what remains of the Coalition fighters of the Rearguard fleet continue to try and hold out against the overwhelming Reaper Oculus fighters. Two more Reaper beams slam into the Venator.

Inside the cruiser, the alarms blared as the surviving crew and passengers ran to get to the escape pods. Fire burning everywhere, with fallen debris from the damage sustained thus far in nearly every hallway.

"All hands, abandon ship! All hands, abandon ship! Get to the escape pods!" a Clone could be heard saying over the loudspeaker.

A group of Coalition personnel waited inside one escape pod to make sure no one got left behind as they still had room for people; a Systems Alliance marine carrying a wounded male Inquisition mage aboard followed by a Clone crewmember. A female UNIT soldier ran towards the escape pod, only for an explosion to erupt directly beneath her to her right blasting her away. The Providence Agent, and Turian soldier at the doorway looked out to see that she was now dead, no one else appearing to be coming as they quickly got back in and closed the door. The escape pods of the Republic cruiser launched away, just as more Reapers fired on the ship finally tearing it apart as it exploded to pieces.

The Turian Dreadnought is seen as it fires its main cannon along with its GARDIAN turrets, also damaged as far up to its left is a heavily damaged CCS Battlecruiser which fires a volley of plasma torpedoes. Three Oculus fighters chase after a lone F-35A as they eventually hit it causing it to explode.

"We can no longer hold the Reaper reinforcements back! Our entire fleet is all but wiped out!"the Turian Admiral states to the holovid of Admiral Hackett, the ship's alarm blaring around him.

The ship rocks violently as a distant explosion is heard making the Turian Admiral look over his left shoulder for a few seconds.

"Copy that. Take what surviving ships you can and get out of there!" Hackett orders.

"Admiral! We just lost the Purifier!" a male Turian crewmember shouts from the second nearest console to the right.

"Ghost's Two, and Ten are gone! We've lost all fighter support!" another Turian crewmember reports.

"Multiple Reaper ships bearing straight towards us!"

"More hull breaches in sectors 7, and 12!"

Hearing all of this nearly at once, the Turian Admiral lowers his head and closes his eyes for a few seconds.

"Sound the evacuation! All hands, abandon ship! Everyone get to an escape pod now, that's an order!" the Admiral orders.

Most of the crew immediately began heading towards the door, running as fast as they could, "I'm… afraid there are no more ships left, Admiral Hackett." the Turian Admiral says as he turns his attention back to the holovid.

Hackett lowers his head, "I see…" he says, sadness in his voice as he raises his head back up.

"We knew what the risks were signing up for this…"

"Knew that most likely it was going to be a one way trip. But it had to be done… At least we managed to take a bunch of those bastards down with us."

"Just hope we bought you the time that was needed." the Turian Admiral says.

Hackett nods his head, "You and the rest of the Rearguard fleet bought us much time, Admiral Caelcius. Your sacrifices will not be forgotten."

Admiral Caelcius nods his head in acknowledgement, "Thank you, Admiral Hackett. May the Spirits guide you all to victory… For the Multiverse."

Just then there is an explosion on the bridge, as the video freezes and the transmission ends. The words Signal Lost, written across Hackett's screen. The Systems Alliance Admiral lowers his head once more in sorrow, closing his eyes for several seconds before reopening them.

What remains of the Turian Dreadnought, now floats aimlessly in space. Every single Coalition ship of the Rearguard fleet, in ruin; every Coalition fighter, destroyed. Bodies of those sucked out into the vacuum of space, lifeless. The Rearguard fleet had been entirely wiped out. The Reaper reinforcements hovered in place, now unopposed; after several seconds, the first Reaper ship began to move forward, soon followed by all the others. Their destination, Earth, and the destruction of the rest of the Coalition.

"Send word across the fleets. The Rearguard fleet has been wiped out. Reaper reinforcements are now inbound. We must prepare ourselves for our final stand!" Hackett says.

"Sir! I'm picking up activity on the Citadel. It's the arms, they're opening!" a female crewmember reports.

With slightly widened eyes, Hackett speed walks over to the window and looks directly towards the Citadel. Sure enough, the arms of the Citadel were finally opening!

"They did it…" Hackett says in awe, and relief.

Someone had made it aboard the Citadel, and the Admiral had a pretty good idea as to who. Now all they had to do was get the Crucible docked onto the space station, and perhaps this could all finally be over. Hopefully before the Reaper reinforcements arrived.

"Admiral, the arms of the Citadel are opening!" a male Mon Calamari crewmember reports aboard Home One.

Making Admiral Ackbar rotate his chair around to look at the hologram of the Citadel as its arms are shown opening up, "It's about time!" he says.

"Just the good news we were looking for. Okay people, this is it. Prepare for the Crucible's docking with the Citadel! Remember, we don't know what will happen once it docks so remain on your toes." Captain Lasky orders.

The Crucible slowly flies closer to the opening Citadel at its rear beneath the Citadel Tower; the Coalition ships of both Sword, and Shield, along with the Sentai Mechas and Ranger Megazords surrounding the entire station to protect both it, and the Crucible from the few enemy ships that still remained.

"This is it everyone. The arms are opening." Hackett transmits over comms.

As it gets closer, the antenna-like piece at the front breaks off, followed by the outer protective shell pieces by pieces, until eventually the main sphere component of the machine is revealed. Its own arms, extending outwards to attach the Crucible to the Citadel, "Ten seconds to contact." Hackett says.

Finally, the Crucible docks against the Citadel, "That's it! The Crucible is docked!"

Another antenna-like piece with a circular platform for the top with four short, curving towers protruding around it, and glowing light blue lights, sticks out at the front of the sphere as it hums to life and begins flashing repeatedly.

Chief watches this happen from the platform as he turns around; Shepard and Anderson, now lying back against a smaller platform at the center of the room which had not been there before, as he rushes over to check on them, kneeling down in front of them.

"How're you holding up Commander?" Chief asks.

Shepard is silent at first as he raises his head to look at the Spartan, "Could be better." he says.

"I'm sorry I can't help anymore. That was the last of the biofoam I used on Admiral Anderson's wound." Chief says.

Shepard groans in pain while clenching his teeth and closing his eyes for a few seconds, "Don't worry about it, Chief. Anderson's wound… was a lot worse than what I'm going through at the moment. He needed it, more than I do." he says, struggling a bit to speak.

Chief places his right hand on his left shoulder, "It'll be over soon Shepard. Help will be on its way shortly." he says, trying to reassure him.

Just then something seems to catch his attention as he turns to look over his right shoulder towards the control console, "What… What is it?" Shepard asks, having noticed this.

"Nothings happening." Chief says.

He stands up and turns around completely, "The Crucible isn't doing anything. Why isn't it activating?" Chief questions.

"Maybe… maybe it's something you have to do… on our end?" Shepard says.

Chief looks back down at Shepard, "I'll go check it out." he says, as he hurries back over to the console.

Reaching it, Chief immediately gets to looking for any sort of controls that perhaps would activate the Crucible from here. After all there must have been some sort of way to activate this thing if it wasn't an automatic process upon attaching.

Shepard watches the Spartan work, unable to do much else considering his situation. He could feel himself getting weaker by the minute, it was a surprise he was still able to keep his eyes open and he wasn't nodding in and out. Considering everything he had been through up to this point. But he knew that he had to at least see all of this through to the end, and maybe then he could finally take a well deserved rest.

"Commander." Anderson weakly says.

Shepard turns his head to look at him, "We've almost done it." he says.

"Yes, we have." Anderson agrees, taking a little bit to respond.

Both of them now stare towards the Earth. Even with all the debris floating around, even with the battle still raging around it, to see the planet from where they were… was still quite a sight to behold. Even if they were used to it under better circumstances.

"It's… quite a view." Anderson says.

Shepard lets out a small, painful chuckle, "Best seats in the house." he says.

"God… feels like years since I just… sat down." Anderson says.

"I think you earned a rest." Shepard says, turning his head slightly to face him.

Anderson doesn't say anything in response.

"Anderson?" Shepard calls to him.

"Mmm… mmmm…" Anderson moans weakly, his eyes closing shut as he appears to be nodding off.

"Stay with me… We're almost through this." Shepard urges.

Anderson opens his eyes again; slightly he turns his head to look at Shepard, "You did good, son… You did good… I'm… proud of you." he says, as his eyes close one more, and his head slowly slumps down.

"Thank you sir." Shepard says, as he then turns his head again slightly to look at Anderson, and takes notice of him.

"Anderson?" he calls to him.

No response.

"What is the meaning of this? Why isn't the Crucible activating?!" Admiral Yularen questions.

In front of Hackett were holovids from the other leaders as they too were wondering what was going on, "Was there something that was missed?!" Han'Gerrel questions.

"Impossible, we followed the schematics exactly. Perhaps it is something that needs to be done on the Citadel." Daro'Xen says.

"I will find out." Hackett says.

Chief continues going through the console as fast as he can but has so far found no way to activate the Crucible from their end. If it wasn't from this console, then where did the Crucible need activating from?!

Shepard meanwhile looked down at his left hand, noticing all the blood that was covering it as it was hard to tell whether it was that much when he had first gotten injured, or if he was continuing to lose blood from his wounds.

"Shepard. Commander, do you read? Anderson, are you there? Anyone, please respond!" Hackett could be heard frantically calling over the comms, as Chief picked up on the transmission.

"This is SPARTAN-117, I read you Admiral." Chief responds.

"Chief! Is Shepard, or Anderson with you?"

"Both of them sir, and they're both gravely injured. I need an immediate medevac at my location!" Chief states with urgency.

"Copy that. We're locking onto your location right now and will send a transport as soon as possible! But nothing's happening with the Crucible, it's not firing! And we need it firing now, Reaper reinforcements are on their way!" Hackett says back also urgently.

Suddenly there is a thud behind Chief, making him quickly spin around to notice Shepard lying on the floor having seemingly attempted to walk over to him.

"Shepard!" Chief calls to him as he quickly rushes over, dropping beside him as he wraps the Commander's left arm around his back and then his right arm around his, lifting him up from the ground and onto his feet.

"What are you doing?!" Chief angrily questions him.

Shepard groans in pain with clenched teeth, his right hand to his chest, "What do you need me to do?" he asks Hackett through a strained voice, ignoring the Spartan.

"You are in no condition to be helping anyone!" Chief states.

"We think it's got to be something on your end." Hackett says.

"I've been through the controls several times already Admiral, and haven't found anything relating to the Crucible. Whatever controls are needed to activate this thing, they aren't here!" Chief says.

"But they've got to be! We've got nothing else to go off of!" Hackett says.

"The only other possibility is that the control console is somewhere else on the Citadel, maybe even hidden!" Chief says.

"We don't have the time to scour the entire Citadel for one control console! You've got to find something there Chief, it's our only hope!"

"I will do what I can Admiral but I need that medevac down here now or else Shepard, and Admiral Anderson won't make it!" Chief states, the anger rising slightly in his voice.

"Repeat last you're cutting-" suddenly the transmission was being interrupted by static.

"Admiral Hackett?" Chief says.

"We're losing-" more static interference.

"Admiral Hackett! Do you read? This is SPARTAN-117 to any Coalition ships, please respond!"

Nothing but complete silence now. Their comms were being jammed! But by what, or who? And why now?!

A sudden shift in the floor jolted Chief forward slightly as he quickly caught himself, looking down to see the part of the platform that he and Shepard were on now starting to rise.

"What in the world?" Chief questions, wondering what was going on.

Just then the sound of something opening boomed above him followed immediately by a bright white light illuminating from the new opening making him look up. The Spartan raised his left hand over his faceplate to cover his eyes from the intense light, as the platform went higher, and higher towards it, soon engulfing both Heroes entirely.

A Warrior Sangheili let out a roar as he swung his energy sword downward while lunging forward, Erza, back in her Heart Kreuz armor, raising her sword sideways to block it. As with a sword in her left hand, she stepped forward to her right while swinging it to slash the Sangheili across his midsection; spinning around as she was now behind him as the Sangheili turned quickly to face her and rushed her again. Only for Erza to rapidly dash past him and cut him with both swords, sending his body dropping straight to the ground. Gaim swings his Daidaimaru down to his left to strike a Collector trooper, looking to his left and raising the Budou Ryuhou gun in his left hand as he fires it point blank into a charging Nightcrawler taking him down. Marvelous swings his saber while moving past an attacking Foot Ninja slashing him across the midsection; ducking to his right to dodge the swing of a Scorpion soldier's weapon and then ducking down to dodge it again, as he quickly swings his saber upwards to the right to slash the Scorpion soldier.

The three Heroes fought close by one another, just mere feet apart as they continued engaging enemy soldiers. Gaim punches a Chap across the face sending it stumbling away, as he looks to his right just in time to see a Venatori Zealot swing his sword at him making him duck and weave under it; the Venatori using the momentum to spin around to attempt the strike again as Gaim comes up and quickly raises both of his weapons to block the sword. Kouta side kicks the Venatori back and then aims his Budou Ryuhou at him firing a few times, sending the Venatori to the ground. As his body falls, Kouta spots Erza as she clashes with an Uruk Berserker, taking notice of the shimmering outline of a cloaked figure sneaking up on her from behind.

Kouta gasps at this, "Erza, behind you!" he shouts as he re-aims his gun.

Erza cuts the Berserker down with a downward horizontal slash to her left, as she immediately turns her head slightly upon hearing this with a gasp of her own. She too takes notice of the outline of an invisible person in front of her, as the person uncloaks revealing themselves as the Dai-Shocker monster, Hilchameleon; as before he can strike her with his claw, he receives multiple shots from his left side sending him flying away. Courtesy of Marvelous as he rushes over to Erza's aid.

"Thanks!" Erza says while she uprights herself, as both Marvelous, and Kouta regroup with her.

"Don't mention it." Marvelous says, as all three of them turn to face the same direction Hilchameleon went.

Hilchameleon turns around to face the three Heroes, soon joined by a group of foot soldiers.

"Let's take them out!" Marvelous says as he brings out his Ranger Key.

"Yeah!" Erza, and Kouta simultaneously agree.

"Requip!" Erza shouts as she is enveloped in golden light coming out in her Flame Empress Armor.

Marvelous inserts the Key into his saber's cylinder and twists it before closing it back down, "FI~NAL WA~VE!"

Kouta pulls up on the Cutting Blade on his Driver, "Kiwami Squash!"

Erza's sword becomes enveloped in flames, while Marvelous's sword becomes covered in red energy, and Kouta's orange energy. The three then swing their respective weapons, sending fire, red energy, and orange energy slashes flying towards the enemy group as they impact into them causing them to explode.

Erza and Kouta lower their swords while Marvelous shoulders his, "Heh, that takes care of them." he says.

Erza looks over at Kouta, noticing how he had his head slightly lowered while looking away, almost as if he was thinking about something.

"Kouta, are you alright?" she asks, getting his attention.

"Just thinking. That monster just now, he's been taken down two times before. Once by me." Kouta says.

"Maybe they're triplets?" Marvelous says, not putting much thought into it.

"I don't think so. I've encountered that monster before, and there was definitely only ever one of him at a time." Kouta says.

"Hm…" Erza hums as she looks at the ground, this bringing the other two's attention to her, "Hearing that really makes me wonder now."

"Wonder what?" Kouta asks as she looks back at them.

"Haven't you two noticed that for how long this battle has been going on for, how strangely our enemy doesn't seem to be running out of troops?" Erza says as she looks forward.

This makes Marvelous, and Kouta look at each other for a few seconds before they both look forward as well. The rest of their fellow Heroes were of course still continuing to engage the enemy forces; still holding their own well, and still taking down lots of enemy soldiers, and villains.

"Okay. So it does seem rather odd that after all the ass kicking we've been doing so far, that these guys' numbers haven't really seemed to dwindle a whole lot." Marvelous says.

"It's almost like we've barely put a dent in their numbers! And I swear there are monsters out there that I know I've taken down!" Kouta says in shock.

"Yeah, same here." Marvelous says.

"Me as well." Erza adds.

Marvelous looks over his left shoulder, towards the unconscious body of the villain Psycho-Pirate as he lay just several feet away.

"It's only the guys we've been destroying so far. Not a whole lot of the villains we knocked out coming back up." Marvelous says as he looks back forward.

Hearing this makes Erza furrow her brow, as she wonders what is going on… and why it was seeming so familiar?

Sora, Natsu, Wendy, and Gajeel engaged another large group of enemy soldiers.

"Crushing Fang of the Sky Dragon!" Wendy shouts while striking a Haradrim warrior, Talon, and Tartaros soldier with her claw-like attack sending them flying.

"Lance of the Iron Dragon!" Gajeel shouts while throwing his arms out to the sides, transforming them into long iron poles which he then extends out as he begins to spin around, striking all the enemy soldiers around him in a circular motion.

Sora, and Natsu both jumped high into the air above the remaining enemy soldiers.

"Brilliant Flame of the Fire Dragon!"


Both of them shouted at the same time, as Natsu threw his giant fireball downwards while Sora shot his own from both Keyblades; all three fireballs merging together into a massive sized one as it slammed into the ground. Producing a powerful explosion that engulfed all the enemy troops as they all cried out in immense pain.

Once the flames and smoke died down, both of them landed back on the ground as Wendy landed beside Sora, with Gajeel jogging over to them, stopping beside Natsu. Before any of them could even talk, three large things landed behind them kicking up a large cloud of dust; the four Heroes turning around and getting into fighting ready poses instinctively, as the shockwave from the things that landed died down.

"What was that?" Wendy questions.

"Some more punks looking for an ass kicking?" Gajeel says with a toothy smirk while punching his left fist into his right hand.

Slowly the dust began to dissipate; revealing first what looked to be dark red scales of a reptilian creature, followed by a large wing with white bird-like feathers, silver iron scales covering the entirety of a tail, and finally a yellow right eye with dark round pupils and a scar going down from left to right over it.

Natsu, Wendy, and Gajeel all gasped in complete shock with widened eyes, their mouths dropped open at what they were seeing.

Towering before the four young Heroes were the three Dragon Slayers' foster parents; Igneel, Grandeeney, and Metalicana.

"Ig… Igneel?" Natsu says, his voice shaking with a single bead of sweat on the left side of his forehead.

"Huh?" Sora says as he looks at him, confused by what was going on.

"Gran… deeney?" Wendy says, her voice also shaking, and her irises shrunken as she seemed to be on the verge of tears.

"Met… Metalicana?" Gajeel says, also with a shaky voice.

Sora looks back up at the three Dragons, then back at his friends, then back up at the dragons again.

After a few seconds, his eyes go wide and he lets out a grunt of shock, "Wait!" Sora nearly shouts as he turns his head to look back at the Dragon Slayers again and then back up at the Dragons, "Are these your guys' parents?!" he asks.

He remembered Natsu having told him about how he, Wendy, and Gajeel were raised by Dragons growing up. However… weren't they supposed to be dead?

"Igneel? But how-?" before Natsu could finish his sentence his eyes went wide once more and he gasped.

Igneel threw his head up as fire gathered in his mouth, "Roar of the… Fire Dragon!" Igneel telepathically shouted before throwing his head back forward and spewing an enormous torrent of fire from his mouth.

The fire rapidly closed in on the four; as Sora, Wendy, and Gajeel all gasped in shock. Stepping up in front of them, Natsu opened his mouth wide, and began sucking the flames in just like any other fire without issue. This went on for almost a whole minute until finally the last of the fire was sucked in, allowing Natsu to close his mouth; Natsu lowered his head to look at the ground while wiping his left fist across his mouth leaving it beside it.

"You…" Natsu began to speak, his voice no longer shaking as the other three continued to stare at him wondering what he was doing.

Finally Natsu raised his head looking back up at Igneel, an intense glare of absolute anger in his eyes, "YOU'RE NOT IGNEEL!" he states.

This left the others confused upon hearing this, "Hey, Salamander. What the hell are you talking about?" Gajeel asks.

Natsu furrows his brow further, while baring his teeth in a tight clench, "His scent. He doesn't smell like Igneel at all!"

Wendy and Gajeel looked at each other, until looking back forward and closing their eyes as they began to sniff as well, eventually reopening their eyes now with serious looks on their faces.

"Natsu's right. This isn't Grandeeney's scent." Wendy says.

"Yeah, same for Metalicana." Gajeel agrees.

"These bastards… They're nothing more but fakes!" Natsu ragefully states.

Just then, one by one Metalicana, Igneel, and finally Grandeeney, all release their roar attack directly towards the four Heroes; the three attacks combining together into one spiraling torrent of iron, fire, and sky.

"Shit!" Gajeel shouts in shock.

"They combined their attacks so we can't eat them!" Wendy says.

Sora dashes forward at high speed getting right in front of Natsu who was also taken aback by this.

Sora threw his arms outward, "Reflega!" he shouts, as both Keyblades fly in front of him attaching together at the bottom of the hilts and begin spinning around, putting up a large barrier in front of the group as the combined attack slams into it.

Sweat runs down the Keyblade wielder's face as he struggles to keep the barrier of light up, even in his Final Form. The combined roars attack, continuing to push against it from the other side. Eventually, cracks begin to form all across the barrier, "I… can't hold it!" Sora shouts.

Finally the attack breaks through as the barrier shatters, engulfing the four of them. A massive explosion erupts in front of the three Dragons, as Natsu, Wendy, and Gajeel are blown away while crying out; Sora crying out in immense pain as well as he is blown away by himself in a completely different direction.

"Disappear." a female wearing red lipstick calmly says.

Multiple flashes of small red lights appear around Erza, Marvelous, and Kouta, before then turning into large explosions in an instant. Marvelous, Kouta, and Erza cry out in pain as they are propelled through the air, crashing to the ground several meters away as the former two roll back a few times, while Erza slides on her back to a stop.

"What… What was that?!" Kouta questions as he struggles to push himself back up.

"The enemy, who else?!" Marvelous says in a slightly annoyed voice.

Erza pushes herself up into a sitting position, opening her eyes to look forward as she then spots something that makes her gasp in shock with her eyes slightly widening, her mouth dropping open.

Three figures were slowly approaching the downed Heroes, though they were a bit hazy to make out.

Kouta manages to push the upper part of his body up slightly as he looks in the same direction as Erza, gasping as well in shock at what he was seeing. Marvelous, the same as Kouta as he lets out an audible, "Huh?" at what he sees.

The three figures continued walking towards the three, taking a few more steps forward each until finally coming to a stop several meters away. These three figures, from right to left, turn out to be Kaito Kumon, Irene Belserion, and Basco ta Jolokia.

"Yahoo, Marvey-chan!" Basco casually greets, his arms crossed with a smirk on his lips.

"Hello there again Erza, my dear daughter." Irene also casually greets, while holding onto her staff in her right hand with her left hand to her hip.

"Still fighting the same battles as always it seems, Kazuraba." Kaito says in his usual demeanor.

The three Heroes get back on their feet while still facing towards them.

"Kaito…" Kouta says in shock.

"Mother…" Erza says, also in complete shock.

"Basco…" Marvelous says, instead seething with anger at seeing him.

"How is it that you're here?" Kouta asks, confused by how Kaito could possibly be here since he was dead.

Erza takes two steps forward, "I see. This all but confirms my suspicion." she says, a serious look now on her face as what she says catches the attention of Marvelous, and Kouta.

"What are you talking about?" Marvelous asks.

"Why it doesn't look like the enemy is losing any of their troops, and why those we thought we defeated seem to keep coming back. It's because the dead on this battlefield keep getting brought back to life!" Erza states.

"What?!" Kouta says in shock, both he and Marvelous taken aback by this.

"But how can that be? How are they bringing back the soldiers and monsters we've just defeated on this battlefield without any sort of machines?" Kouta questions.

"Necromancy." Erza answers.

"Correct you are, Erza." Irene says.

Marvelous walks up to Erza's side, "And what about these punks? Last I checked, they weren't brought back to life with the other villains and monsters. So how are they here?" he asks while turning his head to look at her.

"I guess you could say it's Necromancy of a different kind. Powerful magic that allows its user to look into the hearts of others to view, and create replicas of the deceased of an individual's past that made a lasting impact upon them. Whether that be through hard-fought combat, love, or simply immense respect." Erza explains.

"You hear that Marvey-chan? Looks like I really made a lasting impact on you." Basco says in a humorous, sarcastic manner as he takes two steps forward with his hands to his hips before leaning forward slightly.

Marvelous growls at this comment while looking towards his former crewmate, while Kouta rejoins Erza by her side as well.

"Necromancy magic? Didn't you say two of your enemies could do stuff like that?" Kouta asks as he turns his head slightly towards her.

"Yeah. Neinhart, and Keyes. Neinhart's magic, Historia of the Dead, does exactly what I just explained. While Keyes's curse power is what's bringing the dead on this battlefield back to life." Erza says.

"So basically, we're dealing with the living, the undead, as well as ghosts now." Marvelous says.

"It's as simple as this. You Heroes have been fighting now for many hours. I imagine you all are beginning to feel quite exhausted. Yet of course being who you are, you continue to fight on, no matter what. Deep down however, you all know that you can't keep this going on forever. Sooner or later, your exhaustion will finally catch up to you one, by one. Until eventually you'll no longer be able to raise your weapons to continue fighting. Thus making you all easy targets to be slain." Irene explains.

The three Heroes growl at this in anger, Erza baring her teeth with a furrowed brow.

Kaito takes two steps forward, his hands in the pockets of his coat, "The Reapers will soon be receiving their reinforcements. Your friends, and allies in the Coalition will only be able to hold them back for so long until they are eventually overwhelmed. Not only do all of you still have the living to deal with here, but now you must face the undead of those you have slain here on this battlefield, along with the ghosts of your past like us. With that in mind, just how much longer do you think you all will be able to last for?" he says.

Basco uprights himself as he holds up his left hand and index finger, "An endless number of Reaper reinforcements," he holds up a second finger as if counting something, "Still a large number of your enemies that remain alive," he holds up a third finger, "And now a bunch of undead as well as ghosts who never tire as well as can continue to get brought back to life…"

Basco crosses his arms again, "This situation is indeed not looking very good for you and your friends, Marvelous." he finishes while baring his teeth in a smile.

"What do we do here Erza? You know how all of this works." Kouta asks.

"So long as Keyes lives, and Neinhart has consciousness. They can continue bringing the dead to life through their curse and magic. We take them down, and all of this ends." Erza explains.

"Problem is, I haven't seen those two since this whole battle started. And if they were smart enough, they'd be using their powers away from the battlefield. Close enough I imagine, so that their powers would affect the area, but somewhere they won't be discovered as easily once all of this starts going down so we can't take them down." Marvelous says.

"Great, and not only that. Even if we were to discover where they were, I have the strangest feeling that these guys wouldn't exactly be letting us anywhere near them." Kouta says, as Irene walks back in between Basco, and Kaito.

"Then it's as simple as this. We take these guys down, then we go searching for those two and take them down as well, putting an end to all of this." Marvelous says, as he shoulders his saber while Erza requips into her Clear Heart Clothing raising her katana up to her right side pointing it forward, while Kouta raises both his Daidaimaru and his Musou Saber holding them both at the ready as well.

"We need to do this fast then. Cause if what they said is true, then the others are also having to deal with this as well. And my mother is unfortunately right, we can't keep fighting all of this forever. We'll need all the strength we can save if the Reaper reinforcements truly are on their way, and they manage to get here before the Crucible can be activated." Erza says.

"Alright. Then let's continue giving what we've been giving out up to this point, plus more!" Kouta ecstatically shouts.

Basco and Kaito transform, as Basco changes into his monstrous Armored form, while Kaito becomes Lord Baron; Basco shoulders his Cariblade cutlass on his right shoulder mirroring Marvelous, while Kaito is now armed with the Guronbaryamu sword which he points towards Kouta. Without a word, both Basco, and Kaito charge forward while Irene remains in place.

"Let's go!" Erza shouts.

"Yeah!" Marvelous, and Kouta simultaneously shout as the three charge forward.

Marvelous locks blades with Basco once more, while Kouta and Kaito swing their respective swords cancelling each other's attack out as they run past each other as they both turn back around to face each other again; Erza running past in between both duos as she charges straight towards her mother who continues to calmly remain in place. Once within striking range, Erza swings her katana down slightly to the left as Irene moves her body to her left to dodge it, Erza spinning around to her right while swinging her sword as Irene moves further to her left towards where Erza's rear once was before blocking the sword with her staff.

Sora groans in pain as he begins pushing himself up, no longer in his Final Form as grime now covers parts of his face along with having a few cuts on his right cheek, and next to his left eye. Getting back on his feet, Sora begins looking around a bit dazed as he tries to locate where Natsu, and the others were; when suddenly he comes back around and finds what looks like a red lightsaber blade now pointing directly at his face just a few inches away. Taken aback by this as his eyes go slightly wide, Sora follows the blade, only to discover that it wasn't actually a lightsaber as there was no hilt to it towards where one should be. Instead, the energy blade was coming out from the palm of someone's black gloved hand, which struck Sora as all too familiar, as he raised his head slightly to look up at the person wielding its face.

"Hello again, Sora." Xemnas casually greets him.

Sora's eyes widen once more as he gasps in shock with his mouth dropping open. Quickly he launches himself back a few feet and summons the Kingdom Keyblade to his right hand before gripping it with both.

"Xemnas!? But… how are you here?" Sora questions him.

Xemnas retracts his Ethereal Blade back into his palm before lowering it, "I had some… external help." he says.

"What?" Sora says, confused by what he meant, when suddenly he sensed something coming from his right!

Turning to look at it, for a split second he saw what was most definitely The Guardian, coming straight towards him as it threw a left punch upon getting close enough. Sora barely had time to raise his Keyblade sideways to take the hit, as the force of the impact was still enough to send him flying back for several feet before crashing to the ground, rebounding off of it a few times before finally coming to a stop. Sora sat up groaning once again in pain, as he opened his eyes to look back forward. The Guardian flew back ascending a bit into the air before turning to its left; Ansem, Seeker of Darkness hovering into view as he came to a stop while The Guardian returned to its normal spot behind him crossing its arms.

Sora got back on his feet while hunched over at first, "Ansem? You too?!" he shouts while uprighting himself and throwing his left arm out to his side.

"We meet again, wielder of the Keyblade…" Ansem greets him, as Xemnas walks up to his right side.

Sora catches his breath, "Wha-... What is going on?" he questions himself.

"Come on kid, isn't it obvious?" another, familiar voice speaks up from behind Sora, making him turn around.

Another figure, clad in a familiar black coat walks in from Sora's left into his view; the figure coming to a stop as he turns to face him. Sora's eyes once again went wide in shock, "Xigbar?!" he shouts, as the Number II of Organization XIII grinned at him.

"Sup kid?" Xigbar casually greets him with a two-finger salute from his left hand while holding his right hand at his hip.

Unbeknownst to Sora, was how both Ansem, and Xemnas seemed to exchange a rather confused look with each other as they then looked back forward.

"What do you mean, "isn't it obvious?"" Sora asks.

"Come on Sora, seriously? You really think that with all these different kinds of big baddies you got running around here, that not one of them perhaps has some kind of power that can bring the dead back to life in some kind of way?" Xigbar says.

"The dead back to life? Is that what's going on?" Sora asks him.

"That's right. As we speak, one of them so happens to be an actual spooky necromancer-type dude, who is constantly bringing back all the bad guys both small, and big that you and your Hero friends have managed to take down on this battlefield. While another has a rather interesting, and powerful magic that allows him to pretty much bring back to life people from your past like the three of us who aren't… well you know, alive anymore, basically as ghosts to fight you. Whether their foe, or friend." Xigbar casually explains, as if he had no issue giving this information out.

"Whether their foe or friend?" Sora repeats what he said, as hearing this, and thinking about it for a few seconds, finally hits him.

"Is that why my friends were being attacked by their parents?!" Sora questions him, some anger in his voice, as he didn't like the idea of the ghosts of his friends' parents being forced into attacking those that they actually cared for a lot in life.

"Like I said. Friend or foe, us ghosts will attack whoever our target is supposed to be." Xigbar says, as then he summons to his hands his Arrowguns, crossing his arms upwards in front of his chest to hold them high to the sides.

Sora gets into his battle-ready pose at seeing this, while behind him Xemnas extends his Ethereal Blades from both his palms while Ansem continued hovering in the air with his arms crossed; Sora having turned his head back to see this as he looks back forward at Xigbar while baring his teeth in anger with a furrowed brow.

"And right now, our target in specific. Is you." Xigbar says with a slightly sadistic smile.

Aragorn stumbles back a few feet before managing to catch himself, raising his head to look back forward with sweat covering his entire face as he lunges with a battle cry swinging his sword upwards to the left. Knocking away an attacker's sword as the figure spins around to their right using this to attempt a horizontal slash from the left only for Aragorn to bring his sword quickly in that direction while turning it upside down to block it. Aragorn attempts to upper slash the opponent from his current position but is blocked by the figure's round shield as they spin back around and attempt an overhead slash only to be blocked by Aragorn's blade once more. Aragorn gets up in the attacker's face, a serious look on his, "You desecrate a Son of Gondor, and a friend of mine with your appearance. And for that I will make you pay!" he angrily states.

The figure, turning out to be the deceased former Captain of the White Tower of Gondor, a member of The Fellowship, as well as older brother to Faramir, Boromir, or more specifically, the Historia of Boromir. The Boromir Historia says nothing as he breaks the lock with his shield forcing Aragorn back a few steps, the two of them quickly recovering as they hold both of their swords towards each other while beginning to walk opposite in a circle. Eventually Historia Boromir lunges forward while thrusting his sword, as Aragorn moves his body to the right while turning sideways causing Boromir's sword to slide against his, as he spins to his left and attempts to slash the fake Boromir only for his attack to be blocked by his shield again. As the two continue their fighting, nearby Gandalf contends with the Historia of his former leader turned traitor Saruman, who casts a fireball attack towards him only for Gandalf to destroy it with ease with a single swing of his staff; as before he can counterattack him, he is assaulted from his right by the revived Witch-King who swings his sword down forcing Gandalf to turn and block it with both his staff and sword. Also nearby were both Legolas, and Gimli, having to hold their own against the revived Nazgûl, as both of them were forced onto the defense constantly barely having any time to try and counterattack them as they held off four Ringwraiths each.

Bryce Cousland, the deceased father of Aedan thrusts his longsword forward as the Warden sidesteps this to his right and hits it with his sword sending the Historia of his father stumbling past. Barely Aedan is able to raise his shield in time to block an arrow that was shot at him by his also deceased mother, Eleanor Cousland, as both the revived Loghain, and Rendon Howe charge towards the Hero of Ferelden next. Forcing Aedan onto the defense as he is constantly attacked by both of them, as well as the Historias of his mother, and father, practically giving him not a single moment to try and counterattack them with. As close by, off to his right, Alistair walks back while being approached by the Historia of his dead Grey Warden mentor, Duncan, who then lunges towards him and begins to attack forcing Alistair on the defense. Leliana, getting caught up in a close quarters fight with the Historia of her dead former friend Marjolaine, while Morrigan engages in a magic duel with the Historia of the group's former companion Wynne. Oghren swings his battleaxe at the revived The First, who jumps back to dodge it before charging towards the dwarf and swinging his greatsword down onto him which Oghren manages to block; while Zevran engages both The Herald, and The Lost, who were also revived, by himself.

Hawke fights against a revived Meredith once more, while his sister is forced into fighting a Historia of their dead brother Carver, who is constantly on the attack making Bethany unable to find the time to cast off any spells. Aveline fights off against her former husband Wesley, while Isabela dodges attacks from the Qunari Arishok, and Merrill is forced into a duel with her former Keeper Marethari Talas. Overhead Eragon and Saphira are chased by the Historia of Galbatorix and his dragon Shruikan, who spews fire after them; while Arya, and Murtagh attempt to give aid chasing after them, only to be forced into a stop by a revived Durza riding atop his Sundavrblaka beast as he gets in their way.

Po receives a kick across the right side of his face making him turn and stumble away, as he recovers and turns back around to face his opponent, the Historia of Master Oogway, who gives his usual friendly smile. Already knowing that this was an enemy trick, Po rushes back to continue engaging him as he jumps forward throwing a front kick, to which the Historia Oogway dodges by turning sideways; all the while the Furious Five were once again fighting against the revived Tai Lung, and Shen, as Tigress and Monkey fought against Tai Lung, with Crane, Mantis, and Viper trying to take on Shen.

Aang breaks a horizontal air swipe in half with his staff while walking backwards, then jumping back to his left to dodge a vertical air swipe, as the Historia of his mentor Monk Gyatso lands on the ground chasing after him; Gyatso jumping after Aang who retreats further as he jumps away again. Sokka, and Katara fight against the Historia of their deceased friend Jet, as the former fights him up close with Katara trying to use her waterbending to aid from a distance. Up in the air nearby, Luffy, who has returned to his normal body in Gear Second, clashes with the Historia of his deceased brother Ace, as the two of them throw fire coated punches, Luffy with some Haki as well, into each other causing an explosion.

The Kamen Riders face off against a large number of revived monsters, while several of them find themselves fighting against Historias of figures from their past. Such as Amazon as he is forced into fighting against the Historia of his friend Mole Beastman, with Stronger having to fight the Historia of his deceased friend Yuriko Misakai also known as Electronic Wave Humanoid Tackle. Agito fights against Kaoru Kino aka Kamen Rider Another Agito, while Ryuki engages his Mirror World Duplicate Dark Shinji aka Kamen Rider Ryuga; Faiz fights against Masato Kusaka aka Kamen Rider Kaixa, Kabuto against his mimic version Soji Kusakabe aka Kamen Rider Dark Kabuto, and Kiva fights against King aka Kamen Rider Dark Kiva. Double fights against Shotaro's mentor Sokichi Narumi aka Kamen Rider Skull, while OOO is forced into fighting against the Complete Greeed form of his old friend Ankh, with Wizard fighting against Sou Fueki aka Kamen Rider Wiseman; Drive against Tenjuro Banno aka Gold Drive, Ghost against the Perfect Gammaizer, and finally Ex-Aid against Masamune Dan aka Kamen Rider Cronus.

The Super Sentai are also forced into fighting a large number of revived enemies, with a few teams having to face off against some personal Historias themselves. Such as the Gorengers who fight against the second Kirenger Daigoro Kumano, the Battle Fever team against Battle Cossack I Kensaku Shiraishi, and the Bioman against Mika Koizumi aka Yellow4 I. Ryuuranger engages in single combat against the Historia of his father Iron Face Chouryou, with the same happening for Joe as he fights against Barizorg who was once his friend Sid. The Go-Busters fight against Enter, Escape, and Masato Jin aka Beet Buster; as Red Buster fights Enter in his Dark Buster form, Blue and Yellow take on Escape in her monster form, and Stag Buster fights against his partner Beet Buster. The Kyoryugers fight against their mentor Wise God Torin aka Kyoryu Silver I, and the Ninningers fight against their grandfather Yoshitaka Igasaki aka AkaNinger, who had a gold and black sash of a different design to different him from Takaharu.

The Power Rangers fight against the revived monsters of Warstar and The Armada, while at the same time, having to deal with the Historias of many of their past enemies. Such as the Mighty Morphin Rangers who engaged in combat with the Historia of their enemy Goldar, along with the Zeo Rangers fighting against the Historia of King Mondo, the Turbo Rangers against General Havoc, and the Space Rangers against Ecliptor and Darkonda. The Lost Galaxy Rangers fought against the Historias of Insect Form Trakeena along with Furio, Tracheron, and Deviot; the Wild Force Rangers against Monster form Master Org as well as Nayzor, Retinax, and Mandilok. The Ninja Storm Rangers against Lothor, Zurgane, Choobo, Vexacus, Motodrone, and Shimazu; the Dino Thunder Rangers against Mesogog and Zeltrax. Sky Tate fights against the Historia of his father who was an SPD Red Ranger, wearing a suit that strongly resembles Time Force Red's save for the SPD logo on his chest, helmet, and right shoulder. The Mystic Force Rangers engage in combat against the Historias of Octomus the Master, Morticon, and Imperious; the Operation Overdrive Rangers against Flurious, Moltor, Kamdor, Mig and Beglo. The Jungle Fury Rangers against the Overlords Grizzaka, Carnisoar, and Jellica, and the Phantom Beasts Scorch, Snapper, and Whiger; the Samurai Rangers against Master Xandred, Dayu, Deker, and Serrator, and finally the Megaforce Rangers against the revived Admiral Malkor, Creepox, Bigs, Bluefur, Metal Alice, Emperor Mavro, Prince Vekar, Levira, Damaras, Argus, and Redker.

The first team of Digimon fight against an assortment of enemy Historias as well as those revived from the battle, including the Historias of Devimon, Etemon, and Myotismon, alongside the revived Dark Masters. While the second Digimon team fights against the revived Arukenimon and Mummymon, along with the Historias of The Daemon Corps Digimon, SkullSatamon, LadyDevimon, and MarineDevimon, and Kimeramon. The Tamers Digimon fight entirely against the Historias of the Twelve Devas, minus their friend Antylamon, as they engage Mihiramon, Majiramon, Sandiramon, Indramon, Pajiramon, Vajramon, Makuramon, Sinduramon, Caturamon, Vikaralamon, and Kumbhiramon. The Legendary Warrior Digidestined fight against the revived evil versions of their fellow Legendary Warriors, as well as the Historias of the two Royal Knights Crusadermon, and Dynasmon; and finally the Data Squad Digimon against the revived Bio-Hybrids.

Wonder Woman fights against the Historia of her adoptive sister Aresia, while Batman engages the Historia of Felix Faust; Shayera against her former lover Hro Talak, while Aquaman fights his younger brother Orm once more. The Avengers fight against the Historias of Galactus's Heralds including Terrax, Air-Walker, Stardust, and Firelord, while Black Panther is forced into fighting the Historia of his father T'Chaka, and Vision against Ultron. Elsewhere Optimus fights against the Historia of the founder of the Decepticons known as The Fallen as the two clash blades. Harry Potter is forced into an entirely defensive duel against the Historias of Albus Dumbledore, Severus Snape, and his godfather Sirius Black, as he is not once given a single moment to go on the attack on any of them, while his friend Ron duels against his dead brother Fred. Altaïr, and Ezio fight against the Historias of their enemies Robert de Sablé, and Cesare Borgia, while Connor fights against the Historia of his father Haytham Kenway. Ryu fights against the Historias of Murai, Genshin, and Regent the Mask; while Drago is forced into fighting against the Historia of his dead lover Wavern. Lloyd fights a Historia of Harumi, while Edward and Alphonse Elric fight the Historia of Isaac McDougal; Gray once again finds himself fighting the Historia of his dead mentor Ur. Ratchet and Clank fight against the Historia of Alister Azimuth, while finally Obi-Wan engages in combat with the Historia of his dead master Qui-Gon Jinn; Anakin fighting the revived Darth Vader again by himself while Luke is preoccupied with dealing with, as well as attempting to keep away the Historia of Emperor Palpatine so his father, nor Obi-Wan or Ahsoka, would see him.

Ashley and the rest of Shepard's team continued their fight against normal enemy foot soldiers. A Cerberus Centurion swung his shock baton at Ash who managed to catch his arm, as she quickly wrapped her right leg around the back of his using it to trip him over to the ground landing on his back, allowing Ash to then pull out her pistol as she put two slugs into his head. Wrex slammed the heads of two B1 battle droids together, taking them out as Garrus, and Tali rushed over to Ashley to check up on her, "Still no word from Shepard?" Garrus asks.

Ashley looks at him while catching her breath and shakes her head.

"That does it!" Wrex begins to speak as he walks over to them, "If we don't hear from him in five more minutes. We're going up there." he says.

"Agreed, he's been up there for a while now. What if he needs our help?" Tali questions.

Before the group can continue discussing further, multiple shots impact the ground around them kicking up multiple sparks. Ashley is the first to look in the direction where the shots came from to her right, as she spots four hazy figures slowly approaching them. Wrex, Garrus, and Tali turn to face them as well, as the four figures finally come into view and to a stop several meters away. What they see before them, makes Ashley, Garrus, Wrex, and Tali all gasp in shock. Standing before them were Kaidan, Mordin, Thane, and Legion, an M-3 Predator Pistol in Kaidan's right hand which is now lowered to his side.

Ashley began slowly taking a few steps toward him, while of course remaining on edge due to how strange, and not in a good way, this was looking, "Kaidan? Is… is that really you?" she asks.

"Yeah Ash, it's really me." Kaidan replies.

Wrex, and the others rejoin Ashley by her sides, "Mordin?" he says, of course equally as surprised to be seeing the dead Salarian before him, since he had given up his life to cure the Genophage for Wrex's people.

"Thane?" Garrus says, the Drell no longer looking as dead after having been fatally stabbed by Kai Leng during Cerberus's assault on The Citadel.

"Legion?" Tali says, the Geth before them most definitely being Legion as no other Geth had his unique look.

"But… but, how?" Ashley asks.

"Not of our own free will I'm afraid." Kaidan says, as suddenly he raises his pistol forward, while Mordin, Thane, and Legion bring out their own weapons and aim them at the four across from them.

Seeing this obviously takes Ashley and the others aback, "What- What are you doing?" Ashley asks.

Kaidan remains silent now, "You know, call me crazy. But I'm starting to think that these aren't really our friends." Garrus says.

"No really? What gave you that idea?" Wrex sarcastically asks.

"I hope you can find to forgive us for this, Tali'Zorah. If only we could meet once more under better circumstances." Legion says.

"What's wrong with you guys? Or is this some Cerberus trick and you aren't even our friends!?" Tali angrily questions.

The four open fire with their weapons, as Wrex quickly gets in front of the others and puts up a biotic sphere, "Does that answer your question?" he says while looking slightly over his left shoulder.

Not getting anywhere with what they were doing, the Historias of Kaidan, Thane, Mordin, and Legion charge forward to engage them up close. Ashley, Garrus, Tali, and Wrex doing the same as the Krogan lowers his barrier.

One large explosion after another continued erupting across the battlefield. The Heroes, still continuing to fight on; though the situation was now no longer looking very good, with the knowledge that they were now practically fighting three separate armies; the Living, the Undead, and the Historias. To make matters worse no matter who they took down, they would just keep getting brought back to life.

Natsu and the Historia of his Dragon father Igneel exchanged a Iron Fist of the Fire Dragon with each other, while Wendy flew through the air attempting a roar attack on her Dragon mother only to no effect as she kept flying away with Grandeeney right behind her; Gajeel attempting to cut his Dragon father down with an Iron Sword only for Metalicana to spin around and slap him with his tail sending him crashing into the ground.

Kouta rolled back and recovered into a crouched position as he raised his Bana Spear to block an overhead strike from Kaito, only for the latter to kick him in the chest, sending him rolling across the ground. Marvelous, attempting a horizontal slash from Basco's left side only for him to stop the blade with his hand and then diagonal slash Marvelous down his body and spin around to his right to horizontal slash him, sending him turning and stumbling away. Erza jumps into the air with her sword raised back above her head, descending towards her mother as she swings it down once getting close enough only for Irene to sidestep it at the last second. Before Erza can recover, Irene kicks her across the face, sending Erza bouncing sideways across the ground a few times before landing on her front and sliding to a stop. Erza pushes herself back onto her feet, only for Irene to tap her staff against the ground, summoning a pillar of red magical energy from directly beneath Erza that causes her to cry out in immense pain.

Xigbar leaps high into the air as he aims his Arrowguns down and starts firing away, Sora managing to block each and every shot that comes close to him, until he is struck by Xemnas from the right smacking him away with his left Ethereal Blade. This sends Sora flying as he manages to plant his feet on the ground and slide to a stop. Sora raises his head to look back forward with clenched teeth, only for Ansem and his Guardian to suddenly appear right behind him as he appears to sense this, turning around just as Ansem's Guardian comes forward and throws an uppercut directly into Sora's stomach, lifting him off the ground. Blood spews out from Sora's mouth as he retches from the impact.

Ashley charges towards Kaidan as she pulls her right fist back, only for Kaidan to calmly activate his biotics and raise his left hand forward catching her in a Stasis. Kaidan then lifts Ashley into the air and swings his arm out to the side, sending her flying, the Stasis field going down as Ashley slams against a slab of concrete, collapsing to the ground. Garrus attempts to aim his pistol at Thane only for the Drell to spinning heel kick it out from his hand and then side kick him in the chest sending him flying back to the ground and sliding for a few feet. Thane approaches him again as Garrus gets back on his feet raising both fists into a fighting stance, "I almost… forgot… how much of a badass you were… in hand-to-hand combat." Garrus struggles to say as he catches his breath while also a bit dazed.

"But you see… I've also been practicing lately." Garrus adds, as he lunges forward and throws a punch only for Thane to quite rapidly grab a hold of his arm, get behind him, and bend his arm behind his back causing pain to the Turian.

"Okay, ow, ow, ow, so I still need a lot of practice!" Garrus cries out.

Legion fired his M-98 Widow only for Tali to have quickly closed the distance as she pushed it away and then threw a right hook at him. Legion ducking beneath this as he dropped his rifle and tackled Tali to the ground, leaning back up as he attempted to punch her in the helmet only for her to luckily catch his fist before it could hit. Legion attempted to hit her with his other fist but Tali caught that as well, with the two now struggling to break free of the other.

Wrex threw a punch as Mordin ducked beneath it, turning around and taking a few steps back with his left hand extended by the time Wrex came to a stop and turned to face him again. Mordin remained calmly still with his right hand behind his back, as Wrex turned his entire body; the Krogan then activating his biotics as he prepared to cast something, only for Mordin to hit him with a Cryo Blast freezing most of his body save for his head. Mordin then threw a sticky grenade which attached right onto the front of Wrex's body, Wrex unable to do anything as the grenade went off blasting him backwards while also freeing him from the ice. Wrex groaned in pain as he lay on the ground with his eyes closed.

Overhead Wendy continued flying through the air. Wendy turned around to face the Historia of her mother again as she was beginning to catch up, "Roar of the Sky Dragon!" Wendy shouts as she releases her roar attack again.

The attack slams into and engulfs Grandeeney, though a few seconds later Grandeeney emerges unharmed directly in front of Wendy with her front right forefoot raised back. Wendy's eyes go wide as she stops her roar attack and crosses her arms in front of her face to brace herself for the impact, knowing she wouldn't be able to escape it in time. Grandeeney smacks Wendy with her forefoot, sending her blasting down towards the ground while crying out in pain; Wendy crashes to the ground hard several seconds later.

The battle continued to rage…

Meanwhile, at a large, abandoned warehouse just on the outskirts of the area. Inside the building, a Cerberus assault trooper patrolled the second floor catwalk, while down on the main floor, were a large number of other enemy foot soldiers, as well as the two villains behind everything that was going on out there at the moment.

Neinhart was seated on a chair while catching his breath, his head leaning forward against his held together hands with his elbows propped up on his legs. Sweat ran down his face, "Dammit. I've never had to summon so many Historias before. So many powerful ones too. I barely have any strength left within me." he says.

Neinhart raises his head slightly as he looks to his right towards Keyes, "If we're discovered-" he begins to speak.

"You worry too much." Keyes calmly states as he hovers forward a bit.

"At this point, the Heroes are far too preoccupied to do anything about us. Fighting the rest of our comrades and allies, and now having to deal with my undead minions, and your Historias. They will never find the time to come searching for us, and by the time they do, those Reaper reinforcements will have already arrived and their fates will be sealed." Keyes continues to speak as he opens his stitched together mouth into a sadistic smile.

"Foolish Heroes. To have been fighting for so long without a break. It's only a matter of time until our combined forces tire them out and they can no longer do anything. Making them easy pickings to be killed off one… by one…"

"And with their deaths, comes my chance to take control over all of their corpses, including those of the damn Fairies that defeated us so long ago. When this war ends Tartaros will return to Earthland stronger than before, and no one will be able to stop us this time!" Keyes says inside his head.

Suddenly the wall in front of them blows inwards as the few soldiers that were around it are either sent flying, or drop to the ground from the resulting shockwave while letting out cries of pain.

Neinhart shoots back onto his feet with widened eyes while Keyes's expression turns to one of complete shock, "What?!" Keyes shouts.

The soldiers around them get into position as those with long range weapons take aim, while the melee fighters hold their weapons at the ready.

Neinhart turns his head to look angrily at Keyes, "You idiot! I thought you said they wouldn't have the time to come searching for us!" he shouts.

"Impossible! Even if they somehow did, they shouldn't have found us this quickly!" Keyes states, still in complete shock at how this could be happening.

The soldiers held their fire to see who their target was as everyone in the room now stared towards the large hole that was now in the far wall. Dust and small debris from the destroyed wall, continuing to fall, as through it all a single silhouette could be seen; a short figure with their left fist held up beside their head and their right fist extended forward meaning that they had been the ones to single-handedly destroy much of the wall. The person uprighted themselves and lowered their arms, as they began to calmly walk forward. Taking a few steps in before coming to a stop. Neinhart and Keyes waited, wanting to see first just who it was that had found them so quickly and wanting to know just how it was they were able to.

The dust began to disperse, until finally the shadows went away, revealing to the two villains… a young boy with dark-green hair in some kind of a costume? A serious look on his face as he stared toward them.

"This is as far as you go, villains!" the boy states in a serious tone, "We're here to put a stop to you!" he adds as he points at them with his right hand.

The boy had a short mess of fluffy dark-green hair which stuck up at odd angles around his head, with irises that were the same color, and a set of four symmetrical freckles in diamond formations with one on each cheek. His costume consisted of a dark green full-body suit with black lines running along the sides of the body and arms along with beige tinted shoulder pads, what looked like a metal diamond-shaped respirator with eight holes beneath his head, and a hood hanging off the back. A red belt around his waist with four pouches around the sides; support gloves that were white on top and green on the palms with what looked like orange sights attached to each of the knuckles, featuring a dual-layered band around the wrists decorated with a blue seam. Somewhat large wrist guards around his wrists with yellow bolts and outer blue lines decorating them, beige tinted arm braces also with two blue lines that were circling around at the top; black knee pads with yellow bolts that covered his entire legs reaching up to his thighs, and finally red boots with iron soles attached to the bottoms.

The villains and their soldiers… had absolutely no idea who this was, nor how to react to him. As a few of the soldiers even exchanged confused looks with each other, the same for Neinhart, and Keyes for a few seconds before they looked back towards the young boy.

"Who… Who are you?" Neinhart questions while slightly tilting his head to the right.

"Hm?" Keyes suddenly hums, "Hold on a second. "We?"" he says, just now picking up on this part.

Just then, nineteen more silhouettes suddenly appeared in the cloud of dust behind the boy on either side of him; nine to his right, and ten to his left.

On the far left, what appeared to be some kind of invisible person, noticed only because of the floating moving pair of light blue gloves decorated by pale pink lines, and light brownish-gray lace-up shoes they wore.

A tall lean young man with chin-length black hair spiked downwards with jagged bangs coming about halfway down his forehead; in a costume consisting of a black skin-tight bodysuit with a turtleneck which is plain apart from the white design on the mid-torso area and two yellow trimmings around each of his elbow-length sleeves. Wearing white boots lined with yellow and white short bands around his waist and the sides of his thighs with a larger one across his chest to connect his shoulder pads which are shaped like tape dispensers, and a yellow helmet shaped similarly to his shoulder pads with a black visor which he currently had open; his elbows strangely shaped like cylindrical tape dispensers.

And a tall muscular young man with pale gray hair swept forward covering most of his face and bent downwards at almost a right angle over his eye, with six arms, three per side, all attached to each other by a web of skin with only the front two having hands while the rest were ending in thin stumps. Wearing a costume that consisted of a tight blue tank top with six white markings resembling eyes, three on each side of his body like a six-sided dice, connected at the top to a darker, more indigo-colored mask that covered the lower half of his face just below the eyes. A belt with another, larger eye shape embedded into its center, this time yellow, below which he wears slightly baggy trousers to match his shirt with two dark lines running down the sides of his legs, and indigo boots.

Emerged from the cloud of dust.

Followed by a very short boy with a large round head with very short dark purple hair with what looked like four large ball-shaped clumps kind of resembling grapes in a mohawk. In a costume consisting of a purple shirt and mask with a yellow cape, boots, and gloves; wearing white pants with a lighter purple trim that stick out quite a lot around his waist.

A boy with short gold hair parted to the right with a black lightning-shaped streak on the left of his side fringe, which is angled so that it partially obscures his left eye. Wearing a slightly shortened black jacket with two white lightning patterns near the hem and collar and a yellow rimmed lightning bolt going around each of his shoulders; black pants with a small zig-zag near each of the cuffs, a white belt with what looked like two whitish-yellow pouches one on either side, and a V-neck plain white shirt. A large strange white device attached to his right wrist; along with a black choker with a silver buckle on the left side and a headset with a separated blue-tinted visor.

A girl with short dark purple hair that goes down only around chin length with an asymmetrical fringe and two reflections shaped like heartbeat monitor waves on either side of her head. Her costume, consisting of a black leather jacket, long salmon-colored shirt with several rips at the collar and hem, black pants and boots with what looks like stereos built into their shafts. Two small triangular red paint marks just below her eyes, a plain black choker, and white fingerless gloves with what look like small speakers on both her forearms. And blueish-purple headphones with the bottom portion of the top part being salmon, from which two plug-like earphone jacks hang out at the end of two thin cords.

And a tall girl with long black hair that is tied up into a spiky ponytail with a large strand hanging on the right side of her face. Her costume being a high-collared, sleeveless crimson leotard with silver lines at her waist and around her arms, which is open to expose her skin from below her neck to just below her navel; sporting calf-length red boots with heels which dip sharply down in the center, and two gold utility belts around her waist, another thinner one around the top portion of her chest below her shoulders.

They are then followed by three more boys emerging from the dust cloud.

The one next to them, being a muscular young man with a rather impressive physique for his age as he had red eyes and a small scar just above his right eye with pointed teeth which he bared in a smirk. He had long, bright red hair that was spiked away from his head at all angles, two more pronounced tufts spiked on either side of his forehead like little horns. His costume was two dark red gear-shaped shoulder pads with a jagged sash that joined the one on the left to the right side of his belt, which has a red "R" set into its center. Below this were baggy black pants and a half cape with a ripped hem; dark red boots and multiple thick rings going around his calves. His chest was bare as he wore a wired guard around his face, reaching from just above his hairline to below his jaw, an extra piece going over the bridge of his nose, and some spiked pieces around his mouth which resembled fangs. He finally wore black sleeves that covered his entire arm reaching down all the way to his fingers.

The boy next to him was tall and also rather muscular, though nowhere near him, with quite long hair that didn't pass his neck with bangs that were parted twice so as to not obscure his vision; his hair was evenly split between two colors, white on his right side, and crimson red on his left. The irises of his eyes were also two different colors, his left eye's iris being turquoise, while his right eye's iris was a brownish dark gray. He had a large burn scar on the left side of his face which reached from his hairline to halfway down his cheek. His costume, consisted of a dark blue jacket with elbow-length sleeves, its collar high and joined in the center by a gray neckpiece; baggy pants of the same color, a metal-plated combat vest, and white boots with a set of straps each and their soles, and a thin line running down the center of his boots being a darker pale gray. He also sported a brown utility belt around his waist with two little metal capsules hanging off the front, and had two burgundy wrist guards with metal plating on his arms.

The next boy, between the previous one and the dark-green haired one; had short, spiky, sandy blonde hair with choppy bangs that hung over his eyebrows. His eyes were sharp with bright red irises in color. His costume consisted of a tight, black sleeveless tank top with an orange X across the middle, forming a v-neck with two dots along the left line of his collar. He had a metallic neck brace with rectangular ends that had three holes on each side; black sleeves with orange lines circling the top that reached from within his large grenade-like gauntlets to his biceps, and gloves that were dark green on top styled like the outside of his grenade gauntlets, and orange on the palms. His dark green belt with two orange sections on either side of the buckle also held a couple of grenades, and his black baggy pants with knee guards, below which he also sported black, knee-high combat boots with orange soles and eyelets. He wore a mask that covered the upper part of his face, which was jagged and black, going around his eyes with a large, orange-rimmed flare shape protruding from each side.

To the right of the green-haired boy, two more girls, and boys emerged from the cloud of dust.

The first girl, short with what looked like a perpetual blush on her cheeks, and shoulder-length warm auburn brown hair which was also the same color as her eyes irises; her hair was bobbed and curved inwards at the ends with two longer clumps taking the same shape on either side of her face, and short bangs that reached roughly a quarter of the way down her forehead. Her costume was a skin-tight black full-body suit with a pale pink design down the middle of her torso, two black circles on her chest, and a black rectangle below her waist running between her legs. There were two more pink patches over her shoulders, both cut off by darker pink armbands that matched the thick choker around her neck. She had pale pink circular wrist guards, a dark pink handle on the back of each one, wide knee-high boots with magenta soles and a two-piece belt around her waist with a circle embedded into the center where the pieces join up. And a helmet with a tinted visor all of which was the same pale pink color.

The boy next to her was relatively tall, with short dark blue hair flattened neatly down and parted on the right side of his head; a small patch completely shaved near the base of his head, as he wore glasses with rectangular lenses. His costume was a black one-piece suit with a high collar, over which he wore various pieces of armor all in a pale silver color, including a chest plate, a metal collar around his neck and another around his upper arms, and metal vambraces that extended past his elbows pointed at the ends. Under his right arm he carried a helmet, its sharp bevor full of holes that would allow him to speak and breathe easily, and its upper piece rounded to go over his head; with two larger holes on either side for his eyes to see through, two curved horns just behind, and a single spike sticking out of the back of it. On his feet were silver knee-high boots with gold accessories and six silver exhaust pipes protruding from the back of each leg in columns of three; around his torso he had three thick metal pipes attached with a blue band.

The next girl was also short, with rather notably large hands which she held up in front of her hanging down; her hair was a dark sea-green color and was very long, reaching all the way to her waist with the ends tied together at the bottom in a large bow of hair, with two shoulder-length clumps framing her face and shorter bangs between her eyes, some of them partially swept to each side. Her costume consisted of a bright green turtleneck bodysuit, tan-colored gloves with large buckles on each wrist guard, and two matching belts with one above her breasts and a strap at either side going around her shoulders, and one around her waist with little green dots embedded into it all the way around. Two black lines run all the way down her suit, each framed with a yellow, as she wears tight black boots with markings in the shape of a "V" on her thighs, and green webbed flippers resembling frogs' toes on her feet. She also wore a headband with a color matching that of her gloves, and goggles with dark green-tinted lenses attached on either side.

The boy beside her, was a short young man with the head of a black bird, possibly either a crow or a raven, with a tan, yellowish beak which is slightly hooked down at the end, thin red eyes with small black pupils, one on each side of his head, and a red choker. His costume was a simple black robe but tinted a dark purple where light hits it that covers his entire body stopping halfway down his shins with knee-high black boots.

The next group to come out from the dust consisted of three more boys.

One a tall, very muscular young man with a wide build. He had short brown hair that was spiked upwards away from his head, and very large and thick lips which are slightly darker in color than the rest of his skin. His costume was a yellow full-body suit covering the entirety of his body with the only expectations being the holes around his mouth, eyes, and hair; he wore white gloves and boots, and a utility belt around his waist.

The next boy was also tall and wide with a muscular build; his head taking the form of a rock, which is unevenly shaped and pointed at the top. His costume, being a tight yellow suit only reaching to his knees and elbows, with a large red marking over his torso and at the ends of his sleeves. On his chest a symbol resembling an open mouth as he also wore yellow and white boots. He also had two white straps over his shoulders, and wore a mask that covered his entire face with holes above and over his mouth, with the upper half of the mask being yellow with two black lines ground around the sides of his eyes, and the bottom portion being orange.

The third boy was also muscular, with short blond hair swept to the front of his head. He had a rather large tail which was completely hairless save for the tip. His costume was a plain karate gi which had its collar partially lined with fur, tied with a black belt. He also wore black boots with sand blue details, and sand blue fingerless gloves.

Finally the last two of the large group emerged.

A girl of medium height with her skin being a light shade of pink with somewhat square shaped eyes, black sclera and yellow irises. Her face, framed by short hair, fluffy and unruly which is also a pink color, slightly darker than her skin's, with two thin pale yellow horns protruding from her head hooked squarely and leaning diagonally to opposite sides. Her costume was a plain white mask over her eyes, with a camouflage patterned purple and turquoise skin-tight bodysuit ending just above her breasts. Over this she wore a cropped, sleeveless, tan-colored waistcoat with white fur along its collar which she left unbuttoned, and plum violet and beige boots. She had both of her hands to her hips and a large toothy-grin on her face.

And a boy that was of a slim build with a rather feminine face; with long blond hair, worn flattened down around the majority of the head, spiked and sticking out to the sides at the bottom of it with a side fringe that curves upwards a little before it curves down. His costume consisted of a bluish-black bodysuit over which he wore a suit of metallic lavender and golden armor; a chest plate, two spherical shoulder pads, elbow-length vambraces, and knee-length boots. His chest plate had a high V-neck collar with a golden Greek fret-like trim, as with the lower diaphanous pieces under the belt and the edges of the vambraces. It also came with a long glittery indigo cape, as well as a belt with a golden ring-shaped buckle with a blue crystal inside it, matching the smaller ones over his shoulder pads and knees. He has straight angled golden lines running down his baggy pants, a matching set around the shafts of his boots, and he wears a red-tinted, wing-shaped visor over his eyes.

The group of costumed children walked up to their friend, who had lowered his arm, stopping on either side of him in a row. In total there were twenty of these oddly dressed kids, now facing towards the group of evil soldiers and two villains, who still had no idea of what to make of this sight before them.

Neinhart, who had regained his composure, furrowed his brow in a rather annoyed look, "Just who are you brats supposed to be?" he questions them.

The green-haired boy took a step forward with both feet, "We-" he began to speak.

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK, YOU DAMN VILLAINS!" the boy to his left suddenly shouted abruptly, frightening him a little as he let out a yelp with his eyes widening, as he turned to face him with a worried expression on his face.

The boy took a few steps forward past the green-haired one, a rather annoyed look on his face as he bared his teeth while the others looked at him either unfazed, or also frightened, taken aback by it. The boy pointed towards the villains with his left hand, "WE JUST CALLED YOU VILLAINS! SO WHAT THE HELL ELSE DOES THAT MAKE US OTHER THAN HEROES! YOU DAMN MORONS!" he continued shouting for no reason. Perhaps he just felt like it? Or maybe he just had some serious anger issues.

"Kacchan!" the green-haired boy suddenly called out to him as he ran up and pulled his hand down, "What are you doing?" he questions him.


The soldiers and villains watched this scene. Still utterly confused and now even more so of what to make of everything that was happening in front of them, as a few even lowered their weapons wondering if these kids before them were truly even real threats.

"Well, there goes our cool entrance." the gold haired boy with a black lightning-shaped streak says with a deadpan expression and his arms now drooping while slightly hunched over.

"I don't know why we continue to expect anything different from Bakugo. He may change a little, but he's never going to change entirely." the headphone girl says with her hands to her hips.

"Sometimes it's just nice to hope." the girl in the leotard says with her eyes closed and her head slightly lowered in a defeated expression and her arms crossed.

"Nah, he's just getting fired up is all." the red haired boy says in a rather optimistic manner with his hands to his hips and an ever present toothy grin on his face.

"As expected of Bakugo." the girl in the pink suit says, her arms crossed and a neutral look on her face as if she was used to this already.

"It's as Jiro-chan said. He may change a little, but he's never going to change a whole lot. And I think this part of him is the part that's never going to change, kero, kero." the girl in the green suit says.

"What an unruly one that one is." Keyes says, Neinhart with his arms crossed beside him.

"Agreed. This whole thing is annoying as hell. I wouldn't have minded killing that one just based off all his yelling alone. But having heard now that these brats apparently think of themselves as Heroes, even though I sure don't remember having seen them before, gives me another reason to take care of them."

A toothy smile comes to Neinhart's lips along with a satisfied hum, "I highly doubt I'll even need to be at full strength to deal with a bunch of children." he says.

"Save what strength you have left for the more important Heroes than these annoying pests. We'll let our soldiers have a bit of fun and deal with them." Keyes says.

Neinhart closes his eyes, "Fine, fine." he says in a slightly disappointed tone.

As he then throws up his right hand slightly to the side, "Deal with them." Neinhart orders the Centurion in front of them.

Making the Centurion turn his head slightly towards him as he nods his head, "Yes sir!"

He then takes a few steps forward, "All units, open fire!" the Centurion shouts.

This makes the group of kids gasp in shock as most of them are visibly taken aback save for a few; while this also stops the two identified as Deku, and Bakugo from fighting, mostly Bakugo doing the fighting, as they both look back towards the enemy soldiers. The soldiers prepare to fire on the group of young heroes.

"Everyone, shield your eyes!" the girl in the leotard shouted, as she swung her right arm across her chest and then outwards, suddenly, somehow producing three flashbang grenades that emerged from her arm with three simultaneous blue and pink flashes.

With them flying towards the enemy soldiers as they landed and rolled in front of them.

"What the?!" an Assault trooper shouted, he, and the rest of the soldiers taken aback by this.

As they are unable to react in time to the grenades as they go off blinding each and every one of them, making them cry out as they begin stumbling around with their hands over their eyes.

"My eyes!"

"I can't see! I can't see!"

Neinhart, and Keyes are also seemingly blinded by the grenades as Keyes cries out in pain, "Where did those come from?!" Neinhart questions.

Deku looks back at her, "Nice work, Momo!" he says, before looking back forward with a serious look on his face once more.

"Alright. Everyone, let's do this!" he shouts, as he, and the rest of his friends stand at the ready again.

"Yeah!" most of them shout in agreement, as the large group of young Heroes then begins to charge forward with many of them letting out battle cries.

Up on the center catwalk several enemy soldiers gathered along it as they aimed their weapons down. Deku looked up, taking notice of them as he came to a stop, bending down slightly onto his left knee; suddenly a green, bio electric aura surges around him as glowing red, vein-like lines course throughout his body, "One For All: Full Cowl!" he shouts in his head, as he then propels himself up directly towards them at super high speed.

The soldiers aren't even able to react to this as the assault trooper in the center of them is kneed in the chin by Deku, who continues flying past towards the ceiling while the trooper is sent flying off the catwalk to the floor below while crying out. It's only then do the rest of the soldiers realize what has just happened, as they turn to look up at Deku in shock, as he lands against the ceiling.

"What was that?!" a Stormtrooper questioned.

"Little brat's fast! Take him down!" a Death Eater shouts as the group of soldiers fire at him.

Deku however pushes off the ceiling towards them dodging the shots, landing directly on the catwalk where the assault trooper once was as he quickly jumps and performs a spinning back kick. Hitting the Death Eater directly in his chest with a powerful strike that sends him blasting backwards into the rest of his comrades, save for the Stormtrooper who manages to move out of the way in time pressing himself up against the railing, at high speed as the rest of them are sent crashing into the far wall down the walkway. As then Deku lands and drops onto his left knee while turning around to face the other soldiers, extending his left arm forward with his right hand holding his arm in place as his left hand glove's outside layer jolts forward suddenly a few inches; his middle finger and thumb held in a pre-flicking gesture.

"Delaware Smash: Air Force!" Deku once again shouts in his head, as he flicks his fingers creating a bullet-like air blast.

Which slams into the body of the Drophyd Trooper in front of him, once again blasting the enemy soldier backwards into the rest of them, knocking a Techno Soldier and B1 Battle droid off the catwalk, while the others are sent slamming into the wall behind them. Deku then ducked to his right while turning his head slightly to look over his shoulder, the shot having come from the Stormtrooper behind him. The Stormtrooper began walking towards him as he fired again, the shot missing Deku as he jumped up again, throwing a spinning hook kick that knocked the blaster rifle from the Stormtrooper's hands. The Stormtrooper quickly pulled out his vibroknife, as Deku landed back on the catwalk with the Stormtrooper lunging at him as he thrust his knife forcing Deku to throw the left side of his body to the side. Deku backhanded the Stormtrooper across the face, sending him stumbling back a little, as he then ran and leaped towards him while pulling his left fist back, "5% Detroit Smash!"

Deku delivered a downwards punch to the side of the Stormtrooper's helmet, breaking and sending pieces of it flying, as the Stormtrooper spun around and slammed into the catwalk face down. Deku landed and stood back up, raising both of his fists into a fighting stance with a serious look on his face as the bio-electric aura around him, and glowing red veins faded away.

"Izuku Midoriya! Hero Name: Deku! Quirk: One For All!"

The girl in the skin-tight pale pink suit ran towards a group of still recovering enemy soldiers. One of them, a Cerberus Assault trooper who was the first to recover as he raised his head slightly to look forward spotting the young girl running towards them. Now fully recovered, he uprighted himself and turned his head to look back while pointing towards her, "Take her down!" he shouts.

Looking back forward and aiming his gun as the other recovered soldiers formed a circle around him with them all opening fire on her. The girl touched her fingers, which all appeared to have small, pinkish pads that were slightly darker than the rest of her skin, somewhat resembling the toe of a cat or a dog's paw on the top inner segments of them, together causing flashes of pink lights to emit from them for a second. As she then jumped into the air, and suddenly began floating upwards rapidly as if she had suddenly become weightless, which caused all of the shots to miss her. The enemy soldiers looked up at her, taken aback by this.

"Release!" the girl shouted.

As suddenly it was as if gravity returned to her and she dropped towards the enemy soldiers. Both her knees together, she slammed directly into the face of the Assault trooper with them, knocking him down as she rolled forward off of him into a crouched position on her left knee. Then proceeding to swipe her left hand forward in a wide arc managing to touch all the enemy soldiers on her sides, and in front of hers' legs, pink flashes once again emitting from her fingers upon touching them, as suddenly all the soldiers touched found themselves beginning to float upwards uncontrollably. A Cyclonian Talon who was behind her charged her with his staff raised as he thrusted it down towards her; the girl managing to get up and maneuver her way around it to his right side, as she grabbed onto his wrist with her right hand, and then placed her left hand on the back of his neck, "Gunhead Martial Arts!" she shouted.

Slamming the Talon face first into the ground with enough force to luckily knock him out. The last remaining enemy soldier on the ground around her, an Unggoy Minor, aimed his Plasma pistol at the back of her while shouting, "Die Hero!"

Only for the girl to rapidly reach for and grab the downed Cerberus soldier's gun, as she spun around and tossed it right into the Unggoy's face, knocking him out.

"Hey! L-Let us down from up here!" a B1 Battle droid frantically called out from above in a panic, as it, and the other enemy soldiers were now quite high in the air.

The girl looked up at them, "As you wish." she said with a normal smile as she raised her hands in front of her.

"What?!" a Wolf soldier cried out in shock and terror, as he then looked down at the girl, "No, no! Ignore the bucket of bolts! Don't let us down! Don't let us down!" he frantically began to shout.

"Release!" the girl shouted, as she touched her fingers together again.

And with that, the soldiers felt gravity rush over them once more as they went falling straight down while crying out in terror. Crashing into the ground, as they did not get up afterwards. All of them, groaning in immense pain, as some sparks of electricity surged out from the damaged battle droid with it too moaning in pain, unable to get back up. The girl lowered her arms and walked a few steps forward while looking down at all of them, coming to a stop as she held her hands behind her back, "You know, you should really be careful what you ask for." she jokingly says.

"Ochaco Uraraka! Hero Name: Uravity! Quirk: Zero Gravity!"

The tall boy with the glasses, now wearing his helmet, ran forward at high speed due to the car-like engines coming out from the back of his calves.

"Take him down! Take him down!" a Cerberus Assault trooper shouted as he, and the other enemy soldiers with long range weapons, open fired on him.

The boy curved slightly towards his left, before making a sharp turn right and going for several feet, then making a sharp dash left again at an angle towards the enemy soldiers, who were unable to keep up with him due to his speed.

Suddenly it appeared that his engines went into overdrive, "Recipro Burst!" the boy shouted as he threw a roundhouse kick across the face of the Assault trooper.

Smashing pieces of his helmet apart due to the immense power behind the kick, as he was sent flying face down towards ground. The boy landed his foot back on the ground, before turning to his right and swinging his left leg around, into a charging Uruk shin kicking it right in the chest, sending it blasting back knocking a Hurlock Alpha Darkspawn, and Nightcrawler to the ground.

With a roaring battle cry the boy swung his right leg again, striking the remaining enemy soldiers sending them flying. The soldiers flew back for several feet through the air before crashing to the ground. The boy landing his foot on the ground again while also spinning around a few times now from the momentum, as eventually he came to a stop with his engines dying, raising his head.

"Tenya Ida! Turbo Hero: Ingenium! Quirk: Engine!"

"DIE~!" the boy known as Bakugo shouted angrily.

As he propelled himself forward at high speed through the air with explosions that he seemed to be generating from the palms of his hands as he rolled around once before continuing towards another group of enemy soldiers. An Uruk Berserker, waiting for him at the front as it raised its weapon back to the side. Once close enough the Berserker swung its sword forward horizontally at Bakugo, only for Bakugo to create an explosion right in front of him which propelled him over the Berserker's sword as well as the Berserker itself; the Berserker realizing this as it turned its head around to face the now upside down Bakugo who was right behind him, grinning at the Uruk as he had already aimed his left hand forward at it. Bakugo fired a point blank explosion into the Berserker, blasting it away as it roared out in pain before crashing to the ground several meters away, kicking up a cloud of dust.

The enemy soldiers behind Bakugo readied themselves to either charge, or fire at the boy. Only for him to turn around while in a crouched position as he extended his right hand forward and formed a circle on the palm of it with his other one, "AP Shot: Auto-Cannon!" Bakugo shouted as he released a volley of small, concentrated explosions towards them.

All of the shots, hitting the enemy soldiers causing small explosions to erupt on impact as they all cried out in pain. Smoke trailing from their bodies, the soldiers collapsed to the ground one by one as Bakugo stood up on his feet lowering his arms. A toothy smirk, coming to his face in a rather condescending manner.

"Katsuki Bakugo! Hero Name: Undecided! Quirk: Explosion!"

A group of enemy close quarters soldiers charged forward while letting out battle cries. Only to suddenly become frozen solid in a large wall of ascending ice. This ice, having come from the half-white, and half-red haired boy as cold air emitted from the right side of his body with a trail of ice having first appeared in front of his right foot. Just then his eyes darted to his left, as he turned in that direction and swiped his right hand along the ground sideways putting up an ice barrier in front of him, just as enemy long range soldiers began firing on him.

The soldiers continued firing their weapons or spells while slowly walking towards it, "Keep hammering him! Don't stop!" a Cerberus Assault trooper shouted.

The Assault trooper looked to his right at a SWATbot and Spider soldier, "You two, flank around the side and hit him from there!"

The two run off without saying a word. Running around the barrier's left side as they come to a stop and aim their weapons at the boy. Suddenly a flash of orange light appeared in front of them making them lower their weapons, the Spider with a horrified look on his face. As the soldiers continued firing on the ice barrier, a stream of fire suddenly blasted out from the side sending the SWATbot, and Spider soldier slamming into the wall as the SWATbot was broken to pieces. This made the remaining soldiers stop firing as they looked back at the ice barrier wondering what had just happened, "What the? Fire?" the Assault trooper questioned.

Just then a large orange glow could be seen emitting from the other side of the barrier, as then the wall of ice exploded outwards towards the enemy soldiers alongside a torrent of fire, blasting the enemy soldiers away. The smoke from the explosion died down, revealing the boy again, now with the left side of his body emitting flames from it, while his right side was partially covered in ice. The boy had a blank expression on his face.

"Shoto Todoroki! Hero Name: Shoto! Quirk: Half-Cold Half-Hot!"

A Haradrim warrior ran forward a few feet before tossing his spear into the air. As it flew a tongue suddenly extended and wrapped around the spear, this tongue belonging to the girl in the bright green bodysuit as she spun around in place while holding onto it, coming back around as she released it. Sending the spear flying back towards the Haradrim soldier with the bottom end still facing towards him, as it slammed right into his face knocking him to the ground and out cold.

A Sugormin then stepped up as it aimed both of its laser cannons towards the girl, firing them both. The girl, who was down on her hands and feet now, launched herself upwards towards the ceiling just as the shots impacted a few seconds later. The girl turned and stuck right onto the ceiling without issue, as suddenly she turned transparent becoming mostly invisible, but could still be seen slightly, as she began crawling along the ceiling. Down below the Sugormin and other soldiers looked around trying to figure out where she went.

"Where'd she go?" a Red Templar Marksman asked.

The still camouflaged girl stopped directly above the Sugormin, as she then pushed herself off down towards it. Landing on top of and pushing the Sugormin straight down, much to the shock of the other soldiers, as she uncamouflaged herself and extended her tongue forward smacking all of them across their faces with it as they fell to the ground. The girl retracted her tongue back a little while looking down at them.

The soldiers were making struggling noises but were not moving, "Wh-What is this? I can't move my body!" A Scorpion soldier stated.

"That's because I covered my tongue with a bit of paralysis mucus. You won't be moving for a while now, so I hope you're in a comfortable position. Kero, kero." the girl explained.

"Tsuyu Asui! Rainy Season Hero: Froppy! Quirk: Frog!"

A group of enemy soldiers surrounded the bird-headed boy as he calmly walked forward.

"Prepare yourselves, soldiers of evil. For today, you face the darkness." he says in a calm, monotone voice.

A large Tartaros henchdemon begins charging him, wielding a mace with both hands to his right, "Don't screw with us!" he shouts while swinging his weapon up to his left.

The soldier then jumps into the air as he raises his mace above his head to bring down on the boy while he descends towards him, the boy having come to a stop.

"Go… Dark Shadow!" the boy suddenly shouts at the end, as suddenly a shadowy monster-like being, also resembling a bird with glowing yellow eyes, emerges from the front of his body heading straight towards the Tartaros soldier.

"YEAH!" the creature shouts in agreement.

The creature uppercut slashes the Tartaros soldier with his left claw, causing him to cry out in pain as he is sent flying back crashing to the ground.

"Wh-What is that thing?!" a HYDRA soldier cried out in terror as he, along with a Cerberus Engineer, and a Kig-Yar Storm fired their weapons at it.

The boy turned around as the creature, attached to him by an "umbilical cord", flew past him. Dark Shadow extended towards the enemy soldiers with all of their shots having absolutely no effect on him, as he then swiped his right claw striking all of them and sending them to the ground. The Stormtrooper, X-Borg, and Bat soldier to the left fired their weapons towards Dark Shadow as well, only for the same results as he quickly flew over and smacked all three of them with his right claw in a single swipe.

"Ignore the creature! Focus on the boy!" the Thugs-4-Less Henchman on the right shouted.

As he, along with the Drophyd Trooper, and B2 Super Battle Droid fired towards him. The boy leapt back to avoid the incoming shots, while Dark Shadow charged right through where he once was, reaching the three enemy soldiers rapidly as he struck them all again with his right claw.

"Good work, Dark Shadow." the boy says.

When suddenly a Shriek uncloaks itself in the air right behind him with its left arm swung back while letting out a screeching cry. The Shriek thrusts its blade forward, only for it to break upon coming into contact with what looked like Dark Shadow's body. The Shriek backs up a few feet, seemingly taken aback by this, as the boy turns around to face it.

The upper half of the boy's body was now enveloped by Dark Shadow, acting almost like a suit of armor or an exoskeleton, "Black Abyss." the boy says, holding his arms up slightly to his sides as the undersides of them could be seen with Dark Shadow's arms covering only the top, the same for his face.

The Shriek took a few more steps back, looking as if it wasn't sure of what to do now, as the boy calmly walked towards it, "Black Abyss…" he began to speak.

Finally, the Shriek roared at him in defiance as it pulled his right arm back and lunged forward at him. The boy crossed his arms with Dark Shadow's claws facing forward as he dashed towards the Shriek, "Sabbath!" he shouts.

Swinging them outwards and slashing the Shriek with Dark Shadow's claws as he goes past it; the Shriek, slowing down to a stop, as it then collapses forward onto its knees, and then to the ground afterwards.

The boy lowers his arms as Dark Shadow detaches from his body, hovering over to his right as he rested his left arm on his shoulder and gave him a thumbs up with his right hand, "Nice work, Fumikage!" Dark Shadow happily congratulates.

"Fumikage Tokoyami! Jet-Black Hero: Tsukuyomi! Quirk: Dark Shadow!"

"Dammit! He won't go down!" a Cerberus Assault trooper shouts while backing up a few steps as he, along with a Commando Droid, Loogie, and Techno soldier fire their weapons nonstop.

Their target, the red haired boy as he charges towards them with none of their weapons seeming to have any effect on him, not even appearing to slow him down. Once close enough the boy brings his right fist back clenching it tightly, his entire arm appearing to be completely hardened almost like a rock, with his skin appearing quite rough and sharp like one.

"Red Gauntlet!" the boy shouts as he swings it forward upwards.

Striking the Assault trooper in his stomach with enough force to leave a large dent in his armor along with tearing small bits and pieces of it out, as the Assault trooper is sent flying to the ground face down. The Techno soldier aims its laser cannon arm at him and fires again, hitting the boy directly in his right cheek which knocks his head away in the other direction; this however, still does absolutely nothing to him at all, as only a small smoke trail emanates from where the laser bolt impacted for a few seconds before dissipating. The boy turns his head to look at the robot, an annoyed look on his face, as its also revealed that his face, much like his arm, is completely hardened like a rock. In fact his entire body was.

The boy jumped towards the Techno soldier with his right fist pulled back once more, as before the Techno soldier could fire again, the boy threw his fist right into the Techno soldier's face smashing it right through. The Techno soldier's body collapsed backwards to the ground, bringing the boy with it as he landed into a roll going forward onto his left hand and knee. To his left, the Loogie charged towards him attempting to slash him with its dagger; before it could even swing however, the boy rapidly turned towards it and threw another punch with his right fist striking the Warstar foot soldier in its midsection sending it blasting backwards into a pile of barrels knocking them all over. The Commando droid pulled the vibrosword from its back as it then leapt into the air towards the boy, swinging its sword over its head to go for an overhead strike as it began descending towards him.

The boy turned his attention towards the incoming droid, as to seemingly counter this he threw his left arm up in front of his face to block the attack. The Commando droid swung its sword down and hit the boy's arm, causing the blade to break in half upon impact, much to the Commando droid's shock as it visibly moved its head taken aback by this.

"Red Counter!" the boy shouted, as he swung his left arm out of the way and came up onto his feet throwing an uppercut with his right fist, knocking the Commando droid's head clean off its body.

The head of the Commando droid landed a few feet away, its glowing eyes dying out as sparks flew from the wires coming out of its neck; the Commando droid's headless body collapsed to the ground a few seconds later. As the boy spun around throwing his arms out to his sides along with throwing his head upwards to look at the ceiling.

"ALRIGHT!" he shouts in a victorious manner.

"Eijiro Kirishima! Sturdy Hero: Red Riot! Quirk: Hardening!"

The girl in the leotard, identified earlier as Momo, rushes forward towards a Venatori Zealot. Once close enough the Venatori lunges towards her and swings his sword horizontally only for the girl to drop to the floor as she slides right between his legs. Sliding right back up onto her feet, as the same pink and blue glow from earlier appears along her entire left arm; from it a large, round metallic shield emerges, as the girl grabs onto it with her right hand and spins back around tossing the shield sideways towards the Venatori. The shield impacts the Venatori directly, who has turned around, sending him to the ground onto his back while also rebounding off of him; back towards the girl who dodges to her right turning sideways causing the shield to fly past her, as it slams into a Collector Captain that tries to shoot her from behind. The shield returns to her again as Momo this time catches it, sliding her right arm into its straps, as then behind her a Cerberus Phantom decloaks in the air swinging her monomolecular blade towards her.

Momo turns around just in time to block the sword with her shield, as she then quickly creates a metal rod out of the palm of her left hand which she then grips tightly; swinging the baton upwards to strike the Phantom in the chin sending her stumbling back a few steps. The Phantom recovers as Momo calmly walks towards her, aiming her palm blaster at the girl as she fires two times only for Momo to use her shield to block both shots. Momo smacks the palm blaster away, as she then swings the baton back, backswing striking the Phantom across the face sending her spinning around towards the ground.

Momo holds both her shield, and baton back at the ready with a serious look on her face.

"Momo Yaoyorozu! Everything Hero: Creati! Quirk: Creation!"

"Take this!" the headphone girl shouts as she connects her left headphone jack, which moves and extends on its own, into her stereo boot.

A large sound wave, sounding like a heartbeat, emitting from the stereo followed by another one; as the girl uses these sound waves to stun a group of enemy soldiers as they are forced to cover their ears from the loud vibrating noise while crying out.

The girl then retracts her headphone jack, "And then…" she says, as she plugs both of them into the speakers on her forearms.

"Heartbeat Distortion!" the girl shouts as she raises her fists back into the air and then thrusts them downwards slamming them against the ground.

Releasing a sonic wave into the floor that travels towards the group of enemy soldiers, as then a second later the entire ground begins breaking apart and erupting upwards, blowing the enemy soldiers away with it.

The girl straightens herself with a happy look on her face, "Alright!" she says.

"Kyoka Jiro! Hearing Hero: Earphone Jack! Quirk: Earphone Jack!"

The gold haired boy with a black lightning-shaped streak slides behind a pile of rubble for cover as enemy soldiers fire on him. The soldiers, continuing to fire away while slowly approaching him, as the boy manages to peek just a little bit around the corner of the rubble between it and an open top barrel. A stray shot hits the barrel to his right making him flinch back a little, as he then notices liquid beginning to pour out from the bullet hole. The boy looks up a bit, seeing the barrel marked with a large water droplet signifying that this was a water barrel in front of him; a devious, toothy smirk came to his lips after seeing this. The enemy soldiers continued closing in on him while firing their weapons; a second later the boy kicked the water barrel over causing its contents to spill out onto the floor, the water washing up all the way towards, and around the group of enemy soldiers, making them stop as they looked down wondering what the liquid was that now surrounded them.

Seeing this opening, the boy got out from behind cover on his knees with his hands raised. The enemy soldiers looked back, and to their horror, they saw electricity surging between his hands.

"5 Thousand Volt Shock!" the boy shouted, as he slammed his hands on the ground where the water started.

Sending out a powerful surge of electricity coursing across the water, as all the enemy soldiers who were standing on top of it received the powerful shock from it making them cry out in immense pain. After several seconds the electricity died down, as one by one the smoking bodies of the enemy soldiers began to drop to the floor; small bits of electricity still surging across the water as the boy stood up.

A toothy smirk still on his face with his hands to his hips as small surges of electricity appeared across his body, "Shocking, isn't it?" he sarcastically says.

"Denki Kaminari! Stun Gun Hero: Chargebolt! Quirk: Electrification!"

"Take this! Super Grape Rush!" the short boy in the purple outfit shouts from in the air, as he begins pulling off the ball-shaped clumps from his head, which rapidly grow right back, and throws them at the ground.

A small group of Orcs, Genlock Darkspawn, Scorpions and Spiders, and Skulkin rush towards him as the purple balls hit the floor sticking right to it. The enemy soldiers run right over them as they begin stepping on one, or two of them with both feet; one Orc falls right over as he finds his feet suddenly stuck to these purple balls, his chin falling right on top of another one. The Orc attempts to lift his head off from it but to no avail as he finds it now stuck to the purple ball just like his feet.

"Wha-What is this crap?!" the Orc angrily questions.

All of the enemy soldiers were now stuck in place by the purple balls. No matter how much they pulled, unable to break free from them; even any attempt to stab or cut them with their weapons ended with said weapons getting stuck right to them.

"It's even stickier than our silk!" a Spider soldier comments.

The short boy walks forward a few steps several meters away as he comes to a stop and puts both of his hands to his hips. The boy bares his teeth in a smile while letting out a triumphant hum, "Hee-hee."

When suddenly someone lands behind him making the boy turn around. The figure wraps both of their hands around the boy's throat and lifts him into the air, "You little brat! I'll kill you!" the Armada Royal Guard states as he begins choking the boy to death.

The boy struggles to break free of the Royal Guard's grasp while also struggling of course to breathe. Until he reaches for his head and takes another ball clump off from it, sticking the ball right onto the Royal Guard's face. The Royal Guard is forced to drop the boy as the ball blocks his vision, "Argh! What is this thing?!" he angrily shouts.

The boy quickly catches his breath and pushes himself up onto his left hand and knee; the Royal Guard had attempted to take the ball off his face with both hands but to no avail as he now finds both of his hands stuck to it, all the while stumbling around backwards due to being unable to see where he was or where he was going. The boy stands up, as he then takes two more balls off from his head, tossing them towards the Royal Guard and sticking them to the metal support beam behind him. The boy positions himself directly in front of the Royal Guard a few feet away, as then with a battle cry he charges right towards him and jumps at him headfirst. Headbutting the Royal Guard right in the midsection sending him stumbling back and into the balls, causing him to now be stuck against the support beam as he now struggles to break free from that as well.

The boy takes a few steps back away from the Royal Guard, "How do you like that?!" he questions the Royal Guard while pointing at him.

"Minoru Mineta! Fresh-Picked Hero: Grape Juice! Quirk: Pop Off!"

"Tape Shot Trident!" the boy with cylindrical tape shaped elbows shouts, the visor on his helmet now down.

As he swings his right arm forward, with what looks like multiple threads of cellophane tape-like strips coming out behind him from the elbows, towards a group of enemy soldiers in front of him. At the ends of the tape strips, barrels, and large pieces of rubble that go shooting towards the enemy soldiers slamming into many of them taking them down. The boy then swings both arms upwards as he shoots two more tape strips from his elbows each, wrapping them around a single enemy soldier each as he proceeds to lift them several feet into the air. Once high enough the boy brings them back down, slamming them against the floor, as he lifts them back up into the air again and then tosses them off to the sides while releasing them, sending them flying into the remaining enemy soldiers that still stood, bringing them all down.

"Let's go!" the boy triumphantly shouts while throwing his right arm up in front of him with his left arm slightly down to his side.

"Hanta Sero! Taping Hero: Cellophane! Quirk: Tape!"

"Here we go!" the girl with the pink skin casually says in a joyous tone.

As she slides along the floor with some kind of whitish-grayish, slimy liquid secreting out from her feet.

"Take her out!" an Assault trooper orders, with three Cerberus Guardians in front of him as they aim their weapons at her while behind the safety of their large shields.

"Acid Shot!" the girl shouts as she swings her left arm outwards, shooting a number of liquid blobs towards the enemy soldiers, as they impact against the Guardians' shields as well as their weapons.

Suddenly the Guardian in the middle hears a sizzling sound and looks down at his shield, as to his shock he sees it beginning to melt away from the strange liquid the girl had hit it with just a few seconds ago.

"What the? It's acid!" the Guardian shouts.

The same thing also happening to the other Guardians shields, as well as their pistols, as the acid melts away at them as well.

"Not to me it isn't!" the girl says as she jumps into the air, flying right over the Guardians as she lands in a crouched position between them, and the Assault trooper.

The Assault trooper quickly aims down at the girl, but the girl is faster as she shoots upwards and uppercuts the Assault trooper in the chin, sending him flying onto his back. The girl lands back on the ground, secreting more of the liquid from her feet, as she then spins around throwing a spinning roundhouse kick across the back of the Guardians' heads, sending them flying face down to the floor.

The girl plants her foot back on the ground as she continues spinning around in place but beginning to slow down, eventually coming to a full stop as she holds her right fist up next to her chest while throwing her left hand up into the air making the peace sign with her index and middle fingers.

"Yay!" she happily shouts.

"Mina Ashido! Hero Name: Pinky! Quirk: Acid!"

"Bonjour, Villains!" the boy in the knight-like armor with the cape greets, his left hand over the right side of his face.

"And, adieu." he adds as he crosses his arms down in front of his stomach.

"Naval Buffet Laser!" he shouts while throwing his arms out to his sides.

As he releases a volley of sparkling laser beams from his belt along with from his shoulders, hitting every single one of the enemy soldiers in front of him as they are blown away, crying out in pain.

The boy stops firing as the dust settles down after several seconds, all of the enemy soldiers revealed to be down, as the boy places his hands behind his head in a casual manner. The boy then winks his left eye causing a yellow sparkle to appear beside it for a few seconds before fading away.

"Yuga Aoyama! Shining Hero: Can't Stop Twinkling! Quirk: Naval Laser!"

"Let's go, Sato!" the multi-armed boy says while standing beside the muscular boy in the yellow full-body suit.

"Yeah, Shoji!" the boy, Sato, replies.

In front of the two were a Red Templar Knight in front of Sato, and a Jiralhanae Bodyguard wielding a gravity hammer in front of the multi-armed boy, Shoji.

Both the Red Templar, and Jiralhanae Bodyguard growled at the two young Heroes; while the two boys stared back with serious expressions with Sato baring his teeth.

Suddenly, Shoji somehow manages to create multiple more arms from his six original ones giving himself at least a dozen; while Sato takes from his belt a small container labeled Sugar, which he proceeds to outright gulf down entirely like a normal drink, as then his muscles seem to expand slightly in response to this.

Unfazed by this both the Red Templar Knight, and the Jiralhanae Bodyguard go in for the attack, as the Red Templar Knight swings his left fist back and then forward while lunging towards Sato, while the Jiralhanae Bodyguard swings his gravity hammer back to his side while lunging towards Shoji swinging his weapon forward.

"Octoblow!" Shoji shouts as he begins to throw all of his fists forward.

"Sugar Rush!" Sato shouts as he swings his left fist forward.

Shoji begins to deliver a flurry of rapid, powerful punches into the Jiralhanae Bodyguard before he can hit him with the gravity hammer. While Sato and the Red Templar Knight's respective punches collide into each other, Sato's punch, proving to be even stronger as the Red Templar Knight is sent blasting backwards through the air by the reversing shockwave. The Red Templar crashes to the ground several feet away, while the Jiralhanae Bodyguard collapses to the ground on his knees and then to his left side, his armor completely cracked and dented all over from Shoji's punches, with breaks in his helmet revealing his broken teeth with blood pouring out from his nose. Both Shoji, and Sato stand upright with their arms down to their sides, serious looks on their faces.

"Mezo Shoji! Tentacle Hero: Tentacole! Quirk: Dupli-Arms!"

"Rikido Sato! Sweets Hero: Sugarman! Quirk: Sugar Rush!"

"Tornado Tail Dance!" the boy with the tail shouts from high up in the air as he spins around while beginning to descend.

A Foot Ninja down below as he throws three shurikens towards the boy, only for the shurikens to be completely destroyed by his tail which is also unharmed from this. The Foot Ninja is unable to dodge in time as the tail smacks into his stomach, sending him flying back and crashing into a wooden crate destroying it. The boy lands in a crouched position on his left hand and knee, baring his teeth with a serious look on his face. As to his right a Death Eater lands in a plume of smoke and rises, aiming his wand at him.

When suddenly a swarm of rats begin crawling all over him, much to his horror, causing him to cry out in terror as he attempts swatting them off but to no avail eventually falling to the ground. The boy looks over confused at first, until he looks over a bit to his left, to see the rock headed-shaped boy standing several feet away with a rat standing upright on his right shoulder.

"Thanks, Koda!" the boy with the tail says.

"Mashirao Ojiro! Martial Arts Hero: Tailman! Quirk: Tail"

The boy with the rock-shaped head, identified as Koda, silently nods his head in acknowledgement. As he then looks down at the rat on his shoulder, "Thank you friend." he says to the rat, holding up his left index finger to it as it appears to high-five it.

"Koji Koda! Petting Hero: Anima! Quirk: Anivoice!"

An Uruk, and a Hurlock Darkspawn stand back to back as they watch the fighting continue around them, seemingly unsure of what to do, or who to fight. When suddenly, unbeknownst to the both of them, a piece of pipe gets picked up behind them by an invisible force, which then proceeds to smack the Uruk on the back of the head knocking it forward a step. The invisible force quickly, and quietly lowering the pipe out of view as the Uruk turns around to see who hit him, only to see the Hurlock and no one else around.

The Uruk smacks the Hurlock on the back of the head catching its attention and annoying it, "Hey, what's the big idea hitting me?!" the Uruk questions it.

The Hurlock responds with a series of grunts, and growls.

"You're the only one here, there's no one else! You do it again, and I'll gut you!" the Uruk states, as the both of them turn their attentions back towards the Heroes.

The pipe levitates up, once again unknown to the both of them, as this time it smacks the Hurlock in the back of the head. The Hurlock turns around angered by this as the pipe once again drops out of view, the Hurlock smacking the Uruk on the back of his head this time, as it seems to angrily challenge the Uruk with another series of grunts, and growls.

"I didn't hit you! You're crazy!" the Uruk states as he pushes the Hurlock with his free hand.

The Hurlock pushes back in response, much more aggressively. This leads to the Uruk dropping his sword as he grapples the Hurlock by its neck, with the Hurlock doing the same, as the two struggle in attempting to choke the other out while breaking free from the others grasp, as soon both of them fall to the ground. The pipe comes back up again, this time though, proceeding to smack both the Uruk, and the Hurlock hard, knocking them both out.

"Heh, heh!" a girl's giggle could be heard.

As the pipe drops to the floor with the light blue gloves from before coming up next, the invisible person, placing them back on their hands, "Man, is that always fun to do!" a girl could be heard saying.

"Toru Hagakure! Stealth Hero: Invisible Girl! Quirk: Invisibility!"

The Cerberus Centurion swings his shock baton at Deku who ducks beneath it. Quickly Deku sweep kicks the Centurion off his feet and then aims his right glove upwards at him, firing a blast of compressed air right into his midsection, sending the Centurion flying sideways through the air as he cries out. Hitting the ceiling as he comes falling right back down to the ground floor.

Deku stands up, when suddenly a purple glow comes from his left making him look over. His eyes go wide and he gasps in shock as he quickly leaps forward a few feet to dodge one large purple energy blast, only to quickly have to jump backwards back to where he originally was to dodge a second purple energy blast. Deku turns his full body towards the originator of those energy blasts, who was Neinhart as he calmly, and slowly walks towards the young Hero with his right hand held up to his side emitting the same purple glow from the energy blasts.

"Figures as much. If you want something done right about Heroes, you have to do it yourself." he says, a dark, and seriously annoyed look on his face.

Deku bares his teeth in a serious look as he readies himself to engage the villain, activating his One For All: Full Cowl again.

"Navel Laser!" Yuga shouts as he fires a single beam of sparkling laser from his belt.

Towards Keyes as the beam travels right through his lower body, nearly hitting Kirishima, and Kaminari on the other side of him as both boys manage to jump out of the way in time with a yelp or scream.

"Hey, Aoyama! Watch your fire, you nearly hit us over here!" Kirishima calls out to him.

"My apologies, my friends!" Yuga responds.

Keyes was surrounded by those three, along with Mina, Ojiro, Toru, Koda, Sato, and Jiro, as the former let out a deep chuckle.

"Foolish children, you know not who it is you are dealing with!" Keyes states.

"Yeah, well you don't know who you're dealing with either pal!" Jiro retorts.

"If you think for a moment that you've got a chance at defeating me. Then I shall prove to you how wrong you are!" Keyes shouts as he throws his arms out to the sides, extending the magical barrier particles of his lower body in all directions as tentacles.

One of the tentacles travels straight down and slams into the floor between Jiro, and Koda, as both of them jump away from it in opposite directions. Another tentacle slams into Sato from his left as he manages to grab a hold of it with both arms, causing him to go sliding to his right across the floor as he struggles to keep hold of it. Mina jumps over another tentacle as it goes by below her, landing on the other side of it as she claps her hands together aiming them towards Keyes and fires a stream of acid towards him. Keyes puts up one of the tentacles in front of him blocking the acid from hitting his face, as the acid doesn't appear to cause any damage to the anti-magic particles other then causing it to still sizzle.

Kirishima manages to dodge his way through the large number of tentacles, closing in on Keyes as he jumps into the air towards him pulling his right fist back, "Red Gauntlet!" he shouts as he swings it forward.

Only for Keyes to block his attack with ease using his staff.

Ojiro jumps into the air to Keyes's left, spinning around as he begins descending towards him before finally throwing his right leg forward into a kick, only for Keyes to block his attack with another one of his tentacles. Forcing both Ojiro, and Kirishima to jump away from him as they land several feet back.

"Is this honestly the best you brats can do?" Keyes questions them, sounding rather bored.

"Navel Laser!" Yuga shouts once more as he fires his laser beam, this time from in front of Keyes.

The same result, happening once again as it goes straight through his body, "Just as I thought. You children have no means of-"

Before Keyes can finish his sentence the laser beam suddenly comes through his forehead from the back of his head, causing his eyes to go wide and his mouth to drop open in complete shock as he gasps, "What?!" he questions.

Behind Keyes several feet away, was Toru who was somehow redirecting Aoyama's laser off her body back towards the Demon, "How was that!" she says.

Kirishima looked over to his right, "Bakugo, now!" he shouted.

"Don't tell me what to do!" Bakugo shouts back in anger as he once again propels himself through the air using his explosions.

Flying straight towards Keyes as he is stunned, as he stops himself directly in front of his face extending his left arm forward. His right hand, on the pin of his Grenadier Bracer which he aims right towards Keye's face, "Got you. You damn villain." Bakugo says, a sadistic grin on his lips as he then pulls the pin.

Keyes was unable to do anything but stare, as the light from the explosion began to illuminate his face. A second later, a massive explosion erupts from the top of the Grenadier Bracer, engulfing the Etherious. Keyes cried out in immense pain from within the raging inferno, as then his whole body disintegrated away. Several seconds go by before the explosion finally dies down, as then Keyes's staff fell to the floor, being all that remained of him.

Bakugo landed on the ground, the others gathered several feet behind him.

Several meters away Neinhart stumbled back to a stop as he then looked over, his eyes went wide at what he saw, "Keyes!" he shouted.

"You left yourself open!" Shoto shouted as he froze the ground in a straight line from his right foot, all the way up to where Neinhart stood as the Spriggan 12 mage wasn't focusing allowing the ice to reach his feet and then freeze upwards all the way up his legs trapping him in place.

Neinhart looked down at this annoyed as he gritted his teeth. Aiming his right hand towards the ice, Neinhart was about to shoot it with an energy blast when suddenly a strip of tape wrapped itself around his wrist before being pulled in the direction it came from yanking Neinhart's arm with it. The tape, having come from Sero as Ida, Mineta, and Shoji stood around him. Neinhart furrowed his brow at this annoyed, and angered, as he went to fire an energy blast from his left hand at the boy when the long tongue of Tsuyu wrapped around his left wrist yanking it back to his side. Standing around her were both Momo, and Tokoyami with Dark Shadow hovering in the air behind him. Neinhart bared his teeth at them in absolute anger while letting out a small growl.

"Do you brats know who you are messing with? I am a mage of the Spriggan 12! The strongest mages in all of the Alvarez Empire!" Neinhart yells.

"Now to finish this." Deku says, Uraraka standing beside him to his left as he looks at her, "Uraraka!"

"Right!" Ochaco says with a nod of her head.

Deku bends down slightly with his right foot forward as he once again powers up his Quirk, as Ochaco then touches him on the back with her right hand.

Deku launches himself into the air, "One For All… 50%!" he shouts in his head, as with the combination of his jump and Uraraka's Quirk, he goes higher, and higher into the air, even going through a hole in the building's ceiling to the outside.

"Special Attack!" Deku says, as he then performs a somersault forward.

"Release!" Ochaco shouts, deactivating her Quirk's ability on Izuku.

Deku begins to descend through the air as he extends his right foot forward at a slightly downwards angle. Izuku begins to fall faster, and faster as he continues falling through the air, eventually breaking back through the ceiling as he descends right towards Neinhart who is taken aback by what he sees making him gasp with widened eyes.

"Deku Kick!" Deku shouts, as he delivers a flying side kick right into Neinhart's chest.

Sero, and Tsuyu release their hold on him, as the power behind the kick breaks Neinhart out of the ice and sends him blasting backwards at high speed. Neinhart cries out in pain as he eventually crashes through the wall of the building, crashing through the wall of the next building over and out the other side, and through several more buildings until finally coming to a stop at least twenty buildings away.

The dust clears away, revealing an unconscious, and bloodied Neinhart with his eyes completely blank, and a large dent on his armor where the kick struck, in a large pile of rubble.

Back in the warehouse, Deku landed back on the ground as he then looked towards all the holes he had created from kicking Neinhart, "Whoops. Maybe a little bit overboard there." he says, with a slightly worried look on his face

"I think it was an awesome job, Deku!" Ochaco says, appearing beside him to his left again as she puts her hand on his left shoulder.

"Oh, th-thank you, Uraraka." Deku says, blushing a bit with his left hand on the back of his head as behind the two the rest of their friends walked up to them.

"If anything, it's a guarantee that he won't be getting back up afterwards to cause more trouble for the Commander as well as the others again." Momo says as she crosses her arms.

"Well, I'd say this is a job well done then. Mission accomplished people." Kirishima says, his left hand on his right shoulder as he rotates his arm around.

"And we managed to pull it all off without being seen. Which is what was most important." Ida says, his helmet back off and under his left arm.

"Then it's probably time we take our leave before we are seen. Kero, kero." Tsuyu says, her right index finger on her chin.

"Agreed." Tokoyami says.

"Aw~. And just when things were starting to get fun." Kaminari could be heard complaining, as the group of young Heroes begin to take their leave; Aoyama for some reason staring towards you, the reader, with his usual closed smile expression.

"Let's go, Deku." Ochaco says as she turns and begins to follow after the others.

Deku turns and begins to follow after them as well. Until after a few seconds at which point he comes to a stop and turns back around looking in the direction of the Conduit, "The rest is up to you now. Shepard. Everyone!" he says.

A group of enemy soldiers and monsters engage some Heroes, when suddenly they all come to a stop as they begin groaning in pain while twitching around for a bit. The monsters, suddenly beginning to dissolve away as they turn to ashes while the enemy soldiers just collapse to the ground dead. The same thing happens to another group of enemy soldiers and monsters, as the monsters turn to ash and are blown away, while the soldiers just fall to the ground, leaving the group of Heroes they were fighting slightly confused by what had just happened to them.

Aragorn, and Luffy ready themselves to continue fighting the Historias of their dead friend, and brother, when suddenly both of them come to an immediate stop, looking as if they were being affected by something. Aragorn, and Luffy were confused by this, as they just continued to look at them. Both Historias stare towards them now, Boromir with a smirk on his lips as he shouldered his sword, while Ace was also giving a toothy smirk while tipping his hat up slightly at the front with his right hand and his left hand on his hip. Suddenly both of them were enveloped in golden lights as they disappeared after a few seconds, leaving behind the two shocked, and confused Heroes as they looked at each other, wondering what had just happened to them.

Across the battlefield, the other Historias were also beginning to disappear, alongside the deceased enemy soldiers and monsters, returning to being deceased.

The Historia of Oogway faded away right in front of Po leaving him confused, while both Tai Lung, and Shen turned to ashes, dissolving away in front of the Five while crying out in pain once more. The revived leaders of Warstar, Toxic Mutants, Robots, Armada, Zangyack, and Dai-Shocker cry out once more as they too dissolve away into ashes before the Megaforce Rangers, Gokaigers, and Kamen Rider Decade.

Natsu took a few steps back as he looked up, a slightly shocked look on his face. He, along with Wendy, and Gajeel, looked up at the Historias of their deceased foster dragon parents, as they too were enveloped in the same golden light as all the other Historias. Beginning to fade away as golden orbs of light traveled upwards around them. Natsu continued looking up at the Historia of Igneel, who stared back down at him now with a smile on his face, "Natsu…" the Historia Igneel says, just as he fades away completely, along with the other two dragon parents.

"Igneel…?" Natsu says, sounding almost on the verge of tears as at that exact moment he sensed Igneel, the real Igneel's presence, emanating from that Historia in the end.

The Historias of Kaito, and Basco stumble back holding their bodies in pain, stopping on either side of Irene as she holds her left hand to her stomach, also seemingly in pain. This allows Erza, Marvelous, and Kouta to regroup as the three face towards them while catching their breaths. The three Historias regain their composures just as they become enveloped in golden lights, "Until we meet again, Kazuraba." Historia Kaito says.

"Bye, bye~, Marvey-chan." Historia Basco casually says as he holds up his left hand and wiggles his fingers down and up in a goodbye gesture.

Irene just continues to stare towards her daughter with a smile on her lips, something which Erza takes notice of as she furrows her brow at this, "See you soon, Erza." Historia Irene says, as she, along with Basco, and Kaito fade away.

Leaving behind a slightly confused Erza who wonders what the Historia of her deceased mother meant by that.

Ashley, Garrus, Tali, and Wrex stare towards the disappearing Historias of their dead friends, "Take care of Shepard, Ash. All of you." Historia Kaidan says.

Ashley says nothing as she just nods her head in acknowledgement.

"Farewell once more, Tali." Legion says.

While at the same time, Thane nods his head in goodbye while Mordin begins singing, "I am the very model of a scientist Salarian, I've studied species-"

All four of them fade away into golden orbs of light that rise a few inches into the air before dissipating completely.

Ashley, and the others, continue to look on.

Sora is sent flying back sideways as he crashes to the ground and rolls for a few feet to a stop. The Keyblade wielder struggles to get back on his feet, pushing himself up only to immediately collapse back down as he tries again this time planting his Keyblade into the ground to help support him up onto his right knee. All the while the Historias of Ansem, and Xemnas slowly approach him, stopping several meters away; while behind Sora, also several meters away, stood the Historia of Xigbar as he had his arms crossed in front of him letting out a satisfied huff, "Heh."

Sora continues to catch his breath, sweat running down his face which had a couple of bruise marks and grime around it. Ansem, and Xemnas had smug smirks on their faces. Xemnas lifted his right foot about to take a step forward, when suddenly he came to a halt. Both of them, along with Ansem's Guardian, suddenly became enveloped in golden light, causing them to look at themselves.

"Huh?" Sora says, confused by what he was witnessing.

"Hm~. It seems that our time here has come to an end." Historia Xemnas says, sounding a little bit annoyed by this.

"So it would seem." Historia Ansem says, as he then looks back towards Sora who furrows his brow and bares his teeth.

"Luck saves you once more, Keyblade wielder." Historia Ansem says, as after a few seconds he, along with his Guardian, and Xemnas fade away.

Sora continues looking to where the two Historias once stood, or hovered. Until he remembers about Xigbar and turns around, only to see him gone as well. Sora lets out a sigh of relief with his eyes closed.

"Glad that's the end of that." he says.

Meanwhile, up on the rooftop of a nearby tall building, a Portal of Darkness opens up. As from it Xigbar, the real Xigbar, emerges. As he walks out to the edge of the building and crosses his arms once more, "Well, that blows. Everything was just starting to get fun too. Oh well. At least there's the next time to look forward to. When the fun really begins." Xigbar says.

Xigbar watched the battle between the Heroes, and the forces of Evil rage on. The battle, most definitely now having turned in favor of the Heroes, now that the undead and the Historias were all gone.

"I'm rooting for yah kid. Don't go disappointing me. After all, we still need you for later on. Really looking forward to that. Hope you can spice things up a little and maybe bring some of your new friends along, they all look quite interesting… Especially that Spartan guy." Xigbar says, as a toothy grin comes to his lips.

"Commander! Master Chief! Do you read? Please, respond!" Hackett nearly shouted into the comms.

Still no response from either of them. This was not looking good, and with them being so close now to ending it all, why now?! What had happened to them? Why weren't they responding? Were they under attack? So many questions were flowing through the Admiral's head. He would have already sent a squad in by now to figure out what was going on down there, along with retrieving the wounded Admiral Anderson, and Commander Shepard, and assisting the Master Chief in finding the controls to activate the Crucible. But all troop transports had currently been deployed planetside to assist with the invasion. The earliest he could expect a transport would probably be ten minutes, and that's if he was even lucky! Of all the things to happen now, especially since Reaper reinforcements were now on their way. If they couldn't re-establish contact with them soon…

The ship's alarms suddenly began to blare, bringing the Admiral's attention back to reality, "Admiral! It's the Reaper reinforcements, they're here!" a male crewmember shouted at the top of his lungs.

Hackett's eyes went wide in absolute shock and horror upon hearing this.

The massive, what even looked to be a never ending fleet of Reaper reinforcements, were now in sight of the Earth, of the Coalition fleet.

Hackett looked out towards the Reaper reinforcements from the window, "My God…" he says.

It truly was now or never. This was it for sure. They either activate the Crucible, or they all die. There was no chance any of them were going to be able to escape now, not with all of those Reapers blocking their way.

Hackett regained his composure as he furrowed his brow into a serious look, "This is it." he says.

"All ships. Advance and engage the Reaper reinforcements! Protect the Crucible at all costs! Do not let a single Reaper break through!" Hackett orders all surviving ships, as what remains of Sword, and the entirety of Shield, begins to fly forward to engage the Reaper reinforcements.

All the Coalition capital ships open up with their weapons, while Coalition fighters, along with the remaining Ranger Megazords, and Sentai Mechas, also advance to attack the Reaper reinforcements.

The Reaper reinforcements close in as they begin to return fire; wave after wave of their Oculus fighters, flying in to engage the Coalition fighters, as the overwhelming number of enemy ships immediately begins to take its toll on the surviving Coalition forces.

"There's too many! There's too many!" a male USAF pilot shouts full of panic, as his plane then explodes.

"The fuckers are throwing themselves right into us! They don't even care-" a female UNSC pilot is cut short as an Oculus fighter rams directly into her Broadsword destroying both ships.

Reaper Capital ships, and Destroyers tear right through some of the already heavily damaged Coalition ships, as a UNSC Strident-class Heavy Frigate, along with an Asari Dreadnought are both destroyed just mere seconds apart from each other. A damaged New Republic Dauntless-class Heavy Cruiser gets hammered by Reaper ships from nearly every direction, several Oculus fighters just crashing straight into the ship even when they weren't damaged, as then there is a large explosion on the port side.

Inside the cruiser alarms blared as crew and other personnel ran down a hallway trying to get to the escape pods. When suddenly a large explosion erupts from down the hall soon engulfing the entirety of it along with everyone in it in a few seconds. Seconds later the entire ship blows apart, as the different pieces begin drifting away from each other.

The Sentai Mechas, and Power Ranger Megazords soar through the horde of Reaper ships, hitting them with everything they've got, managing to destroy many of them in the process. Unfortunately, it is nowhere near enough to take the pressure off from the Coalition.

The UNSC Infinity fires all its weapons, "We just lost two more ships, Captain!" Roland reports.

"Roland from now on I only want to be hearing good news from you and nothing else!" Lasky orders as he paces around the side of the holotable, looking towards the window.

"Silver Squadron is down to less than half their strength!" a female crewmember reports.

"The SSV Fuji is taking heavy damage! Fires reported on all decks!" a male crewmember reports.

There were too many reports coming in now for Lasky to keep track of them all, as his eyes darted from side to side with a distressed look on his face, "We're getting torn to shreds out here now!" Lasky says in his head, knowing how true it was.

The turbolasers of the Resolute focused fire to their front, towards a Flight of Reaper Oculus fighters as they began strafing the Republic cruiser causing damage to it. Only one enemy fighter, getting shot down during the entire run, which it then crashes into the ship causing even more damage to it.

Inside the Resolute the alarms blared as the ship violently shook from the damage it had just taken.

"Damage report!" Admiral Yularen called out for.

"We got multiple fires reported throughout the ship! Shields are down to 30% and continuing to drop!" one Clone crewmember reported.

"We got a hull breach in sector 12!" another Clone crewmember reported.

"Admiral!" another Clone crewmember called out to Yularen from down in the left side pit, "We got a number of Reapers bypassing our defenses and heading straight towards the planet! They're ignoring us completely!"

Yularen looked back forward, "Admiral Hackett, the Reapers are breaking through our defenses! They're heading planetside and going after Hammer!"

The soldiers of the Coalition 501st continued their fight on the bridge alongside the newly arrived Kamen Riders Build, and Zi-O.

Build stabbed a Foot Tech Ninja with his Drill Crusher in Blade Mode, while behind him Zi-O blocked a Dai-Shocker Combatman's sword allowing him to then kick the combatman back, as he then turned to his left swinging his Zikan Girade to slash an attacking X-Borg across its chest.

Rex fired his right DC-17 into a Collector Captain right in front of him, as he then looked to his left and threw a side kick. Lennox leapt back dodging the swing of a Nindroid's sword, as he aimed his pistol at the Nindroid and pulled the trigger only to find his gun completely empty, which also happened to have been loaded with his last mag. So instead Lennox threw the weapon at the Nindroid stunning it, allowing him to quickly lunge forward and upward slash it across its body taking it out.

Suddenly, the all too familiar horn of a Reaper resonated through the air making Lennox look up. This also caught the attention of Éomer, Epps, Fives and Echo, and Build and Zi-O. Through the dark clouds, one Reaper capital ship began to descend through, red electricity surging around its body. Lennox followed the Reaper with his gaze, a look of shock and horror on his face, as Rex too stared towards it. The Reaper touched down on the enemy's side of the bridge, some distance away, but still way too close for the soldiers of the Coalition's comfort.

Rex looked back at Lennox, both of them speechless on what to say, as the Clone Captain looked back at the Reaper with only one thing on his, on everyone's mind basically…

Things just got a whole lot worse…

The same thing was happening in New York, as multiple Reaper capital ships, and Destroyers, began to descend through the clouds all over the city. On the ground, Shishi Red, Lupin Red, Patren 1gou, and Ryusoul Red, looked up towards the Reapers in shock.

In the Amazonas, Dino Charge Red, and Ninja Steel Red also looked towards the Reapers, as they began to touch down in different parts of the state. Both of them, in shock as well, as behind them the rest of their teammates, along with the Coalition soldiers, continued to engage the current enemy forces. Faramir ran into view several meters away as he too looked up towards the newly arrived Reapers, also with a look of shock and complete horror as his mouth hung open with him taking a few steps forward.

Back in London, towards the rear, "INCOMING!" a male soldier could be heard shouting.

As several Coalition soldiers turned around to see six Reaper Harvesters descending through the air towards them from their rear.


The Harvesters fired down into the column of Coalition infantry, and vehicles, sending the soldiers scattering for cover while an M080 IFV, a supply MTVR, and a Type-58 Wraith were hit, with both armored vehicles receiving direct impacts causing them to explode. While the supply truck received a hit beneath its rear sending it flipping forward landing on top of a Tomkah. The Coalition soldiers returned fire at the Harvesters, but were too late as the flying Husks flew away to safety and out of range of their weapons.

"ABOVE US!" a female soldier shouted, making everyone look up to see a number of Reaper drop pods falling right towards them.

The drop pods impacted all over on the street, and on the rooftops or in the buildings, once again causing the Coalition soldiers to scatter in every direction to avoid being hit by them. One drop pod hit the ground in the middle of a group of scattering Coalition soldiers, sending them flying as they managed to survive with many of them quickly getting back on their feet to continue running; while two more crashed right into a New Republic AAC-1 speeder tank causing it to explode. Human Husks began to immediately emerge from the crater of one of the crashed pods, as Coalition soldiers quickly rushed in firing away with their weapons putting the creatures down before they could harm anyone. Another Human Husk was shot dead by a female UNSC Army soldier, as she then looked up to her left and aimed her BR85 SR firing it, taking out a Marauder on a rooftop as the Cannibal beside it was also shot dead.

"Watch the rooftops!"

A Brute smacked away an abandoned M12B Warthog as three Coalition soldiers, a male Salarian, a female Inquisition soldier, and a Galactic Ranger ran away from it. The Galactic Ranger, providing some retreating fire on it, while the Salarian tripped and fell to the ground forcing the Inquisition soldier to help him back up as they continued retreating away from the massive Husk. A Banshee let out its wail as to its right another Banshee swung its right arm outwards casting a biotic shockwave, blasting three Coalition soldiers, a Gondor archer, US Army soldier, and Clone trooper who were all firing towards them, backwards to the ground. Marauders, Cannibals, Ravagers, Scions, and Praetorians fired away as they began to group up, forcing the Coalition troops to begin retreating; a Providence Agent returned fire, as to their right a retreating Earth Kingdom soldier was shot in the back. The Providence Agent turned and began to retreat as well.

"Retreat! Retreat!"

"Fall back and regroup!"

Reaper drop pods crashed all over the city. The Coalition forces, now in complete and utter disarray, as the enemy reinforcements were quite literally dropping down all around them; their high numbers making it difficult for the troops to counterattack effectively, as the enemy soldiers were coming and attacking them from every single direction. Reaper Harvesters, and Oculus fighters now soared through the skies, engaging any and all Coalition air support and troop transports, while also bringing their own support to the other Husks on the ground.

A Viper attack chopper received a hit to its rear from a chasing Harvester, losing its tail rotor as it completely separated from the rest of its body sending the Viper spiraling out of control as it crashed to the ground and slid to a stop in the middle of the Coalition landing area on the outskirts of London. Coalition troops, scrambling all around as a few of them quickly ran over to the downed helicopter to put its fire out as well as to save the two pilots inside. A male Human New Republic marine ran into view as he looked over at the chopper before looking off to his left, "Where the hell are those shield generators!?" he yelled at the top of his lungs.

From the center Acclamator, four Coalition marines ran down the ramp as fast as they could, carrying between them portable shield generators, with a Krogan and Rohirrim carrying one of the generators, while the second was carried by a Clone and Storm Sangheili. The gunners of a Humvee, and Warthog fired into the air, as the four marines reached the bottom of the ramp and continued carrying the shield generators towards the center of the camp. An Avenger Air Defense System, or AN/TWQ-1, fired its missiles destroying one Harvester as it flew down towards the camp. The four marines reached the center of the camp as they placed the shield generators down, taking a few steps back away from them save for the Clone as he proceeded to activate them. Beams of blue energy shot up from the shield generators, several more appearing from other areas of the landing zone, as a large deflector shield was put up around the entire LZ protecting it from further enemy air attacks. Though at the cost of no more friendly air being able to fly in or out now, nor for the artillery to continue to support the troops in the city.

The marines however weren't quite safe yet, and they knew it. As inside the shield, they rushed towards the perimeter of it, knowing what was about to come next.

"Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!"

"To the perimeter! Everyone who can fight, to the perimeter!" the New Republic Marine shouted.

A large number of Reaper pods began to impact several meters outside the shield. Multiple types of Husks, emerging from them. Inside the shield the marines took up defensive positions several feet back from the energy field behind walls of sandbags or deployable cover, or in trenches and foxholes; vehicles rolling, or marching up behind them also taking up positions to assist in the defense.

The Husks began to approach the shield.

The Marines held their fire as they aimed towards it, waiting for the Husks to enter first before being able to open fire on them.

"Steady… Steady!" the New Republic Marine shouted from behind a wall of sandbags as he aimed down the scope of his DH-17 blaster rifle.

A female Dalish Elf archer held her bow steady with an arrow already strung back on it. A US Marine stared down the ACOG sight of his M249 SAW with its bipod deployed atop the dirt, an Asari Marine to his right in the same foxhole aiming down her M-8 Avenger.

After several intense seconds, what felt like minutes, the Husks finally began entering through the shield as they began charging forward or firing their weapons.

"FIRE!" the New Republic Marine shouted, as every single marine opened up on them with their weapons.

The Husks stood absolutely no chance as many of them were cut down to pieces. Two M35 Mako's fired their mass accelerator cannons seconds apart from each other, taking down a single Brute as it collapsed to the ground dead. A Lion warrior stood atop a pile of sandbags with his left foot as he thrusted his spear forward into the chest of a charging Human Husk. A Systems Alliance Marine tossed another charging Husk over his body into the trench he and a few other marines were in, as he, along with a Clone, and female UNSC Marine, turned and fired their weapons down into it.

"Hold! Hold!"

"Hold them back!"

The Marines defenses were holding, for now. As some Human Husks, Abominations, and Swarmers managed to get close to their line only to be rapidly killed off; the marines, still taking a few casualties however, as they nonetheless continued to give everything they had, knowing that this was their last stand now. And they were either going to survive, or die.

The Heroes continued fighting the enemy remnants at the Conduit, which even after dealing with the Historias and Undead, was still quite a lot.

Unfortunately, off to their right flank, multiple Reaper drop pods could be seen approaching them at high speed. As the drop pods impacted the ground several meters away. Kamen Rider Den-O slashed an Uruk Berserker upwards horizontally to his left with his DenKamen Sword taking it out, as he then lowered his weapon and straightened his body looking forward with a gasp of shock. From the multiple clouds of dust that were kicked up from the drop pods, a large number of Reaper Husks emerged. Ryotaro grunted at this, visibly shocked as behind him several other Heroes took notice of the Reaper reinforcements. A single Human Husk let out a roar towards the Heroes, as then all around it the rest of the Husks began to charge forward towards them.

"Let's go!" Ryotaro shouted, as Obsidian, and Cole ran up on either side of him with all three striking a fighting pose before charging forward, several other Heroes following right behind them with battle cries.

Obsidian fired a beam of darkness energy while Cole performed Spinjitzu plowing his way through the Husks in front of him, Ryotaro swinging away with his sword as he, and the group of Heroes clashed against the Reaper reinforcements.

Back up in space, the Citadel was seen. Its arms opened to its maximum extent, further outwards then it had ever been seen before.

The darkened, and inflamed Earth is seen. The space battle between what remained of the Coalition fleets, and the Reaper reinforcements, continued. Debris from the hundreds and thousands of destroyed ships and fighters from both sides littered the space between the Citadel, and Earth.

This was the sight from… wherever it was, that Chief now found himself and the unconscious Commander at onboard the space station. Chief continued to look around, confused on where he and Shepard had ended up, just as the Commander began to stir from his unconsciousness with a groan of pain, opening his eyes and raising his head slightly to look forward.

"Chief? Wha-" Shepard began to slowly look around, "Where are we?" he asks.

"You're really asking me that?" Chief says.

Shepard looked at their new surroundings, since it was clearly obvious that they were no longer on that platform anymore. They were in some kind of big, open spaced area. No rooftop above them, giving them a full view of the Earth and the space battle raging around them, only two walls on either side of where they currently were, and in front of them one long walkway that then split off into two more slightly raised ones, with one on each side. Above them was the Crucible itself, in front of them at the end of the center walkway, a light blue energy beam shooting downwards from the weapon into some kind of device at the center of the room. On the upper right walkway attached to the strange-looking device, was some kind of component with a few half rings going around its body in different spots, a red glow emanating around it and only that specific component. While on the upper left walkway, were a bunch of large cables going into the device with something located at the bottom at the end of the walkway; the whole area there, emanating a blue glow from it.

Shepard squinted his eyes a bit, as he thought he saw something… or someone.

Approaching the two Heroes, was some kind of small, glowing light blue, translucent humanoid figure. Chief saw this as well, as he already had his combat knife out at the ready in his left hand, with him tightening the grip on the weapon just in case whatever it was in front of them proved to be hostile. The figure got closer, stopping just a few feet away in front of the two Heroes. Shepard stared towards the figure, the shape of it… it was taking the form of that little boy he had seen get killed by the Reapers during their invasion of the Earth several months ago.

"There is no need for that weapon. I mean you no harm." the thing spoke, its voice, sounding like a child's, as it seemed to also have some sort of echo to it.

"Chief." Shepard says, looking up at him.

Chief looked back. Shepard nods his head, signaling to him to stand down. After a few seconds, Chief complies as he sheathes his knife away. Shepard removes his arm from around Chief's neck as he takes a few steps forward, being able to stand on his own with his left hand now on his stomach.

"Where are we?" Shepard decides to ask it.

"The Citadel. It's my home." it responds.

So that at least confirmed it, they were still somewhere on the Citadel. Just a completely unknown part of it that probably no one knew about.

"Who… or what are you?" Chief asks.

"I am The Catalyst."

This shocked and confused both Shepard, and Chief.

"I thought you said the Citadel was the Catalyst?" Chief questions the Commander.

"I thought it was too." Shepard replies.

"No. The Citadel is a part of me." the Catalyst responds.

The two Heroes looked at each other again, before looking back down at the Catalyst.

"I need to stop the Reapers. Do you know how I can do that?" Shepard asks it.

"Perhaps. I control the Reapers. They are my solution." the Catalyst says, as it then turns and begins to walk away.

Shepard and Chief look at each other once more. Hearing this, Shepard could just sense that Chief now probably wanted to do something to the Catalyst, since it was saying how it controlled them. However they didn't know the full story yet, and shouldn't go jumping to conclusions. This was their one, and only chance to get rid of the Reapers for good, and they couldn't go screwing that up. Shepard shook his head at Chief, telling him not to do anything rash, as the Spartan nodded back already understanding this. The two looked back and followed after the Catalyst.

"Solution? To what?" Shepard asks.

The Catalyst turned its head slightly to the right to look back at Shepard as it continued walking, "Chaos." was all it said, as it looked back forward.

Chief quietly grunted, "Hmph. A fine job they seem to be doing at that." he sarcastically comments.

The Catalyst ignored this, "The created will always rebel against their creators. But we found a way to stop that from happening, a way to restore order."

Shepard, and Chief both come to a stop, "By wiping out organic life?" Shepard questions the Catalyst.

The Catalyst comes to a stop as it turns around to face them again, "No. We harvest advanced civilizations, leaving the younger ones alone." it then turns back again and resumes walking.

"Just as we left your people alive the last time we were here."

Shepard, and Chief resume following after the Catalyst, "But you killed the rest." Shepard says, with a slight tone of disdain in his voice.

The Catalyst comes to a stop again as it looks up to its left, towards a Reaper capital ship as it slowly floats by, "We helped them ascend so they could make way for new life, storing the old life in Reaper form."

Both Shepard, and Chief stopped again as they looked up towards the same Reaper, "I think we'd rather keep our own form." Shepard says.

"No, you can't!" the Catalyst states as it looks up at the Commander.

"And why's that?" Chief questions it, with a hint of anger behind his voice.

"Without us to stop it, synthetics would destroy all organics. We've created this cycle so that never happens. That's the solution."

Chief took a step forward, about to say something when Shepard raised his left hand back, stopping him, "You said you're the Catalyst, but… what are you?" Shepard asks.

"A construct. An intelligence designed eons ago to solve a problem. I was created to bring balance, to be the catalyst for peace between organics and synthetics." the Catalyst responds.

"You're an AI." Chief says, realizing this.

"You're… just an AI?" Shepard questions it.

"In as much as you are just an animal. I embody the collective intelligence of all Reapers."

"But you were created…" Shepard says.

"Correct." the Catalyst responds.

"By the Leviathan. I've met them." Shepard says.

"Indeed, it was they who recognized that conflict would always arise between synthetics and organics. I was first created to oversee the relations between synthetic and organic life, to establish a connection. But our efforts always ended in conflict, so a new solution was required."

"The Reapers?" Shepard asks.

"Precisely." the Catalyst answers.

"Where did the Reapers come from? Did the Leviathan create them as well?" Shepard asks.

"My creators gave them form. I gave them function. They, in turn, give me purpose. The Reapers are a synthetic representation of my creators."

Well, that would explain why the Leviathan and Reapers looked alike. The Reapers forms were based exactly off of theirs, created in their image.

"They created me to oversee the relations between synthetic and organic life, to establish a connection. They became the first true Reaper. They did not approve, but it was the only solution."

"So they told me… You said that before, but how do the Reapers solve anything?" Shepard asks.

"Organics create synthetics to improve their own existence, but those improvements have limits. To exceed those limits, synthetics must be allowed to evolve. They must, by definition, surpass their creators. The result is conflict, destruction, chaos. It is inevitable. Reapers harvest all life, organic and synthetic, preserving them before they are forever lost to this conflict." the Catalyst explains.

"If you haven't noticed we're at war with the Reapers right now!" Chief points out, literally with his left hand as he points backwards towards the fighting that was going on around them.

"You may be in conflict with the Reapers, but they are not interested in war." the Catalyst says.

"I find that hard to believe." Shepard says as he furrows his brow slightly.

"Very hard." Chief adds.

"When fire burns, is it at war? Is it in conflict? Or is it simply doing what it was created to do? We are no different. We harvest your bodies, your knowledge, your creations. We preserve it to be reborn in the form of a new Reaper. Like a cleansing fire, we restore balance… New Life, both organic and synthetic, can once again flourish."

Seeing that he wasn't going to be getting anywhere else with this conversation, Shepard decided to move on to another question, "What do you know about the Crucible?" he asks.

The Catalyst turns to look up at the Crucible, "The device you refer to as the Crucible is little more than a power source. However, in combination with the Citadel and the relays, it is capable of releasing tremendous amounts of energy throughout the galaxy. It is crude, but effective and adaptive in its design. We first noted the concept for this device several cycles ago. With each passing cycle, the design has no doubt evolved." the Catalyst explains.

"Why didn't you stop it?" Shepard asks, curious to know as to why the Reapers wouldn't attempt to put an end to its creation since it was perhaps the only known thing in at least this Universe that could put an end to them.

"We believed the concept had been eradicated. Clearly, organics are more resourceful than we realized." the Catalyst says, actually sounding a bit impressed.

"We tend to get that way when our own existence is on the line." Chief states.

"There's one more question I need answered." Shepard says, drawing the Catalyst's attention back to him.

"Earlier, you said that you harvest only the advanced civilizations, leave the younger ones alone. Like my people were back during the previous cycle, and like the cycles before that one. So what changed then? What happened to the Reapers during the last cycle that caused them to start targeting everyone? You've attacked civilizations that are nowhere near advanced enough to let alone even know what synthetics are. You've invaded Universes where there are no conflicts between synthetics and organics, because they either don't exist yet, or because they've actually managed to live peacefully amongst each other. In fact, why did you start attacking other Universes at all? Why involve them in all of this when they have absolutely nothing to do with what goes on in our own Universe?" Shepard questions it.

The Catalyst remains silent, after a few seconds it turns back to face towards the beam.

"I do not know." the Catalyst finally answers.

Chief took a step forward, seeming angered by this, "What do you mean, you don't know?" he questions it.

"The answer to the first question." the Catalyst turns its head slightly to the left to look back at them, "I do not know what happened to the Reapers. Only that they started doing exactly as you described during the last cycle, and continue to do it now unfortunately during this one." the Catalyst says.

"Is there anything you can tell us about the Reapers change? Anything?" Shepard asks.

The Catalyst turns to face them again, "It started sometime after the ones you know as the Isu, first arrived in this Universe."

"That much we know." Shepard says.

"They arrived on a planet that was already in the process of being harvested. Unfortunately for them, they got mixed up with the planet's then current inhabitants, who were from an advanced civilization. So they were harvested along with them. By the time I learned of their presence, it was already too late. Curious of where they came from, I decided to follow the survivors back through the machine that they used to get here. This in turn, led me to learn of the Multiverse. With access to this new technology and knowledge, I decided to have the Reapers explore these other Universes, to find out if they were in need of the solution as well. At some point however, I do not know when or where, I began to sense a change in the Reapers. At first it was only a small number of them, but soon, it began to spread. This change, as you know, caused them to begin harvesting any and all civilizations, no matter how advanced they were. I of course attempted to regain control over them to prevent this from continuing further, as the harvesting of younger civilizations was not part of the solution. But all of my attempts failed." the Catalyst explains.

"It took the Isu, and the Time Lords working together to put a stop to the Reapers. Only temporarily that is." Chief says.

"Correct. All they did was find a way to force the Reapers back here to their home Universe. Luckily, once they did, I was able to regain control over all of them, thus preventing them from continuing to harm any of the younger civilizations in this Universe." the Catalyst says.

"Which would explain why we're still around if that was the case." Shepard says.

"With all the Reapers back under my control, I completed the harvesting of the previous cycle, sending them all back to Dark Space to hibernate, just as I always do, until the next cycle began." the Catalyst says.

"You just said that you were able to regain control over the Reapers at the end of the previous cycle. So why are they back to attacking all civilizations again regardless of how advanced they are?" Chief questions.

"Unfortunately, it seems that whatever had affected the Reapers before, has returned to them. Or perhaps, it never left them in the first place. Whatever the case is, it only started affecting them again recently, which is what led them to start harvesting again in the other Universes. After the incident that occurred last time, I had no plans of sending the Reapers back out across the Multiverse again even to explore the other Universes, in fear that they might get affected again. Unfortunately, it appears to have not even mattered. Worse, with each passing day now, I can feel my control over the Reapers slowly slipping away. I fear that soon, I will no longer have full control over them, and when that happens, I fear for what may come next." the Catalyst says.

"Well, that just sounds great." Shepard sarcastically says as he and Chief exchange a look with each other again.

"What's taking control of the Reapers away from you?" Chief questions it.

"I do not know. Clearly however, if I were to take a guess, it is a being of great power. Something I have never encountered before. It is the only logical explanation." the Catalyst says.

"The Doctor said the Multiverse was vast, probably even infinite. After everything we've encountered so far from just a few Universes, who knows what's out there. What your Reapers may have potentially stumbled upon that could affect them, even all the way in an entirely different Universe apparently." Shepard says.

The thought of this was cause for great concern for both Shepard, and Chief. What, or who was out there that could be strong enough to somehow do all of this? Override the Catalyst's controls of the Reapers, and make them do all of this from an entirely different Universe?

Chief stepped up beside Shepard to his left, "Is there any hope for us?" he asks.

"You have hope. The fact that you are standing here, the first organics ever, proves it. Even with this new, unknown variable, nothing else has changed about the Reapers, so your weapon should still work on them… Times are now changing, and with them, proof that my solution won't work anymore." the Catalyst says.

"So what now?" Shepard asks.

The Catalyst looks back towards the beam, "We find a new solution."

"How?" Shepard asks.

The Catalyst looks over its left shoulder as Shepard begins to walk up to its side, "You have altered the variables. The Crucible changed me, created new… possibilities. But I can't make them happen. If there is to be a new solution, you must act."

The catalyst looked over towards the component on the right walkway, with Shepard following its gaze, "It is now in your power to destroy us…"

For some reason, Shepard saw a vision of Anderson, walking towards it as he fired his pistol at the machine, causing it to explode with each shot.

"But be warned, others will be destroyed as well. The Crucible will not discriminate. All synthetics will be targeted. Even you are partly synthetic." the Catalyst says.

"What exactly will happen?" Shepard asks.

The Catalyst looks up at the Crucible, "Your Crucible device appears to be largely intact. However, the effects of the blast will not be constrained to the Reapers." the Catalyst looks back forward, "Technology you rely on will be affected, but those who survive should have little difficulty repairing the damage."

Shepard lowered his head. So EDI, the Geth, any and all their friends and allies who were synthetics, even himself due to the implants he had received from being brought back to life. They would be destroyed as well alongside the Reapers. Shepard didn't like that thought one bit, even if it meant the complete destruction of the Reapers. His life he was fine with sacrificing if it meant the end of them, but the others… there was no way he could bring himself to sacrifice all of theirs as well!

"There will still be losses, but no more than what has already been lost."

"But the Reapers will be destroyed?" Shepard asks.

"Yes, but the peace won't last. Soon, your children will create synthetics, and then the chaos will come back."

"There has to be another way!" Shepard says as he looks back forward.

"There is… You could instead use the energy of the Crucible to seize control of the Reapers." the Catalyst says as it looks off to the left walkway, Shepard following its gaze.

At the end of it, were what appeared to be two rods between two open vertical cables inside a small opening. A vision of the Illusive Man, grabbing hold of these rods as blue electrical energy surged around him and across his body from the rods as he grabbed hold of them, flashed through the Commander's mind.

"So… the Illusive Man was right after all." Shepard says.

"Yes. But he could never have taken control, because we already controlled him." the Catalyst says.

"But I can?" Shepard questions it.

"You will die. You will control us, but you will lose everything you have."

"How can I control the Reapers if I'm dead?" Shepard asks.

"Your corporeal form will be dissolved, but your thoughts, and even your memories, will continue. Your connection to your kind will be lost, though you will remain aware of their existence." the Catalyst explains.

"But the Reapers will obey me?" Shepard asks.

"Yes. We will be yours to control, and direct as you see fit."

"But what about the thing that's trying to take control of the Reapers?" Shepard asks.

"The reason the Reapers were so easily affected before, was because they are, after all, nothing more but machines. Should you take control, your full subconscious would now be in control of them. The being would require much more power than before, if it were to try and take that control away from you, to force your subconsciousness out of every Reaper." the Catalyst says.

"But there's still a possibility that it could happen? Depending on whatever, or whoever it is that we're dealing with?" Shepard asks.

"Most likely."

Well that was definitely not a good thought. Not only did Shepard not like the idea of following in the Illusive Man's footsteps with what he was trying to do, but if whatever was out there was a lot stronger than he was, then it could take that control of the Reapers away from him making his sacrifice worth nothing. But if it did work, and the thing wasn't strong enough, then Shepard would have control over the Reapers, which he would use for good unlike the Illusive Man, and no one else would have to be sacrificed to end this war.

"There is another solution." Shepard looked back down at the Catalyst, as it then looked towards the beam, "Synthesis."

"And that is?" Shepard asks.

"Add your energy to the Crucible's… The chain reaction will combine all synthetic and organic life into a new framework. A new DNA."

"How can my energy be added to the Crucible?" Shepard questioned it.

"Your organic energy, the essence of who and what you are, will be broken down and then dispersed."

"To do what exactly?" Shepard asks.

"The energy of the Crucible, released in this way, will alter the matrix of all organic life in the galaxy. Organics seek perfection through technology. Synthetics seek perfection through understanding. Organics will be perfected by integrating fully with synthetic technology. Synthetics, in turn, will finally have full understanding of organics. It is the ideal solution. Now that we know it is possible, it is inevitable we will reach synthesis."

"Why couldn't you do it sooner?" Shepard asks.

"We have tried… a similar solution in the past. But it has always failed."

"Why?" Shepard asks.

"Because the organics were not ready. It is not something that can be… forced. You are ready. And you may choose it." the Catalyst finishes as it looks back up at Shepard again.

"I… don't know." Shepard says, sounding unsure of it.

"Why not? Synthetics are already part of you. Can you imagine your life without them?" the Catalyst questions.

"And there will be peace?" Shepard asks.

"The cycle will end, the Reapers will cease their harvest and never harm you, or anyone, ever again, even if I were to lose control over them, and the civilizations preserved in their forms will be connected to all of us. Synthesis is the final evolution of all life… The paths are open. But you have to choose."

The battle around the Conduit still continued. Reaper drop pods, now crashing all over the area, as the Heroes continued to fight on against what remained of the previous enemy forces, as well as the now constant stream of Reaper reinforcements dropping in.

While they didn't look like it, the battle was now beginning to take its toll on most, if not all the Heroes. As they had been fighting for hours, and hours, practically the whole day at this point, on end without a single break. Forced to endure whatever the forces of evil threw at them, as they continued to fight no matter how exhausted they were beginning to get.

The body of Harbinger is seen on the other side of the Conduit, motionless. Suddenly, its eyes began to flicker back to life, until they flashed back on to full power, glowing bright yellow once more. No one had noticed this, as they were all caught up in the fighting. Until the first Reaper slowly rose and hovered up from the ground, uprighting itself and landing back on its tentacles causing the entire ground to violently shake, sending everyone stumbling around for a bit as they all recovered and finally took notice of it.

"Harbinger?!" Ashley nearly shouted, she and everyone else, both friend and foe alike, taken aback by its sudden recovery.

"No way!" James shouted.

"It can't be!" Liara says.

Harbinger, once again stood tall over the battlefield. The large hole, still present at the center of its body where Joker had successfully managed to hit it before.

"Heroes of the Multiverse. You cannot stop us. Face your annihilation." Harbinger speaks.

At this, Harbinger opens up with its multiple energy beams shooting all over the place. Explosions began to erupt all over, causing the Heroes to cry out in pain as they flailed around from them; one explosion, going off right in front of Ashley and the others, as they were also grouped up with Po, Marvelous, Troy, Laval, and Natsu's teams, along with Tsukasa, and Sora. One explosion sent Fenris, NinjaBlack, and Manic the Hedgehog flying forward through the air as they all cried out in pain. Another set of explosions sent Ratchet and Clank, Zoro, and Black Panther, also flying into the air from multiple directions. Ashley and the others, along with Kamen Rider J, crashed to the ground, as only a few of them managed to get back up onto their hands and or knees immediately afterward.

"Great, as if things weren't already bad enough!" Gray stated in an annoyed tone.

"We need to deal with Harbinger or he'll wipe us all out!" Miranda says.

J stood back up on his feet, "Leave him to me!" he shouted, while throwing his right fist up in front of his chest as he then ran off.

Stopping somewhere else with no one around him, as with a shout he threw his right hand into the air and became enveloped in green energy. In seconds, J enlarged into his Jumbo Formation, standing now at the same exact height as Harbinger, with his arms lowered down to his sides.

Everyone got up at seeing this with gasps of awe.

"WHOA~! AWESO~ME!" Po, Laval, Natsu, and Sora all shouted in excitement at seeing J like this.

"Alright!" Orion shouted, more happy to see this.

"I think that'll even the odds a bit!" Garrus says, equally as happy.

"Get him, J!" Tsukasa shouted.

Harbinger stared up towards J, as the giant-sized Kamen Rider struck a fighting pose with his right fist held back and his left hand forward. He then began to approach the Reaper, only to suddenly get bombarded by a number of Reaper energy beams, sending him stumbling back.

Everyone gasped in shock upon seeing this, "J!" Tsukasa shouted.

J recovered, now back in his original position, as he looked up towards the sky in shock. Multiple Reaper capital ships, along with Destroyers, were now flying down directly towards them.

"Look at all those Reapers!" Don shouted in a panic, he and everyone else taken aback and shocked at the sight of them.

"There's no way he can take them all on!" Cragger shouted.

Elsewhere, Superman and Iron Man looked at each other as they nodded their heads. Both of them flew several feet into the air before turning around to look back down at the other Heroes, "Everyone who can fly, follow us and we'll engage those Reapers in the air!" Superman shouted, knowing that they didn't have a whole lot of other options.

The two turned and began flying up towards the Reapers.

Kamen Rider Ryuki rode atop Dragreder as it let out a roar, Den-O right behind him in his DenLiner in Gouka form as its whistle blew. Kiva followed behind them riding atop Castle Doran as it too let out a mighty roar; two OOO shades in the Putotyra and Tajadol Combos followed as well, along with Wizard in Infinity Dragon Gold Style, Gaim in his Suika Arms armor in Gyro Mode, Drive in the Booster Tridoron which was in Type Speed mode, and Kamen Rider Ex-Aid as his Maximum Gamer Level 99 form.

"Yasei Dai Kaihō!" Yamato shouted as he transformed into his Great Instinct Awakened form while already flying through the air; around him, the Red Space Ranger still in his Red Battlized Armor, the Red Wild Force Ranger, the Red Ninja Storm Ranger, the Red SPD Ranger also in their Battlizers, and the Quantum Ranger in his Megabattle Armor.

The Digimon teams, minus Rapidmon from the Tamers and Zudomon since he couldn't fly, flew through the air.



"DNA Digivolve To! Omnimon!"

"Paildramon Mega Digivolve To! Imperialdramon!"

"Gallantmon Crimson Mode!"

"Ancient Spirits Unite! Susanoomon!"

"ShineGreymon Burst Mode!"

"MirageGaogamon Burst Mode!"

"Rosemon Burst Mode!"

"Ravemon Burst Mode!"

Green Lantern, Booster Gold, Captain Atom, Orion, Stargirl, Steel, STRIPE, Aztek, Doctor Light, The Ray, Rocket Red, Starman, Waverider, Thor, Ms. Marvel, Vision, and War Machine flew after Superman and Iron Man as well to join them.

Optimus Prime with his Jetwing Unit equipped, flies alongside Drago, Skyress, Ingram, Elfin who has switched to the Ventus Attribute, and Hydranoid.

Ilana, Lance, and Octus flew through the air as well, "Lance, Octus! Form Titan!" Ilana shouted as the three merged together and in a flash of white light, formed Titan.

Gajeel, being carried by Lily, flew through the air as well. As all the Heroes soon regrouped together with Titan being right behind them. They then began their assault on the Reapers, hitting them with everything they've got.

Several Reapers however had already managed to bypass them as they landed on the ground in front of Harbinger, who had retreated back a bit of a distance. A group of Reapers now stood in between Kamen Rider J and the first Reaper.

Suddenly, there was a flash of golden light behind, to his left, "Need a hand?" the voice of Terriermon could be heard as J turned to look at him.

Standing there behind him, was Terriermon in his Mega Level form, "MegaGargomon!" he shouted while throwing his fists upwards forward to his sides.

There was then a flash of green light to J's right, also behind him as he turned further to see who it was now, "Way Big!" Ben, now as the giant To'kustar alien Way Big, shouted.

Down on the ground, the five Mystic Force Rangers, minus Daggeron, ran forward a few feet to a stop, "Us too!" Nick shouted, as all five of them brought out their Mystic Morphers, flipping them open.

They then inputted the Spell Code 125, thrusting their morphers into the air, "Galwit Mysto Prifior!"

J looked between MegaGargomon and Way Big, who looked over their shoulders, to see the Mystic Force Rangers now in their Mystic Titan forms.

"Chip, you and V fly up and go help the others! We got things down here!" Nick orders.

"Got it!" Chip and Vida agreed, as they flew up into the air to assist the other flyers.

Meanwhile, the others, along with MegaGargomon, and Way Big, walked up on either side of J, with all of them standing at the ready. The Reapers remain unfazed, as they simply began to march towards them.

"Let's go!" J shouted.

"Right!" the others shouted, as they all struck fighting ready poses, before charging forward with battle cries.

The Reapers opened up on them.

Chief walks up to Shepard again, catching his attention, "So the most obvious choice would be to Destroy the Reapers, right?" he asks him.

"It would." Shepard says.

"But…" Chief says, sensing that there was one about to come.

"You heard the Catalyst, Chief. It wouldn't just be the Reapers who are destroyed. But all Synthetic life. That would include EDI, the Geth, and all the others like them. Since I'm only partly synthetic, I might have a chance at surviving it. But they wouldn't, and…" Shepard looked down at the ground, "I can't bring myself to sacrifice them, even if it does mean the end of the Reapers."

Chief looks down to his left. Shepard was right, they would be destroyed as well alongside the Reapers. Would they be willing to sacrifice their lives if it meant destroying the Reapers? Most likely. Would everyone who has befriended them like the idea? Most definitely not. Chief could see himself in Shepard's boots, because if Cortana were here… she'd be affected as well, and Chief knew damn well he would never be able to bring himself to do such a thing to her.

Chief looked back at Shepard, "Neither can I." he began to speak, bringing the Commander's attention back to him, "We've already lost enough people to this war. We're not losing anymore." he says.

So Destroy was off the table.

"What do you think about Controlling them?" Shepard asks.

"That's exactly what the Illusive Man wanted to do. I'm not saying you'd do what he would. If anything, I know you would use the Reapers for good. I just don't like the idea of you following in his footsteps. Plus, there's the unknown third party we're now dealing with." Chief says.

"Right… If whatever's out there turns out to be a lot stronger than we know, and they manage to overpower my subconscious…" Shepard says.

"Then your sacrifice would have been for nothing. Control's out too." Chief states.

Chief and Shepard then both look towards the beam "Which just leaves…"

"Synthesis." Shepard finishes for the Spartan.

Chief crosses his arms while lowering his head forward, "The Catalyst said that option would stop the Reapers as well. Even if it were to lose control over them, they wouldn't attack us because of, well whatever this change is that would affect all of us including them." he says as he looks back up at him.

"Everyone survives, there's no risk of the Reapers ever attacking us again, even if the Catalyst loses control over them. Think it's safe to say we found our winner." Shepard says.

Chief lowers his arms, "Just one moment." he suddenly says, as he looks down at the Catalyst much to the confusion of Shepard, "What are Shepard's chances of surviving the Synthesis option?" he asks.

"Chief? What are you-?" Shepard tries to ask.

"He would not survive. It is as I said, the organic energy which is necessary to do Synthesis, is the essence of who and what he is, which would be broken down and then dispersed. He would complete this by jumping directly into that beam of energy, which would break him down and absorb his organic energy to release it. The organic energy required would leave nothing left of him." the Catalyst explains.

"What about me? Could I take his place instead?" Chief asks.

Hearing this caused Shepard's eyes to widen in complete shock.

Titan slashed through five Reaper capital ships with its sword causing them to explode. Meanwhile, the rest of the flying Heroes were doing what they could to take down the other Reapers. Unfortunately, some of them didn't quite have the firepower necessary to do a whole lot, and could only damage them bit by bit. Nonetheless they continued doing what they could.

"Positron Laser!" Imperialdramon Dragon Mode shouted, as he fired a beam of positronic energy from the laser cannon on his back. The shot went upwards right through a Destroyer's body, causing it to explode to pieces.

After flying away for a bit of a distance, Imperialdramon came to a stop as he was covered in golden energy and then shapeshifted, "Imperialdramon Fighter Mode!" he shouted, now in his alternate form.

"Mega Barrage!" MegaGargomon shouted as he unleashed a volley of fire from his various firearms, hitting and destroying several Reapers.

Way Big shot a beam of cosmic rays from his right hand, his arms crossed together in front of him, as he hit multiple Reaper capital ships, and Destroyers both on the ground, and in the air in front of him, causing them to explode.

J powered his right fist up with blazing red fire-like energy, as behind him Nick slashed a Destroyer at an upwards right angle with his sword, with J then jumping forward into the air, "Jumbo Rider Punch!" he shouted, as he delivered his jumbo sized Rider Punch into a Reaper capital ship punching right through the machine, as a few seconds later it exploded.

Doctor Mid-Nite punched a Marauder across the face. As he then turned around only to receive a slash at a downwards left angle across his body from a Husk, sending him to the ground while crying out in pain. Before the Husk could do any more harm to him it suddenly looked to its right, only to have its head sliced off by Red Falcon; behind him, the Pink Lightspeed Ranger, and Donatello lifted the injured Doctor Mid-Nite from the ground as they began to two-person crutch carry him away, Red Falcon keeping watch behind them as he walked backwards.

The two carried Doctor Mid-Nite through a line of other Heroes, as it was revealed that a small area had been secured to gather any wounded Heroes in; surrounded by a large protective circle of other Heroes who were still capable of fighting. There were quite a few wounded Heroes already in the circle, with a few more being brought in. As any Heroes with healing abilities were at work trying to get the injured healed up and back on their feet so they could rejoin the fight; those with medical experience, also helping out by tending to the wounded until a healer could come to them. Among the healers was Wendy, no longer in Dragon Force as she used her magic to begin patching up Junko's bullet wounds that he had received during the fighting; sweat running down both of their faces, as Wendy bared her teeth in a serious manner, while Junko had his eyes closed groaning in pain.

Among the circle defenders was Wes, Erza, and Double; as Erza slashed a charging Human Husk across its midsection, while Wes slashed another Husk with a diagonal downwards left swing of his Battle Fire Saber. Double slashing another Human Husk down its body, as he looked down to his left to see a Swarmer which he proceeded to kick away.

Aragorn, and Tommy Oliver were also among the Heroes forming the defensive circle to protect the injured and healers. Aragorn thrusted his sword upwards through the stomach of a Marauder, as he pulled the blade out and decapitated the Turian Husk. Unknown to him, to his left a Scion aimed its arm cannon at him; Tommy managed to take notice of this.

"Watch out!" Tommy shouted, as he quickly turned around and got in front of Aragorn throwing his arms out to his sides, taking the Scion's three shots to his back directly causing him to cry out in pain while throwing his head upwards.

Aragorn was shocked by this as he watched Tommy fall to the ground, demorphing from all the damage he had taken, as Aragorn managed to drop down and catch him in time before he could hit it.

"Tommy!" Aragorn shouted, the legendary Ranger with his eyes closed as he appeared to be unconscious. Bruise marks, grime, and cuts all over his face.

When suddenly Aragorn was shot in the upper right of his chest, knocking him back to the ground causing him to drop Tommy.

"Aragorn!" Gimli, who was right beside Aragorn, shouted in shock as he rushed over to him.

Ezio aimed his crossbow forward to his left and fired, hitting and killing the Cannibal that had shot him. Gimli, on his left knee, watched as four other Heroes carried the wounded Aragorn, and Tommy away, as he got back on his feet gripping his battleaxe again with both hands, letting out an enraged battle roar as he charged forward.

Wendy collapsed onto her hands as she began catching her breath. Panting heavily as she was greatly exhausted from both the fighting, as well as from having used her magic so much today. Junko sat up, fully healed as he held his head against his right hand, still recovering a bit from the pain and his own exhaustion. Carla, who was back in her human form, ran over to Wendy, dropping beside her to her right on her right knee and hand.

"Wendy! You're exhausted. You need to rest for at least a few minutes and let your magic recover!" Carla said, a worried look on her face.

Wendy continued to catch her breath, until finally turning her head to look at Carla, "I… I can't." she says.

A determined look on her face, "None of the others… are stopping to rest. Which means neither can I. Everyone's still fighting, continuing to give everything they've got. Which means I need to continue fighting as well, no matter how exhausted I am!" she states.

Imperialdramon had been hit directly by a Reaper energy beam as he was blasted all the way back down to the ground crashing into it. He was then enveloped in golden energy, as he de-evolved separating back into Veemon, and Wormmon, as a small group of Heroes rushed over to their aid.

"Veemon!" Lexington shouted, as said Digimon managed to get back on his feet, albeit in pain and appearing very weak as he held his left arm with his right hand and his left eye closed, gritting his teeth.

"You alright?" Lexington asked, stopping beside him. Off to Veemon's right, Yellow Flash picked up an unconscious Wormmon and held him in her arms.

"I'm not… I'm not done yet." Veemon stated.

Before Lexington could say anything, Veemon ran forward leaving him in shock.

"Veemon Golden Armor Digivolve To!" Veemon leapt into the air as the golden light enveloping him intensified.


Completing his Golden Armor digivolution, Magnamon propelled himself higher into the air to rejoin the others. Magnamon joined up alongside Omnimon, and Gallantmon Crimson Mode, the three Digimon going back to back.

"Supreme Cannon!" Omnimon shouted as he fired his Garuru Cannon.

"Magna Blast!" Magnamon shouted as he unleashed multiple beams of golden energy from his armor.

Gallantmon raised and summoned to his right hand his spear, Gungnir, "Final Justice!" he shouted, as he threw the spear forward.

The three Digimons' attacks caused several Reapers around them to explode, destroying them.

Garrus fired his sniper rifle from atop a large mound of dirt and rubble, as he reloaded the gun and aimed in another direction firing again. Surrounding him, on different parts of the same mound were Legolas, Leliana, Sera, Usopp, Green Arrow, Hawkeye, Connor Kenway, and Finn, as they all fired their respective weapons into multiple directions. Garrus finished reloading his sniper again as he aimed down the scope, shooting an Abomination in the head as it attempted to attack Alphonse Elric from behind while he was grappling with a Cannibal. He reloaded again, while still aiming down the scope as he scanned for his next target, spotting a Collector trooper that had Sokka pinned to the ground as he shot it in the head as well, freeing the Water Tribe boy. Garrus lowered the sniper, beginning to reload again when a roar from the sky behind him made him turn his head and look up. Three Harvesters were flying right towards him and the others on the mound.

"Everyone, off the mound!" Garrus shouted, but it was too late.

The three Harvesters fired down at them, the shots hitting the mound as only Legolas, and Finn were lucky enough to jump away in time, while the others got caught in the explosions. Garrus was propelled off the top of the mound, crashing and rolling several feet away, losing his sniper rifle in the process, as his armor was now charred and damaged in some spots; his face now covered in grime, and blood as he struggled to push himself back up. Tali ran towards him, having been nearby and witnessing what happened, as she fired her pistol off to her right. She dropped down onto her left knee and quickly wrapped Garrus's left arm over her shoulders, lifting him up as she began to carry him away.

"You know, I'm starting to think explosions just really hate my face for some reason." Garrus jokingly says.

Before Tali can say anything back, her barrier is destroyed and a shot pierces the right side of her stomach, causing her to cry out in pain as she collapses forward to the ground, bringing Garrus with her. Garrus quickly rolls over and lifts his head up to look at her, a shocked expression on his face, "Tali!" he shouts.

As he looks behind them to see two Human Husks charging towards them followed by a Cannibal. Garrus grabs Tali's pistol as he proceeds to shoot all three of them dead, a shot to the head each, only to find the pistol now completely dry on ammo, which he himself was unfortunately out of as well, as he tossed the weapon away since it was now useless. Garrus then turned back over and began pushing himself up, now lifting Tali up with her right arm over his shoulders, "Hang on Tali, I gotcha!" he says as he begins walking.

Ashley fired her pistol, one slug at a time, to make her shots count. James to her left as he fired his Avenger rifle, also making sure to make each shot count since they were starting to run low on ammo; luckily having managed to scrounge up a little more from dead Cerberus troops around the battlefield. Ashley fired another shot, aiming further to her right, when suddenly a round penetrates her barrier and armor, going through her right shoulder. This made her drop her arm down as she cried out in pain. She fought through it and aimed the pistol towards where the shot came from, only to have another slug come from her right and go through her forearm, knocking it down to her left side as she cried out again.

"Ash!" James shouted, noticing this out of the corner of his right eye as he continued firing his gun.

Ashley looked down at her right arm, blood now seeping out from the bullet hole as it ran down her arm. The same, happening on her shoulder.

"Go get yourself patched up. I'll hold things here!" James says as he resumes firing.

Instead, Ashley grabbed the pistol out of her hand with her left one, "Not a chance." she says, aiming it back forward as she fires away.

"Ash, go get yourself taken care of! Don't need you bleeding out on us!" James urgently says, firing three more slugs.

"No way! These wounds are nothing. I can still fight!" Ashley states, firing again in a few directions.

"If Shepard were here, he wouldn't let these wounds slow him down either. As long as I can wield a gun and fire it, I'm fit for combat!" she says, a determined look in her eyes.

James looked at her out of the corner of his eye concerned. But he also knew how tough she was, as well as stubborn. If she said she was fine, then she was fine and there was nothing he could say or do that would stop her. Only Shepard would have been able to do that. As long as she didn't get any more injuries, or lose too much blood, he would just have to let her do her own thing. Otherwise he'd just be wasting his own time and energy as well as making himself an open target.

The two marines continued firing their weapons.

Ashley continued firing her pistol, "Come on Shepard. You've never let us down before. I know you can do it." she says in her head, as she stops firing and looks up, towards the Conduit beam as it continues shooting up into the sky.

"Chief, what are you doing?" Shepard questions him.

"The Crucible, requires organic energy for Synthesis. So long as you are organic, and not fully synthetic, it should work regardless of your kind." the Catalyst says.

The Spartan looks at Shepard, "Saving your life." he says.

"By sacrificing your own?" Shepard questions him, as Chief turns his full body towards him.

"A sacrifice is required no matter what. We Destroy the Reapers, we lose a lot of friends and allies doing so. We Control the Reapers, we risk losing control of them, leading to another war and more losses, perhaps even the end of everything if we can't use the Crucible again. Synthesis, everyone survives. Except for the person who would need to jump into that beam to give it the energy that it requires." Chief says.

"Which is what I'll do. The Reapers are my enemy, it should be me that puts a stop to all of this!" Shepard says.

"You have people that care for you Commander!" Chief states.

"And what, you don't?!" Shepard questions him, his voice slightly raised.

Everything was silent, even the battle raging around the Citadel was completely quiet.

"No… Not anymore." Chief says as he looks down slightly to his left.

"Everyone that I ever cared for, is gone. There's nothing left for me." Chief continues as he looks back towards Shepard.

Shepard bares his teeth, "I'm sure Blue Team, as well as Lasky, Palmer, Arbiter. Would say otherwise." he states.

"The same could be said for you! What about your friends? What about Ashley? Don't you love her?" Chief questions him.

"Of course I do! After everything we've been through together…" Shepard says as he looks down.

"Then return to her. Settle down with her, have a life! You have that option, I don't. I'm a soldier, that's all I've ever been. There is no "finding a girl for me" and "settling down when I retire". Fighting is all I've ever known; it's been my whole life. I could never live what's considered a "normal" life… So if there's anyone who's going to sacrifice themselves here today, it's going to be the one who has nothing left to return to." Chief says.

Shepard looks back at Chief, "I've had enough people sacrifice themselves for me since this whole goddamn war started, since I first encountered the Reapers. Kaidan, Mordin, Thane, Legion. Had I just made the right calls, had I just been able to find another way… Maybe they'd still be here with us. I don't want any more people sacrificing their lives for me." Shepard says.

Chief lowers his head, raising it back up after a few seconds as he begins approaching Shepard. The Commander stands his ground, keeping his focus on Chief's face as the Spartan walks right up to and stops in front of him, just inches away. The two stare at each other, both completely silent.

"I'm sorry Shepard." Chief says.

Chief punches Shepard right in the gut, knocking all the air out of him as Shepard clenches his teeth tightly letting out a groan of pain. Chief is silent as he continues looking down at him, "Ch… Chief…" Shepard weakly says, as he collapses to the ground.

"Thank you Shepard… for everything."

Po uppercuts a Wolf soldier stunning him, as he then smacks him with his belly sending him flying back; Po looking to his right in time to punch a charging Husk across the face as he then spins around throwing a high heel kick also across its face sending it spiraling into the air to the ground. Behind him, Tigress palm strikes a Husk to her left with her right hand, before doing the same to her right with her left hand against an Abomination. Around the two, were the rest of the Five as they continued fighting enemy soldiers, which now mostly consisted of just Reaper Husks. Po jumps up throwing an upwards front kick into the chin of another Human Husk, while behind him Tigress flips another Human Husk onto its back before striking it in the chest with another palm strike. A Foot Ninja jumps at Po from his left as he swings his sword down, Po stepping back to dodge this, as the panda then grabs the ninja by the back of his outfit and tosses him away high into the air causing him to cry out while flailing his arms around.

"Hehe, have a nice flight!" Po jokingly shouts with a chuckle, waving his left hand in the air.

Until he looks down and suddenly spots something that makes him gasp in shock with widened eyes. A Marauder was approaching from his right side, its attention, and gun, however, looking and aiming towards someone that was behind him. Tigress.

Po did a double take to confirm this as he looked back towards the Marauder; it fired its gun.

"Tigress!" Po shouted as he shoved her out of the way, causing him to take the three slugs instead to the upper left side of his back, as he collapsed straight to the ground on his front.

Tigress, who was on the ground, looked back at this, as the sight of Po lying on the ground with three bullet holes in his back caused her eyes to widen in complete shock and horror, "PO!" she cried out, as she began crawling toward him.

The Marauder reloaded its gun, only to receive a slap across the face from Viper before it could fire again.

Tigress crawled over to Po quickly putting her right hand on his side, "Po. Po! Do you hear me?" she called to him, shaking him a few times before finally pushing him over with both hands and holding him on his side.

Po groaned in pain, his eyes closed as blood was already seeping out from his wounds staining his white and black fur. He opened his eyes back up with a weakened look in them, "Hey Tigress… Looks like I got a bit unlucky this time. What can I say? I can't stop myself from saving people. Especially if it's a friend." he nonchalantly says with a small smile, his voice also sounding weak as he struggles to speak.

Tigress looked at him with a greatly worried expression, "Stop talking Po, save your energy!" she says with urgency in her voice, as she turned to look over her right shoulder, "Crane!" she calls to him.

Crane performs a jumping roundhouse kick across the face of an Oni, spinning around mid-air as he lands back on the ground facing towards his rear. He opens his eyes and spots the two as a shocked look immediately comes to his face at what he sees; quickly he flies over to them, while the others also rush over.

"Po!" Monkey cries out in shock and horror.

"Is he alright?!" Viper asks, also looking horrified.

Tigress picks Po up, who is now unconscious, with his right arm over her shoulders, "He's alive, but losing blood. We gotta get him over to the healing circle fast! Help me out Crane!" she says while gesturing over to his left side with her head.

Crane dashes over to Po's left side, wrapping his left arm over his shoulders.

"We'll clear the way for you guys and cover you!" Mantis says as he, Viper, and Monkey split off to clear a path for them to the circle, as well as to cover them; while Tigress, and Crane, begin to carry Po away.

Troy, in his Ultra Mode, throws a roundhouse kick into a Gormin; as he then begins to swing the kick back and forth between it and an X-Borg to his right, kicking them both repeatedly a couple of times before dropping his foot and spinning around, throwing a high heel kick across both their faces sending them to the ground. Troy then swings his Ultra Sword upwards to his left to slash a charging Abomination, followed by thrusting the blade backwards to his right into another Abomination, stabbing it through its stomach. Troy pulls the sword out as he then spins around to his left to slash both a Dai-Shocker combatman, and a Loogie as they both come at him from his rear. Meanwhile, the rest of his team who were also back in their Ultra Mode, along with the Gokaigers and Decade, fought more enemy troops behind him.

Troy twirled his sword around in several directions slashing two Human Husks multiple times until they eventually both went flying back. When suddenly a Reaper pod impacted the ground right behind him, making the Red Ranger turn around. A single Reaper Brute emerged from the impact site as it walked up to Troy, stopping in front of him as it roared. Troy was slightly taken aback by it, but quickly regained his composure as he lunged forward to attack; swinging his sword downwards, slashing the krogan-turian Husk hybrid down its body as it recoiled back and roared out in pain. This caused the Brute to retaliate as it swung its over-sized claw arm forward, forcing Troy to jump away backwards to his left, sliding back across the ground for a few feet as he charged right back forward towards it. The Brute attempted to backhand Troy with the same arm but Troy jumped into the air right over it, somersaulting over the Brute, as he straightened his body and turned around mid-air; coming down as he drove his sword into the Brute's back cutting down its entire body. The Brute roared out in pain once more, as it then collapsed forward to the ground dead.

Troy stood back up, only to immediately look to his right with a gasp of shock, as he was greeted and rammed right into by a charging Ogre headfirst. The Ogre, slamming Troy against a large slab of thick concrete as it then backed up, causing Troy to fall onto the ground as he lost hold of his Ultra Sword. The Ogre roared down at him, as Troy quickly pushed himself back up onto his feet, taking out his Mega Blaster as he proceeded to fire it directly at the Ogre's face. The first two shots hit the Ogre's face directly causing it to stumble back a step as it raised its right arm up to block the next couple of shots. A roar from Troy's left suddenly forced him to look to see another Abomination coming right at him, as he quickly side kicked the Husk back and shot it a couple of times with his blaster taking it down. Troy turned his attention back to the Ogre only to find himself getting grabbed by it in its right hand; the Ogre then began slamming Troy into the ground repeatedly several times, eventually backhand tossing him away, sending him breaking through the slab of concrete and crashing to the ground several feet away, sliding and rolling further across it.

Troy eventually came to a stop lying face down on the ground; as Emma, who had just finished dealing with a Marauder and two Cannibals, shooting all three of them with her Mega Blaster multiple times, looked over to her left spotting him.

Emma stood up with a gasp of shock, "Troy!" she shouted.

This caught the attention of both Marvelous, and Tsukasa. The Ogre was already walking towards the downed Red Ranger to finish him off, when it then began to receive a high volume of gunfire off from its right making it raise its arms up to protect itself again.

"Why you!" Marvelous angrily shouted as he, along with Don, Ahim, and Gai fired their Gokai Guns, and Gokai Spear Gun, towards it while approaching it.

The four Gokaigers eventually came to a stop several feet away from the Ogre, as the Darkspawn could do nothing but protect its face from the constant volley of energized metal balls, allowing Tsukasa, Joe, and Luka to run up beside the other four several feet to their right. The latter two inserted their Ranger Keys into their sabers, while Tsukasa inserted a Rider Card into his Driver.

"Final Attack Ride: D-D-D-Decade!"


The three released energy slashes towards the beast, hitting it and causing it to explode as it roared out in pain one last time, with the others letting up on their attack.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Megaforce Rangers rushed over, as Emma was already down beside Troy to his left checking up on him.

"Is he alright?!" Gia asked.

"How is he?!" Jake asked, both of them sounding worried.

Emma carefully began to roll Troy over, "Troy?" she called to him.

He is rolled onto his back, revealing the visor of his helmet completely destroyed, as everyone could see his eyes closed with grime and bruise marks around it; three trails of blood, trickling down his face with two on the left side of his face, and the other one going down the center to the right of his nose.

Marvelous, along with his team and Tsukasa, jogged over, "Hey, kid!" he called to him as they all came to a stop.

Troy begins to moan in pain, opening his eyes slowly after a few seconds, as he once again shows life.

"Troy? You alright?" Emma asks.

Troy begins to sit up albeit slowly, "Don't force yourself Troy!" Noah says, as Troy nonetheless gets all the way up and begins to slowly look around, regaining his senses.

"I'm… I'm alright." he says, though sounding a bit weak.

"My sensors tell me otherwise." Robo Knight speaks up.

"Take a look at him Doc." Marvelous says.

Don runs over to him, kneeling down in front of him also to his left as he puts his right hand on his shoulder, examining him through his broken visor; Troy, continuing to look towards the ground in a daze.

"You really don't look so good. We should take him to get healed up!" Don says as he looks back towards Marvelous.

"No!" Troy suddenly states, making everyone look at him.

He begins pushing himself back onto his feet, "I'm… I'm alright! I said I'm fine." he says.

Once up, he nearly falls back down making Emma and Don both flinch as they readied themselves to catch him, though he manages to remain on his feet as he stands hunched over slightly.

"You should really get yourself looked at, kid. You ain't looking so hot." Marvelous says.

"I'm fine." Troy said as he uprighted himself, turning his head to look towards Marvelous, "I can stand… I'm breathing… I can fight!" he states, a serious look in his eyes.

Seeing Troy act like this, made Marvelous quietly grunt, "Crazy kid." he quietly says.

Tsukasa though overhears it, as he turns his head slightly to look at him, "That's ironic coming from you." he says.

"Shut it." Marvelous retorts.

Laval, Eris, and their friends were fighting together elsewhere on the battlefield. Eris swings her Eglaxxor, slashing a Bat soldier across his chest; as to her right Laval locks blades with a Scorpion soldier, eventually breaking it as he pushes the Scorpion's weapon away and then backhand slashes him also across his chest, taking him out. As the Scorpion soldier falls down dead, several Husks are shown standing a couple meters away from the Lion Prince, all of them looking and growling towards him as they slowly begin to approach him.

Laval catches his breath, a serious look on his face with sweat running down it as he looks to his left to see Eris also looking towards the Husks before looking at him, also catching her breath with a serious look and sweat on her face as she holds her axe at the ready for more fighting. The Husks roared towards the two as the Human Husks, and Abominations began to charge towards them. Both Laval, and Eris, looked back towards them, as with a mighty roar, and screech, Laval raised his weapon forward into the air as they both began to charge towards them.

A large wall of fire erupted across the battlefield engulfing a large number of Reaper Husks. This fire, having been caused by Natsu, who was also no longer in his Dragon Force, as he panted heavily with sweat running down his grimed up face; both his arms swung over to his left side as the flames enveloping them dissipated. A Tartaros soldier rushed him from behind letting out a battle cry as he attempted to slash him with his battleaxe, only for Natsu to dodge to his left, turning around as he threw a fire punch into the side of the henchdemon's face, followed by jumping and throwing a flaming roundhouse kick to his right across the face of a charging Alvarez soldier.

Lucy, in her Sagittarius Star Dress, fired an energy arrow from her bow; as behind her Loke, and Sagittarius fought as well once again. Lucy took a step back releasing another energy arrow, as she then dropped to her left knee while turning to her right, shooting three more energy arrows simultaneously as she took out two Grimoire Heart mages, and a Death Eater, spread out on the ground, and atop two separate mounds of rubble and dirt as the Death Eater fell and rolled down his. Lucy stood back up lowering her bow, also panting in exhaustion with sweat running down her grimy face. Just then her outfit reverts back to her normal clothes, as she collapses onto her knees into a sitting position with her eyes closed.

"Lucy!" Natsu calls out to her as he runs toward her.

"You alright?" he asks, dropping onto his right knee beside her.

Lucy continues catching her breath, finally turning her head to look at him while opening her eyes, "Y-Yeah… Just getting really exhausted is all." she says.

"I'm pretty sure that's about everyone at this point." Natsu says. Even he was beginning to get exhausted, having been fighting for the entire day as well as from using his magic so much.

Lucy forces herself back onto her feet, "Come on, we need to keep going." she says, as she begins to walk forward.

When suddenly an arrow pierces her through her right leg below the knee, causing her eyes to widen as she lets out a scream of pain shutting her eyes.

Natsu's eyes went wide in shock upon seeing this as he turned towards her, "Lucy!" he cried out as he got up and dashed forward.

Sagittarius, having seen what happened, turned in the direction he projected the arrow having come from as he pulled back and released his own arrow, killing an Orc archer.

Natsu managed to catch Lucy before she hit the ground, with her right arm now over his shoulders as he held her by her wrist, and left side waist.

"Hang on Lucy, I'll get you to Wendy!" Natsu said, a serious look on his face.

"Natsu! We got you covered, get Lucy out of here!" Loke shouted while turned slightly to his right, as Sagittarius continued shooting down Reaper Husks.

"I'm counting on you!" Natsu shouted back as he lifted Lucy up, beginning to carry her away.

An explosion went off several meters to Natsu's right, as he continued carrying Lucy forward.

"Ow…" Lucy whimpered in pain, her left eye closed as she held her right leg up, which now had several trails of blood going down it, to keep herself from walking on it; the pain of course still present, and coursing through her body.

Natsu looked at her as he gave her a reassuring toothy smile, "Don't worry Lucy, you're going to be alright. I won't let anything happen to you." he says.

Hearing this from him, especially from him, seemed to alleviate some of the pain and discomfort coursing through Lucy's body, as she smiled back at him letting out a small giggle. Natsu continued smiling back at her while letting out a puff.

Suddenly, there was a splatter of blood on the ground. The whole world seemed to become completely white save for the blood, everything silent…

The blood, having come from Natsu's chest, as there was now the left hand of a Banshee going right through him, the Banshee standing directly behind him. Natsu faced down slightly to his front with a look of utter shock on his face, like he had yet to fully register what had just happened to him; while Lucy's eyes were widened with her irises shrunk down, the look in her eyes speaking shock, horror, and confusion, as her mouth hung slightly open.

The world returned to normal around Lucy, as tears gathered in her eyes as it soon began to hit her on what had just happened.

"NATSU~!" she cried out in absolute horror.

Natsu collapsed forward to the ground face down, a large hole in his back. Lucy looked down at him, completely frozen in shock as she now stood on both feet, the pain in her leg, not even mattering anymore as what she was feeling at this exact moment, was a whole lot worse than the pain coursing through her body. It was only when the Banshee let out a wail did her senses return back to the world as she quickly looked at it. The Banshee lowered its left arm, blood, Natsu's blood, now dripping down its long sharp fingernails as it covered all the way up to its wrist. The Banshee turned its head to look at the Celestial Spirit mage, as it once again let out its ear-piercing wail towards her.

Something began to stir inside Lucy. A feeling. That feeling… was rage… absolute rage. As she furrowed her brow and bared her teeth.

In a flash of golden light and in a split second, Lucy was transformed into her Cancer Form Star Dress, having already jumped past the Banshee with her right blade swung forward; the head of the Banshee, completely gone from its body, causing blood to come spurting out from its neck as the head landed on the ground a second later a few feet in front of Lucy. Lucy landed on the ground as she stood back up, the Banshee's body, heard collapsing behind her, as she then reverted back to her normal clothes.

A second after she did, she nearly collapsed to the ground, just barely managing to keep herself up as she could now once again feel the pain coursing through her entire body causing her to clench her teeth with a grunt and close her left eye; the pain now a whole lot worse considering what she had just done. That didn't matter to her however, not at this moment.

Natsu continued lying motionless on the ground, a small pool of blood having formed below his upper body area; as Lucy struggled to get over to him, limping across the ground toward him.

"H-Hang on Natsu… I'm coming." she says in a weakened voice.

She manages to reach him as she leans down and picks him up, wrapping his right arm over her shoulders, "I'm gonna… I'm gonna get you to Wendy… She's gonna heal you right up, and we're both going to be completely fine afterwards, like we always are." Lucy says, as she begins to carry him away.

"Go! Head for the circle!" Sora shouted as Dove, and Battle France carried an injured Nico Robin away.

Sora then turned his attention back forward as a Cyclonian Talon charged toward him with a battle cry. The Talon swung his staff downwards only for Sora to turn his body sideways and then spin around to his right, elbowing the Cyclonian in the back of the head; Sora then looking to his left in time to begin blocking the shots of an approaching B2 Super Battle droid, eventually deflecting one of the shots back into its body. This however didn't seem to faze it a whole lot as it continued approaching the Keyblade wielder, eventually it got close enough that Sora dashed forward to his left while dropping low a little, getting right next to it as he swung his Keyblade upwards, slashing it up its body cutting it in half. A sudden roar from directly behind him made Sora turn around instantly, as he was greeted by an Uruk Berserker as it was already swinging its sword upwards at an angle to its left; this forced Sora to jump back as he knew he wouldn't be able to bring his Keyblade up in time to block it, as he could feel, and hear his clothes ripping apart from the sword cutting through them. He landed on the ground on his back, but felt completely fine, meaning that the Uruk must have only managed to get his clothes with that swing; the Uruk raised its sword above its head as it looked down at him.

Sora thrusted his Keyblade toward it, "Aeroga!" he shouted, blasting the Uruk away with a powerful gust of wind.

Sora let out a sigh of relief as he laid his head back down on the ground to relax a little. Until he began to feel a slight stinging sensation coming from his body. Sora raised his head forward and looked down, wondering what it was. There was a large gash on his body, from his lower left to his upper right, where the Berserker had swung its sword to before. It had actually gotten him. He most likely hadn't felt it at the time because of all the adrenaline that was pumping through him, now that all the adrenaline was beginning to go away however… That stinging sensation soon turned into a burning one, which only grew worse from there, as Sora slowly lowered his head back with his eyes widening. Sora closed his eyes as he bared his teeth in a tight clench, before finally erupting into a scream of agonizing pain.


Sora dropped his head back on the ground, clenching his teeth once again as he began grunting, and groaning in immense pain several times.

Sora struggled to raise his Keyblade into the air, his entire arm shaking, as he eventually managed to do so though not without it continuing to shake unsteadily, "Cu… C…!" Sora struggled to say with a pained voice.

There was a slight green glow from the tip of his Keyblade, unfortunately however, it died immediately down after a few seconds. Sora's arm fell back to the ground out to his side. His magic power was completely dried out. Sora breathed heavily, his body rising up and down as everything within him screamed in pain from him doing just this; he then closed his eyes and gathered what strength he could, as he began feeling through his pockets for any potions he hopefully had leftover.

"Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on…" Sora continued to mutter repeatedly, as he patted down each and every one of his pockets… to no avail.

Sora once again dropped his arms outwards to the sides letting out a sharp exhale. He had used up all the potions, ethers, and elixirs he had on him throughout the battle, using them on himself, or for others who needed them. His situation was not looking good.

"Just my luck… where's Donald when you need him?" he questioned himself.

Shepard laid passed out on the floor of the Citadel. Chief, looking back at him one last time from a few feet away, "So, you have decided?" the Catalyst asks.

This brought the Chief's attention toward it, "Yeah…" he looked forward towards the energy beam, and then down at the floor, "Yeah, I have." he finished.

"Then you may proceed." the Catalyst says.

Chief looked back towards the Crucible beam, the light of it, reflecting off his visor. Looks like this… was the end of the road for him. Permanently. While he would have preferred going out taking those Reapers down with him, just ending this war, and having everyone survive it, was good enough for him.

"Thank you, everyone." Chief says.

As he begins to walk forward.

As he walked towards the beam, still memories of Sam, Sgt. Johnson, Miranda Keyes, and Cortana, floated by him to his left. Followed by still memories of Captain Lasky, Sarah Palmer, Thel 'Vadam, and Blue team, to his right. Closer he got to the beam; as then still memories of Shepard's teammates, Po and Tigress, Marvelous, Tsukasa and Troy, Laval, Eris, Natsu, Lucy, Happy and Sora, floated directly toward him in front of him on either of his side, first his right, then left, right again, and left again. Ending with a still image of Shepard himself, coming straight toward him.

He was doing this for all of them.

Chief continued approaching the energy beam. While several meters behind the unconscious Shepard, and the Catalyst, an unknown figure uncloaked themselves, curling the fingers of their dark armored right hand.

The Catalyst's head suddenly spun around to its left, seeming alarmed by something, "What are you doing here?!" it questioned someone.

Only for a kinetic energy blast to either destroy it, or force it away as it disappeared. Chief came to an immediate stop and turned around in alarm upon hearing this. At the end of the walkway, where he and Shepard first arrived here, stood a lone figure with their right arm stretched forward. The figure, turning out to be a bloodied Kai Leng, as his armor was completely damaged all over his body, his face covered with grime and bruise marks beside the blood, as his hair was now in a disheveled mess; at the center of his chest, was a hole the size of a small sword's blade.

"You have got to be kidding me!" Chief says in complete and utter shock at seeing him again.

Kai Leng sneered at the Spartan, as he then looked down slightly to his front left, spotting the knocked out Shepard on the floor. Chief followed his gaze and knew immediately what he was about to do.

"No!" he says with a raised voice.

Kai Leng lowered his right arm and began to run forward, towards the Commander with a monomolecular blade once again in his left hand, forcing Chief to begin running back to defend him. Both the Cerberus Assassin, and the SPARTAN-II closed in on the unconscious Shepard rapidly; as Kai Leng then launched himself forward into the air, letting out a battle cry as he thrusted his blade downwards. Only for Chief to get right in front of Shepard just in the nick of time, as he quickly unsheathed his combat knife and blocked the sword from stabbing him, sparks erupting from between their two blades. Kai Leng dropped to the floor, as he bared his teeth and began pushing against the Spartan with his sword, only for Chief to push back. It wasn't even a contest as Chief was already forcing Leng to bend his upper body backwards, the SPARTAN-II supersoldier, vastly outclassing the assassin when it came to shear strength, as Chief stared right into the face of Kai Leng, who stared right back. Just then, the corners of Kai Leng's lips curved upwards into a smile, as he let out a satisfied huff; Chief noticed this, as his head visibly shifted upwards slightly.

"Spartan…" Kai Leng began to speak, having now lowered his head to look at the ground.

"Your interference comes to an end." the voice of Harbinger suddenly speaks from him body.

This took Chief completely by surprise as his head once again visibly moved in shock, "What?" he says.

Kai Leng's right hand, which he had been holding behind his back since they locked blades, came forward with something in his grip. Suddenly there was the sound of someone being stabbed, Chief grunting in pain, as blood dripped onto the floor.

Kai Leng had brought and concealed a secondmonomolecular blade behind his back, most likely having grabbed it once he was locked with the Master Chief, as Chief had now been stabbed through his chest by the second blade. Chief could be heard gagging and then coughing inside his helmet. Kai Leng could only imagine with a grin on his face, the Spartan coughing up blood inside his helmet. Which he was indeed correct about; as inside Chief's helmet, a splatter of blood now covered a small part of the bottom half of the interior visor, Chief luckily still being able to see out through the top half, as the warning alarm went off with his HUD flashing red, signaling to him his now critical condition.

"D… Dammit…" Chief struggles to say, quietly, berating himself inside his head for having let his guard down like that at that exact moment of shock. Which was most definitely what Kai Leng, or Harbinger, had been going for.

Kai Leng begins to quietly laugh at this, with his volume rising as he raises his head to look back up at the Spartan's face again. Leng stops laughing, the grin returning to his face, as he then drops the sword in his left hand and reaches up to his visor, grabbing it and removing it from his eyes. He drops the visor to the floor, as he then opens his closed eyes, revealing them to now be completely glowing yellow, much like how a Collector's eyes would when they too became possessed by Harbinger.

"This… is where you all fall… Heroes." the voices of both Kai Leng, and Harbinger combined, say.

(Insert - The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King CR - 03. The Tomb Of The Steward (Start & Repeat 2:05-2:50))

More Reaper pods continued falling from the sky, all over into the city of London. The sounds of battle, now raging from everywhere. A Gondor soldier slashed a Human Husk across its throat, turning around to see another one coming towards him as he lunged at it and slashed it diagonally downwards to its left across the chest. A Systems Alliance soldier provided covering fire with their Avenger rifle, while to their right a few feet away, a UNIT soldier also fired back at the Husks, having to dodge and then melee one Human Husk across the face when it got too close and swung its right claw at him; behind them both, a wounded Firebender was being carried away by two Providence agents. An Orlesian soldier smashed the left side of a charging Abomination's face with his mace while slowly backing up, swinging again to his right to smash another Abomination's face, when he then began to get swarmed over by at least five other Abominations, bringing him to the ground behind a large rock as several seconds later, a large explosion erupted from behind it. Coalition soldiers returned fire at the Husks as a Clone trooper retreated back, only for a Swarmer to leap onto his back and then explode, covering his back in acid as he fell face forward to the ground and began screaming in pain and agony, squirming around as a US Army soldier, and female UNSC Army soldier rushed forward and began dragging him back to at least get him to safety.

The Husks pushed forward, those with long-range capabilities, firing away with their weapons. An Abrams tank took several explosive shots to its body causing it to erupt into flames as the turret went flying off into the air. A Bear soldier was shot dead as the other Coalition soldiers around him continued firing back at the Husks while slowly being pushed back. A Batarian fired a burst from his M-15 Vindicator, turning around as he began pulling back a bit further, reaching and taking cover against a corner building, as he peeked around it to look down another street where he spotted more Husks coming towards them. The Husks were engaging a Storm Kig-Yar and a female SHIELD agent, as both of them ended up getting shot dead several seconds later, with the Batarian then pulling his head back behind cover as he looked off to his right, raising his left hand to the side of his mouth.

"They're surrounding us!" he shouted as loud as he could.

A Dragon Rider exploded into flames as the dragon roared out in pain and began going down towards the river, two Harvesters flying right over it. The dragon crashed into the water, as up on the Tower Bridge, the Coalition soldiers of the 501st continued to fight on.

Lennox swung his sword down, cutting down a Human Husk. He then turned and thrusted the sword to his left into the stomach of a Marauder, making it come to a stop as he kicked it off his blade with his right foot. Build blocked a Husk's right claw with his raised left arm before stabbing it with his Drill Crusher, looking slightly to his left as he then raised the Drill Crusher up sideways to block the energy sword of an attacking Storm Sangheili; behind him, Zi-O kicked away a HYDRA soldier as he looked to his right in time to diagonally upwards slash a charging Techno soldier across its body. Rex ducked under the swing of a Commando Droid's vibrosword, as he came up and fired both DC-17s into it multiple times taking it down, then aiming the pistols to his front left to fire them into a charging Abomination. Rex turned further to his left side only to then have his right hand blaster knocked out from his hand by a shock baton, the pistol clattering across the ground as it hit the sidewalk coming to a stop. Rex looked back only to be immediately tackled to the ground by the Cerberus Centurion, as he sat up on top of the Clone Captain and pushed his helmet off, beginning to punch Rex in the face repeatedly.

In Manhattan the Coalition soldiers of the 7th were barely holding back a swarm of Reaper Human Husks, as eventually the Husks began to reach them, forcing the soldiers to once again begin engaging the enemy in close quarters fighting. Commander Cody fought alongside the Kyurangers, Lupinrangers, Patrangers, and Ryusoulgers, as the Clone Commander along with Shishi Red, Lupin Red, and Patren 1gou fired their weapons into two Reaper Brutes, while Ryusoul Red upwards slashed a Scion across its chest diagonally.

A Praetorian fired its cannons as the impacting shots caused an explosion that sent an Asari, Fereldan soldier, and Crocodile soldier flying into the air over a large rock. The three landed on the other side of it, as only the Asari continued to move afterwards, writhing around on the ground in pain; a second later, the White Ninja Steel Ranger dropped down beside her to her right to check on her. The Ranger then helped the Asari marine back onto her feet as she began to crutch carry her away. The Marines of the 5th Division were in a full retreat in the Amazonas, as Faramir attempted to provide some covering fire with his bow and arrows, with the aid of Dino Charge Red, and Ninja Steel Red on either side of him, as they fired their Dino Charge Morpher and Ninja Blaster respectively. Another Human Husk was shot in the head by one of Faramir's arrows, as it collapsed to the ground only to reveal the large horde of other Reaper Husks right behind it, as they continued to chase after the retreating Coalition troops.

Another Republic Venator was torn apart as it exploded to pieces. More Reapers continued flying forward towards the Earth, as a Destroyer walked on top of a heavily damaged Nebula-class Star Destroyer, coming to a stop near the center of it as it powered its energy beam up and fired it directly into the middle of the ship. The beam, coming out the other end beneath the ship at an angle, as the Destroyer eventually stopped firing after a few seconds and then jumped off from the ship flying away, the Nebula Star Destroyer, exploding apart seconds later. An A-wing spiraled out of control with its rear in flames before exploding into oblivion; a Swords Seraph fighter, being chased by two Oculus fighters as they shot at it, while a Galactic Ranger Kalebo fighter was also being shot but then hit causing it to explode, as the Oculus fighter that was chasing it flew through its remains.

The UNSC Infinity was starting to get hit by Reapers from multiple directions.

A console exploded right in the face of a female crewmember, making her cry out for a short second before collapsing to the left onto the floor, as a male crewmember rushed over to check on her. Sparks erupted from another console making the male crewmember manning it also cry out from the sparks hitting him in the face as he raised his arms up to cover it. The entire bridge was shaking violently as sparks erupted from nearly everywhere, the alarms blaring with the red lights flashing from the ceiling as bits and pieces of the ceiling were falling down all over the room.

"Captain, we've lost shields!" Roland shouted with extreme urgency.

"Divert power from whatever's not necessary to raise them back up!" Lasky ordered.

"Captain, there's too many Reapers! They're overwhelming us from all angles!" a male crewmember shouted from in front to his left.

"Dammit!" Lasky angrily shouted while throwing his head up and down as he slammed his hands onto the holotable while leaning over it.

He looked down slightly with his head lowered as his eyes darted from side to side, trying to figure out what his next course of action should be that could hopefully get them out of this situation. Unfortunately, there was absolutely nothing coming to his mind.

After a few more seconds, Lasky bared his teeth in a clench as he shot up, "Abandon the Infinity!" he shouted, a look of defeat on his face.

"Everyone, off the Infinity now! That's a direct order! Get to the escape pods! Roland, sound the evacuation now!" Lasky ordered, yelling with every ounce of strength he could muster as he looked all over the room and then down at Roland.

There was nothing more he could do to save the Infinity… it was over.

"Sir, Captain Lasky's ordering all hands to abandon the Infinity!" a female crewmember reported aboard Hackett's ship.

Admiral Hackett turned towards her with a look of absolute shock on his face.

"They've broken through! They've broken through!" a male marine could be heard shouting as at the landing zone outside London, the marines were in a retreat away from the outer perimeter.

The Husks, having overwhelmed them as they began swarming into the camp.

A US Marine backed up into a tent while firing his M4A1 forward to his left; turning slightly to look to his right as then a Human Husk leapt right onto him, bringing him to the ground as it then seemed to bite down into the right side of his neck, causing him to scream out. Outside the tent, some marines were continuing to run further back, while others stopped and turned around to resume firing on the Husks.

"Hold your ground! Hold your ground!" the New Republic Marine shouted from behind a sandbag wall while looking to his left, and then all the way to his rear.

"Find a spot, and hold your ground! This is it!" he continued to shout as he looked in multiple directions to his left again, eventually focusing back forward towards the Husks as he resumed firing his blaster rifle alongside the other marines on either side of him.

"Protect the wounded!" a female marine shouted, as a line of marines stood, crouched, or proned in front of the wounded that remained outside to try and protect them.

Those who could wield a weapon, joining in the fight to protect themselves and everyone around them as they fired at the Husks from wherever they sat, or laid down from. A wounded male Turian was shot multiple times across the body however, as he dropped back dead much to the shock and horror of the Salarian, and Unggoy on either side of him.

(Fade Out - The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King CR - 03. The Tomb Of The Steward)

Harvesters had now joined the air battle between the Heroes, and Reapers, as the Heroes were now being forced to act more on the defense rather than the offense. War Machine received a shot to the back from a Harvester, causing him to cry out as he began going down. Stargirl fired a beam of energy from her staff, only to be forced to begin flying away as there were now three Harvesters chasing after her. MirageGaogamon Burst Mode flew up towards a Destroyer only to be blasted back towards the ground by its energy beam. Superman fired his heat vision at full power as he flew up beside a Reaper capital ship, reaching the top of it as he stopped firing and then flew into it, coming back out at the bottom of the Reaper as it then began to explode from the inside. Iron Man fired his repulsors in both directions to his front, as Superman flew up beside him several feet to his left.

"This isn't looking good anymore Supes!" Iron Man said, sounding very worried inside his helmet.

"No need to tell me that. But we can't give up. We've got to keep fighting!" Superman stated.

Suddenly Superman was hit by a Reaper energy beam coming from behind to his left, as the beam blasted him away towards the ground making him cry out in immense pain as he was soon fully engulfed within it.

"Superman!" Iron Man shouted in horror.

Superman crashed to the ground somewhere on the battlefield. As meanwhile, J and the others now found themselves facing a large, large number of Reaper capital ships, and Destroyers, both on the ground, and in the air. Every single Reaper fired their energy beams at them, as Ben got in front of them and fired back with his cosmic rays, only for the combined Reaper beams to overpower his causing them to slam into the group of giant Heroes making them cry out as they were engulfed in multiple large explosions.

Erza cuts down another Human Husk, as she uprights herself and looks forward to see now nearly every Hero either retreating, or being forced backwards towards them. Several Heroes at least, continuing to fight away from the circle.

"This isn't good, they're starting to route us!" Wes states.

"They already have us surrounded at this point. Now they're just forcing us all together so they can finish us off in one final push." Double/Shotaro says.

Erza turns her head to look at Double, a determined look in her eyes, "It doesn't matter!" she looks towards Wes, "Keep fighting and holding them back with everything you've got!" she orders.

"Yeah, yeah. Don't need to tell me twice!" Double/Shotaro says in agreement.

"It's not like we got much else of a choice." Wes says.

A Harvester was blown away by a fireball shot by Saphira, as she and Eragon, and the other Dragon Riders, along with a few of the remaining flying Heroes, protected the air around the healing circle. Tigress and Crane carried Po into the circle as they finally reached it, a lot more wounded Heroes in the circle now.

"We need help over here!" Tigress shouted, looking over towards Doctor Fate several meters to her right as he was healing an injured Clover King.

Doctor Fate turned his head to the left to look at her, "We're overwhelmed as it is! Just put him down, do what you can for him, and we'll be right over as soon as we can!" he shouted to her.

Tigress snarled at this with her brow furrowed, but she could do nothing more but listen as she, and Crane, carefully laid Po on the ground on his back. The Panda, conscious but with his eyes closed as he moaned in pain weakly having lost more blood which now stained more of his body.

"Go help the others, I'll do what I can to care for Po." Tigress tells Crane, as he then flies off to go assist in the fighting once more.

Tigress looks back down at Po and walks over to his left side, as she drops onto her knees and covers his bullet holes with both her hands, which were luckily grouped close together, as this of course made Po wince in pain with a sharp exhale followed by another moan.

"It's alright Po! I'm just stopping the bleeding!" she tries to reassure him, not like there was much else she could do for him now unfortunately.

Po groaned in pain again, "T… Tigress…" he began to speak.

"Stay strong Po. You'll get help soon." Tigress says to him.

Po opens his eyes halfway as he looks at her, "Tigress…" he says again, catching her attention.

"If I don't… If I don't make it. Tell my dad… tell Master Shifu… that I'm sorry."

"No! No, don't you dare say that again! You are going to get out of this alive like we all are! We're going to return to the Valley, and we're all going to celebrate at your father's noodle restaurant together! After all, you make some really good noodles." Tigress says, a forced open smile on her lips as she was now trying to comfort him.

"Hehe. Yeah… Yeah I really do huh?" Po agrees.

Tigress lightly chuckles at this. When suddenly a high-velocity slug goes through her left shoulder knocking her up and back as she cries out, another hitting her a second later as it goes straight through her chest; she makes no noise this time as her eyes close shut and she collapses forward landing right on top of Po's body.

Po's eyes widened in complete shock and horror as he felt his strength return to him for this brief moment so that he could cry out, "TIGRESS!"

The Megaforce Rangers, along with the Gokaigers, Decade, and the Legends of Chima, fought together at the edge of the circle, continuing to hold back the advancing Reaper Husks alongside the other fighting capable Heroes to protect the wounded and the healers. Troy still fought on, his visor still broken, as he gripped his Ultra Sword's handle with both hands and swung it down diagonally to his left to cut down a Marauder. Marvelous slashed a Cannibal across its chest to its left, as behind him to his right Tsukasa fired his Ride Booker in gun mode off to his front right. Laval drove his sword into the stomach of a Scion as he began pushing it back, eventually jumping up to force the large Husk onto the ground as Eris then quickly rushed over and slammed the blade of her axe into its face, splattering blood all over hers.

Lucy continued to drag the critically wounded Natsu across the battlefield, the pain in her body continuing to get worse the longer she continued to walk, "Just hold on Natsu. We're almost there." she says.

He still had yet to move or say anything since being impaled by the Banshee, though Lucy could hear and feel his breathing, albeit it was very, very weak.

A joyous look soon came to Lucy's face as her eyes lit up, "There it is Natsu! I can see the circle!" she says.

She could indeed see the circle of Heroes as they continued holding off the Reaper Husks. All she had to do now was get close enough to get their attention, and they would be home free.

"We've almost made it." Lucy says, a look of relief now on her face.

A Harvester descended from high in the air as it fired a single shot from both its cannons, both of them unknowingly, flying right towards Lucy and Natsu, as the shots impacted the ground several feet away to their right. The force of the explosions, still hitting Lucy as she lost her balance and stumbled to her left, right towards the edge of a crater as she was unable to hold her footing causing her to fall in with Natsu. Lucy lost hold of Natsu and hit the ground sideways, rolling down towards the center of the crater as this caused pieces of the arrow to break off while also causing it to shift around a lot in her leg; Lucy finally came to a stop face down, as she then threw her head up and screamed in absolute agony. The pain in her body, having skyrocketed now from the arrow having moved around so much in her leg, as she held her face close to the ground with her eyes closed, groaning in intense pain with her teeth clenched shut.

Her eyes then shot open in realization and she gasped, "Natsu." she said, as she looked to her left.

Natsu had rolled a bit further away from her, having stopped on his right side, as Lucy began to painfully pull herself over to him across the ground, feeling that she could no longer stand in her current condition. After pulling for about a minute, she finally reached him, "Natsu. Natsu?" she called to him, as she reached over to him with her right hand, and pulled him by his arm making him roll onto his back, his eyes still closed shut.

"Natsu?" Lucy called to him again, quieter, and with her voice beginning to break as tears started to swell up in her eyes.

She pulled herself closer to him again, "Come on Natsu, wake up. Please, at least do something to show me that you're okay." she began to plead.

Lucy then managed to push her upper body up allowing her to look down at Natsu's face.

"Natsu?" Lucy called to him again, still no response.


Still nothing.

Lucy laid her head down on the left side of his chest pressing her left ear against it, listening for a heartbeat. She could hear one, but it sounded weak, and was beating slow… way to slow. This caused her eyes to widen in absolute horror once more.

She shot her head up from his body, "DAMMIT COME ON NATSU WAKE UP!" she cried out as loud as she could.

Not a single bit of movement from him still.

Lucy's tears began to run down her face, dripping onto the ground as she started to cry.

"No… Please… Not after… Not after everything we've been through." Lucy began to speak, her head lowered as she faced down towards the ground with her eyes closed.

"You've come back… you've always managed to come back, from so much worse. This shouldn't be anything different. You're strong Natsu, I know you are, you always have been. You've never been someone who gives up, no matter how beaten, no matter how close to death you are, you've always managed to get back up in the end, to finish the fight. To protect all of us, to protect Fairy Tail, to protect all of your friends… to protect me…"

Lucy raised her head and opened her eyes to look back at Natsu's face, "So if you can hear me Natsu please, wake up. We need you… I need you. I've realized now that I can't… I can't see myself, continuing to live my life normally without you there, beside me. You mean so much to me, and I hate myself for having taken so long to discover this. You are more important to me than you will ever realize. You brought me to Fairy Tail, you formed a team with me on my very first day, you have always been there for me when I needed it."

A saddened smile comes to Lucy's lips, "Don't you remember? There was something I was going to tell you after all of this was over, something really important, and I didn't want to tell you before because, I was afraid of some stupid foreshadowing… Well I'm still going to hold onto that, I'm still going to tell you what it is after this is over… because I know that you're going to be alright… We all are; and then we're going to return home, to Fairy Tail, to everyone. We're going to restart and finish that 100 Year Quest, and then after we've finished with that, we're going to continue going on even more adventures together, forever, all the way to the end of our days. After all, wasn't it you who said, that "we're always gonna be together now"?"

Natsu continued to remain motionless. After a few seconds, Lucy lowered her forehead onto the side of his chest, "Please Natsu… don't leave me…"

"I… I love you…" Lucy said, finding herself, unable to continue holding it back anymore.

There was a trail of blood leading across the ground somewhere, the sound of Sora grunting, could be heard. As the trail led all the way to him just several feet away; the Keyblade wielder slowly, and painfully, pulling himself along the ground with his right arm, while holding his left arm against his body and leaning up a bit to his right to prevent himself from dragging his large wound fully across the ground.

Sora bared his teeth in a clench, a heavy amount of sweat running down his face, as he continued pulling himself along the ground, "Gotta… gotta get… to the circle." he said to himself, struggling to speak.

Unfortunately for him, there was no other Hero around as far as he could see, everyone most likely having retreated towards the circle to protect the wounded and healers, and because the Reaper reinforcements were slowly starting to overwhelm them all over the battlefield. Luckily it also meant that there were no Husks around him since they were all focusing on where the majority of the others were. Just then a Reaper pod crashed to the ground several feet behind him, drawing the Keyblade wielder's attention toward it with a gasp of shock as his eyes widened. Three Human Husks emerged from the pod as they stood up and began to look around, their eyes landing on Sora as the one closest to him let out a snarl.

"Oh crap…" Sora said with a highly worried look on his face.

The Husk roared at him as the other two began to charge past on either side of it, the third following a second after as they headed straight towards Sora. Sora attempted to continue crawling away, but knew he wasn't going fast enough as the Husks were beginning to close in on him; the Keyblader looked back as he then shut his eyes and prepared himself for the inevitable. The Husks were just about to reach him, when suddenly a green lightsaber blade sliced all of their heads off. Sora heard three thuds in front of him and no longer heard the growls of the Husks, nor did he feel himself starting to get torn apart by them, as he opened his eyes to see what had happened; the headless bodies of the Husks lied on the ground, as then a pair of familiar dark red boots walked in front of them making Sora look up.

"Sora!" Ahsoka Tano nearly shouted, her eyes widened in shock as she deactivated her lightsaber and ran toward him.

"Ahsoka!" Sora says, a relieved look on his face as he was extremely glad to see her.

Ahsoka ran up to him and dropped onto her right knee beside to his right, as she raised her right hand towards the gash on his body making sure of course not to touch it.

"Oh my God! Are you alright?!" she asked him in a highly concerned tone.

"I mean… Yeah it hurts a lot, quite a lot actually." Sora winced in pain, closing his eyes for a second, "But otherwise I'm alive right?" he says, as always trying to remain upbeat even considering his current situation as he even gave her a forced toothy smile.

Ahsoka proceeded to wrap her right arm around his shoulders, doing the same for his left arm over her shoulders as she began to lift him up, "Come on, I'll get you out of here!" she says, as she begins to carry him away.

Anakin and Obi-Wan were both part of the circle's defenders, "Where's Ahsoka?!" Anakin asks his master, as he then cuts a charging Abomination in half diagonally down its right.

"I haven't seen her for a while, we got separated during the fighting. Don't worry Anakin, she can hold her own." Obi-Wan tries to reassure him.

"Not against all these Husks she can't! Not by herself, especially if she gets surrounded!" Anakin says, worried for her.

"Right now we need to focus on holding this circle so that our wounded don't get swarmed by the Husks! If she gets in trouble, I'm sure she'll know to come straight here." Obi-Wan says.

"I sure hope so." Anakin says.

Ashley and the rest of Shepard's teammates, minus Garrus and Tali, continued firing their weapons at the Husks having now joined the defensive circle. Wrex headbutted a Human Husk in the face knocking it onto its back, as he then raised his right foot up and slammed it onto the Husk's head causing blood to splatter all over the place; while to his right past Miranda, and Zaeed, Grunt bashed a Marauder across the face with the butt of his shotgun. Both Garrus and Tali were inside the circle being tended to for their injuries, as Tali's wounds were being healed up by Wendy, while Garrus was being cared for by Dorian Pavus. Ashley fired her pistol two times, aiming a bit further to her right as she fired again, this caused her gun's thermal clip to overheat as this was unfortunately her last one forcing her to discard the weapon, tossing it to the ground to her right.

"I'm out!" Ashley stated loudly.

"I'm dry too!" James said as his rifle's clip overheated as well, making him drop it to the ground as to his right Ashley looked around for something to use for a weapon.

Ashley leaned forward to her left and picked up a Fereldan Captain Longsword from the dead body of a Red Templar soldier, while James found the halberd of an Easterling warrior down behind to his right. The Blue Overdrive Ranger, and Kevin Levin could be seen still fighting Husks several feet away from the circle, while out past them, coming towards the circle of Heroes was a large horde of Reaper Husks.

All of Shepard's teammates now wielded an assortment of various weapons in their hands, save a few of the biotics who powered them up, having run out of ammo completely as well; most notably was Wrex wielding a Jiralhanae Type-2 Gravity Hammer over his right shoulder, as to his right Zaeed held the vibrosword of a Commando droid, Miranda wielded the staff of a Cyclonian Talon, while Grunt wielded two Morning Star maces from Venatori Gladiators.

"So, I guess this is it, huh?" Kasumi spoke, holding a Phantom's monomolecular blade as her weapon that she found on the ground.

"Yep, looks like it." Jack says, her biotics activated as she didn't wield any weapons, preferring to use just her own fists to punch the shit out of every Husk that came at her.

"Then let us make this last stand a memorable one! One that will be remembered for generations to come!" Javik stated, wielding an Uruk Berserker's sword.

"Not like it's gonna matter if the Reapers win since then no one will be alive to remember this. But I like the enthusiasm!" Wrex says.

"Come on then you lot! Let's get 'er done and over with!" Zaeed shouted.

"For Shepard!" Ashley shouted, as the group let out a unified battle cry and charged forward.

Chief collapsed onto his hands and knees, having difficulty breathing while continuing to cough inside his helmet, blood also continuing to seep and drip out onto the floor from the stab wound in his chest. The Harbinger possessed Kai Leng casually walked over behind the Spartan to his right, once again wielding only a single monomolecular blade in his left hand, as he came to a stop and turned his head to look over at the still unconscious Shepard for a few seconds, before looking back down at Chief.

"Once I kill you. Shepard is next. Your fellow Heroes, your Coalition, they will not survive for much longer. You have lost." Kai Leng/Harbinger says.

Chief coughed again, as he went back to trying to catch his breath, "Do all villains just enjoy talking and hearing the sound of their own voices? It's a wonder you ever get anything accomplished, let alone killing people." Chief jests, remaining calm and collected to the very end.

Kai Leng/Harbinger bares his teeth in anger, as he pulls his sword back into the air at an angle and thrusts it downwards, stabbing Chief again but now through his midsection, as this causes the Spartan to grunt again in pain, suppressing the urge to yell out.

"Why must you organics and synthetics fight back against us? Why can you not just accept your fates and be harvested? All you do is prolong the inevitable."

Chief groans in pain, "You're asking people to just roll over and die! What, did nobody teach you that no one likes to die before their actual time is up? And I can say from personal experience, that no one likes having their entire civilization wiped completely out of existence!" Chief says.

"No matter. Just as the cycles before yours, we will complete what we were created for, and no one will stop us." Kai Leng/Harbinger says, as he raises his sword back into the air again just like before, this time aiming for the Chief's chest again, right where his heart would be.

Chief tries to move, but his body was saying otherwise as all he could do was clench his fists tightly in anger.


"Spartan…" Kai Leng, his voice speaking alone this time, says as a triumphant smirk comes to his lips.

Kai Leng thrusts his sword down, only to be tackled away by a recovered Commander Shepard, as the Commander pushes Kai Leng further back, and back across the walkway with his feet off the ground away from the Master Chief.

Chief raises his head to look forward, "Shepard!" he calls out to him in shock.

Shepard eventually slams Kai Leng onto the ground, as the Cerberus Assassin manages to turn onto his back in time just as Shepard sits down on top of him and begins punching him in the face repeatedly, alternating between his right and left fists. Shepard continues punching away at Kai Leng, blood soon flying out from both his nostrils and his mouth, as eventually Kai Leng manages to grab and stop Shepard's right fist, followed by his left fist. The assassin bares his teeth in absolute anger as he throws his head up and headbutts Shepard right in the nose, knocking Shepard back onto his feet as he stumbles back a little dazed. Kai Leng stands back up, as he then charges towards the Commander closing in as he brings his sword back and thrusts it forward; right into the right side chest of a recovered Master Chief, as he gets right in front of Shepard with his arms outstretched to take the hit for him.

"Chief!" Shepard cries out in shock and horror, having recovered and then witnessed this.

Kai Leng pulls his sword out, as Chief throws a straight left punch towards his face only for Leng to spin around to his left maneuvering around the Chief's right side, getting behind him as he without looking, aims his palm blaster and fires it into Chief's back blasting him forward to the ground.

"Chief!" Shepard cries out again as he charges forward.

Throwing his own punch with a left hook only for Leng to duck down and spin around again, cutting Shepard at the top of his right thigh, causing him to yell out in pain as he collapses forward to the ground. Kai Leng walks over to in front of the Commander, as he then leans down and grabs him by the throat lifting him into the air; Kai Leng then walks over to the right side of the walkway extending his arm forward, as he now dangles Shepard right over the edge. Nothing in sight for far below where Shepard could land without getting killed by the fall. Shepard didn't even attempt to struggle, knowing how pointless that would be considering the circumstance he was in as he just held on to Kai Leng's arm with both hands while baring his teeth in pain. Shepard cracked his left eye open a bit, as he raised his eyesight to look towards Kai Leng's face, finally taking notice of his glowing yellow eyes.

"Kai Leng possessed by Harbinger? What the hell did I miss?" he questions no one in particular.

"Your interference finally comes to its end, Shepard." Kai Leng/Harbinger states.

Shepard opens both his eyes to look at him, "Seriously, what is that your catchphrase at this point?" Shepard says in a joking manner with a serious look on his face.

Another Harvester went down roaring in flames as Saphira soared right over it. Down on the ground, multiple Marauders and Cannibals aimed their weapons up towards the dragon as they open fired on her, along with a few Ravagers, Scions, and Praetorians. Multiple projectiles were now flying up past Saphira all around her as she did a roll, just then several slugs went right into her hitting along the lower right side of her body followed by a few in her right wing. This caused her to roar out in pain.

"Saphira!" Eragon shouted, as the dragon began going down towards the ground.

Saphira crashed to the ground, sliding for several feet kicking up a cloud of dust as she eventually came to a stop, in a way luckily, right in front of a part of the circle.

"Eragon! Saphira!" Aedan shouted, as he along with Hawke and Maxwell rushed forward along with a few others around them.

The dust died down revealing an unconscious Saphira as Eragon dropped down from the saddle, turning around to look at her as the others came running up to him from behind.

"Saphira!" Eragon said again, placing his hands on her in concern.

Aedan rushed up to his left putting a hand on the back of his shoulder, "She breathes, which means she'll be alright once our healers start taking care of her wounds. Until then we need to get her into the circle and reform the line if we are to protect her and everyone else!"

Ratchet, Jolt, and Atom-Smasher rush over as the latter two carefully pick her up, "Do not worry, she will be cared for just like everyone else." Ratchet says to Eragon, as he turns and follows after the two.

"Alright everyone, back to the circle!" Aedan orders while pointing with his sword.

Erza was now duel wielding two swords as she, Wes, and Double, along with the other Heroes around them continued holding off the growing number of Reaper Husks that were attacking them. Kamen Rider V3, along with Luke Cage and Slam Tasmanian held a small part of the circle in another area; when suddenly V3 was hit by a Ravager from several meters away, blasting him around towards the ground as he cried out before hitting it. Luke and Slam continued trying to hold their position, only for Slam to get shot a couple of times across his body causing him to fall backwards to the ground, while Luke was swarmed over by Human Husks bringing him to the ground as they dogpiled right on top of him. This allowed the other Husks to begin pouring through the opening as the Heroes on either side attempted to close it back up but to no avail.

The Red Samurai Ranger cut a Scion down some distance away to the right side of the opening, as he then turned his head around taking notice of it.

"They've broken through! Everyone!" he began to shout as loud as he could as he turned his head further to face his rear, "They've broken through!"

Erza slashed another Cannibal across its chest to its left as she then heard this, turning to look to her left with a look of shock and horror on her face as she gasped.

"Are you serious?!" Double/Shotaro questioned as he, and Wes also turned in shock.

Ironhide was making his way towards the opening along the inside edge of the circle so as to not risk trampling over any of the wounded, "Seal up that breach!" he shouted while pointing towards it with his right hand.

Only for the Autobot to get hit three by explosive shots fired by the Husks to his left side, causing him to cry out in pain as he spun around and began to collapse to the ground on his back; falling right towards a small group of recently recovered Heroes as they came to forced stop, quickly jumping or diving away just in the nick of time so as to not get crushed by Ironhide as he hit the ground.

"Bastards!" Utchy, Kyoryu Gold angrily shouted from in the air as he began to descend towards the ground towards the opening, followed by the Yellow Wild Force Ranger behind to his left and Fire to his right.

Utchy aimed his GabriChanger alongside Taylor with her Crystal Saber, Fire extending both hands forward together, "Fire!" Taylor shouted as she and Utchy fired a volley of yellow and gold energy blasts, while Fire shot a stream of emerald flames from her hands.

The energy bolts hit a couple of Husks down below in the horde while Fire used her flames to begin burning a large number of them up; the three Heroes pulling up a bit and continuing forward so as to not get too close to the ground. Of course the Husks with long-range capabilities returned fire up at the flying Heroes, as a heavy volume of projectiles were now flying all around the three. A Praetorian fired its particle cannons as both beams slammed directly into Fire blasting her back much to the shock of the other two, as her body returned to normal before crashing onto the ground inside the circle; while a Ravager fired its cannons, hitting Utchy as he began falling straight towards the ground. Utchy crashed to the ground on his back, as Human Husks began swarming towards him from all directions.

Doctor Fate along with Morrigan, and Katara were forced to begin engaging the Husks from long range using their magic and bending to protect the wounded; meanwhile Kamen Rider Black, Blue Devil, and Brooklyn stood back up on their feet even though they were injured as they too rushed forward to also fight the Husks. Black threw a punch across the face of a Marauder as he continued past it, followed by Blue Devil off to his right as he fired an energy beam from his pitchfork blasting away a Scion, Brooklyn flew forward only to get smashed into the ground by a Brute.

Aragorn and Tommy also stood up even though they weren't fully recovered, Tommy morphing back into his Green Ranger suit as the two held their respective weapons at the ready, "For the Multiver~se!" Aragorn shouted before he and Tommy then charged forward, Tommy letting out a battle cry.

Any Hero who could stand up at this point, no matter how injured they were, began to do so; among them Po and Tigress, gathering whatever strength there was left in them, as their wounds at least had been bandaged up by Chopper who transformed into his Heavy Point beside Po. The three stood ready to fight once again, determined looks in all of their eyes.

Troy cut another Human Husk down with a downwards diagonal horizontal slash to his right, as he then looked to his left too late as he was tackled to the ground by another Human Husk.

"Troy!" Emma shouted as she saw this, only to then get tackled herself by three more Human Husks.

"Don't leave yourself open even for a second!" Marvelous shouted as he continued firing his Gokai Gun in multiple directions; swinging his saber to deflect one shot, only to then get volleyed into by several dozen more shots across his body, eventually making him collapse backwards to the ground.

"Marvelous!" the rest of his crew cried out in shock upon seeing this.

"Keep fighting, don't stop!" Tsukasa shouted at them before resuming firing his gun, wanting to check up on Marvelous himself but knowing that if he did he'd risk getting swarmed over or shot as well by the Husks.

Laval slashed an Abomination upwards across its chest, as behind to his right Eris swung her axe forward into the body of a Marauder bringing it down. Exhaustion then overtook Eris's body causing her to collapse onto her left hand and knee as she began rapidly breathing trying to catch her breath, her eyes closed as she was now finding it difficult to move any part of her body again.

Laval happened to turn his head towards her as he took notice of this, "Eris! What are you doing? Get up!" he yelled at her.

This however made him fail to notice the Human Husk running right towards him from behind to his left, as the Husk got close enough and swung its right claw down forward, slashing Laval diagonally down his back making him cry out in pain.

"LAVAL!" Eris yelled out with her eyes open upon hearing this.

Laval spun around and slashed the Husk dead, blood now staining his blue cape around where the claw marks were.

"I'm alright!" Laval shouted back to her while looking slightly over his right shoulder.

Laval watched as Eris forced herself back onto her feet and resumed fighting, allowing him to focus back forward, "Bring it on!" he yelled out as he charged forward.

An Abomination crept up to the edge of the crater Lucy and Natsu were in, spotting the two Fairy Tail mages as it then let out a roar down towards them. This caught Lucy's attention as her head shot up with widened eyes and a gasp of shock, as she turned around to see the Abomination as it began running down the slope into the crater. Her magic all but depleted Lucy quickly went for and grabbed her Fleuve d'étoiles whip, bringing it out and extending the watery whip forward as she swung it smacking the Abomination across the face sending it spinning around onto the ground. Unfortunately its roar had brought the attention of more Husks over to the crater, luckily just Human Husks entirely, as they began to run down into the crater towards Lucy.

Lucy stood up with a serious look in her eyes, "After all the times you've protected me. It's my turn to protect you!" she stated. Unbeknownst to her, the index finger of Natsu's right hand moved slightly.

The Husks reached the bottom as they began to charge towards Lucy. Lucy let out a battle cry as she swung her whip horizontally to her right, smacking away the first several of them; the next batch arrived at the bottom of the crater, as Lucy swung again but to her left, smacking them away as well. Lucy just continued swinging her whip back and forth from side to side to keep the Husks from getting close to her, as unfortunately there was one Husk that slid down into the crater to her rear left which went completely unnoticed to her. The Husk stared towards Lucy while growling, as it then began to charge toward her. The Husk rapidly approached her as she still had not yet taken notice of it, when suddenly a flaming right fist swung into view towards its face, smashing directly into it as this blasted the Husk away into the slope of the crater with a loud boom!

Lucy heard this and turned her head to her left in shock and confusion wondering what had just happened. What she saw, more precisely, who she saw was Natsu, back on his feet facing towards her rear appearing to have punched something away as there was a cloud of dust some feet away with his right fist enveloped in fire.

"I'm not… I'm not done yet." Natsu stated, as he was breathing heavily.

Tears gathered back in her eyes, but this time they were tears of happiness, "Natsu." Lucy said.

Natsu straightened his body, as he then turned slightly to look to his right towards Lucy, "Let's finish this fight together, Lucy." he said.

"How much longer until you can heal yourself again?" Ahsoka asked Sora as she continued carrying him toward the circle.

"In this condition… and with how exhausted I am, probably not for a long while." Sora answers.

"Oh great, so you're just a boy now wielding a giant key for a sword." Ahsoka says in a joking manner as she looks at him with a playful smirk.

Sora chuckles at this, albeit weakly, "Basically, yeah. So is that really going to be the last thing you say to me before I die?" he also jokingly says.

"Not if I have anything to say about it." Ahsoka says.

Suddenly at least seven Reaper pods crash all around the two young Heroes forcing them to a stop. From every single one of them, Human Husks emerged as combined there was a very large number of them, too many for Ahsoka to handle alone along with trying to defend Sora since he wasn't in any condition to be fighting. The two bared their teeth at them in a serious manner, Ahsoka looking all around as she unfortunately saw that they were completely surrounded with no way out for them. Looks like there was no other choice, they were going to have to hold their ground and either take them all down, or this was going to be the end for them, as there was not a chance Ahsoka was going to leave Sora behind to save herself.

Ahsoka used the force to bring her lightsaber into her left hand as she ignited it, while Sora, not wanting to go down without a fight, swung his right hand out and summoned his Keyblade to it.

Chief forced himself back onto his feet as he turned around, spotting the situation Shepard was in. Acting quickly he brought his combat knife out and tossed it at Kai Leng, embedding it into his shoulder with enough force that caused Leng to turn bringing Shepard back over the walkway. Shepard saw the knife and reached forward with his left hand grabbing it, as he then used it to stab Kai Leng in his arm, making the assassin drop him as Shepard fell onto his back. However he had lost his grip on the knife which was still in Kai Leng's arm, who pulled it out as he then tossed it off the walkway so it could not be used against him anymore. By the time Kai Leng looked back forward, Chief was already leaping towards him as he threw a punch with his left fist again, striking Kai Leng in his chest propelling him backwards to the ground as he slid further back for several more feet. Chief immediately rushed right towards him again not wanting to give him any breathing room, as he closed in and brought his left fist upwards into the air before thrusting it downwards, slamming it into the floor nearly punching through it as Kai Leng rolled out of the way to his right in time. Kai Leng then rolled back stabbing Chief through his left leg, making the Spartan grunt in pain again as he collapsed forward onto the floor; Kai Leng jumped up onto his feet, only to get shot in his left shoulder causing him to drop his sword which fell right in front of the Chief to his left as he took notice of it.

Shepard still had his pistol on him as he aimed it at Leng and fired again, hitting him in his right shoulder, all the while Shepard was slowly walking right towards him. Due to his condition however Shepard was having difficulty holding his gun steady making it hard for him to aim for Leng's vital spots, this went unnoticed by the Cerberus assassin, as he quickly dashed forward towards the Commander who fired again. Leng dodged to his left, Shepard fired again, making Leng go right this time to make the slug miss; Shepard was just about to fire another shot off when Kai Leng finally reached him, pushing the gun into the air as Shepard discharged it, as he spun around and elbowed the Commander in his stomach then flipping him over onto his back while taking the gun away from him. Kai Leng aimed Shepard's own gun down towards him while slowly walking around to his front; Shepard tried to move, but found all the strength he had left in him now gone, also didn't help the fact that Leng was now aiming his own gun at him, as Shepard could do nothing else but just stare towards the assassin. Kai Leng looked down at Shepard with a smirk on his lips, when suddenly he cried out in pain throwing his head up, his own sword having been driven through his chest from behind by none other than Master Chief. This however didn't stop him as he bared his teeth in anger.

Kai Leng turned around to his left smacking Chief across his helmet with the pistol knocking him back a few steps, as he then aimed the gun at him and proceeded to unload into the Spartan into different parts of his body all while yelling out in a crazed rage; while this was happening, Shepard looked to his left to see Leng's second monomolecular blade from before. Leng continued firing the pistol, each shot hitting Chief sending him stepping back further and further down the walkway, until eventually the thermal clip overheated making Leng unable to continue firing anymore. Chief, whose faceplate had a few cracks forming from the left side of it from being hit with the pistol, collapsed onto his knees and then forward onto the ground. Leng looked towards the Spartan as he caught his breath, a smile of satisfaction coming to his face after a few seconds, until suddenly a second monomolecular blade came out through his chest from behind just a few inches to his left of the previous one. This one, making Kai Leng grunt but in a surprised manner as his eyes seemed to widen in complete shock and horror.

Shepard stood behind him with both hands gripping the handle of the sword, "This time, stay dead!" he stated, as he then pushed the blade further into his body making Leng grunt again.

Kai Leng's mouth hung slightly open, his face still showing a look of complete shock, as then after a few seconds he leaned and stumbled forward a little making Shepard release his hold on the sword. Kai Leng slightly uprighted himself as he turned around to face the Commander again, stumbling forward again but this time a few steps before sidestepping to his right towards the edge of the walkway as he then turned his body to his left.

The world began to slow down. The last of Kai Leng's breath left his body as he leaned back, his feet halfway off the walkway, as he finally then fell off. The yellow glow in Kai Leng's eyes disappeared, meaning that he was no longer possessed by Harbinger. All that was left was the lifeless look in his eyes, as he fell towards the Citadel far, far below with his arms outstretched to his sides.

Everything returned to normal, as Shepard looked towards where Leng had fallen off, furrowing his brow. Hopefully, that was the last he would ever see of him again.

A pool of blood had now formed beneath Chief's body from all the stab wounds and bullet holes that were in him, yet he continued to breathe albeit slowly and weakly. Eventually he managed to gather the strength to lift his head up to look forward, "Sh… Shepard?" he called out to him, wanting and hoping to see that he was okay.

Kai Leng was nowhere in sight, hopefully in the good he was dead way… but Shepard was also nowhere to be seen. It took Chief less than a millisecond to realize where he could potentially be as he grunted in shock, his head visibly moving up an inch.

"No!" Chief said as he turned his head to look behind to his right.

Sure enough, Shepard was limping right towards the energy beam of the Crucible, intending on sacrificing himself for everyone.

"Sh… Shepard… don't…" Chief struggled to speak, as he also struggled to push himself back up only getting on his hands and knees and turning around before he collapsed right back onto the ground, his strength entirely gone.

Chief looked to his front as he then stretched his left hand forward, towards Shepard, "Shepard… no… It shouldn't… It shouldn't be you!"

"Shepard!" Shepard could hear Chief calling to him, weakly.

However, he continued forward with his eyes closed, "I'm sorry Chief… But this is how it has to be. I don't want any more of my friends sacrificing themselves for me." Shepard says in his head as he opens his eyes, tears starting to gather in them.

No more sacrifices, not from anymore of his friends or allies. If anyone was going to do this, it would be him. Shepard didn't like the thought of leaving Chief in the condition he was in, but he also knew that there was nothing for him to even do that could help him; all he could do, was get the Crucible activated, stop the fighting, and hopefully that would allow Hackett to send a transport here so he could pick Chief, and Anderson up… Shepard, hoping that Anderson was still alive back where they had unintentionally been forced to leave him.

Shepard got closer to the beam, it was just several feet from him now. Not wanting to waste any more time, Shepard gathered every ounce of strength that he could that was left within him as he picked up his pace into a slight jog, eventually managing to go all the way into a full out sprint towards the Crucible beam. Once close enough, Shepard leapt forward right towards it.

(Insert - Mass Effect 3 - An End, Once And For All - Extended Cut Soundtrack (Repeat 0:00-3:00))

Everything went completely silent...

Shepard flew right into the beam, as he began to fall.

A memory of Kaidan, aboard the Normandy flashed through his mind, the Marine smiling at him as he lightly nodded his head. Followed by a memory of Mordin, back when he sang his song with his arms outstretched in his lab. Then a memory of Thane, in the C-Sec offices as he raised his head to look at Shepard with his hands together in a prayer. Next, was a memory of Legion on Rannoch right before he sacrificed himself, staring towards the Commander.

At this exact moment, the situation on the battlefield between the Heroes and the Husks had tremendously deteriorated. The Heroes defenses were broken, and now every single one of them, including even the wounded, were fighting for their lives as the endless amount of Husks swarmed all over them from every single direction. Erza, Double, and Wes continued fighting ferociously close to one another so as to have their backs at least somewhat covered; Double cut down another Abomination, only to suddenly fall onto his back, as two Cannibals had grabbed hold of his legs and were beginning to drag him away from the others, Double wildly swinging his sword around to keep the Husks off of him. Luckily Erza and Wes both took notice as they chased after him, Erza jumping into both Cannibals bringing them down as Wes helped Double back onto his feet. Aragorn and Tommy were fighting back to back with each other holding their ground as Husks came at them from every direction. While elsewhere a Husk leapt into the air towards Han Solo who caught it and tossed it to the ground to his left, only to get clawed down his back from another Human Husk causing him to cry out in pain as he collapsed to the ground, Thel 'Vadam arriving just a second too late as he decapitated the Husk with his energy sword. DenziBlue was dragged across the ground by two Husks as he struggled to break free of them, eventually being let go only to immediately get swarmed upon by many more.

Shepard fell further into the beam, and closer to the center; a green glow, beginning to emanate from the center of his body.

He then saw a memory of Garrus and Tali, this one being after he had seen them embracing each other, as they both looked at each other very happily.

The two were fighting close to each other somewhere in the circle, the Husks swarming all around them. Tali side kicked a Human Husk back while Garrus grappled with a weaponless Marauder; eventually forcing it onto the ground on its back as he reached for a large rock on his right and successfully grabbed it, beginning to bash the Marauder's face in with it causing blood to splatter all over his face by the end of it. Once it was dead he got back on his feet and backed up, right into Tali who also backed up into him, as the two looked over their shoulders towards each other.

Shepard then saw a memory of Liara, in her room as she smiled at him. Followed by a memory of Javik, in his quarters as the last surviving Prothean stared at him putting both his hands behind his back.

Liara, who had her biotics powered up, swung her left arm forward to the right to send a biotic blast most likely towards a group of Husks, looking to her left to then blast an Abomination and Cannibal away. She looked back forward but was greeted by a Banshee wailing right in her face as it teleported right to her; luckily, the sword of an Uruk Berserker was slammed into the right side of its head killing it, as its body dropped to the ground with Liara turning her head to see that Javik had been the one that saved her. The two were then forced to run away as the Banshee's body exploded, the force of the explosion propelling them to the ground.

There was then a memory of EDI, when she first gained her new body. A memory of James next, in the shuttle bay of the Normandy as he saluted the Commander.

James drove his halberd's spike into an Abomination pushing it back, while behind to his left, EDI picked up a Phaeston from a dead Marauder firing away into an approaching Scion, James pulling his weapon back as he swung the axe blade to his right to decapitate another Human Husk.

Shepard's entire body began to get enveloped by green particles.

Shepard then had a memory of Po and Tigress in the Normandy's kitchen area, the panda staring towards him with a smile and his arms down by his sides while Tigress also looked at him with a smile but with her arms crossed in front of her chest.

Po shoved a Cannibal away as it fell onto its back, looking to his left in time to duck down as a Human Husk leapt towards him trying to tackle him as it instead went flying over him, meanwhile behind him Tigress grappled with another Human Husk. Po stood back up only to then get tackled immediately by another Human Husk that came from his right. Po fell onto his back gripping the hands of the Husk with his own as the creature now tried biting down into his face, Po struggling to hold it back due to his wounds as it got closer and closer to him, until at the last second it was kicked off of him in the face by Tigress. Tigress quickly helped Po back onto his feet as he scrambled up.

A memory of Tsukasa in the TARDIS then flashed into Shepard's mind, the mysterious Kamen Rider holding up his camera in front of his chest as he then looked up towards the Commander and gave him a half smile with the right side of his lip. Followed by a memory of Marvelous in the Normandy's lounge room as he looked towards the Commander with his arms crossed and gave him a half cocky smile with the left side of his lip, nodding his head slightly upwards.

Tsukasa was forced against a slab of concrete by a Marauder, his Ride Booker now in sword mode as it was pressed against the Marauder's gun. Just then the Marauder got slashed from behind, bringing it down as the person who did it was a recovered Marvelous; Marvelous however then got shot from behind to his right, making him turn in that direction as he raised his Gokai Gun and fired back. Tsukasa quickly moved forward and intercepted a Human Husk as it attempted to claw Marvelous in his back, blocking the arm with his sword as he pushed it away and then diagonally upward slashed it to his right across the body.

The next memory Shepard had was of Troy, leaning against a pillar on his right side in the Normandy's shuttle bay, with his arms crossed as he smiled at him.

Troy punched the Human Husk across the face with his left fist, sending it falling over to his right onto its back as he quickly scrambled onto his knees and drove his sword into it. He then looked to his left, scrambling once more back onto his feet as he rushed over and shoved the Husk that was on top of Emma clawing at her off, the other two Husks attempting to drag her away, as Troy grabbed onto her left arm to prevent her from getting dragged further as she then grabbed her blaster and shot both Husks releasing her. Troy then helped Emma back to her feet, only for another Husk to jump right onto him sending him stumbling back, luckily he managed to turn and fling it off him to the ground as he then dropped onto his right knee on top of it and began punching it repeatedly in the face with his right fist.

Shepard saw a memory of Laval and Eris inside the TARDIS in front of the control console. Eris looking at Laval with an open smile as he appeared to be saying something to Shepard with an excited look on his face and his arms raised as Eris then looked at him.

Laval swung his sword to his left and then again to his right, when suddenly an explosion erupted behind him sending him flying forward into the dirt face down. Laval managed to lift his head from the ground, but struggled to move the rest of his body as he was in a daze from the force of the explosion. An Abomination charged at him from his right, when then Eris flew right over him and sliced the Abomination's head off with her axe, flying back around as she landed right beside Laval and helped him back to his feet. Laval looked at her and nodded his head in thanks as she nodded back.

Shepard's next memory was of Natsu, Lucy, and Happy in the Normandy's elevator; as Natsu had his hands on his hips with a large toothy grin on his face and his eyes closed as he spoke, while Lucy looked at Natsu first and then towards Shepard with a smile on her lips and her hands held together down in front of her, Happy all the meanwhile floating above between the two as he happily munched away on a fish.

Happy was floating above Wendy and Carla as the latter two were on the ground fighting back against the Husks, Happy with a greatly worried look on his face as he looked around, most likely trying to find out where Natsu was.

While both Lucy and Natsu were still in the crater fighting back against the neverending waves of Human Husks which were now coming at them from all sides. Lucy smacked another Husk away with her whip sending it crashing into another one behind it, when suddenly a Brute dropped down into the crater to Lucy's right making her turn toward it. The Brute swung its right arm across its chest and then swung it outwards, backhanding Lucy away making her cry out as Natsu turned around in time to catch her in his arms, making him slide back a bit. Natsu painfully dropped onto his left knee with his eyes shut for a second as he opened them back up and looked at Lucy, Lucy opened her eyes and looked at Natsu with a weakened smile, when she looked forward causing her eyes to widen at what she saw making Natsu look as well. The Brute approached the two Fairy Tail mages, all the other Husks in the crater, having stopped their attack as a few even moved out of the Brute's way; the Brute then raised its oversized claw arm into the air to slam down onto them. Natsu's eyes went wide in horror, as he then turned around and held Lucy close to his body, both of them with their eyes closed as it was in Natsu's attempt to try and take the full brunt of the attack for her so she would hopefully survive it, however, both of them knew that no matter what there was no way they were going to be getting out of this one.

A memory of Sora then came to Shepard's mind, the Keyblade wielder in the middle of the shuttle bay with his hands resting behind his head, a wide toothy smile on his face as his eyes were closed.

Sora and Ahsoka still stood completely surrounded by the Human Husks, waiting for them to make the first move. They finally did as every single one of them began to charge straight towards the Keyblader and Jedi Padawan. Sora mentally prepared himself, even though he had no strength left flowing through his body, he was still going to give whatever he could before he went down. All he could think about now were his friends back in his home universe, Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Riku, Kairi… a single tear ran down Sora's left cheek.

Shepard fell closer to the center of the beam, more green particles, now beginning to float off from the back of his body as the beam began to turn slightly green.

He then saw Anderson, back on Earth before the invasion as the Admiral looked at him, giving him a nod. He saw the Doctor, poke his head out from behind his right side of the control console in the TARDIS as he bared his teeth in an open smile of excitement raising his eyebrows.

Anderson laid still, back where Shepard and Chief once were before with the Illusive Man's deceased body a few feet in front of him. The Doctor was still at work on the TARDIS, trying to get the last remaining portals open as the entire room was shaking violently, sparks erupting from everywhere, even a part of the control console catching on fire. The Doctor however paid no heed to it, as sweat ran down his face. He then strangely raised his head and looked forward with a serious expression, stopping everything that he was doing.

Shepard had a memory of Chief, the Spartan looking at him in the communications room as he nodded his head.

Chief laid completely still on the walkway, the pool of blood much bigger than before, with his head slightly turned to his left.

Finally, there was a memory of Ashley, in the Normandy's starboard observation deck as she turned towards him and then smiled, "Promise me, that you'll come out of this alive…" her voice could be heard saying, back to what she said last night, as the memory of her then faded away.

A sword slowly clattered to the ground. Ashley's sword, as she stood frozen while looking slightly towards the ground as suddenly she could feel tears starting to swell up in her eyes, yet she did not know why. Ashley looked up towards the Conduit beam, even with the battle raging around her; she was sensing something, feeling something, her heart, feeling like it was about to break into a million pieces. She had… she had a feeling. And she didn't like it.

Shepard, her mouth worded, as the first tear began to roll down her right cheek.

Ashley then collapsed onto her knees, not paying any attention to the Husks that had surrounded her as they slowly closed in on her.

Looks like… he wasn't going to be able to keep his promise to her after all.

"I'm sorry Ash…"Shepard says in his mind, as he then closes his eyes, for the last time.

"Goodbye… Everyone."

A single tear drops from his right eye, as it falls for several feet into the beam…

(End - Mass Effect 3 - An End, Once And For All - Extended Cut Soundtrack)

When suddenly it turns into a small golden light which then breaks apart and dissipates into particles.

Sound returns to the world.

A bright golden light then suddenly emits from Shepard's body from where his heart would be. Shepard's eyes shoot open as the light seems to blow away the green energy surrounding him, the Commander looking to where the light is emitting from as he is forced to quickly look away due to how bright it was while raising his left arm to cover his eyes from it.

"Wh-What is this?" he wonders aloud.

That same light then suddenly begins to emit from Chief, also where his heart would be. The same thing, suddenly happening to Ashley, James, EDI, Liara, Javik, Garrus, Tali, Po, Tigress, Tsukasa, Marvelous, Troy, Laval, Eris, Natsu, Lucy, Happy, Sora, to every single Hero on the battlefield, including the flying and giant Heroes.

Time… Appearing to have come to a complete stop as everyone, including the Husks were now completely frozen in what they were doing. Sora and Ahsoka are both seen, the Husks just mere feet from them, both of them with glowing orbs of golden light emitting from where their heart would be, the orbs of light about the size of a heart as well. Just then a single beam of golden energy shoots upwards from Sora's orb, followed a second later by Ahsoka's; then by Natsu and Lucy's, Laval and Eris, Marvelous, Tsukasa, Troy and Emma, Po and Tigress, beams of golden light began shooting up from all over the battlefield from each of the Heroes towards the sky. Garrus and Tali, Liara and Javik, James and EDI, Ashley, all of them with golden energy beams coming from them as well.

Up in space, a single, massive beam made up of all the smaller ones combined, shoots up from the planet, slamming right into the Crucible which causes it to become enveloped in a coat of golden energy.

This causes the beam of the Crucible to suddenly turn gold in an instant. Shepard looks around in confusion, the Commander somehow floating at the center of the beam completely in place.

"What? What's happening?" he questions aloud.

When suddenly another golden light begins emitting from below him, this one not as bright as Shepard looks down towards it. The light then intensifies blinding Shepard again as he closes his eyes and looks away to his right, just as it seems to grow and envelop him; the light, growing further outwards as it even envelopes the downed Master Chief.

Shepard opened his eyes, his strength, mysteriously having returned to him as he felt like it was a completely whole new day. He stood up, looking down at himself to see that his armor was fully repaired and back to normal, his skin no longer bloodied and bruised and covered in grime from the fighting. It was like everything about him had been healed and fixed. But… how?


Shepard turned his upper body to his right and looked behind him, to see Chief standing just a few feet away from him, also completely healed up and his armor repaired, as he obviously looked and sounded confused.

"Chief?" Shepard says, confused himself to be seeing him… wait, where the hell was he?

Shepard turned to look back forward and then up, as he began slowly looking all around him, to see that he and Chief were in some kind of a… void? As there was absolutely nothing around them for miles but a mixture of gold and white light. Chief walked over to him while also looking around, equally confused.

"Any idea where we are?" Chief asks him, stopping to Shepard's left.

"Not a clue…" Shepard says.

Perhaps, they were dead and this was Heaven? But if that were the case, then Chief…

Suddenly a huge number of golden light orbs materialized all around them in the air, much to their shock and confusion on what they were as they were once again looking all around in alarm. The two continued looking at all the light orbs, not sure of what to do next; when Chief looked down to his front and then stopped, appearing drawn to something.

"Uh~, Shepard." Chief says, catching his attention as Shepard turns to look at Chief, but then notices his gaze and follows it as he turns his body completely around.

A single golden orb was floating right towards them slowly, stopping just several feet away. The orb then suddenly shapeshifts, taking the shape of a humanoid form as the light then fades away, revealing an actual person now in its place. This person made Shepard take a step forward with his right foot as his eyes widened in complete and utter shock and his mouth dropped open, he could not believe who he was now seeing in front of him and Chief.

Before the two Heroes, was Kaidan Alenko, Shepard's former teammate and friend, who lost his life during Shepard's first team's assault on Virmire against Saren Arterius and the Geth back when this whole thing with the Reapers first began. He was wearing his usual light Onyx Armor without the helmet.

"Kaidan?!" Shepard says.

"Hey Shepard, it's been a while." Kaidan says with a smile on his lips, rather very casually almost as if this were some small reunion and they hadn't seen each other in a few months.

Chief looked at Shepard. Kaidan… Shepard had told him about him and he remembered having seen his name on the Normandy's Memorial Wall.

Kaidan then turned his head and looked at Chief, "And… Master Chief, right?" he said, as Chief looked back at him in surprise.

How did he know who he was?

"It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm sure Shepard's already told you a bit about me." Kaidan says, continuing to act very casually like he hadn't been dead for the past few years now already.

"Kaidan…? But, how-?" Shepard didn't need to finish his sentence as he lowered his head slightly, realizing it.

"I see… So this is the afterlife, is it?" Shepard says in a disheartened tone.

This meant that… he wasn't able to save Chief in time, since he was also here. But what about everyone else, were they okay at least?

Before Shepard could speak again, "You're not dead Shepard, and neither are you Chief." Kaidan says.

This brought Shepard's attention up towards him in surprise, "What?" Shepard says.

"You're not dead. Not yet at least but, that's something that's going to happen another time, hopefully farther down your line when it's naturally your time to pass on." Kaidan says.

This confused Shepard greatly, same for Chief, because if they weren't dead… Then where were they, and why were they seeing Kaidan since he was dead?

"What do you mean we're not dead? Unless you're a ghost or something, but that still doesn't explain where we are." Shepard says.

"Don't suppose you can explain what's going on from the beginning?" Chief asks.

"We could, but it would take a lot of time to fully explain everything, and that's without taking questions you may have along the way." what sounded like a young, male voice, suddenly began to speak as the voice echoed all around Shepard and Chief, making it hard for them to pinpoint where it came from as they just looked all around.

"And besides, don't you and your friends still have a war to win, Chief?"

Chief looked forward, as another golden orb floated up from behind Kaidan to his left.

That voice, it spoke to Chief in a way that made it sounded like he knew him personally, and the more Chief thought about it, there was something to that voice that made it sound… really familiar. Shepard was also now looking towards the orb as it finally came to a stop beside Kaidan; like Kaidan, it shapeshifted into a human form, this one taller than Kaidan as the light enveloping the person died down.

Chief's head slightly shifted upwards as he could be heard quietly letting out a grunt of utter shock. Standing beside Kaidan, was Sam, Samuel-034, John's best friend, his brother, and fellow Spartan-II, who was the very first Spartan ever killed in action against the Covenant during the war.

"Hey Chief. It's been… a long time actually." Sam says, his tone, sounding a bit more saddened then when Kaidan greeted them, probably since for him it had been decades since he last saw and spoke with John.

"S-... Sam?" Chief says, sounding at a loss for complete words.

Shepard looked up at Chief, slightly taken aback by how he sounded just now. It was clear now that he and this Sam were friends, fellow Spartans by the looks of Sam's armor which closely resembled Chief's albeit with its differences, one of which was the 034 painted in white on the left side of his chest piece. The fact that he were here beside Kaidan, and with how Chief reacted to seeing him, only meant that he had lost his life, probably during the Human-Covenant War if Shepard had to guess. Shepard looked back towards Sam, his helmet not on him like Kaidan, allowing him to get a peek at someone beneath that power armor since he had never seen Chief without it on, not even his helmet. He had a darkly tanned skin complexion with sandy blond hair and green eyes, his face… he looked like a kid, someone not even close to their 20s!

"What's… what's going on here?" Chief questioned, now absolutely confused, the most he had ever been in his life, on the situation he and Shepard were in. Why was he seeing Sam beside one of Shepard's deceased friends?

Shepard had some questions for Chief about Sam, but he was also right concerning the situation they were in. What in the hell was going on? If they weren't dead, why were they seeing friends of theirs who were? If he truly wasn't dead, and neither was Chief, he could try and ask him these questions later, assuming he would open up at all even a little bit when answering them since he still had yet to barely open up a whole lot concerning his past other then some things he did during the Human-Covenant War. Even after everything they had been through together.

"It's as I said, Chief. It's a bit complicated to explain, and there's no time to try and explain all of it even if you truly wanted to know everything. But it's like I said, you two still have a war to win. We're all just here to help you guys out and get out of this, so no one's lives have to be sacrificed." Sam says.

"And the Reapers, completely destroyed." Kaidan says.

Shepard shakes his head, "What do you mean? I… I still don't understand what's going on. Are we really, truly not dead?" Shepard asks, at this point just completely lost on everything.


Kaidan steps forward a few steps, "Not yet, but someday. Just like everyone else. After all, we're not immortal. But today… isn't your day. You both still have a mission to complete. And I know you Shepard, even you Chief, you both don't like leaving missions unfinished."

Sam steps up once more beside Kaidan, "Ever since the creation of all life. There has always been a constant battle between the forces of good, and the forces of evil; and with this war, that battle will soon be entering into its next chapter, and for it, we will be needing Heroes like you, Commander Shepard, Master Chief."

"Just like all of the other Heroes fighting down there now," another, more elderly male voice, suddenly begins to speak up as this one clearly comes from Chief and Shepard's left, making them turn their bodies to look that way as Shepard steps to Chief's right side again so he could see past him.

Another orb of golden light, floats towards them until coming to a stop several feet away, shapeshifting but this time into something or someone not human.

"All of the Heroes that came before you, those that exist now out there across the vast multiverse, and those that will come, all of you share a common goal. Fighting to protect others, fighting to protect those who cannot fight, no matter what, even if it means sacrificing your own life. You are willing to put your life on the line to save the good and the innocent. That is what defines a true hero!" the elderly tortoise, the previous senior master of the Jade Palace, the founder of the Valley of Peace, as well as the creator of Kung Fu, Master Oogway says.

Shepard and Chief stare towards him, having remembered seeing paintings of him back at the Jade Palace and hearing about him from Po and Tigress. Another orb floats up beside Oogway to his left as it then takes shape, into the embodiment of all Red Sentai Warriors, AkaRed.

"It is thanks to Heroes like you, that the forces of Evil have, and never will cover all of the worlds, all of the universes in darkness. So long as Heroes like you exist, even if we are no longer there beside you, there will always be those to continue the fight, and oppose all that is evil, to fight and protect all that is good across time and space." AkaRed says.

A sudden feeling makes Shepard and Chief turn around to face their rear, as two more orbs of light approach them. The first one directly in front of Chief takes shape first, into the floating head form of the wise galactic wizard and mentor of the first two Power Ranger teams, Zordon of Eltar. While beside him to his right, the second orb shapeshifts into Mavis Vermillion, the first Guild Master and co-founder of the Fairy Tail Guild.

"So long as Heroes like you continue to exist, Evil will never be victorious. And it will be Heroes like you, who will continue to inspire others to continue the fight for Love, Hope, and Peace. To give everyone a bright future, to look forward to." Zordon says.

"Those with Evil in their hearts seek to take away all that brings happiness to the innocent, and good-hearted people across the Multiverse. It is the duty of people like us, to ensure that never happens. To ensure that there will always be joy, and beauty across the Multiverse. To ensure that people will always have a life full of happiness, filled with people that they love, and care for. Full of Family, and Friends, that will always be there for one another, to brighten up each other's days even when all seems dark. That is what Heroes fight for." Mavis says.

Shepard and Chief then watch as the two walk, or float, over to join alongside Sam, while AkaRed and Oogway join beside Kaidan.

"The different powers of Heroes can do amazing things, even when separated. But when they are all united like this as one, their hearts connected... Well… let's just say even miracles are possible. For too long now, the Reapers have brought nothing but darkness to this universe, a darkness that they now seek to spread throughout all of them. As Heroes, it is our duty to make sure that doesn't happen. As Heroes, it's up to us to bring back the light into the hearts of everyone whose lives have been ruined by the Reapers. On this day, the Hearts of all Heroes, and those closely connected to them, are joined as one. On this day, the Reapers will be challenged by a power even greater than their own. We are all with you, Shepard." Kaidan states.

Suddenly all around them, faces begin to take shape in front of the orbs.

One group of five orbs, consisting of the upper torsos and faces of Mordin, Thane, Legion, Avery Johnson, and Miranda Keyes, as all five of them smile, except Legion of course, and nod at Shepard and Chief.

Followed by the upper torsos and faces of Boromir, Wynne, Carver Hawke, and Portgas D. Ace, as they appear from another group of orbs, smiling and nodding at them.

Then there was Sokichi Narumi aka Kamen Rider Skull, Ankh, Kaito Kumon aka Kamen Rider Baron, Yoko Minato aka Kamen Rider Marika, and Chase aka Kamen Rider Chaser who appeared next. Ankh in his human form, while the Riders first appeared in their Rider forms before an image of the actual person themselves shifted over to their right and over the helmets halfway. All of them nodded at the two Heroes that they were with them.

Masato Jin aka Beet Buster, Yoshitaka Igasaki aka AkaNinger II, and the original Magna Defender appeared next, same thing for the Sentai like the Riders minus Magna Defender, as they all nodded their heads that they were with them towards Shepard and Chief.

Finally, there was Igneel, Grandeeney, Metalicana, Lucy's mother Layla Heartfilia, Ur, and Erza's friend Simon, as they smiled and nodded at the two.

Shepard and Chief looked around in complete and utter awe. All of these fallen Heroes, all of these fallen friends and family of Heroes, they were here to help them out, somehow. What Shepard and Chief did not know, but they were probably about to find out.

Kaidan took a few steps forward again drawing Shepard and Chief's attention back to him, "We all have our time and place Shepard. But today… isn't yours. We're counting on you." he says.

Suddenly Kaidan, along with Sam and the others, and everyone else in this void sans Shepard and Chief, were enveloped by the same bright golden lights as before, making Shepard and Chief turn away and cover their eyes. The light, growing once more to fully engulf both of them.


(Restart - Mass Effect 3 - An End, Once And For All - Extended Cut Soundtrack (Repeat 0:00-3:04))

An orb of golden energy grew from between the Crucible and the Citadel where the two were docked together.

"Sir, energy readings of the Crucible are off the charts! I think it's activating!" a female crewmember urgently reported.

Hackett sped walked past her behind as he came to a stop, his eyes widened and his mouth slightly open in shock and awe. He along with most of the bridge personnel were now staring towards the Citadel and Crucible as the orb of energy grew a bit larger before stopping.

By this point Hackett was to start ordering all surviving ships to head to the predetermined rendezvous point to try and escape whatever was about to happen next, fearing what may potentially happen to them or their ships, or perhaps even both when the Crucible fired. But unfortunately for them, their path was completely blocked off by a literal wall of Reapers in their way. Which meant that they weren't going anywhere.

From their respective bridges, Captain Lasky and his crew who were just about to abandon their ship, Admiral Yularen and his crew of Clones, Admiral Ackbar and his crew, Shipmaster Rtas 'Vadum and his Sangheili, and practically everyone else across what remained of the Coalition fleets, were now staring towards the Citadel and the Crucible. The Reapers, strangely having ceased their attacks on every single one of them all of a sudden.

"All fleets! The Crucible is armed. Everyone, brace yourselves for whatever's about to happen next!" Hackett orders over the comms.

"What the hell is about to happen next if somebody can tell me!?" Broadside said.

"No one knows Broadside which is probably why the Admiral just told all of us to brace ourselves!" Wedge responds.

Golden energy surged across the arms of the Citadel towards the center ring, which then travelled through the connector into the center tower itself as the ring and connector remained lit. There was a small discharge at the center of the orb, as then it began to expand outwards in all directions.

The orb grew more and more, as it closed in on Hackett's ship; the Admiral and everyone else on the bridge, forced to cover their eyes and or look away due to the brightness of the orb while also preparing themselves for whatever was about to happen next once that energy hit them. Hackett stared towards the oncoming energy between his hands, as then after a few more seconds, it began to pass through the ship.

The orb of golden energy continued growing larger, soon hitting the Earth as it began to spread across it, and then hit the Reapers closest to it.

Everything went dark. Silence once again returning.

A Systems Alliance soldier exited from an alley into the street, a Turian soldier running past behind them as they then turned to their right just as an M-080 APC rolled up to their former front; high-velocity slugs flying past the SA soldier all around them as they continued forward. The soldier dropped into a slide and then turned around as they pressed themselves up against a slab of concrete for cover.

Coalition troops were continuing to push forward alongside three M-080s which had come to a stop, as they charged towards the Westminster bridge which had been completely destroyed. Overhead, Coalition fighters and gunships engaged two Reaper capital ships on the other side of the river along with Reaper air units.

Another SA soldier fired their Avenger towards a Cannibal on their side of the bridge standing atop some rubble to the left as they were then forced back behind cover of a destroyed M35 Mako. To their front right a UNSC Army soldier popped up from behind a slab of concrete and fired his MA5D taking the Cannibal out as they then ducked back behind cover. A US Army soldier armed with an M16A4 behind the SA soldier tapped their right shoulder, getting their attention as he then looked and pointed upwards saying something, the SA soldier looking up as both of them then raised their rifles and started firing away. Directly towards a Reaper Destroyer as it practically came down right on top of them landing just several meters away to their right in the river. The Destroyer opened its armor plating as it was about to fire its beam down into the Coalition forces, when suddenly a bright golden light illuminated part of it coming from behind to its right making the Destroyer stop and turn slightly. This made the Coalition soldiers look as well as they peeked around their covers to see some sort of large golden energy wave coming towards them from the Reaper's side of the river behind them.

The golden energy wave passed through the Reaper closest to Big Ben and then through the clock tower itself. The wave closed in on the Coalition soldiers next as they got back behind their covers and braced themselves for whatever was about to happen next. The wave passed through them, and nothing happened. They were completely fine. The Reapers on the other hand…

Both Reapers had golden electricity surging across their entire bodies as they slowly began to lean over, the lights on their bodies flashing on and off; they then shut off entirely, and both Reapers collapsed over to the ground, dead. The electricity, no longer surging over them. There was also no sign of Reaper Husks anywhere, on the ground or in the sky, in fact the shooting had come to a complete stop.

Getting out from behind their covers and having seen the Reapers collapse themselves, both the Systems Alliance and US soldiers raised their rifles into the air as they began to cheer; the UNSC Army soldier to their right, just looking at all of this, happy and relieved as he was just too exhausted to do anything else.

Elsewhere, in a large open and barren area save for the flaming wreckages of destroyed ships and vehicles.

An injured Clone is seen as he slowly struggles to push himself back up, a Human Husk charging right towards him from behind. The Clone manages to turn onto his right side and look to see the Husk just as it is about to reach him, when a barely audible blaster fire is heard, the Husk getting shot in its chest as it doesn't stop it with another shot ringing out immediately as this blaster bolt goes right into its head finally killing it. The Clone watches as the Husk falls backwards dead, more Husks seen running around several meters from him, as then his savior, a human female New Republic Marine armed only with a DH-17 blaster pistol, rushes over to help him up. A Gondor soldier, and female Inquisition soldier both with her as they both rush in front of the injured Clone with their swords and shields raised to protect him.

The New Republic Marine extends her left hand to the Clone Marine and pulls him up as she turns to her right and resumes firing away with her blaster pistol towards the other Human Husks that were gathering around them; the Clone leaning against her and wrapping his right arm over her shoulders as she wraps her arm around his back under his arm. The New Republic Marine then turns further towards her right just in time to shoot another closing in Husk dead. More Husks however immediately emerged from behind various destroyed vehicles, with more coming in right behind them to their left, way more than she and the two soldiers with her would be able to handle on their own while protecting the wounded Clone. The Husks began charging towards them, the New Republic Marine firing away with her blaster pistol while the Gondor and Inquisition soldiers formed up in front to her sides ready to fight the Husks back for as long as they could.

The New Republic Marine fired another laser bolt from her pistol, as the golden energy wave now rapidly approached them from behind the Husks.

The eyes of the two soldiers and marine, widened in horror as they had absolutely no idea what this energy wave was or what it was about to do to them. The Gondor and Inquisition soldiers raised their shields as three Husks were just about to strike them and the marine; only for the wave to pass through and disintegrate every Husk in an instant, leaving the soldiers and marines completely unharmed as they were knocked back a little but more out of surprise.

The Clone was now standing on his own as the New Republic marine lost her hold on him though he seemed to be doing fine, both the marines and soldiers at a complete loss for what just happened. Then off in the distance, a lone Reaper collapsed to the ground, giving the soldiers and marines an idea of what was going on as the Gondor and Inquisition soldiers raised their swords and shields into the air and began cheering while looking at each other happily, while the Clone leaned down with his hands on his thighs to finally catch his breath.

Rex continued getting punched in the face by the Cerberus Centurion, blood now trickling down from both his nostrils and flying out from his mouth every time he got punched, both his cheeks bruised from the continuous assault. Finally the Centurion was bashed off of him by a Rohirrim shield, belonging to Éomer as he got in front of Rex baring his teeth angrily to protect him, while behind Lennox rushed over and helped Rex to his feet with the NEST soldier then looking towards the Centurion. The Centurion picked himself off the ground, his helmet having gotten knocked off as an Assault trooper, and Phantom rushed to his aid on either side of him, holding their respective close range weapons at the ready to engage the soldiers and king. The Centurion turned his face to look back forward, revealing his Husk-like appearance with glowing blue eyes.

Suddenly, horrified, and or shocked expressions came to Éomer, Lennox and Rex's faces. However, they weren't directed at the Centurion, rather something behind him and his men. The Centurion noticed this as he, the Assault trooper and the Phantom all turned around to see what they were staring towards, which is when they were greeted by the sight of the rapidly oncoming energy wave. The energy wave slammed into them and everyone else on the bridge, the Cerberus soldiers seeming to get knocked back slightly by it, as Éomer raised his shield up out of instinct while Lennox and Rex closed their eyes, raised an arm and looked away bracing themselves. Only for the energy wave to pass harmlessly through them and everyone else on the bridge, friend and foe alike, save for the Husks which were completely reduced to nothingness saving quite a few Coalition soldiers, including Fives as an Abomination had jumped on his back and was about to explode until it was disintegrated by the energy wave.

Lennox and Rex looked at themselves as they saw that they were completely fine, Éomer lowered his shield and slowly uprighted himself as he looked to his left, wondering what had just happened. Just then the few remaining enemy soldiers that were among the Coalition soldiers behind them began to run away, some of them dropping their weapons immediately as they did so. These soldiers ran past the three back towards their allies, who were all also beginning to retreat off the bridge as well, leaving behind a few standing Coalition soldiers who looked around still confused by what had just happened and what was happening now. The Assault trooper and Phantom both tossed their weapons to the ground and joined the others in retreating, while the Centurion held his left hand to his head, seeming to be in a daze. The Centurion turned around as the two soldiers and king stared towards him, the Centurion lifted his head up… revealing that he no longer looked like a Husk.

This Centurion, had been completely reverted back to a normal Human by whatever that strange energy wave was; his skin white as he had a bald head. He either didn't realize this or didn't care, as he took a few steps back and then turned around to join the rest of his comrades and allies in their retreat. Kamen Riders Build and Zi-O watched the Centurion as he ran past them; meanwhile, like everyone else on the bridge Éomer, Rex, and Lennox remained confused on what just happened.

The energy wave had just passed through Lasky and his entire crew on the bridge, as the UNSC Captain opened his eyes and examined himself to find he was completely okay, everyone else behind him doing the same. Even Roland looked at himself as the AI was completely unaffected by the golden energy wave; he looked up towards Lasky who was looking down at him before turning his attention toward the window, taking a few steps towards it. Lasky walked up to the window and stared out into the space surrounding Earth.

Every Reaper around the Infinity, including the Oculus fighters, had bits of golden electricity surging across their bodies for a few seconds before going away, shut completely off as the lights on their bodies died down.

Lasky's mouth hung open in shock and awe, as behind him everyone on the bridge, including Roland, erupted into celebration. Two male crew members, sharing a hug of happiness while several others were jumping up and down in place, some throwing their arms into the air. Lasky could not believe with his eyes what he was seeing…

Back at the Citadel another orb of golden energy gathered around the tower, drawing in some nearby debris as it then died down, and exploded outwards into a single beam of golden energy. This beam shot out for several seconds before dying away.

(Resume song from 3:05 onwards)

That beam travelled through deep space all the way to the Charon Relay, knocking some battle debris out of its path, as it went into the blue-glowing core of element zero. From their escape pod, Salarian survivors of the Rearguard fleet watched this happen as the element zero core suddenly changed to golden energy, the beam eventually coming to its end as it was absorbed into the core. The now golden core pulsated inwards as the two rings spinning around it began to pick up immense speed by the second; going faster, and faster, and faster as the energy seemed to increase in power as well getting more intense. The two rings then came to a sudden stop, as a second later another beam of golden energy was shot out from the relay, this one having been only a short burst, as the element zero core then returned to normal along with the rotating rings.

A view of the entire Milky Way Galaxy was seen, as what looked to be the entirety of the Sol System's Cluster was lit up in a bright golden orb of energy that could be seen from beyond the galaxy for quite some distance. That orb then began to decrease in size as its energy was released and travelled outwards in a wave for some distance; another golden energy beam shooting out, most likely from the Charon Relay, to another Cluster's relay nearby causing another golden energy orb to form for a second before dispersing outwards. The energy surrounding the Local Cluster died away leaving only a small glow; while another beam was shot from the second cluster that went to another cluster's relay, and so on and on more golden energy beams traveled all across the galaxy to light up each and every relay causing them to release this energy wave into their respective clusters and outwards for some distance.

(Repeat 3:29-4:35)

On the Asari's homeworld of Thessia, a Reaper Destroyer approached the position of Asari Commandos who were taking cover amongst some rubble, two Reaper capital ships seen behind the Destroyer. When suddenly the golden energy wave arrives surging through them. In seconds golden electricity was traveling across the Reapers' bodies as the Destroyer collapsed straight to the ground while the capital ships took a few more seconds to go down. The Asari, standing up as they watched the two Reapers fall to the ground, causing them to begin celebrating victoriously. Two purple-skinned Asari shared a handshake followed up by a hug, while behind them three other Asari were holding their weapons and or fists in the air while cheering.

On the Turian's homeworld of Palaven, Turian and Krogan troops also celebrated at the defeat of the Reapers, sharing handshakes and pats on the back with each other. From the rooftop that they were on, the Krogans and Turians could see two dead Destroyers, and one Reaper capital ship amongst the ruins of a city; golden electricity surging across their bodies with the Destroyers heavily damaged while the capital ship began to blow up from the inside. A Krogan and Turian leader made their way through the center of the troops, the Krogan tapping a Turian soldier to his right on his arm with his fist, while the Turian leader patted a Krogan to his left on the back right shoulder. The two leaders came to a stop as they looked out towards the defeated Reapers.

Elsewhere, a golden energy wave approached Planet X.

On his monitor, the Doctor could see the energy wave closing in on him. A wide open, toothy smile of excitement came to his lips.

Here we go! His mouth worded in a shout, while swinging his head to his left and back.

He gripped hold of his console and held on, as the energy wave passed through his ship, causing it to rock around quite a bit as the Doctor continued holding on; nearly 15% of the room was in flames with parts from the ceiling having fallen down or hanging all around, sparks continuing to erupt.

The wave of energy, now approached what appeared to be exactly one hundred different universal portals in front of Planet X; as the energy wave surged past all of them. At first nothing happened. But then after several more seconds, all of the portals turned gold in energy.

The same thing happening on the opposite end for one portal, as that same energy wave then surged outwards from it.

UNSC and Swords of Sanghelios ships engaged Reapers over the Earth of their universe as the energy wave approached it. The energy wave passed through as all the Reapers were shut down while the UNSC and Swords ships were left unharmed. The bridge crew of one UNSC ship began celebrating in victory at seeing the Reapers all go offline, on the bridge, was Fleet Admiral Lord Terrence Hood himself as he looked at this sight in awe and then relief as he smiled.

Another energy wave approached the Valley of Peace in Po and Tigress's Universe as it rushed through an approaching Reaper Destroyer, while then destroying a swarm of Human Husks that charged up the stairs leading to the Jade Palace. At the top of the stairs Rhino soldiers looked down in shock and confusion as Master Shifu then appeared walking into view, as he looked down the stairs to see all of the Husks completely gone. He and the soldiers raised their heads to look forward as they watched the Destroyer collapse to the ground; behind them Mr. Ping, and Valley citizens walked out to see what had happened. Seeing that the Reaper was down and the Husks were gone, everyone began to celebrate as Mr. Ping grabbed hold of Shifu and lifted him up into the air in a hug as he began spinning and jumping around happily. Shifu was surprised at first, but decided to let it happen given the circumstances as a smile and relieved expression came to his face.

Japanese Self-Defense Forces, or JSDF soldiers, celebrated around Kamen Riders Accel, Birth and Birth-Proto, Meteor, Beast, Ryugen and Zangetsu, Mach, Specter, and Brave, Snipe and Lazer, and the Goseigers and Shinkengers. Some of the Sentai members and Riders, celebrating themselves amongst each other while some just stood relieved that everything was finally over. All of them, looking towards the sky as they could see Reaper Oculus fighters, and one Reaper falling to the ground.

Another Reaper Capital ship collapsed in the city of Angel Grove, as in the city US Military soldiers and citizens began cheering at the sight of this; in front of them the battle weary Phantom Ranger and Blue Senturion, along with the White Mystic Ranger and Wolf Warrior, and second Red Samurai Ranger that was Jayden's sister, Lauren. As the latter was helped to her feet by the Phantom Ranger while the others uprighted themselves and began catching their breaths from the long battle they had.

Two Eagle jets soared over the skies of Chima, as both pilots looked out from their cockpits towards the ground on their right, to see a dead Reaper lying face front on the ground, motionless. Both pilots looked at each other and began cheering with the one in the lead pumping his right arm into the air and down a few times, as they both grabbed hold of their controls again and turned around. The two jets soared over the hiding area of Chima's inhabitants, as the jet at the lead performed a roll to its right three times. This seemed to be a signal to everyone on the ground that the Reapers had been defeated, as everyone began to erupt into celebration.

The mages of Fiore were also celebrating their victory in the capital city of Crocus, as a Reaper collapsed entirely into Mercurius bringing the castle down. Mages, Rune Knights, and Fiore military soldiers alike, loudly cheered into the air that they had survived and won. Among those celebrating were the mages of Fairy Tail as well, all of them overjoyed and happy like everyone else, even the members of the Thunder God Tribe were cheering save for Laxus who just had a smile on his face and his arms crossed. From a safe distance away on a nearby cliff, Makarov had watched everything unfold from his wheelchair with Porlyusica and Warren behind on either side of him. There were a few other mages, knights, and soldiers behind the three also celebrating their victory, as Warren threw his fists into the air to let out a cheer, while Porlyusica and Makarov both smiled at the sight before them.

(Finish song onwards past 4:35)

Makarov then raised his head to look towards the sky, knowing that this victory had come, because of a few of his children in a completely different universe.

(End - Mass Effect 3 - An End, Once And For All - Extended Cut Soundtrack)

Sound returned to the world.

The gold energy wave traveled down at an angle towards the Conduit area, where the Heroes and Husks were still fighting.

A Human Husk roared as it swung its right claw forward; only for the energy wave to hit, eradicating it and all the other Husks around in an instant. Much to the shock and confusion of Sora and Ahsoka, who were now no longer holding onto each other to fight, who were both taken aback by this as they both turned their heads to look around to see every Husk around them completely gone.

"Huh?" Ahsoka says.

"What just…?" Sora began to speak.

The energy wave travelled across the entire battlefield.

Tigress struggled with a Marauder as she held onto its gun to prevent it from shooting her; Po punched a Cannibal across the face as an Abomination came at him from behind making him spin around to his left to punch it, while Tommy and Aragorn could both be seen fighting nearby both Kung Fu Masters. Which is when the energy wave passed through them destroying all the Husks, which caused Po to swing through where the Abomination once was with his unbalanced momentum bringing him to the ground as he let out a yelp of surprise, while Tigress, Aragorn, and Tommy, along with a few other Heroes around them looked around in shock and confusion.

Husks were about to overwhelm the Megaforce Rangers, Gokaigers, Decade, and Legends of Chima, when the energy wave surged through them as well, instantly vaporizing every single Husk. Anyone who had been pinned to the ground either sat back up immediately, or slowly came up; while everyone else who either stood or was kneeling down, all began looking around confused by what had just happened.

"What just happened?" Don could be heard saying with a slightly frightened tone; as Troy, Marvelous and Tsukasa, and Laval and Eris, all stared in a single, different direction, Laval and Eris looking towards each other in the end.

Erza struggled against a Praetorian that had pounced on her as she was barely keeping its claws back from stabbing her in the chest with her sword, which is when the energy wave passed through disintegrating it as Erza was taken aback. Erza shot back up onto her feet as she looked around in front of her with slightly widened eyes, behind her Wes and Double doing the same thing along with a few other Heroes behind them.

The Brute swung its arm down to crush Natsu and Lucy, only for the energy wave to arrive vaporizing the massive Husk. Natsu and Lucy continued to remain unaware of what had just transpired behind them, until more seconds passed that they began to realize it had been far too long since the impact should have happened, and how immensely quiet everything had suddenly gotten around them… in fact completely silent.

Natsu was the first to raise his head and then turn it to look over his right shoulder, to see the Brute, and all the other Husks around him and Lucy gone, just gone, with not a trace left of them at all anywhere. Lucy then raised her head as she looked over Natsu's right shoulder as well to see the same thing, both of them, like everyone else, confused by what had just happened while the two of them also wondered what they had just missed.

The Husks attacking Garrus and Tali, Javik and Liara, EDI and James, and Ashley, all of them were instantly evaporated by the energy wave as well. While up in the sky the Reapers engaging the flying Heroes were also hit by the energy wave.

"Transcendent-!" a Harvester was hit by the energy wave causing it to disintegrate as Omnimon's sword went right through where it once was with him coming to a stop with a look of surprise on his face, "Sword?" he finished, behind him both Magnamon and Gallantmon.

The energy wave surged through Kamen Rider J and the other giant Heroes, through all of the Reapers on the ground in front of them as it headed straight towards Harbinger who could do nothing but watch as it finally hit him.

James slowly uprighted himself while continuing to look and hold the halberd pointing forward, shocked and confused as EDI was also reacting in the same way to his back right as she slowly looked from side to side in front of her. Garrus, who was shielding Tali's back from something though appeared to be fine, leaned back up allowing Tali to come up with him since he was hugging her; both of them looking in opposite directions to their sides confused like everyone else around them. Javik looked off to his right while Liara stood up from the ground with her left hand on her right shoulder staring off to her left. Even Ashley slowly raised her head to look forward, wondering what had just happened as both of her eyes were red with trails of tears running down both sides of her face.

Everyone was completely still for the most part, either their eyes darting, or moving only their heads and or upper torsos to look all around to see not a single Husk having survived whatever that strange energy wave that surged through all of them was. Everything was silent save for the crackling of fire from several areas with small flames burning from them. That is until the Reapers all began collapsing to the ground, the large number of them practically causing a small earthquake in the area making all of the Heroes stumble around, followed by the Reapers that were in the sky crashing down into the city. Quite a number of Heroes fell to the ground because of all the shaking, coupled with their injuries and or exhaustion, including Sora, while others somehow managed to remain balanced enough to stay on their feet. The Reapers all continued to fall one after another, until finally Harbinger himself, whose lights finally died out once more, collapsed to the ground itself. This time, it would not be getting back up.

The shaking soon subsided.

Danger Duck teleported between a grimy Ace and Lexi Bunny, Duck himself also grimed up with some tearing in his outfit from the fighting, "So uh~..." Duck began to speak, getting Ace and Lexi's attention, "What happened?" he asked.

Éomer, Lennox, and Rex still had confused looks on their faces along with the rest of their men on the bridge. Until suddenly they began to hear cheering erupt from down the river to their left, drawing their attention to it; this was then followed up by…

"Attention all Coalition forces! Attention all Coalition forces! The Crucible has been fired! I repeat, the Crucible has been fired! Be advised, all Reapers across the planet are now offline! I say again, all Reapers are offline, and all Husks have been eradicated! Cerberus and other enemy allied forces are in full retreat!" a young male voice shouted overenthusiastically over the comms for everyone to hear.

A look of utter shock came to everyone's faces. They had seen the Husks get destroyed by whatever that strange energy wave was, but to now be hearing about all of this, finally led to it dawning upon them all what they were seriously hoping for when they saw that energy wave do what it did…



Every Coalition soldier on the bridge erupted into a roaring cheer.

At the Conduit area, the Heroes all turned in the direction of the river as they heard this happen, that cheering, soon beginning to spread all throughout the entire city, as within seconds the sound was now echoing from basically everywhere.



The Coalition soldiers of the 501st continued cheering loudly with their fists and or weapons thrown into the air.

Epps, Fives, and Echo, the Clones with their helmets off, were jumping up and down in a circle like children with their hands on each other's backs as they laughed and hollered with their eyes closed. A male UNIT soldier and female SHIELD agent shared a hug as the UNIT soldier lifted her into the air and spun around, the SHIELD agent with an open smile on her face and her eyes closed. A Rohirrim shared a celebratory tap of his spear against a Lion soldier's spear as they both looked at each other happily, both too exhausted to celebrate energetically like most everyone else. An Earthbender lifted a Firebender, who had taken his mask and helmet off, into the air in a hug as both were extremely overjoyed with the Firebender holding his left fist in the air. An Asari, Krogan, and male Turian rested their heads against each other with their eyes closed out of happiness and relief as they could be seen laughing. A male Systems Alliance soldier with his helmet off, sat against the left side of the bridge with both of his hands over his eyes, crying tears of absolute joy at the fact that the Reapers had finally been defeated.

Every single soldier on the bridge was celebrating their victory; some of those on the enemy's side, walking or running over to join in while others remained where they were and celebrated in their own way. Save for Rex, Éomer, and Lennox; while they were obviously happy that they had won… they were just too damn tired to celebrate at this exact moment, and so if anything just watched with smiles on their faces as their men did it, happy for every single one of them.

Meanwhile, from several meters away behind them, Kamen Riders Build and Zi-O watched this scene as well. Build let out a good-humored hum while Zi-O chuckled a little, the two then looking at each other.

Build gestured with his head behind to his left, "Time to go." he says.

"Yeah." Zi-O says with a nod, as both Kamen Riders turn and take their leave.

"Adieu~." Lupin Red says with a quick two-finger salute from his right hand as he, and the other Sentai teams in New York begin to take their leave as well.

Patren 1gou and his team, giving a quick stand at attention and salute before also taking their leave with the others, while Shishi Red throws his right fist forward with a thumbs up, also turning afterwards to follow with the others.

As behind them the Coalition soldiers of the 7th Sky Corps cheer in celebration as well.

The Marines of the 5th Division were celebrating as well in the Amazonas. A Galactic Ranger is seen carrying a wounded Geth trooper back to be cared for, as Faramir follows a few feet behind when he suddenly comes to a stop looking off to his left. He spots the Dino Charge Rangers, walking towards the Ninja Steel Rangers as they get right beside each other individually. Faramir continues looking at them, while Dino Charge and Ninja Steel Red both stare back at him; Faramir nods his head in gratitude for them helping, as both Reds nod back in acknowledgement. All six Ninja Steel Rangers then throw their index and middle fingers of their right hands towards the ground simultaneously, causing a large puff of smoke to erupt engulfing them, as it disappears after only a few seconds but to reveal both Ranger teams completely gone. Faramir was a bit taken aback by this, but regained his composure after a few seconds as he half-smiled and shook his head; he had seen weirder things at this point. He turned his attention back forward and continued on.

Coalition troops were celebrating all over the world; including those of the 8th Mountain Division in China, the 1st Army Division in Aruba, the 75th Rangers in Brooklyn, the Coalition 9th Army in Scotland, those in Egypt, and those in Japan. The Marines at both the landing area outside of London, and those at the Resistance FOB were also celebrating at the Reapers' defeat.

In space was the same thing, as the crew and personnel aboard every surviving Coalition ship celebrated their victory. The fighter pilots included, with many of them performing rolls and various tricks to add to the celebrations, some doing flybys of bridge windows. From their cockpits pilots like Broadside, Talwyn, Wedge, and many others laughed and hollered over the comms excited that they had won, Plo Koon stayed silent but was happy as well as he listened in on all of this.

Aboard Hackett's ship everyone on the bridge was laughing and cheering, doing all kinds of things to celebrate their win. The Admiral remained completely composed however, with a simple smile on his face and his hands resting behind his back, until his eyes went wide at the realization of something. He turned and looked off to his left, "Get me a transport!" he ordered a nearby crewmember.

Back at the Conduit the Heroes continued listening to the cries of cheer and laughter coming from all around them from the entire city. The Heroes in the sky descended to the ground, while the giant Heroes returned to their normal size or normal size forms, in the case of Ben returning to his normal self, while Terriermon completely reverted to his In-Training form of Gummymon. In fact upon touching down, all Digimon basically reverted to their In-Training forms, their energies all but completely spent as it was a miracle that they lasted as long as they did, while the Legendary Warrior DigiDestined just separated and reverted back to their Human Spirit forms. Drago helped a downed Tigrerra to her feet, Tigress doing the same for Po.

Everyone just remained silent. They too had heard the broadcast, about the Reapers being defeated. Which they technically didn't need to hear due to all the Reapers that had fallen behind the Conduit and into the city, among whom was even Harbinger itself. But still, they were all just in complete and utter shock and awe at the fact… that they had won, and survived.

All around them, not a single Husk body remained, not even any corpses of previously defeated ones. Just the dead and unconscious bodies of thousands of enemy soldiers, and hundreds of villains, and monsters all over the battlefield.

They… they really had done it… They had won, and were all still alive. Tired and injured, but alive.

Kamen Rider Fourze bent low to the ground while bringing his arms inwards, "WE~... DID I~T!" he cried out in absolute happiness full of energy as he exploded back upwards, throwing his fists into the air while looking up.

This caused the majority of every Hero across the battlefield to also find the energy within them to let out a simultaneous roaring cheer into the air, several of them even jumping into the air, with one or both of their fists thrown up as well.

Koromon, DemiVeemon, and Gigimon jumped up and down repeatedly while cheering with their eyes closed.

"ALRIGHT!" Wes shouted.

"THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!" Double/Shotaro shouted at the same time.

Both of them with their swords raised into the air while Erza just looked at them before looking back in front of her and lowering her head slightly, closing her eyes and letting out a breath of relief as she opened her eyes and raised her head back up, shouldering her sword and putting her left hand to her hip with a smile on her lips.

Aragorn and Tommy were among some of the Heroes who weren't much for loud, energetic celebrating; rather Aragorn just put his left hand on Tommy's shoulder smiling at him, with Tommy nodding his head back at the king for having fought very well.

Drago and Tigrerra exchanged nods with each other. While Ben Tennyson and Rex Salazar walked up to each other, swinging their right hands up into a bro handshake hold.

Aedan, Hawke, Maxwell, and the Heroes around them held their weapons or fists into the air cheering.

Obi-Wan and Anakin both deactivated and put their lightsabers away, Obi-Wan then crossing his arms, "Well, they surely have quite the energy left in them." Obi-Wan jests at seeing everyone so full of energy to celebrate, considering what they had all just been through.

Anakin shrugs his shoulders, "Eh." he looks towards Obi-Wan, "Or maybe you just aren't as young as you used to be, old timer." Anakin jests as well as an amused smile comes to his lips.

Obi-Wan smiles back at Anakin, "Seems your humor is still intact as always." he says, a bit amused himself but in need of some humor after everything, even if it was directed at him.

"If you can keep your terrible humor after a long day's battle, then I can keep mine." Anakin says as he begins to walk away past his master.

"Anyways, I'm gonna go look for Ahsoka now." Anakin adds as he then runs off to look for his Padawan.

Po picked up Tigress into a tight hug while laughing happily with his eyes closed, this causing Tigress's eyes to go wide in shock both at the suddenness of the hug, as well as the pain coursing through her body due to her wounds since she hadn't been healed yet. Po seemed to realize this after a few seconds as his eyes shot open in terror, making him quickly drop her and take a step back.

"Ooh, sorry! Got a bit carried away there…" Po apologizes as he lowers his gaze a bit and looks away embarrassed, scratching his right arm.

After a few seconds however, Po suddenly found Tigress throwing herself onto him in a hug making his eyes go wide, though more out of surprise since she wasn't hugging him as tightly thankfully since he still needed his wounds healed up. Tigress had a smile on her lips and her eyes closed as she rested her head on Po's shoulder.

"You can hug me back if you want." Tigress says, it was a special occasion so she would allow it.

Po relaxed as a smile came back to his face, with him then hugging her back closing his eyes once more.

The Megaforce Rangers and Gokaigers, minus their respective team leaders, celebrated amongst each other while Troy collapsed backwards to the ground. Hitting it with his arms spread out as he let out a huge breath of relief; his eyes closed shut, he was just too exhausted to celebrate like most everyone else unfortunately, including his friends.

"Got room for one more?" he heard Marvelous speak from his right.

The space pirate captain, and Tsukasa both approached him, "Make that two." Tsukasa says.

Both Marvelous, and Tsukasa then sit down and lie on the ground next to Troy; Marvelous resting both of his hands behind his head, while Tsukasa placed both of his hands above his K-Touch on his stomach. The two let out their own huge breaths of relief, and exhaustion.

"Not bad today fellas… not bad." Marvelous says.

"I'd say there are probably several good photos I can snap right now… But I'm just too damn tired to move anymore." Tsukasa says.

"There's barely any strength left in me to talk let alone move." Troy says.

As the three rested on the ground, both Ahim and Emma were staring over towards them. Both girls let out a giggle at the sight as they then looked at each other.

Cragger wrapped his arms around Laval and Eris bringing them into a hug as he happily laughed rather hysterically with his eye closed while jumping up and down.

"We did it guys! We did it!" he happily cried out.

Both Laval and Eris were a bit taken aback by how energetic he was acting, though could understand of course, just they barely had anything left in them. Both of them looked towards each other, noticing the other's rather confused expression to how Cragger was acting, as they then dropped the expression and decided to join him in his joyous laughter as well closing their eyes, though not as hysterically.

Natsu and Lucy could both hear the others all celebrating, still in the crater as they had no energy left within them to move even an inch. Smiles came to both of their faces, Natsu baring his teeth in his smile while Lucy's mouth was open.

"You hear that Natsu," Lucy looked at Natsu who looked back, "we did it!" she says.

Natsu let out a happy huff, "Yeah… We did… Lucy." he says, as his eyes close shut again and he collapses forward onto Lucy, who wraps her arms around him to hold him taken aback.

"Natsu!" Lucy said, worried for him since she was now reminded of his massive wound in his body. She needed to get him out there fast but… she was in no condition to move anymore! How…?

"I found them!" the familiar voice of Carla could suddenly be heard up to her right, making Lucy turn her head and look up, to see Wendy's Exceed partner hovering above the edge of the crater looking down at them.

"Carla!" Lucy shouted.

Just a second later, Wendy came running into view followed by a flying Happy as they both came to a stop spotting them.

"Natsu-san! Lucy-san!" Wendy yelled out, happy and relieved to be seeing the both of them still alive.

"Wendy!" Lucy yelled back, overjoyed to be seeing her of all people.

Wendy slid into the crater followed by Happy and Carla flying in above her, as the three began to make their way quickly over to them, "Natsu~!" Happy cried out.

Lucy carefully laid Natsu on his back then looking towards the young Sky Dragon Slayer, "Wendy, Natsu's hurt badly and has lost a lot of blood! Please tell me you can save him!" she said in a pleading tone.

Wendy dropped onto both of her knees as she immediately got to work on healing Natsu's large wound, "I'll give it everything I've got!" Wendy stated with a serious look on her face.

Carla looked over to Lucy as she then noticed her leg wound, "Lucy, your leg!" she said in alarm.

Lucy looked up at her, a serious look on her face "I'm alright!" she looked back down at Natsu, "Natsu's in worse condition than I am! He needs to be treated first!" she said.

"Honestly, need I remind you luckily we have more healers then Wendy now? I'll go search for one but if they're all busy I'll just find someone who can patch up your wound for now." Carla says as she turns and flies out of the crater.

Lucy continued looking down at Natsu, "You're going to be alright now Natsu. I know you are." Lucy says in her head.

"Sora!" Ahsoka calls to him in a worried tone as she kneels down beside him, looking at his injury to try and figure out what she could do to help him even the least bit.

Sora's breathing was heavy, sweat covering his entire face with his eyes halfway closed.

"No, no, no come on Sora! Don't you go dying on us now after we just won the fight!" Ahsoka says as she raises her head and begins looking around trying to find someone she could call over for help, unfortunately there was no healer as far as she could see close by.

Ahsoka bared her teeth in distress. When suddenly she sensed something from behind her and turned her head; all of a sudden there was this small glass bottle with some strange green, and small bits of yellow, liquid inside of it, just sitting atop a pedestal-like rock several feet away. She definitely did not remember having seen that there before. What was it?

Just then her eyes went wide and she gasped, as she remembered having seen Sora use such an item a few times during the battle in the city, as well as to heal wounded soldiers with. Ahsoka had no idea where that bottle came from, but she wasn't going to turn the only chance at saving Sora away; and so she used the force to bring the bottle into her left hand as she popped the cap off.

She lifted Sora's upper body up with her right arm, "Please work." she says, as she pours all the liquid down his mouth.

Sora swallowed the liquid out of reflex, as then after a few seconds his body emitted a large green, with some yellow, glowing aura, which caused the large wound to magically heal entirely back up, not even leaving any scarring behind like it had never happened. Ahsoka was taken aback by this as the aura died away.

After a few more seconds, Sora's eyes slowly began to open as he let out a moan, "Wha-What happened?" he says.

A relieved, and happy expression came to Ahsoka's face, as she then suddenly found herself hugging the recovered Keyblade wielder, "Sora!" she shouted, as the suddenness of the hug took Sora aback, making his eyes go wide open and making him yelp a little.

"What? Ahsoka?" he says.

Ahsoka pulls away from him, a smile on her lips, "What… What happened?" he asks once again, his senses back to normal as he now needed an answer to said question since last he remembered, he had been wounded very badly; and as he wasn't seeing anyone else around them, then he wasn't healed by anyone right?

Ahsoka shows him the bottle, "I found this and it healed you back up." she explains.

Sora grabs the bottle from her as he examines it, "A Hi-Potion? Where did you get this? I was completely out of everything." he asks as he looks back at her.

"Like I said, I just found it. Over there on that rock. It just… was there." Ahsoka says, gesturing over to the rock she found it on.

Sora looks back at the bottle, confused by what she had said. Did he maybe drop this during the battle and that's where it came from?

Unbeknownst to the both of them, Xigbar bared his teeth in a smile, "Don't expect any more special handouts like that kid. That was a one and done deal. If you die for real next time, I'm going to be heavily disappointed in yah." he says.

As a portal of darkness opens up behind him and he finally takes his leave, having seen everything he wanted to.

"Ahsoka!" Anakin shouted as he spotted and ran towards her.

Ahsoka turned her head around to her left, while Sora leaned forward to look past her, as the two of them spotted Anakin coming who suddenly began to slow down to a stop. A highly confused look on his face for some reason.

"Am I~... interrupting something?" he asks.

Both Sora and Ahsoka became confused by this, until they looked at each other, and with how close they were and how they somewhat looked… Both of their eyes then shot open completely wide in shock.

"WHOA!" Ahsoka shouted while releasing Sora.

While Sora let out a "NA~H!" simultaneously as he fell and rolled away from her to his right for a bit before sitting back up, both of them looking away from each other.

"NO Master, we weren't doing anything like that!" Ahsoka quickly stated as she looked at Anakin with an insulted expression on her face.

"Yeah, she was just saving my life that's all!" Sora added looking towards him, with an annoyed look on his face.

Anakin crossed his arms in front of his chest, a look on his face saying that he was not entirely convinced, "Uh~ huh."

Ahsoka looked down slightly to her left, a bit hard to see, but her cheeks flushed out of embarrassment as she let out a quiet uncomfortable moan.

The same for Sora as well as his cheeks were more clearly seen as red, looking away from Ahsoka once again as he let out a quiet hum of discomfort.

Everyone around Garrus and Tali was continuing to cheer as Garrus looked off to his front right while Tali faced away from him to her left while bringing both of her hands up to her helmet.

"Well, talk about a close-" as Garrus turned towards Tali to speak to her, he suddenly found himself pounced upon by her as she wrapped her arms around his upper back, over his shoulders, and kissed him on the mouth.

The Turian, taken aback not only by this, but because of what he saw beneath her hood as he pulled away from her kiss, "Tali, your mask!" he says in a highly worried tone.

"I will deal with whatever repercussions there are later, after all we have people with magic now so hopefully things won't be as bad. But after everything we've been through, I think we deserve this. So you better not ruin this moment Vakarian you bosh'tet!" Tali states with a bit of annoyance in her tone, her voice no longer sounding like it was being spoken from behind a mask.

As she brings her hands up behind his head and pulls him in once again for a kiss, Garrus this time reciprocating it as he then proceeds to pick her up by her thighs and hold her in the air.

Javik looked up towards the motionless Reapers as Liara walked up to him from behind; the Prothean with his mouth slightly hanging open in shock, as Liara walked up to his left side putting her hand on his shoulder getting his attention.

"Your people can now rest in peace." Liara says as she gives him a supporting smile.

Javik, for the first time since being woken up into this strange new galaxy after fifty thousand years, now appeared to be completely speechless as he just looked at her; eventually managing to regain his composure, "Yes… Yes, they can." he says as he looks back up at the Reapers, "Them, and every other species whose lives were ruined by these monsters! They can all rest now, knowing that they will terrorize no one anymore."

Liara leaned her head forward as she looked up at Javik's face, her eyes then slightly widening in shock at something she saw. Tears… running down Javik's face. Liara quickly pulled her head back, not wanting to ruin the moment, as she thought it best to keep what she saw entirely a secret from everyone. A smile returned to her lips.

James and EDI walked past Ron and Hermione who were heading in the opposite direction between them as James patted Ron on his left shoulder while EDI and Hermione exchanged nods with each other. The two walked over to Ashley who was now standing up but looking towards the Conduit beam which was still online.

"Hey LT, why aren't you celebrating like everyone else?" James asks as he and EDI come to a stop behind her.

Ashley however, remains silent.

James and EDI look at each other, confused by this as they look back at her.

"Ashley?" James says, trying to get her attention again.

Still nothing.

EDI then seems to realize it, "You are waiting for Shepard's return." she says.

Still nothing from her.

James walks up to Ashley placing his left hand on her right shoulder, "Don't worry Ash, it's Loco we're talking about. He's literally come back from death before, ain't no way anything's stopping him. Plus if I heard right from Po and the others, Chief went up there with him. So we know that if anything goes down, Chief's got Shepard's back for sure and ain't nothing can take those two down together." James says, trying to reassure her.

That still got no response from her as James took his hand off. James looked back at EDI and shrugged his shoulders, not knowing what to do anymore.

Ashley's concentration was fully on the bottom of the Conduit beam, nothing else mattered. She continued to stare, still nothing, more seconds went by, still nothing. What was only seconds in real time, felt like minutes, hours even to her, just waiting for Shepard to come out from that beam at any moment, completely fine so she could run up to him and hug him and kiss him.

Just then… the beam died down, as the Conduit appeared to shut off entirely.

Ashley's gaze remained, having not moved or reacted an inch. James and EDI looked at each other, shocked looks coming to their faces. Tears once again swelled up in Ashley's eyes as they began to go down her face.

Shepard… wasn't coming back…

EDI began walking towards Ashley, who finally turned around, as EDI then embraced her in a saddened hug with Ashley hugging her back, beginning to whimper as she cried. James lowered his head, he… couldn't believe it…

In the sky above, the dark clouds finally began to part. Revealing the beautiful blue sky as the sun began to shine through.

Off to Ashley's right, Wrex walked up several feet away looking towards the sky as he came to a stop, squinting his eyes at something. Just barely, he could make out what looked to be two very small golden orbs of lights descending from the sky.

"What in the world?" he says, this catching James's attention as he looks towards him, then following his gaze up as he squints his eyes and puts his right hand above them on his forehead.

"What the hell?" James then says, making EDI and Ashley look as well, wondering what he was saying that for as they then followed his gaze. Also spotting the golden orbs which were growing a bit in size as they got closer to the ground.

Everyone else seemed to start catching sight of them as well as they looked up; Garrus and Tali breaking apart from their kiss to look up to see it, followed by Liara and Javik. Po and Tigress, who were in a group hug with the rest of the Five, were also now looking towards the sky to see the two descending orbs of golden light; Troy, Marvelous, and Tsukasa the same as they slowly pushed themselves up from the ground, Laval and Eris off to their right seeing the same thing. Natsu finally emerged from the crater, his wound completely healed up by Wendy, though he was still weak from having lost so much blood along with having used so much magic fighting today, that he was carried out by Lucy, who was also healed up with a bandage wrapped around her leg where the arrow went through, and Kamen Rider Ex-Aid back in his Level 2 form. Wendy and the Exceeds, following out of the crater behind them as they were also drawn towards the sky upon seeing everyone else looking up. Sora, Ahsoka, and Anakin walked up to a stop already looking up as well.

The two golden orbs of energy, which were about medium in size, descended towards the ground towards the foot of the Conduit. All of the Heroes, gathering around it just several meters away with Ashley and the others, Po and the Five, Decade, the Gokaigers, Megaforce Rangers, Legends of Chima, Fairy Tail mages, and Sora at the front of everyone else.

After several more seconds, the orbs finally got close to the ground stopping just a few feet above it. Everyone's eyes stared towards them, waiting to see what would happen next. That something was the orbs shapeshifting into humanoid forms as the lights then faded away… revealing Commander Shepard, and Master Chief, albeit in their torn up and bloodied states, as Shepard held his left hand to his stomach, while Chief stood with both arms down by his sides. The two of them slowly looked around in front of them, seeming a bit lost by… whatever it was that had happened to them.

Ashley's eyes went wide in complete shock with her mouth dropping slightly open, everyone else also visibly shocked not only by the appearance of the two soldiers, but also by how horrible they looked!

"Well that was convenient." Chief nonchalantly says, this being more directed towards Shepard anyway.

"Yeah…" Shepard said, once again struggling a bit to speak as he found the pain and exhaustion washing back throughout his body making him look down to see the state he was once again in, "Though it would have been nice if they kept us how they made us look and feel when we were talking to them."

"SHEPARD!" Ashley cried out as she ran forward.

Running right into Shepard as she hugged him tightly, kind of not paying full attention to the state he was in, as this caused him to grunt and groan very loudly, "Hey Ash…" he said painfully.

"Sorry." Ashley said, her eyes closed as tears once again ran down her face.

The rest of Shepard's friends, every single one of them including his previous teammates, ran over to him, gathering behind Ashley.

"Holy fucking shit. You know, you really are fucking loco you know that!" James shouted with an annoyed look on his face.

Shepard opened his eyes to look at him, his annoyed look turning to a smile as he crossed his arms in front of his chest, "But I guess it takes one to get shit like this done. Welcome home, Loco." James says.

"Looking like shit there Shepard." Jacob humorously remarks.

"Hehe~, just means he had a lot more fun up there then we had down here!" Grunt jokingly says.

"Bloody hell, you didn't even look this bad after the Suicide Mission. The hell happened up there, Shepard?" Zaeed asks.

As Shepard's friends continued talking to him, Chief just watched from his left. The Spartan lowered his head a bit.

"CHIEF!" the voice of Sora suddenly made him look forward.

To see him, along with Po and his friends, Marvelous and his crew, Tsukasa, Troy and his friends, Laval and his friends, and Natsu and his friends, run or fly up to him.

"Are you alright?!" Sora asks with a highly concerned tone in his voice.

"You don't look so good!" Jake says, he and everyone else taking notice of the number of wounds throughout his body on his armor.

Wendy began to walk forward while raising her hands, "I'll start healing you." she says.

Chief slightly raises his left hand forward making her stop.

"Don't worry, I'm alright." Chief says.

"Are you crazy?! You look anything but alright!" Gai shouted, putting both of his hands on the sides of his head.

"Are you sure you don't want Wendy healing you Chief?" Eris asks in a worried tone.

"Or even Sora?" Tsukasa says.

"I'm fine. Honest." Chief says.

While everyone still looked at him worried, Po seemed to become completely relaxed as he just casually strolled over to Chief's left side while swinging his arms a bit.

"Guys come o~n this is Chief we're talking about here." Po begins to speak as he gets beside the Spartan and turns to face the others, "If he says he's fine then I'm sure he's just fine." Po finishes as he closes his eyes, puts his left hand to his hip and then pats Chief on the back with his right hand.

Causing the Spartan to begin falling forward.

Sora, Natsu, and Laval all cried out in terror putting their hands on their heads while everyone else became shocked by what they saw, with the three then quickly rushing forward managing to catch Chief in time before he got close to the ground; as Sora gets under Chief's right arm, Laval beneath his body raising both hands up to stop him, and Natsu beneath his left arm.

Only for their eyes to go completely wide as they are brought to the ground with Chief causing them to cry out in immense pain, Chief's armor proving way too heavy for them along with them still recovering from their injuries and being completely exhausted.

The sight of this caused half of the other Heroes to begin laughing at their rather comical misfortune, as Ahsoka was seen pushing her way out of the crowd to rush over to help out.

Laval was completely buried beneath Chief with only his arms sticking out as they twitched a bit, while both Natsu and Sora were trapped beneath his arms facedown with Natsu groaning in pain, "This was a bad idea…" Sora struggled to speak.

Lucy and Eris rushed forward to help their respective friend as Captain America, and Superman walked through to be the ones to pick Chief up off of them. The others still looking down at Chief in complete shock, as they then turned their attentions angrily towards the one who caused this. Po was looking down at Chief with his hands on the sides of his head and a completely shocked and horrified look on his face as he then took notice of everyone staring at him.

"Look I'm already hurt as it is, can we save the punishment for a later date please I'll even make a note of it." Po pleads.

Cap and Superman lifted Chief up as Lucy picked Natsu off the ground in a crutch hold with his left arm around her shoulders, Eris helping Laval back to his feet as he stumbled a bit in a daze to remain up, while Sora just sat on the ground with his legs criss crossed as well as his arms crossed with his eyes closed as Ahsoka ran over beside him to his right.

"Excellent work soldiers." Steve says with a smile as he looks at Chief.

Chief looking back at him as he nods his head.

"Good job, Heroes." Superman says, though looking towards Shepard for this one as the Commander nods his head in thanks, Ashley and James now holding him in a two-person crutch hold as well.

Tigress walked over to Po putting her hands to her hips with a disappointed look on her face as she shook her head, Po lightly chuckling at this with a nervous expression.

Troy managed a light chuckle as well while Marvelous just huffed with his arms crossed, him and Tsukasa turning their heads to look at Troy who looked back at them.

Both Laval and Eris looked at each other with open smiles as Laval chuckled first followed by Eris.

Natsu and Lucy looked at each other as Lucy closed her eyes and smiled at him with a good-humored hum, Natsu smiling back with a toothy grin.

Ahsoka looked down at Sora with her arms crossed as she half-smiled at him with a hum, making Sora look up at her. He then bared his teeth in a wide open smile as he laughed.

Chief looked down at him as Sora laughed, as he then raised his head to look over towards Shepard.

Shepard and Ashley were both looking down at this as well as they raised their heads to look towards Chief, then to each other.

"You did it, Skipper." Ashley says.

Shepard closed his eyes and shook his head, "No Ash…" he said as he opened his eyes again, a smile coming to his lips.

"We did it."

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