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This story is placed during the 10 day wait prior to Virus' War Games and in continuity with the main series.

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Southern Digigalaxy

(Cue Godzilla 1985 OST – Main Title Theme)

The Southern Digigalaxy. Specifically the Beta-Zulu side of the southern quadrant. From one vantage point, the galaxy seemed quiet and still, but lately there has been a major influx of immense energy that's ravaged numerous planets.

Suddenly, a chain of reactions quickly wiped out the remaining planets within the Beta-Zulu sector. The last of the inhabitable worlds in the Southern Digigalaxy were destroyed in short time.

An ominous threat has been destroying worlds exclusively in the Southern Digigalaxy, which now has gotten the attention of an angry phoenix god.


Digital World/Azulongmon's Realm/7:30 AM

The four Sovereigns summoned for a summit in Azulongmon's sanctuary. The matters concerning the recent obliteration of worlds in the Southern Digigalaxy were addressed to X and Gennai, who returned after monitoring the recent events involving the Wars Games.

"All the planets within the Beta-Zulu sector have been destroyed! Not just destroyed, but obliterated in quick fashion!" Zhuqiaomon boomed as the flame aura surrounding him expanded and bathed the area near him. The more fury he unleashed, the more his flames spread around him. "I will not stand to witness more worlds within my quadrant to fall to this great force! It's humiliating enough this is all happening under my jurisdiction! I will not stand for this!"

Baihumon expressed his concerns. "You have my sympathies, Zhuqiaomon. We need to act fast. I want to take precautions before this unknown power begins ravaging the worlds on my sector."

Ebonwumon quickly chimed in; his left head spoke in his Irish tone. "Now you know how we feel, Rooster McAngry!" The right head concurred in a Scottish accent. "Aye, but now ya got a lunatic on the loose on your side."

Azulongmon glanced over to X, who closed his eyes following this unknown power. "X, I understand it's only days from the War Games and we must focus our resources for the bio-android, but this can't go on any longer. If this power destroys any more worlds, a great imbalance could lead to the imbalance between the Digiverse and the human's world." He waited for X to speak and readdressed him. "X? Did you hear me...?"

X folded both arms behind his back. "I heard you, Azulongmon." He opened his eyes and faced the great dragon floating above him. "Yes, it's time we act now. There's only a few days until the event. I think we can send for Tai and Agumon to investigate this."

Gennai walked over to X. "The great power... I've studied the residue of the energy left behind around the destruction of the planets in the Beta-Zulu sector."


"The energy that resonated from the wake of the destruction belongs to an Ascendant."

The Sovereigns were stunned in silence upon hearing this revelation. The notion that another Ascendant exists somewhere in the Digiverse was baffling.

"Then, if this great power belongs to an Ascendant, we definitely need Tai and Agumon to investigate this," the masked watcher looked up and closed his eyes. "We have to get to the bottom of this fast or risk losing more worlds to this Ascendant threat."

"X, could it be the Legendary Ascendant?" The ex-Digital Knight asked, conveying deep concern for the seemingly dire situation.

X replied. "I don't know, but I hope Onega X is up to the task, because this threat may in fact be greater than even Virus." He had a distressed look on his masked face.

(End theme)


(Cue Tendril OST – Eternal Sacrifice)


Yagami the Legendary Ascendant

Act I: The Legendary Ascendant Strikes!


Odaiba Park/December 28, 2004/2:00 PM

With four days left until the War Games commences, the Chosen used the little time they had for post-Christmas activities that didn't involve preparations and training. Today, Tai had decided for the group to go to France to visit the Digi-Destined named Catherine whom his clone (who filled in for Tai during his absence prior to Dimitri appearing) and TK met the last Christmas holidays to intercept the Digimon French invasion.

Tai and Agumon were together with Kari and Gatomon as they waited for the others to arrive. The first to come as scheduled were TK & Patamon, Ken & Wormmon, Yolei & Wormmon, Cody & Armadillomon, and Sora & Biyomon. 15 minutes later, Yamato & Gabumon, Dimitri & Faith the Patamon, and Mimi & Palmon came. Davis & Veemon were the last ones to arrive.

"Late as always, Davis," TK remarked, watching Davis and Veemon both scratching their heads modestly.

"Hey, it was my fault for sleeping in!" Davis sheepishly said while apologizing to the group.

Veemon added. "I tried waking him, but he had Kari and Sonja in the brain."

Davis blushed and quickly cupped Veemon's mouth. "Um, what? What was that Veemon? I was counting sheep? Yeah, they were cute sheep, weren't they?" He pulled Veemon to the side and turned him around. He whispered into his partner's ear and made sure no one was hearing. "Yeah, you just love opening your big fat mouth, don't ya, buddy?"

"Mmmpfh!" Veemon barely said whilst his mouth was covered.

Yolei rolled her eyes. "C'mon, you two, quit fooling around!" She grabbed the two and pulled them over to the group awaiting them.

"Izzy and Joe aren't coming?" Tai blinked as he noticed the absence of the two and their partners.

The purple-haired girl answered back. "Izzy told me and Ken to take a break to join y'all. He and Tentomon are still busy working out BlackWarGreymon's chinks."

Ken added. "Joe's going over to help Izzy in our place."

"I hope BlackWarGreymon'll be ready for the War Games," Kari muttered softly, lowering her head. She felt Tai patting her left shoulder.

"It'll be ok, Kari. We'll be ready for Virus," the Bearer of Courage gave his sister some self-reassurance.

Tai's still as ever calm as he was after leaving the Room of Time. I hope he knows he's doing considering what's at stake. Virus is an opponent like no other. Dimitri observed the Chosen leader's oddly easygoing demeanor in the face of the upcoming War Games, the event held by Virus that determines the fate of mankind and the four Digital Realms. His train of thought was interrupted when Faith prodded his face. "Huh?"

"Mimi's calling for ya," Faith said as the future warrior saw Mimi handing him black French cap.

"Mother? Do I need to wear this?" Dimitri stared blankly at the cap.

Mimi giggled as she put a pink one on Palmon's head. "I think they're cute. Me and your grandparents went there for a vacation tour two years ago. You'll love it there." She clasped her hands together and sighed happily. "Paris is a city of romance!"

"Bleh, screw romance. I'm only coming because Tai convinced me and promised me a duel after Virus meets his end." Yamato quipped, clenching a French cap Mimi gave to him. He gave the cap an utter look of disgust and threw it on the ground. Gabumon raced over to pick it up and put on for Mimi's sakes.

Dimitri sighed as he watched Yamato fold his arms and scoff. "Mom went out of her way to give you that cap. The least you could do is appreciate it."

Yamato scoffed and turned away. "Whatever, boy. I'm a warrior not a fashion model."

"Hey, he can wear mine!" Tai interjected as he put his cap on Yamato's head, prompting the blonde to grab Tai's shirt. "Hey, now! It doesn't look that bad on you!"

"I'm a warrior, you dolt! Not someone's dummy on display!"

Everyone laughed over Yamato's expense. The Bearer of Friendship threw the cap back to Tai and tried hard not to blush in embarrassment. Yamato quelled his near embarrassing experience by grumbling and counting 10 to himself.

"Ok, guys! Are we all set?" Tai turned to everyone and asked them. As they nodded together, he gathered everyone as each put their hands on each other. "Ready, Agumon?"

"Yep! This beats airline flight!" Agumon said as he put his fingers to his forehead.

Tai did the same and looked over his back to see everyone's putting their hands on each other. "Right! Next stop: Paris!" With that, he placed his fingers on his forehead and utilized Instant Movement with Agumon to teleport the group from Odaiba Park...


Paris, France/Outside Versailles Palace

...and materialized a block away from Versailles Palace. Tai and Agumon removed their fingers from their heads.

(Cue French music - Accordion)

"Here we are!" Agumon announced.

"Well, after X put my clone's memories into my head, I can recall being here," Tai stated. "There was a Digimon invasion here a year ago. Oh, and I think you had a grandfather here, too. Right, TK?" He veered over to TK and Patamon.

"Yeah, I phoned and told him that we'd be outside Versailles Palace today," TK replied. "Catherine and Floramon should be waiting us for in Versailles Palace."

"Man, does she own that place?!" Davis was flabbergasted when he and Veemon ran up near the gates. He surveyed through the gates and saw the famous French manor house. He and Veemon marveled at the sight of the famous palace.

"He has no idea, does he?" Gatomon sighed at Davis and Veemon's obliviousness.

"No, Davis," Kari answered, walking over carrying Gatomon. "Catherine's just meeting us here. I heard she's brought along some other Digi-Destined she met recently."

"Oh, so we get to meet another Chosen? Awesome!" Yolei was ecstatic with the news of the new Chosen yet to be revealed. "Is it a boy or a girl?"

"I think we're going to find that out soon, Yolei," Cody said.

"If it's a boy, and undoubtedly a cute one, Yolei's gonna fawn over him. The poor boy..." Hawkmon sighed.

"Guys, I think I see my grandpa!" TK called everyone over to see a man clad in a brown jacket, pants, and boots walking near the gates. "Grandpa Michel, over here! It's me TK and my brother's here with me!"

As the man recognized TK, he opened the gates to let the group through.

"Bonjour, TK and Matt! Bonjour everyone!" The man welcomed the Digi-Destined.

He then escorted them down the entrance toward the Versailles Palace. Nearly everyone in the group marveled at the sight of the magnificent palace. TK and Tai, who was recalling memories from his clone's adventure in Paris, were reminded of their rescue mission and the brief Digimon invasion led by the Mamemon brothers. Waiting for the crew at the entrance was a cute and attractive blonde-haired French girl who looked about Davis, TK, and Kari's age. With her was a Floramon.

(End theme)

"Bonjour, Digi-Destined of Odaiba!" The French girl welcomed the crew.

"Catherine!" Tai and TK called to her.

"Ah, Tai! TK! It's good to see you both doing well!" Catherine said as she hugged them both, much to Sora's dismay.

"So, Tai, how come you never told me about this girl?" Sora poked Tai's side and grumbled to him.

"Hey, now, that was my clone who met her. I... me... the real me barely know her besides the memories X transferred from my clone to me..." Tai tried his hardest to clear up the situation. "But, c'mon ease up, Sora. She's just a friend."

Biyomon added to Tai's defense. "Yeah, remember Tai's clone was with us that whole time before Tai finally returned home."

Agumon nodded. "Yeah, I can just barely remember being here. My clone's memories are already reminding me of the big Digimon battle that occurred here."

"Was it with those Mamemon creeps?" Tai asked.

Catherine smiled. "Yes, you and TK helped us French Digi-Destined stop the Digimon invasion. That was a year ago, yes?"

Sora shrugged. "Right, I did forget. I suppose you're off the hook this time, Tai."

"So, when do we get to eat?" Agumon asked.

Davis chimed in. "Yeah, we could use some chow time! I haven't had anything but a bowl of cereal this morning!"

"We'll eat in an hour, yes?" Catherine nodded as she turned to Floramon. "Let us show you around the Versailles Palace first."

"Oh, Catherine! Sorry, don't mean to interrupt, but I heard you found a new Digi-Destined around here you want us to meet?" Yolei asked as her curiosity already became piqued. "Is it true? Did you really find another Digi-Destined?"

"Why, yes! I did and I actually wanted you all to meet him first," the French girl answered merrily. "Funny enough his Digimon is an Agumon like yours, Tai."

Upon hearing this, both Tai and Agumon were more intrigued when Catherine revealed this fact to them.

"Hear that, Tai? Another Digi-Destined with an Agumon," Kari said to him. "We should meet this Digi-Destined and his partner."

"Ahh, I wonder if he's a cute-looking guy," Yolei fantasized as Ken behind her just shook his head.

"Well, what are we waiting for?! Let's go meet this new Digi-Destined!" Davis eagerly called out. "Can you take us to him, Catherine?"

"Oh, sure. He's just down this hallway," Catherine pointed to inside Versailles Palace. "Once we get acquainted with him, I can take you around the palace, yes? Is that ok?"

The group, minus the stubborn Yamato, nodded together as Michel helped escort them into the Versailles Palace. The girls were mesmerized by the beautiful interior and scenery of the famous palace. Mimi took a few snap shots with her camera.

"Isn't this place beautiful, Dimitri?" Mimi asked while taking more pictures.

Dimitri sheepishly smiled. "Yeah, very nice, mother."

"It's all right if you want to call me Mimi. I may be your mom, but at my age I can easily pass as your sister."

"Can't help it since I've been raised by your future self my whole life."

Palmon tugged on Mimi's skirt. "Look, take the picture of that!"

"Over here this way, everyone!" Catherine called to the Odaiba Chosen, who followed her, Floramon, and Michel toward the area where the unknown Digi-Destined waited.

As they marched along, Tai heard a familiar voice calling out to him telepathically. He paused and looked up hearing the masked watcher beckoning him.

Tai! Can you hear me?! It's me, X! We've got an urgent situation!

Stopping in the middle of the hall and letting his friends by, Tai paused and closed his eyes, linking his mind with the watcher. What is it, X? I told you I was gonna spend these last few days spending time with my friends! We're in France visiting a friend that my clone and TK met a year ago! She's about to introduce us to a new Digi-Destined with an Agumon!

Agumon noticed Tai standing in the hall as the group left him behind. He hurried over and looked up realizing his partner was talking to X.

I understand that, Tai, but, can you get over here to my planet? I'll tell you and Agumon everything you need to know.

Is it about Virus? Look, I'm ready for him.

This isn't nothing related to the upcoming War Games. Just come to my planet quick...

But, my friends are here. What am I supposed to do? They'll realize I just stopped in the middle of the hall. And we were gonna eat a little later. I was gonna try out some French cuisine while I'm here!

X shouted back through his pupil's mind. I'LL COOK US UP A FRENCH CUISINE! Now, get your ass up here and hurry!

"Sheesh, what wrong end of the bed did he wake up on?" Tai snorted as he rubbed his ears where X yelling hurt him. He looked down to Agumon and furrowed his brows. "We're gonna have to cut our French tour short, Agumon. X is calling for us back. I don't know what's going on, but it sounds urgent."

Agumon nodded. "Ok, let's get going."

"TAI!" Sora called out from the other end of the hall. "What are you two just standing there? The others are far ahead they're wondering where you're at!" She and Biyomon raced over to the duo. The girl noted the serious demeanor etched on Tai's face. This was enough to tell her something was wrong. "What happened?"

"X just contacted me."

"Is it about Virus?"

"No, nothing like that, but he made it sound so urgent. Look I don't know how long we'll be gone, but be and sure to tell the others something called just for me and Agumon. Also tell them not to worry and that we'll be back. Hopefully, this won't take long."

The Bearer of Love nodded in response. "All right then, but make sure you two come back safe. I don't want the thought of something bad happening at the last minute and you two rushing off to fight whatever it is."

"We'll investigate what X wants us to find and we'll return back, Sora," Agumon said.

Biyomon replied. "Be careful, you two."

"Hopefully by the time we get back, we'll meet this new Digi-Destined and this Agumon," Tai said with an exuberant grin on his face. "Anyway, tell Catherine and the others something came up, but we'll be back, ok?" He leaned forward and kissed Sora's cheek. "Keep everyone in line while we're gone, ok? We'll be back and make sure Kari doesn't worry too much."

As Sora nodded, she and Biyomon watched Tai and Agumon use Instant Movement to teleport to X's realm.

"I hope whatever it is, it's not as bad as X claims," Biyomon said, looking up to her partner.

"Yeah, c'mon let's catch up with the others," Sora beckoned her partner as they raced down the hall to catch up with the others. She briefly glanced over her shoulder and peered at the post the duo teleported. Be careful, you two. We'll be waiting.


Other World/X's Planet/2:40 PM

X and Simms waited patiently as the latter lounged on seat situated near a table. X had both arms folded whilst gazing up to the sky as if he was expecting Tai and Agumon to show up any minute.


And right on cue. Tai and Agumon materialized above X and Simms. The big-haired teen and his Digimon floated down where X stood waiting for them.

"Good, you came right on time," X said. "I hope I wasn't interrupting anything too important?"

"Well, besides barely arriving in France and about to meet some new Digi-Destined... nothing eventful," Tai said with sarcasm in his tone, which didn't faze X whatsoever.

Simms stood up. "The urgent situation is more important than some reunion with a friend."

"That's enough, Simms," the masked watcher interceded. "So, are you two hungry? C'mon, Simms can fix us a French meal while we discuss the urgent situation."

"Me? Cook?"

"Yes, now if you can make it fast. You know Tai and Agumon are big eaters. Hurry up!" X ordered Simms to his mansion to start cooking their meal. He turned his attention to Tai and Agumon. "Now."

Tai tried his hardest to ignore his grumbling tummy. "Sorry." He modestly chuckled in embarrassment.

"About that urgent situation."

"Talk now," the Bearer of Courage demanded as he and Agumon sat down. "What the heck is going on?"

"Let me recap..." X started explaining starting with the recent destruction of the Beta-Zulu sector, which would eventually lead to the mysterious Ascendant energy discovery within that galaxy sector.


Paris, France/Versailles Palace

Catherine finally showed the group to the outside where they saw a boy with a Digimon with a striking resemblance to Agumon. The boy looked about Tai's age with similar physical attributes including an athletic build and thick spiky hair, albeit the boy's hair was more a darker shade of brown. His wardrobe included a dark blue muscle shirt that showed most of his well built chest, muscled arms, and abdominal core, white pants coupled with gold belt around the waist, and white-and-yellow trimmed boots.

The Agumon with the boy appeared much larger than Tai's. There were notable Greymon features that caught their attention, especially the more meticulous Kari, Gatomon, TK, and Ken, who noted the blue stripes on this Agumon's back and body.

"Everyone, this is Yagami," Catherine introduced the Chosen to the boy. "And this is his partner Agumon X. He looks almost like Tai's Agumon, but bigger, yes?"

Despite his physical presence, Yagami came across as very shy and politely bowed to the group.

"Hello," Yagami addressed him.

"Hello!" The group introduced themselves to him.

The girls, needless to say, were becoming drawn to Yagami's outward appearance. The boy's chiseled form and innocent looking face was what attracted them most. Kari and Mimi both blushed as their attraction to the boy became more obvious with their eyes turning into hearts. Yagami most definitely had the heart throb appeal that won the girls over. Yolei was especially smitten when she walked over and checked Yagami out. Sora just arrived with Biyomon to see the group gathering around and meeting Yagami.

"What's going on?" Sora wondered as she and Biyomon noticed Yagami. "Is that the new Digi-Destined Catherine wanted to introduce us to?"

"Look! He has an Agumon!" Biyomon pointed to Agumon X, who was being check out by the other Digimon.

"Hey, there. My name is Yolei Inoue," the lovestruck purple-haired girl tried flirting with Yagami. "Pleased to meet you. How long has Catherine been keeping such a stud like you?"

Ken facepalmed when seeing Yolei openly flirting with Yagami.

"Wow, he's so a hottie!" Mimi giggled as she took pictures of him and Agumon X.

Yagami backed away from the camera flashes and nervously smiled. "Please, not too close."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I need to turn off the flash," Mimi readjusted her camera and turned off the flash.

"Feh, what's the big deal with this guy," Yamato snorted as he walked over to Yagami and sized him up. He noticed the meekness on Yagami's demeanor despite his large exterior. "You might be big with a strong build, but you're seems meek as a mouse."

"I...I'm sorry I don't hang around people too much," Yagami confessed. "Catherine here found me and Agumon X one day laying on the street."

"Were you an orphan?" Kari asked. "Did something happen from your home that made you run away?"

"I... I don't remember... anything before I arrived here and met Catherine is all a blank. She and her family found me and took me into their household. I've been living with them for a few days."

"My family is wealthy and we could afford adopting him into our household," Catherine stated as she walked over patting the boy's back. "He only remember his name, but nothing else. He's likely to have a case of amnesia."

"That's horrible," Sora muttered as she and the other girls felt deep sympathy for Yagami.

The boys, minus Yamato, felt the same way. Yamato just shrugged off Yagami and left him to be tended by Catherine.

"By the way, is Agumon X any different from Tai's Agumon?" Cody asked Catherine directly.

"Well, maybe? Agumon X is bigger and he can be quite strong. Floramon told me he has shown some aggressive behavior toward people, but I'm surprised he hasn't shown any aggression toward you all."

Agumon X turned around facing Yamato, who had his eyes firmly locked on him and Yagami. Dimitri, too, shared a similar interest in Yagami, but was more interested in uncovering more about Yagami's shadowed past.

"It's ok, Yagami. These people are friends of mine," the French girl tried comforting him with her best efforts. "Say, where are Tai and his Digimon partner?"

"Th-they said they'll catch up later. They had something to take care of," Sora addressed her. "Don't worry. Once they get back, they'll be happy to meet Yagami and Agumon X." She noticed Yagami lifting his head and smiling to Sora a bit.

"Anyway, shall we get going and continue touring around?" Catherine asked. "Michel left to see if more tourists are coming. Besides, I'd like to go outside the palace." She helped Yagami up and walked along with him.

Yamato scoffed watching Yagami requiring Catherine's touch to comfort him. "How pitiful. He's thrice her size and needs that woman guiding him?"

"Easy, Yamato. We don't know what happened to Yagami in his past," TK interjected.

He's not fooling me. Yagami has a peculiar energy within him that feels... Yamato's train of thought was cut off as he was the first to hear a loud resounding boom echoing in the distance. "...what?!"

(Cue Godzilla 1985 OST – The Super-X Mobilizes)

The group paused entirely and watched as the sky seemingly split up. A vortex opened up in the middle of the sky above Paris. Nearly every bystander also paused to witness the odd phenomenon occur. They saw what looked like an immensely-sized spaceship vessel passing through and hovering toward the Versailles Palace. The Digi-Destined and their Digimon partners held their ground entirely waiting for the ship to descend until it hovered in a stationary position above the manor.

"A spaceship?!" Cody exclaimed.

Armadillomon quickly added. "Y'all think it's come here for a tour?"

"I very much doubt that!" Yolei called out.

Ken pointed to what appeared to be a hatchet opening up. "Look! Something's about to come out."

From the hatchet, a long tentacle-like prob with an eyeball snaked all the way down near the Digi-Destined group. It probed each Digi-Destined and Digimon as it finally made its way over to Yagami. The eyeball blinked thrice as its eye core turned green. The probe jerked its way back through the hatchet and into the ship.

"Judging from the portal, it appears to have come from somewhere in the Digiverse," Yamato noted, recognizing the stargates he and Gabumon traveled through with prior usage of the spacepods they used before. "The technology is definitely up to par to what Burizalor and his men used."

Gabumon gasped. "You're right, but who could be in this ship?"

"Remnants of Burizalor's empire looking for revenge?" TK wondered.

Kari sensed the presences inside the ship. "Whoever it is, I'm not familiar with it."

However, Yagami's face contorted as he backed away. Catherine noticed his sudden distress and grabbed a hold of his right arm.

"It's ok, Yagami. If this is an enemy, we have friends here who can protect us."

Just then, the ship descended and dropped off on the front of the manor house. The group amassed out on the front and watched the main door of the spaceship. Storming out from the ship were a small battalion of humanoid garbed in strange black and white armored spacesuits. There were 25 of them storming out. Ten lined up horizontally on each side. All of them proceeded to dislodge the helmets from their heads, revealing their faces. There was a handful of BlueMeramon, SkullMeramon, and Troopmon. They seemed fine after seemingly breathing in Earth's oxygen levels.

Five walked down the entrance way that had just settled on the ground and provided as a bridge for them to cross. The five men escorted who appeared to be the leader of the small army. The leader walked out like a king of his people. He wore mostly a regal yellow garb complete with a long, white cape. He also wore a similar armor garb that Burizalor and his men were accustomed to wearing, which Yamato and Gabumon recognized. Soon, Sora, TK, Kari, and their Digimon were quickly reminded of the armor wear this Digimon was wearing and linked it to the uniforms worn by Burizalor's men.

The leader Digimon resembled a dark violet-schemed version of Grademon, whose appearance was based on the medieval knights. He noticed Yagami and Agumon X standing beside Catherine and the Digi-Destined.

"At long last, I've been able to trace you, Yagami," the knight Digimon addressed the boy as he walked over to check on him.

"Wait, you know him?" Davis asked the violet-schemed knight, who ignored Davis' inquiry and continued looking over Yagami. "...um, I asked you a question? Hello?"

"He's not paying attention to us, Davish," Veemon frowned. "Are we like invisible or what?"

"Grademon..." Yagami spoke as he bowed his head to the knight.

Grademon surveyed the group and nodded. "I thank you for taking care of my adopted son, Digi-Destined."

"How do you know about us?" directly asked TK.

"Your reputation as the Digi-Destined precedes you. Who hasn't heard of the Chosen ones by now? Especially since a few of you have acquired the power of Ascendant. You may call me Glaven," Grademon acknowledged the group. He noticed Yamato and approached him. "Ah, Lord Yamato, so good to see you." He bowed his head before him. "Lord Takeru, Lady Hikari, Lady Sora, and Lady Mimi. Though a few of the other original eight are notably absent. We will do our best to search them, but am I glad I found the rest of you."

"For what, if I can ask?" Sora inquired.

"Hey, how come we weren't acknowledged?" Davis waved over to Grademon. "why don't I get to be Lord Davis?"

"Of course, how can I forget the second generation," Glaven openly addressed Davis, Yolei, Cody, and Ken. He eyed Dimitri. "And of course, there's you as well, Lord Dimitri."

Dimitri wasn't entirely pleased by how Glaven addressed him and his friends.

"How do you some of us are Ascendants?" Kari asked the violet Grademon.

"Our research team has quite the extensive network through the Digiverse. You'd be surprised how quickly information spreads. Lord Yamato, we've made a recent discovery that might pique your interest."

Yamato furrowed his brows, waiting for a response. He passed by Glaven surveyed the spaceship near them. The foot soldiers made room for Yamato and Gabumon to look around it.

"For bringing my son, Yagami, and his partner to me, allow me to reward you by telling you that we've located the legendary Ascendant's whereabouts."

Everyone present were shocked silent when Glaven brought this seemingly insane notion. The notable Ascendants (Yamato, Kari, TK, and Davis) found this to be a huge pill to swallow, but Yamato remembered the legends he had heard of the Legendary Ascendant.

Yamato's face twitched a bit as he turned and faced Glaven. "You mean the Legendary Ascendant? The one of legend?"

"Yes, Lord Yamato," Glaven nodded. "In fact, he just finished ravaging the parts southern sector of the Digiverse; more specifically he recently destroyed the Beta-Zulu sector."

"Legendary Ascendant?" Ken whispered, curious to learn of the legend.

"It'd be in your best interest if you wish to help us find him. Moreover, you and the Chosen can help us rebuild the Digital Knight Council and rightfully restore its place within the Digiverse."

(End theme)

Yamato turned his back to Glaven and walked off with Gabumon following him. Dimitri, along with Faith, raced over to catch up to them.

"Rebuild the Digital Knight Council?" Yolei muttered.

Hawkmon shrugged. "I have no idea what he means."

"The Digital Knight Council was the once prominent council that policed the Digiverse. Gennai was a part of it," TK explained to the New Digi-Destined. He veered toward Glaven and eyed him suspiciously. "But, Gennai said there were no other survivors of the Digital Knight Council. He's the only one left unless Gennai forgot about other members who were out on missions on other worlds at the time the Northern Realm's Digiworld was blown up."

Sora added. "Maybe Glaven was one of those lucky few who weren't on the planet?"

"So, what's the relationship with Glaven and Yagami?" wondered Cody.

"That's a mystery in itself," Gatomon tapped her chin and meticulously watched Yagami. "Glaven called him an adoptive son. Did Yagami get pulled into the Digital World and get stuck there for a while? Why haven't we seen him?"

"You guys are putting too much into this. Yagami's a Digi-Destined who's probably had some unfortunate bad luck, but we just got him reunited with his dad. Wait..." Davis was flabbergasted. "I never thought I'd hear the day a Digimon adopts a human kid."

Veemon chuckled. "Stranger things have happened, Davish."

"Father!" Dimitri called out to Yamato. "You don't actually believe that guy, do you? He doesn't even have any valid proof!" He finally caught up to Yamato and put a hand on his shoulder. "Father!"

'Maybe we should investigate this. If this legendary Ascendant's been destroying parts of the Digiverse, we should find and eliminate him before he enters my world.'

Yamato scoffed irritably while listening to Matt's pleas; despite his annoyance, Matt's pleas didn't fall on deaf ears.

I could care less for your damn parents, Matty boy. They're your folks not mine. And TK's a big boy now that he's one of us.

'Never thought I'd say this to a conniving and egotistical monster like you, but...'

Save it, you whiny bitch. Once I find this legendary Ascendant, I'm going to eliminate him and make an example out of him before I get my hands on Virus again. It's time I put my Room of Time training to use!

Yamato jerked Dimitri's hand off and called back to Glaven. "Glaven, I'm ready. Lead the way."

"Father!" Dimitri shouted and followed after him. He paused as Glaven stepped in his way. "Yamato made his choice. Perhaps you'd be interested in helping us pursue the legendary Ascendant, Lord Dimitri? After all, you also of Ascendant blood, too."

Dimitri coldly narrowed his eyes at Glaven and brushed past him.

"All of you are welcome to join us!" Glaven announced to the Chosen. "This is your last chance before we depart!"

"What do you say, guys?" Davis asked his friends. Some were reluctant to go, but a few were willing to go find out about the legendary Ascendant; granted, this was mostly out of curiosity. "Maybe this beats a French tour?"

"Shouldn't we wait for Tai and Agumon?" Sora whispered to TK and Kari.

"Wait!" Catherine called out as she approached Glaven. "Excuse me, but if Yagami is going, I'd like to come as well. After all, I've become his closest friend since my family and I found him with Agumon X."

"Of course, you're welcome to join us," Glaven said, trying his best to keep a good impression and not grumble impatiently by Catherine's upfront demeanor. "And I'd personally like to thank you for taking care of Yagami. He might be a strong young man, but his mental capacity is merely on par with a small child." He tapped Yagami's chest as the young man stood still behind him.

"Your welcome. I'm glad that you two are reunited, but if you have to take him back... I'll understand."

"We'll discuss this later, miss," Glaven stated as he escorted Yagami and Agumon X into the ship. "We'll try tracking the other Digi-Destined with the best of our ability."

"Well, guys?" Davis asked the group again. "He said he'd try getting Tai and Agumon. Maybe he can convince Izzy, Tentomon, Joe, and Gomamon to join us?"

"If that's the case, let's go then," TK finally convinced himself.

Nodding, Kari complied as well as the others.

"We'll be coming, Glaven," Sora announced to the Grademon, who ordered his soldiers to help escort the group into the spaceship.

As the group moved along, Dimitri watched Yamato and Gabumon ahead of them. He approached Mimi and Palmon on his right. While Faith curled up on his left shoulder, Dimitri leaned over and whispered to Mimi.

"Mom, if father tries anything that's out of line, I'll subdue him if I must."

Mimi nodded. "Right, but I hope it doesn't come to that."

As everyone joined aboard, the gargantuan of a vessel ship floated off the ground and made its course toward the massive wormhole in the sky. Their next stop was the new Digital Knight Council world: Planet Vergo.


Other World/X's Planet/2:55 PM

After X finished explaining the latest crisis, Tai and Agumon finished eating their huge cuisine. Simms was dumbfounded by the ten or more stack of plates sitting on the table.

Before biting into a slab of meat, Tai stopped and reminded himself. "So, wait. There's an Ascendant in the southern side of the Digiverse, right?"

"Well, actually, he's already ravaged most of the Southern Digital Realm," X aptly pointed out while fiddling with an apple. "And it appears he's on course with the Eastern Digital Realm next. Zhuqiaomon's already blow off what's left of his feathers after seeing worlds under his jurisdiction wiped out. Azulongmon now fears the worst may come to his side."

Agumon put his plate down and frowned. "That's terrible."

"Tai, Agumon, my biggest concern is that this Ascendant might be stronger than Omega X."

When hearing this, Tai instinctively jumped out of his seat. "Really now?! Well, I think me and Agumon are ready to meet this Ascendant! Right, buddy?"

"I'm up for anything if you are, too, Tai!"

"Guys, this Ascendant could even be more powerful and dangerous than Virus. You guys might want to be careful and stay fresh before your big battle in the War Games."

As Tai put down the meat, he stretched out and let Simms carry out the stack of plates. Tai and Agumon readied themselves for departure.

"So, where is he, X?" Tai asked.

"That... I'm not sure."

"What? Have you call yourself the overseer of the Eastern Digirealm? Don't tell me you've been slacking lately!"

X rebuked. "Look, it all depends on my mood. Right now, all I know he's somewhere in the southern part of the digigalaxy. Remember, you two have the Instant Movement."

"Oh, right! All we need to do is search for his energy," Tai chuckled modestly as he and Agumon each put two fingers on their foreheads.

Both began to focus and probe the location of the peculiar Ascendant energy that X sensed before.

"There, it's weak, but it's definitely Ascendant energy," Tai stated. "See you guys soon. Let's go, Agumon."

With that, both the Bearer of Courage and Agumon teleported from Other World and to their next destination.

"Be careful out there, guys," X sighed. "Time to call Keke and the others on stand by just in case things get dicey."


Southern Digiverse/Ravaged Planet

(Cue The Pointy Shoe Factory OST – Bump in the Night)

By the time Tai and Agumon arrived, they saw nothing but an entirely decimated planet. A graveyard of ruined buildings and a haunted atmosphere of a once populated civilization. The backdrop of a moon hung in the background of the ruined planet.

The quiet and eerie atmosphere resonated with Tai and Agumon as they came to grips that they were too late. All they could feel (and taste) was a faint residue of the Ascendant's Ki barely dissipating. There was no mistaking it. The legendary Ascendant was previously here and the catalyst that led to the destruction of this world.

"That energy I can barely feel it, Tai."

Tai surveyed the area. "We barely just missed him, Agumon. But, yeah, I can also feel that long trail of energy he left behind. X was right... maybe this guy could be stronger than any of us." He scooped up a handful of energy and sensed the faint Ascendant energy residue. "Let's look around, Agumon. Then, we'll head back to X.'s realm Wait until we tell him about this."

(End theme)


Next act: Arrival on Planet Vergo


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