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Yagami the Legendary Ascendant

Act II: Arrival on Planet Vergo!


Southern Digiverse/Ravaged Planet

(Cue The Pointy Shoe Factory OST – Bump in the Night)

As they spent fifteen or so minutes combing through the area, Tai and Agumon were still trying to get over the baffling discovery. The entire planet that used to house a peaceful and advanced civilization was completely wiped out. There were no traces of living beings. Only ruined buildings and ravaged land areas were left.

But, Tai and Agumon couldn't ignore the residue of a strange Ascendant energy that was still in the air. They both felt a tingly feeling crawl through their bodies. Agumon sniffed the ground trying to find any other traces of evidence of the one who obliterated the planet.

Tai stared out at the backdrop where the planet's moon loomed near them. There were more debris floating off into space.

"Just what could've done this?" Tai was at a near loss for words. "We've got to get to bottom of this fast, Agumon. And we can't keep the others waiting for us. They have to know about this."

"Tai! Over here!" Agumon called out, quickly garnering his partner's attention.

As Tai flew off the platform he sat stood on, he floated near Agumon and saw where his Digimon pointed to. To his shock, they found a FlameWizardmon covered in bruises and buried under debris. The disposition on his face was pale and weak as he had barely survived the planetary destruction.

"We'll get you out!" Tai reassured him. He and Agumon quickly removed the debris pile as they worked into pulling FlameWizardmon out. "There you're going to be fine now. Can you speak?"

The FlameWizardmon muttered weakly, his voice strained. "...thank you... I barely survived... that horrible catastrophe... every else to my knowledge perished at the wake of the monster's attack..." He coughed, hacking out dust from the debris that got caught in his mouth.

"A monster?" Agumon asked. "A Digimon did this?"

"More than just a Digimon... it was a terrible abomination... his aura was bright was bright like a star's..." FlameWizardmon continued on. "...and it came too fast. A giant green ball of light blasted through where I was working... and then came a bombardment of many penetrated into the planet and caused massive destruction... ultimately leading to the planet being torn into two..." He failed to stand on his own as Agumon put his arm over him. "...please... there's nothing more you can do for me..."

"No, don't say," Agumon said, trying to calm him down.

Tai inquired. "What else can you remember?"

"Just that... this monster... had a hulking figure... and wore a sadistic and sickening grin... as if he had pleasure of destroying out world... he looked like... a cross between human and a monster... he had bright green hair... and his eyes were purely white... no soul to them..." He paused and coughed again.

"We're taking you out of here," Tai said. "You said there aren't anymore survivors?"

"I can't say... but it's too late for this world... and me..."

"C'mon, don't!" Agumon pleaded as he felt FlameWizardmon quivering violently like he was having a seizure. "Wait, don't...!" He felt FlameWizardmon's life energy fade as he eventually gasped out his final breath and passed on. Placing FlameWizardmon down, Agumon sank his head.

Tai knelt down and picked up FlameWizardmon. "Let's give him a proper burial, Agumon. We're done here." He watched as Agumon started digging a hole. He surveyed the ruined planet while putting together the details of FlameWizardmon's description of the monster. "And this monster is supposed to be an Ascendant? Agumon, we need to find this guy fast before he destroys more worlds."

Agumon finished digging. "I know, but X said this guy was supposed to be stronger than Omega X."

As the Bearer of Courage put FlameWizardmon in the burial hole, Tai covered the Digimon with dirt and gave him a small prayer before looking back to Agumon behind him. Agumon was ready to leave.

"There's nothing left for us to find here. Let's head back to X really quick."

"Right," Agumon added as the duo used Instant Movement to relocate back on X's planet.

(End theme)


Western Digiverse/Outer Rim of Planet Vergo

The gargantuan spaceship, the Capicorn Shell, was navigating closer toward the outer rim of a dark blue planet covered with thick gray and white clouds. Yamato and Gabumon watched from a corner while the Digi-Destined and their partners were mesmerized by Planet Vergo's beautiful outward view.

"C'mon over here, Yamato and Gabumon!" TK called them over. "It's a great view from here!" He turned and noticed Glaven walking in on them with guards behind him. "Oh, Glaven, are we going to be landing on this planet?" He asked while Patamon sat on his head gazing out at the planet.

Glaven replied in a calm and regal manner. "Indeed, and this is where the Neo-Digital Knight Council headquarters is established. I would like to show you and your friends to it."

"We're definitely looking forward to it, Glaven!" Davis said with enthusiasm.

"I'm just surprised Gennai hasn't told us about this before," Sora said. "I'd thought he'd be one the first to know."

"We wanted to keep this a surprise until we were sure our new council were ready to contact him," Glaven said. "By the way, how is Gennai doing?"

"Well, he was an old man, but he became young again," Kari said.

Yolei added as hearts formed in her eyes again. "And he became a very handsome guy, too."

Ken sighed as Yolei fantasized over another cute guy.

"Yolei daydreaming about guys again. What else is new?" Gatomon remarked as Kari carried her in her arms.

"Excuse me, but where are Yagami and Agumon X?" Catherine approached Glaven. "They didn't come with you?"

Glaven became a little irked when Catherine confronted him, but he maintained his composure when addressing her. "He and Agumon X are resting in their quarters, but you will see them again when we land. I can assure, Miss Catherine."

"Oh, good, I'm glad to hear this," Catherine said, sounding somewhat relieved but curious of Yagami's whereabouts.

"What's the name of this planet?" Cody inquired to Glaven.

"Planet Vergo, and you all will need to brace yourselves. We're about to land," Glaven quickly informed them about the coming turbulence prior to the landing. He walked over and to his right Yamato cut him off. "Lord Yamato, is there something you need?"

"I demand to locate the Legendary Ascendant if he's indeed out there," Yamato said. "I'm not entirely convinced you're telling the truth. I need proof."

"You'll get your chance, Lord Yamato. In fact, you and Gabumon can borrow one of our other ships to travel to the nearest worlds. I can send some of my own men to accompany you."

Yamato folded his arms and leaned against the wall. He scoffed to himself. "Fine, I'll wait until we land."

Glaven pivoted the other way and watched the Digi-Destined viewing the celestial body. He beckoned to his guards to take the Digi-Destined to their rooms as the ship begins to descend for reentry. Yamato and Gabumon stayed their ground whilst the ship started trembling hard.

On his way out with Faith, Dimitri suspiciously watched Glaven escorting his guards toward the command bridge. From the corner of his eye, Yamato and Gabumon past him and Faith.

"C'mon, boy, go to your room like instructed," Yamato ordered while he and Gabumon headed down the hall. "But, don't complain to me if they find you wandering around here."

Dimitri took one last look at the door that closed behind Glaven. He turned away and floated across with Faith.

"All passengers return to your rooms. We're about to experience slight turbulence. We will be going through reentry on Planet Vergo. I repeat, all passengers..." A digitized female voice announced from the intercom speakers all around the ship.


Isolated in his room, Yagami awoke and sat on the side of the bed. He sank his head as he stared at the floor. There was a vacant and calm demeanor on his features. Agumon X sat by his side keeping Yagami company as their room rattled.

The reptile asked him. "We're almost back, Yagami. You remember that much, do you?"

Yagami muttered quietly. "Home. Back home where I belong."


Western Digiverse/Planet Vergo/Outside of Neo-Digital Knight Headquarters

"HAIL GLAVEN! HAIL GLAVEN!" A triumphant unified roar came from thirty or so soldiers, who welcomed Glaven back with Yagami and Agumon X.

The Digi-Destined and their Digimon were overwhelmed by the good reception for their arrival. However, Yamato was the one they were happy to see more than anybody.

"Wow, they really like us?" Davis said with a proud smile. "They're treating us like we're royalty or something."

Veemon added. "Feels good, doesn't it, Davish?"

"I'm shocked they're even letting us set foot here," Sora said, walking alongside Biyomon and the others.

"Now, Mimi, don't get any ideas about being their Princess Mimi, ok?" Palmon plainly said.

Mimi chuckled. "Nah, I'm past that phase. Then again, I wouldn't mind being called queen."

Dimitri sweatdropped when hearing Mimi. Oh, how can I not forget when mom used to tell me she was a princess that used a bunch of Gekomon and Otamamon to get what she wants? God, I don't know how I'd put up with that side of her.

"Nah, I think lady would be more appropriate!"

"How about not?!" Palmon spat out.

"Digi-Destined," Glaven openly addressed the group as they stopped in entrance of a heavily fortified facility that was the size of a space station. "Welcome to the Neo-Digital Knight Council headquarters. I know it's not what you might expect, but we're still working on further renovations and expanding the quarters. We'll have a much bigger network in a matter of months."

"Nah, this is exactly what I'd expect," TK was mesmerized by the sheer size of the fortress. "And this is just still under construction?"

Patamon nodded. "I can't imagine what the final thing is gonna look like."

"Um, Mr. Glaven," Kari raised her hand.

"Just call me, Glaven, Lady Hikari," he replied. "And what is it you wish to ask?"

"Have your people contacted my brother and his Digimon yet?"

"I'm afraid we haven't. We're still working on contacting them as soon as possible, Lady Hikari."

Gatomon hopped from Kari's arms and surveyed the area. "Not a bad looking fortress. You even have tight security here."

"It's natural that we maintain high security around these perimeters in case of an enemy invasion, or worse... the Legendary Ascendant," Glaven solemnly said as he beckoned Yagami and Agumon X over to him.

"Glaven! You didn't forget that I demanded to locate the Legendary Ascendant, in order to prove his existence?" Yamato stepped up and approached Glaven. "Gabumon and I won't need any guards to accompany us, but perhaps I can borrow Yagami and his Digimon runt."

Agumon X slightly hissed at Yamato until Yagami calmed him down.

"You want to borrow Yagami?" Glaven was reluctant to give him up so easily. He looked Yamato into his eyes and nodded. "Very well. Yagami, you and Agumon X go accompany Lord Yamato and Gabumon. You two listen to what they tell you."

"Are you two strong enough to handle this situation? We're off to find the Legendary Ascendant," the Bearer of Friendship demanded from Yagami.

The meek teenage boy nodded and replied politely. "Yes, sir. C'mon, Agumon X."

"All right, you two come with us."

"Father, we need to collect more intelligence before we act!" Dimitri said as he confronted Yamato. "It could be too dangerous!"

"The only danger here is standing against me. Yagami, Agumon X, hurry up!"

The group watched Yamato and Gabumon depart with Yagami and Agumon X. The guards let them by as the four advanced toward a smaller spacecraft situated at the backdrop of the facility.

"Father..." Dimitri gritted his teeth.

Mimi sighed in exasperation. "And there he goes. Typical Yamato."

"He's so short-sighted," Cody remarked.

"Sometimes he does make me sick," Yolei finally let out everyone's sentiments without the man present to hear it.

Hawkmon chuckled. "Good thing you said that when he's not around to hear it."

"Who knows? Maybe those guys can stop the Legendary Ascendant?" Davis said. "Or... maybe not?" He looked around trying to appease his friends.

"Oh, please be careful, Yagami, Agumon X," Catherine whispered softly, watching them leave with Yamato and Gabumon.

The spacecraft lifted off from the platform and headed off through the planet's stratosphere in minutes. Glaven watched the ship's departure and nodded as he chuckled a bit.

"C'mon, there's some of this place I want to check out," Davis exuberantly said, calling over the others to join him.

Dimitri nodded. "Actually, that's not a bad idea, Davis." He said floating up into the air with Faith. "Davis, TK, Kari, you guys bring your Digimon." He asked as the aforementioned Chosen flew up and followed him to scan the perimeters.

"Hey, wait a minute! Where are you guys going?!" Yolei shouted out to them before her cries fell on deaf ears. "What the heck are we supposed to do here?"

"We'll just wait until they get back," Sora said. "Whatever they find, they'll come back and tell us."

"Come inside, I'm sure they'll return," Glaven addressed the remaining Digi-Destined. "Allow me to show you inside the headquarters and to your rooms. We have a feast soon to be prepared."


Other World/X's Planet/5:30 PM

Tai and Agumon returned to X and informed him of their startling discovery. X took note of the horrific details. Behind X, his crew consisting of Keke, Sam, Tike, David, and Kara were assembled after Simms brought them over from their prep training for the War Games.

"That's terrible," Keke was at a loss for words.

Sam concurred. "We have to stop this maniac before he hits this side of the Digiverse and fast."

Tike pounded his fist into his palm. "Man, wait 'til we lock up with this big bastard!"

"We're going to find this Ascendant guy soon, guys," Tai reassured them. "X, you said my friends were taken to some far off planet in the Western Digiverse side?"

The masked watcher confirmed, furrowing his brows behind his mask. "Yes, they were taken there apparently by survivors of the Digital Knight Council. I have yet to talk to Gennai about this, but I'll confront him about it. You guys head over to Planet Vergo and find the others.:

"Not to worry, X," Agumon added. "We got Instant Movement to track them."

"Same here," Tike chimed in. "Remember, I've just relearned the move myself."

Nodding, Tai gathered the D3s together behind him and Agumon. "All right, we're heading out, X."

"And I'll have that talk with Gennai," X said. "Something is obviously not right here."

"We're getting to the bottom of this," Keke plainly stated.

As Tai, Agumon, and Tike used a combination Instant Movement, the group teleported from the masked watcher's planet. X turned around to see Simms waiting for him.

"Gennai is waiting for us in Azulongmon's realm, X."

"Right, let's go."

"Is it wise to send Keke, Sam, Tike, David, and Kara with them?"

The masked watched smirked behind his mask. "Hey, they've been bored. I thought I send them out. It should keep them occupied. They'll give Tai and the others the back-up they need just in case..."

"You're worried about the Legendary Ascendant?"

"If this is the one of legend, then maybe..." X said as he walked past Simms. "Let's go, Simms."

"Yes, sir."


Western Digiverse/Planet Vergo/25 kilometers from Neo-Digital Knight Headquarters

(Cue Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 OST – Dark Half)

Having distanced themselves a good ways from the headquarters, Davis, TK, Kari, Dimitri, and their Digimon scoured past a long stretch of a forest landscape. The Digimon (evolved into XVeemon, Angemon, Angewomon, and MagnaAngemon) flew alongside their respective partners.

"Dimitri, do you really think this Legendary Ascendant thing really exists?" Davis asked the future warrior. "Seems kinda farfetched to even for me."

"I agree, but my dad doesn't. That's the main problem."

The group paused as they surveyed over a ruined metropolis where inhabitants likely may have lived before.

"No matter how you slice it, this planet's pretty barren," TK meticulously examined the ruins.

"Those cities we thought we'd seen from space are nothing but ruins," Dimitri stated, baffled by the sheer amount of devastation to the ghost city.

Kari added. "Makes me wonder why Glaven would bother building a headquarters near ruins like these."

Angewomon deduced. "Needless to say, something's fishy here."

"I see something over there! Everyone, look!" Angemon directed the group's attention toward activity outside the ruined city perimeters.

They heard loud pumping and metallic clanking noises produced from a mining location.

"They seem to be pumping some kind of energy from underground," Dimitri noted.

"Thermal energy perhaps," MagnaAngemon said. "Or oil."

"Why do that?" XVeemon inquired.

As they flew near the mining location, they saw hundreds of fragile green aliens wearing turquoise cloaks and sporting tufts of purple mohawk on their heads. They were being worked to extremes by armored men similar to the soldiers back at the headquarters. The slave drivers whipped the poor aliens to death, forcing them to accelerate the pace.

A child alien hurried over to check on an white-bearded elder, who lacked the unique mohawk and had a darker green complexion, kneeling over and coughing horribly.


"I'm ok... don't stop for me..."

The Ascendant group landed behind the child and startled him.

"Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to stop! My grandpa is feeling ill now," The child pleaded, but he paused when he saw Kari, TK, Davis, and Dimitri along with their Digimon partners.

Kari crouched over next to the child. "It's ok, little one. We're not your bosses."

"Yeah, we're not here to work you to death. These are horrible conditions to be working disadvantaged people with," the Bearer of Hope remarked, conveying his dismay for the treatment of the creatures.

"Yeah, seems kinda pointless to be building something on a ruined planet," the Bearer of Light stated.

As he tended to his sickly grandfather, the child agreed. "It is pointless! We were brought here after the Legendary Ascendant destroyed everything, including our own planet!" He tried lifting a heavy slab of metal despite the frail arms he had. "We work all day and they hardly bother to feed us!"

Suddenly, one of the slave drivers caught the child trying to pull up the metal object. He quickly slid down the hill and kicked the child hard in the face. He pulled out a whip and hit the child with it.

"Get back to work!" The evil man repeatedly whipped the child several times.

"No... Soma..." the elder pleaded as he waltzed over to grab his grandson. He pulled the child close and pleaded to the slave driver. "Soma... isn't to blame.. it's my fault!"

"Oh, you want some too, geezer?!" The slave driver raised his foot over the elder.

(End theme)

(Cue Dragonball Z Budokai 1 OST – Move Forward Fearlessly)

Suddenly, a white arrow hit the ground between the slave driver and the helpless aliens. He looked up to see Angewomon readying another Celestial Arrow. Kari and TK hastily flew up at the slave driver. They flew through the evil man and knocked him down.

"Stop it!" Kari shouted at him. "You have no right to be cruel to these people!"

"Back off now or you're dealing with us!" TK shouted.

The soldier pulled out a whistle and blew on it, signaling for his colleagues. At least ten more slave drivers broke into a run and headed over to the location. They formed a giant circle around the Digi-Destined and their partners. The Ascendant kids and the Digimon dropped into battle stances ready to fight them. Davis walked right over the whistle blower and waved a finger over him.

"If I were you losers, I wouldn't even think of messing with us. Xveemon!"

"You heard him, jerk!" XVeemon roared as he landed behind Davis. "Beat it or deal with us!"

As the Ascendants powered up, the slave drivers were taken aback by sheer intimidation and raced off avoiding a fight altogether. Davis quickly shadowboxed around him and as he turned around throwing a right hand hook...


...his fist firmly planted right into someone's face. It was Tai who took the full blow to the cheek and was knocked down. Agumon, Keke, Sam, Tike, Kara, and David scrambled over to pick check on Tai. Tai rubbed his tender cheek where Davis accidentally clocked him good.

(End theme)

"TAI! AGUMON!" Kari cried out as she and the other hurried over to him. "Kara!"

"Tike?!" TK exclaimed.

Davis blinked thrice as he realized who he punched. "...oh, um... sorry? Tai?!" He took himself out of his spaced out moment and went over to check on Tai.

XVeemon facepalmed. "Oooo, Davis, that was smarts."

"Tai!" Dimitri yelled as he and MagnaAngemon hovered over near him and the others. He saw Keke and approached her. "Sis, hey, you decided to tag along with Tai, too?"

"X told us you'd be coming here," Keke replied. "Always count on him to try and find you guys wandering the Digiverse."

"Ow, ow!" Tai as he rubbed his face.

"Hey, I was just gonna ask. But, what are you doing here, Tai? And David? Tike? The rest of y'all?" Davis looked around and saw the whole D3 crew with Tai and Agumon. "Well, good thing the gang is all here."

"We were following an Ascendant's energy," Tai explained as Agumon and Sam helped him up. "But, what are you guys doing here?"

"Well, Yamato was asked to destroy this Legendary Ascendant and we got here by a spaceship," TK entailed the Bearer of Courage of their situation.

Tai blinked. "You don't say...?"

"Ah, finally the leader of the Digi-Destined makes his presence. So, good to have you with us," Glaven chimed in, attentively getting everyone to look up and face him. "Taichi Kamiya, the wielder of the Crest of Courage, and partner Agumon, welcome to Planet Vergo."

"How do you know our names?" Agumon demanded.

Tai stood up and pointed to Glaven. "And who are you?"

"I am Glaven. I know you're an Ascendant named Omega X that harvested his crest's power to produce the first Ascendant power in millennia," Glaven penetrated a calm and stoic gaze into Tai's eyes. He chortled and bowed his head. "Would our guests care to have some dinner?"

Tai's ears perked as he and Agumon shouted excitedly together. "Oh, wouldn't we?!" Nearly everyone behind him sweatdropped in unison.


Later that same evening, while Tai and Agumon met back with the other Digi-Destined for the feast, the D3s went with Dimitri and company to sneak in food to the enslaved alien Digimon. The group did their best to pry Tike and Kara away from the food despite having their share earlier.

The alien children's gorged down on the large amount of food brought to them. Their appetites were disgustingly on par with Tike and Kara's, which baffled the group.

"So, was it Glaven that tore up your planet?" asked Dimitri.

"No, not Glaven. It was someone scarier and bigger," one of the children replied after stuffing his mouth full of noodles.

Kari giggled seeing the little ones engulfing their fills. "It's ok! Slow down or you're going to pop!"

"No, we won't!"

"By the way, we're Avomon," one of the other alien tykes said.

"Nice to meet y'all," Gatomon sat down next to Patamon and Veemon while watching them eat.

Sam turned and asked Dimitri. "And that other guy you described had an Agumon with him?"

"His name is Yagami, but it can't be him. That guy's puny."

TK assessed the situation. "Maybe Glaven is telling the truth. If the Legendary Ascendant exists, we're going to have a lot of trouble on our hands."

Keke approached Dimitri and Faith. She called them over though she ended up inquiring her brother. "By the way, dad went with that Yagami guy, right?"

"They left to find the Legendary Ascendant. I tried to stop Yamato, but you know how he is, sis."

"It's ok. When he gets back, we can ask what he's found."

Dimitri nodded in response. "Good idea, but their sake, I hope they didn't run into this monster yet."


Neo-Digital Knight Council Headquarters/Glaven's Quarters

Glaven stood facing a mirror that doubled as a telescope. He caught a view of a white ball of cosmic fire making its course toward a planet.

"Yes, yes, you're right on target, Comet Camori! Come and get us! Destroy us!" Glaven yelled as a wicked laughter accompanied his mantra. He walked down to find a Troopmon trembling frightfully upon the inevitably of the comet's collision with the planet.

"Lord Glaven... I'm scared..."

"Come now. There's nothing to be frightened over," Glaven tried to calm his subordinate. He descended where the Troopmon stood.

"But, the comet's getting dangerously closer! It could take another day!"

"Sssh, relax," the violet-schemed Grademon chortled evilly, quickly producing his twin swords. He cut the Troopmon apart at blinding speed, granting him a quick death. The Troopmon's screams faded only to be drowned out by Glaven's wicked laughter.


Digital World/Azulongmon's Realm/11:30 PM

X and Simms confronted Gennai about the discovery of the Neo-Digital Knight Headquarters. However, Gennai gave them a response which baffled them both.

"A Neo-Digital Knight Council Headquarters? That's news to me. And you mentioned something about a Glaven? But, the Glaven I remember likely perished in the last battle before the Northern Digital World was destroyed."

Simms looked over to X. "Well, sir?"

"Seems your so-called colleague is still alive, Gennai, and he's forged an elaborate ruse to lure our friends to some kind of death trap. Whether there's a Legendary Ascendant or not, they have to know soon."


Next act: The Fated Encounter


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