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Yagami the Legendary Ascendant

Act III: The Fated Encounter


Western Digiverse/Planet Vergo/Outside of Neo-Digital Knight Council Headquarters

After dinner, Tai and Agumon were recapped by the Chosen on the current situation. They walked out of the dining room and headed through a hall leading outside the headquarters. Tai and Agumon turned around where Sora & Biyomon, Mimi & Palmon, Yolei & Hawkmon, Ken & Wormmon, and Cody & Armadillomon amassed near the front doors.

"Then, Yamato and Gabumon left with this Yagami guy to find the Legendary Ascendant?" inquired the Bearer of Courage, to which the others nodded together.

Agumon added. "And Yagami has an Agumon? Like me?"

"Like you except bigger and he has sharper claws," Biyomon pointed out from observations. "He also looked stronger and rougher."

"Yeah, like he's put his body through a series of bloody fights in succession!" Hawkmon tried to vividly describe Agumon X's supposed background.

"And this Glaven guy is like his foster dad?" Tai wondered as his eyes became fixated on the Neo-Digital Knight Headquarters. "I wonder how a kid and his partner winded up with him in the first place. I don't know about you guys, but something about this place seems kinda fishy."

"You noticed, too?" Yolei asked.

"Neo-Digital Knight Headquarters doesn't exactly ring originality," the big-haired teen widened his grin as the Chosen and their Digimon facefaulted.

"Tai, get serious for a minute here!" The purple-haired girl lashed out and snapped at his silly remark.

"Relax, Yolei, I'm just kidding. Calm down," Tai waved her off. "But, there is something about Glaven that kinda rubs me the wrong way. I'll reserve judgment on Yagami and Agumon X when they come here."

"Yagami's a gentle guy by my first impression of him," Mimi said.

"Maybe we can inquire him on what he knows about Glaven," Ken suggested right away.

"That might be a good idea and ask him if he or Yamato found the Legendary Ascendant," Cody added.

Tai surveyed the headquarters more and nodded. "Yeah, hopefully they don't run into the Legendary Ascendant anytime soon. Agumon and I can tell you from firsthand experience the damage that guy's capable of."

"You mean that ruined planet you guys found?" Sora asked worryingly. "By what you've described, we're dealing with more than just some powerful Ascendant."

"That's a massive understatement, Sora," he replied. "From the amount of damage he did to that planet, we're dealing with a monster. How long ago did Yamato and Yagami take off?"

"About five, six hours ago, give or take," Yolei replied.

Nodding, Tai looked up to the sky and sighed deeply. "Knowing Yamato, when there's a challenge presented to him, he'll want nothing more than to fight it. Heh, am I kidding? I'd jump at the chance of fighting this Legendary Ascendant, but not with you guys here."

"I hope they get here soon," Sora said.

"Me, too, Sora. Anyway, where are Kari and the others?"

"I believe Keke and them went to meet with them," Mimi spoke up.

"That's ok. I'll catch up with them again later. I don't want us to stay on this planet for very long anyway. By morning, if that Legendary Ascendant doesn't show up, we're out of here."

As the group agreed with Tai's plan, Glaven was seen standing on a platform out of the group's vantage point. Having heard Tai talk to his friends, Glaven turned away and headed back to his chamber to await Yamato's return with Yagami.

"Say, where's Catherine and Floramon?" Yolei noticed the French girl and her Digimon's lack of presence.

Then, right on cue, Catherine and Floramon came walking out from the front doors as they stumbled upon Tai and his group.

"Isn't this such a big confinement, yes?" Catherine asked the group as she looked around. "Tai, Glaven told me to find you and the others. He already has our guest rooms prepared where we can sleep for the night."

"Really now?" Agumon asked.

"One room for the boys and the other for the girls," Floramon said.

"Works for me," Yolei nodded.

"If you guys need to sleep, go ahead, but me and Agumon are staying up until Yamato and Yagami get back," Tai insisted as he and Agumon walked away to scour around the headquarter perimeters. They did so to buy enough time for Yamato, Yagami, and their Digimon to return from their search.

"C'mon, let's back inside, guys," Ken declared, taking responsibility and leading the group inside the headquarters.

The Bearer of Love turned around watching Tai and Agumon walking off. "Be careful, you two."


Two hours later


Outside Digital Knight Council Headquarters

(Cue The Aleph OST - Lazarus)

The spaceship returned from its brief journey across the outskirts of Planet Vergo. After spending hours searching for the feared monster, Yamato & Gabumon and Yagami & Agumon X came up short with no evidence to show.

Glaven arrived to meet them at the launch location. Yamato wasted no time walking back toward the headquarters not looking the Grademon in the eye. Gabumon dashed forward catching up with his partner. Glaven pleaded to Yamato whilst Yagami and Agumon X stayed close behind them.

Needless to say, Yamato was none too pleased coming up with nothing to show.

"Damn it all. How am I supposed to destroy something if you can't even give me any specifics?!" Yamato barked as Glaven pleaded to him.

"We've working as hard as we can! Please, just give us a little more time, Lord Yamato!"

Giving Glaven the cold shoulder, Yamato walked ahead through the hall. Gabumon immediately caught up with his partner and didn't look back. Suddenly, Tai and Agumon were sitting together on an open window with Yamato and Gabumon passing by them.

"Yo, Yamato!" Tai greeted him in a playful manner.

Yamato openly scoffed and acknowledged his rival. "Last I checked I didn't remember you two being invited."

"Aw, don't say that! It's not like you're having any luck finding the Legendary Ascendant!" The Bearer of Courage remain unfazed by Yamato's snide remark.

"It won't be long until we capture him and when we do he's mine. And I can assure you he's dead when I get my hands on him," the proud youth turned his back to Tai and Agumon. "Just stay out of mine and Gabumon's way, you two."

Agumon shrugged. "Sure thing."

Tai watched them leave. "Yes, sir." He addressed the blonde not hiding the sarcasm in his tone. He eyed Glaven walking by but didn't hesitate to call back to Yamato. "Guess we'll be seeing y'all around later!" Just then, Tai felt a jolt in his body and heard footsteps abruptly stop behind him.

"Tai, you feeling it, too?"

Though he didn't answer Agumon, Tai slowly turned around and saw Yagami. Agumon eyed Agumon X standing on the opposite side. With Yagami being a few inches taller, Tai was forced to shift his head up and look right up at Yagami's eyes. Yagami clenched his fists tight and gritted his teeth hard.

Alarmed, Glaven whirled around and caught his foster son intently glaring down Tai. Agumon X, too, was in an internal struggle suppressing his violent tendencies when looking at Agumon. In fact, it was Agumon X that conveyed more fury than his partner. A subtle green aura bathed over both Yagami and Agumon X. For Tai and Agumon, it was quite the opposite as golden auras washed over them.

Yagami and Agumon X wore golden accessories that doubled as suppressors. For Yagami, it was forehead ornament with a green gem. Agumon X had on a golden bracelet attached over his right arm.

"Calm down, Yagami," whispered Glaven as he lifted his right hand where an apparatus similar to the golden accessories was lodged in his right palm. A similar green gem on the device lit up to suppress Yagami and Agumon X.

Their green and golden auras seemingly touched. The two unmovable force maintained a quiet stand off.

"Tai!" Came a group of voices that cut Glaven off and interrupted Tai.

Sam, Tike, Kara, and David arrived just in time to see Tai and Agumon confront Yagami and Agumon X.

"Hey, guys...!" Tai quickly turned around and saw Yagami's green aura fade. The intense look on the teen's face relaxed as he and Agumon X's energies were suppressed before the situation turned for the worse.

Yagami and Agumon X walked past Tai and Agumon without a hitch. Glaven escorted his son and the Digimon off to their quarters.

"What just went on there, Tai?" Sam wondered.

Tike raced up to Tai and Agumon. "What was with that light show all about?! Was that the Yagami guy we've been hearing about? Heh, he didn't seem all that tough. I bet I could take him!" She shadowboxed much to Sam's annoyance.

Kara slapped the back of her brother's head. "That'd be cruel of you, bro. Besides, that energy I sensed from those two didn't seem all that. Besides..." She sighed and fell into cloud nine. "I couldn't bruise the face of such a cutie. Oh gosh, I didn't know he was so darn cute!"

David blinked thrice. "...um right. Don't see the big deal here."

However, Tai and Agumon had a different view after their first encounter with the duo. Tai, especially, sensed an abnormal power underneath Yagami's harmless exterior.

(End theme)



Glaven sat in a chair with his right arm (coupled with the suppressor device in his palm) attached to a scanning machine. An old cloak-wearing Octomon operated the machine and waited to check for the device's latest test results. The results came out on a sheet of paper that he tore from the machine's slot.

"Can you now remove the apparatus?"

Glaven complied and removed it, causing the golden device to shock the Octomon. The device fell on the ground near Glaven's feet.

"I'm sorry, sir, but the results remain consistent like last time. According to the data, the remote device still functions properly. There are no flaws. It could be Yagami and Agumon X are both acting out of their own free wills. As the controller of the device, it's time for you to control the actions of those two, especially your son!"

Glaven picked the golden apparatus from the floor reattached it to his palm. "Nonsense. Fix it." With that, he stormed out of the room and closed the door behind him.

"But, why fix something that isn't even broken?!"

Glaven stood outside the room, mulling over Yagami and Agumon X's recent actions.

"Yagami, my son... what's wrong with you and Agumon X?" Glaven muttered. There must be something disturbing those two. There has to be a block that's interrupting my control over them. Agumon X especially was ready to lash out at Taichi's Digimon. And Agumon X's emotions are tied to Yagami. Their Ascendant rage flared the minute they saw Taichi and Agumon. Those outbursts must end with all our visitors here... if not all my efforts will be for naught.

His concerns grew more apparent when Tai and Agumon confronted Yagami and Agumon X. A red flag was immediately raised when Glaven had some difficulty suppressing Yagami and Agumon X's fervent moods.

On his way to Yagami's quarters, Glaven reflected back to the years he's spent controlling Agumon X first and then finding a human partner with a trait most suited to partner with Agumon X. He had found a human that could harness the Crest of Spirit, the ninth original Crest.

The Crest of Spirit gave him a surge of abnormal Ascendant power. It made him stronger than the other Chosen whose Crests were encrypted with Ascendant DNA. Yagami was unique in his own right, but unlike other Ascendants what he received was a power far abnormal... darker even. The power corrupted Yagami much like it done with Agumon X and turned him being driven by violence. In time, both of them began to scare even me.

There was no choice but for a scientist to craft device to control their powers.

By controlling Yagami and Agumon X, I can control the Digiverse. No one power can stand in our way!

(Cue Godzilla 1985 OST – The Mysterious Creature)

Glaven slightly opened the door and peered through the door crack to see Yagami sitting in solitude in a room of darkness. Agumon X sat beside Yagami. Both of them were quivering violently as fever-like sweats drenched their bodies.

Someone got to you, two. Wait, that's it! Could that be it? Glaven came to a sudden realization. "Agumon and Agumon X were born on the same day. Not just that. I remember myself and my brother, when both of us were commanders in the Digital Knight Council... we were asked to do background checks on the Chosen Nine. Taichi Kamiya and Yagami Kanzaki share the same birthday, but the search for Yagami was delayed as his family was killed on the night Greymon and Parrotmon engaged in battle. Yagami was supposed to have been there to witness the battle. Additionally, the Crest of Spirit faced its own issues. It was the only Crest to have been tainted by a virus infecting Agumon X. It was a rage virus that we worked hard to suppress, but failed to quarantine in time. That rage virus would eventually mutate to became the X-Virus, which corrupted Agumon X. It certainly didn't help that he was considered a failure unfit to carry the Crest of Courage. That drove his hate for Agumon further.

I had to search Yagami before it was too late... and through a fortunate turn of events, I found the orphaned boy by making contact with him. I found a boy who harbored enough hate and darkness. Having been casted out by his foster parents, there was no place in the human world for Yagami to turn to. I made contact with him and transported him to my location thanks the Digivice that was always meant to be his. When I told him about the good life that Taichi Kamiya lived and how Agumon X was rejected in favor of Agumon, he became embittered and vowed to destroy the one he deems unworthy of wielding the Crest of Courage."

Glaven looked inside the room and saw Yagami's face contorting with anger. This has been a long time coming. Now fate has brought them together, but I can't afford to let Yagami and Agumon X loose on Taichi Kamiya and Agumon just yet. I need more time.

Agumon X growled under his breath and looked up seeing Yagami's gritting his teeth hard. The teen's whole body stressed as a olive green sheen of light bathed over him again.

"We'll get them, Yagami," Agumon X mumbled darkly. "I promise we'll make those unworthy holders of the Crest of Courage pay by spilling their blood over these walls. I'll take pleasure snuffing Agumon's life from his body."

Yagami growled and clenched his teeth, his voice was barely audible over the high-pitched wisps from the aura. "...Taichi... Agumon!"

(End theme)


Outside Digital Knight Council Headquarters

Once Yamato and Gabumon walked down a hall toward the guest rooms, he turned the corner only to find Dimitri, Faith, and Keke standing in his way.

"We need to talk, father," Dimitri openly addressed the miffed blonde.

"There's nothing that needs to be addressed. Now, out of the way, you two," Yamato demanded but they wouldn't budge an inch. The proud Ascendant scoffed irritably and tried going through them. "All right, but make this fast. He leaned on the wall, folding both arms.

"How did the hunt go? I take it you didn't find the Legendary Ascendant?" Keke asked him outright.

"We scoured several planets, but we came up short. Yagami and his Digimon weren't much use. Tomorrow morning, I'm going to tell Glaven that this has been a waste of time. Just a wild goose chase."

"Father, don't you think there's something wrong with this whole picture?" Dimitri asked him. "We scoured this planet and we found enslaved people taken from another planet destroyed by the Legendary Ascendant. Glaven gave them a home here but in return has been slaving them to death. Moreover, we found a ruined city."

"Seems Glaven went through all this trouble just to rebuild a new Digital Knight Headquarters," Keke claimed from hers and her friends' observations. "Dad, don't you think this is all too fishy?"

Yamato took a moment to mull this over as Matt chimed in his five cents with the arrogant one.

'They got a point. We need to confront Glaven first thing tomorrow.'

This has been a complete waste of my time. If we don't find that Legendary Ascendant tomorrow, we're leaving. I have more important matters like preparing for the War Games.

Yamato walked off toward his room with Gabumon.

"You three get some rest. We'll see you tomorrow!" Gabumon waved off to Dimitri, Faith, and Keke as Yamato closed the door behind them.

"Humph, how come Yamato got his own room?" Faith frowned and puffed up his cheeks.

"I'm not sure if I can sleep with the Legendary Ascendant supposedly still out there somewhere," Dimitri mumbled until Faith's yawning convinced him to change plans. He felt Keke pat his back.

Keke reassured him. "C'mon, let's get some shut eye, Dimitri. You know where the boys are sleeping, right?"

"Right," Dimitri said, stretching. "Goodnight, sis."

"You, too." Keke waved off her brother and headed down the hall for girls' guestroom.

Just then, the siblings sensed an immense power inexplicably rise alarming them and Faith. The power shook them both to the core as they stormed off to investigate this source of power. They felt it emanating close toward the guys' guestroom on the left direction.

"That came from near the guestroom Tai and the guys are sleeping!" Keke exclaimed.

Dimitri nodded as he picked up the pace. "It just came out of nowhere! It's not Glaven that's for sure!" He looked over his shoulder as Faith flew beside him. He noted the look of distress on the Patamon's face. "Don't worry. We're gonna find this out, Faith." As they arrived, they were quickly thrown back by an explosive blast that erupted from the guys' guestroom.


Loud cries emanated from the room as debris cloud covered the destruction in the hall. The door was literally torn down by something massive.

(Cue Dragonball Z Budokai 3 OST – Evil Power)

"Keke, are you all right?!" Dimitri checked on his sister, who was lying on the ground with legs sprawled out.

Nodding, Keke picked herself up. "Fine just caught off guard."

They checked inside the room to find a large shadowy figure with who appeared to be Yagami flying out through the ravaged wall. Dimitri was the first to notice Tai already flying away with VictoryGreymon. The boys (namely TK, Davis, Ken, Cody, Tike, David, and Sam along with the Digimon) were awakened and scrambling away to see the immense beast hastily flying off in pursuit of Tai and VictoryGreymon. Yagami followed them off from the headquarters and shot across to the outskirts.

"Guys! Are y'all ok?!" Dimitri called out to the group, all of whom were just fine except shocked by the ordeal.

"We're fine, but I could've sworn that was Yagami who busted into our room!" Davis claimed.

Veemon added. "Yeah and he was beelining right for Tai, too!"

"Dimitri, what the heck is going on here?!" TK demanded as he ran up to him.

"I wish I knew what was going on, but I think there's more to Yagami than we'd like to think," Dimitri assumed. "C'mon, let's go follow..."

However, before Dimitri and Keke planned to follow Tai and Yagami, the girls were heard from the other side of the hall. They headed over to the boys' room and were shocked to see the damage left behind by Yagami and Agumon X's rampage. Once Catherine learned about Yagami's involvement, her concern for him and Tai grew even more.


Glaven's Quarters

As he woke up with a start, Glaven sensed Yagami and Agumon X's awakening. What he feared most finally materialized and with bad timing considering his plans involving the forthcoming comet collision.

Yagami, Agumon X! It's too soon, you fools! Glaven instinctively jumped from his bed and scrambled over to snatch up his control apparatus. He firmly locked it to his wrist and glided out the window to follow the collision of Ascendant energies. "I've got to calm them down before it's too late!" He hastily propelled away from the headquarters and passed over the outskirts.


Several kilometers from the Neo-Digital Knight Council Headquarters

Having moved a good distance from the headquarters, Tai and VictoryGreymon lured Yagami and his now evolved partner from tearing the whole facility apart. Tai and VictoryGreymon turned around to get a good look at the behemoth Agumon X became. Emerging from a huge debris cloud was a gargantuan covered in ginger and sliver armor. His forearms were encased in gold gauntlets with red trimming and his hands became armed with three sharp claws. A long sliver-armored tail waved back and forth behind his rears; at the end of the tail is a wheel equipped with spikes, which could double as a tail club. Protruding from his now broad shoulders are six long, red glider-like extensions as they served as wings to help propel him through the air. Light blue gems were seen deeply embedded at the end of each wing tip. A similar but bigger blue gem from a first glance seemed embellished at the core of the beast's chest. The golden helmet covering his visage resembled WarGreymon's tri-horned helmet, but the center nose horn was much larger. Red eyes shifted forward through the mask's eye holes where he gazed intently at Tai and VictoryGreymon.

VictoryGreymon readied his Dramon Breaker and waited for the beast to attack.

"Agumon X evolved into that big thing?!" Tai was taken aback. "Shouldn't he be a WarGreymon or at least a VictoryGreymon?"

"I am ShineGreymon X," the beast darkly announced as he launched himself toward them both. But, VictoryGreymon glided forward and cut ShineGreymon X off from the pass.

"VictoryGreymon!" The Bearer of Courage shouted, flying into the aerial battle but he looked the other way. He saw Yagami propelling himself with the help of a green aura that allowed him to fly up and throw concentrated green energy orbs that tore through the ground.

Tai evaded the volley of blasts heading his way while Yagami unleashed a barrage of blasts. The big-haired teen instinctively used Instant Movement to avoid getting bombarded to death. Tai teleported several feet above Yagami. He dropped down and kicked Yagami's face hard, but the impact of the kick barely even fazed the guy. Tai winced hard as his foot hurt just kicking Yagami.

"Damn! That hurts!" Tai winced. It's like hitting a dozen reinforced steel walls!

Meanwhile, ShineGreymon X and VictoryGreymon exchanged blows on the other side. ShineGreymon X became bathed in a yellow aura that wisped over his massive frame. VictoryGreymon noticed his sword wasn't putting a dent on the seemingly uncontrollable monster. VictoryGreymon, however, wasn't about to quit and split his Dramon Breaker blade, attaching them to his arm. ShineGreymon X shot across ready to tear into his adversary.

Taking in energy from his surroundings, VictoryGreymon amassed the energy concentration to the sword's tip. "Trident Gaia!" he bellowed, firing a concentrated beam that impacted ShineGreymon X and pushed him back. While keeping ShineGreymon X at bay, VictoryGreymon hastily rushed forward.

However, ShineGreymon X spread his wings out and concentrated on accumulated energy. "Glorious Burst!" He fired a similar concentrated beam that pushed against VictoryGreymon's.

The Digimon were immediately locked in a beam struggle that lasted a few seconds. Both beams nullified completely. ShineGreymon X unloaded a barrage of flaming shell rounds toward VictoryGreymon, who summoned shells from his back that put up a shield in front of him. The shield stopped the incoming shots from going through.

VictoryGreymon utilized Instant Movement and teleported near ShineGreymon's right side. He took advantage of the beast's blind spot and stabbed him with his sword. ShineGreymon X turned around looking more irked than actually grimacing. ShineGreymon reached over to grab VictoryGreymon, who narrowly flew out of the way.

Tai flew over and decked Yagami's face with a punch. As his fist slid off Yagami's face, he saw a trickle of blood pouring from Yagami's lip. Tasting his own blood, Yagami licked it and smiled like it were sweet honey.

"Gross!" Tai grimaced as he flew right out of Yagami's reach.

(End theme)

(Cue Godzilla 1985 OST – Godzilla Appears)

ShineGreymon X took to the air and expanded his golden aura. The beast flexed his own power and unleashed a volley of blasts that tore through more land. Tai took cover near VictoryGreymon as the Mega expanded his shield protecting them from ShineGreymon's blasts. They veered over and spotted Yagami bellowing. The green aura covering Yagami became more concentrated and condensed into a pillar of light. The influx of power seeped into Yagami as a dark red symbol became etched over his chest like blood seeping from a wound. The red symbol glowed profusely, indicating Yagami's Crest of Spirit.

Is that a Crest symbol?! Tai was flabbergasted by this shocking discovery.

ShineGreymon X landed behind Yagami as both their chests became embroidered by the same dark red symbol; the symbol resembled an arrow with a crack going through the center. Yagami and ShineGreymon X both were instilled by the Crest of Spirit's unstable energies. The blue gem embellished on the beast's core opened up and seemingly pulled Yagami in. As the slots closed, ShineGreymon's massive frame shrank down to a considerable size and became compacted.

And they're merging! They're completing the Ascendant transformation! VictoryGreymon thought as he pulled Tai back. "Stay beside me, Tai. We better get ready to become Omega X soon."

Nodding, Tai prepared to invoke his internal Crest energies. But, before he could initiate the process, Glaven descended seemingly out of nowhere and got between the two forces. Glaven opened his palm and activated the suppressor apparatus.

"Stop, Yagami! Agumon X, calm down! I command you!" Glaven barked as the gem on the suppressor lit up to activate the bracelet on ShineGreymon X (and the forehead crown on Yagami. Straining to keep the suppressor going, Glaven watched the ShineGreymon X/Yagami merger become completed.

Standing in their place was an 12-foot tall behemoth covered entirely in ShineGreymon X's armor. His face still retained the face helmet complete with the three horns. The wings on his back folded behind him.

No! He's taken on his Nova X form! If he goes any further...! Glaven gritted his teeth hard. "Yagami! Cease your transformation and control yourself!"

Nova X struggled to break out of the armored shell covering his body. The contained Ascendant energies were set to burst out of this shell and seemingly ready to unveil his first Ascendant form. The shell slowly broke and first revealed a visage resembling a human with sea green spiky hair. His muscular frame was bigger than before but nothing making him too too jacked up. An evil cackle seemed to escape Nova X under heavy breaths.

"Yagami! Listen to your dad!" Tai called out to him. "He's trying to help you!"

This power... there's no doubt about it now. VictoryGreymon observed Nova X's power being suppressed.

Nova X's heavy breathing subsided. The green aura surrounding him vanished as well. He lowered his view to Glaven, who was greatly relieved to stop the transformation in time.

"Tai!" Called a group of familiar voices that turned Tai and VictoryGreymon away from Nova X.

"Glaven, wait!" Tai quickly turned around and called to him. "We need to talk!"

(End theme)

Glaven ignored Tai's plea and beckoned Nova X to follow him. The duo hastily glided back toward the headquarters. When they left, Dimitri & Faith, Davis & Veemon, TK & Patamon, Kari & Gatomon, Keke, Sam, Tike, Kara, and David arrived but were too late to see the brawl that had just broken out and spilled over the vicinity.

The group, however, did catch the ravaged landscape and destruction caused amidst during the fight.

"I'm glad you two are ok!" TK exclaimed. "You guys actually subdued Yagami and his partner?!"

"Nah, Glaven came and used some device to control them. They just left," Tai explained what had occurred. "Guys, I know you won't believe this, but Yagami is an Ascendant."

"We figured that much," Dimitri replied.

Kari ran up and hugged her brother. "We were so worried something happened to you and Agumon!"

"Not to worry, Kari, we're ok," VictoryGreymon reassured the worried Bearer of Light.

"Sheesh, this place is a mess," Davis observed the damage around them. "Glad we're not cleaning this up."

Gatomon approached Tai. "So, that immense power we sensed came from Yagami and his partner. That's Ascendant power all right, but there's something deeper about this source of power."

"And darker. We even saw a Crest symbol appear on Yagami and his partner's chests," Tai revealed to the group, which baffled them. "Kari, TK, he invokes the power to become an Ascendant through the power of a Crest's energies instilled in his body."

"So, then the jury is out," Sam said.

Keke nodded. "Looks like we found him."

Turning around, Tai glared intently toward the Neo-Digital Knight headquarters. "VictoryGreymon, there's no doubt about it. That energy residue we sensed on that planet matched Yagami and ShineGreymon X's powers." He clenched his fists tight and narrowed his eyes. "We found the Legendary Ascendant."

Just then, X chimed in and spoke to Tai telepathically.

So, it seems, Tai, but you should also know more about our so-called friend, Glaven. Seems he's lured y'all to a trap.

"Go on, X, I'm listening," Tai addressed the masked watcher as the group became informed of Glaven's elaborate ruse.


Neo-Digital Knight Council Headquarters/Glaven's Quarters

"Yagami, you fool!" Glaven barked after slapping Yagami hard. The blow dazed the teen as he stumbled back a bit. "What did I tell you to control yourself with our guests here?! If find out who you really are, my entire plan will be for nothing! We can't afford any failure, understand?!"

Yagami pivoted his head and rubbed his cheek. Agumon X approached his partner and made a low growl to Glaven. Glaven turned his back to Yagami and Agumon X as three shadowed figures rose acknowledging the Grademon leader. The trio stepped through the dark corner, revealing themselves. Standing in a horizontal line formation: GuardiAngemon, a Zanbamon, and a Matadormon.

"My three generals, we can't allow Taichi, Yamato, and their friends from leaving at any cost. This is our last chance to persuade Yamato to stay and stay occupied with the Legendary Ascendant search," Glaven said laughing evilly while the three generals crossed their arms to pledge to sworn allegiance.

Agumon X turned away and looked up to Yagami. The Digimon noticed a calm but dark smile etched on Yagami's face.


Next act: The Legendary Ascendant Awakens


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