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Omega X and GalacticNova X go all out as the comet is on collision with them.

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Yagami the Legendary Ascendant

Final Act: The Decisive Clash of Legendary Ascendants


Digital World/Azulongmon's Realm

Though not actively in the battle, X, Gennai, and the Sovereigns were deeply invested with the outcome. X was visibly drawn to the battle and he partially wanted to be out there aiding his friends, but he restrained himself. He restrained himself because he still maintained faith in Omega X to finish the evil Ascendant.

"I hope they can make it out. If that crazy Ascendant wasn't enough, there's the comet!" Gennai said, observing the viewing orb that showed the Ascendant face down. He turned to X, who didn't take his eyes off the viewing orb. "X?"

"They'll make it out, Gennai," X reassured him. C'mon, Tai and Agumon, prove me right!


Planet Vergo/10 Kilometers from Ruin City of Vergo

(Cue Godzilla GMK OST – Godzilla's Rage)

Garudamon hovered over the vicinity where Omega X and GalacticNova X faced off on the desolate stretch of land. Sora, Catherine, and Floramon became witnesses to the Ascendant facedown. Catherine shifted between the two Ascendants and clenched her hands, praying for Omega X.

"C'mon, Tai..." Sora mumbled as she veered over and sighted the others scattered around. She saw BanchoLeomon first and ordered Garudamon to descend near him. "BanchoLeomon!"

As he stirred, BanchoLeomon acknowledged the Bearer of Love. "Sora... what are you doing here? You should get out of here with the others. I have a ship you can use..."

"That was your ship?" Sora inquired. "We just came back and left the others in a ship that looked nothing like the ones used here."

"That would be mine... if that's the case, that's good..." BanchoLeomon gritted his teeth, sitting up and ignoring the pain shooting through his body. "But, you, Garudamon, and these two better leave. Hell is about to break loose here."

"Looks like they're about to begin!" Garudamon called for the others' attention as they turned and witnessed rocks lifting near the Ascendants. "The powers emanating from both... incredible..." She was at a loss for words. "But, Yagami's is much deeper."

"No, shit..." BanchoLeomon scowled. "I fought that monster. I know what he can do and Omega X's insane if he thinks he can take him now. He hasn't fully recovered since that monster brutally beat us all down." He slowly raised his hand. "But, there's a way we can help Omega X triumph. I'll transfer some of my energy to him."

"Will that be enough?" Sora asked.

"It's better than doing nothing... Omega X needs our help!" The Bancho warrior declared as he lifted his hand higher. He immediately called out to the other Ascendants, who were equally battered and broken from their fight with the beast. "My friends, we must send our energy to Tai and Agumon! Their Ascendant form will require all of our powers to subdue this monster!"

Upon hearing BanchoLeomon's plea, the other Ascendants slowly stirred one by one. Celesta X was the first to respond as she turned on her back and opened her eyes. Angemon X, Keke, Tike, and Kara were revived by BanchoLeomon's plea. WarAngemon, Ultima X, Sam, and David subsequently stirred as well. Then, Metalla X was the last to awaken as he gritted his teeth hard.

"BanchoLeomon..." Celesta X gasped out, blinking her eyes thrice as she came to.

Angemon X raised his head, groaning. "BanchoLeomon...?"

Keke muttered weakly. "You want us to give Tai and Agumon energy...?"

"Guys, give me the power to take this monster down!" Omega X beckoned to his friends while continuing his march toward GalacticNova X.

"We're ready!" Angemon X called out.

Sora looked over to Garudamon. "You ready?" As Garudamon nodded, the Bearer of Love raised her hands along with her partner. "Tai, Agumon, take as much of our energy to stop him!" She noticed Catherine reluctantly raising her left arm, but Floramon stepped in and raised her hand.

Floramon nodded encouragingly to Catherine. "C'mon, Catherine! They need us!"

As she mentally suppressed the last fond memories of Yagami, Catherine showed her allegiance to her true friends and raised her hand.

"You made the right call, Catherine," Sora said, using the internal energies of her Crest of Love to send to Omega X. "Tai and Agumon will need all the help they need!"

Nodding, Catherine replied. "The Yagami I knew is no more. Tai, Agumon, do what you must!"

After BanchoLeomon lifted a hand, Celesta X followed next by raising her hand.

"Tai, Agumon... take all you can..." Celesta X said as a pink beacon flashed on her chest. The Crest of Light, outlined in thick pink light, emblazoned her chest as the pink energy leaked out from her hands.

Omega X walked forward whilst a golden aura blasted around him. GalacticNova X held his ground momentarily. Then, as Omega x marched further across closing the gap between them, GalacticNova X took action and propelled from the plateau he stood on. The green aura shooting out from his body crushed the entire rock formation where he once stood on. Omega X hastened his march and beelined toward GalacticNova X, who was coming at him with a head full of steam.

Omega X launched himself upward. His right fist pushed outward ready to catch GalacticNova X with a punch to his face. The green-haired behemoth's massive green aura expanded and unleashed a giant green bubble that exploded in Omega X's face. Omega X was knocked back afar by the explosive blast produced by the evil Ascendant.

Omega X hit the ground hard and crashed through the rocks until he landed facefirst. GalacticNova X descended whilst inside his aura bubble. Omega X instinctively sprang up to his feet where GalacticNova X landed. Omega X flew away frantically allowing the monster to pursue him. Omega X unknowingly left himself open, inviting GalacticNova X to blast him with a Galactic Cannon.


In the midst of the explosion from the blast, a large crater was made on the edge of a rock formation. Omega X was buried facefirst in the center leaving him wide open for GalacticNova X.

He painfully muttered, pleading to his friends. "...it's not enough. You guys, I need more power! Hurry!"

Angemon X, Keke, Tike, and Kara sent their energies as fast as they could.

Omega X slowly rose from the crater and walked up the edge of the rocks. There waiting for him at the top was GalacticNova X. GalacticNova X's face contorted, clenching his teeth. He was becoming more irked by Omega X's persistence.

Ready to launch himself at the beast, Omega X was met with a massive lariat from the beast. He quickly took Omega X down with one blow and followed it up by using his hated rival as a trampoline. GalacticNova X laughed maniacally, repeatedly jumping up and down on Omega X's back. After every pounce, he crushed Omega X further into the ground. The beast showed nothing but sadistic pleasure at Omega X's expense. Omega X felt his back pop after every painful stomp.

Spitting out blood, Omega X screamed out in bloody anguish while the behemoth continued jumping on him. GalacticNova X grinned sadistically and floated up leaving Omega X to fall into a pit where the ground gave in and buried debris atop of him.

"C'mon, guys!" Sora shouted, sending as much energy as she could. Crimson light leaked out from her hands.

Garudamon, Catherine, and Floramon donated as much as they can give Omega X.

BanchoLeomon and the others continued to follow through despite their nagging injuries.

Omega X slowly walked out of the pit to stall GalacticNova X further until enough energy revived him to full capacity.

However, time was running short. Comet Camori was closing in at a much faster pace than Glaven and his team had previously predicted. Those few hours actually were less than a few minutes. The astronomical cosmic ball pulled in and deleted a good chunk of the planet's surface.

Omega X, battered and bruised from the harsh beating, defiantly held his ground. GalacticNova X, free of bruises and injuries, merely chuckled evilly.

"It's the end for you, Taichi!" GalacticNova X yelled, running forward while laughing along the way. "Galactic Cannon!" He fired and blasted Omega X through three rock formations, burying the Ascendant inside a plateau.

Metalla X muttered weakly. "It's hopeless, Tai... Agumon. This is a fight we can't win!"


"We're ready for lift off!" Yolei declared as the spaceship closed.

Cody protested. "We can't leave without the others!"

"Don't worry, we're going to go as far as a little above orbit," Ken stated. "Since Tai, Agumon, and Tike can already use Instant Movement, I trust they'll teleport themselves and the others to where we are."

"Is it just me or does this ship we've commandeered not resemble any of Glaven's ships?" Wormmon noticed the interior of the ship. "The technology here..."

"Hey, it almost looks like the ship we used to get to Spira those years ago!" Palmon pointed. "Remember Mimi?"

"Vaguely," Mimi replied. "I just hope the others can find us in time. Yagami doesn't look like he'll be any easy for them."

That comet's getting closer! Guys, please don't take much longer! The ex-Digimon Emperor thought, eyeing the massive comet approaching closely to the planet. "They've got to hurry before that comet hits."

(End theme)


(Cue Haji's Kitchen - Lost)

Omega X stumbled forward trying to stay balanced. He took on a defiant battle stance and didn't avert eye contact with the beast. The green-haired behemoth grew more irritated with Omega X 'never say die' demeanor.

"Why won't you stay down?!" GalacticNova X scowled, bathing himself in a green aura and propelling himself forward.


The legendary Ascendant decked Omega X and drove him into a rock face behind. The hard punch's impact produced a powerful blow that made another giant crater with Omega X buried in the center. Omega X weakly smiled realizing he was utterly and completely outmatched by the monster. GalacticNova X bounced back a few times before launching a green ball at him.

Hearing Omega X's painful cries, Metalla X stirred more and mumbled. "Stop... you fool...!"

Having cleared the entire rock formation behind his rival, GalacticNova X bumrushed Omega X like a freight train. He cackled cruelly and reached Omega X catching him with a giant shoulder tackle sending the battle worn Ascendant across.

Hearing more of Omega X's yells, Metalla X lamented. "Why should I give that fool some of my power?"

Please, Yamato! Lend me some of your power so I can stop him! Tai's voice reached Metalla X as a recourse in the midst of the brutal beating.

Pulling himself up willfully, Metalla X rose to just his knees. He eventually stood up on his own power.

"Father!" Angemon X and Keke encouraged him whilst still giving their energy.

WarAngemon added. "Please, Yamato... for me, my brother, the others... and especially Tai and Agumon! This maniac needs to be stopped!"

Ultima X pleaded. "C'mon, Yamato! What the heck are you waiting?!"

BanchoLeomon bellowed. "Yamato!"

Celesta X begged him with tears. "Please, do it for my brother and Agumon."

Metalla X gritted and yelled out. "No!

Upon hearing his colleagues pleas, Metalla X tried to shun them out, but he knew deep down he couldn't. Then, Matt finally interceded to further berate him.

'Yamato, if you don't act fast, everyone of us are going to die! Do you want to risk our lives and the fate of the Digiverse because of your stupid pride?! It's now or never!'

Omega X stumbled back again and weakly begged. "Yamato, I need your power." He raised his voice in order to get through to his stubborn rival. "YAMATO! MORE POWER! RIGHT NOW!"

"I'm supposed to be the strongest Ascendant the one above all. Why should I give my power to a fool? Tell me... tell me why should I?!"

'Because nothing else will stop Yagami now! We don't have time! Give my friend our energy!' Matt shouted through Metalla X's thick head.

As Omega X attempted to engage GalacticNova X in fisticuffs, the titan gained a quick advantage and clobbered him with punishing body blows. Omega X's body became nothing more than a punching bag as the beast continued to wail on him. He punched Omega X around another rock formation, causing it to split open following all the earth-shattering blows. Omega X bounced around like a pinball being punched back and forth.

One punch to his abdomen sent Omega X flying through a wall. Omega X hit the back of another rock face. GalacticNova X glided over punching Omega X's gut hard, causing him to double over in pain.

"You impress me for lasting this long, Taichi. I never expected you to still be alive after all this," GalacticNova X said, smiling cruelly. "But, your demise is at hand!"

"Yamato..." Omega X groaned. "Matt, if you can get through to him... please. C'mon, Yamato, what are you waiting for? You're our last hope..." He raised his head and yelled out for the last time. "...GIVE ME YOUR POWER!"

Metalla X finally complied to everyone's behest. "Fine, just take it! But, finish him now!" With that, he raised his hand. The Crest of Friendship symbol appeared on his chest as a blue light leaked from his hands, which went out to Omega X.

Matt mentally spoke within Metalla X. 'Thank you, Yamato.'

GalacticNova X raised his hand to Omega X preparing to crush his head.

All it took was Metalla X's power to reach Omega X, which miraculously revived the Ascendant warrior. Feeling a surge of power renewing him, Omega X put up his right hand and used it to catch GalacticNova X's fist. Suddenly, a bright green glow wrapped around Omega X like a tornado. Then, the green aura became gold as the aura around Omega X expanded outward.

GalacticNova X was taken aback. "What's this?!" Having sensed the surge of power from Omega X, he withdrew his hand and moved back. "Where is he getting this energy?!"

Omega X floated over covered in a thick golden aura. "Your hour has arrived!"

GalacticNova X floated up mulling over what had just happened.

Metalla X sent the last of his power and muttered. "Just remember, this doesn't change the fact we're still rivals." After giving all his power, he powered down while splitting up back to Yamato and Gabumon. Both of them fell completely exhausted.

BanchoLeomon gave the rest of his energy and collapsed on the ground.

"Get him, Omega X," Angemon X weakly said, splitting back to Dimitri and Faith.

"Kick his ass, uncle Tai and Agumon!" Tike and Kara yelled as they, too, fell unconscious.

Keke, Sam, David, WarAngemon, and Ultima X ultimately followed suit; Ultima X split back to Davis and Veemon. WarAngemon regressed back to TK and Patamon.

Sora encouraged him. "We've given you all we've got! Now, take him down for good!" She fell to one knee breathing hard after giving some of her energy.

Garudamon regressed back to Biyomon and fell next to Sora.

Catherine prayed. Yagami, I'm sorry, but it has to be this way. After giving her energy, she and Floramon leaned against one another panting after sacrificing their energies for Omega X.

"Take him out, Tai and Agumon!" Celesta X cried out as she collapsed but not before splitting up into Kari and Gatomon.

GalacticNova X laughed manically in the face of the revived Ascendant. "Hahahah! It doesn't matter how much power you take from those imbeciles it won't be enough to kill me!" He flexed his body and shrouded himself in a battle aura.

Omega X simply grinned him down. "We'll see, but I couldn't count me out just yet. I won't know until I try."


Meanwhile, Comet Camori was a minute or so until full impact.

The other Digi-Destined were finally off the planet on BanchoLeomon's spaceship. They turned looking out over the planet's orbit and hoping the others got off in time.

"C'mon, guys!" Mimi begged, looking out a window and watching the massive comet close to making impact on the planet. She and the others watched in horror as the comet already swallowed up and destroyed the planet's orbital moon.


With the comet closing in, the gravitational pull started ripping away the earth and pulling in debris like a vacuum. GalacticNova and Omega X readily launched toward one another. They glided around and through the floating debris obstructing their path. They finally came to a head and beelined straight for each other.

GalacticNova X threw a right punch in conjunction to Omega X throwing a left hook. As the titan's fist came forward, Omega X narrowly tilted his head to the side and telegraphed GalacticNova X's punch.

"It ends here, you monster!" Omega X yelled out, quickly locating an open spot and pushed his left hand into GalacticNova X's six-pack ab gut. He unknowingly pushed his fist through a soft tender area where Yagami's gut wound was; it was the same spot Yagami's foster father stabbed him in the knife with.

Suddenly, GalacticNova X's face contorted as distress took over. He reflected to the night he openly attacked his foster father and was stabbed by the man. He remembered the wound and both of his foster parents chastising him, calling him a monster.

The haunting yells of his foster friends came back to ridicule him.

'You monster! What have you done?! You killed our bird!'

'There's only one place a monster like you deserves to be! Confined and without human contact!'

'Why do YOU even exist?!'


'Don't look at me with those eyes, you little monster!'

"I am a monster..." GalacticNova X muttered deeply as he finally came to and the next thing he saw was Omega X driving his hand through his wound. He cringed feeling a surge of energy seamlessly being released from Omega X's hand. He felt his body being filled with energy.

"YOU'RE NOT GOING TO HARM ANYONE EVER AGAIN!" Omega X yelled out, sending out more energy as he jerked his hand out and ripped open the wound, which released more blood.

"Gaarr... AUUUGH!" GalacticNova X howled a blood-curdling roar as his body seemingly began to crack as green blood spilled out from his wound. The amount of energy Omega X released into him was causing his body to break down.

Omega X used what little time and power to collect everyone using Instant Movement. Then, after collecting Sora and Biyomon, he turned around seeing the comet approaching.

Omega X turned away and held Sora close to him before using Instant Movement to relocate them off the planet.


GalacticNova X exploded as a bright flash of white light engulfed him; meanwhile, at the same time, the massive comet collided with Planet Vergo and swallowed it up whole. The planet cracked into thousands of pieces and dissolved away into nothingness.

(End theme)

Planet Vergo was no more as was apparently GalacticNova X.


The spaceship used by the Digi-Destined materialized out of nowhere. The ship expanded wider as the interior became filled by all the Digi-Destined and company that escaped the planet's destruction. Every Digi-Destined, Digimon, and Avomon became cramped in a small space. Some were even piled on top of each other, namely Tike, Kara, and David stacked on top of one another. Sam's face was buried into Catherine's chest much to the French girl's shock. Yolei and Hawkmon were caught in between BanchoLeomon and Yamato with the two's backs pinned against each other. Kari was sitting right on top of TK much to Davis' chagrin. Sora was right on Omega X's lap.

Omega X and Sora looked toward the front like they knew they were being watched. Then, Omega X gave a peace sign, laughing like a goofball. Sora sweatdropped while this happened.

"Well, at least we're all ok," Ken remarked as he sighted Wormmon floating over having motion sickness. "Don't hurl on me! Someone get some buckets!"

Omega X pulled Sora close and chuckled. "I guess this makes up for the Paris trip?"

The ginger-haired girl facepalmed. "Stupid Tai."


Digital World/Azulongmon's Realm

Needless to say, the Sovereigns, X, and Gennai were greatly relieved with the outcome. The Digiverse had been spared from the evil Ascendant's rampage and could wholly focus on the forthcoming War Games.

"Zhuqiaomon, I know it will take time for your quadrant to recover..." Azulongmon was cut off abruptly as the phoenix god nodded.

"As long as all quadrants aren't destroyed. That's all that matters. Had the Chosen not stopped the evil Ascendant, the balance of all four quadrants would've face great cataclysm."

Gennai approached X. "I'm relieved it's over."

"Likewise, Gennai. And to think I was this close to forcing my hand in this situation. But, my hope in Tai and the others prevented me from taking proactive," the masked watcher said. Right, Tai? You and your friends just keep proving me wrong. I'm proud of all of you.


Paris, France/Outside Versailles Palace

(Cue Godzilla GMK OST – Determined to Protect the Future)

After being given digi-vitamins to heal their bodies, the Kai warriors recovered from the grueling battle with GalacticNova X. Everyone involved came back outside Versailles Palace to drop off Catherine and Floramon.

"We're really sorry to put you through all that, Catherine," Tai openly apologized to the French girl. "Cross my heart. We shouldn't have subjected you to that ordeal."

Catherine just nodded and smiled, hiding her discouragement over Yagami. "I'm just grateful everyone here is ok. We at least got to spend some time together." She bowed her head to the Digi-Destined.

Floramon followed suit bowing her head.

"Do you feel any differently for Yagami?" TK asked her.

"I only want to remember the Yagami I knew before all this happened," Catherine said, veering her eyes from the group. She took Floramon's hand. "It'll take over, but we'll get over it."

"If you need someone to talk to, we're here," Sora offered. "After all, we're all Chosen." She smiled an affectionate smile and hugged Catherine.

"Thank you, dear friends. Please be careful with that battle with Virus."

"Don't you worry, Catherine," Tai said, exuding a confident smile. "We're definitely prepared for that guy." He glanced over his shoulder as he sighted Kari chatting with Gatomon, Tike, and Kara. You were so close to reveal that power, Kari. Now, we'll get to see that power truly unleashed in the War Games.

Dimitri picked up Faith and placed him on his lap. He was seated next to Mimi, Palmon, and Keke while conversing over Yamato's heroic comeback against GalacticNova X. Yamato overheard them talking about him while Gabumon played with the harmonica.

'See? It's not so bad lending energy. If you hadn't done that, we'd be wiped out by that comet. It feels good lending a helping hand, huh?'

"Matty boy, kindly shut up," Yamato scoffed as Dimitri and Keke came up behind patting his shoulders. "What now?"

"Mimi wants us to take a group shot outside Versailles Palace," Dimitri said. "And she insists it."

Keke giggled as she and Dimitri lifted Yamato up. "C'mon, dad! We rarely ever do family group shots!"

"Let me go! Put me down!" Yamato demanded as Gabumon followed behind them laughing.

"I know Matt must be inside laughing to his heart's content," Gabumon chuckled as he raced ahead to get into the group shot.

"Say, how about we all take a group shot?" Tai asked.

Catherine complied with a wink. "I can arrange that."

A few minutes later, Michel returned with a camera to shoot several perfect group shots of the Digi-Destined and the D3s. A few of them goofed off making funny faces (namely Tike and Kara putting rabbit ears on each other). Tai, Sora, and Catherine were in the center with Agumon, Biyomon, and Floramon huddled close.

After taking the group shots, Catherine, Floramon, and Michel watched the group leave. Tai waved goodbye to Catherine, who returned a farewell wave.

"Au revoir, Digi-Destined! Au revior, Tai and Sora!" The French girl waved to them as a tear fell from her eye. Floramon barely noticed this and merely shrugged it off. I'm crying because you helped me to never judge a book by its cover, Tai. If you and your friends hadn't been there, who knows what would've happened to me when Glaven showed up to take Yagami. I'll never take another person for granted until I know who they really are.

"Ready to go, everyone! All right, Agumon, let's go home," the Bearer of Courage said as he and his partner used Instant Movement to relocate the amassed group back to Odaiba.

With the evil Ascendant vanquished, our heroes sally forth for their next battle. It was the event to determine the fate of many worlds, including Earth's fate: the War Games.

(End theme)


(Cue El Gato – Stained Glass Window)


The end


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