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Chapter 42 Origins

Two years later


It was something he had found himself doing a lot lately over the course of the last few months. Golden eyes traced the orange, yellow and purple horizon line watching the sun's descent using a skill he wasn't all too familiar with; patience. The wind gently blew against him brushing tenderly on his face and dancing between the strands of his silver mane. His clawed hand came about and gently combed through some of the wild ones that managed to wave in his way playfully. He had long changed from his court attire and into the comfortable worn out red fire rat hirori and hakama's, finding he was in need of comfort, time, and space to process the recent events of his life and expanding kingdom.

The waves were calm settling down for the night with little else to say to the shore but pulling what it could along with its waters into the sea. Every so often the waves would grow bold and beat across the coastline seemingly growing as tired as he was of fighting the unmovable. But, he would watch as little by little, the water would take a piece of the land with it and either keep it for its own selfish gains or deposit it somewhere else leaving behind fertile gains.

It seemed that the beach sands and the people shared the same sentiments. His hand fisted at the frustration he felt. Lord Haku upon his death left behind no benefactor and as a result his lands erupted into civil war with everyone fighting for a piece of the kingdom. The demons and the humans have broken their truce in that region and began fighting for any parcel of the land they could get their greedy hands on. The higher lords on the human and demon councils refused to interfere because of their own greed and hidden agenda. People were migrating into other territories seeking refuge and it was becoming a small problem for them. They now needed more resources to feed everyone as well as they've had to move their numbers up in the military to cover the large expanded area. More farmers were needed and more manpower was needed just to mediate between the demons and the humans that newly arrived causing trouble. He and his brother were very explicit about keeping the peace and those that disobey with bigotry and intolerance would be forced to leave.

In the mornings, he and his brother would patrol and find more and more makeshift camps outside the walls of Crescent City. They've tried to attempt to get some of the people to move into the smaller villages nearby but the people had become too frightened and sought the protection of the West and its powers. The dust was slowly settling and what was left behind was utter devastation. He could see it in their faces when they look up at him as they walked through and surveyed the people. The disgust and accusing glares were gone and in its stead were the faces of exhaustion, hunger, and fear.

Growing frustrated with himself he got up quickly and made his way to the shore. Rolling up his pant legs, he strolled towards the waves enjoying the cool water against his heated skin. The pulling and pushing motion of the sea soothed him somewhat and he smiled in remembrance of a time his mother would stroll with him like this and the many times he brought Kagome here.

And that was how Kagome found him. Ironically in his favorite spot tucked away behind the garden maze on their hidden beach. Her toes sunk in the sand feeling the tiny warm specs move between her toes and cover her foot as she sunk in somewhat. With care she walked stealthily as she could through the sand in a poor attempt at surprising him. Watching his snow colored ears move around made her aware that she had been found. He quickly turned towards her and in a flash, he held her tightly in his arms. The sound of the water splashing wasn't even acknowledged because of his fast movement. An excited giggle escaped her feeling whole again as she allowed the half-demon she loved to have his moment.

"You're back early." He stated gruffly pushing his nose into the gentle waves of her thick hair and inhaled deeply taking in her vanilla scent with affection. Soon, his lips had found hers and the two welcomed each other in one of the best ways they knew how. His lips captured her own dancing with hers in such a familiar fashion and yet always searching for something new and enticing. His hand immediately went around her holding her small form close to him wishing to envelope her into his own body right there. Nuzzling the right side of her neck and placing a hot kiss in the path of his red crescent shaped courting mark. He coaxed out of her a moan before he pulled away with satisfaction. His arms held her away a bit so he could see her. She looked just about the same before she left just with longer hair and a bigger smile if possible. She wore a simple kimono of blue silk with soft white flowers and petals decorating the hems.

Kagome blushed seeing him look her over with pure love and desire. "It's been only a few months, Yasha." She pulled back a little and took his hands from off her arms and pulled him towards his favorite sitting rock. "Naraku sends his greetings and he has given some of his resources to help. We have begun growing more farms and building villages for demons and humans."

Inuyasha nodded moving to sit on the rock before lifting her up and placing her in his lap. "Tell that old man, we didn't need it." He responded with false pride in his tone making sure to kiss her neck once more.

"Inuyasha!" She playfully chastised hitting him lightly on the arm. "He hates when you call him that you know. He wants to kill you as it is already."


Rolling her eyes she continued gazing up at him feeling her back rest against his torso. "Anyway, we have taken in some of the refugees from Lord Haku's lands and we are given them housing. Of course, father wants me to-"

"Father?" Inuyasha spoke in question causing Kagome to realize her little hiccup.

"Well he is!" Her face dusted a pretty light pink. "We share blood and a bond now. And besides I've spent a long time catching up with him and I can't help it. He has done everything to make great changes and fix some of the tragedies he has caused and he has been forgiven by the people and I have no qualm with him. So, yes Inuyasha. He is my father." She spoke with happiness and finality. "And, we have rebuilt a lot of the places and his connection with the people. It will take time but his lands will be stronger. We can take more refugees too in the main city if you need. We have many houses available."

Inuyasha tucked her head underneath his chin pulling her into him further if possible before nodding. Already he could feel the tension leaving him with her presence and her great news that lifted some of the burden off of his shoulders. Kagome could feel his shift in mood and knew life had been hard on the West. Almost immediately, things had fallen apart with the war and constant bickering in his courts and with the demon council. The separated themselves as they said they would. The land rules had been changed which caused a lot of disarray at first but quickly with only one death threat from Sesshoumaru did everyone get their things in order. Inuyasha had been in charge of the relocating project of the people into the Western Lands but she knew seeing poverty like that really ate at him. Men, women and children from both demon and human fractions came in beaten, bloodied, starving, crying, and frightened. That was not way to live. However, this was changing.

Yura decided to rebuild her loyalty and trust with the West by helping the people relocate to the Southern lands by escorting them and helping them get resources and mediate between groups to keep the peace. Bankoustu tried to help but Yura refused wanting to prove on her own she meant well and that her loyalty lies with the only woman she trusted, Kagome. It was awkward at first with her seeing Naraku but nothing happened between the two other than one was used in puppet manipulation. Yura realized as well that the stone they were searching for was actually just a trinket of Naraku's wife that would help him find his daughter. She felt immediately sorrowful in also realizing that Kagome was the one he was searching hell and heaven for, practically destroying everything in his path for. That Kagome had the trinket all along. Kikyo's attempt to take what she thought was power would have been useless anyway thus, making her poor choices of revenge against Kikyo futile.

The western household stayed strong with the help of the ever strong Kaede and her new assistant Lady Sango who kept the peace and dealt with some of the issues presented by the people at court. She had gathered a few of her lost demon slayer brethren and have added themselves to the ranks of the military. Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru destroyed the binding contracts of all concubines and have helped them assimilate into society as best as they could. This was very difficult for some of the ladies who had been used to being pampered their whole lives. They opted to marry high ranking Lords and Generals that desired them so while others became landlords in the city factions thus helping with a lot of the peacekeeping. Some became concubines of other houses in which the Lords would taunt at capturing one of the many jewels of the West. Two made the decision to join Lady Kagura's new 'tea house business'. If you can call it that seeing at how promiscuous they are in that 'tea house'.

Kagome smiled at the fortune of her sisters. It wasn't lavish but everyone was doing alright. "Oh!" She continued. "I saw Kikyo's garden. It's coming together nicely." She mentioned softly.

Inuyasha simply nodded feeling drained yet at peace with Kikyo and her actions. He felt guilty even in the light of a new day for her destructive path. There were days he thought he could have been a better companion or a friend and help her overcome the horror of her childhood that led her into believing that the only way out was through the hurting of others and herself. He managed to keep light some of his fonder memories of her including her love for cherry blossoms. So he commissioned a garden to be built in the city near the schoolhouse for children. She couldn't have any of her own offspring and she also wished she was protected when she was one. So he had given a garden in her honor for the village children to explore and walk safely among the blossoms. "I think she would have liked it."

Kagome nodded watching the water and the sky change darker. Now more and more stars were becoming visible as they sat on the rock and caught up with the changes and challenges each has faced in the absence of the other. She had come to the South to find new projects and construction all around her city. The people who stayed loyal to Naraku welcomed her with open arms and in kind she helped them as much as possible. Things had changed while she was away with her father learning about everything regarding her birthright, history, culture, and people. She had even helped Naraku commission projects and help with the revitalization of his lands. She would suffer from the occasional disrespect of the usual names people would degrade her with but she held strong. It had cost her quite a long time away from Inuyasha but she would come back faithfully seemingly more determined than ever to help the people. She looked down at her wrist with the bracelet shining brightly without being hidden anymore. She now felt her mother's presence with her wherever she went. She smiled gently before feeling Inuyasha shift behind her.

"Let's go home." He spoke with his characteristic lopsided smile.

"Home." She stated lovingly cupping the side of his face with her palm.

"Do we have to go!"

"My father is already wanting to skin you alive. Don't be a glutton for punishment." Kagome stated dressing herself as delicately as possible. Her body adorned a very beautiful rich purple kimono with gold and magenta layers of silk underneath it. Her hands were working quickly to pin her hair which was taking more time than she thought she had. She expertly slid in pins and combs about the mini swirls and buns leaving her slender neck exposed. Once satisfied, she checked around for any signs of passion marks that Inuyasha chose so graciously to bestow upon her amidst his excitement for the upcoming day.

"Feh that old man." Inuyasha growled sitting up and shifting the covers to cover around his hips and groin. He moved from the bed to stand over Kagome at her vanity table. He bent down and began kissing the length of her neck gently before nuzzling her neck in official morning greetings again.

"You're going to be late, your highness!" Her lady in waiting yelled from the hallway causing Inuyasha's ears to pin back from the pitch.

Kagome's eyes opened at this before gently pushing away from her love and standing. Silk rustled across the bamboo floors while she seemingly glided over to smooth out the details of her attire. She managed earlier to paint her eyes but left her lips bare hoping later to have time to paint them.

"I can't be late for our negotiations! After all today is the day that you put an offer down for your proposal." She spoke looking up and him with a knowing smile.

"Feh!" He huffed crossing his arms in protest. "In my opinion we could all skip this crap if it wasn't for that damned spid-"

"Inuyasha!" She threatened.

"-LORD Naraku" he finished with sarcasm laced in his words. "You think the guy would let things go especially after he and that hag of a woman Lady Akina mated. It's not like I knew you were his kid."

Kagome sighed finding her father to be rather a challenge. She couldn't be completely mad with him. Underneath all of that mirth and dark humor was actually a very doting demon parent who just wanted what was denied to him. Kagome smiled before sitting down at her vanity thinking about the older man. He spent his days traveling back and forth helping out more and more with the people and be among his 'extended family'. The Western Lords and Generals took him in as an uncle of sorts. It took a while to sort things out among them and great strides were made on everyone's part. But now they were as strong as ever. Inuyasha walked over to Kagome and pulled her forward in a kiss.

A gentle knock came at the door before a very petite but loud voice was heard. "Uncle!"

Both pulled apart before laughing lightly. "Who sent you this time kid!" Inuyasha rudely yelled out with humor at little Rin who could be heard bouncing outside. All her trinkets and bracelets chiming with each motion she made. The soft mews of Kirara was heard as well enjoying her spot in the girl's arms.

"Naraku told me to tell you Uncle to…hurry it up or there won't be anything left of you to marry. And to keep your mouth shut, Uncle." She recited in a voice that was supposed to mimic that of the Southern Lord who had become one of her favorite people despite their interactions before. Rin had been spoiled rotten by any and every one. With that she could be heard running away seemingly at the speed of light to chase something or another. Then a much quieter voice with gentle chimes was heard with great humor.

"Come on Kagome." Zahra could be heard from the other entrance where the gardens are. "Sess is growing impatient and he's just sat down in the receiving room. He and Naraku are already talking about sparring and I planned a beautiful lunch today that I would like not to have ruined because my mate and his uncle erupted into sparring sessions waiting for your arrival. And I thinks it's best if you exit from the garden area because seeing you enter with Inuyasha would sure to kick off the battle."

Both laughed before sharing one last kiss and pulling apart. "Well I guess I will see you in an hour Lady Kagome of the South."

"As you, Lord Inuyasha of the West."

Kagome stood behind the door patiently waiting for them to open to announce her presence. She regulated her breathing and held her chin up high. Behind the door was her new family and members of the Alliance. The Alliance was the new agreement among all the friendly lands of Japan to work as one to resolve issues among their sanctions so that war could be avoided. Her purple layered kimono and makeup was flawless with the added help of Zahra and her new step mother Akina.

The panther had been to her distant home a lot with her and it wasn't until her last visit that Akina expressed her love for her father to her. Kagome of course had given the panther demon her blessings. Not too much later, the pair had announced their mating ceremony which was very small intimate gathering and not too long after her pregnancy. Kagome felt she had captured a small piece of heaven because her family was growing and finding love. What a funny concept life turned out to be for her.

"Young one, are you ready?"

Kagome blinked before looking over at Naraku and Akina as they approached her wearing the house colors of purple, black, and gold with the spider mark donning their heads and neck area along with a claw mark. Akina's tall form seemingly glowed from her pregnancy. Despite her obvious roundness she still had the air of regality. She donned a more magenta colored kimono with the house colors layering underneath and coloring the obi. The color highlighted her cheetah prints and sun kissed tanned skin. Her golden locks were pulled up high on the crown of her head in buns and intricate swirls as well. Naraku had on a purple kimono with black and gold accents. His long hair was swept up into a tight ponytail making him look absolutely lethal along with his armor added for extra effect. He had a passive look on his face that could rival that of Sesshoumaru's. She knew this was a lot for him however. To go from losing your child to finding her and negotiating marriage proposals just a few years later was quite a feat. She nodded with a bright smile causing said male to roll his eyes.

"Remind me why I can't maim that mutt?"

"What did you say old man!" They heard from inside the room causing Naraku to shrug his shoulders in indifference.



Both women reprimanded. Kagome sighed heavily. "We talked about this remember…." She groaned tucking her hands in her sleeves. Akina moved to stand on the other side of Kagome indicating her status and also as a sign letting the people know Kagome had accepted her as a mother figure and desired her council.

"Despite your age pup, I will take it upon myself to be an active father in your life and that includes reminding that boy in there that you are my pup and deserve the best." He stated matter-of-factly. His sentiments really touched her however and emotions bubbled within her before she settled herself down.

"Well you won't have to worry. I'm in great hands. Besides, I'm sure with Akina you'll have lots of new experiences to focus on with my new brothers and sisters." Kagome stated looking brightly at the expecting mother who simply nodded and lightly rubbed her pultruding tummy.

"If I live after this pregnancy." He muttered causing Kagome to giggle softly and Akina's claws to extend and her eyes to dilate.

"What did you say?" She asked threateningly.

"Come my dear mate and pup." He spoke quickly as the doors pushed open for their arrival into negotiations.

1 year later

Kagome sat in her throne room surrounded by officials. Her hair was in many buns and her body once again draped in the best silks her mate could provide her. Combs and designs decorated her hair showcasing her beauty and power. Demons and humans were running about with scrolls and making marks of decisions and decrees to process. Others were coming to deliver the accounts and statements of property and local building statuses. The days had proven tiring with the expansion of Crescent City now offering more homes and also open trade with other lands.

The Western Lords were both out physically having to get involved with plans and also to disrupt the commotion of a battle from reaching too close to their lands. Already Lord Haku's lands had been seized by one clear victor but yet there were still those attempting to capture what they could. That left Zahra and herself to oversee everything for the time being. It was proven to be quite a headache. Not to mention their house would host another ridiculous gathering of all the Lords, Ladies, Generals, and nobility.

She officially felt the same sentiments about the event as her family and marked it a troublesome but a necessary evil. Two lords were announcing their sons and daughters to take the reins. This one was more of an introduction to society than anything else. Even little Rin was being presented which put her father extra more precautious of her than usual. Sesshoumaru has written his approval of six of his elite guards to watch her and protect her at all times. She was just a child but to the demon Lord she was his daughter and he would have no little shit talking or attempting to play with his pup.

Suddenly a loud commotion could be heard and the slap of chains grazing her beautiful floors. Kagome sat taller if possible watching the speckle of a rather loud woman throwing her weight around and ordering people out of the way. Upon closer inspection, Kagome's eyes widened before softening with humor and curiosity.

"Kagome, Lady Chura … dignitary of the Eastern Lands and the Eastern Lord's first cousin…so she proclaims has come." Sango whispered to her with laughter in her voice. Kagome nodded watching Sango move away to stand next to her husband Miroku who sat on cushions behind a large table writing away on parchment trying to help condense the workload.

Standing before her was a plump overly accessorized woman who waddled into the room with the grace of a drunk hippo. Her pink kimono did look exquisite but it was too bright and way too tight leaving her breasts open for all eyes to bear witness to. Her short hair was pulled back in one bun with a variety of ruby combs and jewels hanging all around her bun. Lines of dark rouge paint stained her cheeks, lips and eyelids with a painted chalky white face trying to cover her already pale skin. Kagome knew immediately who the woman was and all she could do was try not to laugh at her circumstances and the change in authority.

"Your majesty." The woman buffered dramatically in a low bow almost spilling out of her dress. She quickly moved up from her position and snapped her fingers. "Here I've bought quite a treat for you." Suddenly the doors burst open revealing two large grotesque looking demon men holding onto a thin pale little girl wrapped in chains. Kagome gasped causing everyone in the room to be still and look about. The sound of paper and brushes became silent as the people looked on with curiosity. The girl seemed to be a little younger than Rin with thick white hair and the palest expressive lavender eyes. Eyes that reflected the light of the jewel that lay against Kagome's skin. She watched the girl struggle against them but she was only causing herself injury. The metal chains wrapped around her wrist and ankles were so tight you could clearly see where it dug into her flesh causing bright red welts and crusted blood built up around some wounds. Water dirt marks caked her legs despite her seemingly fresh white kimono. Clearly an attempt to bathe her was made which could be no more than a bucket of water thrown on her to wash away the smell. The demons threw the struggling girl onto the floor causing a yelp to release from her lips and tears to cascade down her face from her harsh landing and the scraping of the metal against scarred skin.

"I heard rumors about a delicate situation due to your lack of child. I know such a thing is common in a marriage so I present a special gift. A rare beauty your majesty! She is of bat youkai heritage. However, she is a half-demon. Thus, any child born of her will be almost like human. Do not concern yourself with her family your majesty. She was traded. I bring one of my best females to this house."

"Do you wish to insult me?"

The woman sputtered a bit before looking up at the queen. Clear shock in her eyes that her gift would be taken poorly. Surely, the other queens loved the idea of picking their own choice of concubine if anything to distract the men from their own deeds. "N-No, your majesty. B-"

"I see you haven't changed a bit Lady Chura. You would think after the fire I accidently caused you would have become more gracious and noble in your pursuit of career and leisure activities But taking children now..."

"I-" Suddenly her eyes widened. She looked critically onto the regal woman before her with a analyzing eye before her memory came back to haunt her. "Y-y-you!" The woman sputtered pointing a crooked fat painted finger into her direction. "H-How!"

"That is beside the point. You come here into my home bringing a proposed concubine, a child no less." Kagome stated truly enjoying the situation and the look of shock and disdain on the woman's face. "Also, you come presuming I'm barren. The nerve Lady Chura!" Kagome dramatized.

"Well you haven't birthed an air! You've wedded one of the most powerful demons around and you haven't even conceived!" Lady Chura threw in her face before switching targets. "And that girl was exchanged in proper methods by her clan. She is nothing more than a commodity!" Lady chura spat out looking back down at the small child who tried to crawl away. "You do remember what that's like." The woman jabbed causing Kagome to stand and the guards to come in. The air tensed with everyone staring at the lady that would be sure to die soon.

Lady Chura saw the look on Kagome's face. Quickly realizing her place and predicament she gasped before throwing herself down to the floor in utter fear. "Excuse my tongue, My Lady!" Kagome watched in annoyance as the woman's rear now sat in the air shaking causing the sound of all her ornaments to clatter.

Kagome peered past the pitiful old woman, looking at the poor child locked in chains. The pale girl pushed herself off the floor shakily while cutting her gaze at the fat lady with disdain. Kagome studied her features finding underneath all the grime, blood, and dirt to be indeed a beautiful baby gem. Her heart ached hoping the poor girl was spared the old woman's disgraceful teachings and that her virtue stayed intact. A shiver of fear rose inside of her before determination set a fire inside of her.

"Young one, how old are you and what is your name?"

The little girl looked visibly shaking before making sounds to speak the syllables in her name."Shiori…" She swallowed feeling anxiety and fear push blood through her body in it attempt to encourage her to escape. The chains however were proving too difficult and making her situation futile. "I am…just 9 summers."

Kagome smiled gently before walking gracefully down from her area and over to the young girl. Kagome side stepped the pitiful hateful croon to stand in front of Shiori. Kagome's hand came out and brush threw the dirt and crud in her hair looking at the beautiful strands of fluffy snow white hair that reminded her so much of her beloved. She waved her hand for her guards to come and they quickly began to remove the three individuals from her sight.

"She is mine! I paid for her! You will give me compensation!" Lady Chura yelled in anger.

Kagome frowned at Lady Chura while watching her being all but carried towards the exit. "I am paying for her. I'm sparing your life from the wrath of my mate. When Lord Inuyasha arrives along with his brother, we will see how kindly they will take it that you are purchasing young girls and attempting to sell them off somehow. Not to mention you come here thinking to trade one for riches. I'll be watching you now."

Enraged the woman pushed back against the guards before she was picked up and taken away while the other two men simply were escorted not wanting to focus any attention on their parts in it. They seemingly ran out of the palace when they managed to glimpse the Lords returning to the throne room. Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha, Naraku and Akina all strolled in with a young baby boy in her arms wrapped in black cloth with striped blonde and black hair. Inuyasha came in looking about in puzzlement before watching the scene play out in front of him. Miroku stood and walked over to Inuyasha and the crew to whisper the situation.

Kagome sighed before looking down at the young girl again in puzzlement. The young girl stared at her toes on the ground and scratched at her cuffs. Gripping her chin lightly she forced her gaze upon her. Kagome searched deep lilac pools and witnessed a similar look she had when she had arrived to her home. Hope was a hard thing to squash. A gentle smile reached her features.

Her eyes roamed her courtyard making a connection with her mate as he smirked and walked forward. He came closer and looked at her cuffs before using his claws and taking them off one by one. He yelled out a few other commands that was white noise outside of the connection Kagome and Shiori were having. People around them began moving about rapidly. Inuyasha knelt down till he was eye to eye with Shiori causing her to gasp at the closeness and the weightlessness of her limbs. He placed a hand on top of her crown and smirked before rubbing harder in a playful manner. She lightly stretched her arms and shook her legs with a smile before looking back up at the woman. Kagome's mind weighed the situation taking in account the girl's lack of options. "What is your dream Lady Shiori?" Kagome asked softly.

Shiori's eyes widened having never been asked the question let along having her opinion asked. Shiori thought about this before responding with hesitance. "I like the pretty women that I saw at Chi'Chi's house. They flip fans, dance, sing, and they are always so happy. I want to be like them. Happy. I want…to be…like geisha or like you!" She said innocently with truth ringing in her small voice.


Kagome closed her eyes at this. Wisdom and experience taught her these things come with a price. Little Shiori knew not what she asked. Chi-chi's women were not anything like geisha. Shiori wanted to be like the fabled great jewels of Crescent city.. She saw herself in the little being holding her heart in her hand. Looking back into the expressive gaze she turned around and began walking to her tea room.

"Come, Lady Shiori. My Lord I'll see you in private shortly." She spoke with double meaning. She wanted to greet him properly without people and maybe persuade him in other means to allow what she was thinking. She could get pregnant at any moment but due to their situation they wanted to hold off until everything further settled. But adopting a child wouldn't hurt and would give Rin a little sister figure or cousin to play with.

"Wh-what?" The little girl said in awe before rushing up the long stairs, grimacing a little at her injuries and walking crookedly without her restraints.

Inuyasha's hand lifted as he allowed the two to part with a smirk knowing he was going to enjoy Kagome's negotiations that night. He could already see her wheels turning and he had already an answer. Didn't she know she could have anything she wanted from him if she just looked at him. Thinking quickly he spoke up. "The new leaders of the territory gained calls themselves Lord Takemaru and Lord Shippo. Who knew a human and a demon could get a long so well"

Kagome stopped walking before looking behind her. "We will get you cleaned up, fed, and then tomorrow you will begin school. You will be trained properly." Kagome voiced as Akina held her baby and followed after her with a soft chuckle.

She motioned for Sango to follow who happily began the trek upwards making a list of things to get for the little girl. Akina rocked her son with a smile. She was all too familiar of the situation seemingly reflecting the very same moment she had took Kagome in as her own when she was just starting as a concubine. How the tables have turned.

"You will be great someday." Kagome voiced with a knowing smile and pride building in her heart similar to what Akina told her what felt like eons ago.


"Yes, despite my purchase of you, you are still at a disadvantage. You will need to be educated on many things if you are to be like geisha or even like me. However, you seem very smart and strong, little one. And for this, I will take you in. You will be new protégé." She spoke turning quickly with her kimono layers gracefully sweeping the floor. Her light steps took her up again while she began throwing out orders at cheerful servants of demons, humans, men, and women for a bath chamber, clothing and reiterating Inuyasha's demands of a fresh room prepared near the den area like the family in the West wing.

Kagome waited patiently for the sound of footsteps following only to turn around and look at the young girl. Kagome smiled brightly watching as the reflection of herself stood before her ready to do whatever was necessary to make her dreams come true and be free. A beautiful smile radiated on her face and a small tear escaped her eyes. The girl quickly wiped it away hoping it wasn't seen. Kagome turned around and once again began walking down a long hallway filled with beautiful things and so much natural light.

Shiori stood for a minute in awe before racing after the woman. Her smile stretched across her face with happiness. She would give everything into her training and be the best geisha ever. Maybe she would even give other opportunities and become a concubine or a lady somewhere like her queen. Either way, she would follow her sensei majesty's every word and become the best there is.

Today, her life would begin.

The End

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