The Night and Days of Kurt: Finale

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: Takes off from Season 2

Summary: The final 'chapter' of the Night and Days of Kurt series which is more centered on each of the boys with individual plotlines as well as combined ones. Old faces return, and new problems arise.

Pairings: Kurt/Noah/Sam

The Night and Days of Kurt: Finale

Night #125


Kurt tries to hide his smile as he steps into his house. He can feel Sam and Noah eyes burning on the back of his head. Kurt quickly sidesteps their anger and shrugs off his black jacket. He folds it over the arm of the couch before he turns and flops down into the seat. He smiles as he lets his head fall back onto the couch to relax.

Best New Year's Ever.

He takes in a deep breath before opening his eyes. As expected, Sam is looking down at him, holding back his own smirk as well. He hears the front door shut before an angry Noah is staring down at him. Kurt crosses his legs before he matches their looks, more Noah's than Sam. Sam has found this somewhat amusing while Noah had become a angry-possessive muscled fiance that Kurt and Sam had secretly salivated over while Noah drove them home.

"Well." Noah's angry tone snaps Kurt out of his daze. "Care to explain."

Kurt is having a really hard time fighting his smile now. "I have no idea-"

"Kurt." Noah cuts Kurt off and takes a step forward. "What the hell was that at the club?"

Ah. So that's what he's angry about. Like I didn't know that.

"Please expand, Noah." Kurt slowly starts smiling. "A lot of stuff happened tonight."

"Kurt." Noah actually growls this time and Kurt would be lying if that didn't fuel his growing libido in his jeans. "You were letting those guys dance all over you."

"You told me to have fun." Kurt shrugs. "And it's not like I did anything. Even Mike and Finn were having fun."

"I don't care about them. I'm talking about the guys on the dance floor. They were grinding on you." Noah locks his jaw.

"And it wasn't doing a thing for me." Kurt chuckles. "Seriously, Noah? Just because some guys were hitting on me doe-"

"They were hitting on you!" Oh Kurt does love when the fire ignites in his lovers eyes. "You didn't tell me that part."

"That's because it amused me and it meant nothing." Kurt explains. "And if you don't recall, Sam was dancing with me too. Where's his third degree burn?"

"Wait until I take my shirt off." Sam snorts. "Noah was holding me so tight at the bar that I'm sure to have bruises."

Puck rolls his eyes and looks back to Kurt. "Just because I told you to have fun doesn't mean you should be grinding with other guys."

"Well you didn't want to come to the dance floor." Kurt pouts. "That and you know that I love being in the center of attention."

Puck's eyes narrow as he steps closer to Kurt. He takes Kurt's legs and forces them apart before he steps in between them. Puck leans down so he and Kurt's eyes are on level.

"You want attention, Kurtie? Well I'll give you so much attention tonight that you won't be able to walk tomorrow." Noah tries to look menacing, but Kurt is just so amused and incredibly turned on.

He sees Sam grinning like a horny idiot in the background. Kurt slowly raises his hand up without Noah noticing. Noah is waiting for him to answer while Sam slowly reaches forward and high-fives his hand.

"Are you even listening to me, Kurt?" Puck asks, making Kurt snap his eyes back to the boy closest to him.

Kurt quickly nods, but Puck remains suspicious. He turns around to look at Sam. He quickly looks back to Kurt and his eyes narrow.

"What are you two up to?" He asks slowly.

Kurt glances at Sam before looking back to Puck. "Why whatever do you mean, Noah? You sound as if I was dancing with those guys so you would get angry and teach me a good lesson." He smirks at Noah's shocked, and yet turned on face. "Why, Noah, is that something that you think I'd actually do?" Kurt reaches up and lets his fingers dance along the muscular tan muscles that are on the verge of ripping the boys tight black wife beater. "Am I really that manipulative?"

Noah chuckles before he stretches Kurt's legs apart wider and kneels on the edge of the couch. He brings his hands up to the top of the couch so he can keep himself propped up as he leans down so he and Kurt are mere inches from each other.

"Did you really dance with those guys to make me jealous?" He asks softly, his eyes searching Kurt's.

Kurt slouches back into the couch as he nods his head coyly. "That and they really weren't good dancers, or hot. I figured I'd use that to my advantage."

Puck nods, unimpressed at Kurt's excuse, but amused nonetheless. "And what if I was just to leave you alone for a while. Sammy and I can go at it like rabbits all night. We can just cuff you to the bed and you can hear us having sweet shower sex."

"Well . . ." Kurt suddenly grins, making Puck narrow his eyes. "We could do that, or . . ." Kurt reaches up and takes the tan wrists on either side of his head. "We could do what I want."

"Which is what?" Puck asks with a small smile as Kurt slowly sits up and holds Puck's wrist to the tan boys side.

Instead of answering. Kurt slowly wraps his arms around Puck's waist, making the boys wrists go behind his back. Without any notice on Puck's part, he suddenly feels two metal loops wrapped around his wrist. Kurt lets go as Puck turns around to see what happened.

"What are you-" He stops when he sees Sam standing a few feet away swinging the handcuff keys between his fingers. "How did you-"

"It was Kurt's job to keep you distracted while I got the handcuffs." Sam chuckles at Puck's shocked expression as he takes a step closer. "You know it would have been easier, but you hate wearing the handcuffs for some reason. Kurt and I had to get them on you somehow."

Puck narrows his eyes. "Handcuffs suck. I like touching you too."

"Same here, Noah." Kurt says as he stands up and touches his hand to Noah's back. "But you get to be the aggressive bottom tonight while Sammy and I get to toy with you."

Noah opens his mouth to retort, but it turns into a yelp when Sam grabs the boy by the handcuffs. Kurt giggles before pushing Noah in the back and guiding them towards the bedroom.

Hey guys. I'm back for another and the final installment of The Night and Days of Kurt. This one will focus a lot more on the life's of the boys living on their own as well as other events. We'll see many returning faces as well as new conflicts of reality for these boys. So I'll add the companion piece that continues on in the bedroom under the Deleted Stuff on my profile. Let me know what you think of this first chapter. :)