The Night and Days of Kurt: Finale

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: Takes off from Season 2

Summary: The final 'chapter' of the series which is more centered on each of the boys with individual plot lines as well as combined ones. Old faces return, and new problems arise.

Pairings: Kurt/Noah/Sam

The Night and Days of Kurt: Finale

Night #144: Part 1


"Are you sure you don't mind cooking for us?" Kurt asks hesitantly as he props himself up on the counter as Tina goes through their cabinets looking for ingredients. "I mean it's not like we don't know how to cook."

"It really is fine, Kurt." Tina smiles at him before returning to her task. "Besides. It's not like I have a boyfriend anymore to occupy my time. I mean, All I have are friends that have busy lives of their own and-" Tina stops as she looks to Kurt. "Sorry. Still a tad angry."

"But it's been a couple of months and-" Kurt stops as he sees her glare. "Yeah. I guess I'd be the same if someone came along and took Noah or Sam way from me."

"Thank you." Tina smiles softly as she starts pulling things out of the cabinet. "So how is everything with you guys. Anything new about the fire?"

"No." Kurt shakes his head with a sigh. "The police suspected that the fire was started on purpose, but they've yet to determine how. Mrs. P. told us to stay out of it for the most part and that she'll deal with the paperwork. So now . . . we just wait. I hope that it was an accident or something."

'Hopefully nothing like-" Tina stops and gulps. "You know I never thanked you properly for defending me at Sam's birthday party. Those rocks caused so much damage and you-"

"It's fine." Kurt places a hand on her arm. "I was bruised, but nothing compared to Artie or Brittany."

Tina's bottom lip quivers. "That was the scariest thing I've ever been through. I don't know how you do it. You've been in the hospital so many times in the past year. You almost lost your family. You were beaten up and had people throw giant rocks at you. Now you're attempting to live on your own with everything going on." She turns to look at Kurt with wet eyes. "How do you do it? How do you keep moving on? I was ready to drop school and move away after being attacked at the party, and I know Artie felt the same. The hate in this town is just too much sometimes."

Kurt lets out a shaky breath and struggles to keep control over his urge to just drop and cry. "It is hard. Very hard. There are some days when I think that it's not worth it. Yes I love Noah and Sam more than life, but to actually put their lives or anyone else's life in danger, which seems to follow us everywhere . . . but then I remember that I love them. No matter what we've been through, we still keep moving forward and stay together. I think that that's the reason. They've shown me that they can support me, and that I can support them. We've had minor bumps, but I've never felt worthless or like I was going to die during everything. So I move on because I have the love and support that I never would have thought possible. I thought that being with two guys would be a complicated mess, but the only complications is what the outside world tries to throw at us."

Tina smiles weakly. "You guys are really great together."

"Well thank you, sweetie." Kurt laughs as he feels his own tears on his face before he wraps his arms around her body. "And one day, no matter how long it takes or how much heartbreak will follow you, you'll find that one guy, or girl-" He is quick to add, make Tina chuckle into his neck. "And they will make you feel more happier than you could have ever imagined yourself being."

"Even if I become a paranoid witch worrying about them becoming gay?" Tina asks hesitantly.

Kurt snorts and tightens his grip around her. "Even then."

He squeezes her one last time before he lets go. He wipes the tears from her face before kissing her on the forehead and pulling more ingredients from the cabinets. Tina shoots him a grateful smile before she copies him.

One day, Tina. Love will find you.


"Best meal ever." Kurt mutters as he shifts his head on Sam's lap, the rest of his body using up the rest of the couch.

"Even I'm full." Sam comments as he runs his fingers through the boys hair with a smile.

"I never knew that Tina could cook so well." Noah yawns from his position in the arm chair. "She needs to start coming over more."

"We're not going to keep using her for free food." Sam says firmly.

"I like the free food." Kurt's voice is thick with sleep as he buries his face into Sam's stomach.

"She's also a good friend." Noah adds in with a smirk as he turns to the Latina sitting comfortably on the arm of his chair. "Be on my side."

"I am." Santana smiles as she leans back onto the chair and rests her elbow on Noah's shoulder to prop herself up. "Free food or not, it's obvious that we haven't been good friends with her. And by we I mean you guys. I hang out with her almost every day at school."

"Why aren't you the good Samaritan?" Noah teases as he sticks his tongue out at the girl.

Santana glares at him before she scoots over and falls down to land on his lap, causing him to yelp. "And you seem to have a dead leg now."

Noah grumbles but shifts so Santana's sitting in a better position so he's not in pain. "You're lucky Kurt tolerates you or otherwise you'd be on the floor now."

"Oh, Noah." She squeals in delight as she smiles wide and her voice goes up an octave. "Don't you love me. I want to be closer to you forever and ever."

She plants a kiss on his cheek and wraps her arms around his shoulders, making him roll his eyes. "Get your fill in now because Kurt and I are having a talk once he wakes up."

"I'm awake." Kurt mutters weakly.

Sam snorts before looking to the door when he hears a series of knocks. "Alright, Kurt. Get up so I can answer the door."

"But you'll be back, right?" Kurt asks as he reluctantly sits up with Sam's help."

"Yes, Kurt." Sam laughs as he stands up and helps Kurt lay down carefully back on the couch.

Kurt smiles before he shuts his eyes again. Sam smiles as he walks to the front door. Noah watches as the boy opens the door and stops.

"Hello." Noah's eyes widen as the man steps into the doorway. "I'm looking for my son."

"Dad." Noah mutters as the mans sparkling eyes turn to his.

Yay for getting back on track. The next chapter is a direct continuation and is already half written. So I'll see you guys in two days. :) Let me know what you think.