The Night and Days of Kurt: Finale

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: Takes off from Season 2

Summary: The final 'chapter' of the series which is more centered on each of the boys with individual plot lines as well as combined ones. Old faces return, and new problems arise.

Pairings: Kurt/Noah/Sam

The Night and Days of Kurt: Finale

Day #126


He slowly blinks his eyes open and looks around.

Why on earth am I even awake when they're still sleeping?

He looks to the two boys wrapped around him. Kurt is laying with his head near Sam's legs, underneath them in fact. Kurt can see the boys head barely on the bed. Noah is on his stomach next to the both of them, his entire tan backside nude and showing with pride. All three boys are laying in bed nude after a marathon of sex the previous night. Sam smiles and shuts his eyes to go to sleep again, but he hears the thing that woke him up: a pounding on the front door.

Sam lets out a shaky breath before moving his feet and legs carefully off of Kurt and placing them on the floor. He rubs his tired face before leaning down and grabbing the nearest pair of pants that have been tossed around the room last night. He knows they're not his jeans as he slides them on, so they have to be Noah's since Kurt's aren't even close to fitting him.

He gives his two nude fiance's before he stands up and makes his way out of their bedroom.

The house is quiet early in the morning, plus it's the weekend. Unless Kurt or Noah has to work, the three of them stay in bed until lunchtime. After that it's time to hangout, time for sex, or they go visit three respective parent houses.

Sam yawns as he makes his way to the front door where he continues to hear the occasional knock. He quickly unlocks and unbolts the door before he opens it. The cold breeze of January air hits his exposed body and he finds himself freezing in a heartbeat. His eyes adjust to the early morning light and he's confused.

"Santana? What are you doing here so early?" He racks his brain trying to remember if Kurt said she'd be here today, but he can't find anything. "Come in." He quickly adds as he notices her downcast and red eyes, assuming it's the cold.

"Thanks, Sam." The girl gives him a week smile before passing him into the house.

"Here." Sam walks past Santana over to the fireplace so he can get it going. "Sit here so you can get yourself warm."

"Thanks." Santana mumbles as she curls up next to the heat.

Sam narrows his eyes at her before going back to shut the front door. "I'll get Kurt for you."

Santana only nods at him so he makes his way back to their bedroom. He quickly slides into their room and shuts the door behind him so Santana doesn't see his fiance's in all their glory. He walks forward and slaps each boy on the leg softly.

"Come on you two." Another slap. "It's time to get up."

Noah groans and turns over, one arm going over his eyes while his morning wood stands out tall. "Too early, Sam. Bed time. Beddy bed time."

Sam chuckles before leaning down and putting both of his hands on the boys ankles. "Well you need to get up. We have company."

Puck groans and rolls over so he can cuddle around Kurt's legs, his fingers slowly moving up them. "Who on earth is here this early?"

Sam chuckles before he props himself up over Kurt's sleepy eyes. "Can you get him up? This is important."

Kurt yawns before smiling up at Sam. "Sure, Sammy."

"Great." Sam smiles before he leans down and presses his lips softly to Kurt's. "I'll get started on breakfast."

Kurt nods and slowly starts moving his feet to get Noah up. "Move it. Now."

Sam stops at the doorway and looks back to the nude men. "Don't forget to get dressed as well."

Noah snorts as Sam makes his way out of the room.


"Santana." Kurt crosses the room to kneel down by that Latina at his fireplace. "What's wrong? I don't like that look on your face."

Santana sighs and shakes her head. "I don't know what to do anymore."

Kurt looks to his two fiance's both of them waiting on the couch in a pair of jeans, each belonging to the other, before he looks back to Santana. "Talk to me, Santana."

Santana sighs before bringing her eyes to meet Kurt's. "My parents kicked me out."

"What?" Kurt can hear Noah and Sam moving behind him.

"They didn't take too kindly of me sexting with Brittany." Her tone is down, but those words bring a smile to her face."

"I thought they were fine with it when you told them." Kurt places his hand on her shoulder.

Santana chuckles. "They probably thought it was a phase. Or it was mentioned, but it's never to be seen or talked about. I guess I was kind of stupid to leave my phone in the kitchen this morning."

"Oh, Santana." Kurt moves to wrap his arms around her.

She slumps into his arms and sighs in relief. "Could I . . . could I stay here for a few nights? Give my parents some time to calm down."

"I need to ask-"

"She can stay." Noah answers from behind them.

Kurt turns his eyes to look at the two men. Puck is staring at Santana with red eyes, his past with the girl giving him more insight into what Santana's parents are like more than him. Sam is just nodding in agreement with the decision.

"That settles it then." Kurt nods as he pulls back from his hug with Santana. "You can stay as long as you need. We'll help you get your stuff and get settled." Kurt smiles at her before he helps her to her feet. "Come on. It's my turn to cook breakfast today."

Santana smiles and lets Kurt lead her to the kitchen.

This is a bit of drama, but there still is tons more to come. Let me know what you think and if you're intrigued. Enjoy!