The Night and Days of Kurt: Finale

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: Takes off from Season 2

Summary: The final 'chapter' of the series which is more centered on each of the boys with individual plot lines as well as combined ones. Old faces return, and new problems arise.

Pairings: Kurt/Noah/Sam

The Night and Days of Kurt: Finale

Day #156


Kurt brushes Sam's hair down before kissing his forehead. "You'll be fine." He glances briefly to the hospital around them before returning to Sam. "And be out of here in no time. It's just a few tests right?"

"Yeah." Sam nods as he grips onto Kurt's hand in one of his and Noah's in the other. "And I'll be out of here in no time."

"Good." Kurt smiles weakly before letting go of Sam's hand. "I'm going to go down and get the car ready. You know how long it takes and-"


"And I should just go do it now." Kurt continues on as he gets off the bed and leaves the room before either two can stop him.

"Crap." Noah mutters before turning to look back at Sam with a weak smile.

"What was that about?" Sam asks softly.

Noah looks down. "We were talking about this last night while you slept. Not to keep things a secret between us-" He quickly reassures Sam. "But we needed to talk about it without you telling us not to worry. We kind of need to worry."

"Oh." Sam settles back onto his bed, frowning. "That's . . . I get it. I do, but I wish you guys would talk to me."

"We do. Trust me we do." Noah scoots closer. "But he was worried last night. He . . . we both know that he's not a fan of hospitals. So seeing you in here is kind of killing him."

"What?" Sam shakes his head. "But he knows that nothing will happen to me."

"Just like we thought that nothing would happen to him, or us, or our families. We can't control things that go on in this town." Noah reaches out with his free hand and rests it on Sam's chest. "He's just worried, and he will be until we get you out of here."

"And I will be." Sam squeezes his hand and shuts his eyes. "Tina will pick me up in a few hours to take me to Santana's party."

"I know." Noah's voice is soft as he brings Sam's hands up to his lips and places a soft kiss across the knuckles. "I know. And I'm going to stay here until the doctor kicks me out."

Sam smiles weakly before letting his head rest on the small pillow provided in the hospital room for his operation. He glances to the machines, nervous about what's to come next.

I've done this before, but that was when no one knew. Now I have a reason to fight even more so.


Kurt cracks his fingers as he makes his way to the elevator.

Just breathe, Kurt. Everything will be fine. Sam will be fine.

He presses the 'going down' button and steps back to wait, his body as tense as ever.

It's not like he hasn't gone through this before. And he still had us, even if we didn't know. He's strong and he'll be able to pull through. And it's just a minor surgery to see how far things have progressed. He could be getting better. No . . . he is getting better.


Kurt looks up as the elevator doors open, his eyebrows going up. "Quinn! What are you doing here?"

"Just going to my doctor." She answers as he joins in her in the small elevator. "Alone."

"Oh." Kurt waits for the doors to shut before pressing the button to be taken to the first floor. "That's . . have fun? Yeah."

"I'm sure I will." Quinn looks to her small swelling stomach. "I mean it'd be good if I had the father to go with me, but that's just a giant mess that I don't want to deal with. Or a close friend, but I seem to be running low on those lately."

Dammit, Kurt.

"How about . . . I? Go with you?" Kurt offers uneasily.

"Really?" Quinn's eyes let up as she lets out a shaky sigh of relief. "Thank you. That would be great. I'm supposed to be able to see the little guy or girl today."



And that's . . . that.

Mercedes glances at the man, the confident smirk on her face completely fake.

I hate bars.

"So did they fall for it then?"

"I'm pretty sure they did." Mr. Puckerman sneers. "I've played enough people in my life to make everything seem extra convincing. He'll be confused, but I said enough to where he'll think that I've come to his side. Damned fool." The man mutters before taking another drink of his beer.

"Well I need to know everything that was said." She snaps. "You said everything was perfect, but I need to be sure. This has to go to plan before I move forward."

"Listen, babe. I know what I'm doing. I'm a professional." He sits forward, his unpleasant breath causing her to flinch. "I've done my part. Now get in there and get them to break up so I can raise my kid right . . . or I'll do it myself."


"Alright." Noah kisses Sam softly one last time before pulling away and nodding to the impatient doctor. "I'm going to go. Tina should be here soon. Once she texts me that you guys are done, I'll get Santana ready. I actually need to go pick her up from Brit's now. Anyways-" He lets out a shaky breath. "Are you sure that you're fine being alone for a little while?"

"Yeah." Sam nods as he lets go of Noah's hand. "I'm fine."

So this is a really short, and late, chapter, but I promise to make it up. Next chapter is a biggie! Let me know what you think.