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Sakura couldn't help but smile. She and Sasuke had spent the majority of the night simply by the other's side. Affectionate touches were not spared and had been given out freely by both parties. So when she woke up to dark eyes gazing fondly at her, a deep blush couldn't help but spread across her cheeks.

"Ohayo," she murmured.

"Ohayo," he replied calmly, his deep, groggy morning voice resonating through the cave.

"The sandstorm is still going strong," Sakura said, watching the gold grains of sand whip just outside of the cave.

Sasuke tilted his head back to look at the storm. "So it is."

Sakura attempted to wiggle away from him, still insecure of how to deal with the Uchiha in a relationship. But he immediately wrapped his arm across her stomach and around to the small of her back. Her heart began to pound incessantly—a commodity she was beginning to get used to.

"Don't," Sasuke simply said.

So she didn't.

Instead, she curled up against him once more, and gently ran her fingers over the smooth muscles of his bare chest. As promised, they did not engage in any "inappropriate" activities throughout the night. Their desires, however, had not been fully squelched, and it was apparent in the way they looked at each other that they both couldn't wait to get back to Konoha.

Sakura ignored the swoop of her stomach at the thought of being so vulnerable with Sasuke. She was still determined to make him admit his love for her, but her own needs were tugging at her will. She swallowed as Sasuke pressed his lips against hers, the taste of fire and oak wood in her mouth as his tongue demanded entrance.

She hazily allowed him entrance, half-mindedly embarrassed of her ratty pink morning hair dusted with sand. She had to keep her hormones in check, because they were wildly raging. It was taking everything inside of her not to tackle the heir and have her way with him.

"Patience," Sasuke mumbled against her mouth, feeling her body rise to his touch.

She chuckled against his mouth, her cheeks turning an even deeper red. Curse that awareness of his.

"I can't wait," she murmured honestly, her core throbbing against his.

"Then consider it punishment," he said in amusement, pulling away and smirking down at her, "for letting the Kazekage fall in love with you."

Sakura let a flash of hurt flicker across her face. "Are you still ups—?"

Sasuke swept her lips with his. "Ah."

Sakura wrapped her arms around him and inhaled his musky scent. "Gomen." She pressed her lips against his tenderly. "Gomen." She trailed her mouth up to his right cheek. "Gomen." And then to his left. "Gomen." To his forehead. "Gomen." And then to his closed eyes. "Gomen…"

"Enough." He captured her lips and wrestled with her for dominance. "No matter how much you apologize, you must be punished."

Sakura frowned and opened her mouth to protest. He took advantage of the situation and gently rubbed the lower part of her lip with his tongue, forcing her to bend to his will. She arched back, allowing him more access to her mouth and he took it. Like a feast waiting for him to indulge in, she laid before him, sprawled out and ready for him to eat.

"Don't," she begged, trying to pull away from him, "Don't make me want you when we can't…."

He scoffed. "Too late."

Sasuke pressed his body against hers, entwining their bodies in the sand and dirt around them. His hands wrapped around her, trapping her in a cocoon of desire, passion, love and lust. Feeling his fingers through the fabric of her clothes, Sakura moaned lightly into his mouth. The vibrations that echoed into his mouth gave him permission to go further and Sasuke let his right hand crawl up to her chest.

Feeling her heart pound as he kissed her mouth, Sasuke's own chest had his heart beating rapidly inside. Blood rushing, Sasuke dared to let his left hand drift down her lower back, letting the feeling of her overcome his entire sense of right and wrong. Pulling away from her, Sasuke made sure she was looking at him before he explained his thoughts.

"There is no 'don't,'" he said clearly, kissing her cheek, "There is no 'can't.'" He narrowed his eyes at her. "How can you tell me, 'no,' when another man has touched you?" She opened her mouth to protest but he laid a passion filled kiss on her lips once more. "No more resistance." His gaze grew tender. "I want you."

Sakura's green eyes widened in surprise. The great Uchiha heir who had been so bent on revenge…wanted her? She had gotten so used to rejection all these years that the idea of him wanting her was out of this world.

"Now allow me to punish you for upsetting me," Sasuke said, his eyes focused on something beyond Sakura's head. "Even if you try to resist, I'm going to make you burn inside."

As promised, he grabbed her wrists and held them above her head, popping open her shirt to feel the beautiful mounds of flesh underneath her bra. Moving his lips along the side of her neck, she gasped as he slid his hand down to her spandex and gently prodded inside to the wetness of her underwear with his strong fingers.

"Ah!" Sakura gasped, the light touch from his fingers through the fabric enough to make her convulse with desire.

He let go of her hands and leaned forward, pressing his tongue against her nipples and fondling them roughly. He rubbed his palm against her wet underwear, teasing with it as he pushed passed to get at the lips of her entrance.

Immediately, the sandstorm disappeared and the sunlight poured in. Sakura blinked at its abrupt behavior. While sandstorms were unpredictable, this was far too sudden to be considered normal. Sakura was ready to pull away at the intrusion of light, but Sasuke was not.

He pushed forward, his rather heavy body leaning on hers as he kissed her chest, licking it and caressing it with his tongue. She moaned, her gaze hazy.

"S-Sasuke," she stammered, "Kaka-sensei…S-Sai…"

"Urusai," he snapped, "Don't say another guy's name when I'm doing this." He inserted a single finger inside of her, and she covered her mouth as she moaned. "I should be the only one you're thinking about right now."

He placed another finger inside of her and swirled it around. With him inside of her, it was becoming hard to worry about Sai or Kakashi walking in on them. Which would be happening very soon, what with the storm having ended.

With the Uchiha doting on her body…

She panted as he inserted a third finger.

…She couldn't care less.

Uzumaki Naruto stared down into the contents of his ramen bowl and let out a deep sigh, blowing away some of the steam in the process. Normally the mere sight of ramen was able to cure him of any sadness or worries. But with no word from his wife, there wasn't anything to comfort him.

He missed her home cooked meals, and the way she would hold his hand. The reassuring words she gave him while kissing his neck and cheeks. She was his best friend who had always been there for him. When everyone else looked away, she watched on.

"Iruka-sensei," Naruto said, "You can sit next to me, if you want."

His old sensei grinned softly behind him. That ninja awareness of his had grown so much throughout the years.

"Ch, how's our Hokage doing?" he asked, plopping down next to Naruto as he slurped back his eighth bowl of noodles.

Naruto sank in his seat. He had hoped that Hinata would have been home by then, but he had received yet another letter saying to give them another week. Protocol demanded that if they ask for another week after this, he had to send team after them. He swallowed the hot liquid down, frowning. It was something he didn't want to do. Normally when that happened, none returned.

"Naruto?" Iruka asked, waving a hand in front of his student's face.

"E-Eh?" he asked, spitting out a bit of pork and coughing on egg, "G-Gomen." He laughed anxiously and scratched the back of his head. "I'm just a little out of it."

Iruka gave him a look as Naruto let out a satisfied sigh and set his empty bowl of ramen down. "One more for the Hokage of Konoha!"

Iruka grinned fondly. It had been a difficult road for Naruto, but he finally made it. He had proved to everyone that he was more than just a rejected orphan boy. He showed the world that he was worthy of being named Hokage.

Naruto stopped slamming the counter top once Teuchi waved his hand over his shoulder and started preparing another bowl as requested. His face immediately returned to a solemn dread and he glanced at his former sensei.

"Hinata's not back?" Iruka asked knowingly. "What's this top secret mission you sent her on?"

"She's gotta retrieve Sakura-chan's medical supplies," Naruto said, tracing circles on the wood table in front of him. "We haven't been separated this long before…"

Iruka smiled sadly. Being the Hokage had its perks, yes, but it wasn't so easy for him to leave the village as he pleased. Why, just a few years ago, he would have been able to request from Tsunade leave of absence and then run off like the lovesick fool he was.

"She'll be happy to hear you missed her so much when she returns," Iruka said, trying to cheer his former pupil up.

"I guess," Naruto said, "Just sucks 'cause Sasuke-teme and Sakura-chan are out…"

Iruka grinned cheekily. "Don't tell me you're lonely."

Naruto laughed. "Sounds kind of stupid, huh?"

Iruka's smile faded, and he shook his head. "Not at all."

The trio had been close throughout their genin day, and once Sasuke returned, it only deepened their friendship. Iruka scratched his cheek and thought for a moment. There was one topic to distract his student…

"So Sasuke and Sakura…" Iruka started, sipping at the cup of tea laid out in front of him, "…they're doing okay?"

Naruto grinned cheekily. According to the reports Kakashi had been sending him, they were doing more than okay. Dates and romantic gestures on both sides of the relationship… What more could Naruto ask for? He frowned.

"They're doing okay," he admitted, scratching his chin, "But Sasuke's kind of slow when it comes to emotions."

Iruka laughed awkwardly. Yes. That man most certainly had issues when he was growing up. He really didn't have much experience with normal relationships after Itachi slaughtered his whole family…

"Sakura has always been one to draw them out of him though," Iruka said reassuringly. "That's why they make such a great couple."

Naruto chuckled. "I didn't take you for a guy that likes to gossip, sensei."

The older man's ears turned pink. "I-I'm just concerned about my former students!"

Naruto held up a hand as Teuchi set down two bowls of ramen in front of them. "Relax. I'm kidding." He grinned cheekily at him. "I've got Kaka-sensei and Sai working on their relationship."

Iruka raised an eyebrow. "Should you really be meddling?"

Naruto shrugged and rested his hands behind his head. "Sakura-chan's been in love with the bastard since we were little." He shut his eyes happily. "I want to make sure she gets what she wants."

Iruka's gaze softened. He could recall when the blonde Hokage had been so ardently in love with that pink haired kunoichi. When he turned his affections to Hinata, he could never be sure, but Iruka did know that Sakura would always have a special place in his heart.

"Guess some things never change," Iruka muttered to himself with a smile.

Naruto peeked one eye open. "You say something?"

Iruka shook his head. "Nah. Just let me know if I can do anything to help. I still think of you guys as little kids."

"Ch," Naruto snorted, rocking back in his chair. "Little kids…" A look of realization dawned on him. "Actually, there is something you can do to help…"

Uchiha Sasuke silently ran behind Sakura, watching her every move. She jumped from tree to tree, the Uchiha emblem on her back moving against the shadows and sunlight peeking through the leaves above them. Her pink shoulder-length hair swayed from side to side, as did her hips.

His eyes followed the muscles that bulged out from under her spandex as she leapt on each branch. He let a small smirk play out on his lips. She was driving him crazy. From the outside, however, he knew he looked calm. And of course, he was well aware of every motion each of the ninja in front of him was making. Her distracting body wasn't going to keep him from doing his mission correctly.

Still though, it provided a nice rhythm for him to run to. With every bounce of that tight ass of hers, he pounded his feet into the bark beneath him. In the corner of his eye, he saw Sai and Kakashi glance at each other; their ears still tinted red.

The Uchiha raised an eyebrow. He had noticed the night before that one of Sai's artistic creations was spying on the couple. Now, with the interest from both Kakashi and Sai in their relationship over the past week, and the sandstorm jutsu Kakashi had cast over the night to keep them in the cave, Sasuke grew more and more suspicious.

In fact, when the storm had ended and Kakashi and Sai almost walked in on a very intimate scene (Sasuke had pulled away right before, of course), Sasuke's curiosity and questioning stayed silent on his thin lined lips. He was well aware that Kakashi and Sai knew what was going on before they arrived. Why else would the sandstorm end so abruptly?

Sasuke wanted to know. What exactly was going on with Sai and Kakashi?

His gaze shifted back to the pink haired kunoichi leaping up ahead of him. He watched her tirelessly grab a soldier pill from her fanny pack and pop it into her mouth. He clenched his jaw. As much as he was all for getting to Konoha as soon as possible, he was that much more aware of how Sakura's body was holding up.

She hadn't gotten a proper amount of sleep throughout the entire time they were at Sunagakure, and the previous night, she had only gotten four hours of sleep—Sasuke and her having agreed to take shifts watching over one another throughout the night.

He pursed his lips. It had taken a lot out of her. Only his trained eyes could see the slight hiccup in her step, and he was positive that Kakashi and Sai weren't aware of it. He tightened his jaw. That damn woman…

So Sasuke stopped running. Immediately, Sai, Kakashi and Sakura all halted to look at him, their eyes filled with question.

"Let's rest," he said in a low voice.

Kakashi raised one eyebrow up.

Uchiha Sasuke never asked to rest. His old sensei glanced at Sakura, who was panting slightly. Under his trained eye, he noticed the slight change of color in her cheeks. There was something wrong.

"Ah," Kakashi agreed. "We can set up camp here for tonight."

And that's how Kakashi found himself under the glare of his former pupil from across the small campfire burning. Sasuke shifted his gaze only when the pink haired kunoichi resting in his lap winced in her sleep and snuggled her cheek deeper into his thigh. The last Uchiha gently rubbed her forehead until the creases disappeared and a calm look took over her discomfort.

He lifted his gaze to meet Kakashi's and narrowed his blood red eyes.

"Tell me," he said.

Kakashi raised one eyebrow, fully aware that he was trapped in the Uchiha's genjutsu otherwise he wouldn't have spoke. With the tender way he was treating Sakura, there was no way he would jeopardize waking her.

"Should've told Naruto we can't keep a secret," Kakashi sighed tiredly, stretching out against the tree he leaned on. "What do you want to know?"

"I know you and Sai were spying on us this whole trip," Sasuke stated coolly. "Also, that second sandstorm last night was obviously made by you."

Kakashi grinned. "Ch. Well," he shifted calmly, "I think it's pretty normal for us to meddle in your affairs."

Sasuke's face turned dark. "I don't need you to meddle in my affairs."

Kakashi snorted. "The Hokage seems to think differently."

The dark haired ninja let his fingers play in Sakura's hair. He stroked it gently.

"Naruto shouldn't have anything to do with us," he said lightly. "Why is he involved?"

"You don't think that the last survivor of the Uchiha clan trying to rebuild it with the head medical ninja wouldn't be an issue of concern for him?" Kakashi asked calmly. "Your genetic trait is going to strengthen our village. The sooner you pass it on, the better."

"Is that what he's so worried about?" Sasuke laughed, irritation bubbling up in his chest. "I'm sleeping with her in three days. There shouldn't be a worry." His eyes flashed menacingly. "Report that to him when we get back."

Kakashi rolled his eye. "Report it yourself."

Sasuke stayed silent. Naruto and he hadn't had a 'sex talk' since the dobe had asked him how to properly approach Hinata's clitoris. He winced, recalling how he flicked his tongue out, questioning if it seemed too hard or not hard enough.

"He's really worried," his old sensei said, breaking him out of his thoughts. "Just…talk to him, okay? Let him know that you and Sakura seem to be fine."

Sasuke rested his hand on Sakura's slender stomach. "He shouldn't be worried."

"He can't help it," Kakashi muttered, "He watched her pine for you for all those years." He paused. "We don't want you to break her heart again."

Sasuke's jaw tensed.

"I won't."