Chapter 3: The Scarlet Train

****Maia's P.O.V****

So today was the day that I was to start at Hogwarts, today I had to start all over again with no friends and no idea what was socially acceptable around here. What I am going to do, there's a quidditch team but I don't know what to expect if they're any good or not. I have my family but no actual friends who aren't related to me or are going to be related to me.

One word slips into my mind when I think about my situation, FUCK, I know I know a young lady does not swear but when you've had a week like I've had you'd be swearing like a sailor. It all began on the week after Draco, Lyra, Adrian and I went to Diaogon Ally. Uncle Luscious had taken us meaning Draco, Lyra and I to the Quidditch world cup, it was amazing with all the different countries the atmosphere was electric.

Flash back:

"Now children, don't go wondering off alone, Lyra and Maia I don't want you to go out without Draco or I.", Uncle said I was smart enough not to question why, I was use to it so was Lyra "Yes sir." Lyra and I moaned. After 20 minutes of walking we finally arrived at our tent naturally it was right next to the Ministers of Magic. Uncle was very important here so we only had the best. Lyra and I had our own wing of the manor sized tent on the inside, we had finally unpacked I went out and found Draco in the kitchen eating pumpkin pasties. "Hey Drake instead of feeding your face would you like to accompany me to find my fellow Australians?" I asked "Sure thing Mai, and I wasn't stuffing my face." He pouted. "Alright whatever I really want to go see the team before they play tonight, so hurry up." I said painterly "Fine let's go." Draco said whilst stuffing another pumpkin pasties in his already full mouth.

As we headed out of our tent and headed toward the players camp we had come across some of Drake's school friends "Well, well, well, look what the wind blew in." Drake said with a smirk on his face "Good to see you Draco how have you been?" the Italian looking boy said while shaking his hand "Good so far Blaze, I don't think you've had the pleasure of meeting my cousin Maia." Drake smiled "No, I don't believe I have." Blaze smiled and turned to look at me "It's a pleasure to meet you Maia, I don't believe that I've seen you before,my name is Blaze if you didn't catch it before, do you go to Hogwarts?" He asked "No I've been at Merlin's Academy of Magic in Australia for the past four years but due to unfortunate circumstances I will be transferring to Hogwarts this September for my fifth year and apparently my O.W.L.S." I said "Oh, I'm sure a pretty girl like you will have no trouble making friends at Hogs." He replied

I turned back to Draco to see two troll like boys standing and talking to him. "Sorry Draco to tear you away from your friends but I would really like to be going the Australian's never stay put for to long, they're always looking for the next big party." I said with a faint smile "It was nice to meet you Blaze, come along Draco we really must be off if we are to catch them." I stated whilst pulling Drake along with me.

"So who were those two you were talking to?" I asked "Crab and Gole, they just follow me around and stuff." He replied dully I decided not to push the matter further. After 20 minutes of walking in silence we had finally reached the players camp there was no one around to check if we were allowed in which we were being friends of the Minister of Magic, so we went on through trying to find the Australian's, this was going to extremely hard seeing as they could be any wear. It took a good 45 minutes to actually find an information desk. "Excuse me sir could you help us we're trying to find the Australian camp?" I asked the man looked around 39 "Sure thing darling go straight down and take the second right and then the third left then bob's your uncle, there you are." The man replied. "Thank you." I said

So Draco and I had followed the man's direction and with in minutes we had finally found the Australian camp after an hour and a bit of walking we had made it the flag waving proudly next to the traditional boxing kangaroo I chuckled to myself remembering all the tournaments that I was invited to with the team, fun times, fun times.

"Well, well, well look what the cat dragged in." A thick Australian said. I looked up to see my old coach "Sammy long time no see." I replied whilst running to engulf him into a hug. Sammy was a BFG a.k.a a big friendly giant but not in the literal sense he was tall but no wear near a giant's size.

He had dirty blond hair, olive skin, deep blue eyes and the greatest smile I've ever seen yes I have to admit that I have had a small crush on him ever since I first saw him when I was 7 when Farther and I were pick Leo up from training one day, but Sammy's basically another big brother to me. "To true, so how has my favorite little beater going?" He asked "Little beater? I'm not little i'm 5'1." I rebutted "Yeah 5'1 is little Mai, you're just still in denial." "Denial my ass." I snorted "Now, now Mai we wouldn't want your boyfriend to here you talking like that now would we." Sammy joked "What? I don't have boyfriend Sammy you know that you're the only one for me." I joked "Then who's that with you Mai?" Sammy asked

"This is my cousin Draco Malfoy, Sam," I replied "Oh good now I don't have to beat him up. But does the talent run in the family? Can he play quidditch with the rest of us?" Sammy inquired "Yeah he can play, but he's only had experience with the teams at his school they don't play inter-school cause they're the only school in the country and there's only three magical schools in Europe." I explained he nodded in an understanding way.

"So Mai, when are you coming back home?" Sammy asked "I don't think I am Sam, to be honest with you I think my Uncle is trying to arrange a marriage back in England." I sighed "He's WHAT?" Sammy bellowed "He can't do that, I won't allow him to do that. You have to come home and by home I mean Melbourne, you need us and we need you who is he to say that you're going to marry an English men, he's only known you truly for a couple of months but, we, I have known you your whole life basically. From your first birthday party, your first day at school, your first crush and your Uncle has the nerve to keep you away from your family." Sammy ranted.

"Wow Sammy, calm down please can we just change the subject please?" I asked "Anything for you little one." He replied with a grin and rustled my hair I glared at him "So where are the others?, I was hoping to see them before their game tomorrow night." I asked Sammy laughed "You know if we had known you were coming then I'm pretty sure they would of all stayed around just to see their favorite, Black." I smiled back at him back when Leo, Orion and Percy were alive and all four of us were on the Australian either development team or actually on the squad and I was always saying that I was the favorite Black.

"Well then do you know where they've gone?" I asked curiously "I think they are over at the Kiwi's camp making fun of them you know the usual." Sammy replied I laughed but Draco looked shocked almost bewildered "Don't worry Drake they take the micky out of us and we do the same to them it's just a little bit of fun for both sides." I explained

"I don't like it Mai, it's getting dark and Father will be furious if he found out we'd wondered off." Draco replied sternly, I sighed "I suppose so, then we should be going then." I turned around to Sammy and gave him a huge hug we both didn't want to let go in case this was the last time we would see each other ever again; "bye love see you again soon?" Sammy asked "totally, write soon?" I asked back "Only if you do too kid." Sammy gushed and hugged me one last time, as we parted he gave me a small peck on the cheek and said if there was anything I needed he was just an owl away. I gave a small blush and replied he'd be the first to know if I needed anything at all, and with that we parted and Draco and I set on our way back to the campsite.

"So that was fun." Draco said plainly, "Oh come on I know you didn't enjoy yourself but I needed to see someone from home." I replied. Draco replied blatantly "We're your home now Maia, Mother, Father, Lyra and I." ,"I know I know, Drake but I get a little homesick sometimes and just to hear the accent makes me feel like I'm back at home before they all died." I replied sadly. We walked back to Uncle and Lyra in silence not knowing what to say to each other after our little spat.

We arrived just in time as the night sky took on and five minutes after we'd arrived back at out tent Uncle walked in with a stern look residing on his face which we knew for all our safety not to put one toe out of line when he was in one of these moods. Father also got these moods sometimes after a long hard day at work and he have no patients for miscreant behavior.

Not one word was spoken Draco and I both knew how much trouble we would get into once we were home. The rest of the cup went smoothly and uneventfully until the night of the finals, after Ireland had won like I had wanted to but then after the game Lyra and I were in our part of the tent talking about Hogwarts when Draco came running in and telling us that we had to run for the woods. Lyra and I did as we were told and ran; once we had gotten to the a safe place we huddled together.

Draco was off talking to his friends, once he'd returned all we could do was sit and wait for Uncle to come and get us. That night was never spoken of again.

End of Flashback

"So you just run straight at the wall?" I asked with a dumbfound look upon my face, "Yes Mai, just run at it" Draco replied whilst rolling his eyes "Just watch me" he said as he ran straight through the barrier and with that he vanished. It was my turn next so I stepped up and ran at the wall as I closed my eyes whilst going through I felt a gust of wind blow against me as I reached the other side. I opened my eyes to see Draco waving me over to him as I reached him I turned around to see Lyra Aunt Cissa and Uncle right behind her both gliding towards us.

"Now, children, remember you are expected to get the best grades and do what you can to uphold the family name and reputation, if I hear anything otherwise there will be severe consequence to deal with are we understood?" Uncle remarked "Yes Sir" Draco, Lyra and I echoed. "Make sure you remember to write to us during the term OK." Aunt Cissa interjected after Uncle we nodded again. After we said our goodbyes and boarded the train as we made our way through the carriages the other students were giving me strange looks.

"Ly why are they staring? surely they know it's impolite and incredibly annoying I feel like I've got toilet paper on my shoes" I state, Lyra responded "Just ignore them Mai; they're not important enough to give a second nor first thought about. They're staring because they weren't taught proper manners and that we don't get many transfers to our dear old school." "Oh OK" I replied as I continued to walk by her side until we reached our compartment where Adrian was sitting.

As we entered the compartment I saw another familiar face of Thomas welcoming us with a warm smile, there were two others sitting next to Thomas and Adrian whom I had no idea of who they were. "Hello Thomas, Adrian how was the rest of your summers?" I asked politely after their responses I turned to the two others a boy and girl, the boy was of medium height, short black hair looking quiet rugged "Hello I'm Maia Black, what is your name?" I asked politely "Marcus Flint, how do you do?" He asked "He's our quidditch captain Mai" Lyra informed me. I smiled back at him "Very well thank you, so where do you play on your team Marcus?" I inquired "Chaser" he replied bluntly and went back to his conversation with Adrian.

Then the girl of fair skin, soft black hair with a slim build she introduced herself as Daphne Greengrass, we talked most of the way to school. She was quite a pleasant girl to talk to after Lyra told us to get changed she took me to the bathrooms to get changed. After we made our way back to the compartment we made pleasant small talk until we reached the station.

Once we had boarded on a thestral drawn carriage we made our way to the castle; as we arrived at the gates of the school a professor came to our carriage and introduced herself as Professor Mcgonagall deputy headmistress of the school and asked me to follow her to be soughted into a house so it would not interrupt the sorting ceremony for the first years.

I followed the maturing witch towards the castle and into the great hall ahead of the first years waiting anxiously to be soughted. The doors had opened to reveal the whole of the student population and staff awaiting the often long and drawn out soughting ceremony. Whilst making my way down to the stool upon the raised platform the headmaster spoke "Students we are extremely glad to welcome Maia Black from Merlin's Academy of Magic all the way from Australia, she has transferred here due to the unfortunate passing of her parents and brothers. Please help me to welcome her here." He finished as I approached the stool with a ragged looking hat.

Professor Mcgonagall lifted the old ragged hat off the stool, and gestured for me to sit down as I did she placed the upon my head and I jumped as it spoke "Hmmm, interesting I was wondering if I was ever going to sit upon another Black's head, but now where to put you." The hat said "A talking hat what next a underwater pirate ship." I said to myself "Witty, child you would do well in Ravenclaw, but I see where your heart desires and where you belong. You have suffered a great deal so go where you belong and remember keep your friends close and your enemies closer." The hat replied then he yelled "SLYTHERIN", my cousins shot up with the rest of the table and started to cheer as they welcomed their newest snake into the house. I rose to join my new housemates when I made eye contact with a familiar face of Michael Burke. Burke's smile grew bigger as he made the connection

I gasped silently whilst making my way to my new house I blushed a deep red that would challenge even the Gryffindor maroon remembering those long summer nights that he had visited those many years ago. As I sat down next to Lyra and waited for the first years to be sorted the house seemed very excited to have another pureblood in their presents and even gladder as it was one from a long line of Slytherins and always put forward the utmost of respect from the europeans as they are one of the lasting members of the sacred twenty eight.