So this is turning into a three shot/both ladies will get a "happy ending" in the next chapter. It was all going to be in one chapter but it turned out too long. This however is the punishment scene. Please note that floggers are very tricky to use and should only be used around the buttocks and upper back due to the amount of protection there and no organs that can be hurt. So please remember, everything in this chapter is safe, sane, and consensual.

Emma hadn't touched her yet and already she could feel her sex clench in anticipation as the sheriff pulled back from her. She strained to hear where Emma was going as she heard something on the wall rattle a bit. Her teeth tugged at her lip, keeping her head bowed and staying in the position that Emma had left her in. Regina's heart beat faster in anticipation as something was put back before another toy was picked up. She bit her lip as her wife's heels clicked against the hardwood in time with the beat of her heart. Fingers caressed the back of her neck as she moaned softly. "Ah, ah, did I say you could let out any noise?" Something softly tapped against her side, thin leather leaving a little sting upon her skin. The crop tapped against her side again as a prompt to answer.

"No mistress" Regina replied gently knowing that her wife was smiling behind her. Lips brushed against the shell of her ear as instructions were given. " Assume the punishment position." Regina slowly reached her hand out to find the bedpost as Emma's hands helped guide them to the wood. Once she was holding onto it, she stood up, legs spread shoulder length apart. Emma moved behind her before cold metal was locked around her ankles as a spreader made sure that her legs would stay spread for her wife. The crop tapped her center causing her to jump a little. " Now I heard you were rude to Snow when you were at the stables today. I thought we agreed that you would be civil to her."

"Yes mistress." She rasped softly as her sex clenched and unclenched wanting nothing more than the punishment that was going to come. Emma teasingly ran the crop over the swell of her rump causing it to move back into the toy. " You know what that means." Pulling back, she went to the chest and came back with a gag. " Open your mouth pet." Regina opened her mouth, feeling the plastic ball with waffle pattern slip to allow air through in behind her teeth before Emma fastened it behind her hair.

"Grunt once if its too tight and twice if its fine." She felt her cheeks twinge in shame as she grunted twice, knowing that her arousal was starting to trickle down her leg. Emma smirked lightly tapping her sex with it, switching it hang off of her left wrist while she pulled out their suede flogger from behind her back. " I'm going to give you 25 lashes for disobeying me. You will grunt four times if it gets too much, nod if you understand." Her head rocked up and down as Emma lightly bit on her neck, leaving her moaning with want.

"Remember pet, I want to hear your cries." With that, the flogger hit her bottom, the thud echoing in the room as fire snaked through her flesh as pain caused her to tremble with desire. Another blow quickly landed causing her to jump and wiggle in pained pleasure. Emma smirked at the sight, enjoying Regina spread like this for her, able to see her like this, and knowing how much trust it took to let down her walls that she held with the town. Her own body trembled with anticipation wanting to take her right then. Her hand brought the flogger down again, smirking as it jiggled her wife's ass.

Regina began to mewl in pleasure after the tenth strike, feeling the sting of pain morph into hot pleasure. By the fifteenth strike, she was trembling trying to not come without permission. It was getting harder and harder to hold back her pleas for release as the punishment was nearing its end. Her wife was smirking trailing flogger lower with the last four strikes, getting close to her dripping cunt. "Just a few more, my pet," Emma purred as the flogger came down, the punishment almost complete. Regina squirmed begging for some sort of release as her mistress growled. " You will not come. You do not get to come until I fucking decide to give you that privilege." She writhed in pained pleasure as her punishment was finished. The last strike of the flogger leaving her ass a bright red against the otherwise olive color skin.

"You did good pet," Emma cooed, running gentle fingers over the red flesh, trying to help calm Regina down. " Hold still," She ordered and undid the gag making sure that her pet wasn't hurt from it. Her eyes darkened at the sight of dark nipples standing out from cold and arousal before pinching them, causing the queen to wiggle in pleasure biting her lip to from cumming right then. Pulling away Emma quickly unlocked the spreader and tooked the leash again tugging Regina over to an orante armchair. The blonde smirked before sitting on it with legs spread wide.

"Do you wish to come pet?" Regina kept her eyes downcast as she answered " Yes mistress." Emma tugged the leash and the brunette walked forward before nodding. " Then, I believe you should show me how badly you want to come. On your knees." She complied, grateful that they had carpet in the room as her knees sank into the plush material under them. "Please me."