A/N: Omake, or side-story: not required to read. This only exists to show Harry is not 100% a victim here...

Omake: Harry's POV

Harry was counting the cracks in the ceiling in his bedroom at Privet Place, when suddenly he heard his fat uncle yell for him. He ignored the tub of lard as he picked up the phone. Hermione needed him? Harry rushed upstairs, packed all his belongings and Hedwig's cage, and rushed to the Grangers' with the Knight Bus.

'Is Hermione okay?' he asked Emma, a worried expression on his face. Then he was answered from behind by Hermione herself... as she stunned him.

Harry woke up a while later, and saw a shotgun in his face. What the hell? Marry his daughter? Was this Hermione's father? Yes, it was... he saw when Hermione handed him his glasses. It was hard to think straight, from what he felt, he and Hermione were nearly naked, and her bum wriggled so nicely on his crotch...

'But I... but she... but we –' was all he could splutter out, having no idea how he ended up nearly naked in bed with Hermione. Then Hermione prompted him to ask her to marry him.

Marry Hermione? Yes he had loved her since at least the troll... but wasn't she in love with Ron? Ron had told Harry in their fourth year that Hermione was his, and so Harry had never acted on his feelings. She had been a right bitch to him all last year as well, so he thought she no longer wanted their friendship. But she had just said to her father that she loved him? And man was she doing stuff to him by wriggling up against him... under the covers, her hand guided his up to her bare breast, and he felt his fingers brush against her nipple.

Harry gulped, maybe this was a dream, but he might as well... he turned towards his friend, and asked: 'Hermione Jane Granger, will you be my wife?'

'Oh yes Harry!' she squealed in response, and kissed him, melding her body into his.

Then her father forced him out of her bed, and Harry was left alone in a guest bedroom. Okay, so Hermione and her mother had tricked him... but judging by her father's reaction, there was no way he could have ended up with her otherwise. Asides from last year, she had been his best friend.

That night Hermione sneaked into his room, and they kissed some, with heavy petting under the clothes. Harry finally brought up the nerve to confront her after a while.
'Hermione, what's all this about? I thought you loved Ron, not me?'

'Oh Harry, mummy made me see that I was making a colossal mistake... I have always loved you, I was just scared after the Ministry fight! Please forgive me?'

'A little late for that isn't it... love? I already proposed to you. Hmmm... maybe you can make it up to me. Let's try this... you're not allowed to touch a book until I forgive you.'

Hermione blanched, but meekly nodded, 'okay Harry... but please... don't punish me for too long?'

The wedding was a quiet affair, with Remus Lupin standing in for his parents, and Nymphadora Tonks the maid of honour. Someone – Harry suspected Emma – had slipped Molly, Ron, and Ginny calming draughts before the wedding started, and nothing spoiled it for them.

And that night in the Delacour hotel Hermione and he lost their virginity to each other, over and over again.