Summary: Sam discovers at school that it's 'Brothers' Day' and he decides to do something nice for Dean because he's the best big brother ever. (Wee!chesters – Dean is 9, Sam is 5.)

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Happy Brothers' Day

By Lanthiriel25

"Okay then class, I need everybody listening. Let me see…who is the smartest little boy or girl this afternoon?"

Sam sat crossed-legged on the carpet between Matthew and Lizzie waiting for his teacher, Miss Kendal, to explain what they were going to do. He'd only been at the school a few days, John bringing him and Dean to this nowhere town before disappearing off to work. Sam wasn't sure exactly what it was that his dad did but he knew that it was important enough to leave him and his brother alone for a little while. Not that he really minded; he loved his dad but he adored Dean, so having Dean look after him, being able to spend time with him without John making Dean do silly jobs which stopped him from playing with his brother was more than okay with him. Sure, he missed his dad and he hated that sad look Dean sometimes got when their dad wasn't around, when his brother thought he couldn't see him, but generally it wasn't so bad. He just wished they didn't have to move around so much; he didn't like having to keep changing schools and classes because he kept having to leave his friends almost as soon as he'd made any.

Seeing Lizzie pull a face at Joshua, Sam stifled a smile as he scratched the side of nose, sitting up a little straighter as Miss Kendal clapped her hands together to get her small class's attention.

"Right, so today is a very special day. Does anybody know what today is?" she asked in a cheerful voice, smile stretching across her face as she scanned the group of children in front of her.

Sam frowned, trying to think what was so important about today. It was two days after Dad had said he'd be back and three days before Matthew's birthday party which he had been invited to yesterday; he didn't think that that was quite what Miss Kendal meant though. Before he could come up with anymore ideas, Melanie's cry interrupted his pondering.


Miss Kendal smiled.

"Yes, Melanie, well done. It is Thursday, but that's not why today is special. Today is a very important day because just like we have a special day to celebrate and say thank you to our Mommy's and Daddy's, today is Sibling Day which means we get to celebrate our brothers and sisters."

Sam frowned, thinking. He'd never heard of a Brothers' Day before but he most definitely liked the sound of it. Dean deserved a day just for him because he was the best big brother ever; he made him his favourite food, played cool games with him and made him feel all better if he had a nightmare or hurt himself. He'd heard some of his friends from the various schools he'd been to claiming the same thing about their siblings but he'd just smiled to himself, knowing that they were wrong, nobody could be a better brother than Dean, he just knew it. His stomach clenched a little though as he realised that he hadn't got Dean anything.

Lizzie's hand shot up in the air, nearly smacking Sam in the head in the process.

"Miss? Does that mean we get to make them cards and give them presents, just like on Mommy and Daddy's day?"

"It sure does Lizzie," Miss Kendal nodded. "And I thought we could do just that this afternoon. If you have a brother or a sister you can use the items I've put out on your tables to make them anything you'd like. If you get stuck just put your hand up and I'll come and help you. Alright?"

Most of the class were smiling and nodding their approval, some bouncing where they were sitting, clearly excited and eager to get started. At Miss Kendal's signal the children went to their tables, some scrambling over each other to get to the equipment first. Sam made his way to his place at a calmer pace, but no less excited about making something for Dean. He chewed his lip as he ran through ideas for his card in his head. As he reached his seat he quickly scanned the pieces of card, glue, glitter, scissors and colouring pens and pencils in the centre of the table. Plonking himself happily down into his seat Sam selected what he wanted to use for Dean's card, rolling up his patched sweater sleeves which were slightly too long. He quickly got to work, ignoring everyone else, tongue poking out in concentration as he turned the already folded card the right way around and began drawing the cover picture, oblivious to the two boys squabbling across the table from him about who could use the blue crayon first.

Sam frowned in concentration, nose mere inches from the paper, as he wrote his message inside the card in his best ever handwriting. He was startled from his work however as the afternoon playtime bell rang through the classroom. The sound of a dozen pencils being dropped to the table and chairs screeching along the floor as the children dashed to door to line up ready for Miss Kendal to take them outside signalled that it was playtime just as well as any bell. Finishing off his name at the bottom of the card, Sam did the same, pausing for a moment to rifle through his nearly empty tray under his desk for the money Dean had given him that morning.

The school ran a snack shop at playtimes, selling cartons of drinks, fruit and candy for a few cents. When Dean found out about it he made sure that Sam had some money every day to get himself something, not wanting his baby brother to feel left out. The first few days after John had gone he had given Sam a dollar a day; today however, over a week later, Sam was in possession of a meagre quarter.

When he'd been busy colouring and decorating Dean's card an idea had occurred to him. A few days ago, after having told Dean in great detail all about the strawberry flavoured fizzing candy he'd had that morning, he had asked Dean what he'd bought with his snack money but Dean had avoided the question, distracting him by starting up an impromptu game of hide-and-seek in their musty motel room. Sam had made a point that morning to watch Dean as he packed both of their bags and pressed the coin into Sam's hand with the instruction to keep it safe; there was no coin in sight for Dean. Sam thought maybe he'd already put it in his pocket but something told him that Dean hadn't. So Sam decided that today, since it was a special day for awesome brothers, he would use his money to buy something for Dean.

So, once they'd been let out to run around in the playground and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, Sam quickly made his way across the concrete to the stall set up at the furthest end from the school building, his quarter clutched tightly in his fist. Sam joined the line in front of the stall, standing quietly and patiently as he thought about the finishing touches he was going to add to the card after playtime, imagining the expression on Dean's face when he showed it to him.

As the time wore on Sam became worried that playtime would be over before he had a chance to buy some candy, but luckily he made it to the front of line just in time. Brushing his brown, unruly bangs from his face, standing on tiptoes to see the selection, Sam quickly scanned the food in front of him, trying to decide what he thought Dean would like best. There was nothing which stood out so he eventually decided on some liquorice. The kind lady who ran the stall asked him how much. Biting his lip Sam shyly held out his quarter to her. With a smile the lady took the coin and began scooping up the liquorice pieces into a small paper candy-bag. Folding over the top, she handed the bounty to Sam, "Here you go, sweetie."

"Thank you ma'am," Sam stammered out as he heard the end of playtime bell being rung by an overly enthusiastic first grader. With a small wave to the snack-shop lady, bag held tightly against his body, he ran across the playground to line up ready to go back inside for the last period before home time.

Hearing the hometime bell, Dean hefted his bag onto his desk, stuffing his books and papers inside, desperate to get out of the classroom as quickly as he could. He hated being cooped up in the stuffy room with a bunch of obnoxious children; he wished he didn't have to go to school but he knew John would be furious if he even missed a day and he didn't want to upset his dad; John had enough to think about, he shouldn't have to worry about any problems his wayward son might cause. It wasn't that he didn't like learning, Dean found some of the subjects really fun and interesting; the topic for this semester was Knights and Dragons and they'd been learning about King Arthur as well as the Knights Templar.

Before they'd arrived in town and joined the school the class had made their own model castles. Dean had spent one breaktime looking wistfully over his classmates' work, wishing he'd had the chance to do the same; he'd already designed his own castle in his head, it would have a moat, a working draw bridge and everything. It would've been epic, Dean had sighed to himself. His teacher, Mrs. McElhone, had noticed his despondent look and had suggested that he could maybe make one as a homework project. Dean had grimaced with a shake of his head, half wishing that he could do just that, but knowing it would never happen; they would no doubt be moving on again anyway once his dad was back from his latest hunt so it didn't really matter, some things were more important than him making a stupid model castle anyway.

So no, it wasn't the work that made Dean dislike school so much, but rather the fact that for six hours every day Dean was forced to be away from his brother's side. Hours spent worrying whether Sam was ok, whether something had happened to him. He knew exactly the type of horrifying creatures his dad hunted in the dark and, though he wouldn't ever admit it, it terrified him. Sammy needed to be kept safe from all of that. It was rule number one. And it would be even if John hadn't given him the direct order. So he spent most school days with mind half on the lesson being taught and half wondering what his younger brother was doing and if he was alright.

Dean was almost out of the door when Mrs. McElhone called his name, asking if he could stay for a moment as she had something she needed to talk to him about. Dean turned, frowning; he didn't think he'd done anything to be in trouble for, he hadn't had to punch anyone like he'd done in his last school when Dylan had pushed Sammy down in the dirt in the school yard. He glanced at the clock, biting his lip.

"I need to go and collect my brother; I can't be late," Dean explained, his tone confident even as he shuffled his feet, wishing he was already far away along the corridor on his way to Sam's classroom.

Mrs smiled, gesturing to the seat next to her desk, as the last children of the class filed out of the room, leaving just the two of them.

"This won't take long, I promise."

Dean glanced longingly at the door once more. With a sigh he walked over until he was standing in front of her desk; he wasn't going to sit down, the conversation wasn't going to last long enough for him to need to do that. Dumping his bag at his feet he pulled nervously at the cuffs of his thin, stained sweater, making sure the bruises on his arm from his run-in with the vengeful spirit his dad had been hunting last week, and had enlisted his help with, were properly hidden. His teacher's gaze swept up and down his body, taking everything in, and he was fairly sure, going by the thin line she'd drawn her mouth into, that she'd noticed the rips in his sweater, the dirt on his jeans and the hole in his shoe. She'd definitely noted the still healing cut along his cheekbone, but Dean knew he couldn't do anything about that. He'd joked to Sam that he'd got it saving some girl from a bully and that it made him look brave and handsome, but he was beginning to see that the attention it brought him was not the kind their family wanted or needed.

He cocked his head arrogantly, crossing his arms in front of himself in a gesture of defiance, a challenge. Dean had been here before and knew exactly how this conversation was going to go; well-meaning adults who knew nothing, making terrible, cruel accusations about his family, about his dad, he wasn't going to stand for it.

Dean's expression darkened as Mrs. MsElhone began to speak.

"Dean, is there anything you'd like to talk to me about? Anything from home you'd like to get off your chest? Because, you know, I'm here to listen and to help however I can. You don't need to worry about your dad; there are people who can keep you and your brother safe."

He barely restrained himself from rolling his eyes as he scoffed. Safe!? Dad was the one keeping them safe, safe from things this woman knew nothing about. Raising his eyebrow in challenge he braced himself for a tedious and pointless conversation, all the while hoping Sammy wasn't worrying about where he was.

Dean was late. Dean was never late. Sat in his seat, bag clutched in his lap, Sam glanced at the clock once more. He knew Dean wouldn't have forgotten him, despite Emma's cruel taunting that Dean had gone home without him. His card and the bag of liquorice were zipped up safe and sound in the front pocket of his rucksack; he could feel the outline of the candy beneath his fingers as he held his bag close, wanting to be ready as soon as Dean arrived. He looked over at Miss Kendal who was sitting at her desk marking papers, glancing up every now and again to make sure he was ok.

Ten minutes later Dean hurtled into the room, eyes slightly panicked before he saw Sam waiting for him and he breathed out a sigh of relief.

"Heya Sammy," he smiled, walking over to where his brother was sitting, ignoring Miss Kendal's greeting to him. "Sorry I'm late, squirt. You ready to go?"

A soft frown was creased between Dean's eyes, despite the smile on his lips, an expression which Sam knew meant that Dean was unhappy about something. He hoped his card and gift would make Dean's day better.

"Dean!" Sam exclaimed, his own face breaking into a megawatt smile, happy to see his brother. He stood up, dumping his bag on the table, throwing his arms around Dean's middle as soon as he was in reach, hugging him extra tight.

Dean squeezed him back briefly before detangling himself, reaching out to pick up Sam's bag and help his brother get his arms through the straps. Once the backpack was securely in place, Dean readjusted his own bag over his shoulder, wincing slightly as the strap caught the bruises on his arm, stupid ghost, and reached out to take his brother's hand as they left the classroom.

"Bye Miss Kendal!" Sam waved as he left.

"Bye Sam. See you tomorrow!"

Sam talked merrily to Dean about the tadpoles which they had studied that morning, holding onto his brother's hand as they walked the familiar route back to the motel. He kept glancing up at Dean as he chatted away, explaining how some of the tadpoles had started growing legs, and how Matthew had made Melanie cry by threatening to put one in her hair when she wasn't looking. He couldn't help when his smile grew wider, seeing Dean looking down at him, listening intently, smiling softly, the frown smoothed out from his brow. He looked happy, and that made Sam's heart soar.

He was going to wait until they'd got back to the motel to give him his card and present but it felt like it was burning a hole in his backpack. Seeing a bench off the deserted sidewalk in the distance Sam tugged his brother's hand, pulling him over to it. Wriggling his shoulders out of the backpack straps Sam placed it carefully on the bench, sitting down beside it as he rummaged around for a moment to retrieve the candy bag.

"Sammy?" Dean queried as he joined Sam on the bench, watching his brother delve into his bag. "Did you forget something at school?"

Pulling out the card and the bag, Sam held them in his lap, glancing up at his brother nervously, shaking his head. Wordlessly he held the gifts out to his brother, a hopeful look on his face as he tried to ignore the nerves butterflying softly in his stomach; he really hoped Dean liked them.

"Sam?" Dean asked again, confused as he looked at the proffered items, reaching out to take them from his brother. "What are these?"

"For Brothers' Day!" Sam smiled.

Dean frowned.

"Brothers' Day?"'

"Yeah," Sam nodded enthusiastically, "Miss Kendal said it's a Brothers' Day today. Like Fathers' Day for Dad, but this time for you cos you're my brother and you're the best one ever! I made you a card, see?"

Dean looked down at the card in his grip as Sam scooted closer and reached out to point out his drawing on the front. Taking in all the hard work and effort Sam had put into the card Dean felt a smile stretch wide across his face, a warm feeling fluttering pleasantly in his chest. Opening the card carefully Dean read the message inside. Some of the words were spelt incorrectly and some letters were the wrong way around but to Dean it was a treasure. He could even deal with the glitter that Sam had drowned one of the inside pages with, and which was now sticking to his hands and dusting across his lap.

"Thanks Sammy. It's awesome! You made this just for me?"

Sam nodded, grinning that Dean seem to like what he'd made.

"Yeah, all by myself. Didn't need no help at all! Do you really like it?"

"Sure do, squirt!" Dean assured, reaching out to ruffle Sam hair.

Sam shuffled even closer so he was almost in Dean's lap. Taking the card from Dean, he quickly set it aside, eager for Dean to try his candy now.

"Here, got you some liq'rice from the snack shop."

Dean's gaze snapped sharply to meet his brother's wide hazel eyes. Sam had spent his snack money on him? His stomach clenched guiltily at the thought.

"Try one!"

Sam had scooped the bag from Dean's hand, untwisted the bag and was holding it out to his brother to take one. Pushing aside his guilt Dean dove his hand into the small white paper bag and pulled out a piece of liquorice, placing it into his mouth with a grin.

Dean didn't really have any strong feelings about liquorice; he didn't not like it, just that he preferred other kinds of candy. But knowing that Sammy had saved his money and spent it on him just because he thought he was a good big brother? Dean was sure he'd never eaten candy so tasty before, savouring the flavour bursting across his taste buds as he chewed. This had to go up there with M&Ms and pie on his top ten foods list, Dean mused as he enjoyed the liquorice drop.

Finishing it, Dean took the bag and offered a sweet to Sam, nudging him in the shoulder as encouragement.

"You have one Sammy. They're really good."

Sam's eyes widened slightly as he shook his head.

"No Dean, they're yours!"

"I know," Dean smirked smugly, poking Sam in the stomach. "So that means I get to decide what to do with them, and I want to share them with my brother."

Sam frowned for a minute, brow furrowed as he considered Dean's logic.

"Okay," Sam finally agreed as Dean waved the bag teasingly in front of his nose.

Taking a piece Sam waited for Dean to do the same. Meeting his brother's sparkling eyes Sam put the candy in his mouth. He'd never had liquorice before, and the taste which suddenly took over his mouth was not a pleasant one. He glanced up at Dean who was chewing away happily, seeming to enjoy Sam's present, but Sam knew he must just be pretending. It tasted horrible.

Dean's smile dropped as he watched Sam's expression change from excited to sad. When he saw tears begin to swim in Sam's eyes Dean began to worry.

"Sam, what is it? Sammy? Are you okay?"

Sam bit his lip, trying to hold in his tears; he'd already ruined Dean's Brothers' day by giving him such yucky candy, he shouldn't be a big cry baby as well. He shook his head in answer to his brother's question.

"What's wrong Sam?" Dean shifted, unconsciously shielding Sam from the view of any passers-by, protecting him when he was upset.

"Nothing," Sam whispered, the sad feeling in his chest growing bigger and bigger.

"Sam," Dean's voice was stern now, using a tone Sam had heard from their dad more than once, it was the tone he used when he wanted to be obeyed.

Sam sniffed, dashing a hand across his eyes to wipe away the tears. He pushed himself away from his brother, no matter how much he wanted to stay in the safe and comforting position.

"Liq'rice is gross, Dean," Sam mumbled in explanation. "I spoiled Brothers' Day."

Dean tugged Sam back to his side.

"Your taste buds must be all screwed up, Sammy, cos this stuff is amazing!"

Sam squirmed, shaking his head, trying to get away; he didn't need Dean to mock him.

"Don't pretend Dean. I'm not a baby! I tasted it, it's really gross!"

"Well I like it!" Dean countered, making a big show of selecting and eating another piece, making exaggerated expressions and sounds of enjoyment as he chewed.

Dean's ridiculous antics caused Sam to giggle, despite his worry that Dean didn't really like his gift.


"Really. And you know what, it's kinda good that you don't like it."

"Why?" Sam pouted.

"All the more for me!" Dean teased, stuffing another piece into his mouth, causing Sam's giggles to become louder.

As he chewed Dean's brain was working quickly; Sam had gone to all this trouble for him and he hadn't done a single thing in return, and if anyone deserved the best Brothers' Day ever it was Sammy. But what could he do? Dean reached into his pocket, fishing out the money in there. Two dollars and twelve cents. All the money they had left until Dad got back. Since John was already late Dean didn't know how long he would need to make it last, but looking at Sammy's once-again smiling face Dean decided on his course of action.

"Come on then, bro. Lots to do." As he spoke Dean wrapped up the candy bag and pocketed it, before picking up his precious card and sliding it carefully into his bag, slotted in between two of his books to keep it safe.

"Do?" Sam asked as he jumped down from the bench and struggled his way once more into his backpack.

"Sure! It's Brothers' Day, right? So, we're going to the store to get a movie from the bargain-bin and some popcorn. We can have our own party! You, me, liquorice, popcorn, movie, sounds fun right?"

By the time Dean had finished explaining his plans for the evening Sam was beaming ear to ear.


"Come on then, slow poke," Dean called from his position a few steps further down the street, causing Sam to hurry after him, slipping his hand into his brother's once he caught up with him.

"Can I choose the movie?"

"No, you might choose one of those princess ones," Dean teased, waiting for the inevitable scowl.

"Deeeaaan!" Sam whined. "I won't! I'm not a girl! Gonna pick one of the superhero ones." Sam used his free hand to mime some kind of laser gun, pointing it at Dean and pretending to shoot. "Please!?"

Dean grinned as he faked being hit, groaning from Sammy's shot, causing Sam to chuckle again. He nudged Sam with his hip.

"Course you can choose Sammy. It's your Brothers' Day too!"

Sam answering grin was blinding.

Bargain video for $1.50 and a packet of popcorn from the 'on sale/expiry date' shelf safely tucked away in Dean's bag, the two boys left the store and began to make their way back to the motel room, both excited to eat their junk food and watch the new video. Dean could sense Sam's eager pace slowing however as they passed the park. It was deserted; most families and children frequented the one on the far side of town, the one with new, shiny equipment. This play-area was covered in graffiti, broken down with rust and chipped paint, had swings with only one chain and a roundabout which didn't actually turn, but going by the expression on Sammy's young face it was a funfair.

"Dean, can we…?" Sam began, before stopping himself, clearly embarrassed at having asked.

Dean remembered Sam asking Dad if they could play there as they drove passed it on their way into town, but he had flat out refused. When he'd left on his hunt, he had expressly ordered Dean to make sure they both went straight to school in the morning and came straight home at night, no detours.

Dean bit his lip as his heart ached a little at the longing look in his brother's eyes. He glanced up and down the street as if expecting the Impala to suddenly come screeching round the corner or John to stride up yelling at him for even thinking of disobeying an instruction. But he'd already broken so many rules that week, not least having to go to the grocery store on more than one occasion once their food had run out, even days before John had said he'd be back. Wanting to give Sammy a Brother's Day to remember, Dean fought his every instinct and gripped Sam's hand a little tighter.

"Come on Sammy. Race ya to the seesaw!"

With that Dean took off, smiling at the startled laugh from Sam as he realised his wish was being granted.

"Gonna beat you Dean!" Sam cried as he shot passed his brother, sprinting his way to the other end of the fenced area.

"Not a chance!" Dean argued, chasing after Sam but shortening his longer strides to make sure Sammy got there first.

He reached the 'finish line' not seconds after his brother, laughing at Sam's funny little celebratory dance, which was more him just bouncing up and down on the spot and flailing his arms around causing his too-long sleeves to come loose and flap about comically.

"Weirdo!" Dean teased, reaching out to stop Sam's arm motions, folding over the worn material neatly to his wrists.

"I won! Slow coach!" Sam retorted, sticking his tongue out at his brother.

Sam shrieked in protest however as Dean manhandled him over to the seesaw and plonked him on one end, before marching around to the other end, sitting down, lifting Sam into the air with his heavier weight as the seesaw screeched as it moved.

"Deeaan! Let me down!" Sam pleaded, although the effect was lost through his hiccups as he tried to stifle his giggling as he gripped on tightly to the rusty handle.

"Nope, no way!" Dean taunted, laughing at his brother's fidgeting.

He hadn't taken into account Sam's brains however, even as young as he was, so he was unprepared as he was faced with his brother sliding rapidly down the seesaw towards him, knocking them both into a heap on the ground.

"Oooph!" Dean groaned as the air was knocked out of him, Sam laying sprawled on top of him, the seesaw springing back to its original position.

In an effort to stop Sam's almost hysterical laughing at getting his own back on his brother, Dean flipped them over, starting a play-fight wrestling match. Heedless of the gravel and mud stains they were smudging into their clothes the two boys chased each other round the park, tackling each other, Dean trying to dislodge his brother as he tried to crawl and climb all over him, until they were both breathless and laughing.

Once they caught their breath Dean pushed himself up off the ground, dusting off his clothes as best he could, reaching out his hand to help Sam up.

"Ready for some popcorn and a video now?" Dean asked.

Sam nodded.

"And liquorice!" Sam added with a smile. "But, just you!"

"Yeah I know, just me," Dean agreed as he stooped to collect their bags.

Since Sam's bag wasn't all that full Dean was able to fold it up and fit it inside his own, before gesturing to Sam to come over, helping Sam get the bag onto his back and that it wasn't too heavy. He then crouched down, looking at Sam expectantly.

"Really?" Sam smiled.

"Climb on, Sammy," Dean encouraged.

Sam wasted no time in hurrying over to his brother and scrambling onto his back, hooking his arms around his neck as Dean straightened up to standing, adjusting his stance as he began to slowly walk around the corner to their motel.

Once they'd got back to the room and Dean had checked all the wards, Sam got to work setting up the movie as Dean got the food ready. Sam watched with a smile as Dean pulled out his card from his bag and placed it on top of the old television, pride of place.

Catching Sam's eye, he seemed embarrassed that he'd done that.

"Best big brother ever, Dean!" Sammy smiled, emphasising what he'd written in the front of the card.

Dean blushed, scratching the back of his neck as he felt the flush of love and pride wash through him at Sam's words.

"Only because you're the best little brother ever Sammy," he countered as he brought the food over, throwing some popcorn at Sam, making him laugh and do the same in return. Dean grabbed the remote and made himself comfortable next to his brother.

Sam grinned back as he wriggled in his place on the threadbare, rock-hard sofa, settling in with the large bowl of popcorn Dean had made for him. As the film began to play Sam leaned into his brother's side, glancing up at his face as he did so.

"Happy Brothers' Day, Dean," he said before stuffing his mouth with a handful of popcorn.

Dean laughed fondly, ruffling Sam's hair. "You too, Sammy. You too."

The End

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