Hi, this is my newest story. To start it off the usual disclaimer: I don't own anything about Harry Potter, just the idea of this little twist.

Summary: What if Harry needed a small break before he went after the horcrux hidden at Gringotts? What if he went to a special celebration not recognised by anybody and experienced an unforgettable night that had more than one special result?

Pairing: Harry / Daphne

This story will contain lime, therefore the rating. Hope you like my newest idea. Happy reading.

Magic of Beltane

It was strange. Here he was, pondering how to go about finding and destroying the last of Voldemort's horcruxes. Ron and Hermione were off to the side, talking quietly. Since Ron had returned he had managed to get back into her good books. They had finally got together after the Malfoy Manor disaster. The only downside was that he was incredibly jealous that Ron had somebody he loved with him now and he, Harry, was alone again. His two best friends were off in a world of their own. They had planned to go to Gringotts tomorrow to get the horcrux from the Lestrange vault. Griphook would help them get past the security measures in exchange for Gryffindor's sword. As long as he could destroy the horcrux first that was okay. Fleur had said that Hermione still needed a bit of rest after her ordeal at Malfoy Manor. How he wanted to destroy those bastards.

He had seen that today was the thirtieth of April. Beltane, Fleur had mumbled and looked at Bill suggestively. He knew surprisingly what this date meant in the wizarding world. It was a powerful magical date in the old religion and after what he had experienced with the Dursleys who were Christians he wasn't that enthused about believing in their religion. Even if other Christians were different perhaps. The history of that religion with burning supposed witches and wizards on the stake wasn't something he wanted to follow. He knew that tonight fires would burn all over the country protected from muggles by strong repelling wards. Witches and wizards would dance around the fires and celebrate the awakening of the earth after the winter and bless the earth with their unions in passion. He knew that this night was going to have lots of couples have heated sex, but it didn't trouble him.

He could easily accept that couples wanted to celebrate their relationships. Blessing the earth in an act that represented fertility since the beginning of time was more logical than a virgin giving birth to a child in his opinion. He only wished that he could spend this day with his girlfriend. But he had let Ginny go for her safety, noble idiot that he was, so he had nobody to share the day with. He considered sneaking away for the night, Bill and Fleur would be away and Ron and Hermione wouldn't miss him unless he wasn't back in the morning. And the Death Eaters would be the last people that would look at him at a Beltane fire. If he could only dance there and let himself go for a few hours it would give him new energy to continue his fight.

Daphne Greengrass hated her situation. Thanks to her parents not wanting to be seen to stand against the Dark Lord and his minions they had entered her into an arranged marriage with one of the Death Eaters. Now she knew that as a pureblood witch from a moderately important house she should be happy with getting a respected pureblood wizard as her husband. The problem with that was just that she was seventeen and her husband to be thirty nine. He was twenty two years older than her and had already had one wife that had died in mysterious circumstances. Walderan Pillomis was also known as a philanderer that liked to target young girls. She shuddered thinking what he would do to her if she really had to marry him.

Tonight was Beltane and like many of her friends at school she knew what the date meant. It was the time where the goddess and the horned warrior came together to bless the earth with fertility for the next year. Every year a young witch was chosen to play the part of the goddess and a young wizard would be chosen to be her partner. Normally she wouldn't have even considered taking the place of the goddess but she didn't want her first time to be with Walderan. While losing your virginity to anybody but your husband was scandalous, the one exception in that was being chosen as the goddess of the Beltane rites. She wouldn't know her partner, neither would he know who she was, but at the moment she couldn't care less. She was taking a contraceptive potion anyway so the risk of getting pregnant didn't exist. Those potions were a necessary precaution in case any of the more rambunctious Slytherins came at her in high numbers and she couldn't prevent the worst. This year some others had sadly been in that position. So far her reputation had protected her.

She had been asked to be the goddess before, but this time she had decided to accept. She had got permission to leave Hogwarts for two days from Professor Snape stating that she planned to attend the Beltane rites. As she was of age and Beltane was special to the wizarding world she got her permission. She was currently standing in front of her mirror, inspecting her perfect body in the scandalously revealing dress that was the attire of the goddess. The silver dress hugged her curves perfectly and ended slightly below her butt. The only thing holding it together was a simple chain taking the place of a belt. But it could easily be taken off. As per tradition she didn't wear any underwear under the dress and she had to say it was arousing. Tonight she would spite her parents and her so-called betrothed. Nobody could take any action against her when she was the chosen goddess of Beltane.

Harry reappeared in the wood close to the Beltane site. The fire had just been lit and the first couples arrived, giggling over what they were about to do tonight. He had put up some basic glamours and put in some contact lenses that he had got from a muggle optician after escaping Malfoy Manor. He had been recognised thanks to his glasses and black hair. Not to mention that without his glasses he couldn't see and was blind like a mole, so getting something better was a smart idea. His hair was red like his mother's right now and his scar hidden under a flesh coloured headband. Nice what you could find in a muggle shop. He had to admit he had stolen the headband as their money was needed for food. The contact lenses he had got through obliviating the optician afterwards but he planned to make sure that the money would be transferred to him if he survived this war. He heard voices to his left.

"What do you mean, he reconsidered it?" One man said frantically.

"He said he had found a girlfriend and wanted to attend the Beltane celebration with her and could therefore not play the horned warrior." The other man said resigned. "Just where do we get a replacement on this short notice?"

"I don't know, but I can't take the place because I am married, same for you. The horned warrior has to be unmarried and preferably young." The first man said.

Harry then was noticed.

"Coincidence?" The second man asked.

"No, just our lucky star helping us out. He you, are you here with a girl?" The first man called out to Harry.

"Uh, no, I hoped I would simply get to dance with a few at the fire. More I hadn't really planned." Harry admitted.

"Well, today is your lucky day; you are going to be the main actor in tonight's celebration. You aren't married, are you?" The first man asked and got a shake from Harry's head in reply.

Harry seriously considered if it had been a good idea to come here tonight.

"You see, our friend that was meant to take the place of the horned warrior decided to get a girlfriend at the worst possible time and now we need a replacement really fast. The girl that is going to play the goddess is really hot, so you won't regret this. Come on, we need to get you into the right attire." The second man said and dragged Harry off.

Harry decided that simply going with it would be less suspicious than refusing as he would have to answer questions.

Daphne sat on her throne watching over the dancing couples. It was nearly time for the horned warrior to appear. She only hoped that he was good-looking and would be gentle with her. It was exciting to not know who her first would be but that was the magic of Beltane. Finally the drums were beaten and the dancing couples opened the way for the horned warrior. Daphne saw him approaching. He only wore leather pants and boots, his upper body was bare, showing a slightly muscular chest and stomach. All in all, not bad. His face was hidden under a half mask in black, representing his role. She herself wore one as well in silver. She stood up from her throne and glided down to greet her warrior. They met next to the fire and following tradition she started to ensnare him with her dance. He played his part well, she had seen worse performances in the past when she had been allowed to attend the dance but was sent home before the sexual act started.

She knew where the retreat was placed where she and the warrior would unite their bodies. It was a clearing surrounded by stones that were engraved with old runes. Runes that would transport the magic their union would free into the earth to bless it for the next year. The more others did the same in other places around here the better the harvest for the year would be. She felt him pulling her close to his body, rubbing himself against her, making her shiver in expectation. They played their game for half an hour before she was hosted over the young man's shoulder and he carried her away to the retreat. He was stronger than she had expected.

She was let down when they reached the retreat. Here it was silent and the sounds of the celebrating couples couldn't be heard, silencing runes around the place she supposed. He started to sensually caress her body. Oh yes, this would be good. If he didn't want to get to it at once she could expect to get at least a bit of pleasure. He slowly kissed down her neck and spent special attention to her pulse point which made her moan in delight. This felt so good. He then went up and claimed her lips while pressing her against his hard body. His hands wandered up and down her back while her hands found their way into his short but soft hair. She thought he had had red hair before, but that could have been her imagination in the light of the fire. His hair was definitely black.

She was dazed once he stopped kissing her mouth. He really knew how to do it. She then decided that as the goddess she had to seduce him a bit as well and before he could start kissing her again she nibbled on his ear, whispering promises of pleasure into his ear while exploring his upper body with her hands. He seemed to especially like it when she played with his nipples, so she decided to play a bit more. She went down bending her knees to have her mouth at the level of his nipples and started circling them with her tongue which made him hiss in pleasure. She wandered further down and undid the buckle of his leather belt. She then opened the threats that closed his pants and shoved her hand into them, feeling his hardened cock in her hand. He moaned loudly when she started stroking it.

She had to grin, her grandmother had been right that a girl could control a man if she only knew how to pleasure him properly. She then was surprised when he pulled her up again and undid her chain belt. He dress now flowed very loosely and he easily pushed it upwards, exposing her completely. His hungry look made her shudder. He started to take off his boots and pants never leaving her out if his eyes. The only thing both of them wore in the end were the black and silver masks as it was tradition. They wouldn't find out who the other was except anybody told them afterwards and that was simply not done except a child was conceived and she had taken a potion for that.

Harry was delighted to have such a beautiful girl playing the goddess. First he had been freaked out by his strange luck. But now he was strangely calm. He hadn't gone farther than snogging with Ginny but he somehow knew instinctively what he had to do to make his goddess feel pleasure. And he wanted to make this nice for her. While he was a virgin he had heard from other boys talking, mainly Seamus, that the best way to keep having good sex was putting the girl's pleasure before your own. And the Irish boy was one of the biggest players at school. He looked at her perfect body greedily. He wanted to taste her, feel her and make her his. He knew he should feel bad over Ginny, but right now he couldn't care less. He was the horned warrior and she was the goddess. They would unite and bless the earth.

He finally got out of all of his clothes and stepped towards her. He started kissing all over her body while holding her close to him by her butt. She had a really great butt. Firm and round but fitting her body perfectly. And don't get him started on her breasts. They were milky white, round and so soft. And she made such cute squealing sounds when he took her nipples into his mouth. And her moans turned him really on. He let his hand slip down to her womanhood and caressed the wet area with his fingers, teasing her, earning more moans and gasps. Finally after he was sure that she was ready he placed her down on the blanket that had been placed here for them. He only hoped that he wouldn't make a fool of himself for his inexperience in this.

Harry returned to Shell cottage at four in the morning, grinning like a loon. This night had been the best of his life. It was a shame that he didn't know the girl's name, but it was for the best. No girl should be in danger because he had coincidentally been chosen to play the horned warrior. Harry Potter was too dangerous right now to be known to have been with anybody, even if it had been Beltane. The one thing he was worried about was the shrieking sound so similar to the horcruxes being destroyed that had come from his scar if he had located it right when he had had his orgasm into the girl that was his partner. Why would his scar behave like a destroyed horcrux?

Daphne lay happily in her bed in the Greengrass mansion. The horned warrior while he seemed to be slightly unsure if he did everything right in the beginning after he had entered her had been gentle and a perfect lover. She knew that she wouldn't ever see him again, but her first time had simply been perfect.

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