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Epilogue 2: Parenthood

August 20th 2016, 7pm

Caroline was exhausted and cranky. None of the parenting books she'd read had prepared her for twin parenthood. The babies had just turned three months old a fortnight ago and yet she felt as if she still couldn't get the hang of being a mother. Taking care of a pair of fussy crying babies have been a terrible nightmare and nursing them had been yet another painful experience but she wouldn't have it any other way. She and Klaus had both come so far since the day their son and daughter were brought into the world.

After delivering the twins, Caroline had required stiches because of a painful second degree vaginal tear. It'd been the second most painful thing she had to endure after her labour and it didn't help how the pain only began to subside six weeks post-pregnancy. The healing process had been gradual but the pain finally subsided a week ago.

It had been a blessing to stay in the hospital for the first week to recover but things have been stressful upon their return to their home. Klaus had suggested hiring a nanny to help but Caroline had shut the idea down without a second thought. Being paranoid, she didn't feel like she could trust a nanny even if they would install nanny cams all over the house.

She was just done feeding Nathaniel and putting him down for his nap when Brianna let out a sharp cry.

"Shh, I'm coming, Bri," she moved forward scooping the baby out of the cot and held her close to her chest, rocking her gently. "Mommy's here sweetie."

She was slowly getting used to their routine though the twins were becoming irritable rather easily recently due to teething. She and Klaus had both tried the various remedies suggested in the parenting books, but none of the methods seemed to be working for them. Between the pair, Brianna appeared to be fairing worst and unfortunately they had an incident three nights ago where her daughter had actually bitten her while she was trying to breastfeed her. Caroline had cried out in shock when it happened and her pained cries only agitated her daughter further.

"Here, let me take her. You go and rest," Klaus suggested holding his arms out. He'd taken a temporary part time paternity leave to help care for their babies. He'd been worried at first not wanting another Sanders controversy to cop up in his absence, but managed to compromise by doing the necessary deals and transactions from home. He'd been trying his best to be as attentive as possible. "I can feed her," he suggested raising the warm bottle to test the temperature. Since the incident, Klaus had suggested to bottle feed the babies to prevent another unwanted accident. He had seen the little indentations and blood left by their daughter and he felt helpless in the situation.

"Thank you," she whispered passing their little infant girl to her husband with care. She was glad that Klaus was always around to help her with the babies as they could really be a handful.

"How was the doctor's appointment?" His wife had been adamant that she attended the routine postpartum appointment alone while Klaus took care of the babies at home. He'd been opposed at first but relented not wanting to start another argument between them.

"It was fine," she shrugged not providing anymore details. She was still a little hormonal and had found her husband's overprotective tendencies to be very annoying as of late. Things between them had been different since the arrival of the twins. She didn't want Klaus anywhere near her body despite Dr Fell finally giving them the green light to resume their sexual activities. She'd spoken to her doctor about it earlier and the older woman assured her that what she was feeling was quite normal. She was honestly overwhelmed still not entirely comfortable with the adjustments, plus she was constantly tired and her breasts ached like hell from nursing.

She didn't find herself attractive at all, so why would Klaus? She had been incredibly self-conscious despite finally returning to her previous weight. The yoga, pilates and pelvic exercise sessions had also helped but she was still worried Klaus would find her different. She had read that sex after pregnancy tended to feel different and she feared the worst. He had a very healthy sexual appetite, she was concerned the build-up would leave him disappointed.

"You know you can talk to me love," Klaus deplored gently wishing for her to communicate with him. She'd been growing cold and distant lately especially since Klaus started sleeping more frequently in the makeshift bed he installed in the nursery mainly to give her some uninterrupted nights of sleep. The babies were waking up more often during the night and Klaus could see how tired she was becoming. He couldn't continue watching his wife consistently waking up multiple times during the night and had took it upon himself to care for the twins. He had tried repeatedly to talk to her, to engage with her emotionally and physically, but she had rejected him consistently.

"It's nothing," she said flatly looking away from him. He wouldn't understand what she was going through. She was overwhelmed with responsibility not to mention finding herself unattractive and vulnerable constantly.

"Sweetheart, you're pulling away from me," he felt a huge lump clog his throat. "Talk to me please." He wanted them to be intimate again as her constant cold shoulder was slowly starting to feel like she was losing her love towards him.

"Just let it go Niklaus," she hissed in a harsh whisper.

"If that's what you want," he whispered not bothering to hide how miserable he was feeling. Sometimes he felt like she was treating him like a stranger and it hurt like hell to see their relationship crumbled to this.

"I just need some time," she added quietly seeing his downcast expression.

"Alright." He backed away from her not wanting to push her further. Caroline seemed to be easily irritated as of late and not being able to help was eating him up. He only hoped by giving her some time alone would help their situation. He adored their little bundle of joys but he missed his wife. He couldn't wait for things between them to revert back to how they used to be.


October 10th 2016 6.30pm

"Seriously, stop worrying. I've got everything under control," Stefan attempted to push his sister outside his apartment door.

"We've got this Caroline. Go on your date. You and my brother haven't had some alone time for months now, you both absolutely deserve the time off," Rebekah added with a sly smile causing Caroline to blush.

God, it'd been way too long since she last had her husband to herself. She was naturally anxious afraid that what she read would be true, but she was truly excited for them to spend some time together and especially becoming intimate again.

"The twins are fine and asleep. Go and enjoy your night. I'll text you every hour to give you an update," he offered seeing his sister's unchanging worried expression.

"But –" the new mother starred longingly past the pair. She was suffering from a huge issue of separation anxiety with her children.

"Caroline, you need to live a little. Go out and have fun with your husband! The babies will be fine without you for one night."

"Stefan's right Caroline," Rebekah nodded before continuing, "Besides, you've given us their bottles and clear instructions of the exact protocol in case of crying or night-time wake ups. Plus we both have you and my brother on speed dial."

"Go," the younger Salvatore gently nudged Caroline towards Klaus who had been patiently standing by the door waiting after kissing their babies goodbye.

"Maybe we shouldn't leave," she turned to her husband looking up at him. She was evidently more affected with the separation anxiety than her husband.

"Caroline it's your birthday. We have to celebrate." He'd finally convinced his wife to leave the house for a night wanting to celebrate the special occasion.

"But, what if.."

"Sweetheart, we'll be less than 30 minutes away if anything happens, which I doubt will," he cupped her cheek wanting to pass his reassurance through to her. "Besides, my sister has a lot of experience babysitting. They're in very capable hands. I wouldn't have planned this evening if I didn't trust them to care for our children."

"I know," she said looking apologetically at her sister in law and her brother. There was no doubt that she trusted the two of them to care for her babies, but it didn't make it any easier to be apart from them. Not when the babies had been constantly by her side since they were born. The tell-tale signs of separation anxiety already showing.

"I'm worried too," Klaus said looking at his wife tenderly. "The doctor said it's a natural part of the process and I'm not asking you to get rid of your worries or doubts, but we need this. Remember that Dr Fell said that it's healthier for all of us if we give the babies some space." She finally allowed him to tag along to her most recent postpartum appointment and he really thought that their conversation with the doctor had helped them to communicate again.

"I just feel guilty," she bit her lip still distraught over her actions. "Though you're right, the babies are important but so is our marriage. And right now we need this for our relationship."

"Let's go," he caught her hand entwining his fingers with hers. "We don't want to be late for the reservations."

"Okay, she smiled looking back at her sister in law. "Don't forget to test the temperature of the bottles," Caroline reminded giving another dozen last-minute instructions.

"We've got this. Go and have a nice date. We know how to take care of them," the younger blonde practically shooed her from the house.

The drive into the Santa Monica was quiet. Caroline felt weird not having the babies demanding her every attention. She was already starting to miss her children but knew they were in good hands and she and Klaus really needed the break. She was tired of pushing him away and pretending that everything was alright. It was beginning to put a strain in their marriage and she couldn't let that to continue.

"I'm sorry for being so distant lately," she said her voice small. "And for being such a bitch before."

"You know you can tell me anything right? I love you Caroline, for better or for worse."

"I know, I've just been ridiculously insecure of everything. Nothing feels the same anymore," she cried. As a celebrity, her body had always been something she had been very proud of and now she just didn't have the same confidence. She was lucky enough not to acquire any stretch marks but it still didn't boost her confidence. "I'm not comfortable in my own skin."

"Your body might be different but everything else remains the same," he said softly pulling their car to the side of the road, pulling the break to give her his full attention. "You are beautiful my love, motherhood truly suits you," he said looking deeply into her blue orbs. He didn't understand how she could doubt herself. It was ridiculous as she was truly the most beautiful woman in the entire plane of his existence. His respect and love grew for his wife with each passing day.

"You're an amazing father as well," she murmured giving him the well-deserved credit. Klaus had been very considerate of her feelings since they were discharged from the hospital. He'd always surprised her with flowers and spa days, had continuously reminded her she was beautiful and had always insisted she'd take a break from caring for the babies.

"I could only aspire to be as wonderful as you. You're a natural sweetheart." The Brit had to make his own adjustments as well. They used to be the centre of one another's universe, but now they had two other little ones to care and love for. They were both responsible not just one but for two new lives. "I never told you this but I was overwhelmed with everything at first. There was also a time where I was actually jealous over them," he added guiltily, deciding to ultimately confess his inner turmoil to his wife.

"What? Why?" Caroline looked up surprised, not expecting her husband's admission. She'd been so fixated with the twins and her own emotions that she didn't even realise her husband had been dealing with his own turmoil.

"Well, you probably will think it's stupid but you used to be solely mine. Your attention, your body, your breasts to name a few and now everything are reserved for our little ones." He'd actually even reached out to Camille with his psychological turmoil. He felt sick that he was being petty by feeling jealousy over his own children.

"Oh Klaus," she mumbled, saddened that it took her so long to notice his feelings. She truly had been a bad wife. "I didn't know, I'm sorry for being such a bad wife."

"Camille said it's a relatively normal phase some new fathers' go through," he sighed. "I reached out to her as I didn't want you think I resented you."

"We really need to be more open with one another. You're right, we do need to communicate. I want us to go back to how we were before." She really should have taken Dr Fell's advice earlier. Hiding their feelings out of fear and hurt would only slowly destroy their marriage.

"Me too," he tucked back a loose tendril of her hair, cupping her cheek lovingly.

"Let's go and have an unforgettable romantic date, hubby."


"That was a very nice dinner. Thank you for such a wonderful birthday celebration," Caroline leaned forward and kissed him tenderly.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it," he wrapped his arm around her waist leading her out of the restaurant. He had arranged a candlelit dinner in one of her favourite restaurants at Santa Monica. The soft music and the soothing waves of the Pacific only made their dinner better. "Happy Birthday," he hummed with a contented smile cupping her cheek with fondness.

"I missed this so much," she said her throat tightening. "Of us together," she emphasised. She felt silly for keeping her distance when it was just so easy for her to open up and share everything with him. Their dinner had been amazing, the food, the conversation that flowed easily between them, she really had been missing out on for the past three months.

"Me too," he pulled her closer, stroking her arm with his fingers. "How about a stroll in the beach?" He suggested staring at the full moon shining in the starry sky.

"That sounds perfect," she hooked her arm with his already dragging him down towards the beach. It was nice to finally have an evening to themselves. She had forgotten how liberating it felt to be free to do whatever she wanted without constantly worrying over the little ones. "Come on," she tucked him with a bit more force causing him to quicken his pace.

"What's the rush love. We have the entire night to ourselves," he reminded while following her lead. He loved the twins but it was nice to finally have his wife to himself. And he'd be damned if he didn't take the opportunity to show her how much he loved and missed her.

The pair gravitated towards the wooden steps leading down the beach. "Wait," she paused bending down to remove her heels. It was one of her favourite pair of Jimmy Choos and she couldn't fathom getting sand in it.

"Here let me take those," Klaus kneeled down to pick her pointy toe pumps up, entwining his other hand with hers. "I would never understand how you manage to walk in these. I'll always worry you'll hurt yourself in these."

"I don't expect you to and it's only 3.9 inches," she chuckled with mirth. "I've worn higher heels." Caroline was slowly growing comfortable with her body again. She felt both physically and emotionally happier and content. It helped that her vagina was starting to feel tighter again, thanks to the Kegel exercises one of her previous co-stars recommended. Her libido had also returned and she was no longer suffering from fatigue and postpartum blues. Though a small part of her was fearful that her lady parts would feel baggy to her husband.

"What's on your mind?" Klaus asked at her sudden quietness. He was still in awed over how beautiful she looked in the white strapless dress, like an true angel.

"Nothing, I'm just a tad tired," she hummed leaning her head against his shoulder enjoying the tranquilness of the moment.

"Should we head home?"

"What, no.." she shook her head vigorously. "Besides, I know you booked us a suite at Casa Del Mar," she pointed out to his surprise.

"How did you—?"

"I overheard you talking to Rebekah yesterday." She hadn't meant to eavesdrop but it honestly wasn't her fault. She had been waiting outside his study for him to finish his call when she overheard his plans, which was why she had proceeded and shut the door quietly running towards their bedroom giddily upon hearing his plans for her birthday. Her neurotic control freak self was never into surprises but she had always adore his surprises mainly because he never ceased to take her breath away.

"Oh, I was hoping to keep it as a last surprise for your birthday," Klaus said sheepishly, running his hand through his hair. He hadn't brought up the reservation mainly because he didn't want her to think he was pressuring her for intimacy. He'd missed connecting with his wife on a physical level but he was also apprehensive given how much pain she'd just been through. He wouldn't forgive himself if he hurt her physically or emotionally, unintentionally or not.

"I'm not sorry for finding out," she turned to face him, placing her hand on his chest smiling coyly. "And I think you'll see that too." She added grinning with mischief. Caroline was going to take advantage of their time alone together, putting extra thought in what she had on under her dress. She had a feeling he would love it.

"I.." The Brit fumbled with his words at her sudden innuendo, not expecting it.

"You're going to love it," she teased her eyes twinkling. "I think it's about time we go and enjoy that suite you booked."

"Definitely," his head dipped and claimed her lips which she eagerly responded kiss for kiss, his hands tightening themselves around her waist pulling her flush against him.


"Klaus," Caroline chided softly as her husband continued to touch her all the way to the hotel.

"Yes my love," he answered, his voice rougher and lower with need, his stare was deep and hungry and they seemed to devour her face.

"People are staring." She had reservations about displaying too much PDA in fear of unwanted pictures or gossip but Klaus did not seem to care.

He was glad to step into an empty elevator, pushing her back against the wall the second the doors closed. He had kept his desire under control earlier but he couldn't contain it any longer. He captured her lips in a fiery kiss, pressing the hard planes of his body against her soft ones.

"You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this," he whispered placing open mouthed kisses along the slender column of her exposed throat. He could feel his manhood aching with need.

"I've missed this too," she sighed melting into his embrace, enjoying being in his arms again. She didn't realise the elevator had stopped, only following her husband as he impatiently tugged her into the direction to their suite.

"Bloody hell," the Brit hissed as he fumbled with the key card. It didn't help that her fingers had busied themselves to unbutton his shirt.

"Here let me," she offered equally impatient, her whole body flushed. She managed to unlock their room door and was pushed roughly against the door as it slammed shut.

Klaus captured her lips again in a passionate kiss, while his hands moved to unzip the zipper of her dress. She helped shimmied out of her dress and shrieked when he cupped her ass, lifting her up, her legs immediately wrapping around his waist as he carried them towards the large inviting bed.

"Blue really is your colour," he placed her gently on the bed before rolling them to pull her on top of him intent on admiring his beautiful sexy wife. The midnight blue lacy bra, the matching scrape of panties and the strappy garter combination accentuated every single inch of her, making him mad with desire.

"I chose this for you," she grinned pressing herself tightly against him.

Klaus could feel the puckered buds of her nipples through the thin lace and he groaned when she slyly shifted her hips, creating friction against his throbbing dick. "Fuck Caroline," he held her hips, rolling them around so that he was on top, in an attempt to stop her from teasing him further. The feel of her heated core against him driving him crazy.

"I know you enjoy this," she purred, his mouth snagging hers in another mind blowing kiss.

"Minx," he growled, his mouth slanting over hers as their tongues mated in a familiar dance as Klaus continued working his kisses down her slender neck sucking on her pulse point, aware it was one of her erogenous zones. "You look positively ravishing my love," he nibbled her neck, leaving his love mark.

"Nik," she moaned to the arousing love assault on her neck, her plan to seduce him quickly fading away. She could feel her panties growing damper at his ministrations, her nipples beginning to ache being encased in the tiny bra she had chosen. Her breasts had reduced a cup size since she stopped breastfeeding the twins three weeks ago and she was starting to feel more comfortable in her own skin. Bra shopping and being able to fit in sexy lingerie truly helped boost her confidence. "I want to pleasure you," she sighed as his hands moved to her back to deftly unclasped the constricting material.

"Later," he continued to kiss his way down her shoulder, the valley of her breasts before lowering his head and pulled a hard pebbled tip into his mouth.

She fisted his hair in surprise, "Klaus!"

He jerked his head, stopping. "Did I hurt you?"

"No, it feels good. Don't stop," she let out a shameless moan of pleasure, clutching his head against her chest rubbing herself against him.

Klaus grinned taking the sensitive tip back into his mouth, sucking and nipping lightly, his tongue flicking the area to soothe his bite. He had truly missed worshipping her breasts with his tongue. He'd been careful during the pregnancy due to how sensitive they were but now he could once again worship the twin peaks. Tonight was going to be a night all about his wife. He was going to cherish and worship every delectable inch of her that had given him the best joys of his existence. "You're so beautiful my love," his fingers squeezing her breasts enjoying how responsive she was to his touches.

She felt the familiar tugs of pressure building and intensifying within her, a tinge embarrassed at how quickly the dampness gathered between her thighs. She was horny and his precise kisses on her erogenous zones was making her wetter. The feel of his lips on her heated skin, the roughness of his stubble, it was all becoming too much and not enough all at the same time. "More," she begged, her fingers tugged against his messy curls as she lifted her hips and rubbed herself against the bulge in his pants. "Touch me."

"I am touching you," he murmured against the valley of her breasts, his thumb and finger rolling a nipple.

"You know what I mean," she glared at him taking charge, guiding his hand to her lace and satin covered core.

"Fuck," he swore at the welcoming dampness. "You're so wet." His fingers automatically slipping inside the thin barrier feeling bare skin. He'd never said it out loud but Klaus loved it when his wife was shaved. He loved being able to admire and taste every inch of her pink folds as he brought her towards the edge over and over again just with his tongue. Sometimes he found the experience better than sex itself.

"Ohh," she cried out as his fingers drew a line along her damp folds until he found her aching clit. Even through the damp silk lace, the stimulation was still intense. "God," she cried out when her husband's fingers found and curled around her sweet spot, massaging her with exquisite precision.

"So wet for me," Klaus groaned, his eyes darkening to the colour of a stormy sea as she arched into his touch. He moved his lips finding her breasts again, working her breasts with his fingers and mouth while his other hand continued to run his fingers over the slick flesh of her womanhood.

The sensations he was invoking in her was too much. Caroline was ready to beg for release as she wriggled her pelvis and attempted to guide him where she craved attention, but her husband had other plans for her. "Patience my love," Klaus started to pepper kisses downwards, leaving her firm mounds, moving slowly to nip the inner skin of her thighs. He'd been waiting for this moment for too long and he was going to ensure it will be an unforgettable one for them both. He was going to make love to his wife all night into the early hours of dawn, until they were both too satiated to move a muscle.

"Klaus," she whined with impatience shamelessly seeking more friction. They could go slow later, right now she just wanted to feel him inside her.

"I promise to make it worth your while," he dipped his head to inhale her wetness.

She quivered at his promise, knowing full well that he'll carry it out. She shuddered in anticipation when he caught the waist of her panties dragging the drenched scrape of fabric down her thighs. She watched in a daze as he threw her panties over the edge of the bed and settled himself comfortably between her thighs providing his mouth unimpeded access to the feast before him. She spread her thighs to give him better access.

"Keep them spread for me," he rubbed the tip of his nose inhaling her unique scent before licking her pussy from the bottom to top with a slow sensual stroke. "Mmmm," Klaus hummed in satisfaction loving the exquisite taste of her. He began with slow steady strokes, licking harder and faster while watching her reactions.

"Oh my god," Caroline gave out a sharp cry as Klaus tug her clit into his mouth sucking hard while pushing a finger inside.

"You feel amazing," he groaned surprised at how tight the walls of her vagina felt despite just having their twins. He began working his finger, in and out inside her while his tongue sucked her swollen clit.

"Ohhh," she gasped, her fingers fisting the satin duvet needing to hold onto something.

Klaus smiled his eyes transfixed on her expression, her mouth was opened and her eyes were squeezed shut. He also enjoyed the uninhibited moans she was emitting. He was glad that he'd arranged their first physical time together after the pregnancy at a hotel suite as her loud high pitched moans would have surely woken up the twins. He continued teasing her, adding another finger pumping in and out at a leisure pace as he found her clit again with his mouth.

"Klaus..I'm going to—" she let out a shrill cry, her hand itself in his hair as he went directly for her clit, giving her the release she craved by pressing against her sweet spot. She came on his tongue seconds later, her pussy tightly clenching around her husband's skilful fingers.

His tongue eagerly lapped up her sweet juices while his fingers stayed busy inside of her drawing out her release. "I've definitely been deprived of your taste for too long," he grumbled licking and sucking her juices, not letting a drop go to waste, watching as her body relaxed from the tension of her orgasm.

"Wow," she writhed her voice hoarse, her gaze fixed on her husband, watching him sucking on his fingers.

"You taste divine," he murmured against her skin continuing to nuzzle her flushed pink skin.

"Klaus, I.." Once again her brain couldn't form a coherent sentence as her husband went back to another round of his exquisite ministrations. Before the aftershocks of her first orgasm could subside, she was already brought on the verge of her second one. Damn him and his talented tongue! She lasted a minute or so before she was once again screaming, her second orgasm came crashing through her like a tsunami, leaving her limp.

He lapped at her through the aftermath tremors of her climax, his hands holding onto her hips to keep her steady. "I could do this all day," he smiled placing a kiss on her swollen nub before pulling himself up to kiss her, letting her taste herself.


"Klaus," she threaded her fingers in his hair, "You have too many clothes on," she continued a bit breathless.

"We'll have to rectify that won't we," he slipped his jacket off and the already unbuttoned shirt came off immediately after with his wife's help. "Eager aren't we?" he teased with a smile.

"Shut up. Pants off now," the blonde commanded watching him with hungry eyes.

"As my lady wishes," he smirked, doing as he was told, undoing his pants and boxers to release his hard erection from its confines.

Caroline was just about to remove her garter belt and her hose when Klaus stopped her. "Leave them on," he said huskily loving how sexy she looked laying naked except for the two skimpy pieces of clothing. He bent down capturing her lips in an open mouthed drugging kiss, sucking her tongue hard. He only broke the kiss to settle himself between her legs, raising her legs to straddle his shoulders.

"Klaus, wait.." Caroline shifted freezing, remembering something through the haze of desire, stopping him just short of entering her.

"What's wrong?" He frowned looking at her confused, his muscles tense. Did she not want to continue anymore?

"Condom. Klaus we need a condom," she managed with a faint blush embarrassed at her request. They've never used a condom together before even when they first got together, as she'd always been on the pill. But she hadn't gone back to the pill since giving birth and Caroline was concerned that she could get pregnant again, considering how insatiable both their sexual appetite was. And she was in no way ready to go through labour again, not so soon anyway.


"I'm not on the pill," she explained. "And I don't think either one of us is ready for another baby."

Realisation dawned on him at her explanation. "Condom," he repeated. And he didn't have one. He stopped keeping one in his wallet since they got together, he was never ever going to cheat on his wife and Caroline had been on the pill. "I don't have one," he looked dismayed drawing away from her.

"Luckily I do," she grinned glad that she'd come prepared. "It's in my clutch." She chuckled watching her husband snatching her discarded purse near the foot of the bed with a huge smile on his face.

"Love," he held the box of condom he pulled out of her purse impressed and ecstatic that he could go ahead with his plan of making love with his wife till dawn. "I see you've come well-prepared."

"We both waited long enough," she grinned a wicked sexy grin taking the box from him, eagerly ripping it with one hand while the other stroked his hard erection.

"Indeed," he murmured with a pleasurable hum. He watched his wife ripped the foil wrapper rolling the condom over his length, "A perfect fit." He pushed her back down on the bed carefully, crawling back until his body was hovering over hers, holding himself up with his forearms. "I love you," he gazed intently at her darken blue orbs, his voice deep and husky.

"I love you too," she smiled wrapping her legs around his waist as he positioned himself at her entrance. "Klaus," she whimpered when he moved his cock along the wetness of her slit not entering her.

"Tell me if it hurts," he breathed out, his tone serious as he lined himself up at her entrance. Klaus entered her slowly, inch by inch until he filled her to the hilt. "Are you okay?" He asked stopping all movement, letting her accommodate and stretch around him. It felt different having the barrier of the condom between them but he was still amazed at the incredible completeness of being embedded deep inside her.

"I'm fine," she moaned enjoying the deep pleasurable penetration. She was more than fine actually. "Please move," she prompted seconds later feeling her pussy adjusting to his member.

Klaus slowly pulled out leaving the tip teasing her entrance before sliding back in. His gaze never left hers as he thrusted in and out of her soaked pussy in a sensual steady rhythm. "Damn, you feel fucking amazing," he groaned gruffly pounding into her with precision, hitting her sweet spot with every thrust, her hips rocking to meet his every movement.

She tried to keep her eyes opened. She really did, wanting to see him and his impressive length moving in and out of her but the desire he ignited in her was too powerful as each forceful lunge brought her close and closer to the precipice of another mind numbing release. Her nails dug into his biceps making marks which he didn't seem to care. "Ohhh..right there, don't stop." Maybe because they hadn't had intercourse for some time now, but she'd never felt more turned on in her entire life and she couldn't seem to do anything but arch and writhe beneath him.

"You're perfect," he growled thrusting steadily in her, his face tight and intense, his eyes possessively holding her captive.

"I'm close Nik," Caroline trailed off rocking her hips, his cock hitting her sweet spot making her see stars, her pussy clenching around him. It truly felt like she was a reborn virgin. It felt wonderful even with the condom barrier. "Oh God," she gasped as Klaus adjusted their positions, holding one of her legs bent up near her shoulder while he adjusted the other higher on his waist.

He loved how flexible his wife was, it'd been something he'd missed when she was heavily pregnant and they'd stopped being adventurous by trying different sexual positions. He knew just the position that would drive her overwhelmed with pleasure. "Yes! Come for me my love," he grunted hoarsely, his features tight as the motion of his hips became fast and urgent, not holding himself back, his hand finding and circled her clit with the pad of his thumb, knowing it was the push for her to tumble over the edge.

"Klaus!" Caroline cried out abruptly, her fingers clawed at the skin of his back, her climax came slicing through her, leaving her breathless and shuddering as the pleasure pulsed through her.

"Fuck Caroline," he roared primitively like it was ripped out from his throat, his eyes never leaving her face. It was too heavenly, her intimate muscles pulsating and clamping around his member. His hips worked even faster, the bed rocking with their motion. "I'm going to come," he warned in a choked noise as Caroline continued to rock steadily beneath his trusts, matching his rhythm.

He froze momentarily inside her, his face twisting in pleasure as he choked out her name, his body shuddering as he came hard, his body releasing the months long pent up tension, falling on top of his wife.

"Oh Wow," Caroline panted her body strumming with pleasure as she gradually came down from her high.

"Wow indeed," he pulled out and rolled off his wife, collapsing beside her pulling her close, his breath hot and heavy, his skin slicked with perspiration.

"That was amazing," she croaked slightly, her voice hoarse from screaming and her pussy sore from the vigorous penetration though not minding it the slightest. "I love you," she hummed, drawing circles on the infinity tattoo of her inked on his skin, the other played with his stubble loving the texture it tickling beneath her fingers. She truly hoped that at least one of their twins will inherit his dimples and his natural curls. She'd seen childhood pictures of her husband and he was too cute with dimples and a mop of unruly dark blond curls. She could already see the resemblance of Nathaniel in him.

"And I love you, irrevocably," he rasped, his face buried in her hair breathing in the scent of their mingled scent.

"Hmmm…" she hummed sated for the time being, curling into his hard body, her own still shuddering from the lingering pleasure.

"Love," he muttered with a lazy smile gradually disentangling their bodies much to her protest. "The condom," he reminded her heaving himself up with some effort to take care of the condom.

He returned only to have his wife scoot onto his lap straddling him. "I could go for another round," she smirked caressing her way down his chest, reaching for his half erect shaft causing him to groan. She was still craving for her husband's touch despite the multiple explosive orgasms, call her insatiable but she wanted to make up for the months they'd lost.

"I'm in no position to refuse," he pulled her into a hungry kiss, his hand moving to nightstand to grab another condom ready to pleasure his wife. He did have a whole night planned out to cherish and pleasure her after all.

"Let me take care of you," she hummed scooting off his lap adjusting herself so that she was nestled between his thighs.

"You don't have to—" he began, his words cut off suddenly when she bent down and took him in her mouth. "Bloody hell," he cursed his fingers tangling themselves in her hair. She really was too stubborn for her own good, though he couldn't really complain given how elated it felt. He was always a very generous giver of oral sex, never expecting her to return the favour but she always loved to surprise him. It wasn't if he didn't enjoy oral sex, he did a lot, but it always just made him lose control rather quickly, wanting to taste every inch of her husband.

She hummed around his shaft, taking it deeper inch by inch into the recesses of her mouth, relaxing her jaw and throat. Caroline wrapped her fingers around the base of him, fondling them as she continued to suck him deeper.

"Fuck, sweetheart," Klaus hissed his breathing ragged, his hands tangling themselves in her hair, guiding her with the rhythm she'd established. His cock throbbed hard, fully erect while watching her hollowing her cheeks and bobbing her head around him with the skills of an expert. She truly had a talented mouth and he was glad that she was his and his alone. "That feels bloody amazing," he groaned watching her pulling back to lick his pre-cum off the tip.

"Hmm," she hummed again, sucking him a little deeper while her hands squeezed his balls a little harder, intensifying her rhythm a little at a time. Caroline enjoyed having the feeling of power over him, loving his unique taste and his lustful hooded gaze.

"Love, if you don't stop, I'm going to come..." He inhaled sharply, his body tense hips jerking, feeling close to his release. "Caroline," he groaned, his hands fisting in her hair to guide her up. He wanted to feel her warm heat wrapped around him when he came.

Caroline released his member with a pop, pouting slightly as he lifted her up so she was straddling him. "I was enjoying that," she rasped greedily watching him roll on another condom.

"Later, you can suck my cock while you straddle my face so I can taste your pretty pussy again," he promised darkly. She felt her pussy clenched at his graphic suggestions already looking forward to it.

"Sweetheart, I need to be inside you now," he gripped her waist lifting her to straddle him. "Ride me," he ordered, positioning himself before easing her down onto his throbbing erection. They both moaned at the same time when Caroline slid down on his hardness gyrating her hips experimentally. "Fuck.." he growled.

She slowly began to move on him as Klaus guided her with his hands on her hips quickly creating a quick tempo. She enjoyed her husband taking charge but on occasion she also liked how he would encourage her to take charge. She wrapped her hands around his shoulders for support, sliding up and down on his cock with ease.

His mouth busied itself by sucking her nipples nibbling and laving the pink tips as her moans grew more urgent. His wife was beautiful, in that position she was an absolute vision to behold. He forced himself to hold back his release wanting to savour the moment and the view for as long as he possibly could. "Yes sweetheart. Just like that."

Caroline felt another climax building, this one even stronger and deeper than the last few as she found the right angel to produce the best friction, giving them both what they needed. "I'm so close, Klaus" she whimpered her breathing harsh.

Klaus continued to thrust up increasing the urgency, pushing himself deeper wanting them to reach the peak together. "Come with me," he huffed, his hands aiding her pulling her down with each plunge, seating himself deeper inside her.

She became undone the moment Klaus pinched her clit, her back arching with a sharp cry. "Klaus!" Caroline moaned, her finger nails dug into his shoulder blades.

He releases into her seconds later, his control snapping as her pussy constricted around him, her muscles spasming and milking him dry. They came together and Caroline fell and draped over her husband panting, their bodies still trembling against one another.


"You owe me fifty bucks," Rebekah said as her boyfriend strolled into their kitchen looking exhausted.

"Ssssh, I just put Briana down." He'd drawn the shorter end of the straw and was responsible for his niece which was the louder twin out of the pair. It was only nine in the morning and Stefan was on his fourth cup of coffee already. He'd woken up repeatedly during the night as Briana fidgeted and cried throughout the night. His niece was not fairing well with being separated from her parents.

"Well, a bet is a bet. I told you Caroline would cave into Nik's charms, though I hope they return soon. You seem like you could really use a nap," she said feeling slightly sympathetic though still grateful that Nathaniel had been a quiet unfussy baby.

"I guess your brother did manage to calm and divert her attentions after all. Although I have no interest to know how he did it," he wrinkled his nose having a good idea what the pair were up to. He had no interest to know about his baby sister's sex life.

"Well, they truly needed the break. They seem to be having a hard time adjusting so hopefully our little plan did help them." Rebekah mused taking a sip of her English breakfast tea. It was the least she could do to help her brother salvage his marriage.

"Oh, I have no doubts that he did. They'll be returning here with smiles on their faces."

"Most definitely," the younger Mikaelson nodded remembering how loud they were back in London. Her teenage years had shown her that her brother had a healthy sexual appetite that he indulged frequently and it seemed that Caroline enjoyed sex just as much. "We could always take them out to the park for some fresh air while waiting," Rebekah suggested remembering how much the kids she used to babysit enjoyed that.

"I need coffee and breakfast first," Stefan groaned rubbing the sleep from his eyes gently.

It was after lunch time when Klaus and Caroline showed up again, both with smiles on their faces like Stefan predicted. "Sorry we're late," Klaus handed his sister a bag. "We bought some takeout for lunch."

"Uh-huh," his sister snorted not believing that was the main reason for their lateness.

"Thanks for having them for the night again," Caroline pulled the younger blonde into a hug. "You both are truly the best."

"Don't mention it," Rebekah beamed happy for the married pair. She could tell that their night alone had worked wonders on their marriage. They were both beaming and appeared more loving than ever.

"I hope they weren't too much of a handful?" Klaus asked softly, treading to the guest room where their babies were napping. He peered at the sleeping pair then back to his brother in law who looked exhausted.

"Nate was perfect but Brianna appeared to have a hard time coping. She was fussy but we'd managed."

Klaus patted Stefan's back with a big thump, "She can be quite a handful. Just like her mother," he joked winking at his wife who gaped at him in shock.

"That's all your pool genes Mikaelson, not ours," Caroline chuckled with mirth defending her older brother proudly. She had a feeling Briana was going to be a handful when she was older. Klaus was in for one hell of a ride.

"Thanks again for everything," she beamed as the four of them returned to the living room, giving the babies their needed naps.

"You should get Damon to babysit next time round. He's been complaining that he doesn't get to see his niece and nephew often enough," Stefan offered with a grin.

"I don't think Damon's ready to handle the two of them. One maybe…" Caroline trailed off thinking about her oldest brother. "Though I guess since Lena is there, it wouldn't be too bad."

"He's going to spoil them rotten," Stefan added knowingly. He had been there helping Damon to bring up Caroline and Damon had been a push over, practically giving the younger blonde everything she wanted.

"Klaus is too," Caroline chuckled looking at her husband teasingly. "And don't get me started with his over protectiveness," she looked at her husband knowingly. Her husband remained constantly protective of her and Caroline was a full grown woman. "He's vowed to put an end to anyone that ever hurts our baby girl," she chuckled thinking of the nights where she stumbled upon the sight of her husband sitting in the nursery staring at their twins. "She's already has him wrapped around her little finger."

"You and Nate also have me wrapped around your little fingers and love you know that that will never change," he wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her body up against his and kissed her neck and shoulder.

"You both are nauseatingly sweet," Rebekah pretended to gag but was delighted that they were all happy. She herself couldn't wait to shower her niece and nephew with love and gifts. The pair were truly going to be spoilt rotten between the Salvatores and the Mikaelsons.


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