A/N: This is basically the thoughts running through Sam's head when he was RoboSam and watching Dean get turned into a vampire. 100 words on the dot I think. A challenge given to me by the wonderful and awesome Chick Feed. Go check out her stories. She is amazing!

Hope I lived up to the challenge.

Hesitation. Uncertainty. These caused Sam to stop in his tracks.

He looked up at Dean who was trying to fend off a vampire.


I should go help him.

Why? He can take care of himself. He's said so a lot of times.

But what if he gets turned?

Even better. It'll be easier to gank the nest if Dean is one of them.

But...he's my brother; my family...right?

True. But he'll understand. The case is more important.


Every soulful thought was over-ridden by soulless, emotionless thoughts.

Sam watched with a mysterious glint in his eyes as Dean was turned.

He didn't care.

Well? Did I do good? I've just started attempting drabbles so sorry if I'm a little off.