White walls and the smell of disinfectant was an all too familiar setting for Lauren and Joey, the dull sounds of machinery beeped in the back ground. Joey rushed to his feet as his wife woke on the bed.

"Hey baby…god you scared me." Lauren watched as the relief took over his stressed face, his lips pressed firmly to her forehead and lingered there. Her eyes closed tightly at the contact, the memories of what had happened flooding back to her, although she was unsure of what exactly had happened. "Let me get the doctor baby, ok?" He reluctantly slid his hand from hers and felt so guilty as he could see the heart rate monitor increase as he broke contact.

Seconds later he was back in the room. Lauren had been placed in a private room out of the way, because of what had happened the doctors had said it was better for her to be in a private room.

"Joe…" she whispered

"I'm right here baby" He kissed brought her hand to his lips reassuring her he was there. A few tears escaped her eyes. "Come on none of that" he soothed her wiping the tears swiftly away. "Can you remember what happened Lo?" she nodded. Great, he was hoping she hadn't remembered, he knew it was a long shot but hey it was worth a go.

As joey was about to speak the doctor came in smiling at the two youngsters in the room. "How we feeling Lauren?" he lifted some files from the end of her bed placing a few notes down as he read the readings from the surrounding machines.

"Sore…" The doctor smiled weakly at her.

"I'm not surprised, you had a bit of a battle, has your husband explain what happened?" He looked from Joey to Lauren.

"I was just about to… but she remembers" he looked at Lauren squeezing her hand tightly. "I'm right here baby." He was merely repeating the words he'd said only moments ago but she needed reassuring.

"Ok Lauren… you've suffered quite a bit of blood loss, after you gave birth you started to haemorrhage, do you know what that is ?" she nodded weakly in response and the doctor saw the fear in her eyes when there was no baby In the room. "You remember giving birth Lauren?" she again nodded

"And being taken out of here it hazy…" she whispered, the tears brimming once again in her eyes.

"It's good you remember Lauren, so you know you had a difficult birth, baby was breech as we expected, but you did fantastically well bringing your daughter safely into the world." The doctor went on to explain what had happened and it seemed she wasn't paying much attention, her eyes permanently glued to Joey as he nodded in response to the doctor. She managed to ascertain that she'd had a daughter; who's weight health or anything was completely unknown to her, and then after she'd given birth she'd had a haemorrhage and had needed surgery. She'd figured she'd been unconscious or sleeping for some time as the clock that was annoying ticking away, showed half 6 am and she was sure of one thing that she'd given birth at 1pm.

"A girl…" she breathed looking at joey with a slight smile

"Yes beautiful, we have a daughter, the most beautiful girl I've ever seen, just like her Mum" unknown to the pair the doctor had slipped out the room, understanding the two of them needed some time alone.

"Is she ok?"

"She's perfect Lo, a good weight too 6lbs 4oz" Joey saw her looking around and he know what she was about to ask next "she's in the nursery with the midwives, she was a bit shocked at first, but she's fine now."

"Can I see her please?" Joey smiled at her request; she was like a shy child asking for some sweets.

"Midwives are bringing her in, she can stay in here now your awake." Lauren nodded and sighed, pushing herself up against the pillows. "You have no idea how proud of you I am baby. You were so brave." Lauren remained silent, just listening to Joey's heartbeat where her ear lay on his chest. His fingers brushed through her hair.

"Scared now though" Joey knew she was, he was just waiting for her to admit it. With time he'd learnt that you should never push Lauren to talk, she'd tell you when she was ready, and nine times out of ten, she would tell him. He laughed slightly remembering the one time she wouldn't tell him.

He had arrived home late from work to find Noah sitting on the sofa with his Nanny Tanya. Immediately joey knew something was wrong. He'd asked what was going on and received the most cryptic answer. "She called me about 3 hours ago, saying she wanted to talk, I got here and she'd been crying. As soon as I walked through the door she shoved Noah into my arms and she's shut herself in the bedroom ever since."

Joey had responded with in seconds and was showering his son with hugs and kisses before her proceeded to try and coax Lauren from their room. "Lauren baby… are you ok?" having got no response he simply tried until he did. He'd tried talking about their wedding, something which she'd always get animated about. They'd been married for just over 2 months now and yet they still got excited about it like it was yesterday. Eventually it had clicked what was eating her up. "Come on baby I know what this is about" he remained silent leaning against the wall.

The lock chinked open and Lauren appeared in the doorway sobbing "you know?" joey simply nodded

"I've suspected for weeks baby… but I didn't want to say anything, you know your body better than anyone and you didn't seem to have any concerns" He remembers her breaking down on him completely and then she spoke those couple of words which she'd just said 7 months later.

"I'm scared".

He was brought back from reminiscing when Lauren shifted into his arms a little. "You remember what I said when you found out you were pregnant and told me you were scared?" she nodded smiling weakly "Well the exact same applies now baby… and always will. I love you and always will, I'm here every single step of the way, when you're scared I'll tell the same thing… Being scared is nothing to be afraid of it makes us human, if we never fear, we have nothing to fight do we?" it was something his mum had always told him when he was younger.

"We'll be alright though wont we Joey, you're not going to leave?" he quickly gathered her into his arms he know after returning almost 2 years ago she always had the fear he would leave.

"No baby I'm never leaving you again, you're for keeps" Their attention turned to the door as a midwife pushed the plastic cot into the room.

"Here we go Mummy, meet your baby girl." Lauren stared down at the little bundle swaddled tightly in a blanket she recognised as one they'd brought from home. "She's had a quick feed but if your happy to Lauren, your free to feed her when you feel the need. She's all yours" the midwife left them alone again.

Lauren gently traced her finger down the side of her daughters face, seeing her wriggle beneath her touch. She was so small and looked minute compared to Noah, then again, it had been a long time since Noah was a baby. He was now a very active 2 and half year old.

"Here" Joey scooped his daughter into his arms, softly kissing her forehead before handing her over to Lauren "This is your amazing Mummy baby girl"

"Hello beautiful" Lauren bounced the infant in her arms as her eyes opened and connected with hers "hi, oh that was a big yawn" she giggled holding tight their new addition. She looked at Joey seeing the pride on his face as clear as day.

"Do we have a name ?" Joey questioned

Lauren glanced down at her daughter and shook her head "No, but I think it's your turn, I named Noah" she replied still totally smitten with the baby in her arms

"ye after bloody Noah and the whale" he laughed receiving an eye roll form his wife.

"so what we like the band, plus their song reminds me of us… it was playing on the radio when we first kissed, so it kind of fitted." She didn't look but sensed Joey had nodded.

"We could always go with another song related name, like our wedding song or something?"

"Joey we are not calling her bloody Labrinth!" Lauren protested

"No" He chuckled, Lauren had obviously missed his suggestion "we danced to see beneath your beautiful, Emeli Sandé also sang that song… so what about Emeli?" he posed

"I like it, Emeli Branning… I think she likes" Lauren smiled as Emeli murmured.

A few hours later The rest of the Branning's had paid their visits and had dispensed Noah back to his parents, who because of special circumstances had been given permission for him to stay at the hospital with Joey and Lauren.

"Hello baby boy, Mummy's missed you" she smiled hearing his giggles

Noah sat, perched on his father's knee, eating a packet of Jelly Tots as a treat. "Daddy… Mommy holding baby?"

Lauren smiled at her son and then to Joey "Ye son, Mummy's got your little sister, Emeli. Do you want to say hi?"

Noah hesitated a little before looking at Joey, Noah groaned and looked more over to his Mum "Emeli?" he questioned

"Yep that right clever man" Noah slid from his father lap and stood on the floor peering through his lashes at the baby. "You want to see?" Noah nodded quickly as Joey placed him on the side of the bed next to Lauren. He stilled for a second before cautiously laying his head on Laurens shoulder.

"Love you Mummy and Daddy"

"Love you too Noah" she kissed his head softly and smiled when he whispered into her ear. "You can tell her then"

"What did he say?" joey asked a slight amused look on his face. However Lauren didn't need to answer as his son repeated what he'd just said.

"Love you too Emeli"

It was easy to see how perfect the scene was. It was meant to be, what started out as nameless feeling had somewhere along the lines become so much more. If you asked Joey and Lauren they'd probably still say their feeling were nameless, what they had was so much more than love… but if there had to be a label that was truly it.

And so that's the end :( thanks so much to every single person that's reviewed and stuck with this story, my new one will be up either later tonight or Monday enjoy !