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The Boy in the Church

Ada was six, and today… today she was getting married.

She giggled as she put the finished crown of white flowers on the blond curls on her head and spun around, pretending her blue dress with yellow sunflowers was a wedding dress like the one Mama had worn in her picture.

Beaming, she skipped down the aisle, humming the wedding march and throwing the leftover white flowers out to either side of her. Even though Ada was the bride, she was also the flower girl.

And the ring bearer.

As the last of the flowers rained down around her in a soft shower of snow she giggled and took out the ring in her little purse. She cleared her throat and looked around at the guests, who smiled encouragingly at her. All furry seven of them.

Ada took a deep breath and smoothed out her dress. She was also the priest.

"Today is a, is a ce-cere-ceremon—today is going to be a good day!" she finished, nodding at the silence that took hold when her words stopped echoing in the cathedral. One of her plush toys fell off the bench, but other than that it was still.

"Since today is a good day, I… I'm going to get married, like Papa and Mama. And I'm going to… going to make lots of babies, with… with—"


She stopped and didn't say the name. When she turned around and saw the boy, who was only two years older than her, she scowled. "Only the husband can see me!" she yelled as she pushed him away. The boy gave her a scared look before he looked up at the altar. "Ada, you have to get out."

Her eyes started tearing up. "No, you get out! I already told you, I'm marrying someone else! He's gonna be here in a minute, so you have to find you a new wife!"

"I know, that's why—Ada, stop." She cried when he grabbed her arm and pushed her away, and when he opened his mouth again he said—

"You're not supposed to be here."

"Yeah. What of it, Devoir?"

"You looking to get a punishment so soon after your attempt last night?"

Languidly, as if she had no cares in the world, Adaia opened her eyes and looked up at the person before her. The light falling in through the stained glass windows hit her right in the eye, and she had to wait a moment before his features became clear, but she knew that face by memory.

Curling black hair, deep blue eyes and sinfully full lips that rested atop a tall, lean frame of creamy white skin—Michael Devoir was the most lusted-after person in the orphanage. And not just by the females, though the men would never admit it. Eternal damnation and all that other religious rot was more prescient and damning when you actually lived in a church.

"Thanks for the heads up. If I'd known it was a mortal sin to pray in a church, I wouldn't have bothered coming."

Adaia's eyes narrowed as Devoir leaned over and put his hands on either side of her, not quite touching her legs but close enough that contact would be unavoidable if she got up. Not that she was going to. This place was hers, had been hers before he'd ever come along, and damn if she was going to give it up to the guy that had stopped her wedding, even if he was tempting as hell.

"I didn't think you were one for prayer, but… if you want absolution of sin, you can just come to me," he laughed. "After all, I almost died because of you and your husband."

"You are a liar." They'd never married—he'd seen to that.

Adaia snorted and rolled her eyes when Devoir tilted his head and laughed. "It can't be helped. You made me this way."

"You did that yourself, not me."

Adaia scowled when he grabbed her wrists and moved her to a horizontal position on the bench, with one of his knees forcing legs apart. "This is all you then."

She frowned when he buried his face in the crook of her neck and nuzzled against the blond curls and pale skin. "Devoirs—"

"You have a heady scent," he murmured. "Like the candy we used to eat together. I wonder, though…" Adaia forced her muscles to relax when he grazed his lips lightly over her skin and make a long, lazy line down the curve of her neck and along her collarbone and…

She sharply inhaled when Devoirs pushed up the cloth of her belly and exposed her midriff and a little more up top. Her body shook as warm breath tickled her bare skin and he lowered his head to the dip in between her breasts.

And then he licked her.

"Yes," he sighed. "You're sweet, Ada. So very, very sweet," he murmured, laying his head on her stomach. "Not like the inside at all."

She rolled her eyes and fought off the urge to knead his balls into dough with her knees. "If I were bitter inside and out, no one would be able to stand me."

"I would," he murmured, nuzzling her belly again as he did, and it was her turn to sigh. "You're not the one that matters though." Not anymore.

Devoirs stilled.

"Oh? Who is it then?" She sat up and lowered her shirt as he pulled back and sneered at her. "What are you waiting for? He's not going to come for you. It's been years and years. The guy you're waiting for is dead."

"So what if he is?" He wasn't. They wouldn't let him. "I'm not, and it was a promise." Until death do us part, they'd said.

Something dark and ugly flashed across his face, and he pushed up off of her completely. "You're a fool for wanting and waiting."

She smirked as he turned and walked away. "What does that make you then?"

"I don't lie to myself about what I am or what I want. Can you say the same?"

The doors to the cathedral slammed shut before she could answer—not that she would have—and she laid back against the pew with an exasperated sigh. Courting danger sure did take its toll on a girl, though she wasn't as tired as she should have been. Thanks to that idiot.

What he'd said had struck true though. Adaia was like her male inmates in that sense—she would never, ever admit to wanting Devoir. You were supposed to reap what you sow, but to indulge in the rotten fruit of your sins was like asking the Sadist upstairs for more guilty pleasures for your masochistic ways, and she was damned enough as it was without Devoirs having to add more to the bounty he'd already given her.


She sent a scowl over her shoulder to the guard dog that had spoken. "What do you want?"

"If you're done with today's prayer, the Father would like to speak to you."

She heaved another sigh and got to her feet. At least she hadn't given in to that black-haired fool.


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