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Taki's as it turns out, was a diner only a few blocks away from NYU. A small low building with the paint peeling off revealing the chipped red bricks underneath with a green fluorescent light sign over the door that read "OPEN" which was flickering every few seconds, Clary loved it immediately. Not in some 'art-kids-love-run-down-buildings-because-it's-so-inspiring' kind of way. It just felt right to her.

It had taken them less than 15 minutes to walk over and Clary had marveled to herself at how some girls, namely Isabelle, could walk around all day in such high heels and never once complain about the aching feet. The longest Clary had ever worn heels for was 40 minutes at one of her mother's art exhibitions thinking the whole time that she might break her ankles.

Isabelle on the other hand, looked like she could either be going to lunch with her friends or on her way to assassinate someone.

Jonathan had been walking next to her, smiling at her every now and then but was quiet most of the time. He seemed to be pondering on something and Clary wondered if he was starting to think that inviting her to lunch with them was a mistake.

The thought made her stomach lurch so she tried to divert her attention elsewhere. Jace and Alec were walking slightly ahead of them and Alec seemed to be telling Jace about someone in his class. In any case, it felt a bit wrong to eavesdrop and so opted instead to tune out everything around her.

She wondered what her mother was doing right now.

Probably worrying about me, she thought.

Ever since Clary could remember, Jocelyn had always been protective over her. A little overprotective, Clary felt. Every scraped knee, every cut or bruise, she was always there.

When she was sixteen, Clary decided to rebel against her mother by going to Pandemonium every Saturday with Simon but Jocelyn never snapped at her for it. Not once. The only thing Clary succeeded in doing was making her mother worry from the time she left until she came home which only left Clary feeling guilty.

Soon after, Clary stopped going to Pandemonium and mostly went out with Simon whenever the band had a gig or sometimes to one of Erik's god awful poetry readings.

Then everything changed. She stopped going out entirely. She only left her room only for school and even that took a lot of coaxing from her mother. Other than school, there was of course her weekly therapy sessions which she hated. She didn't want to discuss Simon. She didn't want to talk about that night. She didn't want to bring any of it up at all, ever.

She just wanted t-

"Clary? Clary?" she heard someone say her name but it was like hearing it from the other end of a tunnel. Her vision was blurring and her oxygen consumption was coming in short intakes of breath.

Gripping her hands into fists at her sides, she felt her nails pierce the skin of her palms.

The pain jolted her back and her vision was slowly coming into focus and the noise of New York City traffic assaulted her ears once more.

"Clary, are you alright?" It was Jace. It had been Jace who was talking to her.

She looked around her and saw that they were at the diner and the others had already gone in. It was only Jace and her standing outside the door.

"I'm fine," she assured him.

Great, this is fan-flipping-tastic. It's Jace. Of course it has to be Jace. Who else would it be if not Jace?

Why do I care that it's Jace?

"No, you're not."

"Then why did you bother asking me if I'm alright if you've decided my state of mind for yourself," she snapped at him though it wasn't venomous.

It was tired. Resigned.

"Look, I won't mention it to the others, alright? Our secret," he said, smiling at her.

Not a grin. Not a smirk. A genuine smile.

"Thanks," she mumbled.

"Shall we?" he said, pulling the handle on the door open.

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