A Lack of Color

If you feel discouraged
That there's a lack of color here
Please don't worry lover
It's really bursting at the seams
For absorbing everything
The spectrum's a to z

Hey everybody! I'm baaaaaack! Sorry for canceling Just Ride. If you'd like to finish it, I handed it off to TheKiller1227. She was kind enough to offer to adopt my story, so this is a shout-out to her! Thanks gurl! So in some of my authors notes from Just Ride, I believe I announced that I was writing a story and it would be coming out in March... I think... Anyways, I was super busy with school so I never started on it, but here it is!

Disclaimer: I do not own the Hunger Games.

"Shorty get down, good Lord. Baby got 'em open all over town, strictly biz she don't play around, cover much ground, got game by the pound". Clove sang in the small bathroom of her roomy house. She was sitting on the toilet with her laptop on sink counter watching 'Pitch Perfect' while painting her nails a soft brown color. "Gettin' paid is her forte, each and every day, true player way, I can't get her outta my mind, I think about the girl all the time."

"CLOVE LORENE MCPHILLIPS, get your ugly ass down here at once!"

Clove rolled her eyes and screwed the brush back on her nail polish bottle. She switched off the fan in front of her and slipped on her flip flops. She walked down two flights of stairs, for her large room was up in the attic. She entered her living room to find her young aunt, Enobaria, sprawled across the carpet with a large bag of Swedish Fish resting on her stomach.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?"

"Hmm? Mphphrphr phrphr mmmr."

"What? Those are mine!"

"It doesn't matter, I'll buy you another bag later, you have to be at Panem at three thirty, right?"

Clove looked above the television, where the clock was perched. The glowing red digits read 3:10.

"Oh shoot! I totally forgot! Damn!" Clove booked it upstairs into her room to change into a pair of shorts and an over sized Jack's Mannequin T-Shirt.

She ran downstairs to find the kitchen completely empty.

"Where the hell…"

"I'm over here! Get in the car bitch!"

Clove grabbed her duffel bag and dashed out the door into the car, "Why aren't you going?!"

"Seat belt dumbass."

"Geez, language woman. Why does my mother trust you with me?"

"I have no idea," Enobaria mumbled.

Clove scoffed and slipped on her socks and running shoes. For the rest of the car ride, the two sat in silence listening to their All Time Low CD.

"Mama's home bitcheeez!" hollered Clove as she burst into the north gym at Panem high school.

"You have such a big mouth for a tiny freshman," said Glimmer. Clove merely shrugged and shot her a big grin.

Months ago, Clove went to a meeting for incoming freshmen interested in sports. In the quad were different groups of sports. She had met Glimmer and the rest of the girl's junior varsity soccer team in front of their stand where they were handing out brochures. Glimmer had seen her and pulled her aside right away. She was overly friendly from the start, and forced Clove to try out. The two girls kept in contact ever since and occasionally got lunch together.

"Girlie! Over here!" Glimmer ushered Clove to a large group.

"Hello young ones! My name is Cashmere, I'm a senior, and I'm captain of the girl's varsity soccer team. You probably won't see me around this year because freshmen aren't able to try out for the varsity team. But here at Panem high, we have three different soccer teams: a freshman team, which most of you will make, a junior varsity team which only a few of you will make, and a varsity team, which none of you will be on. Anyways, let's get on with the introductions" said a girl that looked like an older version of Glimmer.

"I'm Thresh, I'm a junior, and I'm boy's varsity captain."

"My name is Johanna, I'm a junior, I'm girl's junior varsity captain."

"Hey, I'm Cato, I'm extremely sexy, and I'm boy's junior varsity captain."

"You wish Chewbacca" scoffed a girl in the crowd. Cato shot her an offended look and flared his nostrils at her.

A red-headed girl cleared her throat and stood up. "I'm Jackie, I'm a sophomore, and I'm the treasurer for the soccer department. I take care of the money that is given to us through fundraisers and donations, and use those to purchase equipment and new uniforms for the JV and varsity teams."

"Alright crew! We're going to head towards the field and gather into small groups of seven," Johanna announced.

Clove made her way through the crowd to look for her friend, Annie Cresta who was also planning on joining soccer. Once the girls found each other, they started to form a team. So far, it was Clove, Annie, a sophomore named Katniss, Katniss' friends: Jackie and Madge. Clove looked across the field and to her dismay found that Glimmer and Johanna already formed groups with their upperclassman friends. So she found random people who were standing around, too shy to form their own groups: Ian and Ethan. (A.N. they're just random characters I came up with, so they're unimportant to the story)

On the other side of the field, Cato was still forming his team: Peeta, Rye, Marvel, Thresh, Gale, Johanna, and Cashmere.

Once everyone was finished and in groups, Johanna directed them, "Alright people! Now have your group pair up with another group because we're playing a seven-seven soccer game!" (A.N. Yeah, I know soccer teams usually have eleven players on the field, but I felt that adding other random characters would confuse you readers :)

When most of the teams were formed, Clove looked around to see only three other teams not paired with each other. She walked over to the nearest group and tapped on the shoulder of a very tall blonde.

"Hi! I'm Clove, and this is my team. Do you guys want to play against us?"

Cato turned around to see a petite girl with midnight black hair. He tried to stifle his laugh.

"Hey Clove, I'm Cato. I don't think it's fair to go up against you guys since we're all upper-class men and we've had more experience than you all." Cato turned back to his team.

Clove frowned and said, "Or is it because you're too scared to get your ass kicked by a group of minors?"

Cato turned back to the ticked off girl. Green eyes met blue. He smirked.

"Game on."

I think this first chapter is really short... So sorry for that! Thank you so much for reading this, please let me know if I should fix anything. If you have suggestions, I'd really appreciate them! If you like it or hate it, don't forget to R&R!