''I don't even know who I am... on a side I enjoy people's sufference, on the other side I feel guility. Is this who I really am? A manipulative spoiled brat? But- they deserve it, right? They were also mean to me. They deserve to be called idiots and losers. Oh God, what's wrong with me!?'' The blonde buried her face into the pillows staining them with mascara.

''Damien? Damien! Wake up!'' Mrs. Karla Redwood called for his son.

''Uhh, lemme sleep.'' The boy covered his ears with some pillows.

''Okay then, I guess you don't want to come with us to have some breakfast with the Northwest family.'' Mr. Redwood stated.

''W-wait! Actually, I changed my mind.'' Damien fell off the bed as he tried to raise up. He ran right to the bathroom and began brushing his teeth and hair.

''Now that I know that Pacifica doesn't like Dipper and her parents won't let her date him I feel more reliefed. For a second I was worried- but what if- she actually loves him!? Damn, Pacifica. You're just like a milk puzzle (A/n: a milkpuzzle has all the pieces white and it's pretty difficult to do). Impossible.'' Damien's thoughts were interrupted by some noise coming out of his clolset. He ran how fast he could there, it was open.

''Aha, so... you thought you will escape, didn't ya?'' The blond-haired boy smiled.

''How many times should I tell you not to move or everyone will be killed- Damien?'' Damien, actually Damien's clone said. He walked to his creator and slid down the cloth that was wrapped around his mouth.

''Why are you doing this to me!? Don't you think keeping me one year closed in the closet is enough, John?!''

''I don't want you to take away my LOVE!'' John yelled.

''Your love? You mean Pacifica? Eesh, you can have her... I don't even like her- - remember? That's why I cloned myself... so you could talk and spend time with her and eventually date her when-''

''Silence, boy! If people find out that I am actually a clone of yourself they are going to destroy me. I don't want that to happen.'' John ran his fingers through his own hair.

''But I can explain that to them, John. I won't ever let them get rid of you, even for what you did- I forgive you. I guess I'll be doing the same thing if I was in love with a girl.'' Damien chuckled.

''You actually understand?'' John was wonderstruck. Damien smiled. John smiled, too but then his face expression suddenly changed.

''Well, too bad. G'night!'' Then he kicked Damien how hard he could, leaving him collapsed to the floor. He covered his mouth with the cloth then he threw him in the closet and locked the door so the blond guy won't escape anymore.

''Dear, hurry! The Northwest family won't wait for us all day.' 'His mother' called from downstairs.

''I'm coming mum!'' He ran to her.

''Pacifica, you still have to explain some things... you know, right?'' Mrs. Northwest patted Pacifica's long blonde locks.

''I don't feel like talking but- - I am sorry mother for saying those things. Actually I love who I am. A popular mean manipulative brat.''

''You know that you don't have to treat everyone like that, honey. Treat well only the people that deserve it! Like friends or rich people- - you don't want the middle-classed people to think that you're the same level as them.''

''You're so right, mother.'' Pacifica smiled.

''Hohoho, that's my girl!'' Mr. Northwest placed his hand on his daughter's shoulder. A knock on the door broke the silence that was going in the Guest Room. The butler went to the door and opened it.

''Good morning Elizabeth! Good morning Alexander!'' Mrs. Redwood greeted the Northwest family.

''Good morning to you, too, Pacifica.'' Mrs. Redwood gave a smile to the girl that was standing at the table.

''Edwin! Karla!'' Mrs. Northwest (Elizabeth) hugged her dear friend. Pacifica sighed.

''Why do I have to date that snob? Dipper's better than this mannered gentleman idiot. Did I just say that? Ohh, man. I'm in love with him. That explains why I still didn't tell him to apologise in front of the crowd. Well, even if I love him I still want my apologises, duhhh. I hope he doesn't gets an idea-'' Pacifica's thoughts were interrupted by Damien, actually John pretending to be Damien, who now took a place next to his 'future girlfriend and wife'... that being Pacifica Northwest. She sighed.

''Nice to see you here, Pacifica.'' Damien said, but he was actually John was pretending to be- you know what readers? I guess you already got the idea that it is actually John pretending to be Damien, so I'm just going to say 'John'... back to the story!

''Nice to see you, too, Damien.'' Pacifica groaned.

''Are you sure? Because it sounded more like you don't enjoy seeing me at all.''

''No, no- - I didn't ate yet and I-'' She didn't finish her sentence.

''You miss him, am I right?'' John frowned. He was jealous.

''Him? Him who?''

''Don't act foolish, Pacifica. By him I mean your dear lover- - Dipper.''

''Oh, don't remind me. My father told me that I can't date him anymore because he promised to your family that we're going to date once we turn thirteen. So here we are...'' Pacifica acted like she didn't care. She turned her head in the other direction, so she could avoid John's face. John smiled and slowly touched Pacifica's hand.

''Doesn't that sound like a great idea? I mean we are both rich, beautiful, smart, well-mannered, superiors?'' Pacifica pulled her hand away.

''You heard that the opposites attract, didn't you?'' Pacifica asked even if she knew that everyone know about that sentence.

''Yes, but how that links to my question?'' John raised an brow

''Well, let me clarify this to you Damien. When you are spending time together with someone that's too similar to you right from the start, things aren't really fascinating- - but when you date a person that's waaay to different than you when you meet, well, things get exciting! You actually try new things, have fun... then you two become like one. And that's my opinion about love.'' Pacifica smiled at the thought.

''You mean that you don't want to date me?'' John raised off his chair and clenched his fists.

''Damien, don't get me wrong but I don't have any feelings towards you, sorry. I always saw you as a friend.'' Pacifica looked to the ground. John loosed his fists.

''Kids, what is happening here?'' Mrs. Northwest and Mrs. Redwood spoke in unison.

''Pacifica said that she won't date me, so I guess I have to leave. He was stopped by his father as he tried to walk to the door.

''Pacifica, you have to date Damien, remember?'' Mrs. Northwest began.

''Why mom!? I don't even like Damien! I like us just as friends and period! The only one I like it is Dipper. He actually helped me to realise a lot of things... he understands.'' The blonde stood and brushed her arm awkwardly blushing. Her mother sighed.

''I am sorry but I can't force her. Sorry for suddenly breaking this promision, but I think my daughter is mature enough to make decisions for herself, and if the things go wrong in the end, she'll accept the consequences.'' Mrs. Northwest gesticulated. The Redwood family didn't look very happy about this.

''Damien, take your coat. We're going home.'' Mr. Redwood ordered.

''But father!''

''No buts, darling! Let's go.'' His mother put her arm around him, escorting him out. The Redwood family got into the car.

''How could they!? That little spoiled brat! She messed up all OUR plans!'' Mr. Redwood yelled. John stood there remembering why they told Damien to date Pacifica.

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