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A certain brunet is searching through his things until two strong arms wrap around his lithe waist followed by the light scent of cigarettes and coffee. "Takano-san, let me go!" Peridot eyes hastily looked up to see a pair of amber eyes warmly looking down. Ritsu blushed as he noticed how close their faces were.

The black-haired man gave him a peck on the cheek. "Hmmm? Why?" Masamune's heavy hum vibrated throughout the smaller man's body.

Still trying to get out of his hold, Ritsu slightly turned as he forced out, "We still have to get ready for the party! Could you please at least get everything together?!" Looking at Masamune's body, Ritsu frowned as he saw that the larger man was still in his casual clothes.

Tonight was the new president's celebration party. After the fear of ultimately being kicked to the curb if the dead beat employees of Marukawa don't bring in any money, everybody decided to pitch in to throw a grand party to hopefully save their jobs. The people in the Emerald department such as Masamune and Ritsu didn't have to worry too much for their jobs since their authors' manga make enough sales to slip under Isaka's radar. That was pretty much a given. However, their jobs could still be in jeopardy if they don't show up.

"Only if you tell me you love me." He softly whispered into Ritsu's reddish ear.

"W-why the hell do I have to say that?!"He stuttered.

"Well I'm pretty sure it's true." The man shrugged. "Unless we're just fuck buddies."

"No way in hell is that true!"

Masamune smirked. "Which one?"

"…Just let me go." Ritsu blushed even harder as he looked away.

"Fine then." Masamune sighed as he let him go, momentarily patting him on the head. He headed for the door. "I'll be in my apartment to get my suit on."

The tall man stopped for a moment. "Just so you know, the fastest way we're getting to the hotel is by car. I'll be driving us but there's one thing you should know."


"I love you."

"…!" A set of beautiful green eyes widened as the shorter man started fidgeting through the pile of clothes.

The amber-eyed man chuckled. "I'm amazed at how cute you can be."

He immediately turned around. "Don't call me cute!" The brunet had yelled as his lover exited the apartment.


Across town, a certain sharp-eyed man is getting ready for the party. Yokozawa momentarily looked at the full-sized mirror to make sure his deep brown suit was in order, navy blue tie and all. "Takafumi, are you ready?" Called out a deep voice.

Walking into the room, Yokozawa turned to see his lover, Kirishima Zen. "Yeah, but I can see you're not."

"Papa, your tie is kind of crooked." Walking into the room, a cute little brunette with soft brown eyes giggled as she looked at her father. She wore a red ruffled dress that fell to her knees with a white section over her torso. Her long soft hair fell to her petite shoulders as she tilted her small head towards her father.

"Oh, is it?" Blinking twice, Kirishima looked down at his chest to see that his dark orange tie was in fact crooked.

Yokozawa sighed as he walked over to his clumsy lover. "Hold still, let me fix it."

A mischievous smile crept down on the wavy-haired man's face as he looked down on Yokozawa fixing his tie. "Aww, this is just like how a Mama would fix Papa's tie before he goes off to work."

"Don't push it!" Blushing, Yokozawa accidentally tightened the tie too much as Kirishima momentarily coughed. "Sorry…"

"Papa, Yokozawa onii-chan, how do I look?"

Both men turned to look at the little girl and smiled as she twirled, her sweet scent fluttering around. "Like a beautiful angel."

"Looks like you're going to have trouble beating off the boys with a stick as she gets older." Yokozawa had whispered to his taller lover. It was a clear fact to everybody that has seen Hiyori that she'll grow up to be a beautiful woman. Taking after her deceased mother, both men had an obvious realization that she'll look like her.

Kirishima scoffed. "Takafumi, do you honestly think I would use a stick? A baseball bat would be so much better."

Hearing her father's reply, Hiyori tilted her head in confusion. "A bat? What would you use a bat for, Papa?"


In another apartment, a couple is getting ready for the party, however there is one thing slowing them down. "Kisa-san, I've said this before but you have some weird kinks, you know that?" A sparkly brunet had said as he looked down at the raven haired man. Both men were already dressed in tuxedos but they were both being stalled by Kisa's infatuation.

"Just shut up and let me stare at you!" The short man shouted, causing the younger male to raise an eyebrow when he pulled out a phone.

"You're taking pictures of me too?" The handsome man pouted as the phone's clicks repeatedly went off. "It's no fun if I'm the only one in the photo…"

"…!" Kisa held back a blush as Yukina held him close.

Yukina held a glimmering smile as he aimed the camera towards themselves. "That's better!" Looking at the photo, both men nodded in approval as Yukina noticed the time. "Oh, but we should hurry. Your company's party is going to start soon."

Kisa went slightly pale. "Crap…"

In yet another apartment, another couple was also getting ready for the party. A lean man with dark blue eyes frowned as he looked at the mirror. He slightly flinched at the deep voice followed by solid footsteps entering the room. "Yoshino, what's taking you so long?"

The shoujo mangaka turned to his lover, as he slightly blushed. "Sorry, Tori. I'm trying to fix my tie."

Hatori sighed as he gripped the crooked tie. "Hold still."

As he proceeded to undo the tie and start over, his blushing lover slightly pouted. "…Remind me again why I have to go to Isaka-san's party? Wouldn't you normally tell me to focus on the storyboard?" Knowing that his lover isn't the best with crowds, Hatori was going to explain until a third voice cut in.

"That's because everybody who doesn't show up will be kicked to the curb. Since you're one of Emerald's star authors, Isaka will definitely be in a good mood if you show up. You'll be saving everybody else who couldn't show up, even if they don't realize it."

"Yuu?" Both men turned towards the garnet eyed man leaning against the doorway, all ready to go in his dark blue suit and a crimson red tie.

Hatori sighed again. "…What he said."

"Oh, Yuu you're all ready to go?"

"Yep, just waiting on you two." The third wheel smirked at Hatori. "What's with the long face, Hatori?"

"…" Not saying anything, Hatori sighed yet again.

In another apartment, yet another couple was getting ready for the party. "Remind me again why we're going to this party?" A famous novelist had asked. Usami Akihiko was all ready to go in his black and white suit but was still reluctant to go to the party he was invited to.

Misaki innocently tilted his head as he did his own tie. "Didn't Aikawa-san give you an extension on your deadline for going to the party, Usagi-san? Besides, I want to congratulate Isaka-san." Even though the man had caused them some slight problems in the past, the young man couldn't help but want to support the man in his success by going to the party.

"…" By the time he finished tying the tie, strong arms were wrapped around the young man's waist.

"U-usagi-san?!" He blushed as the white-haired man pulled him into his broad chest.

"I'd rather stay here and have a refill of Misaki…" Lavender eyes were filled with lust as Akihiko licked his thin lips. "Perhaps for the entire night."

"…I-" The blushing brunet was about to nod before the front door slammed open.

"Misaki-kun! Sensei! Are you two ready yet?"

"Tsk." Akihiko clicked his tongue as the clacker of heeled shoes neared.

Sapphire eyes sparkled at the grand reception hall of the Teito hotel. "Wow, this looks amazing!" The man twirled around towards his employees. "You all didn't have to put so much into this!"

Oh yes we did…!

Is what all of the guests of the party thought.

However, everybody couldn't help but feel satisfied at the sight of the money they put into reserving the room. Two grand chandeliers hung from the high ceiling, beautifully lighting up the room. There was a faint scent of roses that wafted through the air as the nearby hired band played some light music. The crimson carpet greatly aided in making the other elements of the room stand out, such as the creamy orange walls and pure white pillars.

"Ryuuichiro-sama, here you go." Asahina handed off a microphone to Isaka as he headed for the stage.

"Let's get this party started!"

Everybody sat in their respective seats as the new president made his reasonably lengthened speech. At one point, each head of a department had come up to the stage to perform their own speech. Ritsu slightly grimaced as Masamune plastered on a glimmering smile that sent some of the girls squealing as he did his own speech.

By the time the speeches were over, everybody got up to form their own little groups as they started to chat. "Ah, Yokozawa." The blue-eyed man turned at the mention of his name to see his old friend.


The black-haired man sent a knowing glance to the taller man. "I take it you're here for the same reason?"

The sharp-eyed man chuckled as he crossed his arms. "Yep, I valued my job so I came. Actually, I think that's the reason everybody from Marukawa came." As if on cue, the nearby employees who overheard them slightly flinched.

"That's right~!" Kirishima had said, wrapping his arm across Yokozawa's broad shoulder.

"But we might as well make the most out of this." Mino happily pointed out. "There's no way we'll be kicked to the curb." Needless to say, some of the employees that overheard them sent some minor glares that were ignored.

The group held a unanimous agreement before Masamune noticed Ritsu's worried expression. "Onodera, what's wrong?"

"Ah, sorry. It's just… those people seem kind of weird." Turning towards the entrance of the party, everybody raised an eyebrow at the sight of two oddly clothed men standing at the doorway.

"They're probably just security guards, Onodera." Masamune had told him.

"I guess…" Even though everybody else had shrugged them off, Ritsu just couldn't. Deep in his mind, he could tell that the strange people were eerily familiar but he couldn't remember exactly who they were. He kept thinking until a new voice popped in.

Trailing behind Kisa was a tall brunet, and a small horde of women. "Ah, Yokozawa-san! It's been a while!"

Yokozawa turned to see the familiar light-haired brunet. "Yukina?" Sharp blue eyes blinked twice as he looked over the shoujo manga clerk all dressed up. "You're here too?" He almost didn't recognize him considering the fact that all of his ear piercings were gone and this was the first time he'd seen him dressed so formally.

Yukina happily nodded as a set of sparkles surrounded him. "Kisa-san told me something about going to a party 'against his will' and I figured it'd be a lot more fun if we came together." Everybody held back a snort at the mention of 'against his will'.

Realizing they were being ignored, the women decided to leave the group alone and prowl the rest of the room for more eye candy. "So you're friends now?"

Blushing, Kisa shifted his eyes to the side. "…Something like that."

"Huh? Who's this little girl?" Mino asked.

Kirishima patted the little brunette on the head. "This is my daughter, Hiyori."

Blushing, the little girl slightly bowed. "I-it's nice to meet you all…!"

"She looks like a little angel…" Yukina gave a sparkly smile as he looked at her.

"U-um…" Brown eyes slightly squinted at the brightness. "So many sparkles…"

Getting separated by the crowd, the two men decided to go out on the balcony for a little catching up. Masamune sniffed in the cool night air as Yokozawa started. "So, Masamune… how's it going with Onodera?"

"Pretty well, for the most part."

Yokozawa raised a black eyebrow. "The most part? What is there some kind of problem?"

Masamune propped his arm up on the metallic railing as he looked towards the city lights below. "It's more like, we're doing everything but it doesn't feel like we're actually dating. I'm still waiting for him."

Realizing what he meant by that, Yokozawa frowned as he looked down. "I see…" The crispy air blew through their hair as they had a moment of silence.

"Come to think of it, you've gotten even closer to Kirishima-san since the last time we chatted. You've actually gotten more laid back than what I remember."

The businessman scratched the back of his head as he stuttered. "W-well…" Even though he and Kirishima had been dating for so long, he had never brought it up with Masamune. It's not that he wanted to hide it from him, he just never found the right time to bring it up.

Slightly chuckling, Masamune gave a warm smile. "Just so you know, I'm happy for you."

A little surprised, Yokozawa momentarily hung his mouth open before he murmured. "…Thanks."

A new voice chimed in. "It looks like you two are having fun."

"K-Kirishima? How long have you been there?"

Walking next to his lover, Kirishima swung an arm around Yokozawa's shoulders. "Not very long. What were you talking about?"

The blue-eyed man immediately blushed as he looked away. "N-nothing."


Back in the room, Ritsu decided to head over to the caterers' table before he paused at the desserts. "…!" Green eyes sparkled with rare joy. "Oh my god, I didn't know they had macarons!"

Ritsu turned at the sound of Hiyori running up beside him. "Macarons? Ooh, they look so good!" She cutely looked up at him. "You like macarons too, onii-chan?"

"Yeah, an old friend of mine liked to give them to me whenever she came back from France. My favorites are the ones filled with ganache."


"Oh, it's basically a mixture of chocolate and cream. See?" Taking one out of the surprisingly large pile, he handed it to Hiyori.

"…!" Taking a bite of the chocolaty treat, the little girl gave a goofy smile. "I never had these types before! So delicious…"

The server at the table slightly leaned over to talk to Hiyori. "If you'd like, we can wrap up some for you. Somebody ordered the wrong amount and we made too much." Ritsu slightly nodded as he realized why the pile was so large compared to the rest of the desserts.

Hiyori slightly jumped from joy. "Really?!" Ritsu and the server chuckled at her cuteness as he took out a plastic bag and filled it up with the snacks.

She slightly squealed as the man handed her off the bag. "Papa, I got…" Turning around, the girl paused as her eyes momentarily searched the room. "Papa? Yokozawa onii-chan? Where'd they go?"

Turning around, Ritsu realized that he was alone as well. "Eh? Takano-san? He's not here either…" They both looked around the packed room but couldn't see any trace of them.

"Maybe they got lost?"

"Maybe…" Not really sure, Ritsu only nodded in agreement. "Oh yeah, I haven't introduced myself. I'm Onodera Ritsu, it's a pleasure to meet you."

"It's a pleasure to meet you too!" The little girl blinked twice before she thought up something. "Oh. Is it alright if I call you Ricchan?"

Ritsu chuckled. "Yes, it's alright. If you want, we can look for the others together." Even though he's not used to dealing with children, the brunet couldn't help but find the little girl amazingly refreshing. He normally had to deal with adults for obvious reasons and he couldn't find comfort in animals considering how they react towards him but he did like the fact on how children can be so pure.

"Okay!" And the duo proceeded to walk around the room.

"Oh my god, you can literally smell the fear in here." Yanase sighed as he looked at all the guests. Most of them seemed to be very stiff in the way they walked and talked to each other.

"Really? Is it because of those weird guys nearby the door?" Not realizing why everybody was truly scared, Yoshino only came to the next conclusion considering the fact that those men really stuck out like a sore thumb.

"I think everybody is more terrified for their jobs if this party doesn't go off without a hitch. Those weird guys are probably the last things on everybody's minds." Yanase didn't particularly care for the party considering the fact that he was a freelancer artist and could always find work. He knew that Hatori would most likely leave Yoshino to his own devices during the party and he couldn't just leave his crush to go to the party like that, even if his heart did break.

The two men turned to the sound of an approaching voice. "Excuse me, have you seen Takano-san, Kirishima-san, or Yokozawa-san?" Yoshino blinked twice at the sight of the young man he previously met at the company's annual party. Both men momentarily got to know Ritsu when he helped out with the typeset on a manga when Yoshino had to cover for another mangaka.

"Nope, sorry guys." Yanase shook his head.

Ritsu slightly nodded his head. "Oh. It's alright. Thanks."

The two were about to leave until the girl chirped out, "Oh! Have you tried the macarons?"

"Macarons?" The girl pulled two out of the plastic bag. Taking one, Yoshino immediately perked up at the chocolaty taste. "…!" Yanase also took one and his eyes momentarily sparkled at the taste. "So good…" He wasn't particularly a fan of sweets but he did oddly enough like the tastes of the snack.

The two are snapped out of their daze when a new voice comes in. "Can I try one?" Ritsu turned to see his coworker right behind him. "Mino-san?"

Hiyori giggled as she took out another one. "Here you go!"


After having a small chat with Mino, Ritsu turned to see Kisa and his boyfriend on the other side of the elegant room. "Kisa-san, have you seen Takano-san, Yokozawa-san, or Kirishima-san?"

"Sorry, Ricchan. We haven't seen any of them pass by." Ritsu sadly nodded in reply.

"Umm… I was wondering…" Hiyori slightly fidgeted as she looked up at Yukina. "How do you make those sparkles, onii-chan?"

Kisa slightly furrowed his eyebrows as he looked at the sparkles surrounding his boyfriend. "That's actually something I've been wondering for a long time."

The princely man innocently tilted his head. "I don't know. They just pop out of nowhere." Momentarily glancing at the sparkles, he looked back at the confused little girl. "But that's a pretty good question."

The other two men started to chuckle at his response. "I see. Oh, did you try the macarons yet?"

"Macarons?" The little girl giggled as she took two more out of her bag.


The two walked around for ten more minutes until Hiyori started to rub her flat stomach. "Um, Ricchan? Do you know where the bathroom is?"

"Oh, I think it was down the hallway."

The man gestured for her to follow as the two headed for the doors. "Where do you think you're going?" One of the strange men stood in front of the doorway as the duo tried to exit the room.

Out of instinct, Ritsu stood in front of Hiyori, wary of the strange man at the door. "…" Scared, Hiyori hung onto the hem of Ritsu's jacket.

Ritsu dangerously narrowed his emerald eyes as he looked up at the stranger. "We're going to the bathroom. Is there a problem with that, sir?" Ritsu couldn't understand why he felt so angry towards the strange men but he pressed forward. "Well?" He venomously hissed.

Taken aback by the brunet's overwhelming glare, the man moved out of the way. "…No."

"Excuse us."

Walking down the hallway, Hiyori stole a glance at the doors of the party before she turned back at Ritsu. "Who are those people?"

Unfurrowing his brow, Ritsu calmed down as he glanced at Hiyori. "I don't know, but I have a bad feeling about them. I think it'd be best to stay away from them, Hiyori-chan." Not knowing what to say, Hiyori could only nod.

The two walked for about a minute before Ritsu could figure out what to say next. "…So you're friends with Yokozawa-san?" At this mention, brown eyes started to sparkle with joy.

"Yep! He's really close with papa!" The brunet blinked twice at her sudden mood change as she continued. "He was the one who first showed me the macarons. Whenever he came over, we cooked together and played with Sora-chan!"


Hiyori happily smiled. "He's an old black cat. He used to be Yokozawa onii-chan's but now he lives at our house. Yokozawa onii-chan didn't like Sora-chan being left all alone because of work so he brought him to our house! But Papa keeps trying to feed him treats even though he'd already gotten so fat. He's on a special diet though!"

A flash of realization crossed Ritsu's eyes as he figured out who the black cat really was. "Heh." The brunet started to chuckle.

"Why are you laughing, Ricchan?"

"You're so cute."

Hiyori's cheeks went red. "Eh?! You're just like Papa and Yokozawa onii-chan!" Shaking her head, the blushing girl held her small hands to her round cheeks. "It's so embarrassing whenever somebody calls me cute…"

"How is it embarrassing?"

"Hasn't anybody ever called you cute before?"

Recalling what happened back at his apartment, the man slightly flinched. "…Point taken."

Seeing a woman walk down the hallway, Ritsu called out to her. "Excuse me, is the bathroom on this floor?"

"Sorry, it's right above us on the next floor. The elevator is right there though." Shaking her head, the woman pointed to the nearby elevator.

"Oh, thank you."

"Thank you!"

Being lucky, the doors opened as the duo neared. Walking inside, Ritsu pressed the button for the 11th floor and waited for the doors to close. "Ricchan, I've been wondering for a while but I was too scared to ask Papa or onii-chan." He looked down at her before she continued. "When do you know somebody's in love?"

"…?!" Doing a double take, Ritsu stuttered as he responded. "W-why are you asking that kind of question?"

The brunette shrugged her thin shoulders. "It feels like Papa and onii-chan are in love. Ever since we had onii-chan, Papa looked so much happier. I thought he was happy because he's not lonely now but I don't think it's that anymore. I think it's love."

"You don't care that they're both men?"

The girl warmly smiled as she looked at the metallic doors closing. "Not really. They're precious to me so I want them to be happy…"

The brunet scratched his head as he tried to figure out what to say. "…Well, Hiyori I'm not really close with either of them but…I think you can tell somebody is in love when they're always thinking about that person. Always worrying about them, missing them when they're not around, being happy when they're with you, stuff like that…" Ritsu's face slightly got red as he spoke.

When the doors open, the duo spot the bathroom signs and the respective rooms just a little bit down the hall. Before going into the bathroom, Hiyori hands off her bag of macarons to Ritsu.

As she did her business Ritsu just leaned against the creamy colored walls and stared down at the carpet. "…Love, huh? Maybe it's about time I told Takano-san." A heavy blush overtook the brunet's small face.

"God, I can just feel my back giving out tomorrow morning…"


"…Is there a problem?" Slightly tapping his shoe in frustration, Yanase looked up at Mino, still standing nearby.

"Huh? What do you mean?" The taller brunet had innocently asked. Ever since the little girl handed off the macarons, the man had stayed nearby Yanase as Yoshino and Hatori went over to the side of the room to have a chat with Isaka.

Realizing that he technically had the right to stand wherever he wanted, Yanase awkwardly turned away. "…Never mind."

"Heh, you're so cute."

The shorter man's ears perked at the last word. "Cute?" He frowned as the weird man smiled at him. "How the hell am I cute?" On occasion, Yanase would deal with men who would try to pick him up and he would just brush them off but he found this particular man to be oddly different. He knew the way the man had said it came off as a compliment but it was more innocent than most compliments Yanase got from perverted men.

"You just are." Mino slightly shrugged as he pulled out a business card. "I'm Kanade Mino by the way. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Finding himself stuck, Yanase took the business card as he handed his own to Mino. "… I'm Yanase Yuu." Looking at the brunet's business card, garnet eyes blinked twice. "Emerald? You're with the shoujo manga department?"


Finally realizing that the girl was left alone, Kirishima and Yokozawa started to search the reception hall for Hiyori. "Hiyori? Hiyori?" Realizing that she wasn't anywhere within the room, Kirishima gripped the side of his head as he chastised himself. "Why the hell did I let her out of my sight?!" The two men stood in the back corner of the room, away from most of the guests as their eyes combed through it.

Trying to calm him down, Yokozawa patted him on the back as he noticed Kisa and Yukina walking towards them. "Have you two seen Hiyori, by any chance?"

Masamune walked up to them as well. "What about Onodera? I can't find him either."

"Oh, that girl and Onodera-san were looking for you guys. They gave us some macarons before they disappeared." Yukina said as he finished his last macaron.

"Macarons?" Yokozawa blinked twice at the mention. Normally he gave them to Hiyori whenever he came over to visit the Kirishima house so just the mere word gave him a slight smile of nostalgia.

Kisa let a dumb smile cross his face. "They're so good!" After getting the initial macarons, both Yukina and Kisa managed to get more from the caterers' table before they had gone back to their original spot.

Mino chuckled at Kisa's expression as he walked up to them. "That cute little girl carried around a bunch of them in a bag." Standing nearby him was Yanase. After having a small chat, Yanase found himself to like Mino, at least to the point where he could manage a decent conversation. However, the only reason he followed him was because he wanted to finish their conversation.

"Any idea where they went?" Masamune sighed as he realized they weren't really giving him any direction on where his lover is.

A flash recollection crossed Yanase's eyes. "I remember seeing those two head out the door before one of those weird guys tried to stop them, but-"

Everybody stopped when they heard Masamune's phone go off. He raised an eyebrow at the caller ID. "Onodera?" Pressing the talk button, the amber eyed man proceeded to speak. "Oi, Onodera where the hell are you?"

"Can you ask him if Hiyori is with him?"

"Oh." Masamune blinked twice before handing it to Kirishima. "Here you go."

"Eh?" Even though he was momentarily confused, Kirishima took the phone and pressed it against his ear, only to wince at the volume.

"Papa, where did you and onii-chan go?!"

The crowd of men listening in on the phone call snickered at the girl's shout. "…Sorry, Hiyo. I guess we got a little distracted. Are you alright?"

"Yep! Me and Ricchan started talking about macarons and he helped me look for you before I had to go to the bathroom.

Masamune raised an eyebrow. "…Ricchan?"

Chuckling, Kirishima spoke. "And where's the bathroom?"

"It's a floor over the party. Right now, Ricchan and I are trying to look for the stairs. It's so hard to find them! "

The wavy haired man slightly cocked his head back in confusion, as did other men listening in on the call. "Stairs? Why are you looking for the stairs? Wouldn't it be better to find an elevator?"

"When we came back to the elevator we tried to press the button to go back down but it stopped working. We found another elevator but that stopped working too! I wanted to find another elevator but Ricchan said it'd be safer to take the stairs if the rest of the elevators are going to stop working too."

Surprised at this brand of information, Yokozawa turned to Kirishima. "The hell is going on with the elevators?" Everybody knew the building was fairly well maintained so the concept of the elevators not working was bizarre.

His lover shrugged. "Hiyori, I agree with him. You should-" Kirishima was cut off by Hiyori's little chirp.

"Oh, Ricchan there's someone over there! Maybe he knows! Huh? He looks like one of those weird people at the doors of the party."

Kirishima blinked twice. "Those people?"

Yanase turned towards the main entrance. "She means them?"

"I remember now…" He murmured.


"Hiyori, tell them to get everybody out of the building!" Everybody blinked twice.


"You over there!" The men flinched at the sudden outburst of the new deep voice.

"Run!" Panting echoed throughout the phone as the men grew worried.

"Hiyori, what's going on?!"

Still running, Hiyori could only speak between breaths. "Papa… that person…"

"Look out!" Ritsu cried out.

Everybody went wide eyed when they momentarily heard the girl give out a small cry before several thuds filled the background. "Hi… yori?"

In the background was the sounds of a struggle as the little girl's voice weakly came through. "Ahh... that hurt…"

"Hiyori, what happened?!"

Her shaky, far away voice was enough to let everybody know that the phone had slipped out of her hand from the ambush. "A-another person…"

"Agh!" The distant brunet let out a pain filled cry, causing Masamune to flinch.


Kisa slightly shook from the sounds. "They're just messing with us… right?" Everybody just looked at him for a moment before an unfamiliar voice came out.

"Get the girl!"

"Run Hiyori…!" Ritsu had forced out.

"B-but I… ah!" There was a heavy set of footsteps followed by another struggle as Hiyori started to yell. "Let go of me! That hurts! Let go-" Yokozawa and Kirishima were ready to bolt out of the room to look for the stairs until they heard the next part of the duo's struggle.

"Shut up!" Yelled the deep voice.

All of the men held their mouths open as they heard a heavy slap followed by a thud.


"Tsk. Brat."

"Hiyori!" The struggling in the background had gotten stronger as a repeat of punches was heard followed by some grunts, an echoing crack, and then a thud.

The eavesdropping men thought of the worst until they heard the brunet's outburst. "Get back here, you bastard!" A rapid set of footsteps approached before there was a firm shatter of what sounded like glass.

"Gah..!" Another struggle ensued before there was a thud.

Beep… beep… beep…

The line had cut off, leaving the men stunned.

A/N: What do you think? Sorry if Ritsu seemed a little ooc in that last part... From what I could gather from the anime and manga, Ritsu seemed protective of women and I like to think that he would go berserk if he saw somebody hit a little girl.

Sorry Hiyori :(

It also makes me kind of upset when I read other fics and they show scenes where Ritsu can't fend for himself. Come on! From what I saw of the manga, he had a little muscle on him, not as much as Takano but still! He should be able to beat someone up! Sorry for my mini rant...

Everybody might seem kind of ooc as this goes on, particularly because of the fact nobody's ever seen the characters in a life or death situation.

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