Suggested BGM: After the Fall by Two Steps From Hell

The terrorists had finished getting the remainder of their fallen comrades out of the room as the hostages merely watched on. Ritsu's damaged jacket still lied on the distant carpet, serving as a reminder for what had previously happened. Many tables and chairs were overturned. There was shattered glass and smashed food scattered all across the crimson carpet. The regal room had truly turned into a mess.

"You idiot… You fucking idiot…" Kirishima had solemnly spoken. He pulled up his long legs to his chest as he gripped a clump of wavy hair. "What part of 'don't do anything stupid' did you not get…?" He gritted his teeth as he stole a glimpse of the cracked pillar where Yokozawa was thrust against.

"Why the fuck didn't I do anything?" He hissed to himself. Dull brown eyes replayed the grim scene, over and over. He saw Yokozawa getting pulled away from his reach, crying out in pain as he was coughing up blood, and thrown across the room as if he were a toy. Kirishima took a deep breath as he held his hand to his mouth to hold back tears…

"Be gentle." Mino had chuckled out. He turned to see Yanase sitting right behind him, holding a slightly bloody napkin in his hand as he tried to dab away at the back wound. As it turned out, the reason he had gotten the gash was not from a bullet, but from some broken glass. Yanase had to pick out tiny shards of glass, which was proof of how it happened, which meant that one of the bullets from that earlier barrage must've hit something.

"How on earth are you so calm?"

"The worst thing you can do in a situation like this is panic." Mino had calmly pointed out. "Well, at this point it's really uncertain as to what's going to happen to us. But I guess that's the fun part." At this point, Yanase had immediately given out a small chuckle.

"You're so weird."

"Yoshino, how do you feel?" Hatori had asked. He had already grabbed for another napkin as he continued to press the other one on the wound.

"A little cold but I can manage…" Yoshino had weakly told. His face had already gotten a little paler and it was clear that it was only a matter of time until it wouldn't be enough to slow down the bleeding with only napkins.

"…" Frowning at the realization, Hatori quickly took off his dark jacket and placed it over Yoshino's thin body.

Not wanting to get blood on the suit, Yoshino immediately tried to get the jacket off. "N-no, you don't have to do that…" Hatori gave a small smile as he gently pressed his hand over Yoshino's.

"I want to."

A little ways away from the blushing mangaka, Kisa had worriedly looked on as he saw Masamune in a daze. "Takano-san… are you alright?" Kisa had asked. Grabbing some napkins, he and Yukina had shifted over to Masamune.

He was about to use the napkins to dab away at the drying blood on Masamune's face. However, he was stopped when Masamune slapped his hand away. "Why the hell are you asking me that? Are you an idiot?"

"Kisa-san is just trying to help you." Yukina had hissed out.

Yukina was about to tell Kisa to just leave Masamune alone but he decided to try again. This time, Masamune let Kisa dab the napkins onto his face. "He just got shot in front of me… because of me… now he and Yokozawa are at the mercy of terrorists… do you honestly think I'm alright?" Overhearing him, Kirishima had turned to Masamune in surprise. Masamune grimaced as he saw the blood coming off onto the napkin.

Grabbing another napkin, Kisa gently wiped away the remaining blood that had clung on to the tips of Masamune's hair. "Takano-san, were you and Ricchan really…?" Kisa didn't have the urge to finish that sentence since he knew Masamune most likely knew what he was asking.


"I don't think you were completely in the wrong when you stopped him earlier." Since Yukina didn't know what the meaning of that question was, he decided to speak his thoughts. Kisa and Masamune both looked at Yukina in surprise as he continued. "…Those people might've killed him in the end if his threat had come true. Not to mention they might've vented their anger on Yokozawa-san. I think you saved them in that regard."

"…" Masamune and Kirishima both looked down at the carpet in thought.

"That doesn't change the fact that they were after him." Isaka had grimly cut in. "Since they have them now, those two are still at their mercy."

Asahina blinked twice when he felt a tug on his sleeve and turned to see Aikawa with a worried look on her face. "Is that why you told us not to say Onodera's name? Because you knew these people would attack him?" Aikawa had asked.

"The members of the Onodera family were always considered living targets. They were all cursed." Isaka had confessed. Sapphire eyes glanced at each of the surrounding gunmen before turning back to his subordinates. "I personally didn't think much of it when Onodera transferred to Marukawa. I already knew how capable as a fighter he was and there haven't been any incidents in over ten years so I thought all of this was in the past…"

"The Queen's case was the last time we ever heard about these guys so…" Asahina grimaced at the memory as he failed to finish the sentence.

"Just what is this Queen's case?" Masamune had exasperatedly asked. He ran a hand through his hair as he looked at Akihiko, Isaka, and Asahina for the answer.


"Something you'd rather not talk about, right?" Mino had pointed out with a small smile.

"…" The trio had solemnly nodded as their gazes shifted to the floor for a moment. Isaka's sapphires grew wide with realization as he looked at Mino.

"Mino, were you…"

"(I know nothing.)" Mino had happily said in perfect English. "Hehe…" He held back a chuckle when he saw the surrounding hostages' awed gazes.

Misaki took a deep breath before tapping Aikawa on the shoulder. "…Aikawa-san, can you do me a favor?" She tilted her head in confusion as Misaki whispered into her ear.


It surprised everyone when Aikawa immediately burst up from where she was sitting. "Excuse me! I need to use the bathroom!"

"Just go in the corner." One of the gunmen had told.

"…?!" A light blush went past her cheeks as she angrily propped her hands on her hips. "I still have my dignity! Don't you think any of us need to use the bathroom after seeing that?! Sweetie, do you need the bathroom?" Crouching down, Aikawa held out a hand to a nearby woman who was obviously in need of comfort.

"I… I need to use the bathroom too."

"(Tsk. Squeamish women.)" One of the gunmen had sighed. "Fine, the women can go to the bathroom. No funny business! We'll be watching you very carefully!"

One of the gunmen headed to the front door to stand guard as the woman of the group were all being guided out.

"I hope you know what you're doing…" Aikawa had whispered to Misaki. Misaki held a nervous look in his eyes but quickly replaced it with a glint of determination. He gave a strong nod as Aikawa nodded back and left the room with all of the other women.

"Three left…" Misaki sighed at the number of remaining gunmen before turning to Isaka. "…Isaka-san, there's something I need help with." However, he was stopped when Akihiko grabbed his shoulder.

"Misaki, what the hell are you up to?" Akihiko had asked.

"This is the plan B Onodera-san gave me in case he… you know…"

"…Why the hell did he come down here if he knew he was going to get caught?" Masamune had bewilderedly asked.

"…Onodera-san mentioned that he figured there was no way the authorities were going to fit the demands within two hours. He said someone precious to him was down here and he wouldn't forgive himself if he let that person die while he was hiding."

"…" Needless to say, Masamune had gone speechless.

"'The only way for things to change is by fighting.' That's what Onodera-san told me." Misaki had strongly stated as emerald bore into amethyst. "That's the same reason why I'm down here."


Isaka sighed as he looked at Akihiko and Asahina. "Now's the only chance we have of getting Onodera and Yokozawa back." Kirishima flinched in surprise at the mention. "The fact that they need helicopters and a jet means that these guys intend to leave the country. If they manage to get them overseas… then it's game over for them…"

A strong pit formed in everybody's stomachs at this final statement.

In the upstairs bathroom, many women were slowly filing in and out as they quivered from the terrorists' watchful eyes. They weren't in the bathroom but they were evenly spaced out among the long path between the grand reception hall, the no longer hidden stairs, and the bathroom.

One of the remaining few in the bathroom, Aikawa sighed as she looked at her reflection in the shiny bathroom mirror. Slender fingers ran through long red hair as she made slight adjustments to her appearance. She tried to think back on what Misaki had whispered to her but she frowned at the thought of him putting himself and the others in more danger.

"…!" Aikawa nearly jumped out of her high heels when she heard a loud rumble from behind the bathroom wall. "W-what was that?" She was sure that it didn't come from the bathroom door and warily walked by the bathroom stalls to find the source of the odd noise.

"Ha… there's so much dust, Kero-san…" A little girl's coughing echoed through the ventilation shaft. "My fingers hurt…"

Aikawa immediately looked up at the wall to see a grate into the ventilation shaft. "You? You were that little girl… you poor thing…" The female editor could feel a strong pang in her chest when she saw the dried blood on Hiyori's face, hair, and dress. As red as the ruffled dress was, the blood still managed to stand out.

"O-onee-san, I was told to give you this…" Undoing the long braid, Hiyori quickly pulled out the hidden object. Aikawa raised a finely plucked eyebrow at the odd object as Hiyori pushed the grate open and handed it over.

"A taser?" A flash of realization crossed her oceanic eyes as she held the dark object in her hand. "I get it now…"

"Come on! We have to hide!" Flapping his wings, Kero gestured back to the inside of the ventilation shaft. Hiyori quickly nodded as she shuffled backwards before they heard Kero giggle. "Shhh…."

"What's taking you so long?" A heavy knock barreled through the bathroom's wooden door.

A small smirk went past red lips.


Sneaking in under the cover of the remaining men in the room, the group of men hid underneath the table. Misaki had fiddled with the dark bag he had with him as he turned to Akihiko. "Do you still have those?" Misaki had asked.

A flash of confusion crossed Akihiko's face before he realized what Misaki had meant. "Ear plugs?" Everybody raised an eyebrow in surprise when they saw him pulling a couple pairs of earplugs out of his pocket.

"I always carry a few pairs with me just in case."

"…" Isaka couldn't help but sigh as he ran his fingers through his hair.

"When Onodera-san tied up those people upstairs, he took out their weapons. He found these." Taking off the bag that he got from one of the incapacitated gunmen, Misaki had pulled out two odd looking cylindrical cases.

"They actually carried those around?" Isaka had curiously asked.

"What the hell are those?" Masamune had asked.

"Onodera-san said they're stun grenades. You'll be deaf and blind for a little bit after this goes off. He wanted me to use it in case I ran into one of them. I was supposed to escape if that had happened."

Going over to the cloth at the edge of their makeshift tent, a purple eye peaked out as Akihiko checked on the locations of all of the gunmen in the room. "So there are three guards and two of them are on one side of the room..."


"Well, that just about does it." Aikawa clapped away at her hands as she looked over the unconscious forms of the gunmen lying on the bathroom floor. A big flash of relief crossed the surrounding women's eyes as they all stood around the men, some of them already holding the light machine guns in their arms. Some of them had struggled to hold them but they managed. "I really have to thank Onodera for this." Aikawa chuckled as she held out the taser.

Walking up next to her was Hiyori. After the successful move incapacitating everybody, Kero had told her to get back out and oddly enough she did follow the bird's command. "Are Yokozawa onii-chan and Ricchan alright?" Hiyori had meekly asked.

Aikawa's eyes nervously shifted to the side. "…They ran into a bit of a problem… but don't worry! The police are right outside so they'll be alright!"

"…" No emotion seemed to cross through Hiyori's empty eyes as she merely nodded before Aikawa turned towards the large group of women.

"Alright ladies, we have to make sure we don't run into any of those guys on the way back, ok?" "I think the men are doing their portion of the work as we speak…" Aikawa turned and beamed at the gray colored bird on top of Hiyori's head. "Right, Kero?"

"That's right!"

"Alright…" Akihiko had said. The plan was already going in motion as he looked across the room to see that Isaka and Asahina had already scooted themselves across the room undetected, each holding a stun grenade and a thick pile of napkins. Since the other two gunmen were spaced away from one another, the duo had no other choice than to split up.

"Let's hope this works…"

"…!" It all began as soon as the two activated their grenades and released two loud balls of light. "Ah…" Since they already had the earplugs in their ears and napkins to shield their eyes, Isaka and Asahina were the only ones in the vicinity of the grenades' radius that weren't affected.

"Hey, wha-" The only other gunmen that wasn't hit by the stun grenades tried to step forward to assess the situation but was cut off when Akihiko quickly got up and disarmed him. As the light machine gun fell to the floor, Akihiko immediately grabbed the front of his shirt and tugged him downwards. He lifted up his leg and kneed the terrorist in the face before quickly spinning and kicking into the side of his head. The enemy fell to the floor, unconscious.

Looking across the room, lavender eyes widened in relief when Akihiko saw Isaka and Asahina standing over the unconscious gunmen.

"We did it…"

"Ow…" The men sitting on the floor who were affected by the weapons had rubbed away at their ears as their eyesight started to return. A large amount of eyes went wide when all of the hostages looked around to see all of the gunmen down for the count. "Are we… we're really?!" The moment they realized that they weren't held at gunpoint anymore, all of the men had jumped for joy and hugged each other in excitement.

"Keep quiet, everybody! We're not completely out of the woods yet!" Isaka had exclaimed.

"…" Quickly taking out the roll of duct tape, Misaki handed it over to Asahina as he went for the chairs. Before setting each of the terrorists on a chair, Isaka and Asahina made it a point to check them for anymore hidden weapons. Clacking and clatter echoed onto a nearby table as the duo managed to pull out hidden knives, pistols, and ammunition cartridges.

"How ridiculous…"

"Onodera…" Finding this to be as good an opportunity as any, Masamune walked over to the vacant area of the room to pick up Ritsu's discarded jacket off the floor. The amber-eyed man winced when he saw Ritsu's blood on the upper sleeve. "Ritsu…" Holding it to his chest, Masamune held back a whimper as he inhaled the soft apple scent emanating from the jacket.

"…" Not knowing what to say, Kisa could only walk up to Masamune and gently rub circles into his back.

"Is it all clear?" A female voice had called out.

"Aikawa-san!" Everybody turned to see the group of women coming back into the room, all of their escorts in tow. Many of the women had run over to their husbands, boyfriends, and what not. A large amount of hugs and warm kisses seemed to be spreading all over the room as everybody quickly remembered and started to pick up their long forgotten phones. They all started to make quick phone calls as some of the women decided to leave the confiscated guns on a nearby table.

"Hiyo!" Kirishima's feet just moved on their own as he saw Hiyori walking in by Aikawa's side. Bolting over, he quickly crouched down in front of Hiyori and pulled her into his arms. "Thank goodness you're alright…"

"Papa…" A small hand gently rubbed Kirishima's back as Hiyori snuggled into his embrace.

Misaki warmly smiled at the hearty scene before turning towards Aikawa. "Everything went alright?"

Aikawa nodded as the men proceeded to grab the four remaining terrorists and dragged them across the room, searching them before tying them to the chairs next to their comrades.

"Well, I do have to thank Onodera for giving this to Hiyori." Aikawa happily chuckled as she pulled out the taser that was hidden in Hiyori's hair and pressed the button to show little sparks of electricity. "And Kero, of course! I remember you telling me about this bird before, right sensei?" Aikawa had gestured to Kero on her shoulder, who had then flapped his wings and flew over to Akihiko.

"The Onodera family's psychic bird that can see into the future…" Kero landed on Akihiko's shoulder as he continued. "I remember meeting this guy a few times when Onodera used to be my editor." Akihiko had told as he gently rubbed his cool fingers onto the soft underside of the bird's neck.

"Hehe, that tickles…!" Kero had happily cooed.

Misaki blinked twice at the mention. "Onodera-san used to be your editor?" Akihiko nodded and was about to explain before he noticed what was happening with the father daughter pair before them.

"Hiyo… he's…" Kirishima could feel his heart clench when he noticed Hiyori stealing glances around the room.

"I know, Papa…" Hiyori had blankly told. "But Ricchan promised to watch over Yokozawa onii-chan so I have to believe in him. It's the only thing I can do…" Her dim eyes seemed to hold a small light in them for a split second before going back to their empty state.

"…" Speechless, Kirishima could only pull Hiyori into another hug as he let the hidden tears fall into Hiyori's long locks.

Misaki frowned at Hiyori's current mental state before turning back to the others. "So what next…?" Misaki mentally slapped himself at the realization that he didn't think that far ahead in the plan.

"Those people are probably going to come back after… dealing with those two." Asahina had pointed out. "They should be the next problem to deal with…"

"W-what about the people in the other reception hall? They're still being held at gunpoint…" Yoshino had pointed out.

"That's true. The police still can't do anything because they know what might happen if they come in…" Mino had said.

"They already got that warning…" Everybody held a grim look when they looked over to the long trail of blood that led to one of the balconies.

"…!" A flash of realization crossed Misaki's deep eyes as he turned towards the side doors. "Before I forget…" Everybody raised an eyebrow when they saw him rushing over to the doors.

"Where'd the hell you get all those weapons?!" Small grunts escaped Misaki's mouth as he dragged a bag full of weapons into the room. Akihiko and Isaka hastily rushed over to help Misaki with the heavy bag and propped it up onto one of the tables.

"Remember when I mentioned Onodera-san took out all the weapons off the guys he tied up? I couldn't just leave them in the room for any of the others to find them…" They carefully pulled out all of the weapons to reveal the weapons Ritsu had confiscated. "It still freaks me out just to see them…" Misaki unconsciously rubbed his aching shoulders at the memory of dragging the heavy bag all the way down to this floor. "I snuck in through that door but I left them outside because I thought it'd be too noticeable if I brought them in."

"Nice work, chibi-tan!"

"But I think it might've been a problem if somebody walked by…" Akihiko had murmured to himself. However, he didn't have the heart to point out that serious fact to Misaki. It was clear that it took a lot of courage to just sneak into the room to perform the back-up plan and Akihiko didn't want to get rid of the small hint of happiness in Misaki's deep eyes.

"Does anybody else know how to handle a gun?" Isaka had announced. He and Asahina were already going for the weaponry, testing out the weight of the light machine guns, unaware of the ghastly looks on nearly everybody's faces.

"Hey! You're seriously going to use them?!" Misaki had exclaimed.

"Chibi-tan, you were attacked, saw somebody get shot and thrown out the window, saw how ridiculously strong the leader was and you don't want us to arm ourselves? Don't you think we'd be disrespecting Onodera if we didn't?"

"…" Everyone had stared at Isaka in awe for the moment as they let his blunt words sink in. Many of the people did slight nods but turned their gazes to the floor.

"I do." Akihiko had said, breaking the silence.

"Really?!" Misaki gasped when he saw Akihiko going over to the pile of light machine guns. He ran up to Akihiko's side but was thrown off guard when he patted him on the head.

"Of course." Cold fingers ran through Misaki's long brown locks as Akihiko gave him a genuine smile filled with determination. "Nothing will change if I don't fight."

"Same here." Mino had said as he probed throughout the various pistols that were on the table.

Yanase raised an eyebrow as he walked up to the table but didn't motion to grab any of the weaponry. "…You know how to work a gun?"

The editor calmly nodded as he picked up a semi-automatic pistol and checked the chamber for the ammunition. "Yes, but I think it'd be better for me to use a pistol. Those machine guns can be pretty heavy and my back isn't in the best condition for that kind of weight…"

"…" Yanase couldn't help but grimace at the sight of the small amount of blood still seeping through the back of Mino's suit. Aware of his garnet- eyed gaze, Mino made it a point to keep his bloody back out of sight from Yanase.

"Yukina, you're getting something?"

"It just doesn't feel right if I don't get something to protect you with Kisa-san." Yukina had shrugged his broad shoulders as he looked over the table full of weaponry, unaware of the small blush going across Kisa's cheeks. "Guns freak me out but I don't mind if I can hold on to something like this." Picking up one of the telescopic batons, Yukina held it up to check it before turning towards Kisa.

"So what do you think, Akihiko?" Isaka turned to see Akihiko picking up one of the light machine guns and weighing it out in his hands. Isaka couldn't help but chuckle at the sight of Misaki standing right behind Akihiko, merely crossing his arms and pouting.

"My aim isn't as good as Onodera's but I think I can manage." Akihiko had casually pointed out.

"Onodera knows how to handle a gun?" Masamune had curiously asked.

"You saw him do all that and you're still surprised?"

"Hatori, here you go." Going across the room, Mino had taken an extra pistol and tried to hand it off to Hatori. Both Yoshino and Hatori couldn't help but feel queasy at the sight of the black weapon in Mino's hand.

"…Sorry, I don't-" Hatori was cut off by Yanase's immediate dash across the room.

"Give me that!" Yanase had exclaimed as he swiped the pistol out of Mino's hand. Looking at the metallic gun, Yanase sighed as he furrowed his brow. "Hatori, just focus on treating Chiaki's wound." He stole a glance at the slowly bleeding wound before turning away from Yoshino and Hatori. "…I'll cover you if something happens."

"Yuu…" Yoshino had softly spoken. The secret mangaka's vision was a bit blurry, but Yoshino could still make out Yanase's shoulders shaking, most likely from the fact he's holding a gun. However, he raised an eyebrow when noticed that Mino was chuckling as he looked at Yanase.

"Kero?" Everybody turned towards Kero when they heard a bunch of random chirps. Instead of their usual black color, they were now a strong emerald green. He excitedly flapped his gray wings and flew around in circles over the large group of confused people.

"…!" There was a distant click.

"H-hey!" A raging blush went across Yanase's cheeks as Mino grabbed his hand and pulled him behind his back. Yoshino, Hatori, and Yanase were all about to ask what was going on until they noticed Mino holding up his pistol. Akihiko, Isaka, and Asahina held fierce looks in their faces as they held up their weapons.

All of the guns were aimed towards the window of one of the balconies.

"Who's there?!"


"Ha… ah…" Ritsu unconsciously panted as he lay on the table in a distant room.

The bloody white shirt was removed and tossed to the corner of the room as the medic treated the wounds on Ritsu's bare torso. Burning red had lit up his cheeks as Ritsu unsteadily heaved out the air. The finger shaped bruises that were around his neck were wrapped with gauze. The standard gauze that Hiyori had wrapped around Ritsu's small gash was replaced by another one. A small patch was placed over the cut on Ritsu's rosy cheek.

The terrorist had sighed as he dressed the bloody bullet wound above Ritsu's collar bone. "(It looks like that bullet somehow managed to miss the arteries. As far as I can see, there's some internal bleeding but it's pretty minor. He ought to be able to recover without too much trouble. I guess we were lucky that idiot had used a pistol rather than one of the heavier weapons…)" He lifted up one of Ritsu's eyelids to check his pupil. "(He's trying to fend off that anesthetic you told me about, but it's obvious that he's losing that fight.)"

"(I see.)" The leader had calmly stated.

"(But I never thought he would be such a crazy fighter. I've heard that they're all basically living weapons but do all the Onodera family members really move like that, boss? He seems too scrawny to be capable of doing all that damage…)" Finished cleaning up all of the blood, the medic took his gauze and neatly wrapped it around the bullet wound.

"(Not at his level… well, I've heard rumors that this guy's a combative prodigy. Looks like there was some truth to them after all...)"

"(Come to think of it, it's amazing this guy is even breathing.)" The medic had mentioned. The leader had turned over to Yokozawa's collapsed form on the couch. His steady breathing could be clearly heard throughout the room as his bare chest steadily rose and fell. "(He's got one big ass bruise though…)" His dark eyes had shifted over to Yokozawa's bandage wrapped abdomen. He had similar finger shaped bruises as Ritsu so there was also gently wrapped gauze around his neck.

"(I guess he's the hardy type.)" The leader had chuckled out.

"(I'm going to go check on the others. Call me if anything happens, boss.)" Grabbing his medical supplies, the medic nodded off to the leader as he left the room. Small gasps had filled the room as the leader continued to stare at Ritsu's vulnerable form.

"…" A few minutes had passed before the leader decided to grab Ritsu and hold him in his lap. Ritsu's long legs limply dangled over the leader's as he was held close. Ritsu frantically breathed into the broad chest.

"Takano-san… Takano-san… Takano-san…" Ritsu had deliriously cried out. His body slightly shook as little tears streamed down the sides of his face. "Uwah…" His half open eyes had dully glistened with moisture as he called out to Masamune, over and over.

He immediately calmed down when the leader rested his hand on Ritsu's head. Fingers quickly slipped over Ritsu's soft brown locks as the leader gently rubbed the back of his head. A weak smile graced Ritsu's lips as his dimmed emeralds slowly closed. His head relaxed into the large hand as Ritsu fell into unconsciousness.

"(So beautiful…)" Long tan fingers traced up the curve of Ritsu's pale hip as frigid eyes hungrily looked over Ritsu's vulnerable body. "(It's amazing how I could've forgotten you…)" Moving back up, the warm fingers tilted Ritsu's dainty chin as the leader leaned over.

He gave him a soft kiss on the lips.

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