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Pairing Naruto x Harem

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Story Start

It's been a week since the invasion, with the Sandaime dead, the fire daimyo lead the village while everyone helped fix the damages to the village.

Currently Naruto was heading toward the council chambers, the villagers, and some Chunin glaring at him, which he ignored, he suddenly stopped as a Chunin stood in his path "What do you want?" Naruto asked in a bored tone

"Why didn't you protect Sandaime-sama?" the Chunin growled

Naruto raised an eyebrow, before he scoffed "I see no need to explain myself to some washed up Chunin." before he started walking forward pushing the Chunin out of his way as he walked he heard the Chunin and three of his friends say something that they never should have

"I knew we should have killed that whore Kushina when she found out she was pregnant." a Chunin named Tessho said

Naruto froze, he didn't hear anything else around himself the only thing replaying in his mind was that someone just called his mother a whore.

The Rookies and their sensei's who had heard what was said looked at Naruto to see he had an enraged expression on his face

Before they knew what happened Naruto ripped the heart out of one of the Chunin, before the other three could comprehend what was going on Naruto ripped the second Chunin's heart out but this time he threw the Chunin's body through a store window, and the third Chunin's got the same treatment but he was thrown into the air.

Naruto looked to Tessho as he dropped the two hearts in his hands just as the Chunin came back down from the sky, before he brought a hand up, and licked a finger tasting the blood, before he sped forward as Tessho had made to run and grabbed the man by his neck "No one, talks about my mother that way and lives." Naruto growled before he snapped Tessho's neck "No one."

Everyone looked horrified, at what he just did, although Kurenai for some reason had the urge to smirk at the scene. Naruto held up his hands before water surrounded them washing the blood away before he continued on his way to the council chambers

Jiraiya was on the roof, having just watched his godson kill four Chunin with no hesitation or remorse he looked to Minato's statue and thought "What happened to your son Minato?" before he shunshin'd away

Council Chambers

Naruto walked into the council chambers and looked around to see The Fire Daimyo Tekashi, Jiraiya, Tsume Inuzuka, Hiashi Hyuga, Shibi Aburame, Choza Akimichi, Shikaku Nara, Inoichi Yamanaka, Danzo Shimura, Koharu Utatane, Homura Mitokado, and the civilian council

"You wanted to see me?" Naruto asked

"Yes, I'll just get straight to the chase; the prisons have been getting crowded lately and Danzo here has come up with an solution for our problem." Tekashi said looking to Danzo

Danzo stood up and spoke "In the Chunin Exams you ended your match with a one punch knockout, the judges weren't able to judge you like the others, so it has been decided that you will fight every prisoner to the death."

Everyone looked to Naruto wanting to see his reaction, and they all saw him smirking "When and where?" he asked

"Immediately, and we will fight at the largest training ground we have, Training Ground Z." Danzo said before in a massive shunshin everyone vanished

Training Ground Z

Everyone appeared to the largest training ground in the village with the area of 175 acres. Naruto looked around to see every prisoner standing in the distance, before he looked to the left, just as the Rookies and their sensei's arrived

Snorting to himself Naruto looked into the distance as the fire daimyo shouted "This match is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze v. these criminals comprised of C through A rank criminals this fight is to the death! Begin!"

The Rookies all looked shocked before they looked to Naruto who was smirking "He's seriously going to fight all these people to the death?" Ino asked

"Yes." Asuma said

"But, he'll be killed surely if he does that." Choji said

"No he won't as protocol has it, every nin and Genjutsu they knew were sealed away by a Yamanaka clan member so just watch what happens." Kakashi said as they watched Naruto walk toward the army of men all smirking at him before some ran at him,

When the first of his enemies arrived with a kunai Naruto kicked the kunai out of his hand, before he blocked two punches to the face and Naruto did a roundhouse that missed and he ducked under a swing, and dodged to the right from a hook, before he connected with a roundhouse with his leg still in the air, he kicked the man in the head sending him to the ground, as Naruto jumped and landed on the mans head crushing it like it was a grape.

Naruto then launched a punched that connected with another enemy, launching another one that was blocked by his enemies forearm, Naruto did a spin kick that was ducked under, before he maneuvered his leg and kicked the man in the torso his leg going through it,

Naruto and another enemy exchanged 3 blows, before Naruto stepped back and kicked one of them that tried to sneak up behind him in the face, using the same leg Naruto kicked the one in front of him in the chin, before he swung his leg down sending the man to the ground

Naruto then did a 360 in the air, coming around with a kick to another mans jaw snapping his neck, jumping again Naruto did a 180, and kicked a man in the back of the head when he rushed him, before he jumped over a kick and landed on the mans foot before he snapped his neck

Naruto then ripped another's heart out, Naruto was then kicked in the chest by one of the two men that rushed him, Naruto fell down and skidded back before he rolled to his feet, as the second man continued his rush Naruto acting quickly grabbed the man by the back of his collar and jumped back as if he was falling and slammed the mans head into the ground hard, before he kicked up to his feet, just as the other man rushed him, before Naruto shunpoed and punched the man in the throat sending him flying upwards, before he came down Naruto kicked the man in the torso killing him

Naruto then elbowed another man in the face, before he blocked was hook from another, then he retaliated with a head butt, before he back handed another man, Naruto then punched the first man before him, while kicking the second man behind him sending them stumbling away

Naruto then fell back to duck under a jab, Naruto then planted both his hands on the ground and kicked the third man in the stomach, then the legs, getting to his hands and feet he kicked up kicking the second man in the nose, still in midair Naruto twisted his body and kicked the first man in the jaw, before flipping backwards, and kicking the second man in the head rolling to his hands and feet again Naruto jumped and kicked the third man in the chest before planting his hands on the ground again, and doing a handstand before he kicked the second man in the chin and kicking himself up and landing on his feet

Looking around Naruto saw the first group of people were dead, while the spectators were surprised Kakashi, and Sasuke had their Sharingan's activated hoping to copy anything Naruto does, but they couldn't even predict his movements let alone copy them.

Looking to another group Naruto suddenly sped at them, while he was running Naruto came across one of the men, before he punched his head clean off his shoulders, and kept running. When two men ran at him, Naruto jumped over a leg sweep as he turned around and kicked the second man in the pelvis, before he threw a punch at the first man that was blocked, sensing something Naruto ducked as a third mad tried to punch him, before the first man kicked the third man by mistake

With the third man down Naruto grabbed the mans ankle and swung him into the first man, before he kicked the second man in the jaw, and followed it up with a kick to the chin with one of his hands on the ground Naruto pushed up now in midair, Naruto turned in midair and proceeded to kick the man in the side of his head, before he stomped it into the ground, looking to the first and third man that were about to get up Naruto snapped their necks

Turning around Naruto looked to see another group of men ready one of them armed with a sword, Naruto used his heat vision to kill one of them, bringing a hand to his mouth Naruto breath into it and a purple fire ball appeared in his hand, before he shoved it into the first mans head, killing him, Naruto then did a half spin and sweep kicked a mans feet from under him as he fell forward and slid a bit, Naruto grabbed the man by his feet and threw him away Naruto then did a uppercut to the third man whose head was knocked off his shoulders, Naruto then ducked under a swing from a sword, before he dodged to the left and right, before he hit the pressure point in the mans wrist before he took the sword and stabbed the man in the face

Turning around Naruto unsealed Masamune from his back as he saw a lot of the men coming, when the first one was in range Naruto decapitated him, before jumping over a punch from the second while he swung Masamune and sliced the mans head in half, coming down Naruto sliced the third one in half completely.

Naruto turned and sliced the forth and fifth ones head off, before ducking under the sixth ones punch and slicing him at the waist, before he kicked the seventh one in the chest taking the kunai he had and stabbing the man through the neck and kicking the body out of his way, before he ran the eighth through with his sword and jumped over some shuriken, and flipped in the air, before he landed on the ninth mans head,

Jumping with his back turned Naruto did a corkscrew flip and kicked the tenth, and eleventh men in the head, before he landed with his back turned and stabbed the twelfth man in the pelvis, before he decapitated the thirteenth man, jumping over a punch Naruto sliced off the fourteenth mans arm off before he ripped the mans heart out, with two men coming at the same time Naruto bisected them at the waist

Naruto jumped in the air as nine men converged on his as he landed he stabbed the Masamune into the ground while channeling lighting charka into the blade the lighting spread around him killed the men. Naruto pulled out his blade super sped to his right slicing through four men as if they were butter, Naruto then decapitated a man "These guys are like cockroaches." Naruto thought before he kicked a man that tried to sneak up on his, then he dismembered another man.

Before he was kicked hard in the chin, sending him into the air them man jumped after Naruto, who shook off the blow, before twirled the blade and proceeded to slice and dice the mans body, landing on the ground Naruto spun out of the way from a charging man then he kicked the mans feet from under him before he proceeded to stomp the mans head into the ground

Naruto flipped over a man and grabbed his head, landing on his feet Naruto stabbed the man in the back of his head, before his arm shot up behind him catching a fist, before he stabbed the assailant through the neck, looking over his shoulder and the mans, Naruto threw the man off his sword into a man who was charging in before he grabbed the man by his head and crushed it in his palm, then he turned around and sliced through the other mans chest, and sliced through another mans head

With his back turned Naruto was grabbed from behind before he stabbed Masamune through his kidney and killing the other man who was shocked, before Naruto took off his shirt as his wound healed slowly, reminding Naruto that he hadn't fed all day.

Well he'll just have to change that

Naruto was then tackled to the ground rolling through Naruto made it to his feet and bit the man feeding on his blood, before he dropped the mans body, Naruto then ducked under a man who tried to tackle him, but he was unprepared for the man to grabbed on to his back before he was joined by ten other men all pilled on Naruto before they were all thrown into the air

Naruto then teleported and was moving so fast to him it was like time had stopped and he proceeded to kill the eleven men who were in the sky when he landed they all exploded in a shower of blood, and body parts it now looked like Naruto was standing in a rain of blood, as he sealed Masamune away before he looked to the left and right to see 6 men on each side. Sighing as they rushed him Naruto shot his arms out, and spikes of earth skewered them.

Looking around Naruto saw their was only one of the prisoners left, smirking Naruto turned to him before he noticed this guy looked like he was being controlled before he saw a seal glowing

"Naruto!" he heard Tekashi call him, turning to him Naruto listened "This one will be different, Kaname here was given a seal, that your mother made for the Royal Family. The seals gives him all of your abilities, just by sensing your energy, through this whole fight he has been learning how to do everything you can do. Even the stuff you haven't done yet."

Naruto smirked again "Finally a real challenge." he said before he rushed Kaname who side stepped him, before he rushed after Naruto

Naruto stopped and flipped over Kaname before he kicked him in the head into the ground, Naruto was about to kick Kaname who buzzed out of existence and entered behind him, and tried to punch Naruto but Naruto vanished and appeared behind Kaname and kicked him in the ribs, before he hit Kaname with a three piece, before Kaname vanished and appeared behind Naruto and punched Naruto into the ground but before Naruto could hit the ground he vanished and kicked Kaname in the face

Kaname fell to the ground, before Naruto vanished again and kicked Kaname between the shoulder blades as Kaname's body bounced off the ground Naruto kicked him into the air, before he teleported above Kaname's body and kicked him in the torso as Kaname was going down, Naruto stayed with him and unleashed a barrage of punches to Kaname's face before he flew away from Naruto, who followed after him

Kaname lashed out with a punch that Naruto slapped away, before he elbowed Kaname in the rids and kicked him in the head sending him to the ground, as Kaname skipped across the ground Naruto teleported in front of him before he unleashed a barrage of punches and kicks, before Kaname teleported away before he kicked Naruto in the nose, and punched Naruto in the chest, then kicked Naruto in the neck sending him flying away stopping himself Naruto smirked before he rushed back at Kaname

Down below everyone was watching in awe, shock, envy, hatred, and greed as all they saw was a black and red comet like thing clash over and over

"H-how is this possible!" the rookies thought watching

"I'm a Uchiha that power should be mine!" thought Sasuke in rage, and jealously

"Is this the power Naruto has been hiding?" thought the Jonin Sensei's

"Incredible." Takeshi thought in awe

"I need him in my root program. Such power!" Danzo thought watching in awe, and greed

"T-this is the power of Minato's son?" Jiraiya thought to himself in shock

Naruto was suddenly sent flying into the ground from a punch by Kaname, leaving a huge crater, standing up Naruto created two clones, one appeared beside him, while the other appeared behind Kaname before it grabbed him by the back of his head and teleported to the ground where he slammed Kaname's head into it, before he started to unlease a barrage of punches and kicks while moving toward his creator, and fellow clone

When he was in range the clone threw Kaname toward the two, Naruto punched Kaname in the torso while clone #2 kneed him in the face, while Kaname was disoriented Naruto, and clone #2 unleashed a barrage of punches, and kicks that broke Kaname's nose, and knocked out a couple of teeth before they both punched him in the jaw, sending him tumbling to the side,

Kaname rolled to his feet and ran off, when clone #1 appeared in front of him and his leg already extended for a kick, but Kaname vanished reappeared behind clone #1 and tried to punch him, but Naruto substituted with the clone and caught the fist before he kicked Kaname in the chest, then he grabbed Kaname's head before he dragged Kaname's head through the ground then he raised his hand and a ki orb appeared in his hand flying back while throwing the orb Naruto smirked as the orb erupted in a tower of flames

Kaname flew out of the flames bruises and his shirt destroyed, only to run into clone #2 who kneed him in the jaw, before it started hitting him from both sides using super speed, Kaname went tumbling away, before he picked himself up breathing heavily

"Hm, he might have my abilities but he doesn't have my stamina!" Naruto thought with a chuckle before he and his two clones surrounded Kaname and started punching and kicking before Kaname somehow got away and tried flying away but Naruto grabbed him by his ankle and threw him into his clone that held him in a full nelson , as Naruto unleashed a wicked barrage of punches to th e point it looked like his fists were on fire

Kaname seemed to get his second wind as he head butted the clone holding him causing it to disperse freeing him, he then kicked the other clone dispersing it as well, before he and Naruto started to speed around in the air every time they clashed shockwaves occurred destroying their surroundings, before Naruto kicked Kaname in the chin, then punched him in the torso, before he kicked him into the ground

As Kaname was standing up Naruto sent two beams of Ki at him, Kaname looking up sent a beam of his own, although he was unprepared to be grabbed from behind, then to find himself in the center of the beams collision course he was about to raise his arms to guard but it was to late


A huge shockwave occurred sending everyone but Naruto tumbling away, when they stood up they saw Naruto floating there in the sky with Kaname nowhere in sight before the seal that Kaname had floated in front of them

"This piece of paper gave that guy all of Naruto's powers." Sasuke thought before he grabbed it, but it crumbled into ash

Naruto landed in front of the group of spectators the Rookies looking at him in fear not understanding how someone that's the same age as them could be so powerful, the Clan heads looking at him like he was some deity, while the elders looked at him in greed, and everyone else looked at him in awe

"That was incredible!" Takeshi said smiling widely "I hear by name you the vice Hokage!"

Naruto blinked and looked around to see that he wasn't the only one confused "Um what's a vice Hokage?" he asked

"When the Godaime Hokage is sworn in you will be his or hers right hand man, you only answer to them, should anything happen to the Hokage you will become the new Hokage, your word is law the only people in Hi no Kuni with more power than you is me, and the Hokage." Tekashi said

Naruto smirked and nodded he liked that idea, "Wonder why I didn't think of that." he thought before eh asked "So who is the Godaime Hokage?"

"Well we wanted it to be Jiraiya, but he declined so we are sending him and you to search for Tsunade Senju to take the position. You both leave tomorrow." Tekashi said